29 February, 2024

RIP: Richard Lewis


So sad to see him suffer, like all those suffering silently with Parkinson's. His suffering is over but the pain has just begun for his family and fans. For a man that brought a lot of laughter into our lives, we thank him. Laughter is the best medicine no matter our ailment. The depth of humility is measured with the love given and the love received in return. May your star always shine brightly Richard and a guiding light for your family and loved ones. 


28 February, 2024

Happy 60th birthday to my dear husband


Well that’s 60 years old today, wow, where has that time gone? No longer young whipper snappers, more wisdom and more time to contemplate the future whatever that may be. Just as long as we celebrate together. Even though today has been a rough start to a new decade I pray that things will improve. 

Happy birthday David xxx πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸŽ‚πŸ€—πŸ€—❤️

Happy 60th Birthday to my dear husband, well it should be

Today is my dear husband’s 60th birthday, yet we can’t celebrate, he is currently in hospital again today. He has been unwell for a few days unable to keep any food or fluids down. Not that he is able to eat very much in recent times as it is. On top of that we learned two weeks ago he has even more health problems. He was diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm in his left ventricle in his heart and diabetes. 

As I have said before, I live in permanent fight or flight mode for many years because the moment I relax something bad happens. I  am taking about a few weeks or a couple of months between the bad  luck striking. This has been the story of our marriage of 35 years, how much more can we take of this heartache? 

Something always happens without fail that just destroys any little bit of happiness for us in the blink of an eye. Today my husband was also seeing a heart specialist when he collapsed in the doctors office at the hospital, and he didn’t have any heart problems until a few weeks ago, then suddenly we find out about this aortic aneurysm.We try not to stress about it because that can aggravate the situation for my husband. 

Try avoiding stress with multiple serious illnesses and then find out that you have this on top of the other problems is a bloody big tall order. It’s like the universe is trying to destroy him and any hope for happiness. 

I don’t make plans for the future like other people because I have learned a long time ago that everything comes crashing down and we are back to the same situation again and again. So I take one day at a time and I never make plans because there is no point. 

All I wanted today, was for my husband to have a nice quiet birthday celebration at home. On his 60th birthday but again that chance has been taken away from us. We are quiet living people and tend to keep to ourselves, but even still life keeps kicking us in the guts to breaking point time and time again.

I can be thankful that he will be home later this afternoon or evening after going through some rather horrible medical intervention, but that just ruins the entire day for us. 

Update; Friday 1 March , 2.30 am  this morning I had to call an ambulance for my husband, he was in severe pain and unable to breathe. Things took a turn for the worse, he will be staying in hospital for a little bit longer. The care he is receiving is outstanding too. I pray that things get sorted out once and for all. He can’t go on like this. I have been awake since 2.15 am and it’s now 7.49 am. There is no way that I can sleep now, so it’s just get on with my day and sleep later. 

26 February, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session # 2 February 2024


One really must read the entire Wes Penre Papers to understand these questions and answers. They may seem absurd but then doesn’t that make the bible absurd too and archeological evidence? 

24 February, 2024

I Love Parasols

I have always had a love affair with parasols and came across a website years ago called A Bit Shady. com.au https://www.abitshady.com.au/empress.php and I started collecting these beautiful parasols. 

I do use them and have just ordered the lace parasol in Ivory to match the fan. These are made in Queensland and of high quality. I can't wait to receive my new baby in the mail this week. It is identical to the little black lace one with the shorter  stem.  

Parasols are making a big comeback in recent times; as I often see ladies of various ages using them. They are good if you want to avoid hat hair in a hot day.  Now there are umbrellas with a silver UV coating on the inside to repel the hot sun too, which is a great idea as they have a double function. I have a little collapsable one that I bought and keep in the car just incase it rains or its really hot. That is just an emergency stand by though. 

The chinese parasol in the photos is waterproof. It is treated with a wax coating so it will always look great. I will probably buy another one of these too. Perhaps the pink or the red , they are both beautiful and it's hard to make up one's mind . I did buy the pink one for a friend a few years ago for her birthday and she loved it.  

I got plenty use out of my umbrellas this year with the constant rain too and I love fancy umbrellas too. My red one  which is similar to the Empress parasol and my Monet one’s especially, very girly-girl stuff, lol. That's a Libra for you 😁

This black and purple was a special one off that the company did. I have no idea how many they made. I hope they revive it because it is very nice. 

See the wooden spokes inside the parasol, amazing craftsmanship 

I hope you like these parasols, and maybe you may decide to use one too this summer. 

