31 January, 2024

‘Self-mutilation’: Horrifying fate of Elon Musk’s brain implant monkey test subjects


This is pure evil, vile and inhumane. Isn’t anyone going to stop this horrific abuse? Man up humanity and put an end to this evil. There is no need for such horrible things done in the name of science, this is ego driven by someone with a god complex. 

This supposedly to assist humanity, yeah right. Once this is implemented you are no longer human by definition, you are a cyborg. What kind of person is willing to do this to an animal and not have a problem with it? They go home to their families and carry on as if it’s just a day at the office. 

No decent human being is capable of doing this scientific work, and the government obviously doesn’t have a problem with this. Yet where are the protests and where is the uproar in parliament? This says so much about the human race right now, devolving morally, ethically and spiritually. 

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My new website is showing up at 70th just by googling psychic predictions for the world in 2024. My old website is just above it. So that is pretty good to get up the rankings since I launched the new website. There are multiples of some of the same psychics as you scroll down the list. But hey  out of the entire world that's not bad. I have been doing successful psychic predictions for many years now., as is reflected by each one listed on the predictions pages as they pop up.  

I am number 15 in the list for Australian psychic predictions with my old website and about 52 or there abouts with my new one but remember this is without media assistance or paid advertising. This is just little old me plugging away year after year. 

It's almost near the weekend now lovely people so I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you live in the big wide world. 

Warm and Fuzzy Hugs 


30 January, 2024

Humour: The Lonely man, artist


In Australia a person that consumes vast quantities of alcohol is known as a p**s artist, not to be confused with the Bull artist (someone that tells tall tales) AKA a Spanish athlete. 

My  dear little Ruby is quite artistic like this too. Usually late at night while I’m asleep she makes artistic art on our floorboards 不不 sometimes it’s geographical in nature as she is very talented 不不不

Wes Penre: Isis Q and A # 3 January 2024


The latest questions and answers. I am not really in agreeance with these and also, I wonder does Wes have a few ghost writers to put the books out so quickly. How does one man do this so quickly?

29 January, 2024

Supporting patients through opioid analgesic discontinuations


This is going to be very difficult for many people in chronic pain and suffering from serious illness such as cancer. Pain clinics have a waiting period too. I have been waiting over a year to see the local clinic. And the stupid thing is, I am already doing the right things for pain relief. Heaven knows what I would do if I was in the condition some people are in. My husband has chronic pain too and has a condition that the doctor said is too dangerous to operate on. 

The arrogance of doctors and government officials that have never had to live with such pain and suffering is galling. Where is the compassion and empathy? What about human rights to have pain relief that is effective? If people just accept this then it’s on them because no one has the right to do this to anyone, it’s inhumane.

We are not talking about drug addicts on the streets, we are talking about people who are genuinely suffering. It’s no fun being in chronic pain and dying, yet are prevented from proper medical care. How many more drugs will be withdrawn after this lot? We need to know the answer now not later. 

JOKE: The joke de jour

 I opened the front door  this afternoon to pick up a package with miss Ruby my jack Russell under my arm; as she would not stop barking and running around. She does this to me every time there is someone at the door!

As I picked up the package with my other free hand, a silly joke came to mind. As they do!

A man walks into a pub with a pig under his arm. 

In disgust the bar man shouted to him, You can't bring that filthy thing in here", followed by, Where did you get that from?"

To which the pig replied, "Oh, it followed me in here." 


Scientists turn glass into a 'transparent' semiconductor with laser


Wow, How is this for new technology. This is where the planet Uranus influences inventions, science, electricity and ingenuity. 

28 January, 2024

A Cup Of Tea With Someone Is A Like A Warm Hug

 Having a good cup of tea with someone is like a lovely warm hug. Where we enjoy the precious moments that life offers. See it as a blessing and joy in the treasured moment. Live in that beautiful moment and hold it in your heart forever. 

26 January, 2024

Happy Australia Day

 I  care not if you are White Australian, Indigenous Australian or New Australian; whatever we are,  we all are Australian. We love our homeland and its culture, we are free to decide, we are proud and we are privileged to live in this wonderful country abound. We love our native animals and we love our way of life, we will honour our heritage and defend our heritage with pride. With love and peace in our hearts a fair go for all that call Australia home. We will always defend Australia and our way of life no matter our origins or religious beliefs we all are Australian.

