03 December, 2023


 My New  GoDaddy website is humming along in the production stage. The webssite won't be live for a couple of days but this is the website address  www.alexfulfordmedium.com

Or you can just google Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium and bob's your uncle. 

Warm and Fuzzy hugs peeps xxx

Thalidomide survivor Trish Jackson reveals heartbreaking way she had to qualify for disability pension


This lady could have worked in an office absolutely no problem. I worked in the public service with a lady that had been a victim of Thalidomide in fact she was my supervisor at one point and was born with one arm. She drove a car, she was married and she was a mother too. Back in my youth the public service was required to hire people who had disabilities and just like everybody else in the public service they would get proper on the job training through every rank the same as everyone else. 

The lady that I worked with was no different to anyone else and she was a friend to me and we shared the same sense of humour. I have a lot of respect for her and was amazed by how nothing phased her. It is disgusting that after all these years that people are still struggling with the government for support. 

What’s the problem in sorting this mess out? Couldn’t be arsed taking responsibility for all of these people because it’s all too hard. Not to mention that these days the government deliberately tries to avoid granting pensions to people who have a genuine disability as it is. It seems that our government doesn’t understand what it means to be human. To care for people in need or people with disabilities. 

For a first world country where is the respect and responsibility to people with disabilities. Where is the desire to serve these people and right the terrible wrongs done to them? We are talking an entire lifetime of suffering and government neglect. Buck passing by every political party elected since this terrible tragedy happened. The public must not tolerate this long protracted issue, we must demand change now. Are we all supposed to just sweep this under the carpet like we have done for over sixty years? The responsibility is at the feet of the federal government to step up and sort this once and for all.

An apology is cheap, compensation and a pension for those that need it is way overdue. That compensation needs to be back dated with interest for every single year of the person’s life. Claiming a pension should be made under a special status category without the horrible dignity robbing practices that are the standard procedure. Are the government hoping that people will die so they don’t have to grant pensions? It sure looks like it, if it has already taken this long to get any kind of acknowledgment or recognition for granting pensions and compensation. 

02 December, 2023

'Leaning tower' in Italy on 'high alert' for collapse


This is quite an expense in today’s economy. Saving a valuable historical building for future generations to enjoy versus putting the money into the pockets of the citizens in need. Yes, it must be secured to prevent injury and prevent deaths and damage to nearby buildings. But is any  further work able to be held back until the economy is restored? 

01 December, 2023

Christmas humour has started early

                                                          Let the silly season begin 


29 November, 2023

Tarot card of the month: December 2023, 10 of Pentacles


This card is ruled by the planet Mercury and Virgo which are the rulers of the 6th house of the zodiac.
The element is earth.

Loss and separation, foundations upending, financial loss and disputes, family feud and restrictions are some of the reversed interpretation of this card. This card aligns with the 6th house of the zodiac governing work, the unconscious mind, health, habits, service given and small animals. The 6th house represents the social urge and affection . The key phrase is, I analyse.

Mercury represents communication in all aspects, reasoning ability, the intellectual urge, avenue of expression, it can be quick and volatile action, means of transport, travel, trade and emotional capacity to name a few things it covers.
Virgo is health and wellbeing related, it can be sterile practical, perfection seeking and industrious.
You will find hygiene connected to Virgo, germaphobic behaviour and such likes. 

This is the last tarot card of the month for 2023. There is a see saw effect happening in the card with how the pentacles are displayed. But the card does not have any fun attached to it. 

The world is in a state of transformation right now, I get the urge to use the word precipice though because we are balanced on the edge of a cliff right now. It’s 50/50 as I look at the card. Notice the old man looking at the young family or the new generation. Be that the new generation or younger leaders, or even society in general. The old man does not look happy as he watches them from his vantage point. They don’t see him or are unable to see him because he is in the shadows and the young family are in the clear daylight in the market place. 

The old man represents authority, a powerful authority hidden from public view. This is a social division and not about teamwork, one puppet master pulling the strings. I feel a sort of religious or fanatical ideology connected to this man, especially his mindset. This is a western man with silver hair (Schwab?) He wields a lot of power and influence and I do feel a link with the Vatican here. He seems to be closely linked to the Vatican in a very powerful way. I would call this man vengeful and there is nothing spiritual in his nature or personality. This man thrives on absolute power, he is not easy to stop once started on a mission or purpose. He has a frugal mindset, yet wealth beyond imagination. As he takes he never gives, this is not charity it greed and a hunger for power he has an insatiable hunger for power. He is given orders by other higher powers yet he sees these higher powers as inferior to himself. He only recognises his authority and is only a team player when it suits him. Humanity are not on his team! 

I feel harvesting of money and power happening, at present it is in its early stages and will build up over 2024/25. Many people will be alarmed by this yet feel afraid to speak out due to fears of persecution from peers in western society which has become gagged. People no longer feel safe to speak their minds individually now in the west. As I look at the card I get the feeling of the public being spied on.

This is by non government powers, these are people that are not elected by the people in the west. This is hidden NGO’s who are openly hostile to people being happy. There is a feeling of the public must be made to comply and obey these faceless unelected NGO’s . After all the leaders of the western countries obey these NGO’s. The western leaders do not carry out the wishes of the citizens that voted for them.

