31 October, 2022

Alex ‘s psychic predictions are now on page 2 of Google

 Just for fun I typed in psychic predictions for 2023, Australia, in a Google search and I am on page 2.

Wow that is a first. Any other time nothing would show up. It’s only taken several years to come up. Yet I have been doing psychic predictions for several years now. Go figure 🤣🤣🤣 

Happy Halloween peeps


Halloween, the time of year in which the veil between the spirit world and our world is at its thinnest.
People were fearful of the dead returning and evil spirits being loose upon the world. In reality any day of the year the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest is between 3.00 am and 5.00 am, because the human body’s vibrational frequency matches the same as the spirit world. That is the most common time when an ill or elderly person may die. So the witching hour of midnight is a just a superstition. 

People were also very superstitious about using a mirror at night on Halloween in case they saw an evil spirit. I recall old people talking about that and being afraid at night to look into a mirror or see a reflection in the windows if the curtains were open. 
Another superstition was for single young women to sit in front of a mirror brushing their hair with a candle lit and eating an apple with hopes of catching a glimpse of their future husbands.

In Scotland bobbing or dooking for apples was always a popular Halloween party game for children; as was dangling treacle scones on a string, children had to keep their hands behind their back’s and only use their teeth to catch the treacle scone. These scones are a triangle shaped scone made with baking soda. So they are not the same as the traditional scones that we think of for Devonshire tea. 

Toffee apples were also popular at Halloween when I was a child. When children went around the streets guising they were often given nuts in their shells, an apple and sweets ( lollies as they are called in Australia) in return for singing, reciting poetry, telling jokes and entertaining the people at each house the children called at. This was always good fun to be entertained by the neighbourhood children all dressed up in their disguise’s. 

Children often carved a Tumshi or Neep lantern, actually it was usually dad that got the task because carving out a turnip is really hard work.  Both Tumshi and Neep are old Scottish words a for turnip. Pumpkin is as American tradition and far easier to carve than turnip. 

 I fondly remember the afternoon craft classes in primary school where the teachers let us make paper lanterns to take home and we would draw pictures to hang up in the classroom for Halloween too.
A few days later of course was Guy Fox night on 5th November and we would again be drawing and painting pictures to decorate the classrooms. This all lead up to getting ready for Christmas so kids are in high spirits from Halloween onwards to Christmas and the New Year parties.

In America Halloween was started by Celtic people that immigrated to the US from Scotland and Ireland and it evolved into what it is now. 
Halloween did not catch on in Australia until the 1980’s but has really taken off since the 1990’s. When I left Sydney in 1995, Halloween was still not really celebrated in Sydney, but it was very popular in Canberra. The season in Canberra is cooler than Sydney in October so perhaps that has something to do with Halloween being so popular in Canberra.
Many people are now aware of the real Celtic origins due to social media, and really it is something that and the entire world an enjoy. Celebrating the end of summer and beginning of winter. 

If you are celebrating Halloween 🎃 I hope you have fun, watch some cartoons and movies to get into the mood too. Enjoy the fun 🎃👻🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🎃

30 October, 2022

Office of the Public Trustee accused of overcharging vulnerable clients commissions own review proposing fee increase


This is shocking, the ACT government is not much better. Try to have a loved one nominated if possible but perhaps through a lawyer where it can be reviewed  on a regular basis by others family members or someone that you have known for many years that is trustworthy. The public trustee is not a trustworthy or competent organisation. I had a friend that lost everything because of the public trustee incompetence. There is no way on earth that I would trust this cowboy outfit with my finances due to their reputation.

29 October, 2022

Ralph Ellis books

 http://edfu-books.uk/books/ Ralph Ellis books

It seems the Mary Magdalene thing is back on my mind lol. Like a dog with a bone, so I ferret around again and decided to get some Ralph Ellis books on the subject. The books have been around for a while but they didn’t interest me until the Magdalene thing kept popping up. So I am on to the second book in the Jesus trilogy and can’t put them down. Making notes for myself as my memory is unreliable these days, lol. 

It is astounding the information that Ralph Ellis has uncovered and when you are spiritually awake you need to know this stuff. You can see from a different perspective why things have turned out the way they have since the invention of Christianity and the blood shed because of this. Nothing can atone for the murder of innocence or the lies and outright deception on humanity. Persecution of ordinary people for the sake of money and power, this is unforgivable.

If you have an open mind and want to read these books I highly recommend them. I started with the kindle version of Cleopatra to Christ and then the follow on to King Jesus. 

Do read other books by other authors including the ones that are mentioned in other blog posts;  to get a more rounded knowledge as each writer has different information and useful information to impart to us. You will also find Amazon has Ralph Ellis books in stock as well as the kindle version. I hope you enjoy the mystery as much as I do. I am always amazed at the deep research that authors are permitted to do in this particular subject matter. No doubt there are times when there is little to no access to some  research material given the secrets that have been tightly guarded for two thousand years at various levels of power.

After reading these books you can see why and how different our world would be if Christianity never happened. There has been so much mystery, intrigue, symbols and rituals based around someone most undeserving not to forget millions of deaths , it is horrific when the awful truth dawns. 

Neil Oliver: …..hostile forces are trying to control your mind


Food for thought however; perhaps Neil is new to this stuff. He needs to look back prior to the beginning of the 20th century to see the trail of events leading up to current events. But this in reality goes back to the dawn of time in many countries around the world, where the ruling elite, including the priest classes of pre-biblical times and royalty worldwide controlled everything and still do. The priest class are more powerful than the royals of the world and more dangerous, they have controlled and manipulated  the royals for centuries and disposed of those that were a threat to their power base throughout history, and neither are on our side.

Not just was ancient Atlantis an oppressive society; ruled by the priest class according to ancient social commentators but they had its grip reaching out to every nation in the world and especially the main hubs such as Rome, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Parthia/ Persia and throughout Europe and generational bloodlines keeping the power in the same hands. This is where the power of the Egyptian priest class came from via ancient Ireland.

