31 October, 2023

Happy Halloween 2023


Happy Halloween everyone, the start of the silly season begins. Halloween has its origins in Scotland and Ireland hundreds of years ago, before America was discovered and is a traditional pagan tradition.

Yet very few people actually know this because it has been over commercialised by the US. The true meaning is no longer relevant. There was no trick or treat in the old Celtic celebrations that is an American concept, Samhain is the true origin of Halloween. You will notice that I don’t have a pumpkin picture here, because traditionally it was turnips that were carved and much harder to carve than the pumpkins. It was only when the Scottish and Irish people went to America that the pumpkin was adopted because it was much easier to carve. 

If you’re staying home why not let the kids play bobbing for apples and watch a couple of movies. Make some decorations for afternoon craft like paper lanterns with red or orange coloured cellophane inside to look like flames. Paper chains or orange and black crepe paper twisted together and stretched across the walls looks great to set the mood. Kids love the excitement of making decorations for Halloween and dressing up, so if they are staying home tonight they can still have fun. Keep the paper decorations for next Halloween too. Halloween parties are always fun to do at home with a few children and is another traditional way to celebrate Halloween. Look on line at traditional party games and food that were popular in the old days , you might want to do a mix of traditional and modern celebrations. 

Most importantly just have some fun and enjoy the festivities. 


28 October, 2023

Do we need to justify our very right to exist?

Do we human beings really have to question our right exist? Also do we ever question what it means to be human? The right for all human beings' to co-exist no matter where they live in this crazy mixed up world is not negotiable. Yet this is the horrible reality of this world when it comes to war, any war throughout history. No human being should have to justify their right to live in peace, ever. Nor should they have to fight for the right to live, yet that right is constantly violated and the world leaders are not really interested in humanity other than for profit.

I am not talking about any particular race of people or nation here. I am talking about us as human beings and what it really means to us as a collective to be human. Pretty soon we will again all be forced to confront this hard question again with each other, forced on to opposing sides yet again. Who has the right to say who will live and who will die? Virtually Russian roulette and we all hold our breath to see who is unlucky each time a shot is fired. A human soul suffers, a life is extingushed for the misfortune of been born.  

Who has the right to tell us that we can no longer live in our home? Who has the right to tell us where we can live within our own homelands or force us to flee? Also who has the right to determine what our lives will be and our inalienable right to self determination?

Basic human rights, of which the most important one is the right to exist freely, peacefully and safely in our own countries. War removes that right immediately, it also does not guarantee the right to stay in your own home, your safety, shelter, food and water, medical treatment and the right to keep your personal goods and belongings. There is no certainty of anything in war, we must do what we can to survive such a catastrophe. What it means to be human doesn’t even come into the equation when a human life is threatened or destroyed. All that matters is winning for those in control over our lives. 

War is profitable no matter where it is, war is decided by very rich and powerful men. War also brings out the psycopaths of the world that delight in committing gross horrors on innocent human beings.

We ordinary people are seen as irrelveant in war or conflict, assets such as realestate, (as in vast areas of a nation like East Germany and Easatern Europe in the last world war) oil, gold, petrolium and money are valuable commodities, but human life, NO. Every war is about assets because war is profitable, every single war on this planet has been about assets, money and power one way or another. We ordinary people historically can also be seen as commodities to be traded whenever it has been convenient throughout history. But who decides who is a viable commodity permitted to live and what makes some people more viable than other people? 

What happens to the men and women that fought wars? The returned soldiers that are broken, disabled, dysfunctional and often suicidal are left to their own devices by their nations government. Many of  these vetrans are homeless, kicked to the kerb and ignored by their own government regardless of where they live in the world. If that doesn't invalidate and disrespect a human life then I don't know what does. 

Another world  war is about to happen, and young men and women  will be told you need to join up and fight the enemy. But who is the enemy really? It's not yours and it's not mine, we don't know the individual people that are the "enemy" but are told to kill them and the supposed enemy is fed the same story. Every war is a rich mans creation, it has nothing to do with ordinary people, they are just the tools of the rich and powerful. Situations are created and someone has to be the scapegoat. That's how it has worked since the dawn of time. 

We are expected to forfeit our lives for the greater good, but in reality its more like the greater asset and income harvesting for the insatiable power hungry demons; that just cannot stop demanding from us that have nothing. We see the profits made by multi national corporations. money made from the blood of innocents, you and I and our children.

Contractors then line up and see who gets the contracts to rebuild and where. Lucrative contracts worth trillions. Is our blood so meaningless to all of these people that determine where a war will be and how long they can make it last? 

The longer a war runs the more money is generated and concentrated into only a few hands. But the price of war is death in the millions; of ordinary human beings and also the animals of  this world that are killed, injured and traumatised for the rest of their lives yet are unable to have a voice.

Where has the spiritual light gone in this world? Was it ever really there for humanity or the beautiful animals that we love so much? Every life extinguished brings more darkness to humanity. Humanity never will learn its lessons as long as people are prepared to kill, murder, torture and abuse one another.

Can anyone really justify or give a valid reason for such evil? Why do people refuse to see the real enemy of all life on earth? They only follow the voice of the richest earthly daemon with the loudest public voice and follow his truth, not the truth.  

And here humanity is being taught another painful lesson and nobody has done their homework. So how can humanity learn a lesson if they have no interest in learning what it means to be human and to live a peaceful spiritual life of tolerance and acceptance in everyone. How does one justify their right to just exist? More to the point why must we have to justify the right to exist to anyone? 


25 October, 2023

Iconic Aussie Christmas decorations


https://www.bigw.com.au/product/blinky-bill-bauble-4-pack/p/288806. Blinky Bill Baubles 

Big W have Aussie iconic Christmas decorations on sale now, so get in quick if you like these treasures. Lovely pieces to hand down the family as keepsakes. It’s wonderful to see a new generation of children enjoying the delightful Aussie characters loved for over 100 years. 


We've been loving and adoring Vegemite for 100 years


Yay for all the happy little Vegemite’s 100 years of our nation edible icon. I must say that I didn’t start eating Vegemite until I was at high school. Preferring peanut butter which is more palatable to small children. The iconic hot or cold accompanying drink of course is Milo which is often eaten dry out of the tin behind mum’s back and is great sprinkled on ice cream. Bonza! 

24 October, 2023

Tarot Card of the Month: November 2023, Page of Cups


This card of the month is a little different from the other ones because I am taking an astrolgical tilt this time.

Notice the little fishy in the cup, he represents the zodiac sign of Pisces which is ruled by the planet Neptune and this rules the 12 house of the zodiac.

The key word is understanding  The key phrase is I believe

Positive interpretations include, Compassionate, Sacrificing, Charitable and Sympathetic 

Negative interpretations include, Procrastinating, Timid, Impracticle, Pessimism and Inhibited

I have narrowed down the possible interpretations to suit the month of November.

Neptune is the rulling planet of Pisces and the 12th House. It represents Spirituality and the freedom urge.

