31 January, 2023

Yale honors Black girl, 9, wrongly reported to police over insect project


I am shocked at the narrow minded bigoted person; that felt they were in the right to phone the police on an innocent little nine year old girl. What the hell is wrong with society when a person automatically thinks that a child is doing something wrong or dangerous? 

I am glad that there was a happy ending for this dear little girl and she got the rightful recognition and respect that she is entitled to; as is any child with a healthy curiosity and also an interest in science. I hope that she gets her dream job when she grows up and is encouraged and supported at school so that she can follow her dreams. 

29 January, 2023

Is recycling really worth it? Turns out, the system is far from perfect


I feel the whole thing is a distraction, and if the government was really concerned then we would have to put our recycling bin out weekly and this has never been done in Australia. Australia can’t even recycle certain plastic waste and was sending it offshore to be processed, that is not good enough. If it can’t be done on shore then stop producing it in the first place. A classic example is the plastic wrapping that we have mountains of stored in warehouses without any solution to that problem. 

People no longer and rightly accept the blame for the production of these recycled materials given that they don’t own the factories that produce them. Yet the media always put the blame at the feet of the public. How does that work? Just repeating the same BS doesn’t make it true, when the manufacturers are responsible and avoid responsibility. 

Any additional recycling such as large cardboard boxes and packaging from new furniture and household goods requires us to make extra trips to the recycling centre. So what about people that don’t have a car, how are they to transport large cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping etc to the recycling centres? Example when moving house or getting new furniture delivered which often comes in heavy duty cardboard, plastic wrap and polystyrene in the packaging.

This is not so easy to get to a recycling facility if one doesn’t have a car; as it is with the average car being smaller these days it will require several trips to the recycling centre. There are many difficulties for ordinary people including the elderly and those with mobility problems trying to get these things to a recycling centre. Why can’t the recycling truck be a weekly service and to pick up the larger items like the packaging from a new lounge suite or other furniture. 

Also the old furniture that is unable to be reused is also a recycling issue, where does that go? It is not like recycling a fridge or old washing machine. Wooden furniture can sometimes be broken down and the wood repurposed but what about the fabric, the sponge and springs?  Old TV sets and other electronic devices where nothing can be repurposed end up in landfill. 

It Took Doctors 2 Years to Figure Out Why a Woman Couldn't Stop Vomiting


I had never heard of this, I think it’s important for people to know this if they are using cannabis. Who wants to be driving the porcelain truck on a regular basis. Also constantly vomiting can harm your teeth due to acids from your stomach if you don’t brush your teeth after vomiting. 

27 January, 2023

Egypt unveils tombs, statues, and gold covered mummy after excavation of necropolis near Saqqara pyramids


Wow, this is excellent news. I hope all of the artefacts are kept in Egypt and not sold off to foreigners for financial gain. Too much has been plundered in the past and this all belongs to the people of Egypt. 

Rod Stewart calls Sky News offering to pay for NHS hospital scans


Shame the government is so uncaring and greedy, run by sociopathic people that are so far out of touch with reality and human suffering. It takes an elderly self made man like Rod Stewart to shame the government into doing something. That is if they will actually do anything. This is a result of greedy politicians of the western world deliberately destroying the national health system. It is exactly the same in Australia and in particular, Canberra’s health system is broken almost beyond repair and this is deliberately designed to give control over to private health corporations. We don’t want to live in misery like the appalling US healthcare system. Keep big business out of humanity because they have no interest in compassion and caring for those on very low income. That is not in their interests, only dollars. 

It must be horrible to see patients die right in front of you because of government negligence and indifference. Is it any wonder that nurses and doctors are resigning. 

26 January, 2023

Only two bodies from the Battle of Waterloo had ever been found - until one man revealed what was in his attic


Fascinating and sad at the same time because these poor souls never returned home to their families and didn’t have a proper funeral. Families did not have closure with respect to lost loved ones, sadly it’s the reality of any war. 



Have a wonderful day and stay safe. I couldn't resist putting an Aussie icon like Blinky Bill the koala on here as I love the old children's story. 

25 January, 2023

Roadworthy inspection


  Ain't that the truth, no matter if you live in Australia, the UK or the US the roads are shocking.

24 January, 2023

NSW hotline for women to ask about partners’ past convictions could give false sense of security, critics warn


There are men and boys who are victims of domestic violence and abuse too, but there is very little help for them. If you really want to stamp out domestic violence and abuse then step up and help innocent men and boys too. Increase the punishment of violent abuse as well to get the message across.

