17 October, 2021

Psychic predictions for Australia in 2022

Politics dominate the year ahead unfortunately. I wish that I had better news for every one.

But one thing to note is we will as a nation stand strong and victorious no matter what. We are all "Team Australia" in the big scheme of things and we will look after each other 😍

To start with I am drawn to Western Australia and tourism, now that is a happy thing is it not. I see a new tourism campaign with the theme of Sun Surf and Sand. Designed to get people outdoors again and enjoy the sunshine. I am not sure if it is to kick off for the summer of 21/22 or the following summer of 22/23.

I see a woman with light coloured hair in politics leaving her current role in disgust. I feel this is Kerry Chant. Worn out after a horrible year and also she does not agree with Dominic Perrotte. Not to worry he won't last long anyway. He may last up until the next elections; but after that he will be gone.

I feel the Queensland Premier; Anastasia Palasczuck will leave her role and move on to greener pastures. No doubt worn out by this horrible Covid business too. So expect a cabinet reshuffle. 

As I shuffle the cards; I can see Scott Morrison's eyes. Mr Morrison has Australia's best interests at heart for 2022. The most important thing on his mind is making sure that Australia recovers from lockdown.

Mr Morrison wants a safe country; and to build up our country again. So he has a big job ahead of him, but folks it is a team effort for our big Aussie family. We will do it! It is a slow process, and we don't have a choice; so we'll just get on with it. 

On a very sad note there will be more than usual drownings this year unfortunately. All that I can put it down to is people throwing caution to the wind now that lockdown is lifting. Please be very mindful and very careful.

After the run of bad luck from 2019 onwards people are just wanting to settle down and make  a new life. Some may choose to go it alone. 

There is a lot of pent up frustration indicated as we get out doors, expect cranky people to be out and about too. Give them space to cool off and don't get caught up in their emotions; these people don't mean to be like this they are stressed. Just relax and try not to stress, there is no need to rush to the shops or anywhere else, so chill out.

It will settle down after a few months. People will then be more level headed. We have all been through hardship; so just go with the flow and remember your manners in public. The Thank yous and all the normal courteous values, and this will make life more pleasant. Put a smile on your dial.

There will be some border confusion around the country and with international travel; be prepared for a little bit of a wait until it is sorted.  Getting a flight will not be the same as we have already been told. People that are still trying to get home may have some delays and hardships, but by April all that is gone. 

I see some individuals coming home and then going right back overseas again. Expect issues with passports and legal issues. No one in government seems to know what to do.  I feel this is due to border restrictions and not everyone is on the same page. 

Australia has a glitch with the US over repatriation. More needs to be done to fix up the mess here. I feel the issue lies on the US side of things. 

I don't see Scott Morrison getting on with Joe Biden next year. Mr Biden becomes difficult to communicate with.  I would put this down to his health; and Scott Morrison needs to chose his words carefully when communicating with Joe Biden.

Scott Morrison; love him or leave him will always put Australia first. He will defend and protect our interests. 

Australian industry struggles in 2022 and needs assistance. I feel there will be a push or national drive to get the public behind Australian businesses and manufacturing. Way ahead of ya sunshine. Many of us already are 😍

China will not like this one bit and will resort to bullying again and try to manipulate the Australian public. What a waste of time because the Australian public are onboard with Australian business on their home soil.

Australia may look to old ways for business to help us get back on our feet. Some light industry is indicated here. Also Australia will look after Asian countries to help them get back on their feet. After all they are our pacific family members. One must always look after family. 

I see Australia helping India, Vietnam and other near by countries with having manufacturing in these countries. This helps all of us and binds us with more family ties; giving these people a better standard of living. 

Australia is beefing up defence of our continent and strengthening ties with allies. There is also an air of deceit indicated. This is individuals whipping the public into a frenzy yet again by feeding them lies. But the government will put this down . Even though the government will make a public  statement on this, some people still refuse to listen to reason. This is due to individuals that have an interest in keeping the fear going. Time to shut them down.

Scott Morrison will be very tactful with China but will not tolerate their shenanigans. By being diplomatic and showing his strength.

I see something big connected with defence next year. I get the feeling of just when you think its all good; something will happen. This is definitely connected with China. Luckily we have the right leadership at the right time.

Defence is the order of the day from here on in. Please keep this in mind this year is where it all begins so to speak. We will come through this so please don't be fearful.

For some reason I have always felt Australia will always be protected by spirit. No matter what happens this is a good place to be.

Trains and transport are in the news; changes are being made and some new train link opens  in NSW.

There might be a fee increase too. Also I see an orange coloured ticket which could be a new ticketing system that will be brought in. I am being shown a person with this orange ticket going through a railway turnstile to catch a city train.

