29 June, 2022

My Crystal Ball


I love this Crystal ball, I use this from time to time when doing readings or just when I want to do some scrying to focus. The base is three hares made from pewter.  A crystal is useless if it is clear, it must have inclusions for it to work properly. Not like the ones that one sees on TV, which a just props with absolutely no energy  and made of glass. This is clear quartz which is used in amplifying energy.

                                                           The spare or stand by

                                              The baby crystal ball on a pewter butterfly stand

28 June, 2022

Pandemic babies' with no immunity are ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses


This doesn’t say if the mothers were immunised with the covid vaccines. I sure as hell would not have taken the vax if I was pregnant. It’s a bloody experimental vax. I think we need to wait and see what development comes from this story thought. Be cautious about everything the media say. For a start other viruses not around at the time doesn’t sound right to me. There are always viruses in the air, they don’t just disappear for a year or two and suddenly come back. 

Babies only have a certain amount of immunity from birth and can catch a cold even if a few weeks old. I don’t think the media are giving us a very accurate picture from this article. Also how many babies made a full recovery? Is there any harm done to any of the babies from this virus? Did any die as a result of the virus? 

The Phrygian cap connection to Mary Magdalene


Click on the link above, this is an excerpt from the book by Ralph Ellis, Cleopatra to Christ. Jesus was descended from the Ptolemaic royal line of Egypt and the great grandson of Cleopatra the 7th. This is such a fascinating and very important part of human history and most of the history of Jesus and Mary Magdalen is hidden for obvious reasons. 

Mary’s surname is not actually Magdalene, it’s a term made up for the bible connected to the words tower and the phallus. Not just was Mary a princess, she was very rich and powerful and the sister of Jesus, which was a royal rule in their culture but not in other royal bloodlines. Don’t take my word for it though. Read the books that show the actual evidence. This is new information to me as well, but I was not in the least surprised as I have been reading several books on Mary Magdalene. 

Mary was a high priestess of the cult of Isis and the Phrygian’s cap is also symbolic of Isis. The colour red is also connected to the cult of Isis and Lower Egypt royal bloodlines. This also connects to the Freemasons and the French Revolution, the same red cap was worn by the revolutionaries and free men, emancipated from slavery. The Statue of Liberty in the US is also symbolic of Isis. 


The Phrygian cap is also connected to Mithras 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cybele 50AD 



The cap connection to Mithras. Please read this link as it gives further information on the Phrygian hat. 

The Phrygian cap is also what Santa Clause wears too.

27 June, 2022

Robert Sepehr: Forgotten dream of Atlantis


I haven’t see any of his videos for a while but I found this one tonight. I hope you enjoy it. 

Miss Daisy sprung coming out of the cupboard of teddies


She was just so cute, a tiny little thing but strong. My little Empress. 😻😻😻 Daisy loved teddy bears 

As soon as I opened a cupboard door she would be in like Flynn. Whether this one below the tv or in my office, miss Daisy would suddenly appear and quick as a flash she would be in among the bears. I even had two small picture frames with gift cards with pictures of bears in them for her and she would just sit and look at them. She was a very special little girl. I miss her so much. 

Heads up notice for Wes Penre new forum and removed from YouTube

 I am a bit late on posting this. Wes did retry YouTube recently but  something keeps getting him removed from YouTube. Astounding considering some of the trash they do allow. 

He has moved to a few new platforms and you can sign up for membership if you are interested, not forgetting his usual website and blog and getting your email updated messages as soon as he posts something. 

https://wespenreboards.com/ here is the link for the main stuff again. You can find Wes on Bitchute, Odysee and Rumble. These are new to me, so I am not sure if I will be using them. At least not yet, I am not one to rush into new platforms especially if they attract people that don’t have spiritual values. 

Vive La difference 🤣🤣




The links from the email from Wes to his readers. 

Having a sick day

 I am in bed resting today, I came down with a cold on Friday and it hasn’t shifted yet. I couldn’t sleep last night because most of it has gone to my sinuses and I am not a happy camper. I feel like something the cat dragged in. Pressure in my head, eyes and sinuses yuk. Blowing my nose constantly, I now feel like I am blowing my nose with sandpaper. 

I am just so over it. I like to be out and about being up to mischief and all that. I’m missing out on shit 🤣🤣

Eddie Mabo's grandson Kaleb continues legacy with work to restore Mer Island


I am sure his grandfather is watching over him, and guiding him on this important mission. He will be so proud of his grandson. 🤗🤗 It’s a big responsibility to take on and having spirit to guide him I am sure it will turn out fine.

Aboriginal heroes from early years of colonisation the focus of research project


It’s called being human, good people help everyone. This is the way spirit intends us to be, helping, loving and caring. Much respect 🤗🤗

Wiradjuri heroes Yarri and Jacky Jacky celebrated 170 years after 1852 Gundagai flood


Such bravery and no torches back in those days. 

So good to see a monument to these amazing men. Rest assured that those in spirit know this anniversary is taking place and would gather there to join in the celebration. Spirit usually arranges these events before we know. I have seen this in many ways myself. The loved ones in spirit make contact with us, never the other way around. That’s how spirit works.

Government use of political campaign tool “regrettable” but not “meaningful”, Ombudsman findings reveal


Betrayal of public trust! But hey social media and the media in general are also doing this. 

“Deemed not to be in the public’s interest to take further action ”. I beg to differ on that. People need to be held accountable no if’s or but’s. Hiding anything by any chance? 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NationBuilder from the US.

So you think these guys are trustworthy do you? I don’t. I am sure the CCP already have all of our data anyway. 