Be honest, be proud, be respectful and true, we are, you are Australian. Defend what is ours, take not which is not yours, stand and be proud to be an Australian true blue. Uphold the rightful and speak your truth no matter how unpopular or controversial it may seem. Be humble and honest and stand true blue to our country, be proud of your values; and uphold them with pride as an Aussie that the world knows is true. Our word is our bond and our honour true blue, Advance Australia, we are always true blue. 

Happy Australia Day ❤️

Peter Alan always brings a tear to my eyes when I hear his voice ❤️ Bless you Peter ❤️

The widow of Mandawuy Yunupingyu, Mrs Yalmay  Yunupingu was awarded the Senior Australian of the year 

Credit to the people that posted the music on YouTube, Bonza mates ❤️佞

25 January, 2024

Sometimes it’s just best just to laugh


The New US Republican Party President and 2025

 I had a quick look at the cards yesterday  in a 25 card spread regarding  the current situation with Ukraine, The Middle East and the new 47th President 

Starting with the new Republican president and his personality, he seems to be a person that is a bit technically minded and mechanical in his methods or mannerisms. He is a young man or is full of youthful energy, tall and slim. I get the number 53 connected to him, I don’t know if he is 53 years old or the number means something else entirely. I laughed to myself when I saw Herbie the car being shown to me by my guides because Herbie was  number 53 also, and somehow the number is connected. May be he was a fan of the movies. This man doesn’t fit the profile of Donald Trump’s style of president. And even though Trump is in the lead it is way too early to say that he will not be replaced or drop out. 

The Republican Party president to be, is a man that gets things done, he is about action and results. He comes across as a, “How do we fix this?” and “let’s get this sorted” man. He asks questions and wants straight answers, a yes or a no. He doesn’t take any cheek or back answers from anyone. 

He is going to have to hit the ground running when he takes up office because something serious is happening straight away and there is no time to lose.

There will also be open conflict in the US in some way in 2025 this will be quite a shock to the American people. I can’t say if it’s the general public in conflict just like when Trump (Trunk Monkey) came from nowhere and cleaned up the elections, or if there are others from outside of the US actually on US soil ( to clarify this, perhaps it is people storming over the border and this turns violent), but it is really serious. This reminds me of  the Civil War because it’s that serious.

At present Trump seems to be the last man standing, but I feel someone will suddenly be pushed to the front and replace Trump. I don’t see Trump being president again, so I don’t think we have seen the person that will be the dark haired man that I have been seeing for the past two years in my predictions.

Now that Ron DeSantis is out of the picture, I have no idea who will be the new Republican president. I just can’t believe how crazy the US political system is for the past few elections. 

Europe will be in the firing line for war in  2025 also and we have to face this reality right now. NATO will surround Russia and her European allies for a face off and cross the border of Russia. The Middle East conflict will obviously escalate and all of these conflicts will eventually all join up as I have already pointed out in other posts. I do believe that most people have already worked that out long ago. 

Where are the Ukrainian children?  Nobody knows where they are, stalled investigations and dead ends. This is a major scandal or crime. The blame game begins by the end of 2024. I don’t think many of the children will come home. Mothers in anguish demand answers, yet the government passes buck. This is on Zelinsky’s watch and I don’t see him doing much about this. This will be a flashpoint with the public in Ukraine, people had put their trust in him! (note, on 2/2/24  I added this from my original 11 page document because I feel it's very important)

His (Zelensky) mind is on money though, rebuilding Ukraine is his goal. But also, his reward for the job as a proxy war for the US; who installed him. I feel it will be many years before Ukraine recovers from this terrible war. I do feel that one side of Ukraine will benefit from the rebuilding and it won’t be the east. The overlords are one sided here, where is the help and justice for those living in the east?

I feel that they will have to wait much longer for help, years!

Now things will build up in Europe by July to September this year and new problems and hostilities will develop surrounding Russia. I feel NATO will put pressure on Russia and nations allied with Russia in Europe right up to their borders and ready to cross the border. Light skirmishes develop in a cat and mouse game. But it is not until Iran up stakes that things escalate by the end of 2024. Push starts turning to shove in Europe.

Russia is boxed into a corner by now and must fight for its survival. I feel the army is weakened and recruits are deployed without proper training.  Russia is getting arms from China and Iran and there is another nation too, a sub-continent nation. This could possibly be Pakistan or India, and America won’t stand for this.