December is shaping up to b a month of mystery and hidden knowledge. Behind our back’s plans are being formulated to strip the west of power, wealth, sovereignty and form a different type of partnership.
This partnership will have long lasting consequences and pushing us closer to war, poverty and suffering. It has nothing to do with being fair and humane, it’s quite the opposite. 
I see protests countered by more climate change activists protesting as a distraction. 
But under the surface something is about to explode in various regions. Eventually this will get out of hand as some of these conflicts will join hands so to speak, forming dangerous partnerships.

The ranks will be strong and western leaders will start to see they have backed the wrong horse in the Asian-Middle Eastern stakes. Well may be they should have listened to their astrologers more often because it has been pointed out to these leaders. But these leaders are rather selective in taking advice. This is wilful arrogance on their part, warnings are always given! Yes, of course leaders use astrologers they always have done. 

Now food affordability and financial struggles are biting in for many people and charities will be struggling to keep up with demands on top of new arrivals to the shores of host nations. Just watch the tensions rise yet again. The homeless are now too big a problem to deal with so governments throw their hands up in the air because they don’t have a solution. REALLY?? 
Talk about defeated nations, it’s a fait accomple guys! You lost.

The worm has turned and shows its true purpose. The youth of the world are highlighted from here on in. Are they ready for dramatic change? I get the feeling of young people being under instruction (trained) to act on demand, as in protesting. Here are the young people who are trained to reject their parents, grandparents and great grandparents generation. What they don’t see is their own  manipulation going on against them. Be it spiritual, political, financial or familial.This is communism in disguise and the task of the young generation is to accept communism with open arms without any understanding of what taking shape despite the warnings given from older people that have witnessed this up close and personal. 
Well the lives of these young people will be turned upside down, war in their lives and only after this will they think, OMG, what have we done. Sadly it’s too late to turn back the clock.

The breakdown and rebuilding energy has been released into this world and the world is currently in the crash and burn phase to reform via trauma into a new world. Not the sort that we want or need. The light is going out, to bring in a dimmer light,  but not entirely out of humanities making. Astrological phenomena have always played a major role in the fate of humanity. It is up to us to learn to read the warnings and try to circumvent them in a positive way.

Warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone 

28 November, 2023

Calling number 87 in a dream


This morning I was just waking up from a spiritual dream and in the dream I was issued a white ticket with a number. I was in a school environment, standing outside in the playground area with other new students and I was wearing a bottle green knitted woollen jumper and a grey school skirt. The other students were wearing different types of school uniforms. I  apparently had to pick a school to attend but hadn’t decided which one to choose. I was aware that I was to finish year 12 though that symbolises unfinished work to be completed before moving on to the next chapter in my life. I did feel rather put out by this and wearing a uniform at my age. Green though is a healing colour aligned to the heart chakra. Grey while it can be neutral it is also a spiritual colour too. Grey is often the first colour seen outlining the human aura when a person is new to seeing the aura. 

There were other students who were also assigned numbers to be summoned  to see the teacher assigning them to their classes or school. I heard my number being called which was number 87. The number stuck in my mind when I woke up. This morning I was in a hurry to get up because I was about to drive up to visit my father in his nursing home. He is rapidly declining with advanced dementia and does not have much time left. So I knew this dream was a warning to me. 

I am dreading the next couple of weeks because I know that he will not be able to survive past this time frame. He has also just turned 87 and that just struck me as I write this. I am feeling really sad at present because this is the end of life as I have known it. It’s so final and I will struggle with closure, life is now going to take on a new meaning. Whatever that will be I just have to roll with, so the new beginning aspect of the number makes sense. I do hope my father will work with me a little from spirit when he is ready. But that is up to him really, right now I just want him to be at peace. He is incredibly fragile right now and no longer able to communicate. It breaks my heart to see him in this way and not being able to help him. I was upset at not being able to have any privacy with my father because he was in the day room with other patients for supervision and the nursing home only has a skeleton staff like all the rest of them. But don’t get me started on that!! 

Why is it that some people never seem to suffer at the end of life and others suffer terribly? I have lost two uncles in the past two weeks that were the same age as my father. Just as I am coming to terms with their deaths I am now preparing for my father’s death. It is a horrible thing just waiting for that phone call. But I will know before the phone rings anyway because he will come to me. 

His father has been around me for a few weeks now to prepare me. But that phone call is what I dread, it just finalises everything that I had. Endings and new beginnings are often painful but this is part of life whether we like it or not. I just never thought that my poor father would leave this world the way he is, and I just wish that I could do something to help him. I will pray for him and meditate for him to help him in my own way, it’s the least I can do.

Alex 😭

26 November, 2023

Misogynist bastards: Woman horror procedure reveals country’s national shame


There is no other way to describe this horrific abuse, other than calling them racist misogynistic bastards. It turns my stomach reading this, to  be blunt. This is a hatred of indigenous peoples by the elites, you want to know why? It is a spiritual thing and a hatred of pure blood indigenous peoples world wide that’s why. Indigenous peoples have strong connections to spirit too, so don’t take this lightly, it is a long established fact that we indigenous peoples have strong spiritual connections. That spiritual connection is literally in our blood and the soul fire is very powerful, that is why both the Catholic Church and the secret societies hate indigenous people. They want to cut our connection to pure spirit, especially women because we have the strongest spiritual and psychic connections that is why they hate us and want to destroy us.

Do deeper esoteric research and you will see the connection. It’s no skin off my nose if you don’t believe this, we spiritual indigenous peoples are fully aware of the truth. Now look up the South American women that were sterilised in the 1970’s

Here is some extra reading but it only scratches the surface. 