My new parasol arrived today, yippee. I can’t wait to try it out. 

23 February, 2024

‘It never stops': New drug approved to treat endometriosis after decade of pain


Gosh let’s hope the government gets this drug on the PBS asap. I just hope they find out the cause of this in my lifetime, because there are so many other medical breakthroughs and the pain that these poor women suffer from is horrible. Not just that, all the visits to doctors and to be believed takes its toll on these women. 

21 February, 2024

Wes Penre: Isis book Q and A # 4 February 2024


In regards to question 2, in astrology the 6th house is ruled by the sign of Virgo and the planet Mercury. The 7th House is ruled by Libra and the planet Venus. 

Virgo: element is earth and a mutable and cadent. It is a passive sign,  as it is feminine energy 

the key phrase is,  I analyze  the key word is practicality

Anatomy: intestines, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, lower plexus, upper bowel. 

Positive traits are, industrious, studious, scientific, methodical, discriminating, fact finding, exacting, clean, humane, and seeks perfection.  Virgos are also known for longevity. 

Negative traits are:  nit picking, critical, petty, melancholy, self centred, fears disease, and poverty, picky, pedantic, skeptical, sloppy, hypochondria.  

 Mercury has a cycle of 88 days, It represents the intelectual urge, the avenue of expression and the key word is reasoning ability. It rules communication, intellect, awareness, dexterity, rationalization, transmission, words, opinion and sensory perceptions. It's actions are quick, uncertain, volatile. It deals with travel especially short trips (the 9th House covers long trips). Brothers and sisters, children, clerking, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, secretaries, neighbourhood activities, letters and mailings, email, means of transportation, trade, emotional capacity and technique.

 Where you find Mercury in your chart shows where and how you communicate best.

Anatomy: the nervous system, brain, sight, mouth, tongue, respiratory system, hands and arms, general ruler of all hormones.

The 7th House is ruled by the sign of Libra and the planet Venus. The 7th House is that of relationships, and partnerships of all kinds. marriage, partnerships, public relations, open enemies, other people. 

Venus has a cycle of  225 days 

Venus represents the social urge, sense of value the key word is affection

As the planet of love, it rules art, culture, aesthetics, possessions, partners, beauty, charm, good taste, sentimentality, sweets, sugar, colour, harmony, poetry, paintings, jewelry, singing, drama, and music. Venus also covers emotional contracts, tenderness, moral character, marriage and unions of all kinds. Socializing,  luxury, disposition, appreciation and pleasure.

Anatomy: throat, chin (you will often see dimples on the chin of Librans or people with a strong Libran influence in their natal chart) cheeks, sense of taste, kidneys, ovaries, internal reproductive organs, venous blood circulation, sensory organs of skin.

Libra: the element is Air, a cardinal sign it is an active sign there for masculine energy

Key phrase is I balance  keyword, harmony

Anatomy: kidneys, lower back, adrenal glands, appendix

 Positive traits: cooperation,persuasive, companionable, peace loving, refined, judicial,artistic, diplomatic, suave, sociable. Librans are also known to be talkative. 

Negative traits: fickle, apathetic, loves intrigue, peace at any price, pouting, indecisive, easily deterred

This information came from the book that I am studying from, and it is a wealth of knowledge in the basics of the science. No horoscope can predict death, that is only to be determined after the fact.  



Honey Roasted Ham anyone?


18 February, 2024

Sausages will never be the same to me now

 Lol, , credit to the person that uploaded this to YouTube. Such a funny advert. 🀣🀣🀣

Tarot Card Of The Month: March 2024, The Moon


                        Sign; Cancer    Planet The Moon  Element: Water
Meaning: Illusion, Deception, Wrong Impressions, Avoidance, Fear, Imagination, Bewilderment

This card is ruled by Cancer and the ruling planet the Moon which are the domain of the 4th House of the zodiac. 

The month of March itself is ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune up to the 20th March, which then changes over to Aries ruled  by Mars which is on  the ascendant and the 1st house of the zodiac.

The sign of Cancer and the Moon signify the nurturing urge and domestic life. The nice warm and fuzzy stuff. The Moon represents the feminine principles as in mother, daughter and women in general.

As we know the Moon controls the tidal phases, but also receptivity, reflex actions, fluctuation and change. 