One thing I was told by my guides was astrologically Mars squares Saturn around this time, sure enough 15 August 2024 is when Mars Squares Saturn. But I felt the month of July so we will have to wait and see what happens. 

Australia in 2025 onwards

New beginnings and feeling revitalised. Time to shine and show your nations strength. Is this real though?  Finances are a key factor, trade agreements and staying within the boundaries of what is safe. Formal alliances and taking the initiative in leadership, yet the government seems fearful.

Authority and law are the issue for 2025. The balance of power needing stabilised and this is hard work holding on to it. America seems to be rushing in to defend us, with air and sea defence.

Australia is a major asset to the US in defending the pacific and the countries between China and Australia.

By this time, I feel India and China have major problems and may be ready to punch on by summer (Northern Hemisphere) July 2025 perhaps. Defence and balance of power is now serious and we must not be under any illusions, this is real. People on the streets are by now upset and anxious.

It is important to remain tolerant and calm right now. I do feel there is an attempt at destabilisation in Australia in 2025. This is in the second half of 2025. Mind games and propaganda are rife. I also see the media fuelling the fire deliberately and they need to be brought under strict control by the government. As there is clear mischief going on at our expense trying to sow tension amongst the public. I see two leaders clearly not listening to each other. The King of Pentacles (Business man/ publisher) is clearly in this for the money. He is no fool, he is wise but a powerful enemy if you get on the wrong side of him. This is a powerful media baron, not a politician.

The King of Wands represents Australia’s prime minister at the time. An agreement must be reached as we get to the end of 2025 by the government and big business leaders because Australia is dependant on these powerful people doing what is right for all Australians and those that are dependant on Australia.

There is going to be an interesting new phase of business from this time onwards. News factions and new inventions, new business ideas/models etc. More global focus on e-Commerce in the Asian Pacific. Something that has never been done before in business with countries like Tonga to support them in business starting up. Contracts to build trust and loyalty in the pacific will be created for long term gains and improving people’s lifestyles. More money for ordinary people to lift their standard of living.

This will anger China and they will fight back very quickly and aggressively. Games of hearts and minds is the order of the day and id Australia doesn’t help people then their lives will be run by China. These people are terrified, but Australia must be very careful how they do this.

Ask yourself though who really benefits?  Do ordinary people benefit? Well only a little, it’s the government and big business that really benefits. However, people will get improvements financially,

Even if it’s buying a new tv, computers and household goods. This is a hearts and minds political game that is always used no matter where we live. Just give the public enough little rewards to keep them happy. There is always a terrible price to pay in blood regardless.


I find this very distressing and I don’t really want to get into this horrible situation because it really upsets me. War is not a pleasant experience for anyone and there are no winners for ordinary people or the animals only misery. 

 I can’t bring myself to write any more of what I have seen in the cards I wrote about 11 pages of information from my tarot spread of 25 cards, but it’s way too upsetting for me. My guides did warn me about what I would see as I decided to look at the cards and there is no way I can bring myself to put all of it on my blog because it would be very irresponsible of me. 


 In  October 2021 I saw the first glimpse of the 2025 US president.


 In 24 October 2022 I mention the new 2025 US president again

UPDATE: As I said when I posted this I find this distressing. I have added some more information that is not as distressing to me that I saw in my reading dated 24 January 2024. Which was only about one or two paragraphs.  I felt that this being time stamped in the blog today and then put into draft for future inspection of my prediction complete with the timestamp  and screenshot of the document  on file showing the date showing that this is factual because there are some individuals out there that may try to discredit me. The paper version was put on to a word document today. I keep records of everything with the date and time no matter what it is. 

UPDATE 25 February, I did say that it’s on in 2025. Lift your game damn fast because you will have borders stormed and open conflict in the US. Trump is right on this one, and no I am not a fan of Trump. I don’t do politics at all!  Just heed the warning to protect the US from the enemies within your government. 

If you fail to do this your country is stuffed!! 


UPDATE JULY 14, 2025 Trump shot at. I did say the new republicans president will have to hit the ground running as soon as possible is elected. However at the time I did the reading De Santis was in the running but his funding was pulled from him to make Trump the winner. 


UPDATE: 16 July 2024 JD Vance is a "dark haired man" that Trump has picked as VP . I do not get a good vibe from him at all, his eyes and his mouth show anger and aggression.