 So absolutely nothing is new on this earth. Astrological cycles repeat over and over, lifetime after lifetime. This is humanity in a recurring  cycle of enslavement, which could have been prevented if people made the effort to take back their power from the minority of  elites that rule behind the scenes. Warning signs have been obvious for decades  but especially in the past ten years. 

Wes Penre: Q and A session 2, October 2022


Keep an open mind when reading this. I do not accept the teachings of Seth, I don’t feel this is a benevolent being. Nor do I trust anything that is still within the so called Matrix. Given that the third dimension is part of this “Matrix “ and this universe is also an artificial construct of the Matrix, it is not something that I trust in the way of truth. 

This is a sealed unit so one must be vibrating at a high frequency to leave and hold very firm intentions to leave. Not being distracted by anything or anyone. The more that we practice holding the intent and formulating an exit strategy the better. Any channeled information that comes through via the matrix must always be held to scrutiny and when in doubt. Hold off trusting anything, having said that , surely there are some benevolent beings that will help us prior to our incarnation ending to work with our higher selves  in leaving the matrix. I would definitely not follow them though because they still could lure us into the soul trap. 

Nothing from outside the matrix is able to reach us when we are in our physical bodies as far as I know. So these old school so called experts of early 20th century must have been dealing with beings from inside this matrix. Having a brief time with the spiritual church and their beliefs, none of it sits well with me. 

The best advice comes from deep within us, one must go internally and never externally. We are a spiritual microcosm within our own bodies. That includes spiritual protection. 

28 October, 2022

It’s almost the weekend so time to LOL


Bathroom renovations yay!

 Over the past few weeks we have had our bathroom renovated. Our old bathroom was a hideous 1970’s number that was way past it’s lifespan. So after searching the internet we found The Bathroom company.

What fantastic guys they are. We were so impressed by their professionalism and how clean they are. Talk about above and beyond with their work ethic. Even at the end of each working day they cleaned up the work site so well that you wouldn’t know they had been there. That’s dedication to the job!


I would highly recommend this company for their high quality work ethic as well as being lovely friendly guys. The men are all a wonderful credit to the company. My family wish to thank everyone that worked on our bathroom and gave us a bathroom to be proud of. We can’t thank all of you enough for the wonderful job that you did. 

27 October, 2022

Thank you ECG


Thank you ECG Electrical for the marvellous job installing solar panels on our roof. What a hard working and dedicated team of men. My family wish to thank each and everyone of you for your hard work today.

We are most grateful to all of you for delivering above and beyond in your service, thank you. We definitely recommend your company without hesitation. 

Heads up notice on my psychic predictions


If you are looking for my psychic predictions, they don’t come up in chronological order for some reason.

If you type in “psychic predictions” you will need to be patient there are not just yearly predictions, there are individual predictions and posts where I comment on a particular prediction result, such as Julie Bishop’s resignation. So please keep scrolling through them. So anytime from 2013 up to present time can be out of chronological order. Please also bear in mind that much of this was copied from my original blog


I no longer post on my old blog.

26 October, 2022

Oldest Human DNA in UK Reveals Ancient Peoples Emerging From The Ice Age


Sometimes they just make shit up, because they don’t know the truth. Like the out of Africa BS. Just like the red haired white skinned pharaohs of ancient Egypt, there is no natural red hair in that part of the world. They came from the west and worked their way to the east at some point like any other European people. Guess work is not fact. It’s like some idiots say Ireland was empty before settlers came, utter rubbish. When historians or other experts don’t know something they make up a story instead of admitting that they don’t know. 

25 October, 2022

Now for a rest whew!

 Now that I have finally gotten the two lots of psychic predictions up for 2023 and tarot card of the month I can  relax a bit. My neck is aching from hours at the desk and then chucking it on my blog. I am pooped 😂😂😂

I think I deserve a treat but I am all out of goodies. I pillaged the chocolate earlier, bugger! But the satisfaction of knowing the task is done for another year is good. Time to start cooking tonight's dinner.

TTFN (ta ta for now)



Psychic predictions for Australia in 2023

NOTE: Because I do my predictions in October every year please take it from the day published to the following October. I don’t know why I always end up doing them in October, it’s just the way it turned out over the years so I just keep going with it until upstairs says otherwise. 

Welcome to the 2023 psychic predictions for Australia. As I start the predictions I hear the name Anna Bligh. Expect to hear her name in the news. I see a flash of blue light as I look down at the cards. Blue is connected to the throat chakra, some of the meanings for the colour  are: calming, communication, healing, intellect,  the mind, intuition, loyalty, peace and wisdom. Blue is also associated with the military and authority.

Politics reaches a major turning point next year, I get the feeling of the government or the Prime Minister being elevated or lifted up, recognised for something. There may be some success around March 2023 related to the floods and infrastructure recovery.  Australia is showing more independence and leadership in 2023. Hard work is indicated financially speaking. The government may have to yet again step up to help people in hardship. Be that with welfare increases or disaster victims or both, they all need this help regardless. The government is trying to budget wisely and the nations finances seem to be in good hands as there is a dark haired man that is very capable involved, not necessarily the treasurer.

 Now the Australian government must take note here, and not accept overseas advice on how to handle our economy or it will spell disaster. The advice offered is definitely not in our best interests and this is a deliberate act to cause Australia to suffer, so much for trusting your friends. With the dawning of this new age Australia is affected and  not always in a good way. The moon card warns me of deception and illusion afoot, so all communication must be examined. There is a hidden agenda involved which will impact Australia in a negative way. This is much much bigger than Climate Change issues. He who drops the ball on this one is a fool because the damage done will be long-term financial harm. Heed the warning, a wise leader is lacking! (this is the words that I hear)

Australia really cannot afford to send so much money overseas at present due to our own civil disaster recovery and other very important issues such as repairing our roads, many of which have been very badly damaged by the flooding and very poor maintenance by contractors over the years. Australia being such a large country depends on good roads to reach rural communities . We cannot let roads fall into disrepair like they have been because this creates multiple problems from one careless act.

