31 July, 2022

Record numbers of pet dogs being given up in Victoria as fewer owners adopt


This just sickens me reading this. Man’s best friend dumped because it’s all too hard for some people. Lockdown pets, all fine and dandy until they are no longer useful. Pets are a life long responsibility, you fail as a human being, if you just dump the pets as soon as they’re no longer convenient. This is a form of animal abuse as far as I am concerned. These people should never be allowed to have pets in the future if this is what they do. Most of these dogs will be destroyed because of these selfish people, I can’t bring my self to call them humans. 

These dogs don’t understand why humans took them into their homes when lockdown happened and then suddenly dump them when lockdown is over. To be brutally honest, I expected this to happen sooner knowing the nature of some people. This  is an absolutely callous act. It just reinforces my disgust in humanity, because just underneath the surface in some areas of  humanity lies a dark base and uncaring mindset  that can just reject a beautiful and innocent sentient being that offers pure unconditional love. 

Having fur babies as I prefer to call pets, is a privilege not a right. If you can’t commit  to years of caring for a fur baby then don’t buy one. The amount of animals that are destroyed each year is a disgrace and humanity has a lot to answer to given that we are supposedly the carers and custodians of this earth. 

Australia’s inflation rate in the Great Depression 1929-30and the hardships


I remember learning this in high school history back in 1979 and how bad life was in Australia. People tend to forget the absolute misery this caused. It gets glossed over conveniently, but people my age had loved ones that lived through this or were born around this time. The welfare system was not like we have now. Our welfare may not be perfect but it’s better that nothing and can be the difference between starving and being homeless for some families. 

I remember hearing people talking of not having any shoes during the Great Depression. Or filling them with cardboard to cover holes in the soles. The shoes back then had leather soles not the synthetic garbage we have today. Some people had to use kipper tins tied to their feet in  Australian 


This is 28th July 2022, and this article cuts out the Great Depression’s effect on Australia. Now after reading this click on the links below. I am try to draw a comparison here for people to understand the difference from then to current times. 


This also puts things into perspective for people today, life back then was a living hell for many people and only to head into the misery of ww2. I pray that we never go through this because many will not be able to cope. 

This article in the news at present cuts out the Great Depression’s effect on Australia. It is totally relevant though. (Note: see the reference to the city of London, it is a corporation )


History puts things in perspective for us, and older people like me actually knew people including family that endured this suffering. In living memory for me having grand parents born in the late 1890’s and early 1900’s on one side and the other grandparents born in the 1910’s. I heard many stories of hardship and illness of those days. Our lives these days do have some similarities but not to the same levels for most of us in western nations. 

Reading this please keep in mind the population of Australia was very small at 6.6 million, as of 2020 it is 25.69 million for the size of the continent; but much of the land is uninhabitable due to it being desert where nothing survives. 

The mention of the mostly unknown fact about London here is reference to the City of London incorporated,  the city of London being a corporation. London is more powerful than people realise and even the American government looks to the city of London as the main power centre for world affairs. 


In relative comparison to 2022, please read this. From a modern perspective in our life time, Australia did not have the same comfortable living standards that British people were accustomed to until the mid 1970’s. Life here was vastly different up to that point including worker’s rights. 

30 July, 2022

Gardening with a vengeance

 The past few days have been productive in the garden. I have had a few sporadic moments of getting stuck into getting rid of things that have been a nuisance in the garden. Japanese Irises and more ivy, ivy the bane of my life grrr. The japanese irises though had been left to multiply for years and became floppy and unattractive looking. So yesterday and today, in between other things that I had to do, I got into the garden and started ripping them out. Some were really in deep and it took a lot of energy to pull them out. 

Simplifying the garden has not been as easy as I had hoped. I have to tackle it in short bursts or I end up sore and out of action for a few days. But when I get the gardening bug I just have to get out there and do something. Taking advantage of the weather too. Mind you this morning was minus 6.6 degrees, so I waited until it was warmer before getting out there. Three trash packs full of green waste over the past three days and there is still work to do. Hubby ripped out some overgrown potato jasmine that was growing up the side of the garage on a trellis, and we discovered some young bulbs that were planted years ago with some hellebores. The potato jasmine had covered these and what could be blue bells coming up. 

I need to rethink what I want to do for a low maintenance garden with a sort of natural feel, using masses of scented violets, hellebores and agapanthus. Springtime bulbs with blue bells, snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths and jonquils, muscari or grape hyacinths all naturalising. Simple flowers that are appealing to the eye and smell divine. 

It hasn’t always been successful through the years, so I give plants a chance to grow and look good but if it doesn’t work then out it comes, free to a good home for a neighbour. It’s been a learning curve for me for sure. Learning  from scratch and trial and error, I missed my vocation as a horticulturist but ended up as a clairvoyant lol. No matter, I still love the pleasure of gardening and on my terms. I am not one to stick to the rules in gardening. Now that old age is creeping up on hubby and me, I mean to keep the hard work out of the equation too as neither of us have the health.

 I have a nice patch in the upper part of the garden that I am trying to make a romantic statement piece using Cosmos, Babies Breath and Roses as the back bones, and Amaryllis, Nerines and Agapanthus in season. Hopefully a splash of Love in a mist and blue Cornflowers and Queen Anne’s Lace in season too. It sounds nice, but ambitious though. I am a stickler for cottage gardening, but in the Australian climate it is not always possible due to the heat and water consumption must be rationed. So I have to fudge it somehow to make a dreamy looking garden. Something that makes you just want to stay there all day and ignore the world. Bliss to me is an entire day of sitting in the garden and doing absolutely nothing all day.

Springtime is just six weeks away and I am looking forward to seeing flowers in bloom again along with a visit to Tulip Tops garden just outside of Canberra for my yearly visit. That place fills me with joy seeing the brilliant mass displays of colour and the delightful classical music played through speakers in the trees as one wanders around taking in the sights and sounds of spring. 

I come home exhilarated and want to recreate a miniature version of Tulip Tops in my garden. And just immerse myself in a dreamy private heaven of my own. Maybe one day I will get to do that but in the meantime a garden evolution is in progress, emerging into who knows what. I just hope that I get it right and get to enjoy time doing nothing other than sitting there enjoying the view and serenity sipping a cold glass of cordial or a lovely cup of tea. Just delightful and a perfect way to unwind. 

29 July, 2022

Bernard Cribbins: a warm, kindly titan of children’s entertainment


RIP Bernard, one of my all time favourite actors whom I remember from the wonderful film The Railway Children. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called out for tone deaf Vogue cover shoot amid war


Wow, this is highly inappropriate given the situation in Ukraine. What the hell are they thinking? More to the point how much were they paid? There are people dying over there, people have lost everything and they’re doing this as if it is all about them. What could these two possibly know of losing family, everything that they own and being homeless? They live in luxury for heaven’s sake a life of privilege. 

You have lost my respect and if this couple were paid for this, then they should donate it to charity to help the people in need. 