March also has a few things to note. The first thing I want to point out is the Solar Eclipse on 8th March  at 18.18':29" (taken from my Ephemeris) and a new Moon. The Vernal Equinox that starts on the 20th of March heralding the end of summer and the commencement of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the reverse in the Northern Hemisphere. We have a New Moon on 10th March at 9.02 am, sitting at 20 degrees Pisces 17' 

Then the Full Moon on 25 March at 7.01am which is also a Total Lunar Eclipse. (Worm Moon) 

The Worm Full Moon is seasonal, as the earth warms up and new life begins and plants spring back into life from their winter dormancy.   https://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-march

I must admit that I love the Moon, it is romantic and a big beautiful Pearl to me. I love Pearls and always wear them as a ring, earrings or a necklace πŸ’–

The Moon is where we find emotional ups and downs, illusion Vs reality, as in Lunar syndrome  with its effect on humanity's psyche.  The Full Moon will be in Libra on the 25th March and on the Ascendant. Which is the line between Pisces and Aries on the zodiac wheel at zero degrees. I must also mention the dreaded Ides of March falls on Friday 15th March. Cancel the day for lack of interest, lol. I noticed not everyone agrees on this date, I have seen it covers the 15th to the 17th on the internet this depends on ancient calendars though. I will stick to the 15th because that is the hot favourite aligned to that fateful day. 

So we see the flavour of the month of March as each planet transits through the  month affecting us in many different ways. Which I find very interesting as well as important in observing the human experience in all its forms. March will be a month of emotions and great sensitivity for all of us.

We must remember that the month of March starts off with Pisces energy up to the 20th March, ruled by the planet Neptune (water/deception/illusion) affecting humanity. These are highly emotional and exceptional times which we are experiencing. Deception, as I have already pointed out in my psychic predictions for 2024 is the theme of this year. Which is pretty obvious to many people already, and ordinary people do not know where they really stand. All they know is that everyone is on edge, suffering in many ways and reactive.  Whether they are presented with the truth or deception and lies, understandably makes people very confused and emotional.

We must step back emotionally speaking to gain some perspective. Because many are baying for blood and this is highly dangerous. People have been deliberately lead by the nose to react certain ways by evil individuals in powerful positions which are often hidden from view, to serve an agenda that is not conducive to peace and harmony for anyone. 

This is deliberately calculated for a reaction. Looking back at the Astrological implications of Pisces, this sign rules the 12th house of the zodiac. This is a house is the last of three  houses of endings (death of something) this house is about imposing limitations, frustrations, illusions, delusions , spirituality, ideals, maritime matters, mystique, glamour, entertainment (movies, stage, music).

It covers the things in life that we take for granted without questioning. That is something to ponder on. Fog, Alcohol, drugs and addiction, trances and hypnosis are all ruled by Neptune. Abnormalities are part of this theme too. The energy and actions of Neptune are subtle, gradual and insidious, and where you find Neptune in a zodiac chart it is where you deceive yourself and others. It also signifies the "ideals", think dictators and fanaticism. Neptune has a cycle of 165 years cycle. 

For March 2024 the planets to remember are The Moon, Neptune, Mars, and that other bad boy Pluto.

Pluto is going to be around for the rest of our lives, in various ways, in fact for the next 248 years. That nasty break down, rebuild and transformation, affecting all aspects of humanity and the planet. 

As Pisces rules part March (1st to 20th) before handing over to Aries from 21st March, the key word to remember with Pisces is Understanding and the key phrase is "I Believe", I personally would include the word naivety here as there is a strong feeling of naivety involved.

Pisces is a water sign and a mutable sign, so it is flexible and goes along with everyone to be friendly.  Pisces is intuitive, sensitive, emotional, compassionate and sacrificing. So one must be very careful about trust and truth versus lies, deception and  devious willful acts of others, especially when it comes to world events and finances. 

Pisces can be timid, melancholy, procrastinating, impractical and sometimes lazy. Procrastinating helps no one. Not in our current times as that would be a big mistake and costly. He who hesitates is lost!

Aries on the other hand is a Cardinal sign meaning, power, dynamic action and a born leader. Aries is confident, its key phrase is I am, and the key word activity, because it is the first house of the zodiac. It is a house of life and beginnings therefore it must be able to demonstrate action and leadership to show the way forward.

Its meaning are courageous, pioneering, originality, eagar, independant, executive, quick and impulsive.

 Negatively Aries, can be domineering, quick tempered, violent (Mars energy), intolerant, hasty and arrogant. Though it often lacks the follow through.   

What we are seeing here is strong emotional and deceptive energy in March. Please keep your guard up, accept nothing at face value. Do not be quick to jump into any agreements or contracts, do not pick sides in any form of conflict, whether it is current world affairs or among friends, family and colleagues. Find out the full facts on both sides, avoid jumping to conclusions or live to regret is.   

