31 December, 2021

Alex psychic predictions come up on Google search pages

 I do my psychic predictions in October every year, yet Google never seems to pick them up. One has to comb the net to find my blog. But surprisingly this year after many years I have found my website link but not my blog coming up. Ah well, such as life.

You will see the list on my website and under the psychic predictions tag on this blog. My old blog has all of them up to 2021, but without tags.

Happy Hogmanay and Happy New Year 2022


Happy Hogmanay to all the Scottish people and Happy New Year to everyone.

We Scottish celebrate NewYears Eve or Hogmanay and usually wait up for “the Bells” at midnight; to wish each other a happy new year. Celebrating with whisky and shortbread and a good hearty meal such as a large steak pie which is usually home made and some people like to make Yorkshire pudding to go with it and a serve of vegetables. Usually the meal is eaten mid evening with drinks, and after the meal the real celebration beings with singing and listening to music. Many stay up until the sun comes up, though most people will call it a night by 2.00 am.

Then the next day we call; Ne’ar Day, which is New Year’s day in English. More celebration ensues for those that want to, visiting other relatives and friends. Sometimes it can go all week; often after work people will visit extended family to celebrate with them. That is how I was brought up as I have a very big family in Scotland; and they all held the old traditions.

May I offer my best wishes to everyone for the coming year and hope that your hopes and dreams come true. 

Snake catcher discovers spider with legs 'longer than a toilet roll'


Yeah, everything is bigger up in Queensland and Northern Territory, lol. Sounds like the Jerry Hall of spiders 不不不 long legs. 

That’s a Yeah, Nah from me. Snakes and spiders are not my friends. I have almost stood on a red belly black snake a few years ago. Then when hubby and I went to a local nature reserve two days ago; there was a black snake casually strolling across the road in front of us. The cheeky snake took his sweet time crossing the road and into a ditch. Well; it was on government land so he might have been a public servant snake  taking it slowly 不不

29 December, 2021

ABC NEWS: Rachel High lives with Down syndrome and has just earned a bachelor's degree


Gosh, isn’t she amazing, give people a chance and let them prove to the world they are capable.

Rachel is so inspirational and have proved a point to the naysayers. Stand tall and follow your dreams; don’t let others tell you what you can and can’t do. Rachel has made history right here and I hope she can make more history as time goes on. As an ambassador for people that normally don’t have a voice.

Getting ready to start my YouTube channel in February 2022

I am getting my YouTube channel ready; OMG! I have deleted old stuff;  that was really for my personal use and now have to re-learn what to do with the thing, after four years of neglect lol. I hope to have everything up and running in February. A tall order for an oldie like me; that struggles with technology. 

I will be basically doing a blurb on different psychic experiences that I have had, the often funny moments and absolute spiritual and humbling experience that have stayed with me for a very long time. Most importantly, I will have the Tarot card of the month, which will probably be the first video uploaded. Pre-recorded video's to be uploaded as time permits.

I look forward to doing these little short videos; and I hope they are informative for the general public. Hopefully these videos will provide a good insight in to the psychic world. I shall post the link up so that people can subscribe to the videos as soon as I can.  

                                                 Where it all happens

Pick a card; any card 


NINE News: 3500year old mummy. of an Egyptian has been digitally unwrapped for the first time


He is very small for modern standards, only 5'5" diet and genetics at play of course.     

ABC NEWS: The problem with 'cripping up' and why casting disabled actors matters


Ugggh; "cripping up" what a vulgar term to use; it is just so offensive to me. I have often wondered why we don’t have enough actors that are disabled; there is no reason why disabled people can’t be actors, musicians, radio DJ's,  modelling etc, to show true diversity.

 After all there are many people in the world with a disability; and not all disabilities are visible. Give them a go; and make sure that disabled people have fair access to these jobs. They have much to teach able bodied people; and much to offer the world. 

28 December, 2021

Lego sets better investment than gold, study finds


Great educational toy for all the family, also doubles as a home security device. Just let the kids leave it on the floor and some poor sod will step on it; in bear feet in the middle of the night.  Also helps you find your to your dog’s poo easily in the grass;  just look for specks of red, blue and yellow. No matter how many times you tell the kids;  to pick up their Lego before the dog gets it. 