Men are often too embarrassed to report violence against them; and children are often prevented from reporting violence and abuse. I ask the government to man up and step up to help anyone who is a victim of violence and abuse. Do you have any idea how hard it is for men or boys to get help? The government has a duty of care to protect anyone that is a victim of abuse and violence. 

Agapanthus Blues

Bright blue summer skies and bright blue Agapanthus in a lush green bed. This is the feel of summer in an Australian garden; a tranquil oasis to drop one's cares and just soak in the moment of pure bliss. Breathing in the tranquillity and exhaling the tensions from one's body, mind and spirit. To reach that mental state of bliss. A moment of serenity and ecstasy; ever so delicate, let nothing disturb this bliss.

Linger a moment longer; what does it matter. While encapsulated in that feeling of sheer delight and ease of spirit. The gardeners paradise is sacred, the moment tender and joyful. A butterfly floats gently above the flowers; a day is eternal to this delicate creation. It reminds one of how fleeting time is. All too soon the moment is over and summer is at an end; please linger a bit longer before winter comes and takes our joy; of moments in the garden sipping tea without a care.

Savour these precious moments remembering the fragrances of summer and watching the sun sink into the golden sunset and the hum of bees no longer. Savour the moment of  bright blue skies and even brighter blue Agapanthus until summer takes a bow. The nights draw cooler and darker as nature turns to rest in the garden of  Australia; the paradise of gardeners and the innocence of childhood that we know and love the best. 

Copyright Alex Fulford January 2023


23 January, 2023

Neil Oliver: ……it’s a racket


It's all cause and effect and the world leaders no longer care about what we think and that is why we have seen the blurring of political party boundaries; so that we can’t tell the difference between the parties anymore because there is no difference it was all a sham. The illusion is no longer needed, we are looking at compliance now, if you don’t follow the rules you will be punished. 

Mark my words, the next push will be to stop people going to the countryside to have a day out or for a holiday. The greenies want to separate us from nature which is our basic right to enjoy nature and is vital to our wellbeing. 

NOTE: Neil has removed this video from YouTube unfortunately. What a shame, perhaps he wasn't happy with it, I don't know.

22 January, 2023

Dr Zac Turner reveals which types of bread are best for you


Good information here, portion control is important too of course. If you are like me and love bread.

TAROT CARD OF THE MONTH: February 2023, King of Wands


Zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius   Element: Fire Season: Summer

Cardinal point of direction: South    Gender: Male

Law and order is the theme for February 2023, Intellect, Knowledge, Power, Stabilizing Force , Solid Foundations; are the words that I feel  as I look at the card.

Big things are taking shape this month. I feel this connected with the US, and the US is in the driving seat with many irons in the fire. Focus is still very much on Ukraine, Russia and China. However as we know other countries are also showing tensions simmering to the top in Europe such as Turkey, Syria, Serbia and Belarus. We know things are starting to move up a notch and these other nations need more scrutiny.

This feels like back to the old days of the lead up to world war one, however the situation today is different.  (To clarify this I mean mass poverty,  suffering, unemployment etc)

The US is trying to keep a lid on things globally, however I think they have left things too late to turn anything around. Too many deals and backhand deals going on and I feel timing right now is imperative but I don't hold out much hope in staving of the inevitable. Financial  disaster nor the war escalating. Ordinary people are not responsible for any of this, quite the opposite, they are the innocent victims of greedy and very evil individuals. 

France will still be struggling with the retirement age issue and I do not see Macron backing down on this. They are still better of than Australia. Our retirement age is 67, if you are born in or after 1963.

Italy is also gaining attention here with Taxation and financial matters.

There is a feeling of someone being trigger happy. As I am drawn to the king of pentacles I see a man with his hand on his side like a cowboy in the wild west reaching for his gun. This is connected to Ukraine and I feel this is Zelensky. He is a bit over confident and will metaphorically shoot first and ask questions later. He would be well advised to cool down and think logically. 

As I study the king of pentacles, I am drawn to the cuff of his tunic, I see the golden trim, looking like a crown. To me it feels like a man that has grand ideas.

This still feels like Mr Zelensky, feeling self assured and feeling like he is on solid ground. He is looking to the west for support but he needs to keep his gaze around the homefront. This card shows the king looking far into the distance and not what is close to and around him. He must watch out for distractions around him and not allow any distractions.

