31 October, 2021

Colouring for stress and anxiety

 Meh, I never could stay within the lines anyway ðŸĪŠðŸĪŠ

Happy Halloween 2021


I am not one for the American‘trick or treat ‘, being Scottish I still hold with the original Celtic celebration. After all this is a Celtic celebration long before America was discovered.

Guising (Disguising yourself ), is what we call getting dressed up in costumes for the night, and children go around the streets to entertain the households. They don’t play tricks on the households, instead they sing or tell jokes or have something to entertain the people. Also there weren’t any pumpkins in days gone by, we had turnips to carve and that was a job and a half. The dread of parents when kids demanded a turnip lantern, heaven knows how many knives got ruined by that task, lol. 

In my childhood, the guisers were giver apples, oranges and nuts. It was a very innocent time full of joy. Some households held Halloween parties and the ubiquitous bobbing for apples was played. I don’t know if kids do this these days. Just as long as kids have fun regardless of how they celebrate the day. Just enjoy it and hopefully have wonderful memories for the years to come. 

                                                       Turnip (tumshie or neep)  lantern, 

28 October, 2021

Lifeguards go viral after carrying 95 year old to the beach ever day


How wonderful is this, it makes me so happy to see such acts of kindness in the world. We need more acts of kindness reported in the media more often. There are many people that quietly do acts of kindness all over the world that go unnoticed all the time. But spirit always knows of such acts. 

27 October, 2021

No Tarot card of the month for November

 Just letting everyone know that I am not doing Tarot card of the month for November. I have too much on my plate at present. I will get back to doing a TCOTM, but perhaps not until January 2022.

The mystery hen

 Lol, The other day, I was out in my front yard just rambling around as you do; and as I looked at a little garden bed with geraniums and a few other plants. I noticed a white thing between the leaves of a geranium and thought; is that what I think it is? Yes, sure enough it was an egg. Some neighbourhood chook had been visiting my garden and laid an egg. 

I have no idea how long the egg had been there so I had to put it in the bin. Never in the 27 years of living in this house have I ever had a hen visit the garden. I have had a stray domestic rabbit, cats, dogs and wild  birds in my yard, but never a hen, lol.

In Canberra it is normal to see a Roo, in the garden or lizards such as a blue tongue or the generic skink; but a chook, err no. Well it really made my day, expect anything in Canberra though, we are a rather unusual place and attract all sorts of people and critters, in the nicest possible way ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ❤️

26 October, 2021

Shadows to disappear in Darwin today as solar phenomenon takes effect


Lol, how freaky is this. Rather this than not seeing your reflection in the mirror though. 😂😂😂

Wall Street is buying up family homes. The rent checks are too juicy to ignore


Boy this is scary, just imagine if you hit hard times. You lose your house and then have to rent; somehow I just don’t see these “landlords “ letting anyone stay in a house if they are unemployed or sick. On the street you go, a landlord is about money before people. 

23 October, 2021

Service fees for readings

This is a screenshot of page 4 from my website. It is a scroll down website of 4 pages; and tab tops also. Which  is obvious to see when you visit the website. I am continually getting emails from people that can’t be bothered reading this page; asking how much do I charge. The website is well laid out and simple to navigate. Yes, you still do need to contact me to make a payment,  due to me removing PayPal. 

$80 for 30 minutes or $160 for an hour.


21 October, 2021

This is what stupid looks like!


This is what stupid looks like! Expect a perfect shit storm now, because Victoria and NSW are going to open up and spread the virus. In no time; we will be in the same state as the UK and the USA. 

Why the hell would they do this? It is very irresponsible;  unless you want to cause great harm to the economy and people’s lives. Just give it a few weeks and watch what happens. 

https://www.9news.com.au/national/australia-breaking-news-live-updates-november-4-2021-cleo-smith-found-police-investigation-continues-coronavirus-alert-for-queensland-town/70db40fe-b3db-4cc0-8e47-9330eaafc2e7. November 5th.


Just waiting for the Canberra rates to move up now that people are moving around more. Canberra’s last lockdown was caused by someone going from NSW into the ACT. 

Some people just don’t give a damn because they are selfish, this cost innocent people their lives, remember that! An individual that does this doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions; no they just shrug it off; it’s not happening to them….sociopathic mentality. 

https://7news.com.au/news/nsw/nsw-premier-denies-early-freedoms-for-unvaccinated-after-a-weekend-of-protests-c-4647419 NSW

https://www.skynews.com.au/australia-news/coronavirus/nsw-government-went-against-dr-kerry-chants-health-advice-to-impose-consistent-measures-across-all-of-sydney/news-story/6961824e5362281c8e174ea09ea6bdbc   Not taking the advice from the chief health officer Kerry Chant.

https://www.9news.com.au/national/coronavirus-victoria-update-19-deaths-827-cases-of-covid19-november-23/7f4d8598-1b3e-4c56-815d-be3cd2c30ce3. 19 deaths in Victoria 827 new cases. The new cases are dropping at present 

December 3 Omicron in the ACT (Canberra) just as I expected ðŸĪŽðŸ˜Ą and Victoria is up high again in their covid cases and deaths. On ya chairman Dan ðŸĪŽðŸĪŽ 



Victoria covid cases 1419 gone up again 10 deaths 

Victoria new pandemic laws passed. Drunk on power Dan! 


https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/jan/07/dominic-perrottet-backflips-further-and-reintroduces-tougher-covid-restrictions-across-nsw 7th January 2022

Out of control ego Perrottet; he needs to pull that bloody big head of his in and listen to the experts, You are not a health expert Perrottet shut your damn mouth and listen. We ae all suffering because of you!