The key word is intuition 

Neptune is the ruler of Maritime matters, liquid, fog, petroleum and mystery

The 12th house of the zodiac rules limitations, frustrations, hidden strength and the subconscious mind, it is also a house of the three houses of endings. The other two being the 4th house and the 8th house. 

Ok, now focusing on the Page of Cups, I notice the Page's eyes fixed on the little fishy in the cup and not the cup itself. In the background we see the water (Neptune) which is human consciousness and emotions which align to the heart chakra.

The Page has puffed sleeves giving the impression of being muscular and strong, of course he isn't. He is not what he pretends to be. He actually believes his own imagination or delusions. The Page is ruled by his emotions rather than his intellect and may not see the big picture as a result of this.

This card reminds us to face reality in November and stop being so gullible and naieve. This message should be taken onboard by young people in particular but includes everyone. Younger people do not have the advantage of years of experience nor the wisdom of older people that have lived through all sorts of things in this world. Information that is presented to the world currently in  different subjects or issues  may well be clouded by deceptions, illusions, incomplete information and fantasy, so be warned.

The time is over for silly games and jumping straight into something without knowing all the important and relevant information; including the history of the issues and real facts. 

Prudence and listening to older and wiser people who know their subject matter is advised or it may cost you dearly. Now this is also a warning about money or financial matters such as get rich quick schemes. When in doubt, stop, wait and watch. Then you will learn and save yourself some heartache. 

Be very careful if traveling in November, check the news regularly on travel destinations including flight delays or hold ups, cancellations, safety and security issues etc. Get travel insurance that covers activites you may be doing and that covers the destination that you are going to. You never know when an accident may happen also be careful around water in particular such as Jet-skies or any water activities. Medical bills are exorbidant so think wisely please. Just think worst case senarios when traveling and taking out travel insurance because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Travel by air restrictions are possible so please be wise and check on your travel dietination right up to departure time, both coming and going. Drug use is in the news so be warned and avoid drugs if going overseas because you may well be locked up in the "Bangkok Hilton" or similar. Act in haste and repent at leisure, so heed the warning. 

There are new rules in regards to the above matters so get online and read up on the laws and keep safe. Pay attention to matters involving water in general everyone, the sea and oceans in particular. I have a feeling of forboading with water. Refugees and the military  are connected to issues involving water.

 There is a risk of unnecessary deaths (drownings). Fog may be a factor in some cases including a disaster involving the seas, oceans and travelling such as refugees traveling by boats involving illegal entry into Europe and the UK. This is a dangerous time of year to do such a thing due to the weather in November onwards. Coastal areas are a high risk and are often foggy reducing visibility. Flooding is another thing to watch out for and anything connected to water. Hopefully not your hot water tank leaking in your house or your washing machine over flowing etc. 

Petrol is back in the news again and the North Sea gas is another possible issue, gas being the new gold and also sabotage of gas pipes like what has already been in the news.

Points to remember are; a reality check on all forms of communication, don't fall for everything you hear or read. Please keep your emotions under control, I know it is very difficult right now but a cool calm mind can help us see the realities around us and not act hastily. We don't want to be draged into something that we cannot get out of. 

Please stay safe where ever you live and warm and fuzzy hugs

Alex xx

Money, scams etc


Water, Sydney water industrial action 


Water,  Tasmania.


UPDATE: 5 November, flights cancelled in Germany 


8 November. Water skiing death, how horrible only just married too.


Another tragedy in the water


Water, but this guy is flirting with the grim reaper, seriously what the heck are you thinking??

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12715679/moment-tourist-knocked-feet-25ft-wave-storm-ciaran.html    more water, sea water in England 

Water, baby drowned in backyard pool in Western Australia.


Gas pipeline  this is December 8, 2023. Timing is only just out by a week. 


22 October, 2023

Finally a cure for chronic cold hands? Researchers find genetic cause of Raynaud's phenomenon that blights hundreds of millions


I have had Raynauds syndrome for many years. I have it in my hands and feet and the pain in my toes is absolute agony. Even in bed on a hot summer night I often have socks on to stop the pain. The fan blowing on my toes triggers the itching and burning pain which prevents me sleeping. My fingers go purple practically every day and that’s just if the temperature is a little lower than normal either indoors or outside. 

I recall being a small child around three or four years old and my fingers on my right hand especially would go purple. My parents never had that investigated by a doctor, I just had to live with it. The toes started to be painful when I moved to Canberra in 1995. But I recall winter in Scotland when my toes were sore and that was just put down to the cold weather when I was outside even though I was wearing warm socks and boots. The house was always warm and comfortable thankfully, but boy what a shock when I got to Canberra and experienced this pain. 

One particular winter in Scotland I was about 14 years old and playing on the ice with friends all afternoon. I was dressed warm but I had school shoes on that were ones that I had worn at school in Australia and not suitable for winter in Scotland. They were great for sliding on though. But because it was freezing cold and I was out having fun I didn’t worry about the cold on my toes which was very painful. That was until I decided to go home as the pain was so bad. 

But when I got indoors the pain was through the roof. My mum had me sit next to a gas heating vent and had a basin of warm water to help warm my feet. It was much worse than the pain that I felt already. I sure learned a lesson from that. I screamed with the pain and was crying because it was so painful.

I often wondered if that was what caused my Reynauds syndrome. But I already had this in my fingers from a small child so I perhaps just made it worse, I don’t know. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists for a few years now and trapped ulnar nerves which are inflamed in both my elbows and nerve damage just under the surface of my forearms. So I experience pain constantly for many years, but reading this article I noticed the low blood sugar levels. I have diabetes on both sides of my family however I am not a diabetic. 

I read through the comments for the article and I noticed the mention of vit B3 , magnesium and blood medication. For me the magnesium doesn’t help but it helps cramps in my legs. There were side effects from the medication prescribed by my specialist which I took for two or three days and had to stop. I just try to keep my toes and fingers warm. What I don’t know is if the tingling on the tip of my tongue and bottom lip are part of the Reynauds or not. I told my GP but no answer from him on that one 😳 I have been through specialists and basically there’s nothing that they can do other than surgery for the carpal tunnel and my nerve entrapment. That surgery for the elbows is not always successful so I won’t be doing that. My wrists, I don’t know, I need to think about it. I lose feeling in my hands constantly and waken up at night with numbness in both hands. 

My shoulders and neck were injured in a crash back in 2015 and I am pretty certain that the nerves below the surface of my skin and the nerve entrapment was caused by that accident as I was holding my tablet reading when the accident happened and I was thrown upwards and backwards in a second. It was such a violent accident, the force of my arms being pulled up in quick and violent manner was quite painful.

Pain killers only worked for so long and long term use leads to liver damage. So I am just trying to keep my fingers and toes warm and use deep heat ointment regularly on my arms and even my toes. 


21 October, 2023

Jupiter, go big or go home


                                            Jupiter, Go big or go home! Jupiter can make us do things in a big way.

