20 June, 2022

Neil Oliver: Should your debts be canceled? Our ancestors thought so


I am surprised that most people don’t know this, never mind the fact that usery/Simony is forbidden in the bible. Stand by for the introduction of a cashless society shortly too, do you think the financial reset is a hoax, lol. This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s damn fact and secret societies are at the top of this evil dung heap pulling the strings, along with the powerful royals, the high ranking clergy or priest class of the world, bankers and very powerful business people.

Shame most people don’t even care about how this world is designed to keep the masses in poverty, fear and spiritual ignorance. Debt is a powerful tool to control people especially when it’s the cause of their worries and their very existence is dependent on it. 

The sniffles keep on going

 Yuk! One week and one day and the sniffles keep on coming. I did the first reading in a week and it went fine but the sniffles were driving...