29 September, 2021

Australian Antarctic Division prepares to drill million-year-old ice core to understand ice age shift


Very exciting slice of history, but everything in the universe goes in cycles and cycles within cycles. It is not just happening on earth but universally and always will, it’s all creation. 

DNA Has Finally Revealed The Mysterious Origins of The Ancient Etruscans


A very interesting article, people have always traveled the planet looking for shelter, food and prosperity.

It’s just what humans do, we are curious creatures. I guess these people would also need a temperate climate to survive and well as good food sources to ensure the survival of there race, just like modern man.

There's a Horrible Bias That Makes Us Underestimate The Pain of Poorer People


Quite a disturbing read, it’s all about the money and nothing else. When you lose your true spirituality and humanity only pain and suffering exists. This is not the way humanity should live, this is our fall from grace. 

Cats being cats


I have had some of these happen and having four cats at the time 🀣🀣🀣🐈🐈

27 September, 2021

How to give a hard stare

 I’m an expert in this skill 🀣🀣 it’s also known as the “ someone shat in my handbag look”,  and the perp had better leave town ASAP. We have Paddington’s aunt Lucy to thank for this skill 🀣🀣🀣 

Need a LOL night


Oh yeah try writing Scottish words, ya ain’t seen nothing until you write a Scottish word. 
That’s when I loose my shit. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

Australian bird of the year2021


Boy that’s a tough choice to make, they are all beautiful. I am a big fan of the Crimson Rosella, the Superb Fairy Wren, Willie Wagtails, Lorikeets and small birds like finches of all sorts. Cockatoos tend to destroy my trees, but I love them too and the lovely song of the Magpie is a joy to hear. So tough decisions. 

26 September, 2021

Please note: I have not started on 2022 predictions yet

 Just a heads up. The two psychic predictions that I have just posted are from  October 2019. I had missed them when moving posts to this new blog back in March 2021. Please read these posts and scroll down to the bottom of each post to see the hits. I am surprised myself as I looked back at them, to be honest and I don’t always remember what I have predicted from the previous year. I post the hits as they come up and at the end of the year I am focused on the next year. 

Update: I bam currently working on the world predictions as of 15 October. What a year it’s going to be.

It will be another volatile year but this is a game changer. Not in a good way either and what happens in 2022 will set things in motion that cannot be halted. 

Psychic predictions for Australia in 2020


Gee, I had even missed transferring the Australian predictions for 2020 on to this new blog. Given the huge amount of things I transferred it’s understandable. 

This was done around the start of the bushfires in 2019, the year from hell for Australia that kept on rolling into present day. 

Here I am with the predictions for Australia for 2020. There doesn't seem to be much really going on
next year. We still have the Brexit issue that affects us very much.

There year starts with a bit of turmoil over Brexit and I feel the government has to act quickly. I also feel there is an immigration or refugee issue happening at the same time. That has the potential to be used as a political football by the lefties.

Detention centres are still in the spotlight, cue the leftie brigade to wind up the masses that have no real idea of the facts, but never mind πŸ˜‹

I see the government looking overseas for guidance and support on important matters such as homeland security, guarding the borders, trade agreements and signing agreements with five eyes nations.

I do feel the government will be caught up in some sort of deception involving immigration and this must be handled very carefully especially with the media.

I do feel one of the deals the government sign up for turns out to be an embarrassment,  the government has been sold a pup, oh my!

I hear the words "Changing of the guard" I am not sure what that is actually about but it is important politically world wide. It could mean the soft approach with criminals may be about to end and with it, those in power that enable this to be removed. I won't hold my breath over that though until I see it.

I also feel a sudden burst of energy linked to changes at Buckingham palace which has a flow on to commonwealth nations. I do not feel this is the Queen passing though, I feel she has a few more years left to rule.

Australia seems to have an image problem and the government is keen to change that. I see firm control is taken with the situation. Australia has changed and it is no longer the land of the BBQ and throw another prawn on the barbie of the 1980's. It is much more politicised and people are watching what they say and think. What is Australia morphing into? Watch and see, we are the creators of what we think.

The rug is being pulled from under our feet in 2020 so watch out, we will suddenly taken by surprise over something, hardship is afoot also. The government will need to act swiftly on economic problems.

Political upheavals are back in the news for Australian politics, yawn. It looks like the government backing down and having to cut deals with minor parties like the greens etc. Foolish move and shows lack of strength and foresight.