I see our taxes going to fund other countries or regions such as Ukraine and the Asian Pacific that would vastly assist or own infrastructure right now. There are others that can step up to help while we recover from three years of disaster. The lack of money impacts our health system, welfare and education systems, infrastructure recovery and the ambulance services to name the most pressing ones.

Our nations coffers are being plundered due to international influences that ignore our plight. This is international blackmail by powerful leaders and the likes of the UN and WEF. Let others step up and do their share. Australia only has a small population to cover a large landmass that needs to be kept in good repair for transport etc. 

I feel overseas workers will be in high demand next year for the assistance of rebuilding as well as aged care and healthcare. There will be more enthusiasm next year too in both work and money matters. People will be rallying round to help where it's needed. I feel younger people will step up to get things going again and this is hard work. These people have youth on their side to get things done. Alert minds and bodies. Talk about all fired up and ready to go. They are creative and ambitious, showing the older people what they are made of, well done!

These young people have not lived through world wars and the great depression like their ancestors growing up with those hardships, but they have their own. Every generation is different.

Mr Albanese has a challenge in 2023, something very important to announce this feels like the economy as well as the skills shortages. He wants to implement changes however selling this to others in government may be a challenge, especially with Penny Wong. She criticizes everything. Let her step up and see what a screw up she will make of it then!. 

As we know 2023 will be a hard year financially, while money is doled out to some, others seem neglected. Not getting enough to make life better. We are also at the dawn of a new era as well as going through hardship for a while at least.

Tourism will help the rural economy in coastal areas and other popular tourist areas. Regional areas need a plug to attract more tourists. 

Michaela Cash comes up in the news for some reason, I am just given her name but nothing else. There is also a light haired female politician in the news, who is very focused on one issue. She is very authoritative, direct and to the point, what she wants she will fight for; because she is very stubborn and holds her ground.  This woman is connected to Queensland politics, she has short or shoulder length hair and a tanned complexion, reminding me of Julie Bishop.

This summer is about steering the country through hardships, February is an important month with the possibility of a financial turning point. This in no way means hard times are over, it's a breathing space.

Teamwork will be needed from every industry to pull us through as a team. I see meetings with big business with the prime minister to help overcome our shortages and build up industry again both on the homefront and in Asia. The Asian pacific will be looked after and will benefit from Australian companies. China will not like this so expect a backlash and possible sabotage.

There is an air of happiness and new beginnings for some. New School changes, This feels like children that are starting school for the first time are going to do it a bit differently than how it used to be done.

This might include the enrolment process or the way children are taught, this affects kindergarten and year one children and perhaps preschoolers. Don't rule out part time or split classes allowing parents time to drop off and pick up children between work shifts. I feel this affects NSW only at this stage.  This will be popular among many parents.

Juggling finances and changes in lifestyle is in the spotlight. Trying to maintain a standard of living like we used to have will not be easy for many people. Expect some ideas and tips on how to save a little and economize. Old ideas come back such as tips from grandma to help solve the dollar shrinkage. Knitting and sewing, cooking with less etc.

An older woman in public life will step up to help others. She is a practical and down to earth woman in her approach. Very focused on helping others, bless her. The whole thing feels like advice for families doing it tough. Good sound advice with common sense on how to make do with less, but tailored to a modern world. Sounds like Ita Buttrose  coming to the rescue.

The ambulance service is back in the news again but this time it is to do with injecting more funding and more staff. Please remember it takes a while to train new ambulance officers so please be patient. This is an extremally stressful job with a very high burnout rate too. 

Possible private funded ambulances or sponsored perhaps by health funds? Medical issues are in the news, funding is still tight though. Upgrades of hospitals but not much increase of staff, more on that in a moment though. I do feel there will be more female to male new doctors graduating in 2023. 

Natural therapies and psychology are in the news, it looks like 2023 will be the start of focusing on healing in Australia but not in the traditional ways. More like a combination of traditional and complimentary therapies. This is to try to boost the public health system.

The more that I look at the cards I see that Australia is definitely heading into a major turning point in 2023. Destiny you may say, this is a very significant change. Australia is seen by many as a land of money and opportunity; which makes it attractive to other countries; that seek to take advantage of our generosity. This is worth keeping an eye on because it is a financial scam, trying to rob Australia and it's people of their money. Beware! Our assets are highly desirable to others.

The government needs to think wisely on this and also not allow foreign ownership  as this is a foolish move in current times. Keep business under strict control for the foreseeable future. No foreign ownership by anyone especially utilities and farmland. Change the laws now or regret it later, this has never benefited Australia at all only served as a form of external control over us.  Under current laws it may be difficult to make the changes needed so this must be examined carefully.  Australian farms and business interests need protecting. 

I see new laws in defence coming as well as criminal and general laws. Some people may feel that the Prime Minister is out of his depth in regards to world affairs and homeland security. However he must be very careful on the world stage because he does not want to upset anyone, he is not stupid and he also has advisors around him to keep him right. He will also speak up for Australia. 

As the government tries to paint a positive spin on things; there is strong focus on the environment. This is an area that will drain huge finances from the nation, act in haste repent at leisure. This is bowing down to the greedy cabal of climate scammers and pressuring nations to sign up for a scam that will drain money and resources by design, lining the pockets of the criminal elite. Time will bear the cold harsh truth on this one but don't expect an apology or the money back. It will be gone and we will be made to look like fools. 

Roadworks will be a thorny issue all year as we struggle to rebuild our roads. This is going to take time unfortunately. Add  bureaucracy to the frustration here as they are always the fly in the ointment. 

I see new technology coming out involving some new sort of rubber material made from recycled materials. this will be tried in rural areas perhaps to strengthen roads. I hope it is successful.

