30 August, 2021

Robert Sepehr: Massive network of underground European tunnels


This is common knowledge to people that are into ancient history, it’s quite interesting reading. But it must have been very arduous traveling through the tunnel systems. My guess would be the traveler  would go so far in one tunnel and then emerge and find the next tunnel and so on. 

29 August, 2021

Embarrassing moments with Ruby Roo


Originally posted on 28/3/2014

Well I think I have topped the most embarrassing day of my life today. 8.30 am Wearing my Hello Kitty Onesie, I went to put the rubbish in the bin out side. Mistake number one, I didn't look to see if there was a small person with 4 legs and a tail next to me. Mistake number two, I opened the front door and walked out, Ruby shot out too, like a champagne cork Grrr!. Mistake 3, Dump garbage in bin and run after her, like an idiot calling her name. Well she thought it was a hoot. Off she sped into the near by gardens, crossing the road. My heart in my mouth going after her, In this bloody Hello Kitty Onesie. 15 mins later and seen by every bugger. I catch her and stick her under my arm. No point being dignified now, lol. March across the road and into my driveway. Feeling as if I am going to have a heart attack. I get up to the front door. To be greeted by Tolstoy. Bet he was thinking OMG, I don't know her.

Sit down to catch my breath, and then the postie comes to the door. Shit, it just gets better and better! Classic WTF moment. I said don't mind me, I just got back from catching the dog. I shall now go back inside and quietly have a heart attack (or die of shame). How embarrassing, I wonder if the neighbours have stopped laughing yet. DOGS, Grrrr!

Is it any wonder my life sucks! 😂😆

Researchers discover world’s northernmost island


Wow, I didn’t know that there were actually any undiscovered islands left to discover. Perhaps they will find birds and other things; that we have thought to be extinct or even a new species or bird or marine species. 

28 August, 2021

At the end of the rainbow

 Just remember, at the end of the rainbow there is always a crock of shit!🌈😜😂😂😂

Keep your chin up people

Some loving words to everyone out there in our big wide world; Covid and all the other nasties won't last for ever. For which we are truly thankful. Try not to go into a dark place with all of this, we must remain strong in the current times. Find things that raise your spirits, find things that make you laugh, the more absurd the better, there is joy in the simplest of things. So keep it simple and live in the moment; just breathe. 

If you have a garden, spend some time in the garden planting flowers or what ever you find is more particle for you.  The main thing is to stay happy and not dwell on the negative stuff. I have come through a very crushing 30 year astrological cycle myself, I know abject misery all too well, never knowing when the pain and suffering will ever stop. But hey, I am still here, and I still have a wicked sense of humour.

If I can do this; then anyone can. We all have different and sometimes soul destroying experiences, but most people come out the other side. They appreciate being alive, they smile again, and keep going. Find the thoughts that bring you joy and make you smile and laugh. Get out in the sunshine and breath. Know there is a tomorrow, and be kind to your fellow human beings and the animals, animals suffer too remember so kindness and love to them too. Keep that love going and don't lose hope.

27 August, 2021

Yorkshire Haka


Aye up, lads and lassies, click on thy link above and enjoy some good northern culture 🤣🤣🤣

There’s nowt like a good a sing along in grand company by gum. 

26 August, 2021

Tarot Card Of The Month: September 2021, The Devil


                                            Bondage, Materialism, Ignorance, Hopelessness

                                                                  Sign: Capricorn

Card number 25, The Devil. This was hardly a surprise when I pulled this card. The Devil warns us of excess, greed, negative emotions , thoughts and negative behaviour in general.

September may well be a month of anger, violence and upheaval, so don't poke the bear. I see shocking behaviour erupting around the world, due to tensions, suffering and out of control egos.  Watch what you say and do as it may have ramifications that you don't want or expect.

