13 October, 2023

Psychic Predictions for Australia in 2024

 OK, straight away I notice blocked thinking and avoidance of reality. As many well meaning people are living in denial. They are sitting in comfort looking out at others and not seeing the fact that there is so much poverty and suffering in Australia presently.

These people are under the illusion of thinking that they can get what they want any time and money is not a problem. They think that everything is fine and life is good in Australia, the land of plenty. They need a reality check  because they are living an illusion. They clearly choose not to see the hardship of others or their real suffering. The reason is because they do not actually come into real physical contact with these people in need. Be it the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, low income earners, those that live in a shared house with several other people with no privacy, the sick, the disabled and those with serious mental health problems.

Yet these individuals feel entitled to make rash and often wrong judgement calls without having an actual understanding or even experience of these harsh realities that befall anyone at any time. Some of these experiences are life long with terrible consequences too. 

Financial decisions must be made in 2024. There may be hard choices  for ordinary people but done for the right reasons. However there will be opportunities for people entering the workforce. I see people overcoming difficulties, these people may have been sick or are disabled yet are able to participate in the workforce.

They may only be able to work part time in some cases yet are in paid employment. This does lift the workforce in Australia though, and it is important to everyone. I do feel that some employers are stubborn though and will avoid paying people a real living wage. Hardship is a problem for some employers though, and this must be acknowledged. It is pay what you can reasonably afford and not let your business go bankrupt and lose the business, and in turn putting people on the dole and into a spiral of debt. So these realities must be factored in realistically.

The Australian workforce are asking for a real living wage, to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families and that is fair enough. These people deserve to have their voice heard and their plight understood. People feel that no one is listening nor caring,  so expect only small gains in this area. These are the very people that are to put their lives and everything on the line to fight a war eventually. How unjust is this? 

People are also rightly seeking a healthy work, life and leisure time balance. There is an air of naivety and avoiding of reality that times are hard on everyone versus the right to a fair pay which must be acknowledged by both employers, the government and unions too. People will start to be introspective after Christmas 2023 when they are counting their pennies. 

Decisions for younger people in the new year will be stressful as they struggle with finances and general difficulties. The choice between holding on to their money or going out socialising and partying will be hard for them. It also is apparent that the type of job that young people hold determines the quality of their socialising too. This will cause resentment with many working class people who will also draw comparisons with their parents that were young in the 1980's. 

The 1980's were hard though with a recession, high unemployment and industry removed from Australian shores and established in China and other places for cheap labour. I was there and I remember the hardship and I was unemployed for three years. We also were the first victims of massive price increases on buying a house or a block of land for the Australian dream of home ownership and there were many that lost their homes due to banking scandals and high interest rates of 18.5%  

I knew people that lost their homes and had small children and babies. So we do understand, and it is beyond the control of ordinary people, and we are not responsible for these situations. Put the blame where it rightfully belongs, with the government, the banks and overseas investors and shareholders. Most ordinary people did not have the luxury of owning shares back then. 

Patience and compassion are called for in 2024, But new job opportunities will be created, they will be in service industries, defence manufacturing and support roles, such as weapon and technology positions including drone manufacturing, military hardware. A boost to AI and IT is also on the cards in the defence of our borders. This may well be fast tracked due to current political circumstances.

Melbourne will pick up a lot of work in 2024, and people will travel to pick up work and new jobs. So relocation will also take place around the east coasts of Australia for manufacturing purposes. I do feel the  states and territories will be allocated functions or roles to fulfil in defence support and technology. Intelligence and related jobs are also created. Security will be ramped up and people will be sworn to secrecy with their jobs. Expect sabotage and leaking of information. But the punishment will be dire to deter those that think they can get away with it. This is serious stuff we are talking about.

Aviation will boom as there is now an urgency to get things done. This should have been taken care of two elections ago but was dismissed as absurd by naïve individuals that thought they knew better. 

Young people will be advised to stay at school to complete year 12 if possible, to gain qualifications and then train in their chosen field of employment. This is to their advantage unless family finances say otherwise.

I see young women joining the workforce and going into hospitality and support/service orientated jobs whether in an office setting like the public service or other essential roles. Young women with children will also be encouraged to go into part time work to support their families to boost the country's workforce. This benefits corporations but it puts food on the table of families in hard financial times too.  This has the feeling of the war effort in early 20th century. 

However, money is desperately needed to support families so there will be young women taking up these positions to help pay the mortgage or rent to help their families.  The down side is these families become time poor for quality family time and it also adds stress to young people with children and the tension may result in domestic violence and divorce or separation. This is a stress that families do not need. Emotional and psychological issues may develops due to this pressure.

2024 is by no means an easy year for anyone. There is an air of deception from the start with illusion and deception high, expect some people to be angry with the government, authorities and world events,  this is not imaginary it is very real concerns. Other people feel a sense of hopelessness but please hang in there. There will be brightness as others are able to show leadership skills and abilities and  will step up where they can to help others. We must thank these selfless people for their help and their time, they too have families and their own issues to deal with also. So please keep that in mind because it is a coping mechanism to take their minds off of their own problems. They give selflessly of themselves.

I do see more charity and thoughtfulness as people try to lift others doing it tough. That is what it means to be Australian, we are renowned for our bravery and selfless actions historically and our sense of humour in times of stress and hardship. The warm weather will bring out the love in those that are skilled in human relationships that are able to arrange sausage sizzles and charity drives to help those in need including our fur babies and wildlife. Australians are very good at helping animals in need. 

I do feel people are more selective in helping  humans in need this year because of the 2019 bushfire donation debacle. As long as help is given that is all that truly matters though. Women’s groups seem to be organising charitable events especially for children and those fleeing violence or experiencing poverty and homelessness, but also general public assistance. Thank you to all of you that help make life better for others. 

Coles has a big announcement next year too. No doubt it is charity related also. Some banks such as the smaller ones like Beyond Bank and Bendigo bank  will have food donations set up for people in need too. I also see nappies and other items that are essential being donated to help others. Anything is  good though and truly appreciated. This is beneficial to humanity in spiritual law, as what goes around comes around. 

So by doing acts of kindness and generosity no matter how small is  very important in balancing the energy and the vibrational frequencies of the world and individual human beings. This energy must never be disregarded because it is real and it matters. The more unselfish acts that people do will always make a huge difference on this Earth. This is the power of positive energy and unconditional love over dark negative energy. 

Sunshine in Australia means happiness and celebration, so spread that happiness and the good vibes. Forget the differences and conflict and focus on what it mean to be human and live by example. Love and kindness and overcoming the dark energy. We ordinary people the world over have much more in common so share that love, respect and acceptance.

Keep the politics out of humanity and mean it! Love, spirituality, care and devotion, including doing acts of kindness unconditionally; wins over evil. Do not let evil dwell within you, kick it to the kerb where it belongs and show your humility and humanity. 

We are all spiritual beings, in great pearl against evil. This is spiritual darkness over the Earth it does not belong here nor does it belong to humanity.

You need to ask yourself what it means to be human. Take this message onboard and think about it before it is too late. 2025 is too late and to have blood on your hands is a terrible thing.

Please look up the negative meaning of the number 8 and the number 9. This is a wake up call so please think very carefully before acting.

Blessings and unconditional love to every one and warm and fuzzy hugs.

Alex xx 

Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2023

PS, I have gone back over the typos 🤣

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