Australia records fastest rise in inflation since introduction of GST


Here we are, just as I have pointed out for quite a while now. I am so worried in case we hit hyper inflation like the Great Depression. This has already happened in Turkey unfortunately, but how safe are all of us really? 

Looking through my posts over the years my warnings have been sadly correct. But remember when I mentioned everything on this earth goes in cycles no matter what it is, positive and negative polarities.  This reality is geared to upheaval and war, poverty and suffering. It is impossible to avoid these things, but then the cycles go the other way and there is abundance. At present we’re in a downward cycle and this will take a few decades to come through. But it is a gradual buildup, then we hit the middle of the road and then we start coming out the other end. 

So right now please be careful and don’t take risks with your finances or taking out a mortgage that is huge because then you will end up in trouble. Keep your spending under control, you don’t need the big holidays you need to put food on the table and pay your bills until things get better. Priorities not luxuries are the order of the day now. 

Just look back to the early 20th century, there was a recession before World War One, then mass unemployment after that war. Homeless soldiers that had returned from the war, into poverty that continued in the 1920’s and 1930’s then straight into World War Two. It took years to recover from that and then the 1960’s and 1970’s with more high unemployment and moving industry off shore from western countries to China and other places that cheap labour could be found. 

Here we are in the early 2020’s now and we have been having issues for a while and of course the wars playing out around the world sporadically. 

So we are currently repeating that cycle, yes things are different nowadays because we have modern technology, a welfare system that didn’t exist back in the early 20th century. We are lucky in some ways but there is still real pain and suffering for many people. 

Oops, this has been in draft for two days, I thought I had posted it. 

JP reacts to Tucker Carlson’s epic breakdown of the Green new deal


Listen to this video right through, this should be listed to on YouTube because then you can read the comments. Yes there may be some dumb ones, but look for the intelligent ones and take it onboard.

They live amongst us 😆 “The world  will be gone in 12 years if we don’t address climate change”. What ever she is on cut the dosage. She talks like a child and then goes into a rabid rant like a child. Hardly an articulate or mature adult. Notice how she bangs her fist as she speaks, that is her trying to take control and insisting that she is listened to and obeyed. Programming for idiots 101.

Time these individuals were deplatformed because they are a danger to society world wide. This is anti humanity and like most things that greens come out with is absolute rubbish, but not just that it is dangerous. This is what is pumped into the minds of vulnerable young people at university and they have no real world experience, they were never taught the real facts. Leftists control all universities and the narrative which creates a flow on effect that we are being forced to accept as truth. We are talking paid goons to push an anti humanity agenda by very rich sociopaths, hell bent on destruction while making millions of dollars at our expense, and no one is going to stop them. 

How did it get to this? When world politicians are bending over backwards to please these idiots? There must be a threat made to them if they don’t comply with the agenda. Oh yes,  the destruction of their nation’s economy, but they are going to do that either way. 😳 Sounds similar to the way communism was pushed in the early 20th century by the very same cabal. (Think of the Russian revolution designed in the good old US of A).

The public are not bound by this unless they are seriously stupid and naïve. How dare a bank or even the UN, the WHO, WEF, or any NGO dictate to anyone let alone a sovereign country, they are not a government, they have no actual legal authority over foreign governments and their people. So tell me where is the outrage from the general public world wide? Your country could be next, it’s only a matter of when. 

None of these lefty green bastards will admit that they are wrong either, so it is wilful abuse and tyranny over the world. If that doesn’t scream out human rights abuse and planned genocide then I don’t know what does. Oh and by the way the definition of human rights is currently being redefined along with war crimes definition. How are you liking that one?  

Keep in mind all the farmers that have been paid not to grow crops and get rid of cattle, sheep and pigs in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and now spreading through Europe.This is orchestrated and the so called food shortages that are getting blamed on the war in Ukraine and covid. 

NO! This was pre planned long before covid and the war in Ukraine so don’t be so naïve. Behind the scenes are the priest class, very high ranking Freemasons, including the royals of Britain , the Vatican and other secret societies all involved in this. Things like this are well orchestrated over many years. 

The Northern hemisphere we are being told will experience power cuts and rationed gas this coming winter as we are seeing in the media. Yet they put all of the blame on Russia. Sure the Russian government are dodgy and commit crimes but so does the US and the west. The thought of freezing to death and starvation in the Northern hemisphere is terrifying, while in the Southern Hemisphere we will have high temperatures, as usual in summer, will there be  power outages and food shortages?

We are all being groomed to have a massive drop in living standards and not one politician will put their neck out to stop this. Oh, and keep in mind while this plays out there is war on the horizon again it’s orchestrated by your secret societies, the Vatican, governments, especially the US government because they control much in the world, however it’s actually a screen to hide the real evil that drives this monstrosity; the base of which is the city of London incorporated.

The mention of Trump here is interesting, remember he is a 33rd degree Scottish Rites Freemason just like George W Bush, also and there are two main factions fighting each other for power. We are just collateral to them, our lives only matter when we are needed as cannon fodder for their wars. 
One thing that we do need to know is, who is the puppet master behind Schwab? He will have someone behind him to have such power, they all do. 

So will we have a new Nuremberg trial when “Amerika” is down on its knees  like other sovereign countries that they have destroyed? Do you have 30 years of life left in you to see what the world will be like after this? The real question is will you be permitted to live? That is what it comes down to.

You had better get used to this because they won’t be stopping until the desired results are achieved.
The Georgia guide stones by the way were partially blown up on July 6, 2022, but not completely destroyed. They were then removed from the site. The stones informed us of a proposed world population cull to keep the population under 500,000, 000. Someone is playing god and dictating to the masses not just that there is a metaphysical component to the GGS and that has the hall mark of a secret society.
This is no stupid conspiracy theory either, why is there no public proof of who is actually behind the Georgia guide stones either ? Just read the news and you can see it for yourself. Just keep this in mind when you have power outages, no food, no fuel to get to work, no ability to travel independently.

The voting habits in the US affect the whole world whether one is aware of this or not. That being due to the power they have in the world, but I’ve got to admit I would rather them than China or Russia being the top dog. Even though US government has a long history of destabilising other countries on a whim for over a hundred years and the world just accepts this. But again so does Russia and China so it’s just the scary reality we live with. 

It’s the ordinary people that matter regardless of where we live in the world and our voices matter. We are loving and caring individuals, we are horrified at the very thought of hunger, and famine, we are horrified at any suffering of innocent people. The natural response of a decent human being is the desire to help people in need. So this agenda is the total opposite of what it means to be human. Pushing the climate change narrative is causing mass poverty, suffering and death. That is so against the ethics of humanity. 
Those that aided and abetted this climate change garbage are just as guilty of crimes against humanity as those that indoctrinated them in the first place and will shoulder the blame collectively. 

As I have said in various blog posts and psychic predictions. We are heading into the modern equivalent of the great depression. It started before covid hit. But the mainstream media keeps under reporting this. I have blog post’s showing the media saying we are in a recession, but in truth it is shaping up to be a depression. 