LOL, I had to throw in these memes for a laugh.

26 December, 2021

Off the leash: Christmas planning



 Clair-veritas my word for psychically knowing when someone is telling me lies. 不不不

Yes as a clairvoyant, and also being Claircognisant and Clairsentient, person I know when I am being lied to.

Don’t mistake the silence for believing lies! 

Veritas means the truth, and mendacium means to lie in Latin. 

Sydney pathology service incorrectly tells 400 positive COVID-19 cases they are negative


Now that is what you call gross incompetence, this virus has been around for two years. There is no excuse for negligence full stop. Professionals do not make mistakes like this, how does this pass the supervisors eye? 

Roaming pet cats on borrowed time, as councils consider curfews to protect native animals By


It’s not just cats that attack native wildlife, dogs also do this, if people are not keeping their dogs in a secured the garden or in the house. But even in your back yard a dog or cat can get hold of birds, lizards, possums etc. We have a responsibility to protect all wildlife and domestic animals, that includes checking the yard for any injured wildlife. 

Trap, neuter, release is still a problem; if they are so worried about wildlife being killed, how the hell does trapping, neutering and releasing stop that? It doesn’t for heaven’s sake; it’s just a feel good political knee jerk reaction. No disrespect to the the good and loving people that actually go out to rescue these poor little kitties, I have much respect for them. It’s the ideology that is slightly flawed. The poor kitties just go back to their colony and it’s back to the same old routine. The struggle for food, survival and dying from illness and injuries. 

I would recommend wild or homeless cats ( or dogs) being re-socialised or kept in a loving humane cat (or dog ) ranch; so they can live out their lives safe and loved, if they cannot adjust to domestic life and people should be permitted to visit the cats. To pet them and talk to them and perhaps bring goodies and cat toys and much needed blankets, food etc. One could even turn the ranch into a cat /dog cafe with the proceeds going towards the care of the cats. Think of people that can’t have cats or dogs because they live in a flat or they are not home very often. They could go to a place like this to be with the cats or dogs for comfort and enjoy the company of these loving fur babies. Just like Japan started cat cafes and they are now worldwide. 

 Homes for cats can be done because there are cat rescue places that do re-socialise cats or keep them with the assistance of donations and volunteers. I know of several in my city. Just think how many celebrities could help fund these homes for homeless cats, or dogs for that matter. It’s a win win situation, because the celebrities get publicity and the fur babies get the financial assistance they need. I have a client in Asia that works in a sanctuary for dogs; that lives on donations; and a cousin and his wife that rescued dogs and cats overseas and they re-homed them in various countries. A couple of animals that they couldn’t find homes for they took back home to their family home; to live with them. How wonderful is that?  To me that says what it is to be human.

To euthanise cats or dogs is cruel and unnecessary; humans do far more damage on the planet than any animal, and that is a fact. But with team work many good things can be achieved that benefits everyone, human and animals alike. If there is a will; there will always be a way. 

25 December, 2021

Christmas; Oh Joy, Oh bliss....NOT!

 Meh! Yet another depressing Christmas. Why; oh why am I so stupid to expect anything better?

Heartache and misery  again; oh I am so beside myself with Christmas cheer yet again...NOT! I don't even remember a time when Christmas was a pleasant experience.

I foolishly got my hopes up; after being given false hope. Yeah; the usual smack down into reality hit so fast; I didn't see it coming. Opening up so many wounds and scars from many years of hell.

Enjoy your Christmas Folks! Be thankful for what  you have

24 December, 2021

Elf on the shelf


Buyers asked to consider adopting rescue pets this Christmas


Normally I am very against people buying pets/fur babies for Christmas. As most are unwanted and selfish humans throw them away. But rescue fur babies I do like, as long as the person that is going to be given the fur baby wants it, and will look after their new baby for years to come.

A life is a life and must be respected and loved, no matter if it is human or otherwise. Animals are sentient beings like us and the do have a soul. Remember that! 

I have had several adopted fur babies, and will do again. I can’t stand to see any animals rejected. I don’t actually like the word animal because it means bad spirit. How can lovely dogs, cats and all the sentient creatures be called such a disrespectful name? That is why I like to use the words fur babies, they are like children to me and I love and respect all creatures; humans I am on the fence about liking them because some are good and some are not, many are dishonest. 