21 January, 2024

Six-legged spaniel undergoes surgery to remove extra limbs


Omg, Poor little soul. I am so glad that these good Samaritans helped the poor pup. What a terrible thing she has suffered and to be abandoned by some cruel humans. Obviously there was to be an extra puppy but nature can get it wrong sometimes. 

I just hope that this little girl will be able to walk normally once she has healed. Such a sweet but sad little face. Hopefully someone with a loving heart will adopt her soon. 

20 January, 2024

Fibromyalgia Fatigue this week

 I have not had crappy fibro fatigue hit me in a few months. Over the past week it has hit me hard and today is a totally exhausting day.

I need to rest, I am not sure if I am up to doing readigs at present. I will monitor that day by day, to see when I have the energy to work. The weather plays a part in this too, we have had rain and humidity for a few months which is exhausting to most people but it's worse with fibromyalgia. 

It’s not much fun when trying to go about daily tasks with this dead weight affecting me on top of chronic pain. I get so frustrated because I have study to do but this fatigue stops me focusing and absorbing the information. 

It just becomes so frustrating and exhausting that I need down time, but the chores around the house don't stop, hell no. A house doesn't look after itself nor the laundry and ironing, sheesh.

19 January, 2024

Tarot Card of the Month: February 2024: The Fool



                                                             Planet: Uranus   Element: Air

                                                            Zodiac sign: Pisces  Number: 0

                                     Wholeness, New Beginings, Creation, Birth, Innocence, Naievity,

As I look at this card for February 2024 so much is happening in the world. It is frightening for millions of people right now and is only going to get worse, as I have been warning for a while now. I wish it wasn't this way but I, just like the rest of us ordinary people I am powerless to do anything other than pray for an end to all of this evil. My heart goes out to  every single suffering soul in our world.

As I look at the sun in this bright and jolly card I see male energy which the sun represents.  This male energy is active and dominant, its light reveals everything clearly. The energy is being brought from the spiritual in to the physical realm or from thought into action. This is a bit like the cardinal sign Aries in Astrology which is active and dynamic energy.

The youth holding his swag acts like a lightining rod as the sun's energy travels down the stick holding his swag or bag. The bag/swag holds his worldly goods, be that tools, wisdom learned, memories or burdens. The youth is anchoring this energy as he ambles along in his aparent naivety. 

The 0 at the top of the card is like an egg to be fertilised to bring forth a new begining like an egg hatching. A new cycle has begun already, we are in to the second month of the year where sudden changes are already upon us. (Uranus, sudden change that is often sudden and violent) In  his blissfully unaware state the youth is walking into the clear and apparent dangers that lie just one foot step away.

His eyes are closed, as a metaphor for being in a state of worldly ignorance and naivety.This is telling me about humanity is in a state of true spiritual ignorance  and the dangers that we collectivley face right now in the physical world. The youth is positioned dangerously close to the edge of the cliff and the little dog barks a warning to him to open his eyes to see what is right in front of him and the clear and present danger he faces in his next step. 

The dog is generally seen as man's best freind and very loyal, but it can also be seen as something hounding him relentlessly. If only the human being would awaken to the reality of the situation. 

Looking back at the card, I observe the divide implied by the bright golden yellow sky of spirituality and the barrier of sharp jagged mountains and the high cliff the youth is standing on. The human race are symbolised here with a massive divide both in being cut off from pure spirit and higher aspirations in spiritual attainment. Pride and ignorance (a state of being spiritually unaware) are contributing factors in this chasm of division which mirrors current world events. 

The cliff edge shows us we are reaching past the limits of risk taking. Yet no one heeds the warnings. This is also another fall from grace and spiritual devolution humanity faces. The rocks at the youth's feet symbolise stumbling blocks and obstacles that he needs to notice as do we all need to notice. 

You will notice the youth is facing the left which tells us he is past orientated or fixed on something in the past. Again this reminds us that the human race right now are still living in the past, in the way they are thinking and acting. Times are changing fast and we need to pay attention or we will be swept up in turmoil. 

The left is also seen as feminine and passive energy. It is receptive energy, backward functioning and holding or binding like an agreement or a contract. It is also a rather ominous and inauspicious. So to me this is telling me about something done some time in the past in  western nations. Think the lead up to the events of WW1 for  a start, however this goes back thousands of years really.  