Some meanings of  Jupiter are, growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, long distance travel     higher education, religion, the law. 

Astrology is not 100% accurate in certain areas

 As I am studying astrology I am quite aware that this amazing subject has extremely important values and I do believe in it. The science though is not such that it can explain all things in your life clearly or the right way around. Having read some interpretations of my astrological report on Astrodinst which is a fantastic website by the way, I noticed a couple of thing in interpreting my childhood it was completely round the wrong way. 

However before reading this part of my birth chart, I came across information in the course of my studies, in the series of astrology books by Marion March and Joan McEvers where the authors point out things such as, you cannot predict someone’s death. That can only be picked up after the fact. Also little things in your personality that you yourself are aware of or certain things that happened to you can not always be reflected in your astrology chart. The person interpreting the chart for instance may not pick up the reasons for you being upset such as in my case. 

The read out said that I wanted my mother to be complex, subtle and unfathomable. Hell no, I  actually wanted her to be open, approachable and not terrorise me and psychologically abuse me. Big difference between the delineation of my chart and reality. This is where I would look at the chart differently and perhaps say that either situation could have happened. Intuition also plays a role in astrology, which is pointed out in the study books. One must feel the energy of the individual which  is quite difficult to do especially when you are only learning the science of astrology. 

I had someone do an astrology report on me many years ago and I was offended by the opening remarks. I thought wow, how the heck can you make such an assumption. I would be rather cautious in my wording of an astrology report. This person had only met me socially once or twice but I can definitely see where some astrologers need to choose words very carefully lest they get something wrong and cause the client offence and upset. 

I as a Tarot reader always choose my words carefully and never do I go into personality traits that the person may be embarrassed about. I have a strong sense of duty of care and I hope that I will always be mindful of wording anything for my clients. A person knows their own personality within themselves whether they care to disclose to a psychic or an astrologer. A highly attuned psychic person knows either by picking up the vibes from the client or as they open the tarot deck to read the client. 

A little lesson in this for me to keep in mind if I decide to use this skill publicly in the future. Mindful use of words, words can be easily misused and this is something that I always keep in mind as a Libran. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs peeps πŸ€—πŸ§Έ

20 October, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A # 3 October 2023


Pay attention to number 5,  I have always maintained never follow any guru’s or anything other than yourself. I point blank refuse to accept anything other than from my higher self, I refuse to do trance-mediumship and the reason is stated on this blog if you care to read it. I am strongly opposed to channeling too, meaning deliberately channeling entities as opposed to when I am suddenly given a message from spirit. I trust absolutely nothing in this world because it is a world of lies, deception and half truths. You cannot be an advanced being on this earth, it’s impossible.

You need no other guide than your higher self and your own spiritual intuition. Stand in your own power not an artificial construct. 

I refuse to read for a particular person that insists that they are in tune with the galactic federation of light and will not listen to reason and follows a particular guru that has a criminal record. This person refuses to understand that this entire new age rubbish is a con or a hoax by wicked people right at the top. I don’t want to say any more than that. It’s up to individuals to make sensible choices and judgment based upon logic. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs

 My favourite expression, warm and fuzzy hugs. It’s the mummy side of me 

Neil Oliver: Expendable


Every life matters. Just like I said in my predictions; when I ask what does it mean to be human? Think about this, someone’s child, someone’s son or daughter. I sure as hell would not want to have blood on my hands, especially a child’s blood that is horrific. Yes, I realise that in war sometimes children are armed and will kill. The reason being is because children don’t have the reasoning ability like an adult and so will not think about the full consequences of their actions. What sort of human beings arm children with a bomb or a gun? Knowing full well that a soldier has to make a judgment call on this innocent child that has been used by cowards because the coward doesn’t care about the innocent child nor does this coward have any human decency or courage to be a man. It matters not where this type of situation happens because it happens globally from Northern Ireland to the current areas of conflict. The fact that it happens is the issue. This is a massive collective failure of humanity right there. 

I will never choose sides in violence, I respect what it means to be human and spirit. We are one and the same, both human and spirit. Yet incarnated in such a low and heavy duality of the third dimension suffering was always part of the conditions, yet very few can raise their spiritual frequency high enough to leave this reality permanently. We must strive to rise above the evil in this reality. We are on the earth but not of the earth spiritually speaking.  

18 October, 2023

The book of the Damned by Charles Fort


https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/22472 The free pdf version of The book of the damned 

I just came across this tonight after clicking on a link in my blog on the pdf book Operation Trojan Horse. 

The link is closed but you may be able to find it on  Gutenberg.org or somewhere else. 

It’s just my sense of humour

My kind of place to eat I have Taurus in my birth chart 🀣🀣🀣

                                         Anal retentive humour 

                                          Ah, the original stink bombs 🀣🀣🀣 the striped stink kitties 

15 October, 2023

Morning grounding and an image of Poland

 Well this is strange, I had another one of those moments. As I was grounding and attuning myself I suddenly saw a picture of a big grey apparentment block in Poland. There was a big electricity pylon near the appartments to the rear of the building. I only had a very quick glance but I noticed what was either bright yellow lights in windows to the right side of the building or it was flames that were yellow.

I have no idea what it means but I thought I aught to post this on my blog just in case it is actually something important. 

https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2023/10/psychic-predictions-for-world-in-2024.html  My 2024 predictions I say keep an eye on Poland and surrounding nations.


New in

https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/poland-buys-more-k9-howitzers-south-korea-26-billion-deal-2023-12-01/  Poland buys Howitzers


Poland troops to man the border on Finland border


The Kremlin warns of tension if Poland sends troops to the Finnish-Russian border 

Psychic predictions for the world in 2024 update


I found an extra page full of notes for the world psychic predictions this morning.  I do not have any more to add to the predictions so they are now complete. 

 I have added them at the bottom where is says UPDATE, it may look untidy. I am currently  time poor due to family issues this weekend.  I just had to get them on here as quickly as possible and I realise that it may look rather disjointed. The predictions were done over two days and it is not unusual for me to be interupted because I am also a full time carer. So it can be very difficult to keep focus for this type of work. I often comment that I am often working under such situations. I do not always have the luxury of relaxing to do my predictions and as I said before, October is the month for my predictions. I did not choose this month, it was put into my lap so to speak by spirit.

Again I am sorry for any inconvenience.

warm regards



13 October, 2023

Just a little bit of a word from my heart to everyone

 I am glad that my psychic predictions are done. I did not enjoy doing these this year and they were not what I expected at all. I think I need some silly stuff on the blog to lighten up the vibe. So please have a few laughs with these  funny cartoons.  And have a good weekend wherever you live in the world. 

Psychic Predictions for Australia in 2024

 OK, straight away I notice blocked thinking and avoidance of reality. As many well meaning people are living in denial. They are sitting in comfort looking out at others and not seeing the fact that there is so much poverty and suffering in Australia presently.