I personally would keep a low profile, rather than be caught up in drama. Aggression towards women is indicated, as an ongoing thing as we can see in the international news; and yes, it will escalate unfortunately. Just remember though; it could be your daughter, your wife, your mother, your grandmother, aunt...get the picture?

Violence begets violence, keep emotions under control. The authorities will not take kindly to aggression and anti-social behaviour, so be warned. Times are changing and now we will see more authoritarian responses. If you play with fire; you will get burned. 

Some people will indulge in excess alcohol in September and this will not go down well, especially in public places and out door activities. Some people just don't like to behave; and think they are above the law...wrong!

China or should I say the CCP will roar this month again; and this time the west will listen nervously. 

China / the CCP are not kidding; they are out to show muscle power; whether with Taiwan, Japan or the world at large. The CCP are stepping up action. The world will hold their breath and have to consider what the next step should be. I feel this will be around the end of September and more likely aimed at Taiwan.

I don't see the west using any military force yet though. More like pulling back with restraint; not until the CCP  strike out violently and outside of their territory. Then it will take the west time to gear up. The world is distracted with numerous things at present remember, so conflict with China is not on the agenda yet.

This won't be any time soon, so please don't stress. 

My advice to people in the southern hemisphere as spring starts is, get out doors and get fresh air when able to. Perhaps enjoy your  gardening and parks for good grounding energy courtesy of mother nature.

For the people in the northern hemisphere, likewise if the weather is still nice enjoy the outdoors in nature before the cold weather arrives, but make sure you prepare for indoor activities and insulating your homes before jack Frost visits. 

Be good to one another, and go gently in life.




24 August, 2021

The Chronicles of Ruby


Chronicles of Ruby... Yesterday was the day from hell Ruby was as manic as they come. Form when she got up she was bouncing off the walls, barking and doing what silly Jack Russell's do. She knew that I had clients to see and she wasn't having any of that. She found every flaming thing in the house, that she is not allowed to have, and sunk her teeth into them. She shot under the bed with her treasures. So that mummy had to grab a doggy chocolate and get on all fours and chuck the doggy chocolates under the bed. Then she gave me back the stolen item. Every time the phone rang she pulled this stunt too. I have never seen such a little minx as our Ruby. Neither of our other dogs did any of the stuff that she gets up to. Today we started going down that path again, grrr! I just hope to God that she stops this soon. She will be 2 at the weekend, and I can't keep up with her antics. She is very cute and loveable but by God she pushes my buttons.
Today she has been chasing the chooks in the rain and barking her head off at them. Then comes in doors and goes straight for the cats. Lock up the remotes too, and anything that she can grab. Lol. It is like having a human 2 year old in the house. Mind you they don't smell like wet dog.

Sitting here next to me on the printer, is one very smelly and wet little dog. Looking out the window to see what is going on  out the front that she might take offence too. No birds, cats  or dogs shall pass. A bit like the Monty Python Holy Grail, none shall pass. I can see it is going to be a long week if the rain and cold keeps up. How to entertain a small hyperactive dog when trying to get your work done Hmmm!

Originally posted on 24/6/2014

Chocolate Button Roo Roo!

 We have had our little Ruby Rose, AKA Ruby Roo for a whole year now. The cats are still in shock too! She is a lovely little soul, so full of love and fun. However, mummy has her hands full, with this little ball of fur. I can not turn my back on her for two seconds, or leave anything on a table or the floor. Ruby may be small but, she can leap and bounce as if she has a pogo stick.

So far she has destroyed several shoes, several pairs of sunglasses, my reading glasses (which were 3 months old) My kindle and several tennis balls and soft toys. It is just the way Jack Russell's are I guess. My last one, Sparky never did any of this. So this is a shock to the system, having a canine terminator in the house. The cats are not having any of it either.

Thankfully all the kitties can get up high, to get away from her in a flash. Except poor old Tolstoy.
Not to worry, Tolstoy has now   become 'Grumpy Cat", He just goes for her old school. Swipe with the claws, she doesn't even  see it coming. "Ouch!" " he hit me mum, sort him out!"
For a three legged cat, he can move fast. Ruby knows how to push his buttons, and then run like hell.

