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Sunday, 7 March 2021

Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results

Very interesting stuff here. This is an awkward moment for mainstream science yet again, lol.
Must be a real hassle getting a hat to fit these days LOL.

The Hutchison Effect, The Mahabharata, and Acoustic Levitation

This sure answers many of the questions on the pyramids and other giant structures world wide. We did have very advanced races helping us  thousands of years ago. The truth is hidden from us, but it is being returned to us now by our own thoughts and hard work. There is nothing new in the universe, every thing  goes in cycles, as that is the true nature of all things. 

Glutathione: The Great Protector

Share this please, you might help save a life.

Mithras/ Mithra


Mithras, the Solar deity was a god that was worshipped around three and a half thousand years ago, throughout Rome, the Roman Empire and Persia.
He was an astrologically based god. Mithras was known under variations of his name. Such as Mithra, Mitra, Itu,Mitu. Under some names, Mithras was worshipped for thousands of years. In a nut shell though, This god is the Sun. The same as many gods of our planet over thousands of years. Same horse, different jockey. The Judeo-Christian hierarchy then usurped this god and used the Sun/ Mithras or call him what you will, to be their "God". They then brought a reign of terror down  all others that did not follow their rule. Rehashed we know the sun in Christianity, as Jesus Christ.

Even to modern times, Mithras is popping up in the RWS Tarot cards. If you look at the Ace of Cups, you will see an M on the cup.  It is written upside down, for some obscure reason. Nothing like been hidden in plain sight.
But why was it not identified by A E Waite?  I have spoken to many about the M on the Ace of Cups, including writers of Tarot books, no one has a definite answer one way or the other. It has been left open for a reason. Unlike other symbols in the Tarot cards.

This God Mithras also was depicted with a lamb, just like Jesus. You have to ask yourself, being a person of the 21st century, how much longer are we going to go on believing in Zodiac signs as gods? Astrology is very important and not to be taken lightly. The ancient people of this Earth knew the truth. They had a healthy understanding of Atro-theology. They lived in harmony with nature and were better adjusted mentally than most people are today. The reason being, they did not have their minds corrupted by the evil religious leaders of the modern world, that being from bible times to the present time. There was no need to fear "God", they knew the truth and were spiritually aware. Far more aware, that the masses are today.

The 12 signs of the zodiac,( well actually there are 13 of them, Ophiuchus:
which sits after Scorpio) are the disciples that we know of in Christianity.
Over the past 2 hundred years many good researchers have had their good names tarnished and their work ridiculed by the Church Inc, for speaking out. For the simple reason that they would be unemployed and lose millions of dollars in revenue should the truth come out. Not to mention all the millions of lives taken by them to keep the masses under control.

If the masses would only read up, on the whole truth, they would be sickened by what has actually taken place, with their consent over the past two thousand years. Now we reach the new age of Aquarius, where these evil controllers of our world have known for Milena that the truth will come out. They know that their reign of terror must come to an end. It is written in the stars. And this is why the church forbid people to read, to be educated and to study the stars. The stars reveal the truth, as it was meant it to be from the very beginning. Instead  all the highest ranking church leaders studied astrology to know how to deal with the masses and keep them under control, by saying that astrology is evil and communicating with  spirit is evil and wrong, and insisted that we only communicate with god through them. Gee, Who died and made the Pope king? As I have written in the past, every single pope had to study astrology. Now why do you think that is? NO, it is not so that they can" know thy enemy". What a foolish thing to believe, yet that is what they tell the simple masses. Did you know that the church also set about destroying technology and discouraged hygiene too. I kid you not.

You see education, hygiene, spirituality and all that is good for humanity and nature is totally against what these sociopaths want for humanity. They want to corrupt souls. Fear was not part of the ancient ways, love and peace was part of the true spiritual ways. Love of nature, love of humanity as part of nature and spirit. Why would anyone want to destroy something as peaceful and loving as that? To discover all about Mithras and religion in general is going to take you a bit of time. But hey, it sure beats sitting in front of the TV day after day and night after night. What do you have to lose or fear? The truth is what god wants you to have. Our god is not a planet, our God/Goddess is a spiritual entity that is permanently connected to all living souls (us, animals and  all of the planets too!). This link can not and will not be destroyed. They evil ones right at the top of the hierarchy know this, they do not want you to know it. They detest women and the divine goddess too. It is time for humanity to step up and re claim their sovereignty as spiritual beings and live in harmony, love and peace as part of nature as god intended to be.

To help you along the way, please read books by Gerald Massey, Alvin Boyd Kuhn , John Lamb Lash and a list of others as listed in my blog. It will improve your general knowledge and  give you food for thought. You can also get a better understanding of poetry and classical literature such as Shakespeare. Boy there is an other big mystery right there Shakespeare/ Sir Francis Bacon!

Please take the time to read this stuff, you will lose yourself for hours and enjoy the fun of the great mysteries too. I do hope that people do delve into this subject, even if it is only for pleasure. It is so riveting reading this ancient knowledge and will bring about big changes in your lives and your understanding of many things.

Happy reading folks.

As an update to this after reading the Wes Penre papers, I have this entities true name and true nature. I urge  people to self educate and keep updating their knowledge as new things come to light. This is what I do. I am looking through old posts at present adding updates. Nothing stays the same these days nothing is 100% certain in our lives apart from death and taxes as they say.

Mithra or Mithras is non other than the Annunaki serpent clan leader the Lord En-ki or in Gnostic literature Yaldabaoth. He has many names throughout the world.

Copyright © Alex Fulford 22 November 2012

Originally posted on my old blog on 22 November 2012

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Neil Oliver: There is no longer a political honour code

Actually the world is watching! As a Scottish person living in Australia, I am watching the disintegration of my homeland in absolute disgust. Seeing the situation with Nicola Sturgeon is beyond embarrassing. 

Neil Oliver is very good at summing up what is going on, I would say Scotland is a microcosm of world problems right now. None of the world leaders actually care what the people think. They do what they want or what powerful business men tell them. Social division is rampant all around us at present politically and socially something has to happen to break the stalemate. 