These people are under the illusion of thinking that they can get what they want any time and money is not a problem. They think that everything is fine and life is good in Australia, the land of plenty. They need a reality check  because they are living an illusion. They clearly choose not to see the hardship of others or their real suffering. The reason is because they do not actually come into real physical contact with these people in need. Be it the poor, the homeless, the unemployed, low income earners, those that live in a shared house with several other people with no privacy, the sick, the disabled and those with serious mental health problems.

Yet these individuals feel entitled to make rash and often wrong judgement calls without having an actual understanding or even experience of these harsh realities that befall anyone at any time. Some of these experiences are life long with terrible consequences too. 

Financial decisions must be made in 2024. There may be hard choices  for ordinary people but done for the right reasons. However there will be opportunities for people entering the workforce. I see people overcoming difficulties, these people may have been sick or are disabled yet are able to participate in the workforce.

They may only be able to work part time in some cases yet are in paid employment. This does lift the workforce in Australia though, and it is important to everyone. I do feel that some employers are stubborn though and will avoid paying people a real living wage. Hardship is a problem for some employers though, and this must be acknowledged. It is pay what you can reasonably afford and not let your business go bankrupt and lose the business, and in turn putting people on the dole and into a spiral of debt. So these realities must be factored in realistically.

The Australian workforce are asking for a real living wage, to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families and that is fair enough. These people deserve to have their voice heard and their plight understood. People feel that no one is listening nor caring,  so expect only small gains in this area. These are the very people that are to put their lives and everything on the line to fight a war eventually. How unjust is this? 

People are also rightly seeking a healthy work, life and leisure time balance. There is an air of naivety and avoiding of reality that times are hard on everyone versus the right to a fair pay which must be acknowledged by both employers, the government and unions too. People will start to be introspective after Christmas 2023 when they are counting their pennies. 

Decisions for younger people in the new year will be stressful as they struggle with finances and general difficulties. The choice between holding on to their money or going out socialising and partying will be hard for them. It also is apparent that the type of job that young people hold determines the quality of their socialising too. This will cause resentment with many working class people who will also draw comparisons with their parents that were young in the 1980's. 

The 1980's were hard though with a recession, high unemployment and industry removed from Australian shores and established in China and other places for cheap labour. I was there and I remember the hardship and I was unemployed for three years. We also were the first victims of massive price increases on buying a house or a block of land for the Australian dream of home ownership and there were many that lost their homes due to banking scandals and high interest rates of 18.5%  

I knew people that lost their homes and had small children and babies. So we do understand, and it is beyond the control of ordinary people, and we are not responsible for these situations. Put the blame where it rightfully belongs, with the government, the banks and overseas investors and shareholders. Most ordinary people did not have the luxury of owning shares back then. 

Patience and compassion are called for in 2024, But new job opportunities will be created, they will be in service industries, defence manufacturing and support roles, such as weapon and technology positions including drone manufacturing, military hardware. A boost to AI and IT is also on the cards in the defence of our borders. This may well be fast tracked due to current political circumstances.

Melbourne will pick up a lot of work in 2024, and people will travel to pick up work and new jobs. So relocation will also take place around the east coasts of Australia for manufacturing purposes. I do feel the  states and territories will be allocated functions or roles to fulfil in defence support and technology. Intelligence and related jobs are also created. Security will be ramped up and people will be sworn to secrecy with their jobs. Expect sabotage and leaking of information. But the punishment will be dire to deter those that think they can get away with it. This is serious stuff we are talking about.

Aviation will boom as there is now an urgency to get things done. This should have been taken care of two elections ago but was dismissed as absurd by naΓ―ve individuals that thought they knew better. 

Young people will be advised to stay at school to complete year 12 if possible, to gain qualifications and then train in their chosen field of employment. This is to their advantage unless family finances say otherwise.

I see young women joining the workforce and going into hospitality and support/service orientated jobs whether in an office setting like the public service or other essential roles. Young women with children will also be encouraged to go into part time work to support their families to boost the country's workforce. This benefits corporations but it puts food on the table of families in hard financial times too.  This has the feeling of the war effort in early 20th century. 

However, money is desperately needed to support families so there will be young women taking up these positions to help pay the mortgage or rent to help their families.  The down side is these families become time poor for quality family time and it also adds stress to young people with children and the tension may result in domestic violence and divorce or separation. This is a stress that families do not need. Emotional and psychological issues may develops due to this pressure.

2024 is by no means an easy year for anyone. There is an air of deception from the start with illusion and deception high, expect some people to be angry with the government, authorities and world events,  this is not imaginary it is very real concerns. Other people feel a sense of hopelessness but please hang in there. There will be brightness as others are able to show leadership skills and abilities and  will step up where they can to help others. We must thank these selfless people for their help and their time, they too have families and their own issues to deal with also. So please keep that in mind because it is a coping mechanism to take their minds off of their own problems. They give selflessly of themselves.

I do see more charity and thoughtfulness as people try to lift others doing it tough. That is what it means to be Australian, we are renowned for our bravery and selfless actions historically and our sense of humour in times of stress and hardship. The warm weather will bring out the love in those that are skilled in human relationships that are able to arrange sausage sizzles and charity drives to help those in need including our fur babies and wildlife. Australians are very good at helping animals in need. 

I do feel people are more selective in helping  humans in need this year because of the 2019 bushfire donation debacle. As long as help is given that is all that truly matters though. Women’s groups seem to be organising charitable events especially for children and those fleeing violence or experiencing poverty and homelessness, but also general public assistance. Thank you to all of you that help make life better for others. 

Coles has a big announcement next year too. No doubt it is charity related also. Some banks such as the smaller ones like Beyond Bank and Bendigo bank  will have food donations set up for people in need too. I also see nappies and other items that are essential being donated to help others. Anything is  good though and truly appreciated. This is beneficial to humanity in spiritual law, as what goes around comes around. 

So by doing acts of kindness and generosity no matter how small is  very important in balancing the energy and the vibrational frequencies of the world and individual human beings. This energy must never be disregarded because it is real and it matters. The more unselfish acts that people do will always make a huge difference on this Earth. This is the power of positive energy and unconditional love over dark negative energy. 

Sunshine in Australia means happiness and celebration, so spread that happiness and the good vibes. Forget the differences and conflict and focus on what it mean to be human and live by example. Love and kindness and overcoming the dark energy. We ordinary people the world over have much more in common so share that love, respect and acceptance.

Keep the politics out of humanity and mean it! Love, spirituality, care and devotion, including doing acts of kindness unconditionally; wins over evil. Do not let evil dwell within you, kick it to the kerb where it belongs and show your humility and humanity. 

We are all spiritual beings, in great pearl against evil. This is spiritual darkness over the Earth it does not belong here nor does it belong to humanity.

You need to ask yourself what it means to be human. Take this message onboard and think about it before it is too late. 2025 is too late and to have blood on your hands is a terrible thing.