23 December, 2021

Science alert: Study Finds Alarming Levels of Microplastics in The Feces of People With IBD


Interesting article, scientists are still learning about micro plastics and the damage they do to our bodies. I posted  another article here on the same subject that mentioned cell damage. 

UK paramedic found dead after on line trolls accuse her of littering


How heartbreaking; the tragic loss of a young innocent and gentle life because of a bullies at a keyboard. How many more needless deaths will it take to hold trolls accountable? How about tracing every one of these trolls and putting them behind bars? This is sociopathic and narcissistic behaviour; it is like a disease of the soul. 

This dear young woman had  her own problems; but has lovingly chosen to devote her life to helping and saving other peoples lives. This takes immense courage to do the job she did; on top of her own health issues. My heart goes out to this dear young woman and her family, their angel is gone and another beautiful light extinguished way too soon. 

Somewhere there are sociopaths that must be feeling pretty damn pleased with themselves. How can a person just shrug off the damage that they caused and just carry on as if nothing happened?  But that is what a troll does, they walk away from the horrific damage for others to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. That sort of person is a danger to society and heaven knows what other mayhem they will unleash on other innocent lives. 

My the universe bestow all it’s blessings and love on you for all eternity Charlotte 屢屢

Gaab Designs

 https://gaabdesigns.com.au/ website 

https://facebook.com/gaabdesigns/  Facebook 

I came across this fabulous Australian  website recently; while searching for shrugs for summer. Part of my must have wardrobe. The colour range and clothing is amazing, just perfect for the Australian climate.

I placed my order and had a very prompt delivery. The colours of the garments were just as I dreamed they would be. I will definitely be back to shop at Gaab designs again. 

Do check out the full range of clothing and the choice of colours. You won’t be disappointed. 

22 December, 2021

Klepto cat Keith brings home bag of white powder to owners


Too funny, lol. I think the first thing to say to neighbours is; I’m sorry for whatever my cat did. 不不不

How embarrassing, for the fur parents. Can’t walk down the street without people knowing your cat is a tea leaf (thief). Gee; all my cats did was look cute, belt the crap out of each other or climb the Christmas tree. 

Dramatic citizen’s arrest in Perth after man allegedly tried to carjack vehicle with kids still inside


How terrifying for this woman and her children; that trauma will stay with them for a while. and the poor men that were attacked. This is why for decades I constantly tell people to lock the car doors when you get in, not just the drivers door, “all doors”. How much do you value your lives? People just aren’t getting it or just don’t care.

 I witnessed a horrific attack back in 1986 in Sydney on my way home from work. That has stayed with me ever since that event. Two men dragged a man out of a car in front of me as we were stopping at the traffic lights. We hadn’t come to a complete stop as they attacked and his car crashed into a pole. They beat him up pretty badly;  and no one did anything about it.  That’s Sydney for you! It is much worse now than back then. 

Even in Canberra there is the odd carjacking, these carjackings are usually done by drug fuelled criminals that don’t care who they hurt. Women especially are a soft target for this sort of crime;  and they need to be more vigilant. What happens if no one is there to help you or your family? Have you any idea how long it would take for the police to help you? Don’t take risks; be safe! 

Tarot card of the month will be on YouTube in 2022


I have decided to get my act together and start doing a YouTube tarot card of the month as well as the blog post. I am not sure what date that it will start but I will get it up and running asap.

Old dinosaurs like me don’t rush things, lol. 

Festivus for the rest of us


Merry Christmas 2021


Thank you to all my dear clients for choosing me to conduct readings for you and passing on messages from loved ones in spirit to you. It has been a tremendous honour and privilege to be of service to you and to spirit. 
I pray that everyone has a wonderful Christmas season and a brilliant New year for 2022.

With all my love and sincerity, warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone 

Alex xx



Boy this takes me back to the mid 1970's. A treat at Christmas and New Year, my cousins and I  

were allowed to drink a couple of these each as a treat at  family gatherings over the festive season.