The sharp divides in humanity right now are represented by the sharp rugged edges of the cliffs and the gulf between the yellow sky and the cliff top is in an almost 3D effect. The bright yellow can be viewed as pure source of spirit  and the cliff top as the physical world from a metaphysical understanding. 

So this young man is cut off from spirit in his physical state and consciousness as in the 3rd dimension as a human being's frequency drops dramatically in the dense layers of the earthly world.  The youth is inexperienced and naieve due to his youthful age as well as being cut off from the spirit world which would guide him on his journey through gnosis.

The youth, just like us, is unable to harness the spiritual energy and wisdom offered by enlightenment. Humanity collectively is in this position too from birthing in this world. The youth appears to be unable to pull himself back from the imminent danger before him. He is on the brink of either his demise or a great awakening.

Here I must direct the readers to the astrological information in this card. The zodiac sign is a water sign Pisces which rules the 12th house, the planet that rules this house is Neptune. This is a house of endings, limitations, frustrations, hidden strength and the sub conscious mind. Where water also represents the sub conscious mind. 

The planet for this card though is Uranus and this is the awakener and represents the freedom urge or divine discontent. Pay attention to Uranus because this planet is very important it goes in cycles of 84 years, and some of the meanings are Rebellion, egotistical and utopian, air-plains, it rules inventions, the sudden and unexpected, which is often violent, it is also gender neutral as in non binary. 

Importantly Uranus is the breaker of traditions, it rules electricity, science, magic, the occult, it's futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual and is where we find utopian dictators manifesting just like Stalin.

Neptune, I will add rules the spiritual and the escapist urge.  Some of it's rulings are, maritime matters, liquids, petroleum, mystery, drugs and drug addiction, alcohilism. It  also covers the things that we take for granted in life. Nothing in our lives should  ever be taken for granted though.  Neptune runs in a 165 year cycle.

Actually all planets from Jupiter onwards are long haul planetary cycles from Jupiter’s 12 year cycle, Saturn 28 to 30 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune 165 years and Pluto's 248 year cycle. Which actually kicks in on 20 January in Aquarius. Pluto means trouble, when he shows up to a party, so expect trouble. He spends 12 to 13 years in each sign of the zodiac. So January 20th is when the party gets ugly in Aquarius. Destroying and reforming is his party treat. Fusion and transformation. Think of crime, corruption, subversion, nuclear power.

Pluto rules the underworld and that which is hidden, a rather unwelcome planet in some cases such as kidnappings, disappearances, coercion, anonymity. It rules viruses and bacteria. It governs the masses, just like it does with communism and unpopular causes. Pluto is the herpes of the planets! 

Births,  deaths, waste, the mind, with phobias, the subconscious mind and worlds submerged within us. 

Pluto among many other things represents, regeneration, degeneration and things developed in secret. Think about weapons, nuclear, biological and radiological. 

On a positive side it covers duplication like publishing and printing, all replication processes even cloning is duplication. Pluto is a generational planet its actions are slow,  deliberate and inevitable. A higher octave of Mars as it is the last of the three transcendental planets. So this is not a fun experience. 

Looking back at the card again, I am drawn to the belt around the youths waste, It reminds me of Elon Musk's star-link satellites but also the belt of Orion. Symbolically the belt divides the body, cutting the spiritual from the physical. It is restrictive in its function. 

This card tells me mass divisions are taking place in February and a dulling of the senses continues, we see a dulling or loss of true spirituality (not to be confused with the new age spirituality which is a man made gimmick). True spirituality is what is within us, in every cell of our bodies and our blood, our spiritual soul fires are very real and sacred and must be protected.

The rise in technologies that are vastly different to anything ever seen are now dawning and new medical advances are appearing from February onwards. However not all of these advances are good for humanity, and may get out of control. This is especially involving weapons, so deadly yet simple to use.

In the wrong hands they may get out of control, these weapons are so harsh and dangerous with long term harmful effects. I see hospitals will be in even more crisis in how to cope with mass casualties. I get 2025 connected to this

February (Pisces) is a major month connected to water again. Issues increasing such as warfare (Navy and Air force), shortages of water for many such as Gaza and Africa. Solid ground seems to be slipping away fast for some of us. By this I mean  permanency such a your home, things belonging to you such as your job, your belongings, lives, etc. 