One thing that I do notice in JP’s video is the use of Red and Blue, symbols of Freemasons and politics right and left. Then at least twice he flashed the Baphomet hand signals, of which there are a few versions. That is a satanic hand sign and it is thousands of years old. Yes you will see it heavy metal music, you will see it being used in sign language thanks to Helen Keller but did you know that her family were deeply entrenched in the occult, and that was a subtle sign of their power and influence. Mainstream media downplay this, they say it is the sign for I love you. Bullshit! It is satanic and always has been, the masses are just spiritually unaware.

There is no way people in the media don’t know this at high levels because many of them are Freemasons. 
Why else do your news channels use symbology stating the fact? They know that the uninitiated have no idea and it means nothing to them, so it is ignored by the masses. After all many are only interested in sport and unreality TV. 

For those that are unaware the world leaders and their puppet masters speak what we call the Hegelian  dialect, which basically is reverse speak. So when they say something, they actually mean the exact opposite. 

JP feels uncomfortable about what his country is doing to the world, but this is not his fault and there will be many people who feel the same way. This is not the fault of ordinary people though, no the have just been gullible and naïve. But corporations and the US governments are responsible for overthrowing other sovereign  nations and leaving millions of people dead, disabled, homeless or refugees pushed from one refugee camp to another for many years. Yes, things will come home to ROOST, just like my predictions for 2022 have said, so be it!

The land of greed destroys other cultures and replacing them with profanity and mass poverty. Don’t ignore the facts, they speak for themselves and plenty people around the world are holding evidence to prove this. What is shocking is the innocent people of any country that are the unfortunate victims of what is coming home to roost.
Recent recession articles in the mainstream news. 


28 July, 2022

Family of five-year-old Rozalia Spadafora, who died at Canberra Hospital, speaks out


Another disgrace from the Canberra hospital. Another reason for invoking Ryan’s Rule, things should have been escalated. Absolutely horrific, this hospital is like a second rate hospital and nothing changes. 

You vote labor this is what you get! Twenty years of screw ups. If the public are so keen on having a labor government this will keep happening. 

Update: This was on tv tonight on A current affairs, not once did I hear them mention your right to ask for the medical advocate at the Canberra hospital. Why not? This is every patient’s basic right is a hospital if you are unhappy with the way you or your loved one is being treated and that includes hospital in the home. Learn your rights please don’t be afraid to be heard and demand proper medical care and answers. A life may well hang in the balance, speaking from personal experience!

27 July, 2022

Awaken with JP: Our plan is more obvious than ever


Monkeying around


Is there a cure for monkeypox?

Quote: There is not a cure for monkeypox, but there doesn’t really need to be, Dr. Schaffner says. “For the most part, this is a self-limiting infection and all of these lesions resolve over a period of two to four weeks,” he says. “Most people recover without specific therapy.”  This is a quote from the news article. Screen shot the page for future reference in case this is redacted.


Can children be vaccinated for this? Hmm do you trust it?


https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/BAVARIAN-NORDIC-A-S-1412846/company/ please read through the listing 

Blackrock Funds Advisors are investors as are Vanguard Group, Allianz Global.

The link below is from 24 September 2019, don’t you find that interesting? Weeks away from the covid outbreak. There wasn’t any “outbreak” of monkey pox until May 2022 how bizarre. 


Note: “ Monkeypox does not occur naturally in the US” 

Well it looks like more of the same BS being peddled and I guess people are now starting to sit up and say, hey wait a minute something is not right here. It is going to take a hell of a lot of propaganda and scare tactics to get Joe Public to fall for this fairy tale. When the powers that be in the WHO, the Americans and their cohorts are involved in this latest money spinner and have told us to expect more viruses in the future, sure there will be, because they are making them. 

They have been working on this for years. It is not as infectious as smallpox as they keep pointing out too. Unless they have either genetically altered it or they have something gnarly in the vax like graphite oxide which is supposedly in the covid vax too. A highly toxic substance that experts have warned, no matter how small the amount is, it is deadly. But that’s not the only dangerous substance in these vax. And that’s why we are not being shown to entire list of ingredients. All hell would break out if and when it becomes public knowledge. 


Quote from the article.

Our most abundant shot, ACAM2000, contains an active virus, related to smallpox, that can replicate inside human cells; “if you vaccinated a million people, you might result in more disease,” says Mark Slifka, a vaccinologist at Oregon Health & Science University, “than you would get from the monkeypox outbreak itself.”

Because ACAM2000 contains an active virus, it may be especially risky for infants or people who are pregnant, immunocompromised, or living with HIV. The shot also comes with a small but notable risk of heart inflammation, or myocarditis, and its documentation warns of other serious side effects, including blindness, spreading the vaccine virus to others, and even death. 

Stop and think about this risk from the vaccine, this is the experts telling us this. Oh and by the way “  people that are pregnant ” are called women. 

You bet your ass that people are not going to rush out for this one. 

New studies bolster theory that virus causing COVID-19 emerged from Wuhan market


Just watch China hit the roof again with this old football….any minute now 🤣🤣🤣 Wet market my arse, try laboratory.

How about investigating the yanks too then because they are not innocent in this either. 

Now the Yanks are pushing the Monkeypox vaccine too, Ka-Ching$$ 🤬🤑 Just coincidentally having them on standby since 2019. Get used to it because it ain’t going to stop. 

Fanny Smith: The 'genocide survivor' whose voice will echo through the ages


I have much respect for this truly amazing woman and the suffering that she had endured all through her childhood. Nothing; can justify this evil and nothing can ever compensate the aboriginal peoples that have suffered horrendously at the hands of  true evil disguised as Christianity and white colonialism. I can totally understand the anger and distrust up to present day. No human being is superior to any other human being full stop. This world will never change because humans keep doing the same things over and over again somewhere in the world. 

This woman had amazing strength within her and has come through such adversity that we today cannot fathom. That strength of character will be forever in her family as time marches on. Hopefully keeping the aboriginal spirituality alive to be passed on because that connection to spirit is vital and must never be lost.

26 July, 2022

'The money is gone': Evacuated Ukrainians forced to return home to danger


This is terrible, after all these people have suffered, a human tragedy that the Ukrainian prime minister needs to step up to and help these people. What a nightmare it must be to have to go back into a war zone where you could be killed at any time.  Something is seriously wrong here. How on earth are people going to survive? I don’t think they will, it’s like standing in the middle of a firing range hoping that you can out smart the bullets. My heart goes out to ordinary people regardless of what side they happen to be living in. They have no say and no control over their lives not to mention getting medical treatment and medication they need. On top of that there is the homeless pets struggling to survive too. This world is beyond saving unfortunately because humans just keep repeating the same patterns of behaviour.

Foot-and-mouth disease is far from Australia's only biosecurity risk — here are the other threats


Is there an agenda or something? Asking for a friend. Anyone would think that there is an agenda to kill off all the worlds live stock so that we have to eat synthetic meat or something. 🤣🤣 Just imagine foot and mouth actually got loose by “accident “ This would spread fast and be very destructive to our meat industry. But it’s the poor animals who I feel sorry for, innocent animals being made ill, and then have to be shot because of humans that are either stupid, careless individuals or cold blooded bastards intent on destruction. It’s one or the other, there can be no other way. 