Calling Ryan's Rule changed Renee Williams's hospital treatment — and it's being used more


Wow, this is scary, no reason given in the article for the doctors not responding either. Thank heavens this mother knew of Ryan’s Rule. The public have the right to an answer and a full investigation into every time this happens. What if people have never heard of Ryan’s Rule? It’s the first time that I have heard of it. I don’t know what the Australian Capital Territory has as an equivalent. I do know the Canberra hospital has a medical advocate though and we had to use the advocate once, or I would have been a window. 

Be informed and be empowered but please be respectful. When under duress it is difficult to maintain your composure especially in a life or death situation. 

Here is a link for Canberra information CARE. This includes mental health too. 


This is from 2016, I just hope it is useful in someone’s hour of need. There is a thing at the bottom of the article mentioning NSW, but not all of NSW was on board as of 2016. Why is it not national? 

Ryan’s Rule covers being in hospital and being cared for at home by hospital in the home medical professionals. 


This is from 2020, Victoria and Western Australia 

World’s first cyborg’ Dr Peter Scott-Morgan dies aged 64 after motor neurone disease battle


Poor soul, this must have been terrifying for him, but encouraging people to be cyborgs is away from our true spiritual purpose. We are spirit and must return to spirit. Yes the physical body is a trap and endures great suffering. I can understand his wanting to live longer, however where is the quality of life? 

There is a lack of spiritual awareness, and understanding here. That is detrimental to humanity evolving to leave the physical world and the suffering. We are not meant  to be here, in this living hell, literally.

It is heartbreaking to see people going through illness and being unable to help them. I have been here many times with family and friends. It never gets any easier, but death is only a transition to a different reality. However it is how we die and where we go that matters. 

To stay in a cyborg body is not going to give anyone freedom, quiet the opposite and it suppresses spirit and soul so that the spirit can never leave this reality. Transhumanism is a trap, stop and think before you make that fateful mistake. This is not how humans are supposed to evolve. It’s spiritual evolution never technology implanted into us. That’s the ultimate death knell and the loss of any spiritual connection that one has. But that is the agenda being pushed by ignorant people with a vested interest in enslaving humanity permanently. You stop evolving spiritually, however you can nano travel. That again has a dark agenda that most people don’t understand let alone bother to think about. You will have your thoughts based in a cloud to be reprogrammed and be part of a hive mind complex and the loss of individual and independent though. No free will, just programmed to respond and act on command. 

This poor man is free from suffering any longer. He will not be in any pain or suffering now and that is a blessing. We do not experience physical pain in a spirit body, that’s a physical world thing. Our emotions and personality are still intact though when we are in spirit. 

Calls for Foundation Day public holiday to recognise Bungaree and Flinders' roles in Australia's history


Good idea, this important man should never have been forgotten, Bungaree is of great significance to history and should be honoured nationally. An extraordinary man in his time and crucial to history as are many indigenous peoples. 

It’s a shame that Australian history is not taught to the same level as it once was. It was compulsory when I was at school, both in primary school and high school. We covered it all in the1970’s of course from the first fleet in 1788 onwards, we were also taught that the Dutch were the first Europeans to discover Australia, Western Australia’s Cape York peninsula  to be specific in 1606.

I hope young people get a lot out of Ted Eagan’s book and songs. More Australian history is needed to be taught in schools for the younger generations to give them a sense of pride in their nation and belonging. Honouring  the ancient culture, spirit and history of this great southern land too.

26 June, 2022

Hyacinths in progress

 I decided to get into growing Hyacinths again after many years. So after keeping them in the fridge crisper for four weeks, last night I put them into the bulb vases and put them in a dark cupboard for the next exciting stage. 

I have at least one white Hyacinth and a mixed bag so I just hope that the three in bulb vases will be pink, white and purple. The smell is divine and so old worldly, it makes me feel sentimental. 

The last time I grew these beauties I still had all my original fur babies. Fondly remembering Garfield strolling past them on the sideboard and freaking out in case he knocked them  over. He broke a few vases and fancy glass candle holders in his time. 

Anyway I am super excited to be growing these again. I don’t remember what happened to the pyramid shaped bulb vases that I used to have. I must have donated them to charity. Damn, I do that and then think, D’oh! I wish I had hung on to that. 

I am a lover of old fashioned flowers and bulbs, there is something special about them that hark back to simpler times. Lace doilies and lovely flower vases and any romantic old world furnishings make me so happy. I think that I would like a country cottage like miss Marple’s. But more girly with pink, lavender and soft blues and soft green for a summer look. 

25 June, 2022

Oh, the lols keep coming


Wisdom is before him

 Wisdom is before him, that has understanding.

  proverbs 17: 24

ABC NEWS: COVID cognitive decline more widespread than thought, say researchers at Australia's first long-COVID clinic


This is terrifying for those people affected, I hope they find something to stop this getting worse. I have always maintained that this is a Trojan horse like bioweapon and nothing will convince me otherwise. If you read through some of my psychic predictions you will see my original comments including some American involvement in this great evil. 

No innocent human beings or animals deserve this horrendous harm done to them. Only someone that is pure evil comes up with this sort of horror. I really despair at this stage in my life that any good will come, and real justice be done to those behind all of this, and the instigators of war on both sides, whether people realise it or not this is part of a war against humanity. Why else would such things be created? 

The brain fog and other symptoms sound similar to fibromyalgia, which is actually a broad term name for a group of symptoms  which includes peripheral neuropathy, cognitive impairment, chronic pain, chronic fatigue and a lot of other symptoms. These covid sufferers are in the same situation as myself. Exercise gently and pacing yourself is part of the key for moving forward, don’t push yourself to reach a result or it can cause you a setback. Avoid any form of stress because it will make your situation worse. I speak from experience.