China is still a thorn in the side of the government, watch the NLP bow down yet again, Labor would do the same so don't be fooled.

The immigration issue hots up again due to Syria, refugees and ISIS.The hot potato being ISIS brides, watch the left go to town on this one.

A new direction for the NLP leadership yet again, they seem to be rethinking where they are going and what the probable outcome will be. They do not really have a choice because they are stuck and must pull together or there will be a split and possible crossing the floor on some important issues.

Changes afoot in business and it feels linked to Brexit again. I feel the five eyes nations will have deals ready to be signed into action as soon as they get the word Brexit is a goer. This is new partnerships and agreements . To be honest this Brexit is very difficult to predict.

My heart tells me it won't happen but I am not sure. I have no fixed opinion one way or the other really. But I can tell you there is evil afoot to make Brexit fail. The loss of Billions of Euros is the thing the elite can't bear to lose.

Anyway back to the predictions, I see a long highway with dirt on either side of the road, there is no sign of trees or grass. Just bone dry dirt. This could symbolise Australia has a very long and  tedious journey ahead to prosperity or it could mean opening up the highways, for new infrastructure and developing regional areas. That itself is a long journey and takes years to build.

I see new trade agreements, Scot Morrison has his eyes on bringing more business into Australia, especially from the US and the UK. Australia needs these business links to help our economy grow.
Times are changing fast and we need to be ready for change.

I see lush green grass as I look at the top row of cards I feel this is more assistance for our farmers at long last. People have been demanding this for years and now it looks like the government are doing something. Too little too late for many good farming families.

Water will be in the spotlight again this year in many ways. Expect the cost to rise and restrictions.
There will be focus on how to use water wisely and irrigation issues in the news.

Travel is in the news for Aussie tourists going overseas. I see political unrest and riots in an Asian country, not Hong Kong. This feels more like Indonesia or the Philippines. Stay right away from any political riots or you will be trapped there and possibly locked up.

Keep checking with DEFAT for hot spots to avoid. Make sure like I predicted last year that your visas and passports are up to date and DO get travel insurance and check where it covers and for what.

I do feel many will opt for a traditional holiday back home in OZ which helps our economy. That is a good thing to do, we must help our local small businesses.

I see school choices in the following year. Which school is a) The safest for your children, b) Which school provides a better education for my children? c) private v's public or d) Home schooling.

Factor in school bullying, what are they doing to protect your children.

More choice in shopping and the way we shop. On line or traditional  shopping. also more bang for the buck and this is having an effect on retail, especially clothing, electrical, household items, but oddly enough I don't see it affecting the price of furniture.

Children voicing their worries over the climate, and how it is having an affect on their mental health is a major issue. This affects mostly younger children under 13, and parents  are voicing their anger over this.

Stop bringing political issues into schools and to children's attention they are way too young and impressionable. They are being used by evil people for a political agenda and it must stop now! Let children be children.

The buck stops with parents on this by telling the education department to butt out of their children's lives. Our children cannot vote, they are not mature enough to work out lies from truth or political agendas. A school is not the place for this political indoctrination  nonsense and schools must never be politicised that is communist mentality and must not be tolerated.

I see a ferry on a harbour,  it looks like Sydney, however this feels like the ferry being caught up in a storm. I see this in cooler or winter weather.

The climate change activists are at it again and they are being more brazen. I see the police being called in to break up the unrest. People have had a gut full of  protesters getting out of hand and causing mass disruption to the public. This I feel will spark new laws regarding protests. Reminds me of the old tactic problem, reaction, solution. That feels exactly what this is all about.

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) are looking into suspicious bank accounts in 2020. Not regular Joe Public's bank accounts though. This is targeting money laundering criminal ill gotten gains and big business. Well there is a surprise, lol.

Sadly a spate of road accidents involving young children crossing roads comes up. Please teach your children road safety and perhaps a supervised training session with mum or dad, so you know they get the hang of it.

More safety campaigns are needed to target kids using a phone while crossing the road or other distractions. Wait until the bus drives off before you cross the road because the bus blocks the view of oncoming traffic.

Hospitals are back in the news again due to overcrowding again in city hospitals. This may lead to
patients that are able to be moved, being sent to regional hospitals to free up beds in the public city hospitals.  However this could spark upset with people that have no way of getting to visit their loved ones especially the elderly.

The government will need to work hard to come up with a better plan. Overflow happens  from time to time but it is usually filtering through near by hospitals.
As our population is going to expand enormously in the next few years we need better infrastructure and more hospitals which means more staff to cope with the changes.