We would have been about 15 years old at the time and felt so grown up. I do miss a cold Scottish Christmas. The vibe was so magical with all my cousins and the family all singing and having fun.

I am not sure if Babycham is still around these days. I recall the deer standing on the shelf in liquor shops

to promote the drink over the festive season. Though I don't remember seeing any glasses with the deer on them. Anyway here is to happy days


21 December, 2021

They’re baaaaack! Canberra


Well there you go! Canberra is back to masks again. 

Nine news: South Africa is 'over the curve,' doctor who detected first Omicron case says


Funny how the western media are whipping up fear with this Omicron. The narrative keeps changing with each new version. No one seems to be on the right page or telling the truth of course.  Take screenshots of news articles before they get deleted or edited and also world statistics to do a comparison if you are so inclined. With the whole thing, the US seems to have the highest in cases in western developed countries.That is odd for a developed nation that has supposedly the best health care in the world; and if everyone is social distancing and following the correct protocols. 

Let’s not forget the 75 year ban on any information being released on the vax. Too many experts are in disagreement with the whole situation, and this makes it very difficult for ordinary people to understand and be better informed. I personally am over the whole big boogie man nonsense, put out by the US “officials”. Yes, I do believe people are sick and dying from this virus, but the way it is managed is very disturbing and is not the way it should be handled. Also the needless  loss of life; of people that are ill from cancer and other health issues needs to be addressed because there is absolutely no need to stop these other people from receiving medical treatment.  That has been pointed out by many in the health industry. 

 Keep your health in check, take supplements and eat healthy. If you have to take the vax, then do so but keep fortifying your immune system with vitamins ( Vitamins D, C with zinc, Vit B, if you’re deficient and magnesium) and eat healthy. So if you do get sick; you have a better recovery. 

One must be accountable for one’s own health and wellness. Keep to social distancing and washing  your hands too.  We are now seeing cases rise in parts of Australia thanks to people who are not social distancing and also, socialising when covid positive. Stay safe and stay informed on any outbreaks, think of loved ones with poor immunity. 

Christmas giggles


20 December, 2021

Storm damage in Canberra


This weekend we have had freaky weather on Saturday and Sunday, uprooted trees, power outages and hailstones with damage done across town. 


This is not far from where I live, there were several trees that came down near my house. Gumtrees are shallow rooted trees; so it is very common to see them uprooted in a storm.

The local government has this fixation of planting these dangerous trees around our suburb, knowing that they can come down in storms, and right through houses. But they just keep replacing them, no thought of the damage they do in a storm. Is it going to take a death before the message gets through to the government that big trees like this don’t belong in a suburban street? These trees aren’t called widow makers for nothing; after all they drop limbs from time to time, but especially in a storm. 

18 December, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 285 The singularity timeline part 3



https://wespenrevideos.com/2021/12/18/video-285-the-singularity-timeline-part-3-the-metaverse-and-virtual-reality-part-a/   Video 

Click on download to read the article or click on the video to watch. People should be worried about this, but hey, if people refuse to see what’s going on so be it. There are plenty warnings out there. 

How much do you value your soul? Go down the path to singularity and it’s all over red rover. These guys know this and are not stupid enough to do likewise, no only the masses and useful idiots will get herded down this path. 

Necklaces conspiracy theorists wear to 'protect' themselves from 5G are actually radioactive, nuclear experts warn


Who the hell is behind this cash grab; peddling snake oil to gullible people? Why don’t the authorities track them down and prosecute them? Maybe they are waiting for the Darwin awards to be given out first.

Tarot card of the month: January 2022, Ace of Pentacles


                                              Material force, Prosperity, Practicality, Trust,

                       Cardinal point : East Fixed sign: Aquarius    Physical transformation

                                           Pentacles represent the element of Earth   

This card for January 2022 signifies new beginnings and prosperity. As we entre a new era for the world. This card is charged with spiritual energy for a new era. No; it is not meant to represent the decade, but an era. Era's don't really have a calendar start date, they manifest.  

"Silent solitude"  are the words that I hear as I look at the card. For a new year card, the words feel ominous, and I don’t feel very comfortable with the vibe. Notice the background of the card is grey and the cloud around the hand of fate is grey also, this is normally a good sign in a reading.