It will take years for this long covid to fully unfold, but nutrition is a must; to have quality of life. Don’t skimp on eating healthy because it will cause flair ups of symptoms, as does stress. For me personally I make sure that I have magnesium cream and magnesium flakes for a bath, vitamin B complex and zinc and vitamin C and D as my basic care. I am lucky that so far I have not had covid, my husband has serious health issues and we strive to keep covid free. We must all keep going, there is no alternative for all of us. Team work is vital for quality life for everyone. Hang in and don’t give up. 

Inca-era tomb unearthed beneath home in Peru’s capital


Don’t you just love stuff like this. There is still much to be unearthed around the world from times past. I doubt that our time will be held in awe in the centuries to come because we have devolved in real craftsmanship and architecture since the 70’s to date. Nothing lasts that is built these days, it has a finite lifespan and then destroyed to build something else. It’s all about money and not creating any magnificent structures like in the past. 

24 June, 2022

Awaken with JP: Shocking Biden allegations, nothing to see here


This guy is good🤣🤣 It says a lot about the people that voted for Biden, not that Trump is any prize pig 🐽 either.

Listen at 6.48 where a woman is mentioning the “Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for population control”.  How many people didn’t even know that not just Ol Billy boy, but his parents are also Eugenicists? Do some deep reading on that one it’s an eye opener. 

Biosecurity zone set up after deadly honeybee parasite detected in NSW


This is why Australia must be very strict with bio security. No risk taking and having to be very, very strict on what is brought into the unique prehistoric island continent. Things do slip through from time to time usually in food imports, but they do go through strict procedures. Creepy crawlies can be hard to detect because the are so small and can hide easily. There is nothing like Australian flora and fauna anywhere in the world. None of it can ever be replaced, so it all comes under government protection for very obvious reasons. 

Keeping foreign  insects and fungi etc, out of Australia is a hard task 24/7. The damage can never be undone once it happens and can decimate our country very fast. 

UPDATE: NSW Bees are in lockdown 27/6/22 funny there is no mention of the source of origin. We have the right to know this.


New scientist: Super seeers, why some people can see ultraviolet light


How weird is this! Seeing into the ultraviolet spectrum. Does that include pink elephants? 


This is a part of the book;The theory of everything, Science and the Bible, three specra of lights 

European Union formally accepts Ukraine and Moldova as candidates to join bloc in a blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin


Kiss goodbye to national sovereignty if you join the EU. It may be a blow to Putin, but also a unseen blow to the citizens of Ukraine in the long run. I think it’s damned if you do and damned if you don’t. All stage managed  for an agenda at the expense of human lives. The whole situation is very tragic and now they will be controlled by an ugly corrupt mob in Europe and the US. How long before the people say omg, this is not what we wanted? I feel for the innocent here they have suffered enough. 

To me this seems to look like a western backed proxy war and people have been sacrificed for an agenda. But this will get much worse and more innocent lives lost. There are never any winners in war only heartache and trauma.  Putin is now backed into a corner so this is a dangerous situation and he will get down and dirty. I would also say, if you think he is bad, just wait and see his replacement, the brown haired chunky chap.

23 June, 2022

Unvaccinated Victorian teachers to return to schools next week


Well there you go, I wish I had hung out, but who knows what comes next. Ever get the feeling it has been all a waste of time? How many deaths and injuries have come from the vax? This is the crucial thing, because there certainly have been deaths and injuries and the experiment doesn’t end until March 2023. 

Then there is the 70 year seal on the information being made public. I wonder if a world court could have this overturned on medical grounds given the deaths and injuries caused. Many people are very angry about this and all the unnecessary suffering, deaths,  the loss of income, homes, the psychological damage etc. 

Space is crowded, messy and dangerous, says this expert, and it needs better road rules


Maybe they should have thought about this when they started going into space. We teach children not to litter and then adults do this, clearly teaching double standards.This is highly educated adults I might add, that society is told to look up to and respect. 

Such hypocrisy, what happened to responsibility and accountability, this is not setting a good example when at the same time whining about pollution and the BS climate change on earth. 

The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat


I have been aware of animals leaving this reality in large amounts on a spiritual level for a few years. It’s a very sad and depressing situation. Knowing that for many of them their time is almost up. Factor in domestic pets, or as I prefer to call them fur children. I can’t imagine a world with so few animals it’s unnatural and against the laws of nature and spirit. 

There have  been many  funny little tell tale signs along the way even from a psychic perspective that point to a decline in animals, but this is not the first time in the earth’s history that there have been vast clearance’s of wildlife or homo sapiens. Great resets are part of the real history of our reality, this is but another one. How different this time is anyone’s guess, but this is a graduated event not just one day suddenly every animal disappears. Watch the signs and learn. 

A simple but practical way of reducing the amount of pets is the compulsory desexing of all cats and dogs unless they are used for breeding. So eventually there will be far fewer dogs and cats in perhaps say twenty years from now. It’s highly plausible if the desexing is compulsory globally. Responsible people do the right thing and have their fur babies desexed, myself included. Also if people can’t afford to have a cat or dog then less will be available. 

There has been a mass culling of farm animals in the US under various “circumstances” and the big push for veganism. That veganism, is  Marxism on steroids, it has all the usual signs and there is a very harsh push on the public to accept this. The same ploy puts the guilt trip on people. Pitting people against each other, ideology that is so forceful and the rabid fanatics that endorse the push making us submit to the push through intimidation. 