Generally speaking I feel February is a time to be wise and cautious. Think things through carefully and be aware of any miscalculations. Know that you have support and back up when you need it. Don't just rely on yourself or mistakes can happen. Listen to advice that is given and check it out.

This is mainly to do with money matters, agreements and contracts of any sort. 

February is the calm before the storm, as the card does not have any clouds or wind depicted. It looks good on the surface so to speak. Normally I would say this is a good card and often it is about the personality of someone in a personal reading. A king depicts a personality type and with the suit of wands the king is knowledgeable and gives excellent advice coming from solid foundations and not given to flights of fancy. 

However I feel an uneasiness with the card as we are in the middle of hard economic times and I feel that this is the calm  breathing space before things crash. Do not be complacent in anything right now.

Take nothing for granted especially where money is concerned, agreements, contracts,  and employment. 

Health in the northern hemisphere, it's the middle of winter so sore throats and sore ears are expected. 

I also see Easter eggs, there is something happening in Easter that makes me very concerned. I don't know what it is. I do see the pope standing on a balcony waving to the public at this time. I get a very uneasy feeling here and I feel it is a global situation, meaning it affects everyone.

Thank you for reading my Tarot card of the month, and please stay safe and be wise.

Blessings from aunty Alex 


21 January, 2023

ABC NEWS: Farmers, pet owners urged to be vigilant as heavy rains lead to increased risk of health problems in animals


Some important information with regards to fur babies, cattle and horses. There are also the usual ticks and snakes to watch out for on top of this. 

ABC NEWS: Canberrans waiting to see specialists or undergo surgery through public health system face lengthy delays


Yet people keep voting these Labor muppets into office, this is over 21 years of Labor rule in Canberra. Labor couldn’t run a bath never mind the territory. Contrary to what people may think, Canberra has always been a Labor stronghold. But we don’t have enough doctors in Canberra including general practitioners, we don’t have enough nurses, we don’t have enough dentists, we don't have enough psychologists, we don't have enough psychiatrists, we don’t have enough veterinarians and we don't have enough police either. Yet this is the capital city of Australia. Why is it so under resourced and for so long? 

Don’t move to Canberra unless you can avoid it. It’s a great place to live unless you have health problems. The Liberal Party are absolutely hopeless so they won’t get elected any time soon either. The hospital is rife with in-house politics and bullying, making it a toxic environment for several years. The mental health unit is abysmal and patients have been know to take their own lives, one patient was murdered by another patient recently and apparently the unit occasionally has patients that have escaped. 

It doesn’t instal any confidence in a safe environment for patients who have mental health issues. I would not feel safe there. Accountability is just not a priority in this hospital and especially in the mental health unit. 

I am still waiting myself for specialist treatment though  my conditions are not life threatening, only chronic pain etc and losing feeling and power in my hands constantly. I feel for people that are in dire health situations like my husband and thousands more.

But take a good look at the western world in general the public health system is deliberately being dismantled to push for private health. It's all about the money and not human lives. We the voters are ignored because we do not have financial clout to take on globalists. 

20 January, 2023

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year Everyone


The New Year kicks off on 22 January 2023 and is known as both the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of the Cat. This is my Chinese sign and I am a happy bunny or happy kitty as this year is supposedly a fortuitous year for me. I also turn 60 this year, oh my, who would have thunk it 🤣🤣🤣🐈🐇

I must get out and buy both the rabbit and cat ornaments for the year. That is something that I have been meaning to do for several years. 

Happy Chinese and Lunar New Year to everyone, and may your year be prosperous, blessed and happy.

Oh, just in case you don’t see it, there is a chart at the bottom of the news article that lets you know what Chinese sign you are. 

Science Alert: A Digital Dissection of Egypt's Greatest Pharaoh Reveals Striking Features


So here they admit to tinting the skin to fit in with a myth, because there is absolutely is no proof of the Egyptian royal families ( or at least this particular bloodline) being anything other than fair skinned, red haired and blue or green eyed. They didn’t originate from Egypt in the first place. The royals were definitely fair skinned with red hair as was Jesus and his sister-wife Mary Magdalene because they were also descendants from this Egyptian bloodline via their great grandmother Cleopatra VII. This particular bloodline married their own parents and, or siblings which was seen as immoral by other royal bloodlines too. Red hair is not indigenous to the Middle East it is European and Celtic.