Grey is a highly spiritual colour, in the hand is what seems a golden opportunity being presented for some of us to embrace something new. This is for the brave among us to step out and do something new. There may be some challenges along the way but keep going. 

These are new and interesting times; so be ready and stay alert to anything new coming your way. Watch out for signs of progression or danger. As I said I have a funny feeling about this card and the feeling of something ominous; those words “silent solitude” are triggering to me it is a warning. Think about that word solitude;  alone and lonely just like in lockdown. Something is not right and this is aimed at the world population. 

The lilies on the card are a positive symbol standing for beauty, fertility, transformation, rebirth, devotion and spiritual purity. However I don’t like the feeling from the lilies, like a drug that puts people into a stupor to distract them from their purpose; of staying on the right path. 

As we know lilies are highly toxic, even thought they are a spiritual symbol.  I am rather wary of these lilies, because they are beautiful and are seen as a spiritual symbol but also deadly. The dualistic nature of this world and indeed spirit.

If one walks through the archway to this new beginning notice the mountains. The mountains represent a long journey of the soul and enlightenment. The colour blue is also a positive colour and relates to the heart chakra, including motherhood.  Water and air are represented by the colour blue as is thought. This light blue is peaceful and calming, it is a gentle energy for transformation. The message is a positive one  to start the year off. However you need to stay on the path and work hard don’t be distracted by the lilies drug  like influence to lead you astray. 

The downside of the card is that your efforts will not be fruitful unless you put in the effort; I advise you to think of the spiritual side of yourself too because this is vital for the new era we are heading into. Examine the opportunity being presented to you to work out if it is really worth the effort or not. You wont know what is behind that hedge unless you take a look. Is the grass greener? Only you have the answer to that.

This card offers the possibility of working from home, having a baby, starting a new business, or transforming what is already there. Also one thing I almost  forgot  to mention is the Ace is like a one, as in originality, new beginning, innovation and standing alone at the top of what you do.   Good luck everyone!


Saturday giggles


9 News: NASA craft 'touches' sun for first time, dives into atmosphere


Amazing times for science. I didn't think it was possible to get that close to the sun without being burned up.

17 December, 2021

Bugs across globe are evolving to eat plastic, study finds


I don’t think this will be good in the long run. Something must be done much faster to move away from plastic packaging back to glass and cardboard.

Notice at the end of the article it says micro plastics being ingested are harming cells in our bodies. This is something that I have always suspected; they may pass through the body. But the time taken between eating and eliminating the micro plastic on a daily basis must do something to our bodies. Call me a panic puss, but when it comes to the modern world; cancers of all types have risen. Think about the packaging for takeaway food. If you have take away for lunch every day at work that is putting you in a higher risk for micro plastic damage. Frozen pizza and other items in plastic in your freezer, it all adds up over a lifetime. 

Then there is the white coating inside tin cans of Beetroot etc, that is also known to be very harmful to our bodies; this has been mentioned in the news on our tv’s and yet it still remains in tins. Why are they not moving to glass jars? If you can buy pasta sauce or olives, sun dried tomatoes etc in a jar then they can do the same with other vegetables and tinned fruit. The tins in recent times are much thinner and dent easily too, that is not good for the food that we eat or our bodies.

16 December, 2021

How to water plants while you’re away


This is good to know for going away for a few days. Especially in hot weather. I would be devastated if my plants died. Two important things in my life apart form my family are fur babies and plants. 

15 December, 2021

Months of rain mean we need to watch for this dangerous parasite, Ticks


Take time to read this, check your fur babies for ticks too. A friend of mine lost one of her fur babies to a tick bite. The family had been to the beach and came home putting everything in the laundry, not realising that there was a tick among the clothing and her poor kitty came in contact with the tick and later died. 

Does Menopause Cause Memory Loss?



Some very interesting information here. I am one of the unlucky people that have severe symptoms. Exercising is an absolute must do and watching what we eat to keep the unwanted symptoms at bay.

