17 July, 2022

Neil Oliver: they are pretending like it never happened


Gosh as I type out Neil, the iPad straight away puts up Oliver. If I am typing Wes Penre, I don’t get either name pop up, no matter how many times I typed it in. That tells me something.

Anyway here is some food for thought, but this is not anything that many people have not already thought of. I think that Richi Sunak will be picked to be the new leader and prime minister. 

I like the way Neil mentioned the book, the golden bough, I have this book too. Actually it is more like a king that gets sacrificed as mentioned in the golden bough. The puppet masters are never seen in public, but they make damned sure that everyone follows the script or pays the consequences. That even goes for prince Charles. Don’t be naïve to think that the British royals or any other royals of the world are good guys. Plenty of them are involved in this and corrupt to the core. People are just gullible and naïve these days that they take everything as truth from the government and the controlled mainstream media. No matter how much evidence is put before them, they just refuse to accept the reality. It’s Stockholm syndrome on steroids. 

Note: I am not so naïve as to think Neil is not part of the controlled opposition, this is just food for thought as is America/ China uncovered/uncensored or Awaken with JP. Are all of them on a “pay roll”? 

UPDATE; 24 October, well shut my mouth, Rishi Sunak tipped to be PM 😂 let's see what happens. I do not trust him one bit, just another greedy rich guy.


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