Please look up the negative meaning of the number 8 and the number 9. This is a wake up call so please think very carefully before acting.

Blessings and unconditional love to every one and warm and fuzzy hugs.

Alex xx 

Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2023

PS, I have gone back over the typos 🀣

Below is the link to the Psychic predictions for the world in 2024


Coles Supermarket 


UPDATE: Albanese secures a deal to increase IT and AI.


UPDATE: Military upgrades create more jobs 


UPDATE: 16 January, Missiles to be made in Australia 


UPDATE: Domestic violence


UPDATE: Living wage 


UPDATE: Age care pay increases, about time they got a better pay rise.


Wage increases , 20/2/24 


UPDATE: New jobs in defence industry, construction in NT. By the way there are jobs advertised in Victoria that are within the military for civilians . Check employment agencies online, I saw several today just by googling.


UPDATE: Defence, $400m into building killer drone fleet 


UPDATE: Food Banks, food donations 5/3/24 


https://au.news.yahoo.com/photos-of-crowded-inner-city-streets-reflect-sad-new-reality-in-australia-010712831.html   9/6/24 

UPDATE: Beyond Bank, double donation 


UPDATE: Domestic Violence 30% spike 


UPDATE: People doing it tough 


UPDATE: Espionage two Russians arrested for espionage, only the tip of the iceberg though. 


12 October, 2023

Psychic Predictions for the world in 2024

 NOTE: My psychic predictions start from the day they are posted remember, so it's October to October.

To start with 2024 is the year of the dragon and wood element it is a number 8 year which relates to authority, it represents inner strength, insight, connection to spirit, good judgment, discernment, truth and integrity, number 8 is also a transformative number, restructuring. A desire for peace, courage, duality.

Number 8 relates to karma, the north node of the moon, which is accumulating where the south node is about releasing or taking the easy way out. 

The negative interpretations are connected to money in a greedy manner, control, dictatorship, greed, world transformation, authoritarian, the ego, authoritarian control and tendencies. 

Astrologically the 8th House is a house of endings it rules sex, taboo’s, death, regeneration and other people’s possessions. It rules inheritance , your partner’s resources, and taxes. 

The 8th house is ruled by Scorpio and the ruling planet is Pluto. Pluto is an intense planet which represents the underworld, subversion, foreboding, atomic/nuclear power, crime, Pluto governs the masses as in society, expansive, secrets, kidnapping and disappearances, it is the last of the three transcendent planets. Pluto also has a cycle of 248 years. And it takes 12 to 13 years to pass through a sign. Pluto is considered an upper octave of Mars. Pluto has been  in retrograde in Aquarius until June and currently Pluto is in Capricorn until 20th January 2024. Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and is the 10th house of the zodiac.which represents the urge for security and safety. Its actions are slow and lasting. The key word for Capricorn is ambition.  

Among its many rulerships Saturn rules discipline, responsibility, organisation, ambition, limitation,  Saturn works in a 28 to 30 year cycle. So you can get the general idea of what to expect next year and the flow on effects. So Pluto takes over on 20th of January (Aquarius) to 1st September 2024 and this is not a happy situation. 

2024 starts with a bang! Chaos and hard control (the wheel of fortune and the chariot) are showing on the top line of the tarot cards. Things are moving fast at the start of 2024, evident already and escalating events in November and December 2023 leading into the New Year. A quick mind is called for to examine what is really taking place and something is coming out of the blue, requiring concentration and attention to detail; to sift through the distractions and real facts of every situation. A voice of reason tries to be heard, yet will be stymied by faction’s in the US and the useless UN in serious discussions. This is damage control and it may be rather difficult negotiating these multiple situations. I do not feel a successful outcome can be reached because nobody is prepared to pull their heads in, not to mention the money involved. 

Things are not what we have been lead to believe in several situations regarding conflict in key areas around the world without naming names and tensions are simmering to boiling point. Keep an eye on Serbia for unrest and conflict, Poland and surrounding countries also because they are at risk from deliberate destabilisation. 

Make no mistake 2024 is about political deception and lies. The pretext for war in which the first casualty is alway the  truth. There will be ongoing travel and transport problems in 2024 partly due to the countries at war and embargo’s, tariffs, infrastructure upgrades etc, but also the climate BS is also being forced on us,  used to mess with transport and travel for ordinary people especially in the UK.

Transporting of goods will  once again affect businesses and interruptions to food deliveries to supermarkets further inconveniencing consumers yet again. Some people have anticipated this and have already started stocking up and preparing for this. Not everyone is able to do this unfortunately and this will cause a lot more stress and suffering because these people do not have any way of buffering themselves against hardship. 

2024 is not going to be a very good year for many people globally. Deception and the unknown shows very strongly in the cards and I do not like what I see. Victories for some of humanity and suffering and destruction for others. Harsh and brutal events grip many places around the world and people are very worried. Add to this crippling financial pressures that many are already facing.

I see the Red Cross asking for help in donating food and funds because the demand is far exceeding the resources they have. I see tinned food is needed with the food donations. 

People are now also looking around to see where is a safe haven to live, which adds to the increasing number of refugees globally. Many of these people never expected to be in such a situation because they always thought where they lived was safe. Not any more sadly! 

Factor in financial distress, homelessness and also lack of identification documents in this upheaval. BUT! Not all of these refugees are in fact refugees, there are a very small faction of men hiding in the ranks that are terrorists. Once they arrive in the selected country their mission is to destabilise the country. I feel that the UK is one such target. 

The governments of the west will take swift action to stop these men,  but are they really doing enough to prevent anything happening?   I feel England will have difficulties with these individuals as well as genuine refugees and the  Home Office which is the British version of the department of Immigration throughout 2024 will struggle to cope. 

France's Macron is back in the news with more controversy and  people will rightly ask; "whose side is he really on?" He may be responding or reacting to a situation too harshly and then say, oops! 

Tales of woe in the news may not actually be what we are led to believe. So people need to waken up to reality from their wokeism and naivety because they are being played for fools. This in turn will cause disharmony with the general public who are then set against each other. You can guess who ends up with egg on their faces, the woke, and the joke is on them and they won't like it one bit.

The western world are now trying to reverse some of the PC policies that were put in place from the 1990's onwards  because they are seen as obvious failures. So what does this actually mean for everyone? It means silly games are over and a new reality begins to hit us. Currently the world is being restructured and gradually people are starting to have an “Oh My” moment. Their ideal lives have suddenly stopped being ideal.

New rulerships are unveiling globally as 2023 draws to a close, the curtain is lifting and people gasp in disbelief. The divide in society is more evident and I do not see this being repaired for many years to come. Heartache for many has already begun but by no means is it over. The 2030's we see a brave new world and it is not a happy one. Recovery will be a very slow one over many years. Children will never forget the poverty and suffering in what will be reminiscent of the times at the end of both world wars as the world faced rebuilding then as well as rations. Britain was still on food rations up until 1954, just think about that one. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rationing_in_the_United_Kingdom It wasn’t just food  that was rationed, please read this. I was lucky to be born in 1963.