An new Premier that won't last very long due to his arrogance. Curb that ego!

17 October, 2021

Woman raped on train passengers did nothing


This is unbelievable that these people did nothing, it is downright sickening and says something is seriously wrong in America. This is a human being suffering right here, someone’s sister. She is loved by her family and friends. Where is the bloody respect people? Why couldn’t the  passengers help her?  Why are they so selfish and uncaring ? In my eyes they are all guilty of a crime by ignoring her. I am absolutely shocked at this. This is not civilisation here, it’s devolution. For heaven’s sake this was captured on video too.  Show the public who the passengers were; that did nothing to save her, they must be so proud of themselves. ðŸ˜ĄðŸ˜Ą

America over the past few years has shown the world that something is very wrong in their society, so very broken. How the hell does it get like this? People no longer care about each other, no self respect for human life. A divided nation is a failed nation; and where it goes from here is anyones guess. 


So everyone filmed the attack, but would not help her. The police should find something to charge them with. What if he had killed her? Simple they would just keep on filming. 

Psychic predictions for Australia in 2022

Politics dominate the year ahead unfortunately. I wish that I had better news for every one.

But one thing to note is we will as a nation stand strong and victorious no matter what. We are all "Team Australia" in the big scheme of things and we will look after each other 😍

To start with I am drawn to Western Australia and tourism, now that is a happy thing is it not. I see a new tourism campaign with the theme of Sun Surf and Sand. Designed to get people outdoors again and enjoy the sunshine. I am not sure if it is to kick off for the summer of 21/22 or the following summer of 22/23.

I see a woman with light coloured hair in politics leaving her current role in disgust. I feel this is Kerry Chant. Worn out after a horrible year and also she does not agree with Dominic Perrotte. Not to worry he won't last long anyway. He may last up until the next elections; but after that he will be gone.

I feel the Queensland Premier; Anastasia Palasczuck will leave her role and move on to greener pastures. No doubt worn out by this horrible Covid business too. So expect a cabinet reshuffle. 

As I shuffle the cards; I can see Scott Morrison's eyes. Mr Morrison has Australia's best interests at heart for 2022. The most important thing on his mind is making sure that Australia recovers from lockdown.

Mr Morrison wants a safe country; and to build up our country again. So he has a big job ahead of him, but folks it is a team effort for our big Aussie family. We will do it! It is a slow process, and we don't have a choice; so we'll just get on with it. 

On a very sad note there will be more than usual drownings this year unfortunately. All that I can put it down to is people throwing caution to the wind now that lockdown is lifting. Please be very mindful and very careful.

After the run of bad luck from 2019 onwards people are just wanting to settle down and make  a new life. Some may choose to go it alone. 

There is a lot of pent up frustration indicated as we get out doors, expect cranky people to be out and about too. Give them space to cool off and don't get caught up in their emotions; these people don't mean to be like this they are stressed. Just relax and try not to stress, there is no need to rush to the shops or anywhere else, so chill out.

It will settle down after a few months. People will then be more level headed. We have all been through hardship; so just go with the flow and remember your manners in public. The Thank yous and all the normal courteous values, and this will make life more pleasant. Put a smile on your dial.

There will be some border confusion around the country and with international travel; be prepared for a little bit of a wait until it is sorted.  Getting a flight will not be the same as we have already been told. People that are still trying to get home may have some delays and hardships, but by April all that is gone. 

I see some individuals coming home and then going right back overseas again. Expect issues with passports and legal issues. No one in government seems to know what to do.  I feel this is due to border restrictions and not everyone is on the same page. 

Australia has a glitch with the US over repatriation. More needs to be done to fix up the mess here. I feel the issue lies on the US side of things. 

I don't see Scott Morrison getting on with Joe Biden next year. Mr Biden becomes difficult to communicate with.  I would put this down to his health; and Scott Morrison needs to chose his words carefully when communicating with Joe Biden.

Scott Morrison; love him or leave him will always put Australia first. He will defend and protect our interests. 

Australian industry struggles in 2022 and needs assistance. I feel there will be a push or national drive to get the public behind Australian businesses and manufacturing. Way ahead of ya sunshine. Many of us already are 😍

China will not like this one bit and will resort to bullying again and try to manipulate the Australian public. What a waste of time because the Australian public are onboard with Australian business on their home soil.

Australia may look to old ways for business to help us get back on our feet. Some light industry is indicated here. Also Australia will look after Asian countries to help them get back on their feet. After all they are our pacific family members. One must always look after family. 

I see Australia helping India, Vietnam and other near by countries with having manufacturing in these countries. This helps all of us and binds us with more family ties; giving these people a better standard of living. 