I love the good Scottish honesty from Neil, he is down to earth and unpretentious in an interview. Generally speaking most Scott’s are very down to earth and unpretentious. There is a good saying we have, which I brought my kids up with; tell the truth and shame the Devil. Be honest and no one can call you out on anything. That is my rule in life, honest and unfiltered. I have no time for pretence or BS. 

I wasn’t ready! Right said Fred ; I’m too sexy.

 Ok something different now.

For us oldies out there, remember Right said Fred? I’m too sexy, ( the Fairbrass brothers, Craig and Fred). There were a lot of t shirts out there with this written on them and baby ones with  spoofs, like I’m to sexy for my nappy. Weird  Al Yankovich did a great parody of this with Elmer Fudd. In Australia 2 MMM fm did a great parody too, on the was very popular Doug Mulray show in Sydney back in the early 1990’s.

Good to see young people discovering music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Music was great back then, Australian music started being noticed overseas too. 

Oh by the way Right said Fred is an expression used in England, I have English in Laws and I often heard my father in law say this. Basically it means,  right let’s get started.  If you watch old British tv shows like Minder from the 1980’s or The Sweeney from the 1970’s, The Bill which ran from the 1980’s through to the late 1990’s, you will pick up funny expressions that are still in use. All very entertaining and amusing tv shows . 

The great reset is a coup by the elite

Of course it’s not a konspiracy, it is happening! The public can’t say they weren’t warned, the information has been in public domain for years, the masses however listen to mainstream news and are being constantly lied to, with the media  making out the public  are socially ignorant and incapable of independent thought as soon as people question anything. News reporters are not innocent, they are imparting this insult to the public and are condescending towards those that ask questions. Award them no sympathy. 

I also feel people are being manipulated by both sides of the media. Alan Jones is not exactly short of money himself. Neither are other high profile people in the media; many of whom have the audacity to say we are all in this together.  I feel this is getting people to choose a side. Team A or team B, ( we live in a dualistic reality remember? There are always opposites); there are other options though, instead of controlled opposition. This smells like Freemasonry at it’s best. Both teams win something, but the public are kicked to the kerb as usual; when they are no longer required for an agenda. 

We after all are useful idiots, constantly being manipulated for political gain. We do not benefit from anything. We do get the odd bone to keep us quiet and that is about it. As long as you give your consent to either team, you are following the fateful rules of karma. You can object and disagree with either option, that is what people forget. 

I am actually wondering  what happens to houses that are privately owned by ordinary people. No one has outrightly said what will happen to our homes. I think people need to know what is the intention here. If you haven’t any debt and own your own house; How can it be taken from you? Is it actually possible? What about when a person has made a will and intends to leave property to loved ones? Personal items whether they are worth a little money or vast amounts of money, such as jewellery, furnishings, collectable items etc, this is what we need to know. If times are hard people do sell off goods for money, it has always been the way.

Rest assured that these rich bastards will never hand over their assets. Just think about that, what happens to the Queen, Bill Gates, and all the multimillionaires  and multi billionaires assets? You bet they will not be touched, there is no way in hell that would happen. People need to see things in black and white and understand what the full intentions and outcome of this “reset “ is going to be. I would imagine this will happen over a few decades. But we need to see in writing what the full intentions are. Yes it looks like corporate communism, dictated by a few sociopaths. But if the masses stand up, then that can change things without violence.

I have felt this coming for over thirty years and no one would listen, all I can say to those that refuse to listen is, not my circus and not my monkeys; to those that refused to believe me. But here we are, this reset has already started, and  it started long before the media mentioned it. You just haven’t felt the pain yet, but you will. 


 NOTE: This article is taken from my old blog dating back to 2012. I had missed this one when transferring stuff.

Thyroid issues in Celtic people, this is a subject that has sprung into my mind today. Being a Celt, from Scotland, I was wondering if I was predisposed to Fibromyalgia and or Thyroid issues. So I started to google this. I found the names of two Scottish doctors with an interest in this too. Dr Malcolm Maclean and Dr Gordon Skinner. I have put the blurb in the links above into my blog post for others to look at. Lol, no link that I can see to Fibromyalgia.,8967?gclid=CPbWs6D8mrICFbBUpgodxmIA2Q

There is this fact sheet too to have a look at. At present I am making up a  batch of Australian Bush Flower Essences to treat myself for Fibromyalgia. It looks like it will take a while to kick in. But I have to cut out Night shade foods, Tomatoes and Potatoes, rats I eat a lot of them. I love hot chips and crisps/potato chips. This is quite a rude shock to me. Rice is good, so I will replace spuds with rice. Basmati rice is the best to use.

Looks like a double whammy for me. Last winter I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis all through my spine, but the doctor didn't check me for any other problems. I did tell him about the constant pain in my elbows, wrists and hands as well as my hips and knees.
He must have just thought it is all the same. D'oh, I did not tell him that I have chronic fatigue and memory problems too. Every morning I waken up exhausted as if I have not been asleep. I have no energy to move at all. I takes me all my strength to get out of bed at 7am, I just have to get on with it, just like everyone else.   
I did some googling and put two and two together a few months ago, but never went far with it. In a nut shell, I have Fibromyalgia on top of OA. Lovely....not!

Anyyhoo!, I am ready to take this thing on. I have just run out of steam and not got the energy nor the will power to do much at present. But, I am determined to do fix the problem. I do believe that this can be cured. Without man made drugs too. It is not a quick fix though, nothing is  though is it.

I read that 5% of the population have this and mostly women. I do recommend seeing a naturopath or homeopath. Try to find one that works with the Australian Bush Flower Essences too and Russ Tox. I believe that these combined with the right diet will cure this condition.
As I always say do your homework, here is the link for the ABE, they can be sent world wide if you take a good look at the website. You may like to follow them on Facebook too.

NOTE: I had an email from a cousin informing me that both he and his mother also have this condition, and that it can also be triggered by trauma too, such as a car accident. More work needs to de done on this.

Link to the original post

Friday, 5 March 2021

Milton Black Astrology report for March 2021 

Fourth earthquake struck New Zealand

Update from this morning’s post 

Woo Hoo I am all caught up on my blog transfer

 OMG, OMG... I am finally all caught up with the blog transfer. Now I can slow down. What a giant pain in the bum it has been.