I do feel the Middle East will eventually become entirely restructured and remodernised by the 2040's into a major buisness hub including IT. Yet there will still be restrictions on society, especially on women. A corporate Middle East will be a modern kind of power hub aligned with India. I feel India plays a major  role in this business evolution. 

Education is in the news in 2024 with some changes to improve modern schooling. 

I see some more retail companies will go into receivership next year as they are losing a lot of money, part of the problem is transport issues with their goods as well as financial problems. These smaller companies cannot compete with bigger global competitors. 

Healthcare will be in disaray with slow service and the governments of the world must step up here to do something constructive instead of being destructive. We must also be on our guard because the WHO and the WEF and their pals are going to really rattle some cages again. This will cause great anger and outrage with the public and rightly so because NGO's have no right to interfere in soveregin nations especially when they encroach with bullying tactics to rule over every single human being, violating our human rights and our national soverignty. This is tyranny and must never be tolerated. 

Do you want a global medical dictatorship vioating your rights and destroying your nations soverignty? Because that is what it means. Many world leaders don't actually have a problem with this or with an elected head at the top of the heap. How does that work?  You vote for a political party not a corporation  but many politicians have a vested interest in turning their citizens over to the WHO gangsters. 

So what seems like welcoming change in 2024 is anything but beneficial. It is actually a hard takeover of the gullible and the naive in the guise of benevolent care. If this is signed off on then expect tremendous pain and suffering.

I see old people losing their voice publically in 2024 and this is only the start of it. Where is the voice of reason?  The sons and daughters of the elderly must advocate more for their elderly parents and loved ones. Because if they don't then they too shall share the same fate and worse in retirement. The young ones will not have the money to inherit either because it will be gone, by the time their parents die. 

One must also ask, what does it mean to be Human at this point in time because it seems many have lost the basic understanding of what it means to be Human. Add Human Spirituality in to this because for some it will go the way of the dinosaur. Which in itself is a great human tragedy beyond our imagination and the meaning of life is lost. The vital spark that makes us Human is being extinguished faster than we can blink. 

How does it get like this and the utter failure served with collective apathy? The pain and heartache is among us right now but it is only just the beginning , yet many people just side step this because it doesn't affect them. Er, yes it actually does unless you are not Human and void of a soul. Remember a life is a life. Human or animal we all have souls and we all feel pain and suffering. We need love and compassion, we need acceptance and tolerance to endure throughout this difficult time. 

What was unleashed in 2023 cannot be extinguished without mass human casualties globally. As I keep warning, war is a failure of Humanity. It is allowed to happen for a reason, trillions of dollars over Human lives. The masses will be stripped of everything they own and worked hard to save for; because nobody was prepared to do anything to stop this deliberate destruction and theft of our money and standard of living.

There is decline of spiritual, moral and ethical rules that decent society lives by, which are being are traded for the wilful destruction of Human lives in favour of blood soaked corporate dollars because the last two world wars and every single conflict to current date is profitable business sense. 

Are we actually comfortable burying the children of our world for this greed? Regardless of their age including those wearing a military uniform. They too are someones sons and daughters and their lives matter just as much as everyone else’s lives. Agreements are made as the banks and big businesses pilfer the government coffers under the watch of world leaders yet no one will be held accountable and the money will be gone. 

Rest assured the banks will be causing more pain in 2024 with rates increased and lending reduced.

There is a dangerous and deceptive hearts and minds game afoot to soothe the masses next year with false hopes and promises which will be apparent by the middle or second half of next year. There are a few more bankruptcies and store closures around the world. I see the logo of HMV connected to companies that declare they are in receivership. 

There are awards handed out for absurd reasons in 2024, some are totally bizarre , which will leave us laughing and scratching our heads or others that we react with utter disbelief at the absurdity. 

A young man with dark hair becomes a houshold name or public name. He is either from the UK or US and is a very intelligent young man, gaining public recognition for an invention or a humanitarian act. He is quite a humble young man in his late teens or early twenties. He has a very young vibe to him.

Patience and calm are a must next year. We must strive to be less reactionary over things in the news that are deliberately divisive and manipulative. These news stories are designed to keep people angry, frightened and also designed to make us choose sides. 

Do not play into the hands of this wickedness, lest you wear the so called karmic responsibility that does not belong to you. This is a time to be kind, compassionate and avoid violent behaviour because this is what locks in the dreadful conflict beginning between 2025 to 2027. This is currently transpiring and putting our consciousness into this we are pulling our spiritual energy down low and this anchors the destruction into Human consciousness. Remember this is energy in motion as well as the spiritual terminology of, As above, so is below, meaning that what we think of we therefore create in the physical world. 

How are we going to feed our children and society globlly with all of this terrible conflict? The welfare of animals is also greatly affected and the animals are dependant on us to care for them too. Most of us love animals and need our precious fur babies in our lives. They need food and medical care  yet there is a shortage of vets to help us when our pets are ill or injured. Did you know that veterinarians have one of  the highest suicide rates in the world?  Without these wonderful men and women who can we turn to to save our fur babies or wildlife when they need help? 


Note: There is more to come, as I have time to update this post. I noticed that the message is definitely a drastic change to my normal prediction, yet I was told by my guides a couple of months ago that there will be changes. I am not sure how I feel about this to be honest. I will not name any warring countries in this prediction because people will jump to the wrong conclusions. This is about human beings and our right to live in peace and harmony with one another. So let’s keep it simple and spiritual. 

All I know is that each time that I sat down to do the predictions yesterday afternoon and today this kept coming out in the cards and my notes. Please keep an eye on the blog for updates. I will be looking at Australian predictions tomorrow or on the weekend and get them online asap.

Blessings to everyone and please be loving and kind to your fellow man and the animals because we are all in great need of spiritual support and uplifting πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™


13 October 2023 

Ok I will try and keep this short, as we already have expected fuel is going to go up in price because of conflict, and the "climate issue". We just have to deal with it. I somehow don't think there will be more public transport to accomodate more people using busses and trains straight away that may be a year or two's wait.

A general feeling of hopelessness hangs over the world population, more people seem to be in need of help, financially and emotionally.  The United Nations will be in the news all year, and there is a general lack of trust of them in the public minds. I also see people in positions of power want to maintain the status quo, they refuse to acknowledge their discrepancies and wrong doing in the world and that includes NGO's so expect these people to be a bit hot under the collar as well as their toadies.   

Small peacemeal is offered to those suffering in conflict zones and countries facing difficulties, yet nothing is done to stop this suffering really. There is blind justice and indifference to those that are suffering while others set the rules. There needs to be a long term solution that is fair and workable for everyone. 

A global uproar is possible as ordinary people fight back against tyranny, unfortunately I do not see a good outcome. Expect more and more conflict as the year goes on. I see the media being a battle ground with divided opinions. But this is a world of duality really so this is to be expected regardless. 