Sydney is a dogs breakfast when it comes to infrastructure and as most people there are already aware, any disaster that occurred would become a nightmare to cope with. It is an out of date and highly problematic city which lacks foresight for civil disasters.

Copyright Alex Fulford 2019 

List of other psychic predictions http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/2020/09/list-of-alexs-predictions.html

Update: Australia in new partnership deal but it includes China. Guess who will bow down to China 🀣 https://www.news.com.au/finance/economy/world-economy/india-will-not-join-worlds-biggest-trade-deal/news-story/869546bc94f7b86d1a64e1a792635636#.g5sgd


 You ain't seen nothing yet. These guys will not stop, they feel no one can touch them and they will push and push until someone snaps. That will come. You have to ask yourself why the Western nations don't take any action.  Could it be that the plan is China is supposed to take over the world?

Who knows but it sure looks like the west are indifferent as long as the money keeps rolling in. This is very suss to me. It is not normal for a communist nation to be so powerful that it controls the west. No such thing as an accident,  it is allowed to happen, an agreement  on both sides for this to happen. it is all about money and the loss of our sovereignty and human rights.

  And the thorn in our side just keeps on digging in, like a parasite.

Notice the name Taipei, commy for Taiwan, guess who is bowing down like gutless wimps! It makes me sick to see this. I avoid reading news articles if I know the authors are pro China and also use the ccp  approved name for Taiwan.

This morning I have noticed other Australian news sites using that name and I find it highly offensive and treacherous. Even autocorrect puts China up next to Taiwan, clearly those that control the internet are pro China. What does that tell you? To me it tells me of a partnership to give more power to the ccp and western factions are politically aligned with them. These agencies are anti freedom of speech and anti-democracy. Money talks and bullshit walks!

UPDATE : September 8, 2020.  Australia trilateral trade agreement. Well what I see is more slave labourers and no jobs for Australians. Bring manufacturing back on shore or we are still getting shit quality manufacturing.


UPDATE: Australia has an image problem


Keating and Hawke are hardly men of quality and virtue. She is nothing more that a spin doctor. But yes we need to get rid of the communist PC crap. This is no more than a smoke screen in the game of divide and conquer though so do not be fooled.

UPDATE: Child death connected to cars, it is so heart breaking. I guess I should have factored in deaths involving hot cars. This still is relevant with children dying in car accidents. 😭

Please be very careful with children, anything can happen in a split second, so stay vigilant.


Playing the pokies in the pub while baby is in a hot car. This is an epidemic of selfish and stupid people.  As the school term starts expect more incidents such ad children hit by cars etc. This doesn’t have to happen it’s carelessness.

 I am sad to say this has come to pass, it is not pleasant.

 Yet another child injured :(  The council had rejected requests for a proper crossing.
I hope heads roll in the council for this. Wishing all victims a speedy and full recovery.


https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/boy-13-hit-by-car-in-sydneys-northwest/news-story/1faac30137ea63b84320b566ebcc3f68  Poor boy I hope he recovers well. Please teach kids to be more vigilant on the roads. Drivers may find it hard to see you or stop in time. Drivers have a duty of care also to drive with caution.

https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/two-young-children-hit-by-a-car-in-sydneys-east/news-story/73aa256269567cf94f72ae2cc5754091  Two little babies injured, when will this all stop?



UPDATE: September 2020, 14 month old baby death, how on earth does this happen? 

UPDATE: Yet an other child death that was preventable 😑 November. I am glad this death results in charges being laid. I have no time for unfit human beings.

UPDATE: HARRIS SCARFE IN ADMINISTRATION; Not good for Australia in retail. It is going further down the toilet. We have too much over supply and inferior products that do not last. Everything is made off shore and these poor workers paid buttons for slave labour.
Greedy business people pushing for that extra buck at the cost of human lives and  selling inferior goods so that we have to buy more often. People are sick of this crap.

Watch the rich man tumble, though some it will be a mere paper shuffle and re-emerge under a new name. I did say in a posted prediction last year Australia will take decades to recover, but this has not even started yet. It will become a nightmare for many. (this Harris Scarfe article was kindly sent to me by a client just a few minutes ago)


Jeans west bites the dust. Have a look at the list of shops or companies mon the list omg.