Could be why certain governments are paying farmers not to grow any crops and get rid of their cattle like in the US, UK and Canada and Europe. That’s ok the banks and corporations are buying that land to protect it, bless them, oh and Mr Gates too isn’t that nice of them……not! They are doing the same with houses too now. 

Oh and look Japanese encephalitis ( have you noticed the media and doctors are suddenly pronouncing it differently now, how Amerikan) is back in the news again to frighten us, oh no how scary. First documented in Japan in 1871 they say. Now get ready because there will be more scare stories to frighten us before bedtime. There is a manufactured campaign going on and they are deliberately trying to create havoc to keep us in a state of fear to give up our rights and our food. How else do you control the world population? Because too many people are aware of this now, the powers that be need to up the ante again and again until they get us all cowered and submissive. That just ain’t going to happen. 

If they keep poking the bees nest then it will unleash a swarm of bees right back at them. I need to get my popcorn ready so that I can sit and watch this. 

 Below is a cut and paste of the pronunciation of encephalitis as it is normally pronounced, and not with a hard k sound like we are hearing in the Australian media lately. I personally will stick to the correct pronunciation thank you, I don’t do newspeak. 

Encephalitis (en-sef-uh-LIE-tis) is inflammation of the brain. There are several causes, including viral infection, autoimmune inflammation, bacterial infection, insect bites and others. Sometimes there is no known cause.26 May 2022
Symptoms: Epileptic seizure; Fever; Headache

Calls for change to army discharge certificates issued under Whitlam government


I am surprised that the ABC actually ran this article giving they are so left they might fall over, especially since it’s a Labor government back in power. The embarrassment and offence caused to these servicemen is disgusting, to be questioned on their military service by prospective employers. This is down to government incompetence which has caused distress and serious embarrassment to these young servicemen for many years. There should have been a special category created for these men, that were discharged due to the end of conscription. It should have been well published for employers to understand that these men were the last of the conscripts. 

This is just laziness and ignorance on behalf of the government and buck passing for decades, again as in 1972, a Labor government in power again. The usual misfits that screw things up whenever they are re-elected. Not that the modern Liberals or the National party are much better these days as the lines have been so blurred that they are obliterated. 

I am not sure if this situation requires an act of parliament to make the changes required for these men. A public apology and individual letters with their service serial numbers should be done first and foremost if these men are to be rightly given their well overdue acknowledgment of service and an new discharge category that clearly shows why they left the military service. 

Without leaving people wondering if they did something wrong, which would affect them for the rest of their lives, and an embarrassment every time they went for a job interview, or in the years to come a family member discovers the discharge certificate when tracing their family tree, and wrongly assumes their great grandfather was given a dishonourable discharge. 

That must be cleared before these men die as many old men may not “Rest In Peace”, with this hanging over their heads and the possible embarrassing situation of someone mistakenly thinking they were badly behaved or a criminal that was kicked out of the military. That would be classified as a dishonourable discharge of course. Their actual military records need to be amended too, showing that they were discharged only because conscription ended. Gough Whitlam has a lot to answer to, because he was the one in charge of the nation when this screw up occurred. 

“Support is available for service personnel for mental health”, yes well the reality of that has been exposed recently by the investigation into suicides in the military and the poorly functioning health service provided to the service personnel not to mention the stigma. That is all over the internet at present, and it is a disgrace to the military that men are left to struggle for so long that they take their own lives. 

 I though that we as a nation were better that this, after the way the Vietnam veterans were treated so appallingly on their return from a hellish nightmare. Our government has not progressed very far from those days, fake virtue signalling is as far as they go but never follow up with real help for veterans. 

24 July, 2022

Neil Oliver: that’s what’s coming, it’s all about control


Please watch the video and read the comments. 

I noticed Neil has now realised that the priest class are part of the problem. This priest class is not what you think it is. No, it is way above what you see as the church that you belong to. These are people that are never seen publicly we don’t get to know their names or what they look like; they are an old system of powerful people higher than your royals of the world.

 These people control the royals, think of ancient Babylon and Egypt, this is them here and now. An inter-generational priesthood with bloodlines.This satanic priest class operates behind the scenes politically worldwide. This priest class actually go back, to Atlantis.  But they will convince you Atlantis never existed, really then why are they following that ideology then? 

I have already said many animals will leave this reality, here is Neil telling us about the relocation of wildlife. Wildlife creatures are territorial and don’t like other animals taking over their turf. Then there is food shortages this causes for the animals or there isn’t the right sort of food that the relocated animals eat and so they die. Humans can’t stop screwing up the ecosystem because of their stupid egos. 

I am glad that Neil is calling out the screw up that is the greens. How could anyone actually not see this? Everything that their Marxist agenda has  pushed from the shitty green shopping bags that are toxic, to compact fluorescent bulbs which are very toxic and dangerous, to wind turbines and solar panels. The push for veganism. It is all anti-life and totally against the way nature is designed but it has made many people millionaires. 

By the time that I die thousands of animals will be gone extinct not to mention a much small human population. Because these nutters want to kill off millions of people to “keep the balance of life”. It’s all Eugenicists on steroids. 

The recycling crap really annoys me, because I have known that it is just a psychological exercise to keep us in lockstep and distract us from the reality of what is going on. This was used in ww 2 as a distraction too. People were told to collect things for the war effort. In reality it was all just a psy op.

Today we again have all those gullible sycophants falling into line again If the government were genuinely interested there would be real alternatives and our recycling done weekly. But no we all have to play along with the bullshit. The public had the guilt trip put on them by the media too remember, the public were blamed for being inconsiderate polluters for all the waste packages. We were not the manufacturers of the good and the packaging so why were we accused of this? Because, someone told us we were responsible. Does one put their hand up to a crime that they didn’t commit? Apparently some people do and that is how this game played out until fairly recently. Suddenly the manufacturers were told to change their packaging, only some have though. Suddenly there is a campaign to return the plastic waste to the supermarkets. Who benefits from this financially? 

The celebrities that get on board with all of this really annoy me because they virtue signal to the world that they are superior and are getting paid to lie to the world. They forget though that people remember what they have done in the past or do now and get caught out. 

Think about all the over production of all goods by corporations worldwide constantly churning out clothes and footwear of which most is poor quality, household goods with a very small life span and then end up as land fill. Or sent to a third world country to fill it with garbage. Yet these same corporations and celebrities will tell us to stop using electricity, stop polluting the world and the oceans. They tell us to re use and make do with less. This is millionaires telling us ordinary people this. How condescending is this? 

At the same time we are still being bombarded with over production of everything imaginable including clothes. Clothes of inferior quality in the past 35 to 40 years. This is a personal bugbear of mine. I hate the clothes that are produced since the late 80’s it’s all garbage. When I talk about this to other women my age or younger they just glaze over. It doesn’t bother them not. The lack of choice in styles everything is rubber stamp like a cheap Marxist production line. The left overs and clothes from last season end up in Africa, to be become “dead white mans clothes” as they name it in Africa. Even charity shops have to reject clothes because they have nowhere to store the vast quantities that are brought to them. Much of that goes to landfill, sent overseas to Africa or is cut up for rags. 