Australia is beefing up defence of our continent and strengthening ties with allies. There is also an air of deceit indicated. This is individuals whipping the public into a frenzy yet again by feeding them lies. But the government will put this down . Even though the government will make a public  statement on this, some people still refuse to listen to reason. This is due to individuals that have an interest in keeping the fear going. Time to shut them down.

Scott Morrison will be very tactful with China but will not tolerate their shenanigans. By being diplomatic and showing his strength.

I see something big connected with defence next year. I get the feeling of just when you think its all good; something will happen. This is definitely connected with China. Luckily we have the right leadership at the right time.

Defence is the order of the day from here on in. Please keep this in mind this year is where it all begins so to speak. We will come through this so please don't be fearful.

For some reason I have always felt Australia will always be protected by spirit. No matter what happens this is a good place to be.

Trains and transport are in the news; changes are being made and some new train link opens  in NSW.

There might be a fee increase too. Also I see an orange coloured ticket which could be a new ticketing system that will be brought in. I am being shown a person with this orange ticket going through a railway turnstile to catch a city train.

There is some panic in a hospital. I hear Randwick in NSW but also feel Perth WA. It may be a health scare.

John Howard is in the news for something serious, it may be health related.

More trade agreements, including the wool industry. Tinned and processed food in the news too.

Australia is invited to become a member of something. Which puts us in the spotlight and recognition. I don't fee it is good for Australia and Scott Morrison thinks this over and then decides that it is not in Australia's best interests. He is being very wise here because it would end up costing Australia a lot of money and also prevent Australia from recovering financially. As I have said He has the nations best interests at heart despite what others say.

China is trying to paint Australia as the bad guy, Using deception and it just wont fly. They end up with egg on their faces. China will respond with explosive anger. Australia will not be made a victim in this and will very carefully examine the situation and react very carefully. Expect this to go on for another couple of years getting worse and worse. There is no backing down now!

Please take care and look after your loved ones, be mindful of others suffering and what ever you do keep love  in your hearts. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs


 © Copyright Alex Fulford, October 2021

NOTE: Because I start my predictions in October each year there is often an overlap, but it is covering 12 months from the date published. 


UPDATE: So glad they survived ðŸ˜Ē


There is one more infant near drowning that happened, it is so terrifying that all it takes is a split second for this to happen. I hope all the children make a full recovery ❤️‍ðŸĐđ 



Girl found motionless at bottom of pool in Perth theme park https://thewest.com.au/news/wa/young-girl-recovering-in-hospital-after-another-near-drowning-at-crown-towers-c-4635989

UPDATE : Drowning warning 



https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-10/south-east-flood-warnings-towns-under-water-after-heavy-rainfall/100688748  Woman drowns in floods December 10, 2021

https://www.9news.com.au/national/toddler-dies-after-drowning-on-gold-coast-beach/1dc68991-8c29-4fbe-9eaf-35fdea65c852  poor little lamb 

https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/boy-3-drowns-at-nsw-holiday-spot-on-christmas-day-20211226-p59k5u.html  another little child drowned 😭 


Near drowning, I pray there is no damage to her brain 😭😭 kids are that fast, you need eyes on the back of your head. 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-30/person-swept-from-rocks-into-ocean-off-san-remo-gippsland/100731584 woman swept from rocks. 



Swimming experts are worried about a spike in drownings. 

https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/frantic-search-for-15yearold-boy-missing-in-shoalhaven-river/news-story/01380223f44699dd9e485ebdf1554bce  So heartbreaking. I am going to stop here with these terrible tragedies. This is too overwhelming for me.


This link above is the statistics for drowning in 2021/22. Up 30% we still have this summer of 2022/23 to factor in up to December 2022. It is very distressing to see this as well as the floods this year contributed to drownings.

UPDATE: Health minister stepping down.


Hmmm I may have gotten the health minister wrong, lol. Both have similar hair colours. I will have to wait and see. I have 12 months to see if Kerry Chant steps down. Might need to have these people colour coded ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ

UPDATE: Perth hospital, Legionella found in deceased patient  3/12/21


W.A. Red alert for W A health with covid 19


UPDATE: Sydney trains 


Trains https://www.broadsheet.com.au/sydney/city-file/article/sydneys-trains-buses-and-light-rail-networks-are-running-reduced-service-until-further-notice

New rail link discussed Sydney to Newcastle


UPDATE: NSW busses to be built in Australia again. 


UPDATE: Sydney train strike 21/2/22


UPDATE: Australian business (this is a prediction that was made in previous psychic predictions for Australia so have a look at older predictions too.)


UPDATE: Australians support local business , 8 th April 




UPDATE: Australia signs trade deal with India 2/4/22


UPDATE: 9th April 2022 Travel chaos, Sydney Airport


https://7news.com.au/news/world/experts-are-predicting-a-summer-of-travel-chaos-heres-why-c-6486378   World travel meh pass!

UPDATE:  27th April 2022:TRAVEL , WTF? BoJo needs to go! This is just an excuse to privatise the passport office and a major risk to privacy, and vulnerable to questionable people. This is utter stupidity and very serious Would your trust this? I sure as hell wouldn't. Gee what can possibly go wrong?

Cut back to a skeleton staff for bogus reasons and them come up with an excuse to sell of to mates, sure why not? Most British and Australian government agencies have done this for years and that is why everything is ruined now. It's all about the money but they think we are thick and won't object to our country being sold from under us. There is not one political party that would not do this, they have all done their bit in destroying our nations.   