I am doing lifestyle changes to help with my symptoms, and it is a struggle for me. You have to be up to the challenge as old age sneaks in. Don’t neglect your health and fitness, because the longer you leave it the worse it can be. It is hard work to get in shape when you hit the menopause time of life and if you have let yourself go then be prepared for hard work. Will power and determination are needed by the bucket load. One thing that will also affect your memory is stress, and that can really make your other issues worse. 

Meh! Getting old is way overrated. But onwards and upwards for better health peeps! 

13 December, 2021

12 December, 2021

Purry Christmas

 How beautiful is this artwork 鳶膏 am always impressed by talented people that can produce such lovely artwork. Whether it is in cartoon format or in a painting it always touches the soul.

11 December, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 284 Q and A session 89



In regards to #6 to assist in lifting your vibrational frequency, apart from meditation essential oil’s are very important. In particular Rose and Frankincense. Because Rose essential oils are expensive, they are generally sold in a 3% jojoba oil. Essential oils  have a vibrational frequency as do we; and most things in our reality, even rock. It is energy in motion remember, so everything in the universe has a frequency and mathematics also makes up our universe and our reality. 

Google the megahertz of essential oils and you will see many websites complete with little charts showing the oil and it’s frequency. This is something that the ancient metaphysicians knew thousands of years ago. But this knowledge was not for the masses. The masses were and still are seen by these individuals as unclean, profane and uneducated. So knowledge was in the hands of the priest classes and those that were members of cults such as the Cult of Isis. 

Our bodies and brains have their individual vibrational frequency too. Hence the use of the essential oils for lifting our energy higher, which is usually done for communicating with spiritual beings. The ancients used the oils to communicate with “god”. 

Vibrational frequency of essential oils; Rose 320 MHz , Frankincense 147 MHz. The highest known essential oil frequency is Blue Idaho Spruce which is 520 MHz. 

The human body only vibrates at 60 to 90 MHz due to being locked into the low and negative frequency of the earth in the third dimension. The "god frequency" or "Frequency of the god's" is 963 MHz which activates the pineal gland. Notice the numbers there this is no coincidence and deliberately calculated to this frequency.

You can look through the internet and find a lot of information on this subject matter but it is a very heavy subject and it will blow your mind. I also recommend that people that are really interested , start from the basics and read the entire Wes Penre Papers, watch the videos and also read works from John Lamb Lash, Cameron Day, and old writers such as Connor MacDari, Ignatius Donnelly, E. Valentina Straighten, even some of Anton Parks . There are many more writers of note that I can't recall right now but there are quite a few people of note.  Many writers include biographies and name their sources of information , Wes provides a hell of a lot of  verifiable sources in every chapter or level of learning from where you can go read for yourself. You are your own teacher and student, but the intent and want has to be there to start with.

10 December, 2021

Robert Sepehr: ESP Extra Sensory Perception


This is a great video for educational purposes into the psychic phenomenon. By the way psychometry is part of a psychic ability known as Clairtangence; which includes reading from a crystal ball (scrying),  reading random objects (psychometry) belonging to someone and also skills like reading from wax drawings which is another form of scrying. Wax drawings are melted coloured wax crayons or sealing wax melted onto paper, and preferably photography paper; with a hot iron and then they can be read by someone like myself. 

Psychometry is often the stepping stone to mediumship if a person is willing to learn either, great steps can be made in increasing ones psychic abilities along with regular meditation.

The CIA also have contacted psychic people in Australia. My father many years ago knew an old lady that was a remote viewer, she lived in a country town near my father and she told him that back in the 1970’s she was approached by people from the CIA to work for them. Well the men were shocked when she told the two men; that one of the men was having an affair with the other guy’s wife. Which shocked them both and the guilty man admitted to it. Never lie to a psychic person! Like them man in this video said nothing stays hidden, even when a person in spirit is passing on information they too will often tell you something that has been hidden and the more a person denies something the more information the spirit will provide.

 I had a grandmother of someone come through during a public demonstration and the person in question kept telling they didn’t know the person or details provided. The person was lying, for what reason I have no idea. But the grandmother kept providing me with more information. Later a person in the audience who is also a medium confirmed what I had said. I knew I was correct anyway but the thing that disgusted me most was the person that kept denying everything had invited me to do this public demonstration. After that incident I washed my hands of the organisation as I will not be dishonest nor be disrespected by anyone that has negative intentions towards me or spirit. 