 You know that my body, my choice rhetoric, it’s a one way street. It doesn’t include all of our rights to real nutrition from real food. No it’s the opposite because it is a corporate-political agenda. There is big money riding on it. Veganism is very bad for neural development and dumbs the person down. Resulting in lower intelligence, brain shrinkage and the lack of critical thinking. A Vegetarian diet though is fine as long as we have real food and not man made food. Kissinger must be so proud of his 1973 quote, control the food and you control the people. He should have had that copyrighted, it would have made him even more rich due to many people using his famous quote. His dreams are coming true in ways that most people have never thought of, patented  Frankenfood. We’re loving it 🤢 

Now the artificial meat and artificiality inflating the price of real meat, fruit and vegetables at present is all too obvious for those that are paying attention. There is no real shortage of food, it’s being withheld. Even if you are aware of this, it makes no difference because the cost of real food could put it out of your budget regardless.

Violating our basic human rights to be able to eat normal healthy food. Remember this is corporations doing this so they can get away with things that the government can’t. Add the emotional guilt trip on top of the financial inability to access real food. No doctors or nutritionists will dare step out of line and speak out publicly because they are either afraid of losing their job or they are believing the lies. 

Big corporations are driving this agenda and take a look the vast tracts of land bought up by Bill Gates, that should have alarm bell ringing. Then take a look at the queen and how much land all over the world that she owns. Then people that we don’t know about that own vast tracts of real estate, foreign investors that take advantage of the opportunity. It is so unfair that individuals or corporations can own so much land or real estate and others have nothing. But that is the dualistic reality of this world. 

Land to grow crops and land to feed animals is shrinking now because so much is private property. It doesn’t look good for the future, but who knows what war will bring. How many investors will lose their land or businesses have land confiscated. Anything is possible. 

The way things are going this will go nicely with transhumanism, you can’t call this living. It’s a nightmare of epic proportions. Next time you buy food from a chain fast food outlet keep this in mind. This situation will not be stopped unless the masses get off their dumb arses and say NO. 

Just imagine feeding this to your children or grandchildren knowing what it is, and the harm that will be done. This is a nightmare beyond belief, but spare a thought for the suffering animals. They too have feelings and to be butchered is horrendous. I have only been eating meat fro two years at present after being a very strict vegetarian for spiritual reasons. I still struggle with the thought of how animals are killed and especially baby animals. That just is not right, it is cruel they way animals are “processed “ for human consumption. But this reality is not a very nice place especially from a spiritual standpoint, being one step up from the demonic realm. 

We seem damned if we do and damned if we don’t. This reality is heavily geared against humanity and the animals too. Individuals must look into their hearts for guidance and do the best that they can under the limited circumstances of what we think is free will. That’s an illusion right there, because there isn’t any, we just have to try hard to be honest and good, living from the heart. Boy that is a very difficult thing to do every moment of our lives. 

One final thing I want to say is I don’t put much trust in the people that put the article together, but I do know from a clairvoyant perspective this world is changed and things will never return to what was in our lives. It is starting to look like science fiction and no one in authority is going to stop this train wreck. 

I might go eat a bacon sarny (sandwich) after all that. Make sure you that you watch the video by Awaken with JP, Shocking Biden allegations. Not actually about him but at 6.48, we don’t just have to worry about what is being done to our food but Eugenicists, it’s all interrelated. 

UK declares ‘national incident’ after polio detected in sewage samples


Here we go again! Upping the ante with another scary disease, sure why not! Are we scared yet? Asking for a friend. We are getting rather tired of all the scaremongering, if one virus doesn’t work then let’s try another and another one until we get the fear levels high. 

Stop, listen, watch! Don’t be quick to freak out, that’s what they want. Now where did we put that pesky monkey virus, can’t seem to find it anywhere. Must have lost it somewhere. Never mind there is something else we can use. 

If this does happen to spread, remember to keep social distancing and wash your hands regularly, and yes you may need a vax. Older people may want to get a blood test to see if their original vax is still working. Watch out for people that cough and don’t cover their mouths. Basic hygiene and manners folks, how hard can it be? I really don’t see this as a virus that will get out of hand. 

22 June, 2022

Tarot Card Of The Month: July 2022, The Moon


                        ELEMENT: Water        PLANET: Neptune      ZODIAC Pisces

                        SEASON: Autumn (in northern hemisphere)   DIRECTION: West

Note: I was going to go with the 9 of swords, but I had to stop due to interruptions. But this card carries the same number and a similar message is conveyed.

The powers at play are getting too close for comfort, mediation is needed to stop leaders from punching on. I see political ideologies at loggerheads, east and west. Division’s, separations. Reality versus insanity, delusion and not facing reality. This is a powder keg in the making and people need to keep their heads down politically speaking.

This feels like people pushed to their limits of endurance. Not just world leaders, but ordinary people are being pushed to the limit with poverty, food shortages which are entirely man made by design and not what we are told in the media. Financial difficulties, homelessness and conflict,  including Ukraine and the issues with China on the boil and other nations struggles. We are living in a greater unstable world from here on in. We all collectively must take a few steps back and look at the realities of each nation and examine how to resolve these issues. 

Sadly I don’t think the will and intentions are really there. That is not acceptable and unfair on the innocent of the world. Division creates distortion of truth and pushes people apart. Russia and China are highly skilled in destabilisation but so is the US and that must be acknowledged too. 

Look behind who is saying what. What is their reason and agenda? I see tears shed over loss in July, there are mind games being played out with this, so sit back, watch and think before jumping to the conclusions that are presented to you. The masses are being deliberately led to come to a particular conclusion and belief, reaction and or taking action.  Stop and think or you just may live to regret this.