The decent into madness and the drop in human consciousness is noted all around the world, but as I often point out Humanity is only programmed to go so far then we fall. This is an astrological and spiritual evolutionary thing. We eventually hit the bottom and hit the reset button, in a process that goes in cycles of thousands of years and always will. Currently nature's warnings' go unheeded by most people as we plunge again into the abyss.

As I look again at the card I am drawn to the left arm of the youth and I notice the shape under his arm is like a peninsula and a body of water. This is very important because it points out the ongoing situation presently in the Red Sea as military conflict escalates, this is only the beginning as things expand dragging the region into deeper conflict.

Notice the youth in the card is facing left, which is feminine energy which is passive and receptive energy.  So someone seeks to calm things down globally before things escalate beyond the point of no return. Sadly that point has been reached.  There is a definite air of  gullible naivety here, there is no mistaking it. I also want to point out a nation that is acting as if they are passive is anything but passive. This is a Middle Eastern nation , which I feel is Qatar

Keep your eyes on China, Iran and Pakistan, I don't feel China will interfere here. They are more likely to watch things play out as we all are. But China is choosing teams presently.

I  do not see the economic, social and cultural divides closing at all. More like they are widening, and we are now witnessing the escalation in the Middle East as more nations are dragged under the Devil's chariot. The absurdities of the UN are startling as all of this takes place. 

While the world is burning, the officials in the UN are shuffling papers, sipping tea and arranging appointments for meetings totally unphased in their luxury offices. They don't even check the metaphorical spam folders for an email warning them of war and destruction. Why would they? 

The Sun on the card brings me to Africa and the turmoil being ignored by the rich and powerful (UN, WEF, Human Rights organisations and the global military) and those that could step up and help end the suffering just don't seem to want to take appropriate action as usual. In the past 60 years that I have been on this Earth there has never been a permanent stabilising of Africa to lift the people up. No one wants to do anything to change lives for the better. Why? well it's all about the money and resources over human lives that's why. I don't see that ever changing because the rich and powerful would have to be in prison for that to happen.  

We have two elements here Fire and Water dominate this month, these elements are related to world events such as anything connected with water, Maritime transportation, Navy, conflict connected to water with the element of fire. Fire being male energy, anger, power and control over the seas (water). Water of course  comes in three forms ice, liquid and gas. The gas form being fog. 

We have the continuing of cold frigid conditions in the northern hemisphere and Africa with heat, but I feel there will be floods in an African nation. 

Travel by air (Uranus) by the public to conflict zones needs to be thought carefully about. Do you really need to go there? Please check on the internet for updates on travel to stay safe. It may well be your undoing if you don't factor in safety. 

As we expected there will be problems obtaining fresh fruit and vegetables and transporting products both in and out of conflict zones.This will escalate in the next few weeks and companies will have to do a risk assessment as to a contingency plan for trade. There will not be enough safe passage of goods because it may be way too difficult to patrol at present. That boosts the price of goods which will last for many years, we don't have the choice. Unfortunately more and more countries will be absorbed into this horrible conflict very soon. 

This is where China will eventually step up and over confident in their plans and abilities. Here is where the wild card strikes. I don't think it was factored in to the equation but should have been. A nation that was unexpected to take part in conflict suddenly throws its hat in the ring. I feel his could be Qatar or a small  Middle Eastern country (geographically it looks small) but it is wealthy. I would say either Qatar, UAE or Saudi Arabia. 

The solidifying of plans take place in February with world governments, especially the US, UK, France and even Australia has to be onboard with this. Australia doesn't have a choice really. This feels like big business securing trade, fuel etc and choosing sides. This will throw some European nations into chaos and they would rather not be involved. Memories of WW2 still haunt many in Europe understandably, as well as the communist era. Expect a further destabilising in Eastern Europe to continue. This is nations surrounding Ukraine.  

Boy things are just starting to heat up and we can see the fear, tensions and anger building. We ordinary people are not the problem.   It's the same old rich and powerful again as always then they have the arrogance to conscript ordinary people to fight a rich man's war. And then the people are left broken and ruined with heavy losses but never the elite. They don't do poverty they cause it. They don't do spirituality either they suppress it.

Take care of yourselves where ever you live in the world and pray for this madness to end.