Again this is not the fault of consumers, it is forced on to us by big corporations. Lay the damn blame at their feet. Make them accountable, make them produce better quality goods, better quality clothes like they used to do, without splitting the thread count on fabric. I personally am sick to death of cheap made clothes. I hate womenswear these days it’s trash. Most of it is very unflattering to boot. 

They tell us we are running out of water which is impossible, we are running out of oil etc. it’s all lies. This is a planet of lies. Currently the push is on people to not use their electricity or gas. There isn’t enough electricity to go around. That’s utter bullshit. In reality the government is not buying an adequate amount of power, that is caused by one or two things. Either they are told to do this to lie to the public to make us think we don’t have enough, or the other scenario is , there are idiots in charge that don’t know what they are doing. My bet is it’s a little from column A and a little from column B.

This is a world that is really spiritually void and of a deliberately low vibrational frequency that is needed to keep us locked into this frequency to give our spiritual energy off to the overlords that control everything here. 

Humans have through their own ignorance signed up for their never ending misery and signed their own death warrants, because they are encouraged to be ignorant by the priest class, because they need them like this to fit the agenda. We are also in the middle of a downward astrological cycle where as I have stated in other posts, the human race devolves and society collapses. This world is astrologically programmed for events like this. Cycles of thousands of years and then it’s crash and burn. Humanity is not permitted to evolve past a particular level. Only a small number of souls can transcend this reality and if you take the time to read my blog you can see for yourself why humans are in this state. No one is going to stop this, that is not how this world works. 

We were also forced to be separated from the land and natural living by the elite, we did not do this to ourselves. Industrialisation was created not for our benefit but for the elite, our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers suffered at the hands of these people and the government that permitted this. Most of our grandfathers /great grandfathers left school between the ages of 12 and 14 to work in factories or mines right up to the 1950’s. 

There is very little that the average human is responsible for other than street crime, and poor choices made in daily lives. Such as poor parenting which results in badly behaved children, and the blame lies with individual parents. Accountability where it belongs is the thing. Governments and big business are the biggest criminals but they try to fit us up to take the blame. It is them that cause wars, pollution, food shortages, chem- trailing in the sky etc. It is them that are responsible for the loss of wildlife and the destruction of the earth. It is them that are responsible for society devolving. It is the government and corporations that are responsible for pollution and environmental damage. It is them that are responsible for the mass poverty in the world. 

Ordinary people though are responsible for lack of critical thinking and poor education when they have computers in most homes or a modern phone in which to access the information on the internet. Lazy people are to blame for lack of knowledge and the loss of skills such as farming, survival skills, growing their own healthy food and being responsible for their own health and well-being. 

Expecting the government and corporations to look after you is giving away your human rights, keeping you a slave and dependent on them for survival. That is not living, nor is it ethical, moral or sustainable.

It is not the way that spirit intended us to be, it is anti life with no possibility of evolving and claiming back our spiritual connection to the earth and all life. The connection between humanity and the all that is of the cosmos is all but gone for many people. 

What do you think will be left for your grandchildren if things continue along this path? A barren world full of pollution, living on a diet  that has micro plastics and heavy metals which are injested causing chronic health conditions. Living on a synthetic diet, because only the rich can eat natural food and afford quality natural clothing. People that live on a poor nutritional diet will have chronic health problems,  a much lower IQ and a poor education meaning they will have very few career options, resulting in lower paying jobs. 

Liar liar pants on fire again


Trust us, we know better than you. Sure why not? What can go wrong?  Trust me I am better educated than you. I’m loving it 🤣🤣🤣

Monkeypox virus could become entrenched as new STD in the US


Just out of curiosity who actually owns the patent on this? Because the US had a vaccine ready in 2019. Monkeypox is very similar to smallpox and many people no longer believe what the medical “establishment “ tells us never mind the fact that the US will shut down other countries scientists and virologists that disagree or are more informed.  That is arrogance and disrespect right there. Who died and made the US god over everyone on the planet? A nation that can’t keep its own house in order! 

23 July, 2022

A few laughs out loud are good for the soul


Wes Penre: Q and A Session 2 July 2022


I am slowing down posts from Wes Penre unless it is something that is completely new information. People are obviously not interested in learning anything. If Wes has to keep on repeating the same information. It’s pearls before swine! 

No one is responsible for someone else awakening spiritually. That is an individual’s responsibility and theirs alone. They are not vibrating at the necessary frequency needed to awaken or leave the construct.

Northern Australian beaches inundated by thousands of tonnes of plastic waste from Asia


This has been going on for years, yet the greenies never call out those that cause this. Send it back and bill them for it. If Australia is made to shoulder it’s responsibilities then so should other countries in the region. We are not responsible for other people’s junk.

And in that sentiment; if our country was really intent on recycling we would have weekly recycling services instead of the pathetic fortnightly service. I don’t see mass protests about that! Not everyone has a car to take waste to the recycling depots. Those recycling depots are often messy and not very well policed to stop illegal dumping. 

Manufacturers should also be made to provide biodegradable packaging and not put the blame on consumers for decades. Even the media have been denigrating the public for the waste generated until recently. Unbelievable considering we are consumers and not manufacturing the waste. No one gave the media the smack down for that. The media is not our friend and never was, when they stoop to gutter level and accuse the public and never put any blame on manufacturers you know something is wrong.

If any government was really intent on reducing waste, then make manufacturers take back all the waste from everyone that buys their products, from Televisions and white goods to packaging for food. Put a time limit on collecting the waste too and fine them if they don’t follow the rules. It’s the manufacturers that must bear the responsibility on that. However anything that is personal hygiene related such as razors and toothbrushes, tooth picks etc, should have a disposal depot just like medical waste does. If you can’t provide this service then don’t make the product and expect the public to foot the bill.

22 July, 2022

Russian polar bear rescued after getting condensed milk can stuck in its mouth


Caused by a thoughtless and careless human. Thank heavens for good humans that are able to come to the rescue of the poor bear. The countryside belongs to the animals and must be protected from humans that don’t respect nature or life. I am just glad that someone actually noticed this vulnerable young bear. 

21 July, 2022

Europe heatwave: Britain hotter than 99pc of the Earth’s surface


Bloody alarmist’s. For a start the extreme heat is down the south of England. Scotland is not getting 40 or 38 degrees. It can get up to 30 degrees in Ayrshire which is a costal area. But we never get that hot because we are closer to the arctic. The north of England is not as hot as the south either. It’s summer over there and yes, it can get into the low 30’s occasionally. That’s normal and it doesn’t happen very often. 

Ireland, again doesn’t get that hot, most places get into the 20’s perhaps in the odd area the low 30’s .  But that is rare, I have friends over there telling me the temperature some places are cool and rainy too. But the media jump on the bandwagon like it’s the apocalypse. Wales and the south of England always have warmer temperatures due to their latitude and back in 1976 southern England had droughts and were water rationing. That happens down there from time to time. In a few days it will cool down again. Get over it.