Warning, take care with transactions of money and finance scams, and funding availability. Do not part with your cash under any circumstances. Hold off until you check the background details. There are sharks out there ready to fleece you so think first. You snooze you lose!

Deception as I repeatedly warn starting with my psychic predictions for 2024 is the theme for 2024. So don't be a goose. As the old saying goes, you don't have to have a long neck to be a goose.

That Neptune energy combined with the Moon is powerful. Health wise Neptune affects the spinal column, nerve fibres, feet, the pineal gland; which affects one's psychic abilities, Telepathic functions, white corpuscles of the blood and kinaesthetic functions. 

Neptune represents the escapist urge or taking the easy way out. Which governs the South Node of the Moon ( the Imum Coeli or IC in the zodiac wheel  in the 4th House). It is Karmic in nature.

So the Moon card ties in with March as a warning to all of us. to smarten up fast. Ukraine/Russia and France are prominent in March as the big springtime push begins and things get uglier. Illegal activities around the water, the sea, military, terrorism, pirates and refugees are all in the frame in March. This of course was to be expected as it is an ongoing problem which isn't going away  any time soon, more like an escalation, as astrology and the Tarot indicate. 

Coastlines need to be beefed up with much better security, mind you, it’s a bit late in the day now isn't it!

This covers Asia, Europe, the Middle East, UK, Australia. Keep an eye on  Antarctica as well as the Atlantic ocean. North and South, or Air, Land and Sea strife and deception just for  change. 😐

Looking back at the tarot card, The two pillars or towers  in the care remind me of military Pillboxes, (young people may not be familiar with these). These were made of concrete and had slits to look through and fire a gun at the approaching enemy  from. First used in WW1.


Notice though the towers as looking straight forward to the water or coastline. To fend of an attack from the sea, the Crayfish, a creature that lives at the bottom of the sea. (notice the element of water theme again). One must ask what is that threat from the sea (subconscious)? Is it real, is it illusionary? Who is the target of the assault? The west is. There is an agenda to destabilise the western democracy and some of that threat comes from a trojan horse within the powerful western nations themselves, not only external forces. There is not a simple answer here, because there are multiple agendas at play and for multiple reasons. I can tell you that this situation is intensifying and many distractions are in place so that the general public are confused and unsure and unable to focus on the reality and gravity of the implications.

 Nor can they see the clear and present danger they face in their homelands. They haven't even thought about who is actually protecting their homeland if there are two or three fronts currently being fought. 

No real thought of who is this coming in the back door unseen. Well actually they are being seen but the illusion presented prevents most people from thinking rationally and objectively. Neptune/Moon deception guarantees that nothing is what it seems as the illusion is so powerful in influence and has an emotional effect on the masses. 

The fuse of this ticking time bomb was lit years ago in the west with a slow burning fuse. Nobody in the west is prepared for the inevitable repercussion and the UK government has foolishly been caught with their proverbial pants down, big time. Yes, Minister meets Fawlty Towers! 

The wolf and the domestic dog are howling at the Moon here. The dog is the one that warns us of danger, the wolf is the danger. The dog represents faithfulness which also warns man of danger although, a problem is often said to dog a person, such as depression and anxiety. The dog is also man's best friend for a reason. The wolf shows us deviousness and cunning, with a ravenous appetite.

So this tells me there are powerful people in this world, whom no matter what they have are never satisfied. They are greedy, cunning and wicked,  and prey on ordinary humans because life means absolutely nothing to them. Nothing will keep this type of person in check.  These people use deception just like we breathe oxygen. 

There is a lot of blue in the Moon card as I study the images. That blue implies intelligence, a cool and calculating  mind and actions. Nothing is an accident, this is careful planning.  We are dealing with authority and deceptions played out on our minds (hearts and minds operation) Except it is all based on lies and outright deception. The past keeps repeating and nobody is paying attention again. Those that are aware have to remain silent of be punished. Looking at the Moon overshadowing the Sun in the card we are being shown in the plain light of day what is happening. 

This is some western powers here and the Moon is suppressing the light of truth, this is not motherly protective love here, far from it. The Sun is a life giver and nothing survives without the golden rays of our sun. We become derepressed and even ill without natural sunlight. Life is unsustainable without that life giving force.  The Moon is generally a positive quality of astrology and the tarot. It is loving feminine energy and a nurturing protective force of good, the warm and fuzzy stuff.  The Sun is also male energy which is active and aggressive energy. 

