26 December, 2021

Roaming pet cats on borrowed time, as councils consider curfews to protect native animals By


It’s not just cats that attack native wildlife, dogs also do this, if people are not keeping their dogs in a secured the garden or in the house. But even in your back yard a dog or cat can get hold of birds, lizards, possums etc. We have a responsibility to protect all wildlife and domestic animals, that includes checking the yard for any injured wildlife. 

Trap, neuter, release is still a problem; if they are so worried about wildlife being killed, how the hell does trapping, neutering and releasing stop that? It doesn’t for heaven’s sake; it’s just a feel good political knee jerk reaction. No disrespect to the the good and loving people that actually go out to rescue these poor little kitties, I have much respect for them. It’s the ideology that is slightly flawed. The poor kitties just go back to their colony and it’s back to the same old routine. The struggle for food, survival and dying from illness and injuries. 

I would recommend wild or homeless cats ( or dogs) being re-socialised or kept in a loving humane cat (or dog ) ranch; so they can live out their lives safe and loved, if they cannot adjust to domestic life and people should be permitted to visit the cats. To pet them and talk to them and perhaps bring goodies and cat toys and much needed blankets, food etc. One could even turn the ranch into a cat /dog cafe with the proceeds going towards the care of the cats. Think of people that can’t have cats or dogs because they live in a flat or they are not home very often. They could go to a place like this to be with the cats or dogs for comfort and enjoy the company of these loving fur babies. Just like Japan started cat cafes and they are now worldwide. 

 Homes for cats can be done because there are cat rescue places that do re-socialise cats or keep them with the assistance of donations and volunteers. I know of several in my city. Just think how many celebrities could help fund these homes for homeless cats, or dogs for that matter. It’s a win win situation, because the celebrities get publicity and the fur babies get the financial assistance they need. I have a client in Asia that works in a sanctuary for dogs; that lives on donations; and a cousin and his wife that rescued dogs and cats overseas and they re-homed them in various countries. A couple of animals that they couldn’t find homes for they took back home to their family home; to live with them. How wonderful is that?  To me that says what it is to be human.

To euthanise cats or dogs is cruel and unnecessary; humans do far more damage on the planet than any animal, and that is a fact. But with team work many good things can be achieved that benefits everyone, human and animals alike. If there is a will; there will always be a way. 

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