A dreamy garden

Simplifying my garden again, but it is laboriously slow because I don’t like gardening in the hot weather. I am looking at planting  more Amaryllis as I only have a few. My neighbour has a massive display of mixed Amaryllis with Agapanthus in the front yard under shady trees. It looks fantastic, and as a I am trying not to be a slave to gardening I am looking at options for a simple easy care garden that doesn’t require much water and labour. 

Due to getting older and health issues, I need to be ruthless with the garden yet again. Gardening is always a work in progress anyway. I have ordered a heap of Amaryllis to plonk in a patch in my back yard, in an area that gets a lot of sun, but has shady tree branches in the middle of summer. It’s a huge pain in the bum at present. I just wish winter was here already so that I can get set about my tasks. It’s not hard work, just time consuming. I just want to be able to sit in the garden and enjoy it. But a couple of more tasks and hopefully it will be a big weight off my shoulders. 

My ideal garden is a dreamy, whimsical and lush old world looking garden, where I don’t have to do anything, lol. A pipe dream, except I have to prune carpet roses. Carpet roses can really take over if you ignore them. I have been avoiding mine all through summer because I don’t like the heat. I had trimmed my front yard carpet roses last spring, but they have shot up thanks to all the rain this summer. We are in an La Ninia weather cycle, so that means plenty rain after the drought broke this year. 

The garden has gone wild with the rain and humidity, growth is everywhere I look, and so are the chores to do, lol. But I need to be practical and ruthless in keeping the work down in the garden. If I could only get a week of cold weather I would be happy. I would be out there, getting the work done. 

My mass planting of scabiosa, turned into a disaster as it became long and straggly, so I ripped that out a couple of days ago. This is usually a drought hardy flower, but I think the overhanging tree branches made the flowers stretch up for sunlight. So scratch that flower from the list of easy care flowers and plants. I have tones of seed scattered in the garden from the dried heads of the scabiosa flowers. That will be a pain to clear out for sure.

I think it is going to be, agapanthus, roses, seaside daisies and amaryllis, with seasonal daffodils and scented violets in the cooler weather. I still have some bald patches in the backyard to infill too  but it must be tough, no care required and not invasive. 

I still have to get roses out of big stone pots, that I thought would have been done last winter, but time was not on my side, due to numerous other things happening. I might decide to get rid of some completely as I don’t think I have enough garden spots that will be suitable. Still I have had the roses for years, it is not a bad thing if some are gotten rid of. Gone are the days of propagating plants for fun. Downsizing is the thing now. Having said that, I saw some lovely Abutalon plants at a street market a few days ago. I just adore Abutalons. I have two in my back yard and love to see the nectar eating birds hovering around them.

Ain’t nature grand. Just in an average suburban garden, there can be a world of pleasure, observing nature at its finest. Just by planting bird and insect attracting flowers and shrubs; a world of vibrant colour and joy awaits you. Sure it is trial and effort but it is so worth it. To be able to sit with a cup of tea and just watch nature unfold before you. I get so much joy and pleasure in my garden or just looking at it from a chair by the window. 

Knowing contentment comes from my garden and feeling nature around me gives me a sense of joy. I don’t need big fancy holidays overseas. I need nature, I feel grounded and very content with nature.

Vibrant green leaves and flowers make the soul sing, seeing birds and insects like butterflies, bees, ladybugs and dragonflies make it even better. There is harmony and joy in the simple nature of a well planted garden. A garden that makes you feel joyful and wanting to linger that bit longer and lose track of time. That is a good garden, to be savoured as it nourishes the soul. 

Copyright © Alex Fulford 21 February 2021

Sci-Fi Short Film “Slaughterbots” | DUST

Scary implications if it these get into the wrong hands. I have seen this video last year sometime and it popped up again yesterday.

NewsWorld First case of H5N8 bird flu in humans

Facebook acting like dictators with news ban W A premier says

You can stick Facebook up your arse Zuckerberg ! No such thing as freedom of speech these days, with dictators like you.  I am getting off Facebook because I am not willing to tolerate this crap. 

If  people have moral values and ethics the only thing to do is stick it to Zuckerberg. This is all about control and I will not tolerate this. You mess with Australia but get in bed with China.... I hope you get fleas Zuckerberg! 

Wes Penre: article 11 The antediluvian aryan race and the world beneath part 3

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bibliography at the end for more information.

AMA president slams nebuliser use at holiday inn after covid quarantine outbreak

I am surprised that the general public were not told about this danger much sooner. Small children and elderly people often use a nebuliser for asthma.

There should be signs up everywhere warning the public in hotels and other places of this  danger. Perhaps constantly advertising on all media; to help people be more aware of the danger. What if you have a compromised immune system and happen to be in quarantine at the same time as an infected person? It is also possible to come in contact with an exposed person like a shift worker or security guard when they are off duty while you are out shopping.

Wes Penre book, Spiritual handbook for the 21st century

This is the new name for  book Beyond 2012, a handbook for a new era. Now in paper format, and some updates. 

This is the Synthetic super intelligence eBook in paperback too.

Wes Penre: video 243 Q and A

Question 6 to me is the most important one. This is what I focus on.

Take a look at the link below and follow the links that I added. Notice the date that I posted the article!

Yoda’s surname finally revealed


The Super Bowl


Calm Koala: Quite a calm koala': marsupial gets behind the wheel after being rescued from Australian freeway

Awww a cute fur ball causes mayhem. If he was so calm he may just have eaten gum leaves, which would have an effect like being stoned. 

Wine tasting

  Hold me back 不不 That’s me in five minutes 不不

Eclampsia in the Real Organism: A Paradigm of General Distress Applicable in Infants, Adults, Etc.

I was looking through my iPad at things that I had saved and clicked on a link and started looking through articles and found this. This is a very interesting article and women should read this in regards to becoming pregnant. I was quite ill with morning sickness with my second baby and my body couldn’t handle pregnancy very well all through my three pregnancies. I almost lost my second baby, but did lose my third at  12 weeks just going into the 13th week. 

With the first pregnancy I only had morning sickness from week six to week twelve and it disappeared. My second pregnancy morning sickness started at week six and continued to the day before I was induced. I couldn’t keep any food down.  Bear in mind I was working full time as a social security officer, had a small child and had to be up by 6.00am and drive an hour to work after dropping my baby off at a babysitter. I got home from work close to 7.00pm ate dinner, cleaned up and went to bed. I have never had a normal pregnancy. My first one the placenta was very low, the baby was sitting up high right up to the moment that I was induced. The baby was in distress at the time of his birth and pooped all over the doctor.  I have never seen an old fart move so fast, lol.