UPDATE: Australia, defence against China.


October 6/22

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-10-06/expert-says-china-will-be-back-after-historic-us-pacific-summit/101501622  October 


UPDATE: Passports  4/6/22


UPDATE: New Australian Tourism campaign 


UPDATE: Western Australia tourism 


Investing in tourism to bring tourists back to W.A. 


Wes Penre: Video 277, Q and A session 85


15 October, 2021

Psychic predictions for the world in 2022

This year I am doing the predictions in short bursts and writing them down; and then reviewing them before I post them. Not as easy for me as it used to be. But I am dealing with personal issues at present too. So focus is tricky for me. Please bear in mind these predictions are done in October every year so start from the month the predictions are done to the following October. 

As I look at the cards I hear the words; Coming home to roost. This is quite serious and is about negligence on part of governments in the western world, including the UK. There is a strong feeling of deception and illusion in the financial area of government; mainly in the UK and parts of Europe.

Business's will only have small gains in the northern hemisphere. Everything is in a state of flux so patience is needed. Health issues kick off  the new year; then level out a bit. This is not the end of Covid as most people have already worked out. It will bottom out but not go away, so keep buying hand sanitisers and masks, because you will need them again and please; do social distancing. 

Law and government restructuring are important worldwide in 2022. Keep an eye on the health sector too.

This is the start of a new era in government around the world. Long term partnerships forged between governments world wide.

The Taliban will be kept on a short lead by the UN. I do not see them being accepted or admitted into the UN. The UN needs to be very careful here, I do feel the UN will have some major embarrassment in this situation due to carelessness.

Avoidance of reality with some western leaders; including the UK, France, Germany and the US. I see them sitting back thinking all is good; however I feel they will be taken by surprise by the CCP. More investment is needed in their Cybersecurity and defence of their homelands and the world. They don't seem to take this threat seriously and think they can sit back and twiddle their thumbs. Big mistake!  Spend the money on upgrading or suffer the consequences. Protection of utilities and infrastructure needs to be beefed up. These attacks could be around March to early summer. Power plants and cyber security in random countries being spiked. Expect this as an ongoing situation of cat and mouse games. 

China flexes its muscles again but the west don't seem to react too strongly at this stage. Remember, China will be the one to strike out first in aggression; not the west. They; China are only playing at present to see how the west react. 

The US is not paying proper attention here and is about to get a shock. I would say protect the government  welfare websites and all utilities and government websites. 

Update the technology for these agencies immediately. Who is to blame for the poor maintenance of government websites and utilities such as electrical power stations and water supplies? 

Joe Biden is very unsteady on his feet in 2022, care is needed when he is walking around and getting on and off Air Force One. His staff need to be vigilant with his health and wellbeing.  I do not see Joe Biden in office by the end of the year. Watch the signs between July to December 2022.

I see snow on the ground and Mr Biden is no longer in office due to his failing health.  Kamala Harris seems as if she is invisible however there are some big changes on her watch (perhaps this is as she makes the transition to president). She is there at work but unseen; meaning she has no real effect what so ever; that is very unusual; it is like she does not exist.  Kamala is best suited to behind the scenes work, as she lacks the strength and qualities as a leader.

I do see a new man in US politics; a tall slim man with brown hair or dark brown hair. I feel he is a Republican; This man is no fool; yet when he steps up to the challenge many will say he is not experienced enough to lead the US. Just watch him; he is very diplomatic and handles himself with ease. He is nobody's fool, don't push his buttons; or you will be the fool in the end. This man will be respected world wide for his fairness and balanced judgement; mark my words.

Back to Joe Biden; tempers flair in the White House I see a door being slammed shut in anger. This feels like the end of Joe Biden's tenure. He won't leave quietly and he will be a bit angry; but he needs to bow out graciously.  He does not like to lose, however this is a medical issue.

Law and order is very big in 2022 for the entire world. There are new changes that affect the entire world. This is on an international level; special agreements such as the Covid recovery plans and very serious issues  that affect the world; team work. 

China will pull some cheeky stunts again next year. The world leaders react very carefully because no one is actually ready for war; including China.

China makes out that is is capable of ruling the world; however it can barley keep its own citizens under control. The west do have an ace up their sleeve and are buying time. The next three years are all about subterfuge.  I do see a stockpile of rockets in the west and new armament factories  opening, now this could be one of the discussions held in Germany.

 I see secret agreements being made in Germany, these feel like protective measures. This could include safeguarding fuel and coal. Coal is needed to make electricity and manufacturing and heavy industry. So guess what the Glasgow COP26 gig is a waste of damn time!

Coal will become like gold from now on as it is needed in the defence of our nations too. This is to the wests advantage. 

Iran is back in the news in 2022; pushing its weight around to be heard and seen. Power vacuum;  is what I hear and people are taking to the streets to demand change. Good luck with that because the protests will be put down quickly.  However on the world stage focus has shifted from the middle east  due to the tense situation with China and Taiwan.

Afghanistan sadly will not get the help they need; until their leaders make the changes required by the rest of the world. I feel there will be harsh conditions attached to any deals  and money given to the country. 