What we are witnessing though is madness and the destructive negative energy expressed. It is against peace, harmony and stability. This is the descent into the madness and instability of the underworld playing out. So we have a very long road ahead of us, which is depressing to most people. They are suffering financially, emotionally, psychologically and the threat of perhaps being homeless,  as the terrible threat of war creeps closer into the west. 

Joy seems to have been suppressed as the shadow of the Moon looms over the Sun. Notice the Moon has its eyes closed. Avoiding reality under it's watchful gaze. Insanity seems to be everywhere, especially in politics as politicians drag us into pain and suffering driving us into a wider social divide. Everything old is new again like the poverty pre WW1.  The social divide is long and widening between the dog and the wolf. They are enemies for a valid reason, by which now is rather obvious.

Mental health issues are highlighted in March and with all this symbolism it is perfectly understood why. The water theme started back in January this year and is a continuation of a cycle with human consciousness which has been deeply affected because life is so far out of kilter. That people no longer trust one another and have been manipulated to be at each other's throats by design. 

Please keep in mind the physical reality that we live in is one of polarities  in all things and always will be. That was always the intention from its creation. The seeds that were planted in the public psyche over at least two decades ago are actually much, much longer. The roots of the current  situation took place in the 1970's and perhaps  even the 1930's. Things take time to grow and manifest, but in the past ten years things have grown to monsterous levels.

We can thank western big business and corrupt politicians and very evil individuals so powerful and seemingly unstoppable for this mess that we are in. Nobody has really made any attempt to stop this evil in its tracks, because money and power is more important than all life itself. It is the west that wants to reduce the world population, factions with a leftist and eugenics leaning.  

The propaganda was seeded way back and is now in its third generation of destabilisation. The social divide like other divisions is multi pronged. 

Please keep your emotions in check this month or you will regret it. Dirty tricks are being played by Russia's Putin on the west and Putin is in panic mode. All eyes are on him and he is very hot under the collar and will lash out irrationally as usual. This can be advantageous to the west,  and NATO may ensnare Russia in a trap. Keep an eye on France too, as dirty tricks by the French government are likely along with questionable deals with Ukraine. https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2024/01/the-new-us-republican-party-president.html   (NOTE: please read this link where I say NATO will cross the Russian border)

Things are now moving to the next level in the push against Russia from the west. Agreements and contracts are upgraded, Something unfactored is signified by the Crayfish in the card, as he climbs out of the water. This is a hidden threat that lurks in the shadows, as the dog and wolf are not watching the water, they are distracted by an illusion. This implies a nation or a person that presents themself as an ally but is nothing of the sort.  This individual or nation was never an ally, this is business and war as usual nothing more. 

Keep your enemies close is the old saying, yes because you can easily throw a knife or stab at close quarters. The Ides of March is on Friday, 15th. It might be a good day to stay home and eat chocolate. 

Well I did not expect such a long  Tarot Card of the Month. Astrology added to this makes it longer, but also interesting. As I am on my journey of learning this science, I like to share what I am learning with anyone that reads this blog. It may be very useful for you, and perhaps you may want to learn astrology.

It is a highly beneficial thing to learn even from the first book of astrology in the series ( The only way to learn Astrology by Marion March and Joan McEvers) one can glean an understanding of how planets, signs and houses  affect humanity and all things in our world. 

It may help us avoid disasters if we are wiser on how to use astrology, even on such things as healthcare. You would be surprised what one can learn about ones health.  

No matter where you live in this crazy world, please stay safe, don't poke the bear, and look after your loved ones. Warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone. 

NOTE: The Equinox is not set on a particular day, and it varies from northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere too. this year it's 19 March according to some records or 20th march. The date can vary between 19th and 21st annually and by hemisphere. https://www.almanac.com/content/first-day-spring-vernal-equinox

Also today, 3/3/24 I added the link from my post about the US elections and the world in 2025 because it mentions Nato and Russia.



Antarctica. This was posted at 15.30pm today 19/2/25 in the news. I have had a strong feeling for a while now that the air bridge between Australia (Tasmania) will be breached in war. We need to put protection on our southern borders. Yes it’s expensive but do you want to waken up one morning to find we are invaded? It’s inevitable, smart thinking and preventative measures must be taken. 


Read my comment about the Arctic and Antarctica. Right near the middle of my Updates I commented on the risk of China invading Australia via the Antarctica to Australia air bridge. 


Illegal activities connected to water, as we expected.