David Jones to close three stores. An iconic Australian department store.

https://www.fairfieldchampion.com.au/story/6596327/jeanswest-at-wetherill-park-to-close-as-company-collapses-into-administration/ Jeans West Closeures

https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/colette-by-colette-hayman-collapses-140-stores-at-risk-20200204-p53xje.html  So sad to see Colette closing stores. It is heartbreaking to see businesses fold.
Heaven only knows how many more are to close.

  Wow, I did not expect Target stores to close and so many. 

Iconic store David Jones for the chop  3/7/2020

UPDATE: ATO coming after rich people with yachts, race horses etc.



Live a dishonest life expect to get caught.


Well there you go. Water on the agenda. Do read the comments. If our government was not selling our water off and committing disgusting acts against us we would not have a bloody drought. Stop the Geoengineering, fracking etc and selling off our water and resources.


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7780983/Foreign-company-sells-89-billion-litres-Australian-water-rights-490m-drought.html. Australians should be bloody angry with this.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIcADmLWEKQ  7 NEWS  China trucking water from the Southern Downs . Read the comments!

https://www.news.com.au/national/nsw-act/news/huge-water-tower-reservoir-explodes-spilling-thousands-of-litres-into-town/news-story/27bf58d4a97743123359719167e601da  Very sad as if they don't have enough suffering with the bush fires.

Level two water restrictions for NSW.


Maintain the rage and don’t give in. It is our water our land!

September 6, 2020.Water buy back 


https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7910345/Chinese-company-96-million-litres-drought-towns-makes-backflip.html  This is our bloody water. How dare they!  But the buck stops with our traitorous government, state and federal. Maintain the rage Australia!!

 24 June  water still in the news

UPDATE Infrastructure
Now go up to the predictions and read where I said I saw dry land without any grass or trees. Bushfires anyone? Land cleared ready for the rail link.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2020-10-07/roads-infrastructure-get-regional-federal-budget-boost/12732208 October 8, Infrastructure 

UPDATE: Travel. Health issues


UPDATE: Infrastructure and the recovery of our economy, as I said will take many years.  I had no idea the bushfires were going to happen. I find it strange that spirit sometimes tells me nothing of such things. But I could feel as well as see our country was in a very bad financial situation that will take decades to recover from.  I also have warned many people as far back as 2006 that Australia will go through very hard times for  a very long time. If you look through old posts you will also see me commenting on this.

It is heart breaking to see such destruction and loss of life, let me also say the truth will come out. Something needs to be done about the media spreading lies and the individuals held accountable.

UPDATE: Economy could be affected due to the bushfires and the Corona virus etc, Steps need to be taken to prevent this.


UPDATE: Australian business, apprentices, infrastructure March 2022. Somethings take a while to emerge and expand.
https://economicplan.gov.au/businesses.html. Australian Government economic plan 

UPDATE: Children killed in car accidents , This is horrific and should be dealt with severely.

Heavens, I just can’t believe the heartache and suffering with these deaths or injuries to children at present. We are only in February and so much has happened involving children 😒


https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1240563/commonwealth-news-baroness-scotland-australia-new-zealand-boris-johnson-queen-elizabeth-ii  This woman is not suitable for the role.



UPDATE Syria, Isis children,
Expect more in the next few weeks.  These women made a choice, it is still sad for the children though. The public nor the government are responsible for this.


UPDATE: Refugees, asylum seekers;  April 2 2020

https://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/supreme-court-blocks-sydney-refugee-rally/news-story/1b1eaa04be5f2018308dbea3dfaed889     June 13, 2020

  21 June rally for asylum seekers. Hey never mind the COVID-19 , let’s demonstrate what could possibly go wrong? Yeah just like the morons in Victoria, way to go....NOT! Notice the article mentions people camped out in the streets! How the hell do they get away with that BS? Explain that one Palachook.
UPDATE: September 8, 2020. Syria, these females are still terrorists. Stop making excuses for them.

UPDATE: Holidays at home in Australia, there ain't nothing better than that πŸ’“πŸ˜†πŸ˜Š



This helps our economy and we need the money spent at home. Things will turn ugly on the financial front this year. Don't throw your money around be smart and keep it afordable, because hard times are coming.

Hamish on Australians holidaying at home in Australia 

UPDATE  Hospitals in crisis. March 22, 2020 Expect this to be a full on crisis


UPDATE: Economy

I would say a Depression not a recession is the outcome. Just watch this space for further updates.