Don’t think the grass is any greener on the other side because it may well just be illusionary, designed to sway your opinion. Beware and savvy on how propaganda works, it is more powerful and ever so more subtle than you actually realise.  Do not engage in anything that generates fear, because the chances are you are being manipulated. Some areas of the media may well be engaging in deliberate miscommunication, jumping the gun so to speak before they have all the facts on something very serious.

There may well be a time gap or delay  of between two weeks to a month before the actual real truth comes out. This is political so be wary this may involve finance/ money. 

Now looking at the card, there is the moon over shadowing the sun. The moon is trying to block out the sun. This affects the human mind and thought process, by such things as illusion, deception, misunderstanding, poor communication resulting in a mix up. Depression, fear and anxiety are indicated in the interpretation of this card.

Now the blue sky is clear, no clouds are present, that is a good sign. We see the yods which look like teardrops and there are 15 of them. The yods symbolise grace. There are 15 of them, adding the 5 + 1 we get 6, meaning the divine feminine. The card is ruled by feminine energy and male energy as the card is 8 +1 = 9, 9 being male energy. 

The sun does it’s best to illuminate the earth with it’s light, notice the little spikes around the sun. There are 16  chief rays around the sun and 16 secondary rays around the sun. 16 + 16= 32. Add 2 + 3=5which is the number of man. The balance of male and female energy is vital, conflict arises when there is imbalance. 

Now as I mentioned the moon is trying to over shadow the sun. Does it succeed?  No, not necessarily it is all down to how we perceive it. However there is also a path, indicating  taking the middle ground, which would be the wise thing to do. If we only stop to think before reacting. July is a reactionary month so please be warned.   

Two animals are present on the card. A wolf and a dog both howling at the moon, they are separated by a path. It looks good divided land. Also it can be looked upon as good guy and bad guy, but which is which? It’s all down to perception. Notice the crayfish coming out of the water, the water is calm where the crayfish emerges from the water. He doesn’t fully emerge though, he gives the suggestion that he will. Hold that thought, it is only suggestion, that is a vital piece of information right there so do not forget that. As it comes back up again shortly.

The dog and the wolf represent the animal self, the crayfish is something different as it comes up from the deep. Deep universal primordial fear in man. Something always keeps that primal fear at bay though, thankfully preventing it from escaping or getting loose and creating absolute mayhem and havoc on the human mind and the world at large. It is a destructive force. So you see there has to be a powerful counter balance between forces.

The towers in the card represent polarity, they  also represent a pathway in the card. The road or path sits in between the towers, and this is more of a metaphysical thing that is taking place here. It represents a spiritual journey between worlds for those that are ready, the towers represent the Kabbalah tree of life. 

This card in a layout can represent the encouraging of a creative mind. Creative, spiritual or artistic practices. The moon card can symbolise spiritual awakening too. Think of the rising of the kundalini from the base chakra as it rises up the spinal column. Great care must be taken not to let this spiritual energy rise too fast or too soon, as it is so powerful and  affects the human mind.

It is advised to see this card as a gateway card according to Rachel Pollack in her book, 78  degrees of wisdom. The tarot cards are such a empowering tool for the understanding of the human condition and spiritual understanding, psychologically and the entire human experience in general. I look upon the tarot as a wise gift to humanity as we do not come with an instruction book to help us navigate our way through life. The tarot are one of the closest tools to human understanding. 

The number 9 is emotionally calm, melancholy, satisfied, content or lonely. Reversed it is lacking discipline and self awareness, dependency, hostility, inner wisdom, humanity compassion and no physical gain, think spiritual enlightenment.

Now unusually, I have done this card of the month over two days due to other things going on in my life. My hands are also getting worse so I do what I can in between times. This turns out to be a serious warning for this month’s TCOM too.

More planetary upheaval is indicated for July 2022, I am drawn to the mountains as I look at the card and we collectively have a long arduous journey ahead of us. Are we fools being taken for a ride yet again? You decide! Clearly things are not what we are being told in the media.

Struggles continue along the same path and no one is paying attention. The leaders of the world and of Ukraine and Russia have taken their eyes off the ball again, distracted by illusion. Seeing things that are not there, communication is not clear in the world of international politics. It’s like start - stop, wait, can you clarify that please. I feel that the relaying of information is not being handled correctly or clearly. It’s like someone is in the middle changing the message deliberately at some point in the communication. A person or a group changing the information.

As I look at the card I am being drawn to the pile of rocks at the edge of the water next to the yellow wolf. There are seven rocks of various sizes. They remind me of the saying, never put all your eggs in the one basket. This could quite rightly be the case with this card for July, because there is a warning that we all must be on guard for. 

The more I look at the imagery I feel that someone is over armed, heavily tooled up. That would be Ukraine and they are doing the west’s dirty work for them. Now notice that both the dog and the wolf are looking up at the moon. Both are actually distracted and do not notice the crayfish emerging from the water, more fool them because they are caught off guard. The crayfish can sneak up on them both and steal the rocks without them noticing. Now that is called being asleep at the wheel folks! Heed this warning. 

Some country is pulling a swiftly right in front of them, a third party opportunist striking at a brief window of opportunity. They are acting in a rather selfish and dishonourable way. While weary nations go toe to toe. Talk about a gutter level low act. This is a European country doing this. I did mention in a previous TCOM, that a third nation becomes involved somewhere in this, but this doesn’t have to be the same nation or third party already mentioned in previous posts.

