26 November, 2023

Misogynist bastards: Woman horror procedure reveals country’s national shame


There is no other way to describe this horrific abuse, other than calling them racist misogynistic bastards. It turns my stomach reading this, to  be blunt. This is a hatred of indigenous peoples by the elites, you want to know why? It is a spiritual thing and a hatred of pure blood indigenous peoples world wide that’s why. Indigenous peoples have strong connections to spirit too, so don’t take this lightly, it is a long established fact that we indigenous peoples have strong spiritual connections. That spiritual connection is literally in our blood and the soul fire is very powerful, that is why both the Catholic Church and the secret societies hate indigenous people. They want to cut our connection to pure spirit, especially women because we have the strongest spiritual and psychic connections that is why they hate us and want to destroy us.

Do deeper esoteric research and you will see the connection. It’s no skin off my nose if you don’t believe this, we spiritual indigenous peoples are fully aware of the truth. Now look up the South American women that were sterilised in the 1970’s

Here is some extra reading but it only scratches the surface. 


In the land of the free and home of the brave in 2020. Misogynistic bastards still perpetuate their abuses against women. Do you hear the Catholic Church complaining? Err no.  Funny how the silence is deafening isn’t it! And let’s not forget about the abortion issue, that’s pure hypocrisy right there. Women in America obviously don’t have bodily autonomy and human rights in 2023! You can thank the Catholic Church and the secret societies for that misogyny. They are no better than the Taliban! 

Fear of dependency on the state, more like the elite wanting to keep money and power over the rest of us. Money that we  ordinary people toiled for; in blood sweat and tears and often to death. Yet we have to justify our right to exist constantly. Auditioning for your life, just screams out at you. The rich and powerful don’t play fair and they don’t share anything. They take and take until we bleed literally. The more ordinary people there are the elite fear us rising up against them and that was the pretext for inventing communism. The joke is on us ordinary people. 

Eugenics is a rich man’s toy as it is, and you would be surprised as to how many famous people are eugenicist dating back to early 19th century with their fake Christian values. Meanwhile the rich men whored around impregnating women at the drop of a hat and do to this very day. Human rights only applies to some people but not all of us, it always did. 

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