The cultural divide and the social divide are both volatile situations that are not going to go away, they are here to stay for a long time. Humanity must learn to have respect, manners, tolerance and acceptance of each other without being offended at the slightest thing because this does not help anyone. It is juvanile and  unacceptable. 

Airlines are back in the news for a number of reasons and people may also start to feel nervous about travel and their safety. Remember the meaning of the number 8 and the urge for safety and security. If you have to travel, then do your homework on a regular basis to check on the current status where you wish to travel to. 

Panic buying will be triggered again in 2024 and there will be hoarding just like three years ago. The governments of the world must step up to ensure that everyone is taken care of in their basic human rights and need for food, water, medicines etc. 

Some world leaders are demanding the impossible next year and will be met with resistance by other leaders. They will not be in the mood to negotiate. Africa seems to be in pearl in 2024, I see women in tears and crying for their loss. Many tears are shed in Africa, and famine and war is back again, where is the compassion and the love? Tragedy though  is not the right word to use to describe what is happening, this is not accidental or unintended. It is deliberatley caused suffering caused by humans that place no value on human lives and those of ordinary people regardless of where they live. 

There are new inventions being rolled out in 2024 for factories and warehouses. This looks like robotic and AI technology which will replace human employees and saves companies money on paying wages.

Diversity and disapointment in Canada as next year rolls around and many people are unhappy with the government and how their lives are suddenly negatively impacted. 

I feel a sudden release of energy next year like a bomb, which is the only way that I can describe the feeling of this explosive energy, this can also be emotional energy too. Law and order is the main thrust of the year. Things will continue to  gain momentum and the sheer concentration of power is evedent with open struggles and conflict here to stay.

What I do see is, something like a courthouse (UN?) involving the whole world, the deception and avoidance of reality and the truth is apparent. Accusations are fertile and flying in all directons as some seek to water down the accusations and crimes. Credulous people that are involved in the discussions but they never even think of looking behind the curtain Wizard of Oz style to see the real facts and the real truth. What is brough to the table is a blending of facts, opinions and lies as the US calls the shots here, this is business and international politics in the raw. 

 This avoidance of truth and facts is achieved by financial inducement of course, yet the reality leaves death and destruction of ordinary peoples lives, we apparently don't matter. 

We will see power sharing and joining of military forces around the world as one huge team. Be warned here though; because the results of this also has a major impact on society globally from here on in for many years to come, then there will be sweeping changes, the likes of the world has never seen.

I can't describe this effectively but after war and all that entails, this world will be very different, that is all I can tell you. Perhaps later down the track I will see more of what will be, nothing is set in stone as yet so that is why it is not clear. I am not a qualified astrologer yet so I won't be able to look at this from an astrological perspective for a little while.

I will finish this post now as I feel very sad for the entire world, please remember what happens in this world affects every single human being and all of the animals. There is no place for war and suffering at the expense of lives.

Please pray for a better world and be the peaceful change that you wish to see. The Australian psychic predictions are underway. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs and blessings to all

This link below takes you to my Australian psychic predictions for 2024


UPDATE: I was just cleaning up my desk ready to start my astrology studies again and I just found more note from my Psychic Predictions for the world in 2024. I must admit that I had paper all over the place and was writing on a A4 note pad that I had started to use for Astrology lessons. 

I’m disorganised this week due to other things going on at home. Anyway here  are  more predictions, and this is definitely the last of them. Crimea is in the news again. 

I hear the words “Texas fallout and California” too. I feel this is a political thing, it might be connected to the run up to the elections.

A boat or ship is in the news, however I am not sure if it is military or civilian, but it is quite significant to world events in 2024. 

Camila the Queen Consort is in the news with a new look and image to make her more appealing to the public. But something damaging is revealed, this is to do with her side of the family. I see her wearing a light green jacket and trousers, and there is a wind around her carrying her in it's path. So she seems to be caught up in the path of something. suddenly and unexpected. Camila can think fast on her feet though. Leaving some raised eyebrows in the process as she tries to down play this. This will be noticed by certain people though and not everything is black and white. 

A serious health issue around children is in the news early in the new year. Fast action is needed to address this. I also pick up ear infections with children too, lots of ear infections which are quite painful.

A new hospital opens in the UK named after King Charles III. I feel this is near an airport and water is near by. It could be a town or city built near the coast line.

Something is happening with force bringing an end to something and a new beginning. Authority sweeping something away to bring about a new order. This could be very turbulent because of its sweeping action and energy. I get a religious feeling like the crusades, this is what it feels like to me. A new power that is forceful. This could even be climate change being forced on the world as the new religion and its forceful.

I hear Panama Papers 2. Not sure what that will be, we just have to wait and see what happens. 

Trauma is taking its toll in Ukraine and Kiev especially. Words fall on deaf ears. The results are less than pleasing. I see roads bombed and big craters in the roads, blocking the roads for people trying to flee.

I see a red sign with a big H but it is not for hospital, it feels like gas.

Rome, the city of the catholic church is in the news again, and I get the feeling of the church hierarchy feeling they are losing their grip on the young people and they seek to turn this around by trying to offer them something tangible, financial inducement or some career vocation within the catholic church through education.

I do not think there will be objection to the proposals. I would say young people need to open their eyes to what is going on here. Is it actually to their benefit or a disadvantage?  The reputation of the church may be rather off putting to young people who are aware more than some older people to the historic abuses and hence more reticent to anything related to the church.

Sudden changes and news is indicated, conclusions to some events. However there is some good news to celebrate in 2024, this feels like family orientated events with lots of children involved. This happy situation feels like it is in the warm weather, with holiday celebrations with a very enjoyable vibe.

Students are looking at career options coming up in the news, perhaps a drive to get young people choosing trades and vocations that have been under staffed. These young people are needed to fill vital-full time roles, due to people that have been leaving and not being replaced causing under staffing which caused a vacuum that needs to be closed.

This will attract people from around the world to travel overseas to take up new positions in teaching, health and trades.  These are also opportunities for young people that may not have had the chance in their homelands so they have to move overseas. Expect exceptional young doctors and nurses emerging in a few years time. Sadly these young medicos  may be in the sad position of caring for war wounded men, women and children. This is not what they thought they were signing up for, but a symptom of the times that we are living through.

This will have a serious outcome for these young people because they have never seen such trauma and it will affect them emotionally and psychologically or on the other hand some are survivors of war  and remember all too  well. These individuals will handle this situation a little better than the former. It should not have to be this way.

Copyright, Alex Fulford, October 2023. 


OK That is all that I had written down in my notes that I found today at 11.30am. Sheesh Alex you need to keep a more tidy office.