This does apply to Australia

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-09-04/what-is-the-difference-between-a-recession-and-depression/12625680. September 2020,  What’s the difference between a recession and a depression 

UPDATE: Sydney Harbour

UPDATE: Civil unrest in Asian country

Thailand unrest

October 15, 2020

UPDATE:   September 8, 2020,  Laws to prevent criminal activity, terrorism etc. Did I not say new strict laws were coming? project Servator. May be if people weren’t such scum bags we wouldn’t need this.

UPDATE: Law and order ,

Let’s hope the snowflakes in the legal system harden up, people are sick of the magistrates handing out weak or no sentences to dangerous criminals.  However it does serve the problem, reaction, solution game. Make people beg for harsh draconian laws.
UPDATE: Children protesting again. Hey if you are so worried why don’t you stop using electricity and your phones? Yeah didn’t think so, what about you using air conditioning and fans in summer and heaters in winter. 
Buck stops with parents, lol, like they have the intellect to educate and train their kids these days 🀣🀣Stop wasting oxygen the lot of you.

UPDATE: Government backs down on TikTok, there you go 🀣🀣  weakness in government is never a good thing. Is it any wonder Australia is seen as weak 😑 Respect is not negotiable as far as I am concerned. Stand by a decision like a man ScoMo!

UPDATE: protests , extinction rebellion idiot.

Stupid is as stupid does, nothing a dose of reality with a smack round the head and a stint in prison won’t fix. Oh and a permanent criminal record would be nice. 

Is she is upset about using energy? Then  hypocrite, go back to living in a Stone Age lifestyle. No matches to light a fire, no electricity or gas in your home, no clear drinking water, no place to wash yourself or your clothes other that a river, no hygiene products, no modern clothes, (yes it takes electricity to manufacture clothing, footwear, medicine, modern housing, processing of food energy making bread)  Oh and no money, why because that takes technology to create 🀣🀣 No bank for you! 🀣🀣

You can’t have it both ways, this is entailment at its best. Everything she uses and wears is part of the world she hates, even the water she uses. This is what an out of control ego manifested looks like. Never happy about anything only wanting attention at any cost. Everything on this creature’s terms so she can be in control. This is what it is about, control. But remember it is communist control, and she is that stupid she has no say with anything in a communist world. 

Bet your ass she and fellow nutters will refuse to live an a communist country, because they are liars and cowards that are egotistical and are never satisfied no matter what. 

UPDATE: December 2020.  Overcrowded hospitals.  This is common in Canberra our health system is disgusting especially mental health.   To be surprised I expected this sooner, but the media know how to play the game and hide things when it suits them. Our local government is the worst in the country but hey , labor voters and all that. You get what you bloody deserve if you vote labor.

Psychic predictions for the world in 2020


This is the link to 2020  predictions from my old blog. Silly me; I thought they were on this new blog. 

One prediction only just came up, Fuel shortages in the UK. Time is not a fixed thing and sometimes a psychic or clairvoyant is seeing further ahead then they realise. It happens to me on the odd occasion. Better late than never as they say, lol. 

I am currently working on the world predictions, doing a bit at a time. Due to health issues I feel exhausted and have chronic pain issues as I am working on my predictions. Hopefully it won't affect the quality of the predictions.

As I opened the cards I heard the word or name Goliath, what a profound experience. I feel this is an awakening of something big, something has been unleashed in the world. This could be the masses starting to take back their power, if so they must be very careful or it could backfire.

I feel many have put their trust in "talking heads"  or disinfo agents. This is very harmful as they could be given incorrect information or only part of the story.

This can have people turning on each other just like the Extinction Rebellion situation. Caution is the key here. By the way Gerta T will go to ground after this years experience. I feel she has been used by very evil people and she is now suffering because of this. I would advise her to keep away from the political stuff and heal herself.

Now looking at the UK, it is not exactly clear if Brexit will happen. I do not feel it will take place on 31 October. I feel it will be delayed yet again. Now I am writing this part on October 24th.

I can tell you many already have worked out, there is so much deception around Brexit, but also there are other hidden things with Brexit, it is not just about pulling out of the EU. It's a combination of sovereignty, money, power and some other hidden item.

It is the hidden reason that attracts me. I have no idea what it is, I just feel there is something else that is hidden from the public.

I feel there  is a situation in London, I am shown a Union Jack painted Taxi, which has stopped in the middle of an intersection. This could be due to protesters or a terror attack. It is possible that it is a symbol for Britain at a stand still or junction and is about to have a major change. Brexit could be that change.