Ruby has an unhealthy interest in kitty litter boxes. Sometimes she will hide a dog treat in the litter box. She leaves it there for a day or two. Then, just as Tolstoy  goes to the litter box, BAM!
She is on him, like a fat boy on cake. All you hear is a horrible screeching and growling as she tries to drag Tolly off the litter box. What a din, Tolly then kicks her butt. I have to stop what ever I am doing, to run to the rescue.

Some days there is a cat fight at the OK- cat run! (we don't have a corral). Two cats happen to go in to the cat run for a little R and R, Via a cat flap in the window, so Ruby decides, hey this looks like fun, but then it turns ugly.
She is bailed up on the walk way and can't move. Yet again the faint calls of ....Muuuum!
Again I stop what I am doing, go out the back door, walk to the cat run and step inside to rescue her.

You know those days, when you have so much work to do, and so little time?  Those days seem to be happening more often now.  Just as you are at the computer, you get that feeling that it is too quiet.
A glance over my right shoulder confirms it, yup! Ruby roo strikes again. Shit, that looks like my kindle she has. I had left it on the bed side table. A moment of  forgetfulness, and it costs me. Grrrrr!

As I get up off my chair, she is off like a scud missile down the hallway. Shoots under the side board,
with me running behind her, shouting, Ruby!....Chocolate button ruby! I keep a little jar of doggie chocolate drops for her near by, for moments like this. Yes there are lots of those moments in our house. I give her the treat, and I get my chewed up kindle back.  The thing is trashed, bugger! Well that is a trip to the shop for a new one.

Daisy, my girl cat has a part time job as a floor mop and a duster. Ruby chases her and drags her along the floor. Daisy hisses and growls like a banshee. But when I break it up. Daisy just sits there waiting for Ruby to come back and do it again. It seems to me that they both get something out of it. Daisy can hold her own, don't you worry. This is the cat with 'tude! She will face off, to a dog any time.

We often joke that Daisy keeps a half brick in her handbag to slug the dog, or one of her feline brothers with. I have seen Daisy run after Garfield, her ginger kitty brother screeching and growling as if he is thumping her. Only to find when I go to investigate, she is chasing him. Next there is an orange and grey knot rolling through the lounge room into the bed room. It is like something out of a cartoon. Humans know better than to get in the way. Too many scratches to out feet and ankles now, so we leave them too it.  Thankfully these days are very few now, as all the kitties are elderly, but by no means over all of this action packed matrix  styled lifestyle. We do still get entertained by feline and canine stunts, evenings are the best time for the high drama at our house. We don't need the Hollywood action, fur fury is heaps better.

Now the hot weather is back, Ruby likes to play with a hose or sprinkler in the back yard. Try as I might to water my plants, she comes after the hose and wants to play with the water gushing out. She picks up the hose in her mouth and drags it around the garden, having little drinks as she goes.

Ruby has a little wading pool to play in, but it isn't the same as a sprinkler or a hose. I turn the water down to a slow trickle, and she seems to be happy with that. As long as she can drink from the hose and move it around she is happy. Funny little thing she is. I would be lost without her. She is pure love after all.

Originally posted on 28/11/2013

Introducing Miss Ruby Roo


It is my pleasure to introduce the latest member to our family. Ruby is a 10 week old Jack Russell terrier. We have been looking for a JR female for weeks. And now we have this lovely little girl, Ruby. We nick name her Ruby Roo. What a tornado she is, lol. We had forgotten what active little things puppies are.

our cats are in a state of shock at their new sister, hissing and growling, and the odd swipe with the claws. Slinky just takes it all in his stride, he is Mr Cool, the Morgan Freeman of Tabby cats. Garfield, is interested in her and teases her. However if Ruby gets excited she freaks Garfield out and he will hiss and swipe at Ruby. Poor little Ruby Roo doesn't understand what is going on. Being a Jack  Russell she is hypo to the max, lol. She is not on good terms with Tolstoy at all. he hisses at her and chases her, claws at the ready. He has swiped her a few times and she just comes back for more. That is Jack Russell's for you though.