The Middle East, including Afghanistan may look to new business models and new manufacturing: Artisans making a mark with their skills and goods. These will be popular and in high demand. People are looking for ways to make money and drive local business and also to sell to the world. This is very clever people using their creative talents to make money.

Money matters will be kind of slow world wide; because it takes time to build things up again. 

People are still pushing against the government and protesting, however many will just give up because it is just a waste of time and effort. Too much negative energy has been invested in these disillusioned people by selfish and faceless individuals that set out to use these people. 

Instead people are now going to look for contentment and happiness after the past two years of lockdown. Finally they have realised things are different now and have moved on. Young people are  now looking for new opportunities. 

The US will have difficulties obtaining stability in the country due to scattered thinking of leaders and the public. This needs strong leadership to heal the deep divisions and bring the United States back together. Key figures are avoiding trying to unify the nation, and most certainly there are some that are clearly unskilled in unity. 

Lebanon plummets; are the words I hear as I lay down the spread of Tarot cards. As expected it is more economic problems. I really feel for the ordinary people suffering. This country needs help fast to survive. The EU or the IMF have to step in to assist as it is a humanitarian crisis. 

The French government keeps up the childish tantrums  creating more problems with their allies. This is not helpful; and the petty squabbling will reveal some of the  French governments dirty deals.

This needs addressed quickly; so we can all move on. Or it is going to be a case of France being on the side line and not privy to the US and UK's defence plans. They could be seen as a threat to security at present due to some business dealings causing some embarrassment for France. I am also picking up Spying here.

Next year will be a very intense year politically with world leaders. The chances of a positive diplomatic outcome will be zilch. What ever happens sets the mood for the future, this is serious.

What ever skirmish happens with China; I feel will last two years. No one wants big losses so I feel this will be pulled to a halt. I estimate conflict is only about three years away due to something that China does; and this ramps up the case for war. However I keep seeing 2026 and 2027; so these are very important years to be aware of. 

 Agreements will be torn up, and the balance of power needs to be monitored and I see more verbal conflict with China. Much hardship on the way with this. China is playing with peoples minds to break people of their loyalty, this is western people they are targeting via social media.  Sadly innocent Chinese people will also suffer because humanitarianism is not on the agenda for the CCP; and that includes their own people.

New Zealand: While the new year may start off ok; the political rumblings of discontent are ongoing. Ms Jacinda Ardern seems closed off to others that are trying to steer New Zealand in a better direction. I don't see her serving another term. She could hand over to a male leader who is strictly old school and will realign New Zealand with Australia again. This man will take steps to distance the nation from China.

There is just one problem; the dependence on China for certain foods and other goods. So things won't go easy for New Zealand and people will voice their displeasure. These people will quickly change their minds within five years  due to war with China. 

I did see two female leaders joining forces in an agreement, I feel this is Jacinda Ardern and the Taiwan prime minister Tsai zing-wen. I feel that Ms Ardern has been advised by her party to make this partnership. Wise thinking on their part, much as it goes against what Ms Ardern would do because she doesn’t want to upset the CCP.

What a messed up world we have right now. It is like a tangled ball of wool that someone poured super glue over. We ain't getting out of this mess for a while. I just dread the pain and suffering; ordinary people have no quarrel with each other and just want to live in peace. 

The UK in 2022 will have problems with the Royal Mail postal system as well as British gas.

There is a sort of blessing bestowed on Boris Johnson; this could be a knighthood.

British Gas in the news. Not a good thing. 

© Copyright Alex Fulford October 2021


Updated 19 and 21 October 2021.

I have come back to looking over the cards again. This year is a totally different experience for me. As I read the cards; comparing this with all the other predictions that I have done over the years. All I seem to get is pointing to emotions due to the end of lockdown world wide and the governments  of the world having issues with China.

Not exactly what I was expecting. I was expecting random things like I usually see. Anyway it is; what it is. We are living in very interesting times historically.   

There is no good news in 2022; there is a conflict of words and pushing boundaries. This is world leaders and China, but also the general public are antsy over everything and anything and need to grow up. 

The US/UK will issue a stern warning as they are getting quite fed up with China and I also feel the UN too. These are not empty threats. China is also in a poor financial situation and the allies ( US/UK etc) are aware of this; and play for time. Moving bigger "Chess pieces" on the board. These "Chess pieces" are sitting on alert, but not needed yet.

As I look at the cards I see the Knight of Cups bears a message of peace, but the Queen of Swords is in control here and lays down the law.  This may imply The UN trying to tell the US when to back off from China. Really?? 

The US will not tolerate this absurdity from the UN; given that the UN is riddled with corruption and the lap dog of China. The US will assert itself.

There seem to be moments of victory indicated  throughout 2022. But people of the world must not be complacent or they will live to regret it. There is a long journey ahead of us and this is only the start.

Money is available to those that are wise and know where the best jobs are and business opportunities lie. This is ordinary people world wide that see good opportunities and act on them. The rest of us will be struggling. 

However older people aged between 50 to 55 and older see the benefits of not going back to full time work after lockdown ends. Many want a quiet life after many hard years of work. This opens doors for younger people. 

