25 May, 2022

How the world economic forum controls the world, Klaus Schwab and the great reset

Watch the video and read the comments for an education. Ignore the stupid comments of course. 

Did ya here that at 6.45 mins? Even Vlad the lad Putin is involved in this. Like I said in other posts old Vlad the lad is a Freemason have you not seen the hand shakes and the all seeing eye gestures etc? Just Google that and you can see for yourself. He is involved in all the usual crap against humanity, like the NWO elite because he is one of them, remember there are two teams or sides. I can’t believe how stupid people have been over the time Putin that was in power the first time, up until he started showing his true colours. I know people that thought he was cool, I kid you not! Yes, I heard Chris say there isn’t proof of Putin being a member,  but Schwab is now on record for saying that. As I always say about Putin, once KGB always KGB.

Schwab called Canadians his constituents in this video. On what planet and reality would that be? This guy is drunk on power and needs to be stopped, but all of them do. Just watch Australia now and see what happens here next. I don’t like politicians as a general rule because they are all questionable. But now that the Australian Labor Party are back in power, stand back and watch the train wreck as we get dragged into this crap deeper.

Keep an eye on world affairs from now on because things are definitely changing fast. But one thing to remember our governments are elected by us supposedly and not by NGO’s. We have the right to say no to our leaders. 

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