I also feel a sudden burst of energy linked to changes at Buckingham palace which has a flow on to commonwealth nations. I do not feel this is the Queen passing though, I feel she has a few more years left to rule.

I do feel big changes are coming to Britain and other nations including Germany, Italy and the USA.
I do see new business agreements being signed into place.

25 October 2019 continuing the predictions.

I feel there will be shake ups in education in the UK and Europe, students will travel to get  better education in other countries. Hopefully not at the expense of the children of host nations. Education is a valuable commodity even in state schools, so out of area schools that offer better education will attract new students.

Health reform in Europe.

More civil unrest to be expected in Europe (Germany and France in particular), it is a current trend these days. But how long before the military are pulled in to this?

The more I look at the cards I do not feel Brexit will be allowed to happen, big money is involved here. So much money leaves the UK and goes into a black hole it does not benefit the people of the UK one bit.

As Boris Johnson tries to push through Brexit, powerful forces are at work to prevent this. The public are claiming this as a victory, but it s anything but. Things will become more difficult for the average person, price hikes with the cost of living.
Some want the immigrants to go home but this is not going to happen, they are there to stay.

I see the river Thames and British parliament some event is taking place in january or February. Something drastic is taking place and I see a line of black cars.

I hear the word Jubilant and there is some sort of news of great importance that it leads to a change/. This could involve the royal family.

Possible fuel shortages in the UK and Europe. Not accidental it is being deliberately withheld as a political stunt.

Canada will have a shake up of the justice system and will also strengthen ties with the US.

This morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was the American flag. My eyes weren't even open yet. This is a bad omen for the US sadly. The last time I saw the flag, I heard the words "the truth and the American way". That was the Bali bombing which now  most are aware had the US deep state behind that. This is not the American way at all, it is the way of evil that is deep rooted hidden within the ranks of government. I feel something bad is on it's way for the USA.

Next year feels like a year of more political mayhem in the US , but it is an election year too so god only knows what will happen. Trump is up against the wall right now and cannot trust anyone.

No he will not be impeached that is a smokescreen, those that are behind this are traitors to the US.

I can not say if Trump will serve another term in office at this stage.

This is all I am doing prediction wise this year due to my health. This does take its toll on me.

Blessings to everyone, before I go I just want to say 2020 marks the beginning of change around the world. I feel in a very serious way.


Copyright Alex Fulford 2019

Please also read my predictions for Australia as I do both every year.


UPDATE: Buckingham palace, 

UPDATE: Buckingham Palace, Energy surge or burst of energy , This is all the Pedo stuff happening. So it has started early.

This is the beginning of the end of the royals. Many people are aware of what the entire royal bloodlines are like world wide, this is not an  isolated case. This is why they have spin doctors and they are all shitting bricks because the truth is coming out about the whole damn lot, and the BBC heads up to their necks in this vile filth too. Do your research and you will uncover so much more.

The Sycophant masses just don't want to know or believe the truth of anything, and will only accept what mainstream news tells them.  

This information has been all over the internet for 10 to 15 years, it is not new information and there is more to come out. 

Prince Harry and his wife.. part of the energy burst in Buckingham palace. I am not going to keep posting all the media saga of this. I do not see the marriage lasting either. Which is very sad because a Harry is a nice guy that just wants a loving family of his own.

UPDATE: London terror attack, 

London  terror attack  February 3, 2020

How does this happen if he is under surveillance?

UPDATE: President Donald Trump december 2019

 Trump acquitted 

UPDATE: Riots in Paris with Fire fighters and Police over pensions.

UPDATE: The Goliath feeling and the thing that I couldn’t put my finger on after Brexit is the Covid 19  virus and it’s devastating effect on the world economy. It does not get any bigger than the economy collapsing. Just sit back and watch.

ITALY, fear of riots
 Italian prison riots due to Covid 19

France yet again!

I wont post all the BLM matter stuff here only this. It is a horrible situation and I find it so distressing so I am not going to do any other post on this. But this could tie in with the vision or warning that I had a vision of, which I mentioned in the post above. All I can say is OMG 😒😒😒

UPDATE: Disinformation agents/ Conspiracy theories, I said to be ware of these people, yes there can be a little truth in some things, however things are getting out of hand.

Have you heard the one saying the metal part that goes around the nose is a 5 G antenna? This is just absurd and some people actually believe it. It’s not just conspiracy theorists one needs to watch out for it is also mainstream media stirring up people with lies and communists are also doing their part too.