In the land of the free and home of the brave in 2020. Misogynistic bastards still perpetuate their abuses against women. Do you hear the Catholic Church complaining? Err no.  Funny how the silence is deafening isn’t it! And let’s not forget about the abortion issue, that’s pure hypocrisy right there. Women in America obviously don’t have bodily autonomy and human rights in 2023! You can thank the Catholic Church and the secret societies for that misogyny. They are no better than the Taliban! 

Fear of dependency on the state, more like the elite wanting to keep money and power over the rest of us. Money that we  ordinary people toiled for; in blood sweat and tears and often to death. Yet we have to justify our right to exist constantly. Auditioning for your life, just screams out at you. The rich and powerful don’t play fair and they don’t share anything. They take and take until we bleed literally. The more ordinary people there are the elite fear us rising up against them and that was the pretext for inventing communism. The joke is on us ordinary people. 

Eugenics is a rich man’s toy as it is, and you would be surprised as to how many famous people are eugenicist dating back to early 19th century with their fake Christian values. Meanwhile the rich men whored around impregnating women at the drop of a hat and do to this very day. Human rights only applies to some people but not all of us, it always did. 

24 November, 2023

The Yakhchāl: Ancient Ice-Making Machines in the Desert (Video)


Amazing ingenuity dating back to 400BC. They may be seen in modern times as primitive by some but the ancient Persians, the ancient Chinese and many other old cultures had amazing ingenuity and technology that only is surpassed by today’s modern technology. 

So it has taken two thousand years for modern man to get to where we are now. With a quantum leap in the type of technology that we have now. I wonder when  or if we will dip back down into the loss of technology. That would not be a good time to live through for us ordinary people of the world. Let’s hope that it never goes down that path. Astrologers can detect such events on the horizon because they are able to calculate hundreds or thousands of years into the future. That would probably come under horary astrology if one is asking a question. Other than that, following calculations which can be done by the use of ephemerides  or withAI  the years to come. I would imagine that AI will be the common tool to calculate such things. Much as I dislike AI this is one of the useful tools in this technology to guide humanity through the years to come. It will also show us where we must tread very carefully as in its normal way of serving humanity. 

23 November, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #2 November 2023


A few interesting things here, I hope you enjoy reading.

Warm and fuzzy hugs 🤗🤗

Animal antics


Robert Sepehr, Etidorpha the end of the earth


You will find the free pdf eBook on my blog. I have it on my kindle, I read it in small chunks at a time as I read so many books on metaphysics, jumping between them. 

Please read through the comments in YouTube for interesting comments. 

Aphrodite/Etidorpha 🤣


21 November, 2023

They still can’t get it right


I have repeatedly told Dlook in writing from 9th November to fix my adverts up and they still can't get it right. This is why I cannot tolerate this company any longer. No one can follow simple written instructions. $450 plus every year down the toilet! This year has been the worst service from Dlook ever, after only discovering in November that I was not shown for service in the ACT, where I actually live. And only a badly written heading without my name covering national availability. How many people will actually click on a nameless advert? I wouldn't. 

I have repeatedly told them my hours are 10.00 am to 3.00 pm, 7 days per week including public holidays. How many times to I have to keep telling them? Sheesh!  Oh and they leave out Western Australia in the latest stuff up. I think the word nationally would suffice. 

It gets worse though,  to get in touch via the advert it doesn't take you to my personal email. No, it is a dumb generic click on enquiry for everything on Dlook, where you are made to fill in a lot of information and then it throws you off into the blue yonder and not to me directly. 

I cannot honestly see people sticking with this organisation. After 6 years of my hard earned money and having to keep on their backs and multiple changes of account managers is just not a good sign.  Not to mention every Christmas they had pulled the plug for a few weeks stopping people reaching me. I had not given permission for this, why would I ? Yet I have paid to be listed for 12 months uninterrupted service. 

 Luckily people had the sense to phone me diretly because they were unable to pay for their consultation via PayPal  and sometimes a screen would pop up with a warning saying my certificate for the website had expired or a broken link. This was 6 years of being given poor service. So, yes as soon as my GoDaddy website is up and running I will post the link online on my blog and Facebook. 


Not Happy Jan, Not Happy!

A flair for drama lols


19 November, 2023

Unplug and wait ten seconds


While this is funny, there are many interpretations of this reality that we inhabit. One is it is a simulation or augmented reality which is very apt for this cartoon and very close to the mark. 

18 November, 2023

Queensland mum was worried about stubborn spot on her nose. Her GP told her it was nothing. This is her warning


Asumption is the mother of all f##k ups! A GP is perhaps not the best qualified person to make a diagnosis on skin cancer and there are many different ways skin cancers appear. There are too many screw ups like this happening in Australia. My husband was twice told his cancer was eczema by our doctor, despite me intuitively knowing it was skin cancer, but thankfully our doctor did refer my husband to a dermatologist because the medication for eczema made absolutely no difference. I had to keep nagging my husband for a year or two to get his arm checked out because I knew something was wrong. 

People should get into the habit of having a skin cancer checkup at a  cancer clinic. Stay up to speed on your skin check ups for peace of mind. It is our responsibility to maintain checkups at the recommended times. 

