22 December, 2021

Dramatic citizen’s arrest in Perth after man allegedly tried to carjack vehicle with kids still inside


How terrifying for this woman and her children; that trauma will stay with them for a while. and the poor men that were attacked. This is why for decades I constantly tell people to lock the car doors when you get in, not just the drivers door, “all doors”. How much do you value your lives? People just aren’t getting it or just don’t care.

 I witnessed a horrific attack back in 1986 in Sydney on my way home from work. That has stayed with me ever since that event. Two men dragged a man out of a car in front of me as we were stopping at the traffic lights. We hadn’t come to a complete stop as they attacked and his car crashed into a pole. They beat him up pretty badly;  and no one did anything about it.  That’s Sydney for you! It is much worse now than back then. 

Even in Canberra there is the odd carjacking, these carjackings are usually done by drug fuelled criminals that don’t care who they hurt. Women especially are a soft target for this sort of crime;  and they need to be more vigilant. What happens if no one is there to help you or your family? Have you any idea how long it would take for the police to help you? Don’t take risks; be safe! 

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

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