I often get information and the client will say, “how did you know that?” Anything from a teddy bear on your bed, the colour of your bedroom walls, what was in the fridge that morning when a loved one in spirit was standing behind you. It is all energy, like a radio station frequency, that is what humans are electronic energy in a biomechanical suit/body. The electronic frequency lives on after physical death. We do not need a physical body to exist. We are eternal beings, but temporarily anchored into a physical world.

Delaying umbilical cord clamping saves preterm babies' lives, study reveals



For heaven’s sake this is bloody obvious, but umbilical cords are also used in medical treatment and research, including stem cell research. How much is an umbilical cord worth to research laboratories? That is the real question, it is about money not health and well-being. 

That cord is property of the mother and baby remember, but it is liquid gold for medical research. That umbilical  cord should never be clamped until the blood and nutrients stop flowing into the baby. It is a mother’s right to insist on this for the health of her baby. Sadly young mothers can be disempowered when they are in hospital giving birth.  Depending on what hospital you are in; the political climate might  vary in regards to birthing procedures and your rights. 

 I strongly recommend women stand up for their rights and the rights of their child. Do not let a doctor or anyone pressure you into clamping the cord too soon or make you do something that you don’t want to do. This is part of your body and your baby’s body; and therefore your property. Please tell the doctor before the birth  that you want to the cord clamped after it stops pulsating the blood and nutrients. Make sure even in the delivery room this is openly stated and have your birth partner present to hear this.  Your rights must be respected and the rights of the baby. Stand your ground, and remember there is a medical advocate to help you also  should you encounter any problems. 


Your baby’s health comes first, so that your child is not medically disadvantaged. Yes it is good to help others, but your child needs it’s own blood. 

https://www.cellcare.com.au/pricing/pricing/. Storing is expensive 

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1601996/. Ethics, commercial banking


08 December, 2021

Dream of a cat biting my finger


Early this morning (5/12/21) I had a dream in which there were stray cats. Two homeless mother cats feeding their kittens in an outdoor area near blocks of flats. 

I was with two women looking at the cats and their kittens. We were concerned about their welfare. Suddenly one mother cat bit me on the finger. 

I understood that she was just protecting her babies. Suddenly though a woman appeared and gave me an injection right into my index finger on my right hand. I saw a green liquid being injected into my finger and she told me I will be ok. I actually felt the pain of both the bite and the injection. I have experienced an injection in a dream a few years ago and felt the pain when I was wide awake. So this made me quiet alert to an injection in this dream. The colour green is a healing colour, dark green is negative, but this was almost like a florescent  green. almost like washing up liquid.


Green is the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy. The colour green has healing power and is the most relaxing colour for the human eye to view. Green helps alleviate anxiety, depression, and nervousness. Green is new growth, rebirth, and harmony

To be attacked by a cat symbolises deception, by others in the same line of work that seek to discredit me. I was actually well aware of this coming as I was informed 7 months ago, by a top psychic; that these individuals whom ever they are are just wasting their time. I am also aware the there are two people involved. ( I will keep their genders to myself) 

So this dream is not at all surprising. As this was the time of year that I had to watch out for. For the record I have had no interaction with others in my industry since 2015. I live a very quiet life and I don’t socialise as I am a full time caregiver. Socialising is not an option for me. 


This is nice, but I don't know anyone that would be getting married. 


06 December, 2021

The advent calendar



 F***ING FUMING IM GONNA FIND YOU!!!!! I just got home to find all the windows wide open!! They've taken everything. Im waiting for the police! The dirty rotten thieving b*****ds. What kind of sick minded person would do that to another person?.............That was my advent calendar and you had no right to open the windows, and eat all my chocolates !! GREEDY F*****S!

Lol, this is doing the rounds on Facebook just now; and so many people fall for it haha ha. Let the Christmas jokes and memes roll on. 

05 December, 2021

Live from the heart and live gently


Live from the heart and live gently 

Wes Penre: VIDEO 283: Q&A SESSION #88


Some important information here, please keep an eye on the comments people post. You will need to revisit the page to read updated comments, as I always point out there is often very important information posted in the comments section. 