Each pregnancy after that had problems, including a cyst in my eye that was caused by hormones and had to be lanced. Not it wasn’t scary like it sounds. But the eye specialist told me it would happen in any further pregnancies. He was right because with the third pregnancy, it came back along with a few other problems.

My great grandmother died of eclampsia giving birth to my grandfather, she was only young. I actually take after that side of the family in looks and personality.  Even though I have never seen her in a photo, I can describe her. Spooky huh? I know that an aunt in my family strongly resembles her too. 

Note: Take into account the push for a vegan diet, do you see the problem after reading this article about the intelligence level of children if they are not being given a proper balanced diet every day? 

A dumbed  down society is not going to rebel against authoritarian rule. A world like ours depends on worker drones and an educated class to rule them. They do not want the masses educated and intelligent or they may rise up. Think communist countries and the poor, they never have a chance to rise up if they are malnourished and working in low paying jobs. I wonder where they will get the stem cells from. They haven’t disclosed that. Perhaps from aborted foetus, and then grow more. It just feels wrong ethically.

I wonder where they will get the stem cells from. They haven’t disclosed that. Perhaps from aborted foetus, and then grow more. It just feels wrong ethically.

Company aims to produce thousands of humanoid robots in 2021

Creepy as F! I shared an article about Sophia last year but looks like there are going to be thousands of these creepy things coming soon.

Neuralink could begin human trials for brain implants this year

Still think he is a good guy and on humanity’s side ? 不不 This is an evil abomination and the minute this thing is implanted you are no longer human.

You will find this  man would never allow himself or his loved ones to be “chipped” but is fine with mere nobodies being borged.

Yes you read that right as in cybernetic organism. Ask yourself what does it do on a spiritual level?  This  is the new race of human beings after all. Such a person can be controlled, programmed and have their emotions void, their reasoning altered etc. Thoughts are backed  up in the cloud and will become part of the hive mind complex. This is not in humanity’s best interests. And people think the sun shines out of his arse! 

Our DNA can already programmed, that is a well known reality already. This is the worst thing that could be done to humanity. Don’t expect there to be condemnation over this, big money is involved here and shareholders don’t care about morality or ethics let alone our souls and spiritually. 

Think Synthetic super intelligence. You will find that eBook in my blog, this is the death knell of humanity, but the way most people behave may be it’s not a bad thing. The lack of true spirituality is almost non existent on our planet as it is. But, this will kill what is left eventually if allowed to happen.

 This is from 2017

Synthetic super intelligence PDF book

Evil is real don’t be fooled, a Native American traditional (Dine) teaching

I just came across this just now. I can relate to what he says. I stick to a very strict spiritual path.

New Zealand’s Maori women have more to contend with than ordinary sexism

I wish them well in this situation, I pray the wrong will be made right.

Robert Sepehr video , Mystery of the planetary gods

Follow Robert’s videos and follow him on Facebook 

Neil Oliver interview

Listen to this, this is heart-breaking and what the world is turning into. 

Originally posted 4 February 2021

Captain Sir Tom Moore dies

RIP, you did a wonderful service to humanity in your life.

This is why Winnie the Pooh was invented



Please click on the link. This is quite an interesting subject. I have been dying to see his latest information. 

This is the video link, but where it says download, that is it all in written format.

A bridge to the soul, Dean Andrea

Check out this website, Dean Andrea is a friend of mine in the US. He provides inspirational food for the soul. Dean is a healer like myself. However I have had to give up healing. Please read through Dean's website and if you feel inspired, perhaps you may want to buy his book. I am getting a signed  copy of his book sent to me. I really look forward to reading it. I am an avid reader and like to read uplifting and inspiring books.  I will let you now when it arrives and when I get stuck into reading it. 

Update: The book arrived in the mail yesterday, woo hoo! I got stuck into it last night and so far I am enjoying it. I can relate to what is said in the early chapters of the book and strongly empathise with Dean.

I am only up to page 74 so I must make time tonight to do more reading. I will do a blog post as soon as I am finished reading the book so hang in there peeps.

Flower petal dream

  I had a rather interesting dream last week, and I would like to share what I remember of this dream. It was a nice sunny day in the dream and both my husband and I were on a train with several carriages, there weren’t any roofs on the carriages, which was unusual. We were the only passengers on the train from what I could see. But we were enjoying the journey and I had a nice parasol with me. 

I suddenly became aware of lots of people standing along the railway embankment stretching for miles. They all looked Indian, and they were smiling and waving to us and offering their blessings. We smiled and waved back. I noticed during this train ride, people were showering us with flower petals. Marigold and white rose petals, I think there was some other type of flower petals too. I noticed a small bridge up ahead of us and people were lined up across the bridge and on the other side of the bridge too. Everyone was happy and smiling at us and again, showering us with petals. My husband and I got out of the train at a railway station and we got into an autonomous car. Now that felt weird. My husband lay down to have a sleep in the car and I panicked at first until I realised we were safe. 

The dream felt really nice, and we appreciated the lovely gestures from the people giving us their love and blessings. This seems to be a very positive spiritual message, however I can’t, at this stage, find anything relevant on the internet. So I have to rely on my feelings in the dream and what the individual flowers and colours mean. The parasol is similar to the symbolic meaning of an umbrella, spiritual protection. 

The white rose petals are a positive spiritual meaning too. Orange is a joyous and abundant colour, it also represents strong emotions. I take this dream to be a good omen as over the past couple of months, almost every night I have been having positive spiritual dreams. I have had so much worry in my life of late, and  this is spirit letting me know not to give up. Not that I have a choice. However it is a reminder that positive forces are protecting and guiding me forward. Yeah, and often have to dumb it down for me, 不不 

I am now more receptive to receiving goodness and abundance in my life, in order to help others. After 58 years of struggling, I am now entering a new phase in my life. Part of this is by going back to basics to something that was accidentally forgotten on my spiritual journey. Now is the time to focus deeply on it, from here on in, and not deviate from this vital and crucial intention for the rest of my life.

