18 November, 2023

Queensland mum was worried about stubborn spot on her nose. Her GP told her it was nothing. This is her warning


Asumption is the mother of all f##k ups! A GP is perhaps not the best qualified person to make a diagnosis on skin cancer and there are many different ways skin cancers appear. There are too many screw ups like this happening in Australia. My husband was twice told his cancer was eczema by our doctor, despite me intuitively knowing it was skin cancer, but thankfully our doctor did refer my husband to a dermatologist because the medication for eczema made absolutely no difference. I had to keep nagging my husband for a year or two to get his arm checked out because I knew something was wrong. 

People should get into the habit of having a skin cancer checkup at a  cancer clinic. Stay up to speed on your skin check ups for peace of mind. It is our responsibility to maintain checkups at the recommended times. 

I am glad this young mother has had proper medical care so that she can continue to raise her family. I hope that she never has to go through this ever again. Please; book an appointment to have your skin checked, remember the damage is done usually in childhood and appears to be dormant for several years before it manifests visibly. I often see small children outdoors without sun hats and exposed skin in summer and babies in strollers without sun hats or a canopy to protect them from the sun. The younger the child the more delicate the skin and the UV rays penetrate deep into the skin. Bad habits in sun protection can be lethal and in a country like Australia one must never take risks with their skin, not to mention the importance of teaching children good skills in skin protection for life. There is nothing more unsightly than skin like leather which prematurely ages the individual. 

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