This skulduggery just adds to the problem. This country is doing so because they can, not for altruistic reasons, setting the cat among the pigeons, charming! This will end up with many nations being angry with each other. Destabilising the situation to cause more infighting. I feel this could become explosive within a month of this particular event. Old rivalry and old issues from the past get dredged up after people have tried putting it all to rest to work for a common good. That turned out to be too good to last unfortunately. 

Young people though just can’t get their heads around this because they believe that countries should move on from the past. Watch the younger people take to social media venting their frustrations with all of this. NOW, bear this in mind everyone!  One simple expression, divide and conquer. See the picture yet?

Dividing people any way possible, disloyalty to each other, destroying society. That sounds deliberate does it not? Now just stop and think who actually benefits from all of this social divide and anger? It is not the ordinary people now is it? But it definitely benefits someone I assure you. 

People are starting to really feel the pinch of shortages now too. Anger, frustration and fear grips society as we lurch from one problem to another. So there is a pattern emerging from 2019 onwards, is it going to be a decade of mayhem? Only time will tell but I am pretty sure that it will be something like that. Life will definitely not be easy for many of us.

My advice and warning is, keep life simple for your own good. Learn to stop, listen and rethink. Because that my just be your saving grace.

Acting in haste spells disaster, be warned, hot impulsive actions are never in our best interests or intentions. So please stay clam and rational. Think twice and when in doubt, do nothing but wait, watch and listen. This is a global warning!

Stay safe, stay calm and stay informed. Peace and blessings, free hugs to all. 🤗🤗🤗💕🌹🌷


Energy market operator to investigate breakdown that triggered suspension and energy crisis


I don’t have trust nor confidence in these people. For a start the power utilities should never have been allowed to get into private hands. This smells of government mishandling of public money, greed and corruption for it to have happened in the first place with all of our government utilities, electricity, gas, water, postal service and telecommunications and the national airlines. 

Pass the buck school of responsibility, so that no one is actually held accountable for all the screw ups from the 1970’s to date. That’s another fine mess you got us into! MMM…..M!

Thousands flock back to Stonehenge to welcome back 'euphoric' summer solstice


Meanwhile in Canberra the traditional skinny dip takes place in our winter solstice brrrr.



I watched this on the news last night, including the Antarctic, now that’s taking the event to a higher level, lol. Is this a challenge to the locals in Canberra or what 🤣🤣🤣

There is a very interesting astronomy comment in this post too. That will have great significance to many astrologers too. 

Quote, “Mars is the only planet completely inhabited by robots”  Lol, how do they know that? Not all of the planet has been completely explored or any other planets for that matter.

20 June, 2022

Neil Oliver: Should your debts be canceled? Our ancestors thought so


I am surprised that most people don’t know this, never mind the fact that usery/Simony is forbidden in the bible. Stand by for the introduction of a cashless society shortly too, do you think the financial reset is a hoax, lol. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s damn fact and secret societies are at the top of this evil dung heap pulling the strings, along with the powerful royals, the high ranking clergy or priest class of the world and very powerful business people.

Shame most people don’t even care about how this world is designed to keep the masses in poverty, fear and spiritual ignorance. Debt is a powerful tool to control people especially when it’s the cause of their worries and their very existence is dependent on it. 

19 June, 2022

All the worst things you can think of’: Christchurch residents stricken by city’s stench


Omg, Barf o Rama! There is no damn way that officials didn’t know the original source. More like they can’t be arsed doing anything about it. Basically the less money you have, the less rights you have. This obviously has a detrimental impact on the people’s physical and psychological health and well-being, I could be wrong but I assume that in order for such an odour to be present; that would imply that there is a bacteria in the air to produce such an offensive odour. No one seems to want to take ownership of this within government. It is definitely not the fault of the public.

Home owners in this area have their  property value decreased  obviously and the government has to address this. Offering a paltry and insulting offer of $200 each for laundry is a slap in the face to the victims into the bargain. This problem was there years before the fire in the treatment plan also, it has been suggested that it started with the composting plants and obviously no one cared to take the appropriate action, that much is evident. 

Obviously the residents don’t have any legal representation or the problem would have been resolved years ago as mentioned in the article. Money is everything apparently! 

I have lived near a treatment plant in Sydney and yes, the smell could waft around the streets nearby. But only now and then and it was never a serious issue. But what this article does not tell us is how close to residential areas are both the treatment plants and the composting plant. We’re the houses there first or the composting and treatment plants there first. The latter would say that they should never have built houses near such facilities. Such facilities are usually kept away from residential areas and are usually planned with   public health in mind. 

18 June, 2022

Human rubbish found on Mars by NASA rover


Hmmm, must be a slow news day 🥱🤔 I would be more worried about the junk floating in space. But most of that will eventually burn up on entering our atmosphere. 

Soldiers' bones from Waterloo battle may have ended up in fertiliser


What a human tragedy, so many lives lost or ruined all for some rich and powerful psychopath. That is the reality of all wars. Ordinary people are used as cannon fodder with no care given about their rights nor their families left to cope with loss and poverty. The only people that benefit from war and mass suffering are rich and power brokers such as kings, presidents and the clergy.

When going through the battlefields I wonder how many other wars were on top of the same land, even the First World War could have affected this and other historical sites.  But gee, using the human bones as fertiliser is very disrespectful. Christian values, yeah right, not when money is involved. 

There is the spiritual price on top of this to be paid too. Right to this very day, we pay a price both in the temporal world and the spirit world, a never ending cycle of debt and trauma. It is avoidable if people want to spiritually awaken and break the encryption over their souls and spirits. Most humans refuse to acknowledge this and keep the cycle going providing loosh for evil to prevail. 