Many people world wide are seeking balance and harmony in their lives. They do not want to work up until they die; like the rich and powerful want them to. So this is the end of the road for many of these people. They refuse to be disrespected and forced to work in appalling conditions for these money hungry tyrants. So they now opt for life on their own terms. 

If people can make do with less then they will. This is about quality of life; rather than be a virtual wage slave to reach breaking point mentally and physically. Once a person has reached that breaking point, there is no going back to what was. It is about living and not just existing. So the individuals create a new beginning for themselves.    This will send shockwaves through business, so be it!

I see women in conflict here; fighting with other women. This is over who is right and who is wrong; in regards to everything imaginable. Such as working mum or stay at home mum, wokeism and feminism  v's  other women. It's about self respect, and how a woman should think, live etc.

Stay right away from this because it is a set up. You are being set up to fail. Divide and conquer is what it is about, so think about it and before you post something on social media; stop and think what will happen if you post it.  JUST DON'T DO IT! There is an organisation behind all of this so please use your brains, who actually benefits from this? Do you? No, of course you don't. 

Electrical goods are in the news, this may be due to production and alternatives to buying from China. Think wisely, and do expect sabotage from China as a result of this.

This was actually mentioned in the above first lot of world predictions for  2022. 

2022 is going to be a year of struggle world wide sadly, but we have to go with the flow. Everything is changing now as the world gets reshaped.

Heaven help those that upset the USA! Because something is definitely coming home to roost. So get ready for the long haul, this has long term effects.

Copyright Alex Fulford 21 October 2021 


NOTE: I have removed a prediction of a death. I don't feel right about adding such things to my predictions. So from now on I shall avoid them.

Please also read my yearly psychic predictions for Australia too, they are never included in world predictions.


UPDATE: Kamala Harris 


The more I think about her, I don’t think she will last in politics. But gee give her a break over her shopping, people are entitled to a break from work and after hours. It is no one’s business if she goes shopping. Reporters need to get a life, let’s they be singled out for having a life outside of work. 

UPDATE: Afghanistan 



https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australia-pm-says-aukus-pact-ensure-peace-security-indo-pacific-2022-01-21/ January 2022


July 2022, and the whining still goes on.  Butt hurt France 😆 don’t be dishonest and think Australians will be ok with it. Selling us out to China with shit technology! 

UPDATE: People pushing against the government 


UPDATE: women in conflict 


Please stop and think before posting anything, perhaps give it 24 hours and then, re-read what you have written again, and perhaps you may think that it’s best to hit delete.

UPDATE: The great resignation 11 Feb 2022


UPDATE: White goods, remember I made the prediction back in October last year!


UPDATE: Germany, secret meetings. February 2022.


UPDATE: The great resignation 


IRAN: https://globalnews.ca/news/8679549/iran-missile-attack-iraq-irbil/

IRAN: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-07-07/iran-says-several-foreigners-a-uk-diplomat-detained-for-spying/101215738  

7 July, must be feeling unimportant and need to create some tension.


https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-16/nazanin-zaghari-ratcliffe-released-from-detention-in-iran/100916134 18 March, Iranian government released British prisoners.

FRANCE:  Still having a dummy spit. Australia had a perfectly good reason to drop this contact.


In order to understand why Australia had to drop this contact, please read this link below. Australia is right on the Chinese doorstep, we can’t defend ourselves without the US and other allies. Just look back to ww2 and see what happened with the bombing of Darwin and Japanese mini submarines in Sydney harbour. Today technology is far superior and an enemy can be on our soil in minutes or an hour if island hopping. Don’t forget the Chinese are in Antarctica and have reached far into Antarctica, which is very close to Australia. There is a vital air bridge between Antarctica and Tasmania. So theoretically it is possible for China to invade Australia from Antarctica as well as by other means. Funny how mainstream media avoids imparting this vital information when painting Australia out to be the bad guys. 

NEW ZEALAND: March 2022, Ardern losing popularity 


UPDATE: France, well this is awkward 😂ðŸĪĢ better call on Johnny English 


UPDATE: November 24, and Macron is still whining. Build a bridge and get over it Macron. Australia doesn’t buy submarines that you French gave the diagrams for to China  buddy! 


UPDATE: 27 April 2022, China in the Sollies and going for other nations of interest while Australia is asleep at the wheel. How unusual, who would have thunk it? 


UPDATE: China, Taiwan and the US, 20/07/2022 No winning here. 


UPDATE: Afghanistan, new source of work to help the economy. Hemp is also used to make ropes which are very strong, fabric can be made from hemp also. A type of plastic that is extremely strong can also be made from hemp. Sail ships used to use the very strong hemp fabric for their sails also because it was a strong fabric better that cotton. 


UPDATE: Workers quiet quitting


UPDATE: Women in conflict, fighting. You were warned about your actions! I am not going to keep posting on this prediction as it is low energy and there are things all over the net on this stuff. Lol, I have no idea why this even became a prediction really 😂


UPDATE: Lebanon , Beirut bank hostages as man demands his own money to pay his father’s medical bills.


UPDATE: Coal becoming like gold, Germany in a rush for coal before winter 


UPDATE: Lebanon  6th October 




Iran launches air strikes against Kurdish group in northern Iraq 


IRAN: Protests put down. I said that the protests will be stopped ðŸ˜Ē



  dozens face executions 😭 December 2022. 