I am glad this young mother has had proper medical care so that she can continue to raise her family. I hope that she never has to go through this ever again. Please; book an appointment to have your skin checked, remember the damage is done usually in childhood and appears to be dormant for several years before it manifests visibly. I often see small children outdoors without sun hats and exposed skin in summer and babies in strollers without sun hats or a canopy to protect them from the sun. The younger the child the more delicate the skin and the UV rays penetrate deep into the skin. Bad habits in sun protection can be lethal and in a country like Australia one must never take risks with their skin, not to mention the importance of teaching children good skills in skin protection for life. There is nothing more unsightly than skin like leather which prematurely ages the individual. 

Saturday funnies


Not what Al Bundy had in mind  ðŸ¤£ðŸ¤£

16 November, 2023

Mysterious hum keeps town in Northern Ireland awake


I am surprised that there is no mention of the Bay side hum in San Francisco. I am of the opinion that this is under ground tunneling that is happening or mining. That could be either the government or a private company doing this. Obviously it is of a clandestine nature and no doubt it’s under tight security. Which makes me think of a government program like military installations under ground. In WW2 the Royal Air Force had small underground facilities in Scotland that are still there. Usually in the countryside out of view. The only tell tale sign was a little metal fence and a manhole. I was on a school excursion once as a teenager and we were looking at historical sites where one of these Air Force bunkers was a right next to it. Our teacher pointed it out to us and I recall seeing a documentary on these Air Force under ground installations around that time in the late seventies. 

So it makes sense that this could be what is going on with these strange noises not just in Ireland but also around the world. 

15 November, 2023

Heads up notice: New website coming soon

 Hi everyone,

Just a quick heads up to let everyone know that I am definitely moving to a new website to start 2024. I am currently making enquiries about a new website and host and new domain name. Everything will be posted on here as soon as I have it sorted. Dream big for 2024 is my mantra. This will probably take a little while to come up in the search engines but as long as you google my name then you will find me. However the new website will be available on my blog as soon as it is available. There is still my Facebook page to follow for news updates, (Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium). I don’t see me subscribing to X because when it was called Twitter there was poor interest in my account. That may change in the years to come but for the meantime I am focusing on what is happening now. 

I intend to pursue my Astrology studies in 2024 and will take it as far as I possibly can. Spirit has made it abundantly clear to me that I have to go down this path. I just hope that the GPS is good on the road 🤣🤣🤣❤️ 

So watch this space and my Facebook page for updates.

Warm and Fuzzy hugs to everyone 

Alex 🐈🐈🐈🔮🧿🪬

After I posted this to Facebook I suddenly rememberd the theme of the number 6 in my life. I was born on a number 6 day. I started tarot reading on a 6 day (6/1/2006) on a 6 year but an number 8 if you add the 6 and the 2. I am in a number 6 personal year this year and turned 60. I went vegetarian on the 6th of February for 10 years. Next year is a number 8 year universally but the number 6 is the 2 and the 4 combined. Patterns forming right there,  the number 6 in astrology is the 6th House of work and service given. The 6th House ir ruled by the star sign Virgo and the planet Mercury (communication). 

Nothing happens by chance in this world. 😆🔮

Update: 21 November,  I checked Dlook today to see if the changes have been made as requested and yes they have been done. But I am definitely leaving Dlook and I am now starting the new website construction. Watch this space for more updates. 

14 November, 2023

Mummy cat ❤️

 This world needs a good mummy cat to make everyone feel safe and loved. 

13 November, 2023

Toblerone Cocktail


OMG, These are to die for, I first tried these many years ago and fell in love with them. They are way too easy to drink! Great to have during the silly season or anytime you want to indulge in a decadent cocktail. 

I could go hog wild with these and some nice chocolates 🤣🤣🍸🍫🍸 lock the front door and pretend no one is home. Give the cocktail a go, I guarantee you will love it. My other love is Frangelico or a drop of Glayva (pronounced Glay Vah) a delicious Scottish liqueur. 

If you like Rum Balls I have a recipe from the internet here to share. There are way too nice, I pigged out on these last year. I think I ended up making three lots, lol. 


10 November, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #1 November 2023


I highly recommend people read the article and in regards to information on who Jesus was also read the books by Ralph Ellis available on Amazon. These books fill in some of the gaps about the physical person and his bloodline. 

09 November, 2023

Dlook website hosting issues again! Alex is moving to a new website

 Well this year has been challenging to say the least. I have been on to Dlook again twice today with two different matters. I appreciate the account manager may be busy or perhaps not in the office today, and obviously I will have to wait until the emails have been read before any further steps are taken. 

The past year I have been wondering what is going on because work has not be up to the usual standards. So out of curiosity I went online to the Dlook website and typed in Psychics in Canberra., I wasn’t listed!

I have paid to be listed in Canberra, nationally and internationally since 2017. Though that has been an issue every Christmas too, when my service was cut without my knowledge or permission despite me having paid for continued service uninterrupted throughout December and January. 

I only found out by people contacting me to say they can’t get on my website to pay. I was never given a discount or refund only a verbal apology. I told the accountant manager if this happened again I would leave because it has happened every single year. Only this year has been the first year of uninterrupted service but again the service was not what I paid for because I have not been listed properly and not under Canberra at all causing me a loss of income. 

I only today made this discovery that I have not been on my local listing. That was just out of curiosity after getting these two emails via Piivot. I went on to the Dlook website to look for my name in the advertising listing. Angry doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Enough is enough I am now looking for a new website host. I just refuse to put up with this nonsense anymore.

No name to say that this is me International and National on the front page of Psychics and Clairvoyants, but I am not on the list for Canberra at all. How many people would actually bother to click on this? I am not the only person that doesn’t have their name displayed on the list. 