16 June, 2022

Medieval tombstones could reveal surprise origin of Black Death


What a gruesome way to die. The plague is still around even in the US there are cases of plague from time to time. Thankfully this is easily treated with antibiotics in modern times. Plague killed people within hours in the old days and spread fast. The thirteen hundreds were a particularly bad  outbreak which crossed from mainland Europe into Britain and outbreaks of such things happened every so often. Around the time of the great fire of London in 1666 there was an outbreak of plague too,  and that was a very hot summer that particular year and so the plague would spread faster.

The book The Dreadful Judgment by Neil Hanson mentions that. This book is a fascinating read on the events. I went out and bought the book after hearing Neil Hanson being interviewed on ABC Classic FM. 

https://www.cdc.gov/plague/maps/index.html The CDC in the US shows the plague cases in the US and world wide. Thankfully modern medicine and early detection is minimising the death rate. 

15 June, 2022

Google says its AI chatbot system LaMDA is not sentient. But how do they know?


Think on this one 😳 How much autonomy should this AI have? It must be held in check or there will be serious consequences. One cannot compare animals to AI, all animals are sentient beings and have souls. There is no comparison; between living creatures and a machine and never should be. 

You can bet your ass that someone at some point will try to give this technology rights and that’s where the trouble will start. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambda Read this too, especially the use in symbols 

Now just think about the upgrades to Sophia the robot and the possibilities there. Technology is moving in leaps and bounds so yes this is a clear and present danger; if allow to go in this direction as they really intend to do. 

14 June, 2022

Gas crisis is partly of the Coalition's own making


This article is from April 2018. How the government crap on Australian citizens, Howard, Rudd and Gillard 101. And what have we learned from this boys and girls? That’s right absolutely nothing! 

How many elections have been and gone and this conveniently gets ignored by the media and the public? Are we really this silly when the politicians are  willing to let us suffer while they line their own pockets. 

Here we are in the middle of winter and a very cold winter this year when we are faced with this nightmare. Many of us will be unable to heat our homes especially the elderly and young families and people on benefits or pensions. 

Yorkshire Obituary joke

 A couple from the Yorkshire Dales had been happily married for over 50 years when the wife died.

The husband contacted the local newspaper to enquire about having an obituary on published. When informed of the cost by the newspaper office, the man uttered, in true Yorkshire fashion, “How Much?! You've got to be joking!!” He finally agreed he would have to pay something but wanted to spend as little as possible. “I want summat simple,” he explained. “My Gladys was a good-hearted and hard-working Yorkshire lass but she wouldn't have wanted owt swanky.”
“Perhaps a small poem?" suggested the woman at the newspaper obituary desk.
“Nay, lass,” he said, “she wouldn't have wanted anything la-di-Da like that. And she wouldn't have wanted me to spend too much brass. How's about we just say: "Gladys Ramsbottom died."
“You must say when she died,” insisted the lady in the office.
“Do I? OK, well, let's just put Died 17th Jan 2016. That'll do.”
“OK," said the newspaper lady, "but it's also usual for the bereaved to add some meaningful phrase about the dearly departed.”
The husband considered for a moment. “Well," he said, "just include Sadly missed. That'll do.”
“For the minimum price, you can have another four words included,” the woman explained.

“No, no,” the husband said. "Gladys wouldn't 'ave wanted me to splash out like that."
“You wouldn't have to. As I've just explained, the extra four words are included in the basic price.”
“Are they? You mean ... I will 'ave paid for 'em anyway?”
“Yes, indeed, Mr Ramsbottom.”
“Well, if I'm paying for 'em, I'm darned well 'avin 'em.”
The final wording was agreed and the following obituary was duly printed in the next day's edition of the Yorkshire Post.

 Gladys Ramsbottom died 17th January 2016. Sadly missed. Also tractor for sale.


13 June, 2022

Looks great until….


Could be worse, having a Roomba and the dog summons a demon of its own (does a poop on the carpet), nothing worse than that. 🤣🤣🤣

‘Outright lying’: Australian scientist hits out at TGA after ‘life-changing’ Covid vaccine injury



Inside world’s ‘most depressing city’

https://www.news.com.au/travel/destinations/inside-worlds-most-depressing-city/news-story/013266e8f51a0f50e9b6c88819aea29f \

OMG, This is horrible, no human being or animal should be living like this. How can this be allowed?

You don't hear the greenies bitching about this do you?  Why don't they pick on Russia for this? 

For the record Australia's pollution is insignificant compared to Russia. Take a long hard look at China, Russia and India before whining about pollution and the BS carbon footprint in Australia. 

Just think of the lives lost and the terrible suffering from this living nightmare before complaining about air quality and carbon emissions in your city. The life average is 59 years old! Life is good in the west, so spare a thought for these poor souls. Blood illness in children is 44% higher in Norilsk, children get no say in this unfortunately.  

No doubt there isn't any such thing as compensation for all of the people that are getting ill or have died from this pollution including children. I cannot understand why anyone would have children there if the environment is so toxic, not to mention DNA damage that may be done. 

12 June, 2022

Neil Oliver: It’s in their interests for the population to be docile, over medicated


Watch it in YouTube form and then read the comments. The young people commenting on this have not even realised this was happening right after ww2, a slow paced dripper system so that the masses didn’t realise what was happening. I was in high school in 1975 and clearly recall the social engineering from back then and my education was split between Scotland and Australia and I was being indoctrinated by the BS then. People just don’t pay attention until things are right up in their face and then they whine. But hey they just let their kids be indoctrinated too and wonder what’s wrong with them. 

