07 June, 2022

Neil Oliver: I see the tides of authoritarianism spreading


What he doesn’t know is the young people now are already the reincarnated people from World War Two. Those that died in the First World War (my generation) are already reincarnated, I know because I am one. So no matter what war happens, or event, we still end up right back here again due to spiritual ignorance. Humanity are not supposed to reincarnate. You cannot awaken be reincarnating over and over again in a repetitive loop. 

There is no hard and fast  rule as to when each individual is reincarnated in a timeline, in what direction of time or how soon the individual reincarnates. I have read and was taught in spiritual church that a person that has died with blood loss returns to earth quickly to stem the loss of energy. I have also heard it say this also is the case from having surgery as the psychic wound keeps bleeding, but I am rather skeptical about that. Many seem to reincarnate close to every third generation. But I have not found any hard written proof of this, only by feeling intuitively and from visions, dreams and when I conduct psychic readings with my clients, I still feel that it is not a firm rule. I do not accept channeled information because it is highly unreliable and it comes from within the sealed unit that we think of as the spirit world (matrix) and our physical world.

Yes we are in a dire situation right now and I don’t see any improvement in this, due to mass apathy. Remember when people are in a low vibrational frequency they can’t use intuition and being kept in a low vibrational frequency as well as being stressed, anxious, traumatised,  angry etc; the individual can’t raise their spiritual frequency and awareness. Done deal folks! 

These are shocking and terrible times now and from here on in there is no going back, this is the path to transhumanism the final game changer. No other time in current known history has this happened. Think of all the media goons condescending to the public telling us that we are being paranoid and believing in conspiracy theories when this information is all over the internet. Well the joke is on them too. They are owned and controlled through their egos and greed by corporations. They won’t give up their jobs because they love the adoration from being a public figure, the money and power trip. 

There is nothing to stop these individuals falling from their ivory towers when they are no longer useful in aiding and abetting the destruction of humanity. You are free to believe what you like in this situation for sure, but when you realise the truth it’s too late. Be your own savior, this is the only way out. There is no one saving humanity other than on a cloud as in technology, being uploaded into a cloud. This replaces the fake spirit world’s Faraday cage or soul trap. 

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