We made the one big mistake last night, we let her sleep in our bed! The cats all sleep on our bed every night. They just take it in shifts. We had vowed not to let Ruby into our bed, after having the other two dogs sleep there for 13 years. Oops!, She is just is soooo cute.

Originally posted on  10/9/2012


Goodbye Garfield our beautiful boy


Garfield AKA Chiffy loved boxes of any size or style

This afternoon I had to rush Garfield to the vet, he has been ill for a while but fought it all the way.  I have spent several weeks nursing him and trying to make his life as comfortable as possible. He had such a strong will to live which did not help him in the end. Such a wonderful loving little soul, he was just the most loving and adorable little chap  and always a pleasure to be around.

Tonight we are nursing broken hearts without him. Even our vet was very upset at saying goodbye to Chiffy as we call him most of the time.

Garfield will live on in our hearts and watch over us until we meet again. If there is such a thing as a pure soul animals are most definitely pure souls.

The pure and unconditional love from animals is beyond compare. Thank you Chiffy for choosing daddy and I for your human parents. Xxx

NOTE: Originally posted 29/10/2019

Garfield comes home

 NOTE: I thought that I had transferred this from my old blog, I don't know how I missed this


My precious darling kitty boy has come home today. Last night I was dreaming about a ginger mummy cat at my maternal grandmother’s house. The mummy cat was in a cardboard box in my grandmother's shed with her kittens.

I insisted on seeing them all, and I noticed a male tabby cat there too. The daddy cat, he was out and about and looked like our late Slinky. It was a rather strange dream, because my gran didn’t like cats much. She had a bad experience as a child that affected her. So it was odd that she was the one showing me the kittens, she seemed reluctant at first.

23 August, 2021

Monday lols and then some more


Kitty gets revenge for that balloon chair

Local council shoots rescue dogs to death in Australia, cites COVID-19 restrictions


This is utterly revolting, there was absolutely no need for this to be done. There is something so wrong with the human race, I am absolutely horrified at this. Someone must take the blame for this. Rest assured this crime will be on their Akashic records when they die. All our deeds are recorded and can’t be altered or denied, so keep that in mind for the afterlife. 

22 August, 2021

COVID-19 positive children 'very frightened' and separated from parents at Sydney's Westmead Hospital


How sad is this, but these nurses care about the children, they are very loving caring nurses. Westmead Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Australia. My husband spent many months here as a young man and the care was unsurpassed. 

What ever negative comments you read on social media, know this, the children have sick parents as stated in the news article, they cannot look after their children. So what are they supposed to do? Especially if there are no other family members able to care for them.  These nurses are loving caring human beings and love the children. Many nurses are young mothers too. So stop bagging the crap out of them in social media without knowing the facts! 

Early spring cheer

 As winter draws to a close for the year, the sun is warm and bulbs are starting to flower. Renewal of life in the garden brings a welcome feeling of cheer once again. It is our second year living with Covid, but I keep my focus on my flowers and that reinvigorating feeling that the early spring brings.

For weeks it has only been the snowdrops and scented violets to herald the awakening garden. Now the daffodils are at various stages of flowering and the blue bells are only a month away from blooming. That sight of the fresh and sunny daffodils just activates joy within me. 

This afternoon; I have been out in the garden tinkering with my camera to get nice flower shots. I have not used my camera for ages though, and it’s back to school to relearn how to use it again, lol. My camera is not that old and I don’t often get the chance to use it. So it is easy for an oldie like me to forget how to use it.

Never mind, lol. I just enjoy being in my garden and enjoying the gifts of springtime. I am not a hot weather person, so I make sure that I enjoy springtime before the real heat makes me hibernate until autumn.