I looked on my website today at the contact page and suddenly the hours of service are different and medium is misspelled. How very unprofessional is this! 
I only went here because this week I have had two people enquiring and the email comes into my inbox as sent by Piivot with a .IO email address and I thought it was spam and blocked them. Only to find one lady had left a text message on my phone. So she is booked in and I unblocked the email.  I would not have known otherwise.

I am waiting for a response from my service manager to explain what piivot is doing on my website. I  don’t know what it is either. Other than something used by people in the IT industry. I have not been informed of any updates to my website either. That was the same last year too when my emails were unanswered by my account manager only to be told she is ill and hasn’t been able to return to work. So my emails were just left unattended. There are other staff members that can step in but apparently I “fell through the cracks” that was the excuse given. 

This is my contact page that is currently showing. I have no idea when it was changed. 

I only ever worked 10.00am to 3.00pm in all my years. My front page on the website clearly states that I work 10.00am to 3.00 pm.  I also work on weekends and public holidays since I started working. This looks totally unprofessional.

Update: 15 November  2023, 2.17pm Its still saying closed on the weekend. My account manager says we will fix it. That is after another email telling me the last one was sent to be fixed. So yeah I pull the pin the last day of my contract. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

08 November, 2023

Optus outage costs Sydney woman saying goodbye to dying mum


This is heartbreaking at such a critical time for the family. This just reminds us that nothing is guaranteed in this world. Telecommunications, the internet and emergency services. Just imagine how it would be in a war scenario. This dying woman didn’t get to say goodbye to her family and this has a lasting impact on her family and her spiritually too. 

I don’t think the carrier service makes much difference whatsoever but going with the main one Telstra you might be in with a chance but who knows really. Your bank and your internet and phone are your lifeline in the modern world and this is the permanent reality for the whole world now. How can we put our trust and faith in something that we have absolutely no control over. But it has absolute control over us. 

06 November, 2023

Parents’ chilling warning after baby eats mushroom growing in house plant pot


Wow, How terrifying, I know that plants can get a white fungus on the soil over winter if you over water them. It smells like vomit and you know instantly that it’s not normal and you need to get rid of it.

Sometimes just having the plant sitting outside in the sun can kill the fungus. But you need to be mindful of the care of each type of plant you have and they often require different care depending on the species. If you’re unsure Google is you friend. It’s a good idea to keep the plant tag that comes with the plant when you buy it and keep it in the pot or in a plastic sleeve with other plant tags. 

Also when your children are small keep your plants up where the children can’t reach them. Avoid table cloths that the child can pull and cause the plant to fall on them. That also includes plant stands because children will pull it over in an instant especially if they are just learning to walk. They may try to use the plant stand as an aid to help them get to their feet. You just have to be all eyes with small children around, and damn they are fast, lol. I have had some scary moments when my children were this age and I was a very vigilant parent. 

I am so glad to see this little boy made a good recovery thanks to his quick acting dad. Hopefully the little chap will forget this ever happened. 

01 November, 2023

Java Braidwood

Located at 91 Wallace Street Braidwood NSW


Want a divine dining experience? My husband and I did just that today at Java Braidwood in county NSW not far from Canberra, en route to the south coast. 
A beautiful restaurant run by a beautiful lady, making the whole dining experience memorable with a welcoming atmosphere from the moment we arrived. We were also very impressed by the hard working and dedicated staff.

The food was outstanding in flavour, quality and presentation served in a beautiful environment with a peaceful atmosphere. The meals are affordable and most definitely value for money. You would be hard pressed to find better prices and such top quality food which is professionally presented to enhance your dining experience.
Thank you Daniar and your wonderful staff for a wonderful experience with genuine warmth from your heart. 

31 October, 2023

Happy Halloween 2023


Happy Halloween everyone, the start of the silly season begins. Halloween has its origins in Scotland and Ireland hundreds of years ago, before America was discovered and is a traditional pagan tradition.

Yet very few people actually know this because it has been over commercialised by the US. The true meaning is no longer relevant. There was no trick or treat in the old Celtic celebrations that is an American concept, Samhain is the true origin of Halloween. You will notice that I don’t have a pumpkin picture here, because traditionally it was turnips that were carved and much harder to carve than the pumpkins. It was only when the Scottish and Irish people went to America that the pumpkin was adopted because it was much easier to carve. 

If you’re staying home why not let the kids play bobbing for apples and watch a couple of movies. Make some decorations for afternoon craft like paper lanterns with red or orange coloured cellophane inside to look like flames. Paper chains or orange and black crepe paper twisted together and stretched across the walls looks great to set the mood. Kids love the excitement of making decorations for Halloween and dressing up, so if they are staying home tonight they can still have fun. Keep the paper decorations for next Halloween too. Halloween parties are always fun to do at home with a few children and is another traditional way to celebrate Halloween. Look on line at traditional party games and food that were popular in the old days , you might want to do a mix of traditional and modern celebrations. 

Most importantly just have some fun and enjoy the festivities. 


28 October, 2023

Do we need to justify our very right to exist?

Do we human beings really have to question our right exist? Also do we ever question what it means to be human? The right for all human beings' to co-exist no matter where they live in this crazy mixed up world is not negotiable. Yet this is the horrible reality of this world when it comes to war, any war throughout history. No human being should have to justify their right to live in peace, ever. Nor should they have to fight for the right to live, yet that right is constantly violated and the world leaders are not really interested in humanity other than for profit.