Also you can either listen to the video or like me download it and read the text format. As for the consummation of the ages, I don’t think even an astrologer can tell us that, because an astrologer often looks very far into the future including centuries from now.  But I guess they get a ball park idea if something very bad is coming. So far not one astrologer has ever commented on this matter. Instead they are pointing to our future in regards to space travel and possible contact with other star races, and that may be in the lifetime of younger people alive today. That sort f stuff does show up in astrology. 

I also feel that just because you are vaccinated you can still die; and go wherever you want to go. I am now vaccinated, because I don’t want to pass this covid on to my husband if I caught it. I know it would kill him. But I have no fear of not being able to exist this world on physical death. I have a very firm intention of what I will do and where I am going after physical death. I have absolutely no fear only sheer will power. I value my spirit more than anything else. 

I will not be controlled by fear! I am spirit first and foremost and put that out to the universe. You ain’t seen stubborn until you mess with a Scottish woman, lol. I have no time for distractions and neither should anyone else intent on leaving the matrix universe. 

04 December, 2021

Make me feel like a woman

 On a transatlantic flight, a plane passes through a severe storm.

The turbulence is awful, and things go from bad to worse when one wing is struck by lightning.
One woman, in particular, loses it. Screaming, she stands up in the front of the plane.
'I'm too young to die,' she wails.
Then she yells, 'If I'm going to die, I want my last minutes on earth 
to be memorable!
Is there anyone on this plane who can make me feel like a WOMAN?'
For a moment there is silence. Everyone has forgotten their own peril.
They all stare, eyes riveted, at this desperate woman in the front of the plane.
Then a Jackeroo from  Australia stands up in the rear of the plane.
He is handsome, well built, with dark brown hair and blue eyes.
He starts to walk slowly up the aisle, unbuttoning his shirt, one
button at a time.
No one moves. He removes his shirt. Muscles ripple across his chest.
She gasps. >> >>

He whispers . . . .

'Here, iron this. Then get me a beer'.

03 December, 2021

Life keeps kicking my family in the guts

 Well just like I always say, life never gives my family a break. Yesterday my husband was rushed to hospital again; very ill. Life never stops kicking my family in the guts. It is like the universe is constantly trying to break us. I just keep pushing back with a firm NO!

Unfortunately a persons birth  name marks one for life, even though you may change it slightly, the letters in your name that you go by; including your surname also are under the rules of numerology; and certain letters can doom you to a life of suffering, even your door number affects your life in either a positive or negative way. There are also other factors at play of course; but anyway just like I have mentioned in other posts about my "life experiences", every few weeks or months something else comes along to crush my family. So it is just; here we go again, more suffering. The moment we drop our guard slightly something happens without fail. I am sick of living in a hyper vigilant state for over 30 odd years. 

I am just so over it, I live a very simple life, harm no one; but by god I have suffered in this life and just about everything you can imagine has been flung at me and my family bar the kitchen sink. Just when I think ok I have a bit of sunshine in my life , bam! Something comes along to take away any little  bit of joy.

02 December, 2021

01 December, 2021

A big thank you to everyone that is reading my new blog

 Wow, the stats are starting to improve on my new blog. I would like to thank everyone that stops by to read my blog. I truly appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog.

It is only nine months old and building up a new blog takes time. My old blog had a good amount of traffic. However I suspect that most of the people that read this new blog didn’t know my old blog. 

https://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/. Nothing gets posted on this old blog because I stuffed it up, lol. 

Neil Oliver: Are you hardwired for conspiracy?

 Well said Neil! https://youtu.be/SxkmpY2sQwo

Neil tells it how it is. Straight to the point and a straight talking Scott. People are sick of the condescending attitude from public officials and mainstream media talking heads. We are living the reality of a soft Marxist state in the Western world, and think back to early 2020 when various public officials openly stated on our tv “ this is a new world order”. Why would each individual make that comment? 

Words don’t just convey a verbal message they carry a vibrational frequency (energy). Words in a certain order can be a ritual too and that is a well known fact in esoteric circles especially in Freemasonry which dates it’s roots way back to ancient Egypt and ancient Iraq or Mesopotamia. These guys do not mess around, they mean what they say and every action they carry out. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...