Back in 2020 the first week in January, Canberra got up to 41 degrees and we were in the middle of a serious bush fire through December to January as well. Up in Penrith in western Sydney it was 47 degrees that day, a friend of mine lived there at the time and  the very next day the temperature dropped. Yes it was a hot summer but we got over it. The next summer was cooler and the one after that, we had rain through the summer and winter. Last summer was not that hot either and we had rain, this winter has been damp and rainy too.

Lol, schools closed, er it’s the summer holidays over in the UK. Schools in Scotland go back around the end of July and English schools go back in end of August or the start of September, they are always different to the Scottish schools. The sad drowning of a young man in Scotland has nothing to do with the weather nor the drownings in England. These terrible tragedies happen in water occasionally no matter where one lives. 

'Would all have to be slaughtered': Grim foot and mouth warning for Aussie farmers


It is only a matter of time before this hits Australia. You may think this is fear-mongering but time will tell. Luckily the meat brought into Australia was confiscated  but how do we know if someone has already bought contaminated meat? For the meat to reach the supermarket shelves is shocking. 

And if what this article says is true about people coming off flights and not sterilising footwear then we are not in a good position to keep the disease out of the country. The fact that processed meat made it to the supermarkets doesn’t look good at all. It’s just one more thing that could harm our country and the economy. My heart goes out to all the animals that suffer from this horrible disease. 

20 July, 2022

'It was bad enough giving birth to a dead baby': another traumatic birth experience at Canberra Hospital


Poor woman, I am astonished at the poor treatment and then  told to get over it. Yeah, I would be lodging a formal complaint. Not just that I would have called the medical advocate and the health minister and anyone else that would put a rocket up the Canberra Hospital and the doctors. 

This is totally unprofessional and inhuman treatment of any one going through what this woman has been through. Misogyny on steroids mentality. I hope she sues the arse off the hospital. This is utterly disgusting and inhuman behaviour from health professionals. Like I said already, I am going to keep posting things about the shocking state of the medical system. I am utterly disgusted by this and the woman put through this shocking treatment not to mention the arrogance and insensitivity in the way she has been treated. This should never be tolerated ever. 

Increasing problem’: Australia facing shortages of more than 320 medicines


The writing was on the wall a long time ago, but it was ignored because it was inconvenient.

Doctors reveal ‘traumatic’ reality of young girls carrying pregnancies to term


It’s bloody obvious what the dangers are for a child being pregnant. Misogyny and religious fundamentalism are the bloody problem. Human rights are removed as a form of control against women and girls. The revolting thing is that some women are ok with banning abortions especially for a child victim of rape. That tells me all that I need to know. 

18 July, 2022

Canberra will ban new petrol cars from 2035 in a bid to squash carbon emissions


LMAO!  Sure why not. Lets see what happens, a lot can change between now and then.

ABC NEWS: Five big energy suckers in your home that are supercharging the cost of living crisis — and how to fix them


The title should omit the number five because the leftist idiots are the biggest energy suckers on the planet. The loony left advice to insult our intelligence 🤣🤣🤣 Can anyone spot what’s wrong here? Fully supported by the loony left of the ABC, because they have to justify their miserable existence the same as those putting forward their virtuous philosophy on how we should live. 

Propaganda to make you switch from gas to electricity, both are fossil fuels. The firstly Chai lives in Queensland, try freezing your arse off down south in areas that get down to minus 8. There are people with health issues that can’t switch off the heating for a start not to mention that some people do not have the money to upgrade to other technology. Then the heat in summer that can cause dehydration and heatstroke or death in babies, small children, animals, the elderly and people with serious illness. Ditto for severe cold. If modern man has the technology to warm and cool their homes then why would one forgo using this technology? This virtue signalling individual is not living in the real world, but a product of a lefty indoctrination where human rights are ignored for a political agenda. 

Why don’t you get your head out of your arse and do all the housework that women have to do every single day as well as work outside the home and often not through personal choice. Come home to look after your children while being exhausted and still have to attend to the children, cooking meals, attend to the laundry and many other tasks without any help.

Why don’t you and the rest of you leftists actually try to do "real" manual work in a hot factory 5 or 6 days a week instead of sitting in air conditioned offices? Or how about working on road gangs or other outdoor work full time; including  extreme weather conditions and see how hard real life is, and stop pushing a communist agenda. If you love that so much then go and live permanently in a communist country under the harsh circumstances of ordinary working class people and stop writing garbage propaganda for a political agenda. 

The climate  and energy situation is manufactured for an agenda and ordinary people are well aware of the lies and manufacturing of fear, to keep us in a constant state fear and we are sick of it. We are all having to keep an  eye on energy consumption because of the corporate greed pushing up the prices for personal gain.

Forcey obviously has a business agenda here hasn’t he. But he obviously had no problems working in the previous industry for years, Ka-Ching!  But he obviously had his sights set pushing this  new business venture to make more money. 

Again why don’t you take my advice and live on minimum wage in a dead end job like many people have to; and do all the tasks that I mentioned above and see what life is like. Not just real men, but what we women have added on top of paid employment every single day of our lives and quit the bullshit.

Some people do not actually have air conditioning or tumble dryers, especially if they live in a rental property which sometimes is a shared house because rent is so expensive. I know many people that work in retail and hospitality that do not have the luxury of 5 days a week full time employment. So the cost of these appliances is out of the equation. 

Try vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen, hanging out washing in the heat. Trying not to look like a sweaty mess if someone should knock on your front door. I am sure most women will agree with me on that front.

Also those that live in a rental property can’t dictate what the heating or cooling system is installed. Nor how efficient it is. Just try to close most of the ducted gas heating vents to save energy and you will damage the heating system. Most people would like to keep their families warm on freezing winter nights too. Children have a habit of kicking blankets off in their sleep too and one doesn’t want to have their little ones freezing or getting sick sleeping in a freezing room or even damp room. 

Tumble dryers are needed if you don’t have a suitable place to dry clothes, towels and sheets also factor in how many children or how many people live in each house or apartment. Living in a small apartment one doesn’t have access to a washing line. Living in a small house without adequate space and ventilation to put up drying racks safely is another factor especially when there are children playing indoors in poor weather or evenings. 

 People with disabilities are often unable to hang washing on a line. Working parents stuck for time often need to rely on tumble dryers especially in a wet year like this year. People are not stupid and are well aware of the cost of running tumble dryers and heating and cooling systems. They are not luxury items they are necessities in our busy lives. All of this is dictated by big corporations and designed for their benefit not ours. Whether it is being a consumer of white goods or a consumer of energy the masses are only seen as an income stream and being dictated to by government and corporations. 

Walking kids to school or sport is not always possible and for multiple reasons including distance and even multiple small children and babies. Clearly these men are not full time parents in an ordinary working class suburb or even living in a remote area with all the above responsibilities. Even better  try being a single parent in the above situations like thousands of people around Australia.