UPDATE: British Gas in the news




Smart meter mix up. 

UPDATE: Middle East business 


Saudi artisan showcases traditional Hail beadwork art. 




Iran crackdown on protesters , October 13.


UPDATE : China pulls some cheeky stunts. October 13, 2022.


UPDATE: 23 February 2023. Joe Biden unsteady on his feet getting on Air Force 1. This was 12 months out of sync, as I have said before, time is not a fixed thing especially when looking into the future. It is not different to remote viewing one is still dealing with a timeline.


UPDATE: May 2023; What did I say? Protect government websites and infrastructure or be sorry. If you don’t smarten up your ideas you will be suffering a preventable takedown! 


UPDATE: June 2023 Joe Biden unsteady on his feet again, 12 months out of synch prediction.

Most of Us Carry a Virus Few Have Heard of. Here's Why It's Important.

UPDATE: Well there ya go! I said protect the government websites including welfare and utilities. He who hesitates is lost


UPDATE:  New Zealand replacement to Ardern finally! This is the man that is old school and will be  working with Australia to mend the relationship. 

UPDATE: UKRoyal Mail scandal, turns out it dates back to 1999. Unfortunately I have not been following this. 


UPDATE: Cybersecurity in the US. (2024) Stupid is as stupid does!! 


William Shatner in space Woo-Hoo!


How fantastic, William Shatner is such a sweetie pie. At 90 years old isn't he not just amazing but incredibly lucky to be able too take this historic flight. 


What a legend 😃😍


Live long and prosper! Or as we say in Scotland :Lang may your lum reek ( May you always have smoke in your chimney, which means a long and prosperous life).

14 October, 2021

More scams aimed at Aussies


Seriously?? Are people really so silly that they think this is legitimate? Perhaps you shouldn’t have the remote for the tv if you are this foolish. There are so many scammers out there right now, how can people actually fall for this? I suspect these individuals never read the news, watch the news on TV or look up the ACCC scam watch website. 

Screenshot the email and report them immediately to the authorities and don’t click on links at all, it is all a money grab of the gullible. When in doubt hit delete, it’s that simple! 

If you are up to no good you will get a letter in the mail from the ATO with an actual reference number and real contact details. If you have to pay a fine then you would have an official letter in the mail with a traceable reference number to keep official records of your  transactions with the government department.

That also includes your legal rights ect, including how to appeal against a decision, which is standard in all government agencies in Australia. The AFP will come calling directly to your house, and if you are not home; a business card is left with real contact details and the name of the AFP officer to contact. 

13 October, 2021

How to politely make a booking

 Just a friendly  heads up in regards to making a booking via text message or phone.

It is polite to give your " given name" or "first name" when texting or phoning someone.  It is impolite to send a text message to someone without adding your given name. Not to mention confusing for the recipient who may be responding to several texts and phone enquiries at the one time for booking appointments etc. 

Telephone etiquette dictates, providing one's name when communicating with strangers or professional services is important. It can be  embarrassing if you are not clearly identifying yourself.

I tend to identify myself straight away when phoning or texting someone; and sign off with my first name or both my given name and surname (family name).

I get several texts a week and often there is no name. The lack of identification is not helpful in such a circumstance. So please provide your "given name"  when contacting me. 

10 October, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 276 The shape of the Aeon Sophia‘s Omniverse


Wes extrapolating a bit more on our reality, and is describing our world very similar to what E Valentina Straighten wrote about in the “World between the poles”. And supposedly what Admiral Bird discovered on a trip to Antartica.

It is not a random supposition by any means. The egg shape is plausible to me, from observations that I have experienced. When I do my psychic protection and put gold light around myself, I always noticed that it is egg shaped, and I always intend it to be a ball shape. But, nope it always turns out egg shaped. Nature also imitates as we see with birds laying eggs, the human baby in the womb is not round either, it’s egg shaped. The egg shape is venerated in Christianity with the Easter egg conveniently. Could these be little hints of as above, so is below? 

Even though I have no religion myself and most certainly don’t have any Catholic religious beliefs given my parents were high Church of Scotland; which is ultra Protestant; why on earth am I getting the image of Mary encapsulated in an egg shaped light, project into my mind. I do not accept her at all. But it happens from time to time; and I ask what ever or whom ever is projecting that image at me to stop because it means nothing to me. I am not baptised, I am not a Christian, just humbly spiritual.

08 October, 2021

That’s so me

Not just that, I have a habit of being the one that always steps in the dog poo 😂😂😝 I guess I am just lucky that way. 

Read the bizarre 486-word email the top public servant in NSW wrote after new premier Dominic Perrottet fired him and replaced him with Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek's husband


Interesting reading. Just for the record, I don’t feel Mr Perrottet will stay long in office. I feel he will cause upset to many people. If he does stay it could only be one term in office.

New theory for bizarre neurological illness impacting US diplomats


Oh yeah, what about the attack on Kamala Harris, did she imagine that? Some body is ignoring the facts here. Click here and read the August 2021 article. 


07 October, 2021

The police are here!


Being grateful

Right now the world news is a very disturbing place for many; there is just so much suffering going on; non stop and in some places it is getting worse.  It makes me feel very grateful for my life in Australia, free from suffering, free from war, free from misery.