Google may pull search engine from Australia

I hope this settles down soon. We get so used to this service.

Meme: The Burns unit


 This is in lieu of me posting anything for Burns’s night. I have been a tad busy of late. Not to mention backing up everything that I want to keep from this blog, so that I can transfer it to the new one. That won’t be any time soon though. And if the shit storm between the Australian government and Google keeps up ,you may need to use a different search engine. Just type in my name and you will find me 不不 Just like a bad smell, I won’t go away 不不不

Scottish leader promises to hold ‘legal’ independence vote

I think this is a rather bad idea to be honest and I feel it is a reckless act. It could put Scotland in a very bad situation economically given the current economic situation. Keeping the UK strong together makes more sense. United we stand, divided we fall. 

Since independence Scotland has not been the same great nation it once was. It makes me very sad to see this. 

Only time will tell, and this could not come at a worse time either. The world is in a depression, so this is not a wise move. Who will look after the poor, hungry and the homeless? Get rid of the Kranky (a popular Scottish husband and wife comedy act called the Krankies) Sturgeon.

Below is a blurb on who the Krankies are. You have to be Scottish to get their humour 不不

Wes Penre: Video 241 Q and A session 65

If you prefer to read the article rather than listen to the video, just click the download. I prefer doing that than watching the video.

Spirit will lead you part of the way

 Spirit will lead you part of the way........ the rest is up to you!

Bible quote

 Luke 8.17,  “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” 


Not sure what to make of this to be honest. One thing I have been thinking about over the past few days is, this whole goddess/Sophia V's the Demiurge Aka God, Archons etc is what if it is basically they are both sides of the one coin. I have trouble accepting the goddess stuff because this is a world of duality and that being said, we are expected to take sides. I won't take sides, I prefer to trust my higher self and wait and see what I discover in the afterlife.

At present I am reading a book on the Templers, which discusses the importance of John the Baptist and the black Madonna. It makes me pull back and start thinking who's side are all these individual really on. Because I wont be drawn to any side. Choosing sides could be a big mistake, time will tell, so be cautious and listen only to your higher self until you feel you know better. It is best to be cautious than be sorry. 

Australian Lamb: Make Lamb, Not Walls


Always a good bit of fun. Ain't nothing nicer than a good Aussie BBQ.. Pass me a snag on a roll TA!

Please advise!


 Your laugh for today!

Live from your heart

  With all the stuff going on in the US  right now, I feel that this is a time to live from your heart more than ever. If you can’t be kind to others then leave them alone, don’t add to the worlds burdens.

Show compassion, show kindness and tolerance to everyone, because one day you may be depending on love and compassion yourself. A little love and kindness goes a long way. 

You don’t have to take sides with anyone, you don’t have to have an opinion, just live from your heart. Keep it simple and honest, and from the heart. It’s the only way to live in peace. 

ABC: Drones count koalas faster and cheaper than manual spotting methods

Great use of modern technology, and everyone loves our Aussie fur babies. 

Annual lamb advert targets Scott Morrison, border closures

Much as I enjoy the yearly lamb adverts for their good humour, one thing to point out here is, the man in his underwear, is in fact an Australian surf lifesaver wearing Speedos, an iconic brand of Australian swimwear, the background is the beach implying he is a surf lifesaver and he is wearing the surf lifesaver cap, which helps people identify him. Every Australian citizen knows a surf lifesaver on sight. I swear journalists are so dumbed  down these days.

If this is an actual Australian journalist then he should be ashamed of himself. Speedos are not bloody underwear. Look at the picture of the surf lifesaver for heaven’s sake. 

ABC NEWS: Tsunami warnings for New Zealand as third strong earthquake strikes

Omg, how terrifying to be woken up to this and head for the hills.

Update a fourth earthquake has struck now!

Thai navy sailors rescue four ginger cats at sea 

Heartwarming news, I am glad they discovered and rescued these kitties.

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Heads up peeps, this blog is ready

 Hi everyone,

I am almost right up to date with moving things from my old blog. Just got January and February of 2021 to do. Blogger only allows 50 posts per day, normally I never post that much, anyway. But I have had to move as much as I wanted to keep.

So from now on you will notice a few current posts and some transferred posts.but as I said it’s almost done. I wish I didn’t try to remove my old email address. Advice here people is pick an email address for a blog and stick with it, lol.

What have I learned her boys and girls? Absolutely nothing 不不不不

Facebook news ban the continuing saga

Pfft, I am not going back to it on a social basis ( I will temporarily use it for work, however the algorithms are slowing the traffic) and I sure as hell won’t use it as a news source. This is a platform that attracts pretty nasty trolls and that affects people’s mental health and behaviour. Not a healthy ideal, people are much better away from Facebook or any form of social media that allows trolls. 

Keep an eye out on this blog because I will let you know when I put my work MeWe page up. 

Coroner says Canberra Hospital failed four patients who took their own lives 

Yet again the Canberra hospital let’s down those in desperate need of help. Not bloody good enough, I am sick to death of the third world mental health service of this hospital. How many more deaths does it bloody take? Who is going to be held accountable for this? Answer, No one.  We have a mental health service that is short staffed and under trained, for more years than I care to remember. Not just that;  try and get an appointment with a private or public psychiatrist or psychologist in Canberra anywhere, it just ain’t happening. If you are in a hurry for help go to Sydney, because you wait months and months in Canberra and many doctors books are closed. 

I went outside today


Yeah, just been out to the shops and it was very people’s too, with loud music arrrgh! Got my stuff and right back home, ahhh nice. Now time for a glass of wine and a quiet afternoon. 

Los Angeles issues blunt letter do not treat dying patients

Heart-breaking stuff. With everything that is going on in the world at present I find it so overwhelming, so much suffering, it’s unbelievable. Where will it lead us next? 

Wes Penre: Video 239 Q and A session

You can read the Q and A here in written format or to listen to the video click the link below.

I thought this old post from 2013 would be a good one to revisit. I actually came across the printed version in my file cabinet yesterday. Funny that I came across it and then Wes Posts this Q and A.

You will find many writers supporting this in recent years.