There will be financial sacrifices in 2023 as we have a tight budget. We must get into the mind set of thinking, "Do I have enough money  to pay my rent or for loan repayments" Keeping the roof over our heads as well as trying to keep our health in hard times. Going to the doctor will be more expensive. Luckily Canberra has walk in government health clinics. I don't know about other states and territories. So you will need to check out what your state has such as going to the local hospital or a pharmacy practitioner etc. 

The Australian government needs to be more wary of the United Nations and not be afraid to say no to them. Add the WEF to that too. Otherwise if Australia is not careful they could hit rock bottom because these agencies work like a big vacuum cleaner and drain funds. That money goes into a black hole and take a look at the list of big corporations that are on the website if the WEF. Its a get rich quick NWO scam that people are sick to death of. These fat cats are unelected dictators with power. They are not a government and have no authority, so Mr Albanese must think logically before parting with tax payers money.

How do we defend our nation in  the coming war in the next couple of years? If there is insufficient money in the defence kitty and trying to feed and care for the nation at the same time; it is going to be a futile exercise. 

Defence is in the news with a possible new defence chief. This could even be a post created like the Space Force. I feel water connected to this position. Travel and defence are connected which will be for Ukraine. Deploying military personnel  over to Europe to assist in logistics, training and or maintenance rolls such as the maintenance of vehicles and equipment. 

I am drawn to the queen of wands now, with a stabilizing influence based on love, logic and harmony.This is a woman with light coloured hair trying to make her voice heard. This feels like Camilla the queen consort in regards to Ukraine which could end up as a disappointment with only small gains. I have no idea why this shows up in Australian predictions. Unless it is an Australian woman.

As I said earlier Climate Change will be in the news again with small gains. Agreements signed. But be very careful here because there is betrayal (3 of swords) in the wind for Australia. We are being played for fools. There is a woman playing a key role in this as a spokes person, talking up the benefits when in reality there are none. How much of a kick back is she getting? She is getting paid to do this. She is either a well meaning fool or otherwise, but she is being rewarded.

 On a nice note I see a little blond haired boy with a big sunny smile. I see children enjoying ice blocks and fruit this summer. Beaches will be full so keep an eye on children as they have fun in the sun.

Supermarkets are back in the news, this feels strange because it feels like a merger of some sort. Not only price increases but merging of brands or the stores themselves in some way. This may upset and divide some people.

New Zealand is in our news as the  incoming New Zealand Prime Minister wants to do some fence mending with Australia, this will be accepted with open arms and will benefit both nations. Lessons are learned from the past leadership. Moving on and a win- win for all of us  😁

Cyber security issues again, oh dear! 

I also see another nation trying to pull the wool over our eyes, mixed communication involved so Mr Albanese has to think fast and very carefully. The issue could be very bad for our sovereignty. So Mr A will be on the ball with his advisors. I do feel that he has a tip off about this serious matter. This will anger China as they see it as a snub. No, it is called not being made a fool of! Respect other people and their boundaries. 

 China  will be playing mind games with Australia so get used to it. There is a connection to  the military and water with this, I would say territorial issues. Our territory must be protected at all costs and tensions are rising. Caution is the key word.    

The government will make major decisions in relation to homeland security, Cyber crime and espionage are indicated and must be dealt with properly. Update the laws accordingly. It's no easy task but it must be dealt with quickly for our own good. 

Banking is a target (cyber attack)yet again great caution has to be taken as hacking is on the agenda by state sponsored actors. 

Agriculture bounces back in the warm weather with bountiful crops. I feel this is the end of our run of bad luck at last, 2019 was the year that started our bad luck and 2023 will be an end to that. 😀

One final thing is keep an eye on the environment. Nature must not be politicized, I feel there are factions that wish to stop ordinary people enjoying the countryside. This is a political stunt and must not be tolerated. To say that people will destroy the land and environment is absolute rubbish. The land belongs to all of us. It goes through transformations with the universal cycles. Keep the quack politics and dictatorial  control out of our lives, it has no place in Australia.  

Thank you for taking the time to read my predictions, you all mean a lot to me. Please enjoy the upcoming festive season and summer. I wish everyone all the very best that life has to offer you.

Blessings to all and warm and fuzzy hugs


Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2022 

Please click on the link to see the 2023 psychic predictions for the world 



UPDATE: Wow, I didn’t expect this so soon. 26th  October, Australia to send troops to train Ukrainian soldiers. Just one thing though, why do they need to train soldiers their own army can do that. This only came up on my Google news this morning as I woke up. 


UPDATE: Michaelia Cash 


20 March , Michaelia Cash on 2003 invasion of Iraq in the link below. Hmmm didn’t the US put Saddam in power in the first place and then couldn’t control him? Oops ! 


UPDATE: Cybercrime, Defence department hacked. As I have said in other psychic predictions in recent years, spend the damn money on protecting our government websites or be sorry. Cheap and nasty is what the government usually invests in with no clue on how things really work. Put competent people in charge not morons and buy the best state of the art technology. Any ministers that skimp on technology and cyber protection should be held responsible for this and removed from the post for incompetence. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys, ministers included! How many times must I waste time warning people? 


UPDATE: Australia stepping up in world leadership with five eyes. They must not drop the ball on this.


UPDATE: Cybercrime, our government is not acting fast enough to these threats.


New laws on cybercrime and security 


UPDATE: February 27. Cyber Security, Federal government to rewrite cyber laws. 


UPDATE: Health, this could end bulk billing and therefore cost people more to see a doctor. 


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-11-13/nsw-pharmacists-given-power-to-authorise-repeat-scripts/101647832   NSW pharmacies given increased power to authorise repeat scripts. 

January 23: Shake up for Medicare, I don’t think this will go far enough to improve patient care or the shortage of doctors. 


Medicare: going to the doctor costing you more money. 3 February, Government hesitant on increasing the rebate to doctors which in turn means people may not be able to afford to see a doctor. This under a Labor government! Let’s see what happens, hopefully common sense will prevail because doctors may just quit their jobs and we have a terrible shortage as it is due to government negligence. 


