03 June, 2022

The West has had a great run, but the label doesn’t fit anymore


They want to destroy the West and create a new world order, and they keep telling us this is the NWO. It’s not secret anymore, it’s just the dummies that don’t pay attention that don’t  know this. We are actually right now in the process of  being led into a corporate Marxist one world government. Anyone that doesn’t know this must be sleeping under a rock. Don’t expect the masses to rise up about this, that just ain’t going to happen. Besides there is a war to occupy our minds, it will expand from the current Ukraine war when the time is right. 

Food is often in short supply in a communist country too (we have had the trial run already), limited goods and services go hand in hand with this too. So the global reset will rapidly drop our living standards and then we get to live like an eastern block nation. Oh and one vital part of this NWO is a digital economy, digital ID and you will be interacting on line constantly, putting your consciousness into a digital format.

That is a vital part of the NWO goal plan. They need us naively putting our human consciousness into a cloud. Add a sweetener such as UBI (universal basic income). Hey presto you are in hook line and sinker the grip of the NWO, They can and will cut off your money if you do something that is deemed dangerous, illegal , against the agenda etc. We have seen this already demonstrated in Canada  and also many journalists have had this happen to them. Cradle to the grave complete control of every single person in the world, what a brave new world we live in. 

The older people don't matter so much in this process, it is the young people this is really targeting. Older people struggle with technology that is a given. But young people that have been born into the digital age and fully embrace it, are the intended victims for the trans-humanism NWO. They have nothing to compare it with from the past. They have no interest in the past and no sense of connectedness to anything from a particular date or time in the past. 


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