Oh and not everyone has the money in the bank to implement the “right and approved “ green technology. Which make the manufacturers that push the products on us even richer. No we have to live within our means and buy what we can afford when we have the money to do so. Not everyone has money to spare either. Many people live week to week or pay to pay often forgoing things that they need such as food or medication.

Read this ABC news article on the freezing conditions in rental houses, but even people with mortgages are freezing too and struggling. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. 


 Most Australia houses are not double glazed and are single brick. Even government houses in Europe and Britain are double glazed since the 1960's or 70's. Western Sydney is cold and damp and can go down to minus one in winter. I know because I lived in Liverpool all through the 1980's in rental housing. Apartments or units were solid back then to keep out the heat.  Try coming down to Goulburn or Canberra and do this testing because as I have already said we can get down as low as minus 8.

17 July, 2022

Mould-related illness research possible 'game changer' for people afflicted by unseen menace


This year has been the worst for black mould in Australia. Keep a regular check in bathroom, laundry and bedrooms for mould. Windowsills and all around and inside the window frames too. Even the glass can have mould on it. Do a regular deep clean in the window track too because stuff builds up in there too.

Use micro an paint in all wet areas of the house too, including the ceilings. Take a damp cloth around windows every morning to get rid of condensation as well. Ventilation in all wet areas in a must and clear ceiling fans and air extractors. Then if you have floorboards watch out for powdery mildew and use whit vinegar in warm water to clean the area. 

Carpet is bad for asthmatic people but it also traps mould too. I removed our carpets when my children were small as one of my children is  asthmatic, I am a mild asthmatic too. This year has been a meri go round with mould and I can’t wait for springtime. 

One important thing to remember when cleaning mould is wear a P95 mask. Read on the packet what the masks protect you from such as dust, mould etc. So make sure that you buy the correct type of mask. You don’t want to breathe in the mould spores. 

Neil Oliver: they are pretending like it never happened


Gosh as I type out Neil, the iPad straight away puts up Oliver. If I am typing Wes Penre, I don’t get either name pop up, no matter how many times I typed it in. That tells me something.

Anyway here is some food for thought, but this is not anything that many people have not already thought of. I think that Richi Sunak will be picked to be the new leader and prime minister. 

I like the way Neil mentioned the book, the golden bough, I have this book too. Actually it is more like a king that gets sacrificed as mentioned in the golden bough. The puppet masters are never seen in public, but they make damned sure that everyone follows the script or pays the consequences. That even goes for prince Charles. Don’t be naïve to think that the British royals or any other royals of the world are good guys. Plenty of them are involved in this and corrupt to the core. People are just gullible and naïve these days that they take everything as truth from the government and the controlled mainstream media. No matter how much evidence is put before them, they just refuse to accept the reality. It’s Stockholm syndrome on steroids. 

Note: I am not so naïve as to think Neil is not part of the controlled opposition, this is just food for thought as is America/ China uncovered/uncensored or Awaken with JP. Are all of them on a “pay roll”? 

UPDATE; 24 October, well shut my mouth, Rishi Sunak tipped to be PM 😂 let's see what happens. I do not trust him one bit, just another greedy rich guy.


Guess who is buying up American farmland?

 https://youtu.be/6VCgjzwVhNE China Uncensored: China is buying up American farmland.

Just for the record they are doing the same in Australia too. Our governments are not to be trusted, it makes no difference as to what party is in power and the sooner people get their heads out of their butt’s the better. The western world is going to end up in the humiliating position of being a second world and a big drop in our living standards and freedom of speech and movement. 

Watch this and read all the comments for further information, follow Chris Chapple on America Uncensored too. 

Note: I am concerned about algorithms blocking my posts so the name of the video is next to the link. 

Why do people attack artworks? We ask an expert


Maybe put sheets of tempered glass over all the artworks. I prefer traditional art to the weird modern stuff, but I can’t understand why anyone could be so violently reactive. 

16 July, 2022

The extreme heat of 1666


Tonight I decided to look up the weather patterns from 1666 as I was well aware of it being a very hot summer that year. Please read this 2019 article and then go through the comments. Notice the one regarding Samuel Pepys Diary. I actually have this book, I must read it again along with the book by Neil Hanson, The dreadful judgment, the great fire of London in 1666. They are fascinating books to read and learn what was going on at the time. 

As I often say, weather goes in cycles throughout the entire universe and the public have deliberately been fed lies, but hey if people are that stupid to believe this garbage spouted by greenies and Al Gore and the criminal elite then they deserve the crap lives that are being dictated to them. Don’t expect the rich and powerful to live in the same restrictive environment that the masses will be subjected to. 

Just as food for thought, why are we seeing cities lit up with multiple fancy lights and colour shows of solidarity when an event happens? Lighting up the Sydney harbour bridge is a common sight as is the Sydney opera house. Or in Canberra, public buildings such as Telstra tower or the Carillion  being lit up. 

These things continue to be done year after year and no one points out the waste of electricity never mind the dumb virtue signalling to the masses. The latest being for Ukraine. Think about it people, science is right there to prove the hoax but scientists are too gutless to stand up and call out the lies. 

We are just going through a normal universal weather cycle and by the time the facts are actually publicly acknowledged, those guilty of this crime will be long dead. Don’t expect any justice or compensation for the wealth theft from everyone that had to pay to keep these criminals in the wealth they think they are entitled to.

 I would love all the names of every single person that benefits from this money grab published and them all changed with theft, fraud and environmental terrorism. Their families should be taken to world court and the money garnisheed  from their assets plus interest and compensation to the families of those alive at the time of these crimes. If it can be done to war criminals and any other criminals then it can be done to everyone involved with this, no matter what level of involvement they had in this crime.

Now they are coming after our right to use electricity and water which we actually pay to use. Are we supposed to just accept this abuse? Your call folks, I do not consent to this crime and violation of my human rights. Just be prepared to sacrifice your human rights and the loss of your right to wash yourself every day, wash your clothes and clean your house hygienically and the right to cook, heat, cool and use lights to see and also to prevent your home being burgled because the lights are off. What about needing power to charge your laptop, phone or medical equipment? The list is endless. But if you are not seriously rich then your voice will not be heard unless you take a stand against tyranny and abuse. Your call!

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1650-to-1699-ad/  Weather in history 

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1700-to-1749-ad/ read the notes for each entry.


https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1800-to-1849-ad/  1800 to 1849

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1850-to-1899-ad/ up to 1899.

https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1900-to-1949-ad/ 1900 up to 1949

Read the weather for January 1946/47, my dad often spoke of this winter, my dad was 11 years old then.


https://premium.weatherweb.net/weather-in-history-1975-to-1999-ad/  up to 1999.

Just some examples of the weather over a few hundred years, which is a grain of sand in the big scheme of things in the universe. As I have also mentioned in an older post apart from scientists taking core samples from the earth at random places on the planet, an astrological ephemeris can also give accurate information on the cycles of the weather. 

Today’s meteorology is politicised, this is bang out of line and totally unacceptable. 