The west has been deliberately covering this up for centuries but DNA and proper research has brought out the truth and they can no longer hide the facts. One must also ask why they had a very strong link to Scotland and Ireland too, and why many of them returned there after centuries. The answer is  because that was the home of their ancestors; which they did admit to. However many believe that they really originated in Atlantis which is mentioned by Plato. 

Scota AKA Meritaten the daughter of the heretic pharaoh Akhenaten is buried in Ireland and her grave site is a tourist attraction. The royal connection has come full circle as the British royal family are part of this bloodline along with European royals, the proof is in the red hair as well as their DNA. The royals keep meticulous records of their bloodlines and the O negative blood.

19 January, 2023

Jacinda Ardern resigns as prime minister of New Zealand


No great loss! Don’t slam the door on the way out pet. Now the new leader that I predicted will be preparing to take control of the country; as I mentioned in my 2022 world predictions. He will act quickly to restore alliances with Australia and is strictly old school. 

18 January, 2023

NINE NEWS: Rebecca was led to believe she was 'too young' to have deadly cancer. Now advocates want the message changed


How heartbreaking, and this type of cancer if caught early can be cured.  Cancer can happen at any age, and there are over 2.5 thousand types of cancer. She is very brave,  however she doesn’t have the choice unfortunately. 

Ulcerative Colitis is another bowel disease that can kill, it has similar symptoms to bowel cancer. Most people if they catch it early enough can recover. But a small percentage of people don’t respond to treatment and end up having surgery. It is a horrible illness to live with and the reversal surgery is often not worth going through because it doesn’t usually work out. The average lifespan of the surgeon is about 5 years before it starts to fail. Then the patient has to have further surgery to restore the ostomy and  live with a colostomy  or ileostomy for the rest of their lives. 

RIP: Australian singer Renée Geyer dies aged 69


Gosh, this year definitely looks like a sad year for famous people passing away. Renee was a fantastic Aussie icon with a powerful voice. 

15 January, 2023

Science Alert: A Simple, 5-Minute Breathing Technique Is a Powerful Tool to Reduce Anxiety


Breathing exercises are very important, especially if you are a shallow breather. More oxygen in your lungs and brain makes more clarity of thought, less stress and less health problems. 

Shallow breathing does harm to the body and in today’s environment we are rushing through our lives and stressed, which means we don’t have time to breathe. Meditating is also beneficial however it also depends on what sort of meditation you do, for instance I meditate to help with my mediumship abilities and not to relax. Not everyone can meditate, so this breathing is a good alternative especially if done regularly. Why not give it a try? You may like to be in a quiet room or listening to soft music to put you in the zone. The music type doesn’t really matter as long as it is relaxing and conducive to the object of the exercise. I personally use either classical music on very softly or meditation music. Most importantly enjoy your self and just breathe. 

Wes Penre: Q and A #2 January 2023


Some good Q and A’s here . It is imperative that one reads the entire WesPenrePapers levels 1 to 5 to understand exactly what Wes is talking about. To just read the Q and A is not enough so people will not benefit from just the Q and A sessions. 

14 January, 2023

Exclusive: WHO Proposals Could Strip Nations of Their Sovereignty, Create Worldwide Totalitarian State, Expert Warns


There is no way that this will be adopted, the public will go ballistic and I am sure many leaders of the world will object to this insanity or else they are criminally insane. Who on earth in their right mind would submit to the loss of national sovereignty? 

This is not the first attempt at this, and they will keep on until they get what they want or are shut down. The dripper method just like communism and all the rest of the leftist tactics. People are just not going to accept this. 

Saturday LOLS


13 January, 2023

12 January, 2023

‘Pandemic potential’: bird flu outbreaks fuelling chance of human spillover


Yup, it’s the scare factor again. Those with a vested interest in keeping us in a state of fear are at it again. 

The public are being more sceptical these days and are not falling for the same old scary stories so the next thing is another potential “virus “. 

Panopticon: an easy tool in the modern world of technology


Having a good rummage on the net and I came across this very interesting article on Wikipedia. Smart cities are designed to operate a similar way. What horrified me was that Jeremy Bentham; a Utilitarian came up with the concept of building panopticon structures comes across as a rather disturbed individual; to dream up such an idea, and was annoyed because it wasn’t done especially to his recommendation. A wee bit of a twisted individual hell bent on controlling and dehumanising people and his views on how humanity should function. I am sure he would be treated like a celebrity in modern times by the powers that be. He would certainly be involved with the WEF if he was around today.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surveillance_issues_in_smart_cities Surveillance in smart cities. Public surveillance for safety is one thing if it helps catch criminals. But that is where I draw the line. 