Take care everyone and please keep loving peaceful thoughts in your hearts and minds. We ordinary people need each other more than we realise. xxx  

UPDATE: Poland, keep an eye on Poland’s politics 


UPDATE: Africa, truly heartbreaking 


UPDATE: Ship or boat in the news


Russian ship hit by missile 


Ship hijacked by Houthi rebels 20/ 11/23 


Ship missing in Black Sea 

UPDATE:Ship sinks 



UPDATE: Belarus, these people never expected to have to leave their homeland. 


UPDATE: Boat in the news, Spirit of Tasmania IV launched in Finland. 


Third ship attacked 


UPDATE: Rescue of hijacked ship, Indian navy commandos board ship.


UPDATE: Africa, This story still needs further investigation. Horrible news 


UPDATE: African women in tears πŸ€—πŸ˜­


https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2023/12/19/un-security-council-agrees-to-early-withdrawal-of-dr-congo-peacekeepers I have grave fears that things will not be peaceful, more tears and bloodshed will follow 😭

UPDATE: High end juice brand business collapses, HRVST ST, sounds like HMV to be honest because when spirit shows me a sign and I hear the words it comes in a split second and then vanishes. SomI have to pick it up fast. 


UPDATE: Climate change BS cash cow, the perpetual money machine to rob sovereign nations of their wealth. 


UPDATE: The Catholic Church trying to stay viable 


UPDATE: France, Macron 


UPDATE: This comes under two areas, changing the PC laws and immigration/ refugees. This is a nightmare scenario and only tragedy will come from this. 


This is also being discussed in the UK, proposed ban on most UK citizens marrying foreign nationals, wow! ://www.euronews.com/2023/12/11/anguish-grows-over-effective-ban-on-most-uk-citizens-marrying-foreign-nationals

Immigration and refugees in UK and Italy targeted by the government 


Terrorism, except more of this in UK and the west 


UPDATE: Macron of France 


The UK, London 21 December 


UPDATE: Transporting of goods delayed IKEA 22/12/23


Macron, who's side is he really on? 22/12/23


UPDATE: I am not sure if this counts for the dark haired young man from either the UK or US.

There might still be someone else to crop up. The youngest bus driver in the UK. 


UPDATE: I did say keep an eye on Serbia. Prepare for more upheaval in Serbia.


UPDATE: 1 January 2024 starts with a bang, literally as expected. This is not a good omen for the world as we know and war is going to be here now for many years. 


Earthquakes start with a bang literally too. 7.6 Japan quake 1 January 2024 😒https://www.9news.com.au/world/japan-earthquake-tsunami-warning-issued-after-quake-hits-ishikawa-prefecture/afe1d72d-104b-4706-9eb2-738deb1d810a

The New Year starts with a bang. There will be more of this of course throughout January as we read the news headlines.


UPDATE: Poland, keep an eye on the developments throughout this year. I feel there will be protests and upheaval destabilising Poland and surrounding countries.


HEALTH CARE IN DISARRAY: NHS in the UK , doctors on 6 day strike 


CONFLICT ZONES: Trying to feed children 


CANADA: Negatively impacted by more high taxes. The leftist government is making life even harder for ordinary citizens. 


UPDATE: Panic buying, the British government now says stock up on food and other essential (they mean prepping like those they laughed at). Not so bloody funny now is it? 


UPDATE: Airlines and safety, Japan and the US. 



The welfare of animals. Take a look at this happening in Australia right now. 😒😭


UPDATE: The  Courthouse building, this turned out to be the ICJ 



There are no winners in war only suffering  for ordinary human beings and animals 😨😭

UPDATE: Something happening with force, climate change.


UPDATE: Health care in disarray, UK. There’s a surprise..nothttps://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/nhs-waiting-times-cancer-treatment-b2476937.html

Welsh doctors strike 


Update: Airlines, India, piolet assaulted by passenger


UPDATE: Texas fallout, this could fit the description


UPDATE: Rwanda, the will of the people. Hell no Sunak came up with the idea of sending the people to Rwanda, to a very dangerous country! That is pure evil on his part and then to shift the blame for government negligence.


UPDATE: Transport affecting businesses 



24 January 


UPDATE: The UN again 




Political lies and deception in Ukraine 28/1/24


UPDATE: 2024 starts with a bang, this is an example what I meant not just Gaza and Ukraine . US troops killed 


UPDATE: Military power sharing 


UPDATE: Godfrey’s goes into receivership after almost 90 years 


UPDATE: Airlines, Qantas Airways, massive international sales prices 


UPDATE: Steelwork closes down in UK 19/1/24



UPDATE: Tears in Africa, poor defenceless children 


UPDATE: Airlines, Finnair weighing passengers , but it’s optional. What’s the point then if it’s optional? 


UPDATE: Africa, Senegal, death of a teenager in riot 


UPDATE: UN in the news, diabolical organisation. 


UPDATE: Poland, perfectly understandable given the circumstances 


UPDATE: Macron has an oops moment 28 February.


UPDATE: Travel safety, couple attacked in India, horrific details 


UPDATE: New invention, cleaning the oceans of forever chemicals 


UPDATE: Mothers tears in Africa 


UPDATE: Scotland has an oh my moment. Take a bow Scottish voters for idiots of the year, way to go….not! This is a total embarrassment showing how poorly educated the masses are to vote for this government.


UPDATE: The Body Shop files for Bankruptcy in Canada 11 /3/24


UPDATE: Canada, laws to imprison people for life for speech crimes. Another “Oh my” moment.


UPDATE: Texas fallout, it’s a difficult situation. 12/3/24


UPDATE: Godfrey’s collapses, so there was no buyer after being put into receivership. Very sad for everyone affected.


UPDATE: Famine and drought in Africa again, 1 April 20024


UPDATE: Panama Papers 10/4/24 


UPDATE: The war on the woke in France, April 2024


UPDATE: Shipping costs rise


UPDATE: Destabilising, Georgia riots , 1/5/24


UPDATE: A young dark haired boy recognised for a humanitarian deed or invention. This first millennial saint, born in England to Italian parents. 24 May 2024.


UPDATE: Airlines and safety, a nightmare for all on board the Singapore Airlines flight.


UPDATE: International Red Cross and Red Crescent put out call for donations


US Red Cross  10/6/24 


UPDATE: Travel and business going under, sad for all of those affected by this. June ‘24.


UPDATE: Travel, Business merge, Boat and Shipping P and O cruise being taken over by Carnival


UPDATE: Old people losing their voice, this is shocking abuse and neglect. Please keep an eye on your loved ones in nursing homes. They are often under staffed facilities and families need to make sure that their loved ones are safe and well cared for. 15/6/24


UPDATED: Serbia 30/6/24 like the world doesn’t have enough problems! Just leave people in peace for goodness sake. I don’t give a shit what your belief system is, nobody has the right to attack anyone. 


UPDATE: Reversing some PC laws, America. 30/6/24 


UPDATE: 2 July Mothers tears in Africa. Mother suicide bomber with baby strapped to her back in Nigerian wedding ceremony. 


UPDATE: July, France, Macron knee jerk reaction , if he wasn’t such a muppet in the first place 


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