15 October, 2023

Psychic predictions for the world in 2024 update


I found an extra page full of notes for the world psychic predictions this morning.  I do not have any more to add to the predictions so they are now complete. 

 I have added them at the bottom where is says UPDATE, it may look untidy. I am currently  time poor due to family issues this weekend.  I just had to get them on here as quickly as possible and I realise that it may look rather disjointed. The predictions were done over two days and it is not unusual for me to be interupted because I am also a full time carer. So it can be very difficult to keep focus for this type of work. I often comment that I am often working under such situations. I do not always have the luxury of relaxing to do my predictions and as I said before, October is the month for my predictions. I did not choose this month, it was put into my lap so to speak by spirit.

Again I am sorry for any inconvenience.

warm regards



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