Scented violets which cover a large area of my back yard in winter

A Crimson Rosella on the bird feeder

                                             Hellebores to brighten up a winter and spring garden

This is a female Crimson Rosella eating a rosehip in front of my loungeroom window

Hellebores and jonquils under a crab-apple tree

Wes Penre: Video 270 Q and A session 81


Some things to ponder here. I don’t get caught up in all of this, I keep my intentions on living a peaceful and spiritual life. This is my life journey and mine alone, I keep my intention on my highest potential and exiting this world at the end of my incarnation and going to my safe place to heal and use my own options as a spiritual being.

20 August, 2021

Ken Behrens unmasked


Well there ya go, the man behind Ken Behrens, May he have fond and amusing memories of this for many years to come and knowing the pleasure he gave to all Ken Behrens and Aussies everywhere 😻😻😻

17 August, 2021

TGA tests Australian sunscreen for cancer causing chemicals following US study


Yikes! I guess it pays to check the ingredients online before buying anything these days.

Australian sunscreens as far as I know are safe, but no matter what country you live in, it’s best to check the ingredients of products online prior to buying. 

Proud Ken Behrens: Canberrans embrace the lighter side of covid lockdown



When AI gets it wrong, lol. Canberrans becomes Ken Behrens 🤪🤪🤣🤣

We also have a game we play, when driving we ask the GPS to say Tuggeranong, Gungahlin or  Ngunnawal. It is always a good laugh amongst Canberrans or should I say Ken Behrens.

There are very clever people at present that have found a creative outlet here and are now selling Ken Behrens merchandise. Good on them for being so spontaneous and creative, not to mention helping the local economy to boot. 

Even Kenny Koala is getting in on the act

16 August, 2021

UN call to slash red meat to 14gms per day per person


A vegan diet or a diet suggested like what is being pushed will stunt brain development and physical development and thus inhibit intellect and critical thinking. What could possibly go wrong here boys and girls? Do you really want to abuse your children like this; or damage both their health and your own? 

Christ even with the rations of food back in ww2 ( British people were on these rations up to July 1954) they had better nutrition and it was carefully measured to ensure that public health was not compromised. What sort of idiots would endorse this terrible abuse on humanity? It is a basic human right to have a healthy balanced diet and it should not be for the likes of the UN to dictate anything to anyone. 

I used to be a strict vegetarian and much as I feel guilty about going back to eating meat last March; after ten years for health reasons. I am aware that people need to have meat in their diet for balanced nutrition and development of a healthy body. 

Some people have medical conditions that require them to eat red meat for iron etc because they can’t make it or retain vitamins after having radical gastrointestinal surgery, which means removing large parts if they’re intestines. Therefore they lack the ability to make vitamin B12,  store iron and other minerals that the rest of us take for granted. They can’t rely on iron infusions constantly either, and these people need vitamin B 12 injections on an ongoing basis for life, my husband is one of these people. To deprive these people of red meat is intolerable, to dictate what people in general  can eat is intolerable.

 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_Kingdom Read this because it was not just food and petrol that was being rationed. 

Graphene in medical use


Reduced graphene is more toxic than graphene oxide, please read this article and be better informed. I recommend looking into anything rather than just reading something in social media. Go look at scientific information, written by professional scientists. 

Yes, occasionally there have been cases of the public being misinformed in medical matters; in random situations over the years as legal documents show. But please read the proper researched studies. Sometimes there is truth in both official documents and later studies that come out to the contrary on anything really. 