UPDATE: The Philippines coastguard says crew hurt as ship damaged in collision with Chinese coastguard.

17 February, 2024

Weekend humour

                                  You won’t think of Star Wars the same way after this. 🀣🀣🀣


16 February, 2024

Finally my old Dlook website is parked

Just a heads up to any new people that visit this blog after being unable to access my old website from Friday 16 February 2024. 

Anyone trying to access my defunct website will see this because Dlook  finally pulled it, they suspended my website in case I want to return. I DON’T THINK SO SUNSHINE!  Not a snowball‘s chance in hell will I ever return to them. 🀣🀣🀣 Eventually this listing will drop off the search engine, so that’s fine with me. 

This is my current website with service fees, there are videos as you scroll down and a little blog right at the bottom. That blog will not replace this one though, this will always be my main blog. 

https://alexfulfordmedium.com/  Which is also above in the blue header bar at the top of this blog. Notice it doesn’t have dot com dot au. This is to show a more global perspective.

 My clairvoyant readings are always done remotely whether nationally or worldwide via several platforms, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, Teams, and of course via the phone. (I stopped face to face readings in 2019 for safety reasons)

I provide my payment details at the time of booking. Please remember that clairvoyant and psychic readings are about connecting to your energy. A person can be anywhere in the world when they have a tarot reading and the reader may be on the other side of the world. 

How stuff works 

This is how psychic energy works; whether doing mediumship, psychic predictions, phone line psychics etc. We humans are bio-electrical and spiritual entities so physicality is irrelevant when conducting readings, this  has been demonstrated for over 100 years since the invention of telephone technology and radio. Psychic phone lines have been in use since the 1980’s. I actually worked for the Rod Bradshaw psychic phone line briefly many years ago and psychic phone line services are still very much in high demand. 

I hosted my A1R Psychic Radio show in America via my home office in Australia back in 2015 which was broadcast globally. So as one can see psychic abilities transcend physicality. 

I can actually hold my hands above your body and do a psychic reading like that also, because I am a natural born clairvoyant-medium and natural born spiritual healer like my late father, although I no longer do spiritual healing. I come from a background of psychic healers and clairvoyants as psychic abilities run in both sides of my family, being of Celtic origin. It is also not uncommon for me to describe what you look like over the phone at the time of booking your appointment. 

I am also clairtangent, meaning I am able to perform psychometry on personal items such as car keys, holding your mobile phone, wedding ring or any personal items that one handles often because your energy is on that item. You can read on this blog of my psychic experience and abilities as well as my success in my psychic predictions going back many years including correctly predicting several prime minister of Australia. 

15 February, 2024

The chilly train service dubbed Scotland's 'polar express'


I don’t think the Scottish government knows how to be embarrassed by such appalling issues. They can waste money on stupid climate garbage yet can’t spend the money on heating a train. 

This is the Scottish Nationalist government for you, you get what you deserve if you vote for these idiots. 

The 'coupley' thing we should all be doing more of to boost our mental health, according to experts


It goes without saying that the endorphins release that happy feeling when we are holding hands and bonding with someone. The freely touchy thing is not just important for humans, but all creatures. We all need physical touch and bonding. 

We have emotions for a reason, not just for the hell of it. Parent/child bonding, human to animal bonding etc. Reaching out to another being is good for our overall health and wellbeing. How much money was wasted stating the obvious for this article? Are the idiots in government so out of touch with reality that the need to do research on something as simple as this? 

14 February, 2024

Not a happy camper

 Not a happy camper. When I want a job done, I want it done the first time and to the letter. I am a person with firm principles and expect others to uphold the same standards as I do if they are hired to perform a service. 

I asked Dlook to pull immediately my website two weeks ago knowing that my contract was almost expired and got no response, this is despite my warning them a few times over the past two years that I am unhappy with the service and would drop them. I sent a second email this morning 14 February 2024, the date my contract expired and included  their service desk cc’d into the email because I have no faith in my account manager  (account managers change without warning frequently and are of the same calibre). 

This being due to several things that I asked her to do and she failed to follow my orders. Not just that I have been unable to access my side of the website to check my stats etc. I tried two weeks ago and I am locked out of it. 

I repeatedly ask via each email to keep all communication via email and not phone. Yet they reach out by phone. It's like hitting my head against a brick wall getting them to carry out anything that I ask.  

Today I had another phone call from Dlook, and told the lady to email me instead as requested each and every time they communicate with me over the past 7 years. 