Warm and fuzzy hugs to every one and all the animals



Pakistan and Iran


Rise in technology 


Drone attack on US military, this will intensify and the Middle East will be dragged into conflict. This is no accident. 

Flooding in Africa 


UPDATE: Qatar, this is only in the news now 18 April 24. This country has a bad human rights record remember.  But allowing terrorists to live there freely is brought to the public’s attention, yet this is not a secret it’s common knowledge. 


17 January, 2024

Indian teen invents gadget that may transform dementia care


Wow, What a clever young teeneger how fantastic is this and obviously has a deep love for his grandmother. I do hope he goes far in his career when he is older. My heart goes out to his grandmother as it does to every single person with dementia or Alzheimers and their families.

 I just pray that there will be abreakthrough in medical research soon. This woman in the article is not much older than me and that scares the hell out of me. Millions of people are suffering as are their loved ones that see the suffering first hand.  

Study reveals surprising habit that psychopaths are more likely to do


The first test should be an MRI of the brain along with a psychiatrist evaluating the person and then other methods of investigation that may not be traditional medical investigations. Looking at the finger length is only a possibility, you would need a very skilled palmist to show which particular lines or marks in both hands relate to the psychological profile and health issues, not to forget the domestic life of the person. 

Then looking at the persons astrology chart which lays out the entire profile of a person. That requires the exact time of birth of the person to be able to give an accurate interpretation of the individual and even with these things nothing is 100% . Did you know that the star sign of Aries is regarded as the most likely of all star signs to be a psychopath? 

Even here it is the placement of planets in houses that make the personality traits of an individual and then the degrees and angles when formulated inform the astrologer of the persons behaviour and mind set. Again there can be things that may not show up. So you need several things put together to make a reasonable opinion but first is a proper medical assessment. 


This link here discusses the use of MRI to view the formation of the subjects brain in diagnosing abnormalities such as psychopathy. There is no cure for psychopathy either, and some of these individuals can be highly intelligent and able to evade detection. 

16 January, 2024

15 January, 2024


 I just saw on facebook tonight that Bonvale Creations has closed permanently as of today. I have been using their wonderful essential oils for many years,  and I am sad to see that John has retired, his health has suffered recently so he has made the right decision. This wonderful company has made so many people very happy to be customers and Bonvale Creations will be greatly missed. 


Thank you John for your magnificent service over the years, may you and your family have a blessed and wonderful future. 

UPDATE: 26/1/24  John has removed his website from the internet  

13 January, 2024

Moth Holes in Your Soul


To accept the spirit of generosity in a dishonest way eats away at the soul. It is more prudent to be wise and live life with integrity rather than have little moth holes in your soul. 

Alex Fulford 

10 January, 2024

WesPenre: Q and A Session # 1 January 2024


In regards to the maps being discussed, I recommend the book available as a pdf The world beyond the poles, by E Valentina Straighten. The book is on my blog under ebooks. It is in no way a new age book as it was written in the early twentieth century. She mentions Admiral Byrd and his experience in the Arctic and what happened to the men on the expedition with him. 

As for question 5, I personally have absolutely no time for gurus or life coaches etc, as you can see reflected in my blog. You are your own guru, saviour and whatever else you want. No one and nothing knows what is right for you. Listen to your heart and intuition these are there for a reason, use them or lose them. 

You must develop a strong sense of self in a positive way, confidence and wisdom comes from within, never from outside. Live your life your way and not what others tell you to believe in and live by. The only person that has the right to give you permission for anything is yourself, remember that.

Blue crystals and blue clothes

 Lately I have had the urge to wear a lot of blue including blue crystals, Angelite, Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli in particular. I have worn shades purples and pinks with either white or black for years. But over the past few months I am really drawn to blue. This is a very strong pull I might add, you know like when you just can’t stop being attracted to a certain colour. 

Isn’t it funny how we get strong pulls to wear particular colours suddenly. I recall my mother being told by a psychic, that I would wear a lot of blue 40 odd years ago. I was in my early 20’s then, wow such a long time ago. I did have a light sky blue mohair jumper that I wore to death back then but always loved purple shades and pink. So here I am filling my wardrobe with blue, but it has to be particular shades of blue,  I can’t stand turquoise, it has to be proper cold colours. The occasional pastels will do in summer though. 