So be very careful and do not accept what you may hear as truth, we are talking malicious political factions at work.

Well it looks like the GOLIATH moment is the protests on COVID 19, BLM and human rights. People are being misled though within this due to being given incorrect information on Sovereignty and their rights. People need to do their own researching and not listen to talking heads as I pointed out. People need to know the law of their own country and state/territory. Too many think the US laws apply to them too such as the fifth amendment. That is American law only. The UN rules are not what people have thought they were too.  This causes so much frustration and confusion for everyone.

https://www.humanrights.vic.gov.au/resources/factsheet-your-rights-in-full-lockdown/  This is the Victorian government  link to your rights in lockdown.  So it only covers the state of Victoria, Australia.

Update, Business agreements 

UPDATE: GRETA THUNBERG,  she is irrelevant now, well she always was to anyone with a brain. The sad thing is she was ill used , for an evil agenda. Shame on her parents for doing this to her. I am disgusted by those that used her. 

UPDATE September 2021,  The fuel shortages was 12 months out of sync, this happens sometimes with predictions because time is not a fixed thing. You will notice that I do my predictions in the October of the  previous year so. I have absolutely no way of knowing what will come up in the cards.https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-09-25/uk-faces-fuel-shortages-and-lack-of-truck-drivers/100491042

24 September, 2021

Ancient footprints rewrite humanity s history in the Americas


Lol, I wonder what the shoe size they were. Actually there are many ancient historical things in the US that have been hidden for over a century because it conflicted with the conventional narrative.

Let’s not forget how the Vatican had forbidden people to sail past Ireland because there were things they didn’t want known. Up until the Spanish decided to investigate and it became a game changer. 

Australian National University study finds simple shark bite first aid tip that could save lives


Wow, this is great news for all beach goers. 

22 September, 2021

Exhausted kangaroo is pulled out of a freezing lake by two complete strangers in heartwarming rescue - before offering one man a handshake in return


A heartwarming story, but make no mistake kangaroos can be very dangerous. They look cute and cuddly but can kill you with their claws, one slash to your body and you are ripped open. So leave this to experts in wildlife rescue.

Never approach a kangaroo, keep well back, if it is injured call the animal rescue in your area. Don’t try to be a hero because you will get injured. Respect nature and learn the do’s and don’ts of Australian wildlife.

20 September, 2021

‘I felt this huge relief’: how antibody injections could free the immunosuppressed under Covid


Many of us take life for granted, life is a totally different ball game for people with serious immune system disorders. I hope this treatment will be very successful for these poor people. Living with any serious health issue takes its strain on the individual and their loved ones, speaking from experience of 30 odd years with my husband being ill. 

19 September, 2021

RIOTACT: Native birds are battling for dwindling tree hollows as spring sets in


Poor birds, it’s a tough world out there. Bushfires sure have made it very difficult for birds and animals. From my house I can see parts of the mountains that were so badly burned; that rock is seen instead of trees. Giving a look almost like snow covered mountains. The devastation has been unbelievable all down the east coast of Australia. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is a very small place, but usually has an abundance of greenery. Since the 2019/20 bushfires it has regenerated quite well, however trees take a long time to grow. Having said that some trees and shrubs need fire to generate growth and their seeds to germinate. 

18 September, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 273, Q and A Session 83


This is a good Q and A, but I highly recommend that people read through the Wes Penre papers to understand the whole background to this. This is not a quick tick and flick, you must put in the effort and understand what this is all about. This is also pointing the way to spiritual freedom and exiting the reincarnation cycle and artificial karma. This is not something that you Lear overnight, it is a way of life living from the heat and soul (spirit). I don’t even bother sharing this on my Facebook page because people are just not capable of comprehending deep spiritual information. I see this when I check my stats each day and checking Facebook posts. 

One comes to a spiritual awakening over many lifetimes where an individual is pulled in this direction. I myself have felt the pull and am very much dedicated to my salvation spiritually. It is a lonely and individual journey of the soul and spirit. Don’t worry if other people don’t get it, as long as you do.

Meet the Australians stuck waiting for mental healthcare as the pandemic takes its toll


Truly heartbreaking for all these people suffering. The health system was deliberately imploded over decades; to force it to be run like the US health care system, a business and this is no damn accident. This would not be happening if our federal and state governments actually cared about human lives rather than  letting business dictate people’s lives. Basically we are nothing but a commodity to the system and private health care. This is not the fault of doctors, they have no say in this. Nor would they be in agreement to this, they too are victims to this horrific situation.