It looks like scientists want to use this graphene in nanoparticles to put in our bodies. This stuff is toxic no matter how small it is.  A cancer causing toxin when in the body. Just look at the top link to start with. Now mainstream media will sell this to you as a good thing; because they are under the control of those that call the shots. They don’t care about the human race, only money. 

https://www.bitchute.com/video/S1WeEn44Ajeh/. Take a look at this video, if this is true then why are the doctors staying quiet?  There are other videos on bitchute that are about the vaccines, but I really don’t want to get into this stuff. It is up to individuals to do their homework as there is plenty information on the internet. Just be careful on what you accept as truth because there are plenty disinformation agents on the net and it is not always possible to tell truth from lies. 


This is a really important document from Manchester university; read it in full. 

NOTE: This has been sitting in draft since 3rd August because I felt hesitant about posting it. It is really up to individuals to read up on things for themselves. I do not have a medical background and do not pretend to be knowledgeable on any of this information. I only want to share this a food for thought; and I want people to be safe too.

12 August, 2021

ABC NEWS: Dead white mans clothes


This is absolutely sickening, for years I have said clothes are garbage quality and oversupplied to the public. It is way past the time for world leaders to put laws in place to stop companies churning out all of this trash. 

But it’s not just the garment industry, it is all your consumer products. Planned obsolescence has been a business model for about 40 years at least. This has to stop, and why should these poorer nations be used as dumping grounds. That is abuse of these countries and their people, yet no one holds manufacturers to accountability. It’s all about money, and not human lives. 

Think about the empty public announcements retailers and supermarket giants spout about the “carbon footprint”, yet they are causing the problem with their packaging and putting the guilt trip on the customers. That doesn’t cut it with me! I refuse to be accused of causing the landfill problems that retailers and supermarket owners are actually responsible for, not the consumer. We consumers don’t get a say in what manufacturers package their goods in nor the quality of any goods produced. We have also much less choice in what we buy also. The days of quality are long gone, but that is the fault of the company owners, not the consumers. 

Let’s not forget the so called recycling, much of which one is unable to be actually recycled in the first place. The rubbish ends up in landfill or sent overseas to some other countries and then they are stuck with the problem. If a country generates rubbish, it should not be sent to someone else to deal with it.

That is just ignoring the problem, and no solution. Make the manufacturers take ownership of this, fling it back in their faces. Make laws to hold them accountable, make them stop over producing goods.

Bring back quality manufacturing, and repair goods like electronics, washing machines etc. This fiasco can’t go on. Sooner or later this has to be dealt with. 

Canberra to enter lockdown at 5 pm tonight


Ah crap! Back in lockdown Canberra, there’s that feeling of foreboding that I had come to pass.

Just as well I don’t have any plans for a life of any sort  ðŸ¤ªðŸ¤ªðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£  Face masks at the ready peeps and no body sneeze or cough😳 


08 August, 2021

Elon Musk: “people should be preparing “ this is so serious


This man is cold and unfeeling and continues to push the AI agenda. What he has is power over us ordinary people; and the quality of life that his loved ones have in comparison to the rest of us is staggering. The more money and power that one has, then one can live in a paradise in nature, but those that have nothing are relegated to a miserable sterile existence removed from the natural world, which is the birth right of all humans and the animal kingdom. Humans are part of nature, we must never be separated from nature or we lose our humanity and spiritual connection to everything; and the  "all that is". 

We are not meant to live in a disconnected state; in concrete cities connected to a smart grid, addicted to technology that is fast out pacing us. We do not need a VR existence nor living on other planets. Actually we are living in a spiritual VR at present due to being what is called spiritual Amnesia, and when we die that spiritual VR changes but is still synthetic on a spiritual level.  Mars is hardly the world to embrace and leave a lush living library like our current home whilst still in our temporal state. This whole concept  is devoid of all that is essential to life, spiritually, warmth and nature. This is not normal for humanity to live like this, it is anti life, just existence. 

Anyone with their finger on the pulse has been aware for many years about this danger. However they are ridiculed by a heavily controlled mainstream media and those that are ignorant to the realities of what is happening. The walking talking egos that are the public face of mainstream media; don’t want you to know the danger this poses either and are happy to ridicule those that question the narrative. But these same individuals are subject to this themselves; they too are expendable. 

