19 June, 2022

All the worst things you can think of’: Christchurch residents stricken by city’s stench


Omg, Barf o Rama! There is no damn way that officials didn’t know the original source. More like they can’t be arsed doing anything about it. Basically the less money you have, the less rights you have. This obviously has a detrimental impact on the people’s physical and psychological health and well-being, I could be wrong but I assume that in order for such an odour to be present; that would imply that there is a bacteria in the air to produce such an offensive odour. No one seems to want to take ownership of this within government. It is definitely not the fault of the public.

Home owners in this area have their  property value decreased  obviously and the government has to address this. Offering a paltry and insulting offer of $200 each for laundry is a slap in the face to the victims into the bargain. This problem was there years before the fire in the treatment plan also, it has been suggested that it started with the composting plants and obviously no one cared to take the appropriate action, that much is evident. 

Obviously the residents don’t have any legal representation or the problem would have been resolved years ago as mentioned in the article. Money is everything apparently! 

I have lived near a treatment plant in Sydney and yes, the smell could waft around the streets nearby. But only now and then and it was never a serious issue. But what this article does not tell us is how close to residential areas are both the treatment plants and the composting plant. We’re the houses there first or the composting and treatment plants there first. The latter would say that they should never have built houses near such facilities. Such facilities are usually kept away from residential areas and are usually planned with   public health in mind. 

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