These colours in the crystals below are more of the blues that I resonate with. Blue on a spiritual level is related to spirituality, calmness, peace, serenity, communication, integrity, intuition, healing, truth, confidence, power and wisdom. Blue is also related to the elements water and air, the star sign Libra (that’s me 不) Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces. 

The colour blue is aligned to both healing, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, and the third eye or crown chakra.the shades of blue are different thought the darker blue of sodalite is correlated to the throat chakra and the head chakra is 

                                               Pretty Angelite bracelet 

Angelite is a peaceful energy attuned to spiritual energy and relates to the throat, third eye and crown chakra. It assists in communication, calmness and dispelling fear, anger and anxiety. Don’t get this wet. 

I checked in my Crystal Bible volume 1 by Judy Hall, and this stone assists with learning Astrology and mathematics. Isn't that interesting?  This stone is not in the original, Crystal hand book by Ken Sullivan  which is an excellent book to have in your collection. I always use that book for a quick reference.

Angelite is connected to Aquarius.

Read the instructions in the link. 



                                          Sodalite chip necklace courtesy of Shaymagems.com

Sodalite, used for logic, rational thinking and aligned to the throat chakra, enlightenment and broaden knowledge.  Beneficial in helping people be more objective and less critical. It is said to be useful in combatting the effects of both natural and artificial radiation for those who work around x ray equipment or radioactive material. Very beneficial for acupuncturists.

Sodalite is connected to Sagittarius 

                     (compliments to Natures Magik, I really love this crystal)

Blue Lace Agate

This beautiful shade of Blue Agate is lovely and soft, just the sort of soft blue tones that I love; which haronises with my Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite necklaces. Celestine is another on that looks similar to Angelite.

Blue Lace Agate is a healing stone with soft energy, its calming and cooling and works with the throat chakra. Assisting in self expression, dispeling anger. Dispelling old patterns of repression. A lovely crystal to use spiritually to bring about peace within you. 

Astrologically this stone has an afinity with Gemini and Pisces, as the blue colour relates to both air and water.

I just love the soft femanine feel of this crystal and to wear it with something to show off its beauty is a must. 


Lapis Lazuli used for the third eye, mind, body and spirit connection and purity. It is a cleansing stone for the respiratory system, throat, lungs and the nervous system. It also assists with blood purification and boosts the immune system. Its main function is for the mind and mental function. Lapis Lazuli is also a powerful thought amplifier. Know to increase psychic abilities and opening the third eye. 

Care is important in where to wear this stone, such as near the throat as possible, it must be used with great caution and care. It should be placed above the diaphragm and brings forth the individual’s inherent abilities and enhances their abilities. 

Lapis Lazuli is connected to Taurus, Aquarius and Sagittarius star signs. 

                                                                   Kyanite in light blue

Kyanite comes in a few colours this is the light blue version which has a lovley shimmer to it.
This crystal holds similar properties to the other blue crystals memtioned here, this one is my own which sits in my office or is worn in a little pouch. While this crystal has calming abilities, it is a healing crystal said to lower blood pressure, relieve pain, assisting with trauma, aids dream recall. it is a communication stone or crystal like all these blue crystals it assists communication and therefore good in the office or in communicating with others clearly. Again it is aligned to the throat chakra.

Kyanite is associated with Aries, Taurus and Libra.


Colours are a wonderful way of showing your personality and bring happiness to the person wearing the chosen colour and also may attract other people who are like minded or on the same frequency that you are resonating with. Colour is there to enjoy and enhance our lives as we interact with others. 

08 January, 2024

Wildlife carers overwhelmed as grey-headed flying foxes experience mass starvation down Australia's east coast


This is heartbreaking, lovely flying teddy bears ❤️弘弘 After the terrible 2019 bushfires and flooding, tragedy and death just never seem to stop. A shortage of vets and not enough helpers makes things extremely difficult not to mention stressful. 

I can barely bring myself to read these news articles of suffering animals. It’s bad enough when it’s human suffering but poor helpless animals takes it to a higher level. 

                                                        Adorable flying teddy ❤️

07 January, 2024

Aussies surrendering pet dogs as cost of living bites: 'It's very tough'


This is truly heartbreaking, these poor dogs 唐 such trusting souls and they don’t understand why they are surrendered. It must feel horrible to have to give up your fur babies. It’s only going on get worse from here on in. Maybe the irresponsible people that breed for money should beheld accountable for a start. Innocent lives that will be destroyed because of human greed. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...