There is some panic in a hospital. I hear Randwick in NSW but also feel Perth WA. It may be a health scare.

John Howard is in the news for something serious, it may be health related.

More trade agreements, including the wool industry. Tinned and processed food in the news too.

Australia is invited to become a member of something. Which puts us in the spotlight and recognition. I don't fee it is good for Australia and Scott Morrison thinks this over and then decides that it is not in Australia's best interests. He is being very wise here because it would end up costing Australia a lot of money and also prevent Australia from recovering financially. As I have said He has the nations best interests at heart despite what others say.

China is trying to paint Australia as the bad guy, Using deception and it just wont fly. They end up with egg on their faces. China will respond with explosive anger. Australia will not be made a victim in this and will very carefully examine the situation and react very carefully. Expect this to go on for another couple of years getting worse and worse. There is no backing down now!

Please take care and look after your loved ones, be mindful of others suffering and what ever you do keep love  in your hearts. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs


 © Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2021

NOTE: Because I start my predictions in October each year there is often an overlap, but it is covering 12 months from the date published. 


UPDATE: So glad they survived 😢


There is one more infant near drowning that happened, it is so terrifying that all it takes is a split second for this to happen. I hope all the children make a full recovery ❤️‍🩹 



Girl found motionless at bottom of pool in Perth theme park https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/young-girl-recovering-in-hospital-after-another-near-drowning-at-crown-towers-c-4635989

UPDATE : Drowning warning 



https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-10/south-east-flood-warnings-towns-under-water-after-heavy-rainfall/100688748  Woman drowns in floods December 10, 2021

https://www.9news.com.au/national/toddler-dies-after-drowning-on-gold-coast-beach/1dc68991-8c29-4fbe-9eaf-35fdea65c852  poor little lamb 

https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/boy-3-drowns-at-nsw-holiday-spot-on-christmas-day-20211226-p59k5u.html  another little child drowned 😭 


Near drowning, I pray there is no damage to her brain 😭😭 kids are that fast, you need eyes on the back of your head. 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-30/person-swept-from-rocks-into-ocean-off-san-remo-gippsland/100731584 woman swept from rocks. 



Swimming experts are worried about a spike in drownings. 

https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/frantic-search-for-15yearold-boy-missing-in-shoalhaven-river/news-story/01380223f44699dd9e485ebdf1554bce  So heartbreaking. I am going to stop here with these terrible tragedies. This is too overwhelming for me.


This link above is the statistics for drowning in 2021/22. Up 30% we still have this summer of 2022/23 to factor in up to December 2022. It is very distressing to see this as well as the floods this year contributed to drownings.

UPDATE: Health minister stepping down.


Hmmm I may have gotten the health minister wrong, lol. Both have similar hair colours. I will have to wait and see. I have 12 months to see if Kerry Chant steps down. Might need to have these people colour coded 🤣🤣

UPDATE: Perth hospital, Legionella found in deceased patient  3/12/21


W.A. Red alert for W A health with covid 19


UPDATE: Sydney trains 


Trains https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/city-file/article/sydneys-trains-buses-and-light-rail-networks-are-running-reduced-service-until-further-notice

New rail link discussed Sydney to Newcastle


UPDATE: NSW busses to be built in Australia again. 


UPDATE: Sydney train strike 21/2/22


UPDATE: Australian business (this is a prediction that was made in previous psychic predictions for Australia so have a look at older predictions too.)


UPDATE: Australians support local business , 8 th April 




UPDATE: Australia signs trade deal with India 2/4/22


UPDATE: 9th April 2022 Travel chaos, Sydney Airport


https://7news.com.au/news/world/experts-are-predicting-a-summer-of-travel-chaos-heres-why-c-6486378   World travel meh pass!

UPDATE:  27th April 2022:TRAVEL , WTF? BoJo needs to go! This is just an excuse to privatise the passport office and a major risk to privacy, and vulnerable to questionable people. This is utter stupidity and very serious Would your trust this? I sure as hell wouldn't. Gee what can possibly go wrong?

Cut back to a skeleton staff for bogus reasons and them come up with an excuse to sell of to mates, sure why not? Most British and Australian government agencies have done this for years and that is why everything is ruined now. It's all about the money but they think we are thick and won't object to our country being sold from under us. There is not one political party that would not do this, they have all done their bit in destroying our nations.   


UPDATE: Australia, defence against China.


October 6/22

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-06/expert-says-china-will-be-back-after-historic-us-pacific-summit/101501622  October 


UPDATE: Passports  4/6/22


UPDATE: New Australian Tourism campaign 


UPDATE: Western Australia tourism 


Investing in tourism to bring tourists back to W.A. 


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