SCIENCE ALERT: There's a Powerful Link Between Chickenpox And Stroke Risk. We May Finally Know Why


This is quite an important article about our health. My father had shingles late in life and had a stroke. Strokes though are common on my mother’s side of the family. Stress can also cause shingles. 

10 January, 2023

Indonesia struck by powerful earthquake, tremors felt in Australia


7.7 These poor people never get a break. It’s terrifying to live in hot spots especially if you can’t afford to move to a safer area. That pacific ring of fire never cuts anyone any slack.  

Medicine shortage leads to nation-wide warning


This is what happens when globalists dictate what happens in public health care worldwide. It’s always about the money. Put it this way, if medicine is made off shore; it is now difficult to get it on shore and should the manufacturer be in a country that is not friendly towards one’s country then you have major problems. This should never have been allowed to happen in the first place. In a situation like war how are we supposed to secure much needed medication given that enemy ships patrol the seas and can prevent supplies getting to the country of destination. 

There are often supply line issues for medication and you can easily find that out by searching on line as well as when you go to your local chemist and discover that a medication you need is unavailable due to supply issues. The past three years have been a classic example of shortages, but this was happening before the pandemic the government have been slow to react and put something in place to prevent this happening. 


The TGA website in Australia. 

08 January, 2023

Consulting Astrology About When Not to Have a Surgical Operation


“Touch not with iron that part of the body ruled by the sign that the moon is transiting.” Hippocrates.

Some serious food for thought. I remember being told about this back in the 1980’s by my mum. Today while reading a book on Tarot this suddenly came into my mind. 

It is common knowledge with astrologers, yet most people would dismiss this as hocus locus. This though is one of the reasons that people die on the operating table. And this is knowledge that has been around for thousands of years yet dismissed by doctors in modern times at their folly. 

I sure keep it in mind if needing surgery, though there are times when an emergency takes precedence for obvious reasons. One generally doesn’t have surgery for the hell of it; as all surgery comes with risks, as the body was not designed to be opened and allowing bacteria to enter. But reality dictates in times of danger. 

How rumours of Hollywood's Ozempic drug use went mainstream, fuelling a shortage in diabetes medication


This is disgusting and utterly selfish of the Hollywood crowd. Why not hold a loaded gun to diabetic people? Because that is exactly what these selfish creatures are doing, just so that they can look good.

Talk about arrested mentality. No health care provider should be allowed to give this drug to these despicable Hollywood people or anyone that it is not intended for. Adults that can’t get skinny enough to look like a teenager, because that is just so intelligent….NOT! How about growing up and stop trying to fight nature. You aren’t teenagers any more and to be depriving people of life saving medication is downright sick and selfish.

There are actors that are diabetic too and they should take a stand on this issue. There are many people that have diabetes right through their families and the fear of death and amputation is never very far away from their thoughts. Diabetic people run a very high risk of having a stroke more than other people.

 Not everyone recovers from a stroke either. The damage varies from paralysis, brain injury to death. Brain damage is usually caused by an embolic stroke but many people that suffer an embolic stroke die. So depriving diabetic people of life sustaining medication is a very destructive and selfish act, all just so some insecure, self absorbed ego driven  people can look good in the smallest clothes size they can squeeze into. What is wrong with humanity; when certain entitled individuals feel that they have the right to access medication that is designed to save lives and not a fashion commodity?  What sort of doctor will just issue such drugs to healthy people at the expense of diabetic patients when there is clearly not enough medication to go around? 

07 January, 2023

Seeing a Scottish soldier in spirit

 Over the past two or three days I have been seeing a world war 1 Scottish soldier in spirit. He has popped  up at random times such as when I have been in bed or getting out of bed in the morning, including when I was in the shower this morning. He is wearing a Glengarry hat with the red and white chequered or diced pattern head band; which some Scottish military regiments wear as part of their uniforms, some wear a Tam O’ Shanter style hat. 

At first I wondered if the soldier was something to do with an old Scottish school friend as her father was in the army as a career soldier. Then as the soldier came into frame more, I noticed his kilt was a red and green tartan and a military sporn over his kilt. The sporn had white on it no doubt it was tassels as I said the vision was very quick and not all clear. I was not able to see the tartan clearly as it happened so fast but I was aware of the colours red and green. I sometimes only get a split second look at the person from head to toe in spirit,  I did also notice he was wearing white or very light coloured gaiters which some Scottish regiments still wear. 