Natural disasters are part of life on our planet but some countries seem to have more than their share of natural disasters. Australia has it’s own fair share too. In Australia we have come through three hard years in succession and it’s not over yet. 

It is times like this that I realise how fortunate I am to live in Australia though. Australia has a very low rate of infection from the Pandemic compared to many countries. So one cannot complain on that level really. Yes many are suffering emotionally, financially and even the loss of their jobs and or homes.

But I am still very grateful, because millions of people world wide are going through so much suffering. 

Taking time to examine ones life makes one appreciative for the good things, no matter how small they are, they matter and we must be grateful. Having loved ones around me makes me grateful, and we all know we are supported by each other. Not everyone has such a luxury in this world.

The things that we take as our rights in this world should not be taken for granted, we must be grateful for them every moment. Moving forward and hopefully in a positive mindset, we all must learn to appreciate and be grateful for everything that we have in our lives. Moving away from keeping up with the Jones's to a more benevolent and thoughtful mindset. The world that we knew is gone, but a new world has begun, how things play out is up to us. 

Priorities need to be refocused to living a simpler life and quality of life; to get the most out of life for everyone. Refocus on consumerism, from I want; to do I really need this? Making do with things that are still useable rather than upgrading to the latest version. To me that says greed, the item is not a need , it is a want. It is a luxury upgrading to the latest phone, pc or latest technology is not being grateful, it is being indulgent, gratifying rather than grateful. 

It amazes me how quickly society has transitioned over the past 35 to perhaps 40 years to become so consumer driven. With the lack of insight into how long this can be sustained, or is it harmful to society.

When I look back to my childhood and further back to my parents and grand parents and even to my great grandparents; I see in such a short time humanity has evolved into a greedy ungrateful and wasteful species. No one wants to keep this in check, but it cannot be sustained at this ever increasing rate.

It is time to say slow down and just breath; be grateful for the earth that we live in, for nature, and to help our fellow man and the animals too. Nurture more and want less, teach children to be grateful and not to be greedy. Teach them responsibility and accountability. Simpler lives create less stress; so now is the time as we gradually recover from the pandemic and step into this new world; that we have the mindset to live in a more grateful, less greedy and demanding world. 

Just imagine life in a very poor third world country; where survival depends on the entire family helping each other. Their lives are basic but also stressful due to lack. Medical care is a luxury in these unfortunate countries. We seem to take our right to a doctor or medical care for granted. That may not always be the case; as we emerge into this new society, patience and gratitude is the tool to understanding the way forward. 

I believe the time is now to be grateful and help each other. Many people will be unemployed through no fault of their own. Many will not recover from the financial loss: how do we help these people?

Many will default on home loans; but will perhaps not get the help they need to save their home from being taken from them. How on earth do we help these unfortunate people? 

I don't think there is an easy answer to all of this, but how we treat each other and being supportive does something to ease the stress. We will come through this; but life will be forever changed for many of us.

Learn to be grateful for what you have in this life, because it can be taken in an instant, nothing is guaranteed, except how we respond. Learn the lessons and be grateful for what you have not what you want.

06 October, 2021

Ancient Indonesian woman reshapes view on spread of early humans


Sure beats; have cat will travel. Humans just don’t stay still; they are intelligent innovative  explorers whether,  thousands of years ago or present time. So it is not at all surprising; curiosity and looking for food and a safe environments to continue the survival of their race. Oh, and to be slaves to cats ðŸĪĢðŸĪĢ

05 October, 2021

Blood thinners significantly reduce Covid-related mortality, hospitalisation: Lancet


Actually there are several drugs that are used in a cocktail combination to cure this monstrous creation. Many doctors outside of the US are successfully treating covid; and the death rate is considerably lower than the US death rate. You can find out more information by looking at foreign medical websites. Those two well known and demonized drugs (Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquin ) that are taboo, were very successful in curing this virus in conjunction with other drugs; and were  endorsed in the US and worldwide for relieving medical issues successfully in multiple conditions prior to covid.

  Two Australian researchers were awarded the Nobel prize for there research into Ivermectin; and for it  being the most outstanding drug in decades. Now because of politics and money they are demonizing both drugs go figure, and the dumb public believe what they are spoon fed and are trained to laugh at anyone that calls out the BS. So why is it that the US is not winning the battle here when even third world countries have a lower death rate? 

But hey never let the truth get in the way of making billions of dollars out of human suffering. Money and total control is what all of this has been about and by the time the masses work this out most will have died of old age. When ever something is locked up for 50 or 100 years; common sense tells you that you have been lied to. But hey that’s the reality of living in the third dimension; lies are the order of the day when in a low vibration such as ours. 

I am in the middle of reading Robert Kennedy jr’s latest book which blows the lid off of the whole thing. He is being demonized by certain factions in the US for exposing the truth, I am not taking about the antivax issue here that is a separate issue. What I have read so far in his book has shocked me to the core. 

Just wait and see what will happen in the years to come. Oh and why is there a 75year gagging order on the covid vaccines? Yeah that is the 64 million dollar question. The as yet unknown damage to millions of innocent people. This is the biggest science experiment in human history and it ain’t pretty.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...