In accordance with spiritual or cosmic law everything must be revealed to the public, which is exactly what is taking place constantly in our world. There is nothing to prevent the information being obscured from a cosmic law perspective and this has always been the way of cosmic awareness in our universe since it's creation.

The people of this world and indeed the entire universe must make the effort to understand spiritual law, what it covers and what it allows. And as long as we remain ignorant of spiritual  or cosmic law then all this game continues right through to the so called consummation of the ages. We humans have no idea when that will happen; or if it is actually real because we do not have access to this spiritual knowledge/ Gnosis. 

Sadly this for many humans will prevent them evolving spiritually like we were meant to do. But this will for ever alter humanity from this point forward, and that is the danger that we collectively face right now.

Not many people are aware of  spiritually opting out so to speak, not giving consent to transhumanism or anything else that is not beneficial to humanity. It is not about picking the red team or the blue team. How about saying that you do not want to accept either of them. How about doing what is best for one's higher good and not being made to take sides in things that may hold you under a negative karmic punishment. 

We humans are not very good at understanding cosmic law, nor the fact that it was made by the beings that enslaved humanity in the third dimension world that we inhabit. Learn that and learn to free oneself  from suffering and claim true spiritual freedom and higher spiritual paths beyond the 8 that are definitely not beneficial to us.  It is a slow path to our spiritual freedom and take our rightful place in the cosmos. But that will never happen if we go down the path of AI and singularity and into transhumanism. 

06 August, 2021

Sammy J : The ballad of locky D


Sammy J does his A B (Banjo) Paterson take on lockdown. As a fan of Banjo Paterson  appreciate the humorous way this is done. Incidentally Banjo Paterson’s ancestors come from the same area in Scotland that I am from and Paterson is my maiden name. 

05 August, 2021

Before NCIS; a head slap was just rude


Sums me up to a T, take me anywhere but out. The second time is to apologise 😆😅 

03 August, 2021

Most Australians comfortable with vaccine passport for domestic travel and venues, poll reveals


I am calling bullshit on that, mate! “ a majority”.  That is the tidily amount in the survey , 1,098 people only, out of millions of people in Australia. This is a load of propaganda rubbish. I also value my life more than the rotten $300 that labor idiots propose, how stupid do they think people are? That is why I would never vote labor, they are an incompetent bunch of losers.

The media are employing the usual propaganda dripper system; to get Joe Public to submit to things that normally they would not have any tolerance for. This is the same tactic employed in communism, keep working away on people until they  break down and submit. Some people never submit, because they have moral values and a spiritual compass though; and if not for them; all the lemmings would jump off the cliff. 

Maybe, just maybe if the state and federal governments planned things better the whole covid situation might be better than it is. Yes, Australia has been much better than other countries but they ended up screwing up in the end, because there was very little proper leadership and firm handling of the crisis.  


Good heavens, a lottery proposal, seriously is this where humanity is heading? 

01 August, 2021

Anger as Poland plans law that will stop Jews reclaiming wartime homes


Morally wrong and despicable of the Polish government. Let’s hope that enough pressure on the government will turn this around, it is unbelievable that this is allowed to happen.

ABCNEWS: Outback sees biggest budgie event in 10 years


What an amazing sight, and great photos of the budgies. I am sure that now we have rain we will have a bumper year for wildlife, and agriculture. 

As spring arrives the country opens up and people will be heading outdoors to enjoy the bush and parks to enjoy the delights of nature. Nature brings so much joy to people in it’s simplicity and colourful displays.

ABC NEWS Artificial intelligence can now be recognised as an inventor after historic Australian court decision


Gee, What can go wrong? This is the most dangerous and stupidest thing that could happen. Who will be held accountable if this AI cause accident death or injury to a human? No one because they will put laws in place to prevent anyone being legally liable. 

Wes Penre: Communicating with higher self


Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...