UPDATE: Free preschool for four year olds in NSW in 2023.


UPDATE: Ambulance service 


UPDATE: welfare, money doled out to some but not others. 


UPDATE: Skilled migrants for health and education coming 


UPDATE: Foreign ownership


This is from 2019 on my old blog, read the news article on foreign ownership! 


UPDATE: Australian supermarkets


January 15th


UPDATE: Stretching the dollars. How to stretch out a meal. Expect ore of this to help people feed themselves and their families. 


UPDATE: Schools with shorter hours and split times to start and finish. This looks ridiculous to be frank. How many kids will use the time to study really? 


UPDATE: 6 March, Welfare recipients increase in payments. Not much but better than nothing.


UPDATE: 5 May, welfare increase again for cost of living adjustment 


UPDATE: Supermarkets in Australia, I don’t know if I should include this or not. However they are all onboard. 


UPDATE: 13 March, Water, defence. This is still in the early stage of the prediction, as you can see there is more to come.



30 years?  We don’t have the luxury of  30 years, you dropped the ball here! by 2027 conflict will be underway. 

UPDATE: Defence / Navy and connection to water, new federal agency for nuclear submarines. Unfortunately there is a paywall on this but you can see part of it. 


UPDATE: Aussies being scammed , you snooze you lose folks, it’s that simple.


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-05-24/jenny-lost-300000-to-remote-access-scam-commonwealth-bank/102263542  24/5/23 NEVER do anything on line with banking if you get a phone call. Go into your bank branch immediately. Bear in mind that many banks are closing branches too and this makes getter help a little more difficult. Which must be pointed out to banks, they have our money, it is not theirs so it is on them to do something. 

UPDATE: 22 June, Tougher new laws introduced, but that doesn’t mean that the magistrate will use the full force of the law. As we know from the revolving doors syndrome.


UPDATE: Supermarket merger, turned out to be Kmart and Target merger 25/7/23.


UPDATE: 9 November, Education, school times  Queensland public schools to triple new hours  


UPDATE: Supermarkets, Woolworths Big W extending trade into market place to sell furniture etc.


UPDATE: Homeland Security, China, Cyber security etc. Took their damn time over this one. Life your damn game Labor! 


Tarot card of the month: November 2022, Ace of Pentacles


                                                        Planet:   Satu             Zodiac:  Taurus , Virgo, Capricorn          

                                                        Element:  Earth          Cardinal point of direction: East

                                                        Gender: Female   Realm: Home   Season: Spring

Lets start with the symbols, the background is grey which is a neutral colour but it is also a spiritual colour. Mixing black and white combined with light or spiritual wisdom.  The hand of fate pushes through the cloud making an offer. That cloud represents a barrier between the spirit world and the physical or temporal world. It shields the unseen world from view like a deliberate barrier.

The hand is also illuminated as we can see the rays emanating from the hand. As we see the hand is holding a pentacle, and pentacles represent both money and spirit. The pentacle is a representation of Vitruvian man. Clearly something is being offered to us collectively. What is it? Is it good for us?

It looks like a golden opportunity for someone. Aces are the start of something new  generally they are positive.  

Now as we look at the foreground we see  white lilies. White symbolises purity, especially spiritual purity. Lilies also are connected to the ancient biblical past and the cult of Isis. Next there are red roses which also allude to both of these. Red represents the souls desire in the card too as spiritual beings we as human beings; seek to attain higher spiritual attainment. The red and white also represent the royal ancient houses of upper and lower Egypt as well as the cult of Isis, because both are connected and also connected not just to the biblical history but modern times as well. We cannot escape the historical past even if we tried. It is an intrinsic link to the modern world. Hence the reason the tarot is heavily influenced by these symbols.

Notice the golden sunlight popping up along the hedgerow too, signifying the new dawning of something. We are at the dawn of a new era globally, not one that I relish either. Notice the hedge is longer on one side than the other. This may look out of balance but there is wisdom in this. It co-relates to the position that the hand is in and the sunlight emerging. Which I will explain in a minute. 

An object in the middle of a card signifies front and center. We are to pay attention to it for a reason, hence its deliberate placement. It represents joining or separating. as we see the hand is facing the right hand side. which is east. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so it is a circular event . The right is aggressive, active energy, out going or giving, it relates to the future and future events. It is called Dexter due to it following the path of the sun. 

So as we can see this is an interesting card for November on the world stage. On an esoteric level this card also signifies a physical manifestation or transition. Bringing from the realm of the mind into the world of mass and matter or if you like manifesting in the physical form. 

This card not only signifies new beginnings, something is being presented here to the world. This can be financial inducement for business, tax cuts and of course prosperity.  But to whom does it benefit really?  Money matters will dominate  the month of November, so please be very careful  this month with your money. Do not spend unless you need to and plan carefully your expenditure. I see more going out than coming in, but we all are aware of the current financial crisis. 

There are also major new beginnings indicated here as Aces are always the beginning of something. Workwise I see new business ventures, mergers and business empire building. There may be name changes with the business mergers and brand names. I get the feeling of a generational change taking place connected with business and money. Universities are in the news with expansion, new positions or posts. A big push globally for more students in key areas is also indicated, such as medical students, science and research. I also feel a church and state connection to this. Meaning the Vatican is involved. November is also a month of breakthroughs of all sorts of things, this also relates to Ukraine in some way.

That is all that I have for TCOM for November peeps, so play nice and be good to each other and stay safe. Warm and fuzzy hugs and blessings.


Acknowledgements to Mary Greer for some of the esoteric information from her amazing book 21 ways to read a tarot card. Such a gem of a book.  