I am not talking about any particular race of people or nation here. I am talking about us as human beings and what it really means to us as a collective to be human. Pretty soon we will again all be forced to confront this hard question again with each other, forced on to opposing sides yet again. Who has the right to say who will live and who will die? Virtually Russian roulette and we all hold our breath to see who is unlucky each time a shot is fired. A human soul suffers, a life is extingushed for the misfortune of been born.  

Who has the right to tell us that we can no longer live in our home? Who has the right to tell us where we can live within our own homelands or force us to flee? Also who has the right to determine what our lives will be and our inalienable right to self determination?

Basic human rights, of which the most important one is the right to exist freely, peacefully and safely in our own countries. War removes that right immediately, it also does not guarantee the right to stay in your own home, your safety, shelter, food and water, medical treatment and the right to keep your personal goods and belongings. There is no certainty of anything in war, we must do what we can to survive such a catastrophe. What it means to be human doesn’t even come into the equation when a human life is threatened or destroyed. All that matters is winning for those in control over our lives. 

War is profitable no matter where it is, war is decided by very rich and powerful men. War also brings out the psycopaths of the world that delight in committing gross horrors on innocent human beings.

We ordinary people are seen as irrelveant in war or conflict, assets such as realestate, (as in vast areas of a nation like East Germany and Easatern Europe in the last world war) oil, gold, petrolium and money are valuable commodities, but human life, NO. Every war is about assets because war is profitable, every single war on this planet has been about assets, money and power one way or another. We ordinary people historically can also be seen as commodities to be traded whenever it has been convenient throughout history. But who decides who is a viable commodity permitted to live and what makes some people more viable than other people? 

What happens to the men and women that fought wars? The returned soldiers that are broken, disabled, dysfunctional and often suicidal are left to their own devices by their nations government. Many of  these vetrans are homeless, kicked to the kerb and ignored by their own government regardless of where they live in the world. If that doesn't invalidate and disrespect a human life then I don't know what does. 

Another world  war is about to happen, and young men and women  will be told you need to join up and fight the enemy. But who is the enemy really? It's not yours and it's not mine, we don't know the individual people that are the "enemy" but are told to kill them and the supposed enemy is fed the same story. Every war is a rich mans creation, it has nothing to do with ordinary people, they are just the tools of the rich and powerful. Situations are created and someone has to be the scapegoat. That's how it has worked since the dawn of time. 

We are expected to forfeit our lives for the greater good, but in reality its more like the greater asset and income harvesting for the insatiable power hungry demons; that just cannot stop demanding from us that have nothing. We see the profits made by multi national corporations. money made from the blood of innocents, you and I and our children.

Contractors then line up and see who gets the contracts to rebuild and where. Lucrative contracts worth trillions. Is our blood so meaningless to all of these people that determine where a war will be and how long they can make it last? 

The longer a war runs the more money is generated and concentrated into only a few hands. But the price of war is death in the millions; of ordinary human beings and also the animals of  this world that are killed, injured and traumatised for the rest of their lives yet are unable to have a voice.

Where has the spiritual light gone in this world? Was it ever really there for humanity or the beautiful animals that we love so much? Every life extinguished brings more darkness to humanity. Humanity never will learn its lessons as long as people are prepared to kill, murder, torture and abuse one another.

Can anyone really justify or give a valid reason for such evil? Why do people refuse to see the real enemy of all life on earth, they only follow the voice of the richest earthly deamon with the loudest public voice and follow his truth, not the truth.  

And here humanity is being taught another painful lesson and nobody has done their homework. So how can humanity learn a lesson if they have no interest in learning what it means to be human and to live a peaceful spiritual life of tolerance and acceptance in everyone. How does one justify their right to just exist? More to the point why must we have to justify the right to exist to anyone? 


25 October, 2023

Iconic Aussie Christmas decorations


https://www.bigw.com.au/product/blinky-bill-bauble-4-pack/p/288806. Blinky Bill Baubles 

Big W have Aussie iconic Christmas decorations on sale now, so get in quick if you like these treasures. Lovely pieces to hand down the family as keepsakes. It’s wonderful to see a new generation of children enjoying the delightful Aussie characters loved for over 100 years. 


We've been loving and adoring Vegemite for 100 years


Yay for all the happy little Vegemite’s 100 years of our nation edible icon. I must say that I didn’t start eating Vegemite until I was at high school. Preferring peanut butter which is more palatable to small children. The iconic hot or cold accompanying drink of course is Milo which is often eaten dry out of the tin behind mum’s back and is great sprinkled on ice cream. Bonza! 

24 October, 2023

Tarot Card of the Month: November 2023, Page of Cups


This card of the month is a little different from the other ones because I am taking an astrolgical tilt this time.

Notice the little fishy in the cup, he represents the zodiac sign of Pisces which is ruled by the planet Neptune and this rules the 12 house of the zodiac.

The key word is understanding  The key phrase is I believe

Positive interpretations include, Compassionate, Sacrificing, Charitable and Sympathetic 

Negative interpretations include, Procrastinating, Timid, Impracticle, Pessimism and Inhibited

I have narrowed down the possible interpretations to suit the month of November.

Neptune is the rulling planet of Pisces and the 12th House. It represents Spirituality and the freedom urge.

The key word is intuition 

Neptune is the ruler of Maritime matters, liquid, fog, petroleum and mystery

The 12th house of the zodiac rules limitations, frustrations, hidden strength and the subconscious mind, it is also a house of the three houses of endings. The other two being the 4th house and the 8th house. 