So this woman sends me an email asking me to pay for my new 12 months subscription. Can you believe this?  I replied and told her that I want my website pulled immediately as there is no way that I will have any further dealings with Dlook. 

This speaks volumes of the way Dlook conducts business as far as I am concerned. I am thoroughly disappointed and offended by this carry on.  I gave the Dlook account manager up to close of business today to remove my website and as expected the website is still not removed, of course I knew this would be the case after all I am a clairvoyant. Sure enough Dlook didn’t disappoint me, lol.

The time stamp is at the top of the image below clearly showing the time as 7.32pm 14/2/2024.

When you are pay for a service make sure everything is carried out correctly, you are paying for the service, you call the shots. If that service provider doesn’t perform properly drop them promptly. 

This link below is my official website since I launched it before Christmas 2023. 


Happy Valentines Day 2024

 Happy Valentines Day to all those that celebrate this day. May your day be special, joyful and peaceful. 

                         Warm and fuzzy hugs to everyone from my heart to your heart.

13 February, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session on the Wes Penre papers #1 February 2024


Reading the first question and answer, I though , here we are again. It is the same old story that plays out continuously in our reality. Studying astrology cycles will do you more good in understanding why things happen in our world, as I keep saying everything is programmed and nothing is by chance.

Humanity doesn't have freewill, they have the illusion of freewill and a limited response scope of choice per individual in each moment to respond to whatever the situation or threat is. That is also affected by one's level of awareness spiritually and basic understanding of how one's astrological personality works in either positive or negative state of awareness. What planets are detrimental in one's chart and how one handles their abilities.

As for the comment by Tesla, I have not read any works by him per say only information written about him. But where is his knowledge really coming from and what proof did he have and do we have? 

Yes, everything is a vibrational frequency right throughout the universe and multiverse. It is based on mathematics. He is correct though about not being able to perceive what is out of our frequency range, just like being a medium or using psychic abilities in general. The frequency must be right. 

Interesting that Wes mentions "walk ins", these are rare but can sometimes be someone that is dying and they agree to let someone take over the body while the original person leaves the body. Other than straight-out entity possessions, again they are rare. Not something that one should dwell on either.

Keep in mind the law of attraction with such things, like attracts like. As for Life-Physics-C, give them a miss 

Is porridge good for weight loss?


Hell yes! To start with ditch the stuff you add to porridge. It is a traditional Scottish breakfast food and it should be eaten as intended. Cooked with a pinch of salt and served like that. You can add milk for children especially to cool it down when just served you can add a dessert spoon of honey if you don’t like the taste of porridge as it is intended but nothing else. 

As a child eating porridge in winter weather and in the rush to get to school on time I occasionally put milk in mine. These days I eat it the way it was intended. It’s a lot more filling than toast and Vegemite and very quick to make. It is much healthier than commercial breakfast cereals which are full of sugar. 

I haven’t eaten regular breakfast cereals in years and refuse to eat them because they lack nutritional value unlike porridge. I always remember my paternal grandfather always started his day with a bowl of porridge, he never ate junk food and was always tall and slim. I never knew him to be ill in his life because he ate sensible foods. That there tells me that eating normal foods is the preferred way to good health. 

The optimal diet for most people at present though is not easy due to the rising costs of food, but if one is sensible a simple diet without takeaway food is going to help you lose weight and hopefully keep you healthy. Portion control is the key, because up until the past few years people have been over eating. The task now is to reduce the quantity and keep the shopping list simple. Fresh fruits and either fresh or frozen vegetables, because the nutrients are held in the vegetables when snap frozen. 

Steamed vegetables rather than boiled vegetables again holds the nutrients and prevents them leaking into the boiled water. I have not boiled vegetables in my life. My mother used to because that was common practice in the old days as people were generally unaware that boiling the vegetables meant the nutrients were leached off and into the water. Having said that, people were often told to drink the water from boiling cabbage, yuck! Bags, you go first 🀣

I am actually back to watching my weight again because I got slack, but instead of using the diet shakes, this time I am going back to basics. I did the proper calorie counting many years ago after having a baby and it was perfect. However I was young then and the metabolism slows down as we age. But I am determined to stay in this weight watching mode permanently now for health reasons. That is the most important thing that a person must factor into weight management. 

Trying to keep healthy and the fact that there are often long waits to see a doctor now is the best thing that one can do. Our doctor’s surgery now has between a two to three weeks wait for an appointment. So this is vital in making sure that the individual takes better care of their health and wellbeing.