6 January 2021

British doctors are noticing a trend of covid causing a life threatening and rare condition in children

This is heart-breaking, it’s only the second article that I have seen on this, but both articles say children get a rash and other horrible symptoms. I hope they all recover from this. I wonder how many more children and teenagers are affected or will be affected. 

Can’t fix stupid


Going shopping


Animals hugging humans

Animals hugging humans. We need a dose of animals right now, some warm and fuzzy stuff.

Credit toYouTube Maniaia Life 2018

Milton Black, January 2021

Ah , I have been waiting for this, so glad to see Milton has posted his January 2021 predictions. I am always waiting with bated breath at his stuff. 

Notice even he is commenting on the BS called global warming. Take it as gospel, if Milton say something. He knows his stuff alright, and has decades of work to back what he says. Please keep a copy of Milton’s article, because you may want to use it at some point if discussing global warming. 

You can show this to those that think global warming is real, it is totally false as I have said in the past, though  not being an astrologer myself, I go by feeling  (Clairsentience, claircognisance and clairvoyance ) as I read the cards. So I don’t have the information that Milton has as an astrologer to calculate these things. 

His work will stand up to science also as astrology is a bona fide science thousands of years old and was always part of the sciences. Much respect to him! 

NOTE: Milton's WHATS NEW page is updated every month so pleas read it at the start of each month, or you will miss out.

Tarot card of the month: January 2021, Five of Pentacles


Rejection, Hardship, Poverty, Ill health
dates covered by this card are 21 to 30 April
Autumn in southern Hemisphere Spring in Northern Hemisphere 

 Not a happy card for the start of a new year. But it does show recovery in health. Not straight away but gradual. This card also covers us in financial matters. This is a real woe is me card for all of us, not good but it is not permanent.

In health matters this card says recovery from  ill health  (the world situation right now) so just hang in there folks we will overcome this.  My predictions for the world said we are in for a crap year as well, and most of us know this is just the way it is. We have to bear with it and we will get through this. Nothing lasts for ever. This world works in cycles and cycles within cycles, so go with the flow, change will come.

Be ware of young and irresponsible people, public drunken behaviour, arrests and embarrassment will be at the forefront in January, as the silly season goes on. 

Now is the time to restrain your spending as we get deeper into the depression and cut backs on welfare payments start to bite. Stop the take away food binge and cook cheap and healthy food at home. Gee, there is nothing wrong with mince with rice or pasta and vegies. People had less during the war years so learn to make do or you will be sorry. 

Slow down on the alcohol please and be mindful of accidents and fires. They could be linked in some cases so be cautious. Mindfulness is best to prevent disasters. Might be best staying in bed with a good book and the cat, lol. 

Key words are, Hardship, Recovery and Poverty 

SBS NEWS: Well preserved fast food bar unearthed in Pompeii

How fascinating is this? To be intact after all these years. But also very sad for the poor souls that died including animals.

A flash of white before my eyes

 I just opened the back door, as you do, when a white flash appeared before my eyes. Ruby shot out like a champagne cork. I nearly broke my neck as she pushed past me, lol.  I was only getting my linen tablecloth off the washing line and she went zooming right past me and off to see if the possums were out yet. 

I swear she is trying to kill me 不不 no life insurance Ruby, give up. 不不 She is a typical Jack Russell as soon as she is fixated on the possums she never gives up. Possums generally are nocturnal, or night shift. Not that that stops miss Ruby. As soon as it starts to get dark in the evening,  I am vigilant because Ruby being Ruby is off to see if she can catch a possum. Silly girl, dogs can’t climb trees 不不 If they could, then dogs would come off second best to possums, as possums are very bitey bitey, scratchy scratchy. 

This should have been the 2020 calendar


You played with it before you gave it to me, didn’t you?


Cats intuition 不不‍⬛

Take your pick


The stone of destiny to be returned to Perthshire as museum centrepiece

This sounds good, I wish I could see it one day in the new museum. I love history, especially British history. This stone is very sacred to Scottish people and it can be a bone of contention amongst royalist  and Scottish nationalists.

Merry Christmas 2020


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a bright 2021. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you to my clients over the years. 

The Lancet : Earl Grey tea intoxication

Omg, I would never have thought Earl Grey tea could cause muscle cramps. But this guy must spend a lot of time going to the toilet, lol. He must have some bladder, that’s all that I can say 不不不

I have bad leg cramps at present, I drink this tea every day. But no more than 4 or maybe 5 cups a day, from 7.30 am to bed time. I am using magnesium trans dermally at present to help with Fibromyalgia symptoms. So I am glad that I came across this as I was googling I will switch to black tea and see what happens. I don’t think that I am having too much Earl Grey. But I assume this Bergamot builds up in the system. I was actually thinking of growing Bergamot to flavour black tea, scratch that idea

I grew it once years ago in a tub but the hot weather killed it because of where I put the pot. Ah well we live and learn. Happy tea drinking peeps

Wes Penre: Gnostic musings #13 Holes in the grid and our inner journey

Interesting and important article, one needs to set firm goals and stick to them. A lack of will power can become one’s undoing.

Notice in the comments below the article, Ariel mentioned the closed loop. This is exactly what I have been saying in older posts. Think of the lemniscate or infinity symbol. That is the third dimension and the fake spirit world. As I said it is a sealed unit and a locked frequency. 

One must activate ones mind to unlock this trap or augmented prison reality. That is the key once one understands this concept ones reality changes. 

You tell me no sticks in the house


Yeah there are worse things than a stick, how about dead mice in your bed, soggy teabags from the compost in your bed, dead birds that are fought over by cats and dogs as to who owned it first. Or perhaps rotten fruit and vegetables. Having experienced them I think a tick is just great ha ha ha. 

So.. which one of them vaccines they gave you


Lol, too good not to share he he he 

I sat in my haircutters chair


Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Farmer Bill Gates  FORBES NEW YORK POST 

Stray cat hijacks flight 

Have cat will travel 鳶鳶

2020’s Elf on a shelf has just arrived


 Kind of sums up the year不不

China announces expansion to weather modification programs

This is not a new thing, weather modification has been around since the 1950’s. Remember HAARP? Most countries do this, even cause droughts. When you mess with nature except nature to fight back. 

This is not what our planet needs, it suffers enough with pollution and toxic chemicals in the soil, and the ecosystem thanks to big corporations and irresponsible governments. No country is innocent in the damage to the planet, only variable degrees.