I also could see him in what could have been a trench, and he seemed to be loading a shell into a field gun. This man is letting me know that he is around me in spirit at present as a guardian, so I can rule out him as trying to communicate something to my friend. I can’t get a name at this stage, perhaps I might later. I have not had anyone come through for me personally for a while other than my paternal grandfather; who has popped in recently but not saying anything, though I am aware why he is visiting me. Something must be happening in the spirit world for this to be happening, I will just have to wait and see what happens in the near future. 

Above is a traditional Glengarry, similar to what the soldier in spirit was wearing. 

This is the photo is the closest that I can find online; to show what the soldier looked like in uniform. However I don’t think he wore a white belt, just the jacket and I could not see any rank or anything else to inform me of his regiment or anything important. 

06 January, 2023

Science Alert: COVID Is Doing Something to Our Sleep, And Even to Our Dreams


When you have difficulty sleeping, factor in the type of light bulbs you are using. Cool white lights have the blue light spectrum which inhibit sleeping. Lamps should use warm white light and not the blue light spectrum. Try using magnesium cream on your legs including behind your knees and the tops of your feet and also the lower back; as this connects to the sciatic nerve and up to the brain so that your body absorbs the magnesium and helps you to fall asleep easily. Keep a tube of magnesium cream on your bedside table to remind you to use it. Read a book before going to sleep to relax your mind and you should find it easier to drift off to sleep. 


https://amazingoils.com.au/ In Australia you can buy this in any health food shop. 
But if you are overseas then you will find a similar product in your health food shop or chemist.

If you have leg cramps rubbing magnesium cream on to the leg muscles helps stop the pain but you must also keep your water up too because sore and aching legs are one of the first symptoms of being dehydrated. 

05 January, 2023

Hilarious Aussie signs that crack up visitors


Click on the article for a good chuckle. "Straya, ya gotta love us 😜 We are also very good at coming up with unique names for places, people, animals and objects. Also for giving directions in remote areas.

Like inventing the remote fictitious country town name of Kickatinalong, meaning an extremely remote town way out bush past the black stump; way out by Woop Woop.  


Cars stuck in floodwaters and Canberra Centre evacuated after flash flooding


This happened so quickly and rather unexpected, I was just about to hang out towels and heard a crack of thunder and felt a few spots of rain as I stood at the washing line. I did a quick about turn and headed back indoors.  Normally Canberra doesn’t flood, however the city and north side copped the worst of the rain. Generally speaking the north side of town does seem to cop the worst of storms. 

January is often when serious weather issues occur. I remember the big hailstones in January 2020 where cars were destroyed in minutes in the city (Civic as we locals call the city centre). My husband just got his car under cover within minutes of this storm because he saw it coming. Some people are still waiting to have the damage repaired today, because of the vast amount of people affected and then lockdown came along in March 2020 at the tail end of the bushfires of  November/December 2019 that carried on through January 2020. 


From January 2020

02 January, 2023

Dream about a robin redbreast


I just woke up from a dream in which I saw a robin redbreast. I loved these birds as a child in Scotland. I remember one flying into our kitchen one morning just before I went off to school. I remember my mum had the kitchen door open and there was snow on the ground outside. 

My mum had her ironing board set up in the kitchen that morning and in flew the bird and it sat on her ironing board for a minute and then flew out the door again. My mum, brother and I stood there in amazement at the little robin redbreast. I must have been about six or seven years old at the time and I have never forgotten that wonderful moment. So here I am, at stupid o’clock  (around 3.20 am) just waking up after seeing a dear little robin redbreast, in my dream. I can’t remember what happened before seeing the little bird but it was surrounded in white and standing in front of me. I was outside in the dream and the robin appeared in front of me. 

I quickly grabbed my iPad and we to to my favourite “go to lady, Flo Saul’s brilliant website, Aunty Flo. It turns out to be a good omen for me. Not just a delightful little bird. Now let’s try and get back to sleep Alex 🤣🤣

01 January, 2023

Voluntary assisted dying laws come into effect today in Queensland, so how does it work?


Help for those that are suffering at last. Something that many people may  never have to face, but it’s cruel to be denied the right to die with dignity and on one’s own terms. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...