Ok, now focusing on the Page of Cups, I notice the Page's eyes fixed on the little fishy in the cup and not the cup itself. In the background we see the water (Neptune) which is human consciousness and emotions which align to the heart chakra.

The Page has puffed sleeves giving the impression of being muscular and strong, of course he isn't. He is not what he pretends to be. He actually believes his own imagination or delusions. The Page is ruled by his emotions rather than his intellect and may not see the big picture as a result of this.

This card reminds us to face reality in November and stop being so gullible and naieve. This message should be taken onboard by young people in particular but includes everyone. Younger people do not have the advantage of years of experience nor the wisdom of older people that have lived through all sorts of things in this world. Information that is presented to the world currently in  different subjects or issues  may well be clouded by deceptions, illusions, incomplete information and fantasy, so be warned.

The time is over for silly games and jumping straight into something without knowing all the important and relevant information; including the history of the issues and real facts. 

Prudence and listening to older and wiser people who know their subject matter is advised or it may cost you dearly. Now this is also a warning about money or financial matters such as get rich quick schemes. When in doubt, stop, wait and watch. Then you will learn and save yourself some heartache. 

Be very careful if traveling in November, check the news regularly on travel destinations including flight delays or hold ups, cancellations, safety and security issues etc. Get travel insurance that covers activites you may be doing and that covers the destination that you are going to. You never know when an accident may happen also be careful around water in particular such as Jet-skies or any water activities. Medical bills are exorbidant so think wisely please. Just think worst case senarios when traveling and taking out travel insurance because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Travel by air restrictions are possible so please be wise and check on your travel dietination right up to departure time, both coming and going. Drug use is in the news so be warned and avoid drugs if going overseas because you may well be locked up in the "Bangkok Hilton" or similar. Act in haste and repent at leisure, so heed the warning. 

There are new rules in regards to the above matters so get online and read up on the laws and keep safe. Pay attention to matters involving water in general everyone, the sea and oceans in particular. I have a feeling of forboading with water. Refugees and the military  are connected to issues involving water.

 There is a risk of unnessissary deaths (drownings). Fog may be a factor in some cases including a disaster involving the seas, oceans and travelling such as refugees traveling by boats involving illegal entry into Europe and the UK. This is a dangerous time of year to do such a thing due to the weather in November onwards. Coastal areas are a high risk and are often foggy reducing visibility. Flooding is another thing to watch out for and anything connected to water. Hopefully not your hot water tank leaking in your house or your washing machine over flowing etc. 

Petrol is back in the news again and the North Sea gas is another possible issue, gas being the new gold and also sabotage of gas pipes like what has already been in the news.

Points to remember are; a reality check on all forms of communication, don't fall for everything you hear or read. Please keep your emotions under control, I know it is very difficult right now but a cool calm mind can help us see the realities around us and not act hastily. We don't want to be draged into something that we cannot get out of. 

Please stay safe where ever you live and warm and fuzzy hugs

Alex xx

Money, scams etc


Water,Sydney water industrial action 


Water,  Tasmania.


UPDATE: 5 November, flights cancelled in Germany 


8 November. Water skiing death, how horrible only just married too.


Another tragedy in the water


Water, but this guy is flirting with the grim reaper, seriously what the heck are you thinking??

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12715679/moment-tourist-knocked-feet-25ft-wave-storm-ciaran.html    more water, sea water in England 

Water, baby drowned in backyard pool in Western Australia.


22 October, 2023

Finally a cure for chronic cold hands? Researchers find genetic cause of Raynaud's phenomenon that blights hundreds of millions


I have had Raynauds syndrome for many years. I have it in my hands and feet and the pain in my toes is absolute agony. Even in bed on a hot summer night I often have socks on to stop the pain. The fan blowing on my toes triggers the itching and burning pain which prevents me sleeping. My fingers go purple practically every day and that’s just if the temperature is a little lower than normal either indoors or outside. 

I recall being a small child around three or four years old and my fingers on my right hand especially would go purple. My parents never had that investigated by a doctor, I just had to live with it. The toes started to be painful when I moved to Canberra in 1995. But I recall winter in Scotland when my toes were sore and that was just put down to the cold weather when I was outside even though I was wearing warm socks and boots. The house was always warm and comfortable thankfully, but boy what a shock when I got to Canberra and experienced this pain. 

One particular winter in Scotland I was about 14 years old and playing on the ice with friends all afternoon. I was dressed warm but I had school shoes on that were ones that I had worn at school in Australia and not suitable for winter in Scotland. They were great for sliding on though. But because it was freezing cold and I was out having fun I didn’t worry about the cold on my toes which was very painful. That was until I decided to go home as the pain was so bad. 

But when I got indoors the pain was through the roof. My mum had me sit next to a gas heating vent and had a basin of warm water to help warm my feet. It was much worse than the pain that I felt already. I sure learned a lesson from that. I screamed with the pain and was crying because it was so painful.

I often wondered if that was what caused my Reynauds syndrome. But I already had this in my fingers from a small child so I perhaps just made it worse, I don’t know. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists for a few years now and trapped ulnar nerves which are inflamed in both my elbows and nerve damage just under the surface of my forearms. So I experience pain constantly for many years, but reading this article I noticed the low blood sugar levels. I have diabetes on both sides of my family however I am not a diabetic. 