My Australian Christmas decorations


Wombat in a Christmas stocking
 Koala and joey
Surfing Platypus
Koala joeys in gum nuts
Pressed metal Koala with Christmas pudding

 Some of my Australian style  Christmas decorations that I have bought  over many years and other animal ones (we sure love our animals) to go in between regular ornaments on our tree. I am looking out for May Gibbs " Gum nut babies"  inspired decorations. The closest I have found so far is one next to the cat in the Santa hat, it is two little Koala joeys with Santa hats on sitting in gum nuts with eucalyptus leaves behind them. 

Turn around


Bet you've got the song in your head now, lol

Only in Australia, Koala moves into woman’s Christmas tree

Now that’s getting into the Christmas spirit 劾 Normally it’s cats in Christmas trees 鳶 but gee how much can a Koala bear 劾 

I am now worried that those pesky possums in our possum hotel will move into the young Christmas tree that I am growing in a tub. It is still small but growing fast and very prickly.

Ice Age art discovered in Amazon rainforest: ‘Sistine Chapel of the ancients’

How amazing is this. It is sad though that so much of the Amazon is being destroyed, however this is a good story about ancient humans roughly 12.5 thousand years ago. It is similar to ancient aboriginal and many other ancient races around the world. I don't suppose they all went to the same art college though, lol. 

It was gonna jump


Ah, let the silly season begin. I am up for it! Sadly this year a not cat Christmas. But I can make up for it with Cat memes.

Wes Penre: Gnostic Musings 12 the divine mind part 4

At last the long awaited part 4. Please read the comments below Wes's article, they may take a little time to update due to time differences where the comments are coming from world wide.

I actually have a lot of lucid dreams and I have had dreams where I have woken up but it is still running in my mind. Even getting up and going to the toilet at 7 am and then going back to bed and the dream sequence was still running. 

I always look up dreams to see their meaning but more often than not there is no suitable meaning. The other thing is just getting into bed at night and I start to see things. Two nights ago I was shown a black spiders web, These webs are supposedly part of the divine feminine. But given this is a controlled and dual reality. I am starting to wonder if this divine feminine is still part of the matrix control system, and the reason I think that is that nothing from the outside can supposedly entre the 4% universe of the demiurge, but I could be wrong. No one is able to come back to tell us anything from outside the demiurge construct.  I can tell you I do not look at spiritual things the same way I used to do  five or even ten years ago.  I am constantly being more cautious and sceptical with everything spiritual, because this world is a world or planet of lies and deception. There is nothing spiritually pure here as far as I am concerned. 

Those of us on a truly spiritual path must be vigilant with staying the course and being aware and cautious of what we believe, lest we be pulled down an other rabbit hole and leading us to a dead end. It ain't easy by any means and it should not be so.  This is our spiritual birth right after all, where in an ideal world nothing would be hidden from us.  

Wise man

Life keep it simple


Climate lockdown wtf? World business council for sustainable development. KA CHING  KA CHING 埠蛤

This looks like the next scare story folks. I do not believe in climate change!

Now remember the control the food and control the people game from the early 1970’s? Henry Kissinger came up with that one, it’s all long term plans. This planet will not run out of water, that is impossible. Running out of food that is man made deliberately. Like killing off live stock to create food loss. Remember they have already told us to expect this. Did you know how very little farmers survive without being part of a controlled group?

Trade as we know it is being radically changed and not for our benefit. Humanity is but a blip in the universe when it comes down to it. Scientific data will show this to be the case and not the BS that the media and those with an interest in enslaving humanity are trying to convince us with. Why the cover ups and gagging? Agenda, of course! 

But you get the world that you deserve when you allow yourself to be indoctrinated. I prefer truth thanks, and will not be intimidated. It just goes to show though how many are involved in this when the media are on board with the lies and deception, it is what they do best after all.

1% of farms operate 70% of world's farmland

UPDATE: Look up how much land Bill Gates now owns in the US 

If you use FaceTime change your password regularly

  Just a heads up. I will never call you unless it is a pre arrangement. I prefer to use Skype or phone.

I am not a fan of FaceTime, Zoom or most social media platforms due to their poor security. I have had people asking me to use both. So far I have only done a handful of FaceTime calls. However I need to let you know, that I will not call anyone unsolicited. I will only contact a client because we have an appointment scheduled, which is confirmed by email and either one of us can call the other at that appointed time. Not after!

I have had two unsolicited FaceTime calls one on 17 November 2020 and one today 25 November, I tried to answer but the person started typing , “who are you?” they were understandably upset.

I responded by email address and on FaceTime by text stating that it was them that called me on both occasions. I told them, I suspected they were hacked. That has nothing to do with me. I suggested they change their password regularly. I am not the sort of person that tolerates hackers or people with negative intentions either. 

I am now advising everyone to keep changing their passwords for all social media on a regular basis. It is a no brainer honestly. Especially when you know that someone is probably trying to hack you. Never tell your loved ones your passwords for anything, because  nine times out of ten it is someone close to you doing this.

Stay safe and stay protected, also invest in security for your devices, and if this is a domestic problem tell the police.

Wes Penre: video 236 Q and A session 62

I can’t say that I agree with Wes’ s comments on Seth, being a clairvoyant I am picking up negative energy from Seth and I feel Jane Roberts was very na簿ve in communicating with this entity. I am very very against channelling, and I used to be a channel. If you have read through Wes’s papers even he warns people against channelling.

This poor woman suffered as a result of her channelling. A google search will reveal this and I also have covered this on my blog not too long ago. I also noticed Wes seems to contradict himself a lot over the past 12 months. Yes, Wes has discovered more information but I do feel he is a little misdirected.

I appreciate the fact that he means well and has done amazing work over many years. There is no disputing that. I strongly advise against channelling on mental health grounds and the danger of entity attachments. These channelled entities are known for lying, and causing mayhem. To indulge in this caper is an ego trip that results in danger. Like people who foolishly believe in Ashtar command etc, it is all highly dangerous rubbish and should be avoided. There is no Galactic Federation it is all a con, some of it is actually military intelligence behind this and the other end is dark ET’s but do so at your own risk and end up in a psych ward. Don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Obviously people that insist on this path are deeply lacking any true concept of true spirituality and are insecure. That is the perfect model to attract  archonic and dark ET’s.