24 October, 2022

War is a failure of Humanity

War is a failure of humanity! The ordinary people don’t create wars….they elect them through ignorance. People kill on behalf of those they elected through ignorance. People participate in their own destruction through ignorance. People never learn from the mistakes of the past, they just repeat them. A great sadness always shadows humanity, alas we are never able to shake off the ghastly shadow of death and destruction. 

copyright, Alex Fulford, 2022

Rishi Sunak emerges as favourite to become next British PM after Boris Johnson pulls out of race


Back on 17 July in a Neil Oliver post I said that Rishi Sunak could be the next PM of the UK. But even though Truss won she was not destined to stay. Timing is everything.


Oh, how sweet (sarcasm) Rishi is a member of the World Economic Forum. Now you know what you are in for peeps.



Makes a good Tory Twit!

Your childhood ruined books; Let's P**s on everything


 Sounds like a plan. I had fur babies that did this 

Psychic predictions for the world in 2023

Welcome to the psychic predictions for 2023. As usual for some strange reason I tend to get the impulse to do them in October. I don't know why, it just is, lol. So please take my predictions starting from the day that they are posted for 12 months straight.

This year is an interesting year and a very important one, nothing is the same anymore, the world that we knew no longer exists. We just have to roll with it as this is the way this reality is. The weather will be cold and damp in the northern hemisphere this winter so brace yourselves.  

Big changes are afoot and big for the world, deception and martyrdom in Europe. The face of Europe is being reshaped as is the mindset. This is not a happy place; people are on edge and frightened, which is understandable.  Big money is being spent, land and assets grabbing too. This relates to the ongoing war in Ukraine as the west pours more money into the war effort. But gets no real results as yet. Zelensky is still holding on, but for how long? The Eastern Ukrainian peoples though feel trapped by this situation, this is a nation divided. But!! All is clearly not as it seems here, I feel there is a hoodwink going on that the general population of the world don't know about.  As I look at the 8 of swords it shows me some people are protected but others are not and this is deliberate.

This feels like rich Ukrainian people are protected and other people are not. By rich Ukrainians, I mean those in power. I do not take sides in any war; as it is not for me to judge, so please do not feel that I take any side in the matter. I am only doing physic predictions. I live a spiritual life and will not be drawn by the evil of war to take a side in something that I find is against spirit. 

Now as I look at the 8 of swords card I am drawn to the woman standing in the middle with a blindfold on and a binding around her body. This is self imposed restriction in the card interpretation. The woman doesn't even try to free herself from her restrictive position. This is; will not or cannot look at the reality around her. Implying that her judgment of the situation is imbalanced. Looking at the swords to her left and her right.

This implies that there is deception and imbalance of facts reported in the media of the terrible war. This is a passionate mindset. It helps no one, and certainly not innocent people that do not deserve this great evil being done. I do not think that leaders on either side are innocent in the grand scheme of things as this is a dualistic reality that we live in. Team red and team blue always engage in a struggle in the physical world and spiritual world since the dawn of time. This reality would not exist otherwise. Team red and team blue both belong to the same creature in the long run. This reality is all illusion by design.

Now, not all 2023 is gloom and doom there will be good times as well as bad times. People will feel joy and happiness. There will be celebrations such as the coronation of king Charles III on 6th May. 

2023 is also a number 7 year so this is a new cycle and a new era. I do feel it will be a rather strange one with major changes. I also feel King Charles III will be a very stubborn man to deal with. He is an old school man with old school values. The Queen consort will keep him on his toes and also try to keep him from saying inappropriate things. I feel she is the power behind the throne in this monarchy. 

The Queen consort is in the driving seat, but the King is the image presented to the world. I get the feeling that he would rather be in the garden or emersed in nature rather than doing his civic duties. He still relishes his time to rule though. I feel that he will be a big influencer in people going vegetarian. This from the man that is the biggest land owner in the world, now that his mother has passed on. I do not see him selling his land. He will hold on to it and it will then pass to William.

I feel the US will be in a better position with oil in 2023 as it needs this for the war effort. No nation can win a war without the black gold. The US will use its "influence" to secure as much oil as it needs.

The US will reshape its empire in 2023 remember this is also the US getting into election mode again; so we will see the new face presented for the Republican party. A dark haired man in a similar mould to Regan will be the new President. Do expect the Democrats to attack him, however this will not phase this man. The new leader of the Republicans will soon to be the next president and will be respected. He has a serious job to do which includes cleaning up the US.  He may also help to unify the Democrats and the Republicans. This will be very necessary due to facing off with China, Russia and Iran. The US needs to heal itself first before they can go any further, Make this run up to the elections a time for all Americans to heal. Because you will never win in a world war with a divided nation. You will end up a broken nation, a mere shadow of what was. Don't let this happen! War is a failure of humanity!

India is in the news with politics, disruptive and indecisive. India will pick up more business from other nations as they ditch China. 

Someone external (US?) is trying to put the breaks on Russia. I don't feel this will work though. This feels like the west attacking the east. This is small scale at this time perhaps more verbal than actually punching on. This will gear up to a more full on invasion over the next two years. Hot heads and hot tempers, unfortunately; I do not see any chance of any real diplomacy. The US will have its hands full with this, not to mention facing two fronts, the Asian pacific and Europe, Deja vu. But the US is not innocent here, this is dirty politics de jour. Ordinary people suffer or die because of rich men and their greedy egos no matter where they are. 

The Navy (US, UK, Australia and allies) will be stepping up patrols and air coverage with this as the year goes on. Nervous tension is on the rise and China seems to enjoy poking the bear. However the Chinese government does not care about the suffering of their own people, with the less is best scenario. Less people means less chance of an uprising against the CCP. The Chinese people are also anxious and frightened over war like everyone else. There are no winners in war unless you are a power broker.

Spain is in the news with a big event, I see a red white and blue rosette like the ones worn at sporting events. This could be a soccer match held in Spain with a British  team playing. There is a lot of patriotism involved. British tourists in Spain during the summer weather need to be very careful and be on their best behaviour. I see a crackdown on loutish drunken behaviour. The golden rule is when you visit another country, you are a guest there and you represent your homeland so be respectful and remember your manners. don't be an embarrassment back home. 

