12 June, 2022

Neil Oliver: It’s in their interests for the population to be docile, over medicated


Watch it in YouTube form and then read the comments. The young people commenting on this have not even realised this was happening right after ww2, a slow paced dripper system so that the masses didn’t realise what was happening. I was in high school in 1975 and clearly recall the social engineering from back then and my education was split between Scotland and Australia and I was being indoctrinated by the BS then. People just don’t pay attention until things are right up in their face and then they whine. But hey they just let their kids be indoctrinated too and wonder what’s wrong with them. 

They say education is wasted on the masses, well maybe if they actually had education as opposed to an indoctrination in the first place. I am still waiting for the  regular people to have a real education that helps them for life as well as being able to know geography, history, science and life skills.

The true spiritual education is non existent, don’t confuse religion with spirituality they are worlds apart and for a reason. This reality would collapse if the masses were spiritually awakened and educated. This world is geared towards complete control and enslavement  of body, mind and spirit or else this reality would vanish because it is thought reactive. 

The sniffles keep on going

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