They say education is wasted on the masses, well maybe if they actually had education as opposed to an indoctrination in the first place. I am still waiting for the  regular people to have a real education that helps them for life as well as being able to know geography, history, science and life skills.

The true spiritual education is non existent, don’t confuse religion with spirituality they are worlds apart and for a reason. This reality would collapse if the masses were spiritually awakened and educated. This world is geared towards complete control and enslavement  of body, mind and spirit or else this reality would vanish because it is thought reactive. 

11 June, 2022

Long talked about NSW fast rail plans finally receive funding


Interesting! I expect this will eventually link up with Melbourne and Brisbane. You know the rail link mentioned after the bushfires. Time will tell, with truth and reality of all that, I don’t know to be honest. 

Oh you just have to laugh out loud


Wreck of 17th century warship found off the UK coast being hailed as 'biggest' since the Mary Rose


 You were taking your very life in your hands in the old day, weather being unpredictable at the best of times. Pre 20th century would be rather daunting. I hope one day they do bring the vessel to the surface. It would be interesting to see what condition some of the artefacts are in. My heart goes out to all the souls lost in the sinking ship, what a horrible way to die. 


10 June, 2022

Scientists wrap robotic finger with 'living human skin' that can heal itself


Creepy as ……😳🙀

Zen curtain' saves birds from hitting glass windows at University of Queensland


What a great idea. It is very distressing when birds hit windows. I have had this happen in my back yard a few times and it upsets me. I hope that these become common to prevent birds being injured or killed. 

Wes Penre: Video 305 Q and A session 101


The written format 

https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/06/09/video-305-qa-session-101/ video format 

Morning lols Friday


Major study finds link between eating fish and getting skin cancer


Sounds a bit fishy to me 🤣🤣 like the article says it’s inconclusive because it doesn’t cover relevant things such as skin type, hair colour, history of sunburn. Sunbathing habits I would say is the main problem, many Australian people will literally cook themselves in the sun from a young age. Outdoor occupations also put a person in a high risk category. Just think of children playing out in the sun every day, in the playground at school and walking to and from school five days a week for years being exposed to the sun. That is a big factor and the damage is done when we are young.

I know people in Australia tend to ignore the health warnings and since the 1980’s we have had the media advertising skin protection to no avail. It seems to be a cultural thing and uncool to wear a wide brimmed hat and sleeves in the summer. But in Australia you can still get sunburn and damage to your skin in winter. So I don’t think we need to worry about eating fish and getting melanoma when we have the hot sun , pollution in the sea though is surely a high risk of any cancer from toxic chemicals ingested by the fish and then humans. The blame for the of course is with corporations and they should be made clean up the oceans of the world, but that is unlikely to happen. The planet is full of toxins from corporations and one day nature may fight back. 

07 June, 2022

Chattanooga Choo Choo joke


Roy Rogers had a brand-new pair of shoes and he goes to visit a friend. Being polite he takes off his shoes and leaves them at the front door. While visiting his friend, the friend’s cat discovers Roys new shoes, likes the smell and proceeds to chew them up. Roy goes ballistic, the friend feeling very bad about this, has a dilemma: he has two cats. One of them enters the room at that moment. The friend then asks:   pardon me Roy, is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?

{Sing: Pardon me Roy is that the cat that chewed your new shoes to the tune of Chattanooga Choo Choo}

I had a cat that had a fetish for sniffing shoes and one that would pee in shoes, lovely…. Not! 

Neil Oliver: I see the tides of authoritarianism spreading


What he doesn’t know is the young people now are already the reincarnated people from World War Two. Those that died in the First World War (my generation) are already reincarnated, I know because I am one. So no matter what war happens, or event, we still end up right back here again due to spiritual ignorance. Humanity are not supposed to reincarnate. You cannot awaken be reincarnating over and over again in a repetitive loop. 

There is no hard and fast  rule as to when each individual is reincarnated in a timeline, in what direction of time or how soon the individual reincarnates. I have read and was taught in spiritual church that a person that has died with blood loss returns to earth quickly to stem the loss of energy. I have also heard it say this also is the case from having surgery as the psychic wound keeps bleeding, but I am rather skeptical about that. Many seem to reincarnate close to every third generation. But I have not found any hard written proof of this, only by feeling intuitively and from visions, dreams and when I conduct psychic readings with my clients, I still feel that it is not a firm rule. I do not accept channeled information because it is highly unreliable and it comes from within the sealed unit that we think of as the spirit world (matrix) and our physical world.

Yes we are in a dire situation right now and I don’t see any improvement in this, due to mass apathy. Remember when people are in a low vibrational frequency they can’t use intuition and being kept in a low vibrational frequency as well as being stressed, anxious, traumatised,  angry etc; the individual can’t raise their spiritual frequency and awareness. Done deal folks! 

These are shocking and terrible times now and from here on in there is no going back, this is the path to transhumanism the final game changer. No other time in current known history has this happened. Think of all the media goons condescending to the public telling us that we are being paranoid and believing in conspiracy theories when this information is all over the internet. Well the joke is on them too. They are owned and controlled through their egos and greed by corporations. They won’t give up their jobs because they love the adoration from being a public figure, the money and power trip. 

There is nothing to stop these individuals falling from their ivory towers when they are no longer useful in aiding and abetting the destruction of humanity. You are free to believe what you like in this situation for sure, but when you realise the truth it’s too late. Be your own savior, this is the only way out. There is no one saving humanity other than on a cloud as in technology, being uploaded into a cloud. This replaces the fake spirit world’s Faraday cage or soul trap. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...