Now read this from today’s news, or the garbage they pass off as news.


Tarot card of the Month: August 2022, 7 of Cups


                                          Zodiac signs: Sagittarius, Pisces   Planet: Neptune, Jupiter

                                         Element: Water   Direction: West  Gender: Female 

                                         Season:  Autumn/Fall in Northern Hemisphere 

Number 7 meanings for this particular card and month are; defiant and impatient

August seems to be a month for caution, where all is on offer with an air of naivety and  mystery.

Who knows what the results will be? Surprises that's for sure.

Beauty and fashion are in the hopes and dreams of some, keep it real and achievable. There is an air of secrecy in major world events, politically, financially and in conflict. There is toxic energy indicated due to emotions of religious fervor and spiritual beliefs showing the ugly side of people. 

Emotional issues are indicated for August, communication must be handled with care, especially if it is of a political nature. This also covers the current unrest in Sri Lanka, and countries  like Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, France and naturally Italy at present.

I feel greed and looting connected to countries like Sri Lanka , Africa, and countries experiencing conflict, especially poor countries.These are opportunist crimes taking place including stealing from the poor. 

Real estate is in the news and this could mean interest rate hikes and house prices rising again. I do not think that the prices will stay high, I do feel there will be a big drop in house prices eventually. That may be due to governments actually doing something to stop the prices being beyond the availability of ordinary people.  This though will take a while if they actually intend to do anything to stop this farce of over inflating the value of houses. 

This card also shows that there is victory over adversity for some people, I feel this is connected to Ukraine in some way. 

All is clearly not what is seems on the face of it, so take time to examine and look behind any offers being presented to you, or even information presented to see what is really happening. I feel this applies to the news coming out of mainstream media, just for a change, lol. The Ukrainian war and covid are just two of the things covered here and all shortages, which are manufactured.

The wool is being pulled over our eyes, so question everything that you see and hear, because you may just be taken for a ride by powerful people with a vested interest in misleading the public.

 Communication is not clear in  August so keep your wits about you especially with scammers, phone and email scams ramping up again. Take no risks with anything. Do not accept anything at face value.

Keep an eye on older relatives that may fall prey to phone scams and hacking. Educate the elderly on dangers and if they don't recognize a phone number do not answer it. If it is a genuine call they will leave a text or voice message.   

I see Putin pushing himself forward again, as do Biden and Xi. I feel impatience and clouded judgement connected to these individuals. Pawns are being moved forward on the chessboard again.  I feel water in relation to this as in the Sea and the Navy. I feel China will be harassing and buzzing around Australian and US naval vessels by air and sea; and possibly Australian and US military aircraft being buzzed by the Chinese military. It is just ongoing mischief and China has no intention of stopping this game of chicken. 

Financially speaking China is showing signs of cracking,The government will resort to tightening the money on ordinary people and obviously that will not go down well.

More embarrassment for BoJo is coming out,this could be in regards to alcohol and drugs connected to Downing Street, parliament and partying. 

There is more confusion around traveling for the world, especially for the northern hemisphere. The UK, Europe, USA and Canada, covid related restrictions and passports. No one knows what to do.  

I see a blond haired, slim built woman involved in a scandal, it could possibly be of a sexual nature. She is a socialite or an actress and I am shown a woman with a tan all over and long straight blond hair, I don't think she is a natural blond. This could be a very embarrassing situation for her. I am not a follower of celebrities so I have no idea who she is I get a vague image of one of the Kardashians as a rough image to how this lady looks.  She is well advised to keep a low profile for a while.

As I look at the & of cups I am drawn to the middle of the card. There is a cup or chalice that has a  figure covered by a white cloth which is shimmering in red energy. This feels like a warning to people that are following fake spirituality. Be warned, all is definitely not as it seems, hoodwinked and deluded, virtue signaling is put on a pedestal. 

Do not part with any money for any so called spirituality event, retreat, membership, charity purposing to be spiritual, it is a con. Hold on to your money, do research on the group or organization and most importantly do not join it! There is an element of a scam or slight of hand going on. This card warns of deception going on and especially where money is concerned.

The number 7 on this card is also a warning of this deception and temptation. The grey colour of the cloud is spirituality, blue is for communication, consciousness and the  realm of the mind. So please don't fall for the "old Jedi mind trick". I feel a dark haired man is involved in this.

You cant con an honest person , so they say. No, but you can deceive them if they are naive. There are a lot of naive people  in this world too, so be wary.

The snake in the card is also touching the cup with the figure under the white cloth, (holy spirit) Is it really a spiritual offering or is it the booby prize or a rip off? 

We are clearly not getting  what we need or want in August 2022, in the important things that matter in life.Stability, financial stability, a stable home, protection from poverty and suffering. Peace from a world in conflict, and restrictions on our lives. 

Notice the little castle in the cup symbolising shelter, protection from the environment and any threats to our  survival. 

The jewels in the cup represent materialism, worldly goods, greed and wealth. The wreath in the other cup represents victory, being a winner. But who is the real winner and the real loser? 

The dragon in the cup represents fear or benevolence, I would also add spiritual energy.

The face in the cup represents a god like being, mysterious, radiant figure, (Think fake spirituality/ guru)

The snake represents the universal symbol of spirituality like the ouroboros ( the snake eating it's tail).

Psychic power, treachery or the underworld of wisdom of the unconscious. Fierce vigilant power of the libido (Scandal). 

Reversed meaning of the card is shadowed, implying secretive activity or thoughts, be they good or bad. Being a darkened figure also suggests duality in any situation. The fact that the figure is all black symbolises mystery, silence, despair, ignorance (unable to make up one's mind or know what is  the right thing to do or even think). Trans-formative energy once one makes an informed decision or choice, including taking action once informed).

This cup is also emotional energy so it could be an emotional reaction or fantasy/imagination running riot. It could be logical, but one must be grounded and rational to make a wise decision because it may well affect other people too.

The white cover on the middle cup can symbolise virtue, innocence, purity, truth or truce (surrender),

I will add naivety  as well as sterility or weakness. This is related to the warning on spiritual scams and also any religious fanaticism and beliefs. 

The grey cloud represents spirit or consciousness, balance, neutrality, poverty, indifference, sadness and loneliness.  Grey also represents our spiritual connection to the all that is or universal consciousness.

Blue: Truth, calmness, peace, cold, melancholy and spirituality. Blue also connects to the healing energy from the heart chakra. Think of the turquoise stone and the calming energy it gives off including warding off negative energy.

Red around the white cloth is glowing and illuminating with life force, action, passion and will. Think of the religious and spiritual energy all fired up. I do warn against fake spirituality. But keep an eye on the abortion issue firing up people with firm religious beliefs too. Leave this alone there are no winners in this situation. This is a world of extreme polarities and that energy can be very destructive in the hands of spiritually young souls, it is dynamite.

Please stay safe, stay calm and above all think before reacting. keep love in your hearts and go forward in peace.

Blessings and free hugs,


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Scams, stop and think before you pay. When in doubt contact the place on a different phone number they have or go in person and ask questions. 


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