23 June, 2022

The Lies Behind Lab-Cultured Fake Meat


I have been aware of animals leaving this reality in large amounts on a spiritual level for a few years. It’s a very sad and depressing situation. Knowing that for many of them their time is almost up. Factor in domestic pets, or as I prefer to call them fur children. I can’t imagine a world with so few animals it’s unnatural and against the laws of nature and spirit. 

There have  been many  funny little tell tale signs along the way even from a psychic perspective that point to a decline in animals, but this is not the first time in the earth’s history that there have been vast clearance’s of wildlife or homo sapiens. Great resets are part of the real history of our reality, this is but another one. How different this time is anyone’s guess, but this is a graduated event not just one day suddenly every animal disappears. Watch the signs and learn. 

A simple but practical way of reducing the amount of pets is the compulsory desexing of all cats and dogs unless they are used for breeding. So eventually there will be far fewer dogs and cats in perhaps say twenty years from now. It’s highly plausible if the desexing is compulsory. Responsible people do the right thing and have their fur babies desexed, myself included. Also if people can’t afford to have a cat or dog then less will be available. 

There has been a mass culling of farm animals in the US under various “circumstances” and the big push for veganism. That veganism, is  Marxism on steroids, it has all the usual signs and there is a very harsh push on the public to accept this. The same ploy puts the guilt trip on people. Pitting people against each other, ideology that is so forceful and the rabid fanatics that endorse the push making us submit to the push through intimidation. 

 You know that my body, my choice rhetoric, it’s a one way street. It doesn’t include all of our rights to real nutrition from real food. No it’s the opposite because it is a corporate-political agenda. There is big money riding on it. Veganism is very bad for neural development and dumbs the person down. Resulting in lower intelligence, brain shrinkage and the lack of critical thinking. A Vegetarian diet though is fine as long as we have real food and not man made food. Kissinger must be so proud of his 1973 quote, control the food and you control the people. He should have had that copyrighted, it would have made him even more rich due to many people using his famous quote. His dreams are coming true in ways that most people have never thought of, patented  Frankenfood. We’re loving it 🤢 

Now the artificial meat and artificiality inflating the price of real meat, fruit and vegetables at present is all too obvious for those that are paying attention. There is no real shortage of food, it’s being withheld. Even if you are aware of this, it makes no difference because the cost of real food could put it out of your budget regardless.

Violating our basic human rights to be able to eat normal healthy food. Remember this is corporations doing this so they can get away with things that the government can’t. Add the emotional guilt trip on top of the financial inability to access real food. No doctors or nutritionists will dare step out of line and speak out publicly because they are either afraid of losing their job or they are believing the lies. 

Big corporations are driving this agenda and take a look the vast tracts of land bought up by Bill Gates, that should have alarm bell ringing. Then take a look at the queen and how much land all over the world that she owns. Then people that we don’t know about that own vast tracts of real estate, foreign investors that take advantage of the opportunity. It is so unfair that individuals or corporations can own so much land or real estate and others have nothing. But that is the dualistic reality of this world. 

Land to grow crops and land to feed animals is shrinking now because so much is private property. It doesn’t look good for the future, but who knows what war will bring. How many investors will lose their land or businesses have land confiscated. Anything is possible. 

The way things are going this will go nicely with transhumanism, you can’t call this living. It’s a nightmare of epic proportions. Next time you buy food from a chain fast food outlet keep this in mind. This situation will not be stopped unless the masses get off their dumb arses and say NO. 

Just imagine feeding this to your children or grandchildren knowing what it is, and the harm that will be done. This is a nightmare beyond belief, but spare a thought for the suffering animals. They too have feelings and to be butchered is horrendous. I have only been eating meat fro two years at present after being a very strict vegetarian for spiritual reasons. I still struggle with the thought of how animals are killed and especially baby animals. That just is not right, it is cruel they way animals are “processed “ for human consumption. But this reality is not a very nice place especially from a spiritual standpoint, being one step up from the demonic realm. 

We seem damned if we do and damned if we don’t. This reality is heavily geared against humanity and the animals too. Individuals must look into their hearts for guidance and do the best that they can under the limited circumstances of what we think is free will. That’s an illusion right there, because there isn’t any, we just have to try hard to be honest and good, living from the heart. Boy that is a very difficult thing to do every moment of our lives. 

One final thing I want to say is I don’t put much trust in the people that put the article together, but I do know from a clairvoyant perspective this world is changed and things will never return to what was in our lives. It is starting to look like science fiction and no one in authority is going to stop this train wreck. 

I might go eat a bacon sarny (sandwich) after all that. Make sure you that you watch the video by Awaken with JP, Shocking Biden allegations. Not actually about him but at 6.48, we don’t just have to worry about what is being done to our food but Eugenicists, it’s all interrelated. 

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