Doctors and nurses are sadly succumbing to this disaster too. Covid is just the icing on the cake, it is sheer hell for both patients and the medical staff and so cruel. No one deserves to suffer like this. My heart goes out to people suffering and feeling unsupported.  We have a big shortage of doctors and nurses world wide and we need to have this sorted fast. I just wonder how many doctors and nurses are actually burned out because they have given so much until they broke down too, and also need psychiatric support. It’s a sad world in need of nurturing, love and compassion.

I just hope these people will heal and go on to live happy lives; and the current health crisis will become a distant memory for everyone. We must help our loved ones cope through these terrible times. Nature is a great healer and should be a part of the healing process. Without the grounding effect of nature; humans become disconnected in body, mind and spirit.  The body, mind and spirit are a vital intricate unit, so all aspects must be healed holistically.   


Rhonda and Ketut are back! TV's iconic couple appear in a new AAMI advertisement with their baby to encourage people to get vaccinated


They’re baaa-ack! We need a good laugh at the moment so keep an eye out for this advert; we must keep our spirits up. Xxx

17 September, 2021

Tarot card of the month, October 2021: The King of Pentacles


Enterprising, Adept, Reliable, Supporting, Steady

Boy this card is back again. Now it is a positive card in some respects; such as in financial situations. Going with the tried and true conventions in money matters. This card is clearly showing abundance, but the question is, who is abundant? Business of course and banking and all the high rollers.

October is a month to be conservative with your money. This month we will assess the damage so to speak in regards to how people have faired through more lockdowns. Most of us are suffering unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Now is definitely not the time for the average person to take risks with money either. Slow and steady wins the race, with a good dose of common-sense . We will see banking in the news with rules and regulations and perhaps a hint of interest rates rising. 

Again the CCP are pushing the envelope knowing that they can get away with it. The CCP has no intention of backing down, dialogue is actually futile with China because the CCP have their plans all laid out. The west seem like amateurs in the game and are not brave enough to move the goal post yet.

Business men ( manufacturing / construction ) are still raking in the money in October as the political situation worsens; because money and power is what it is all about in the big scheme of things. 

Electrical goods are in the news; this could be a problem due to import hold ups and shortages. It can’t be helped given the current circumstances world wide. So if you need a new iron or some other electrical appliances get them now rather than waiting. 

Again; please don’t get involved in protests or riots. Also please look into who is actually controlling these events. I don’t think they have the public’s best interest at heart, more like an ideology, Lockdown won’t stop until people toe the line either. 

My advice is secure your home life with things that you actually need; not what you want. Household shortages are starting, I don’t think this is serious but be sensible, do a little preparation for having food and cleaning products,  matches etc for a week or two. Just in case you happen to live in a LGA that is in lockdown.

Do your online Christmas shopping now, little bits here and there. So at least you have little bits for the kids. Don’t over spend on Christmas and if possible buy kids things that they can use indoors.

NSW will be a challenge right through to December I feel, sporadic breakouts of covid will keep going throughout summer by the looks of it. But bear in mind we are doing better than some countries, just don’t be selfish and go to places out of area. That is why we can’t stop the infections in NSW, it’s selfish individuals that won’t do as directed. 

Stay safe please and keep thinking happy thoughts 😻😻😻

16 September, 2021

Soon time to do my yearly predictions

 Wow, this month is going in fast, September always goes fast for me. Next week I will do Tarot card of the month for October, and then  I will do my 2022 Psychic predictions for the world and Australia in the middle of October.

I wonder what surprises will be in the cards for next year. Lets hope there will be good news as we have had a rough two years of non stop suffering.

So watch this space and in the mean time please look at my previous psychic predictions over the past few years. Scroll right down to the bottom of the blog  and look at the right hand side tags. 

                                                   Daffodils for hope

12 September, 2021

Alex’s YouTube video introduction


This is an old video now;  but  I do intend to make a few more videos; however getting the time is a challenge for me. I hope this video helps people understand a little of what I do. This video is also on my website www.alexfulfordmedium.com.au  I need to do some more videos about  experiences that  I have had over many years. 

Sadly I am unable to introduce my cats because they have all passed away now; but they are on my blog. I miss them all very much; and not a day goes by without me thinking of them, and the fun, love and joy each of them brought into my family. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...