British Airman spirit in world war 2

 I woke up early this morning after a very restless night, due to a heavy thunder storm and our fur baby Ruby being distressed all night. She was barking when the thunder was really bad and thus not getting enough sleep. It is not easy for dogs and cats coping with thunder storms and my heart goes out to those that live outdoors. They lack the comfort of a human that cares deeply about their comfort and well being.

Anyhow as I lay in bed I started to remember an event that happened to my mum as a child in war time Scotland. She slept in a room with a few of her sisters, as many people did back then. One particular night though she woke up and as she opened her eyes she froze in terror. In the doorway she saw a man in a British Airman's uniform.

 All around him was a golden glow, he just stood there looking at her. I can't remember if she said his arms were out stretched or am I mixing it up with a similar terrifying thing that happened to my gran in the same house in the 1980's. Anyway my mum was absolutely terrified, she couldn't even scream. She tried everything to waken her sister next to her to no avail though. 

This was often discussed in the house and what caused the spirit of the Airman to be there. My gran thought he might have been a guardian angel. But I am more inclined to think he was a crisis spirit. That is a newly crossed over person that does not know they are dead and or is lost as the cross over to the other side of life. The fact that he stood in the door way tells me that the door way acts as a portal. That is quite common in spiritual matters, doorways are considered as portals. Thankfully my mum never saw anything like that again. I am sure it would have scared the hell out of her.

Many years later however in that same house, my gran was in bed and woke up to see a woman in Victorian styled clothes half manifested and a dog with her, of which she could only see the front half of the dog. The woman stood there dressed in black with her arms outstretched. As my gran looked at her, she noticed there were no legs or bottom half of the woman.  My gran was frozen in fear at this unable to scream or move. Again the woman was standing in the doorway. I wonder if the house number has any bearing on attracting spirits or is my gran's house on a ley line. I have relatives still living in that house, but I have never actually thought of asking them if anything unusual has happened in recent years.  

As a child I often saw my grandpa in the house after he died in 1970, when I was about seven. I never mentioned it to anyone because it was years later that I realised what was happening. I doubt very much if I would have been believed and no doubt I would be dismissed as having a vivid imagination. But I could describe him perfectly. 

As I thought about this I realised my gran's door number adds up to the number 5 in numerology and so does mine, including the previous house that I lived in in Sydney which had an earthbound spirit of an old lady that owned the house before we did. Five is actually the number for humanity as in the image of Vitruvian man.  

I personally have felt that a number  five house is unlucky for me. But fate has had me live in two number five houses in a row. I don't recall all the house numbers growing up as I moved so often. I do remember living in a number ten house in Scotland at the age of six and I was very happy there and an other number ten house just prior to moving to Australia and I was quite happy there. 

Below:  Milton Black's website link to door number 5. I have so much respect for this guy's amazing work. 

Copyright Alex Fulford 23 November 2020

Tarot card of the month: December 2020, Judgment


Rebirth, Atonement, being noticed, answering a calling, Absolution,
Judgement, Salvation

Planet: the Moon
Number two Duality, Parenthood, Creativity, Imagination, Sensitivity (vibrates to the energy of the Moon) The zero at the end of the number two intensifies the energy.

This card is number 20 of the major arcana, interesting that it came up for the last month of 2020. 

An interesting card for the last month of 2020. Notice the letter G in the hair of Archangel Gabriel( the grim reaper). You could also say that the G is for Gnosticism but that is totally at odds with Salvationism. Salvationists are most definitely not spiritually awakened souls.

The English flag (St Georges Cross)  or is it the Templar flag.

The Archangel Gabriel is calling to the faithful to follow him. The trumpet is to herald in some news  or to summon the dead.  The sky behind Gabriel is blue as is the water in between the people standing in their coffins. Blue represents healing and water represents consciousness. Blue corelated to the heart chakra for healing. 

This is an interesting card for December this year in particular, as this has not been a normal year and life is changing all around us. A new age is here, that could be interpreted as a rebirth. I would normally say this is a good card but feeling the negative energy of it. I am more inclined to say this card depicts loneliness, sorrow  and heart ache. 

People are frustrated after this horrible year from hell. The northern hemisphere people are still experiencing lockdown. These people need to think before they act when the lockdown eases or they will cause more problems. The Southern hemisphere seems to be a lot better off ,at present. The frustration of this year and the adjusting to a new life is frustrating for many people we need to just roll with it.

Loneliness and despair is everywhere, but we must try to find something to keep our spirits up. People have survived much worse than this and have come through by being resilient. Think of those that lived through the first world war and straight into the great depression.  Then those survivors went straight into ww2.

So if you think this is tough just think about those people, they knew real hardship and poverty, with no welfare system. The current people in their late seventies and eighties went through this as children and grew up to  raise families still. Remember most people back then left school at 12 or 14 and had to work in appalling work conditions that are illegal today. Childhood was over and they worked much longer hours than the people of today.  They were not whiney wimps they got on with life.

Think of the men away at war, going through absolute hell, and on the home front women had to do their raising children alone with practically nothing and take on the fathers role for five years if the father was lucky to come home from the war.   

Today we are seeing the impact though of the current health crisis, many people do not have coping skills and are not in control of their emotions. This is not a good sign for humanity. 

Some will be able however to take advantage of the current situation and have a direction change in work. They may be inventive in the way they work as we see people working remotely from home, over the past eight months. 

Hospitality is as we see one of the winners here this month, by restructuring their services. I feel some economic change is attached to this month. That could be to do with retail as more shops move on line to save money. But there is one problem, the supply line is going to change so expect disruptions more often than not.

Christmas will be quieter in some respects, but is that a bad thing? Depending on a family's normal routine it might be a relief, but to others it can be very lonely.  Spare a thought for those on their own and those in nursing homes or homeless over the silly season. These are these ones that must be looked after. The homeless, those with no families, war veterans in crisis etc, oh and the animals in shelters or on the streets. 

Neil Oliver on Trigger Nometry

My sentiments exactly Neil. Notice at 23.11,  he said what I was waiting to hear someone say. The bloody Normans! That right there; is part ...