I read through the comments for the article and I noticed the mention of vit B3 , magnesium and blood medication. For me the magnesium doesn’t help but it helps cramps in my legs. There were side effects from the medication prescribed by my specialist which I took for two or three days and had to stop. I just try to keep my toes and fingers warm. What I don’t know is if the tingling on the tip of my tongue and bottom lip are part of the Reynauds or not. I told my GP but no answer from him on that one 😳 I have been through specialists and basically there’s nothing that they can do other than surgery for the carpal tunnel and my nerve entrapment. That surgery for the elbows is not always successful so I won’t be doing that. My wrists, I don’t know, I need to think about it. I lose feeling in my hands constantly and waken up at night with numbness in both hands. 

My shoulders and neck were injured in a crash back in 2015 and I am pretty certain that the nerves below the surface of my skin and the nerve entrapment was caused by that accident as I was holding my tablet reading when the accident happened and I was thrown upwards and backwards in a second. It was such a violent accident, the force of my arms being pulled up in quick and violent manner was quite painful.

Pain killers only worked for so long and long term use leads to liver damage. So I am just trying to keep my fingers and toes warm and use deep heat ointment regularly on my arms and even my toes. 


21 October, 2023

Jupiter, go big or go home


                                            Jupiter, Go big or go home! Jupiter can make us do things in a big way.

Some meanings of  Jupiter are, growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, good fortune, long distance travel     higher education, religion, the law. 

Astrology is not 100% accurate in certain areas

 As I am studying astrology I am quite aware that this amazing subject has extremely important values and I do believe in it. The science though is not such that it can explain things in your life clearly or the right way around. Having read some interpretations of my astrological report on Astrodinst which is a fantastic website by the way, I noticed a couple of thing in interpreting my childhood it was completely round the wrong way. 

However before reading this part of my birth chart, I came across information in the course of my studies, in the series of astrology books by Marion March and Joan McEvers where the authors point out things such as, you cannot predict someone’s death. That can only be picked up after the fact. Also little things in your personality that you yourself are aware of or certain things that happened to you can not always be reflected in your astrology chart. The person interpreting the chart for instance may not pick up the reasons for you being upset such as in my case. 

The read out said that I wanted my mother to be complex, subtle and unfathomable. Hell no, I  actually wanted her to be open, approachable and not terrorise me and psychologically abuse me. Big difference between the delineation of my chart and reality. This is where I would look at the chart differently and perhaps say that either situation could have happened. Intuition also plays a role in astrology, which is pointed out in the study books. One must feel the energy of the individual which  is quite difficult to do especially when you are only learning the science of astrology. 

I had someone do an astrology report on me many years ago and I was offended by the opening remarks. I thought wow, how the heck can you make such an assumption. I would be rather cautious in my wording of an astrology report. This person had only met me socially once or twice but I can definitely see where some astrologers need to choose words very carefully lest they get something wrong and cause the client offence and upset. 

I as a Tarot reader always choose my words carefully and never do I go into personality traits that the person may be embarrassed about. I have a strong sense of duty of care and I hope that I will always be mindful of wording anything for my clients. A person knows their own personality within themselves whether they care to disclose to a psychic or an astrologer. A highly attuned psychic person knows either by picking up the vibes from the client or as they open the tarot deck to read the client. 

A little lesson in this for me to keep in mind if I decide to use this skill publicly in the future. Mindful use of words, words can be easily misused and this is something that I always keep in mind as a Libran. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs peeps 🤗🧸

20 October, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A # 3 October 2023


Pay attention to number 5,  I have always maintained never follow any guru’s or anything other than yourself. I point blank refuse to accept anything other than from my higher self, I refuse to do trance-mediumship and the reason is stated on this blog if you care to read it. I am strongly opposed to channeling too, meaning deliberately channeling entities as opposed to when I am suddenly given a message from spirit. I trust absolutely nothing in this world because it is a world of lies, deception and half truths. You cannot be an advanced being on this earth, it’s impossible.

You need no other guide than your higher self and your own spiritual intuition. Stand in your own power not an artificial construct. 

I refuse to read for a particular person that insists that they are in tune with the galactic federation of light and will not listen to reason and follows a particular guru that has a criminal record. This person refuses to understand that this entire new age rubbish is a con or a hoax by wicked people right at the top. I don’t want to say any more than that. It’s up to individuals to make sensible choices and judgment based upon logic. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs

 My favourite expression, warm and fuzzy hugs. It’s the mummy side of me 

Neil Oliver: Expendable


Every life matters. Just like I said in my predictions; when I ask what does it mean to be human? Think about this, someone’s child, someone’s son or daughter. I sure as hell would not want to have blood on my hands, especially a child’s blood that is horrific. Yes, I realise that in war sometimes children are armed and will kill. The reason being is because children don’t have the reasoning ability like an adult and so will not think about the full consequences of their actions. What sort of human beings arm children with a bomb or a gun? Knowing full well that a soldier has to make a judgment call on this innocent child that has been used by cowards because the coward doesn’t care about the innocent child nor does this coward have any human decency or courage to be a man. It matters not where this type of situation happens because it happens globally from Northern Ireland to the current areas of conflict. The fact that it happens is the issue. This is a massive collective failure of humanity right there. 

I will never choose sides in violence, I respect what it means to be human and spirit. We are one and the same, both human and spirit. Yet incarnated in such a low and heavy duality of the third dimension suffering was always part of the conditions, yet very few can raise their spiritual frequency high enough to leave this reality permanently. We must strive to rise above the evil in this reality. We are on the earth but not of the earth spiritually speaking.  


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