13 October, 2021

How to politely make a booking

 Just a friendly  heads up in regards to making a booking via text message or phone.

It is polite to give your " given name" or "first name" when texting or phoning someone.  It is impolite to send a text message to someone without adding your given name. Not to mention confusing for the recipient who may be responding to several texts and phone enquiries at the one time for booking appointments etc. 

Telephone etiquette when communicating with strangers or professional services is important. It can be  embarrassing if you are not clearly identifying yourself.

I tend to identify myself straight away when phoning or texting someone; and sign off with my first name or both my given name and surname (family name).

I get several texts a week and often there is no name. The lack if identification is not helpful in such a circumstance. So please provide your "given name"  when contacting me. 

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