There is a focus on the EU next year but include NATO, the WEF and the UN. Not all is going well here and I see the authorities taking hard control. There are clearly issues due to the economy as people are clearly struggling with poverty, high interest rates and the cost of living. People are angry and rightly so. There will not be any help from the government and the blame rightly lies at the feet of the 1% elite for their corruption and greed.

Keep an eye on Italy, I feel the new prime minister will crack down on undesirables. More poverty expected in Italy. 

Riot police will be out in force again in Europe but many of them sympathise with the public because they are in the same boat themselves. I see hoarding money in Europe, this is the government and the WEF. These greedy individuals are unconcerned about the public. This is a lifestyle that must be maintained by the rich and greedy, they don't do poverty and loss of anything. So taxes are increased to support their lifestyle. This money is not going on health, education, roads etc!

Geneva, Switzerland is in the news with a scandal and poverty. This feels like showing a contrast in lifestyle between the haves and the have nots.

2023 is a year of illusion, poor communication and deception. Make no mistake about that deception! I see Xi Jing Ping is going to pull a major swifty, a move that will shock and surprise the world. This man bows to no one. This feels like the final move so that there is no other alternative left. A law or rule is being made in regards to Taiwan. The sheer audacity of stating Taiwan is annexed to Mainland China. This is not invasion, not yet. The time is not right yet.

The pope has a health issue and may need surgery. This feels like gastrointestinal issues. However the Vatican is in the news with something explosive. Europe will also be going to see more conflict at this time too. 

Ireland is in the news with three major issues as well as leadership problems.

Canada; Trudeau's temper erupts, politics gets ugly and he comes out swinging. Trudeau does not like to be wrong. He will not admit to being wrong or doing wrong. Instead he will keep pushing the issue as hard as he can. He will be seen more and more as a dictator as the year goes on. Voter backlash will come too late. Because so many put their trust in him. There is a woman connected to this issue, it is political or could have something to do with the legal system and the courts. She will challenge him.

There is a long journey ahead for many people, with much confusion. I see many men walking through Europe they seem to be refugees from Russia and I feel they may be treated unfairly. Can you blame the Russian men with all that is happening right now, they just want to live and the truth being distorted by the media and governments. Truth is always the first casualty in any conflict, we know that.

I don't see these men escaping from Russia and Putin; being treated fairly by others. Innocent human beings being forced to fight in a war that they have nothing to do with. No human being should be dragged into a rich man's manufactured war or any conflict that is not of their making. The working class are used by the very rich and powerful as cheap and worthless cannon fodder for centuries without knowing the power is in the hands of the masses not the other way around. But are forced  live with the heartache, loss and Karma that is not actually theirs. That karma belongs to those that engineer every war and abuse against ordinary human beings and the animals in our world. Do not accept their karma.

Russia will ration electricity and gas next year too. Just like the rest or the northern hemisphere countries. 

Supermarkets will become a stressful environment in 2023 we will see more people begging out the front of supermarkets. One must ask how on earth this is possible in developed nations. The answer is obvious, it is created by corporate greed. 

Family focus will be on money and survival for many people next year and for the next few years unfortunately. The road to recovery will take many years I am sad to say. I have been warning of this time for years and this is it.  

I see people angry throughout Europe this winter, there will be more protests and millions without heating. People will be demanding the government does something to fix this. There is a possibility of the grid being "overloaded".  Blackouts in winter which will throw trains and trams into chaos.

Expect medical breakthroughs in 2023.

Environmental agreements and victories as expected especially with climate change. Giving money to a crisis that does not exist but lines the pockets of the rich and powerful. Sorry no refunds! I do feel there will be a push to stop any doubting of climate change. Too much money is involved here and to stop further investigation there will be a crackdown. If this was not a lie then why the need to shut people down from asking valid questions? Smells like Marxism to me.

Macron of France will not be in a good mood next year. He is determined not to back down to anyone; he feels safe with the UK and US leaders being on the same page as himself though. Fuel prices rise again in France causing more anger. Hospitals in the news too.

I get the feeling again of martyrdom, Zelensky feels like the victim here as time goes on. He is angry and frustrated. But, the west pull his strings and they are about to cut those strings shortly. He will be offered a deal. He will resist this offer though. He wants to have his say but change is coming up fast. Could this be the west trying to broker a deal with Russia and Ukraine? Zelensky will not accept that.

No, and the eastern part of Ukraine is now destroyed. Zelensky assesses the situation and knows there is no real gain here. However there is a darkness over the region that is giving way to the dawning of a new day. Martyrs are made but the harvest is bountiful for someone and money is in someone's hands.

A leader is looking dethroned here. Could this be Zelensky, and I see a peace offering being made. I do not think Zelensky will take this though. He is offended by this but there is someone clearly taking a decisive stand  here and showing aggression. This person is being offered a sweetener, they need to look at the offer in a common sense way and look at the legality of the options available to them. This is made by a much higher power and it would be foolish to ignore. Is Zelensky being paid off for his role in a proxy war of the US and the west?  There is dishonor going on here and this is an extremally powerful authority ruling over him, he would be well advised to take the money and go for his own good. 

I will stop for now as I find all of this rather distasteful. I know absolutely nothing about politics nor am I interested, it is a heavy low energy. I am only posting what I feel from the cards and nothing else. 

I hope we come through all of this misery much better adjusted and with a more spiritual outlook to teach our children. Please have a safe festive season when it comes and pray for the strength to  create a better world for all of humanity and the animals too. 

Blessings Alex

Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2022

UPDATE: 20 November 2022, The dark haired man that I have said will win the US 2024 elections could be Ron DeSantis. I don’t follow politics but things come up in the cards or I get a feeling/vision. So let’s see what happens. Last year this was showing up for in my psychic predictions for the world, for the 2024 elections. Isn’t that bizarre that it was showing up so soon. 


Please click on the link to see the psychic predictions for Australia for 2023.


UPDATE: Ireland in the news already 


UPDATE: Northern Ireland policeman shot 24 February.

UPDATE: Ireland, let’s hope nothing comes of this, there is too much blood shed.



UPDATE: King Charles, here we go, one must mind one’s P’s and Q’s. I am sure there will be many inappropriate comments from the king from here on in. 😯


UPDATE: English Soccer violence in Spain. November 26, 2022


UPDATE: More conflict in Europe 


UPDATE: France, Macron .  


For the record the Australian retirement age was lifted to 67 and the French are complaining about 62!!


French people pushing back on Macron. He doesn’t seem to back down yet as of 8 March.

UPDATE 12March, Macron did not back down to age pension age increase.


Macron is a stubborn man.


UPDATE: Vatican scandal in England 


Pope Benedict’s posthumous book exposes gay clubs in Vatican, this is what I was expecting. 


Pope Francis says homosexuality is not a crime only a sin, hypocrisy after centuries of  abuse by the Vatican! Looks like damage control mode because of Pope Benedict’s book.


UPDATE: February 4, China pulls a swifty, high altitude spying balloon.


Here we go again, China still doing the same thing


China, paid Spying in US Navy 


UPDATE: Macron feels safe, with UK


UPDATE: Medical breakthroughs, dementia 


UPDATE:  The  Vatican scandal, like we didn’t already know this; going on for hundreds of years already including god’s banker back in the 1920’s when they used a mafia accountant. How stupid do they think the public are? Wait, don’t answer that 🤣🤣



UPDATE: Medical breakthrough  25 May 2023
What a feeling for this man, to be able to stand up and walk again. The unused muscles will now be able to gain strength again. Well done to all involved in helping the man and congratulations to him for this achievement and historic accomplishment.

UPDATE: Pope Francis admitted to hospital, breaking news Wednesday , 7June 6.37pm. I just saw this as I sat watching the news.

UPDATE: Russian men, this group of Wagner mercs could possibly end up leaving Belarus and will not want to return to Russia. I hadn’t factored this in when I I did these predictions. We will have to wait and see what happens. 

UPDATE: Spain cracks down on tourists behaviour 

UODATE: Switzerland, homelessness on the rise 

UPDATE: India, disruption in politics , September 4

Italy crackdown , I feel there will be too little too late with this. People may have spread on to the mainland by the time the EU react. 

Italy crackdown on undesirables, violent teenagers and their parents 
Italy crackdown 

Crackdown on immigration 


UPDATE:  Extreme cold weather in Europe thousands without power. This is from 5 January 2024, 

Power cut in Europe November 2023, by storm Ciaran

NOTE: I actually did a google search with the words "electricity power cuts in Europe 2023", and there was a list of total contradictions on power grids and power cuts. They just make it up as they go along and hope people won't call them out on it.

UPDATE: July 2024, Russian men escaping from the army, I have no idea how many men have defected or have abandoned their post in combat. There won’t be accurate numbers. 

23 October, 2022

Neil Oliver: ‘ …. something bad’s coming our way, and it might be coming for you’

Something to ponder on, war is also a blood sacrifice for the elite. Humans are being taught to undervalue all aspects life and our spirituality by this elite cabal. Our humanity and spirituality is an undesirable quality that the elite wish to deprive us of; this is our divine right we are talking about here. Spiritually though cannot be taken by anyone and nor should it. This is what makes us human beings, without this we are just a worthless commodity to be discarded when no longer useful. This is communism in a nutshell being forced upon us. It is as old as time itself in practice. Recognising it is the issue we are facing right now.  

How far is humanity be willing to be pushed and kicked around for, by the elite of this world before pushing back on those that oppress us? Think about the World Economic Forum as an example, a criminal cabal that are trying to destroy our way of life and stripping us of our money, so that they can be even richer than they already are. Money and power concentrated in the hands of a few, that will stop at nothing to take all that we have, and push us into poverty again just like life prior to WW1 and WW2. But this time it will be worse, because they want to reduce the west to a third world status. Taking everything that individuals have worked hard for such as a home to raise their families in. The right to own a car, the right to a proper education without indoctrination. The right to a proper health care system, the right to work, the right to your cultural identity, family identity and values. The right to say;  no to anything they do not understand or do not approve of. To be denied this right is tyranny and a dictatorship. 

People are that confused these days that they can’t even perceive the dangers around them; in the form of powerful people; namely the priest class that Neil has mentioned recently; that have negative intentions against humanity. This has always been the case too if you care to do the careful research you can see this clearly dating back thousands of years BCE. People are giving there vote to some of these individuals clearly unaware of the repercussions. Demanding climate action when there is north wrong with the climate, it is a proven universal cycle. Not a cataclysmic situation because of humanity. Yet people are willing to lay down their lives for this lie and demand that others do likewise.

War is right under our noses, through the constant deliberate actions of the elite of the world. The ordinary people are the virtual blood sacrifice made to the elite; every time they create a war for the ordinary people to fight each other for no gain whatsoever. It has always been the way of course due to the masses being uneducated and accepting their lot in life. But right now people are supposed to be better educated yet many refuse to see reality or the real spiritual fallout for ongoing eternal suffering and laying down their lives for this evil elite. Their basic human rights ignored and invalidated by this evil elite class. Such as the right to live in peace and harmony, the right to keep their families safe, the right to question and refuse to take part in something that has nothing to do with them. There are many rights that are taken for granted and there are rights that are being taken away by this criminal elite yet no on stops them. 

No one wants to cause any problems or be out of lockstep for thinking alternatively. No one in politics is willing to step up for humanity to put an end to criminal behaviour by the elite; because they have a vested interest too or else they would not be in the job. So  we are here in yet another moment of history where our lives are being dictated to us again and again. Facing yet another human sacrifice for a war that the elite created for financial gain and power over humanity.  Not in my name, I value my soul and my spirituality. I know how the game is rigged and the consequences on a soul and spiritual level.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...