So porridge is one of nature’s greatest benefits that I can’t be without in maintaining my health. Rolled oats are great for baking with too, whether it’s making ANZAC biscuits, muffins or making an apple crumble. Not to mention cleaning the intestines without needing laxatives. Drink plenty water too to flush the body of toxins and assist in digestion. 

Underwater mountains three times taller than world's largest structure discovered


It’s expensive researching underwater and obviously it will take many years to complete mapping the entire world’s oceans and we haven’t physically explored much under our world’s oceans because it’s so expensive. 

Aussie art, priceless


Only in Australia, the word drongo comes to mind. When is he not an embarrassment to the country?


07 February, 2024

'Too high, too often': Price gouging report calls for government to step in


Gee, Do ya think! With a useless ACCC, I honestly can't see this changing, there is too much money to be lost. So, I am sure the corporations will figure out another way to rob people. Canberra, where I live is one of the most expensive places to live presently and we are just ordinary family people and not full of politicians as people elsewhere seem to think. Politicians are only in town when parliament sits and then they are back in their local constituency. 

 Most people are either public servants, either Federal or Territory government, in regular paid jobs, work in retail, hospitality, the health industry, small private companies or tradesmen. Full time work for many people in retail, hospitality and some health related  jobs is not easy to come by.  People are struggling to make ends meet and many young people live in shared houses, but now older people are having to as well because there is a lack of housing for rental and the price is more than the low to average income earner can afford. 

Old people are having to get part time work because the age pension is not enough to survive on. This is just criminal and don't forget many of these older people have serious health problems and are forced to work even though they are unfit to work. They have paid taxes from leaving school and are now forced to work or perish under both federal governments as well as their state or territory government. Do you think it is fair for your grandparents to have to come out of retirement just to stay alive for a few more years? 

Where is the quality of life here? Is this what you want to live like in your older years? If people do not stand up and make their voices heard then this will continue to happen and get worse. These corporations are worth billions and are nothing but grave robbers that don't even give their staff a living wage or decent working hours nor protection from violent abuse from people on shop floor. Assaults in supermarket staff are rising yet management pays lip service to them and expects the profits to keep coming in. 

06 February, 2024

Humour on Tuesday


                                                            Yeah, that’s me!

05 February, 2024

RE: Tarot Card of the Month

 Just letting everyone that is new to my blog know that the Tarot card of the month reading is always done in either the third or fourth week of the previous month. So look out for the next Tarot card of the month from the middle of the previous month. 

04 February, 2024

Top 20 healthiest fruits


For those that love their fruit, here are the health benefits of regular fresh fruit. It’s summer in Australia at present and fresh fruits are plentiful in the shops and there is nothing nicer than a cold  fruit platter on a hot day. One thing that I love is caramelised fig yogurt over slices of fruit, it makes a nice treat or desert. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Ginger Tea?


I love ginger and lemon tea. Occasionally I add a teaspoon of honey to it but there is nothing like ginger to settle your stomach or just to enjoy at any moment of the day. 

It’s one of the must haves in your kitchen cupboard along with peppermint tea as a quick remedy for an upset tummy, cold and flu season, nausea. I have been a herbal tea lover since I was about 19 my original tea was rosehip tea but I prefer chamomile, peppermint and ginger and lemon tea as my basic teas.

Taking time out from the daily routine with a relaxing herbal tea is a must do. To de stress try valerian tea, the smell is not pleasant but it tastes good and does the job. 

Australia’s young people are moving to the left – though young women are more progressive than men, reflecting a global trend


This is a global issue not just Australia and I don’t see parents complaining to the education department about the indoctrination of children from the moment they start school right up to university. Teachers come out of universities and carry the indoctrination into the classroom and the public allows this. Children don’t have the right to vote, they are vulnerable and impressionable. They believe whatever an adult tells them to believe and this is psychological abuse and manipulation of vulnerable children. 

Don’t you think the government should be held accountable for this? 1984 in action for many years and it won’t stop until parents demand accountability and responsibility for this abuse. Sadly it is a sign of the times and won’t be stopped. Not until after the damage has been done and these young know-it-alls have a wake up to what they have done. 

Greenhouse emissions


This has sat in draft since 2021, but I decided to post it today with an article that was in the news yesterday added in an update. People have a lot more to be worried about right now than this BS. Like the looming world war, don’t be naive and think what is happening in Ukraine or the Middle East won’t happen in your country or town. That will make this climate crap insignificant. Do you think you can protest like idiots when you are being bombed and shot at by the enemy? Good luck with that one.

People get what they deserve when this climate BS is tolerated. There is no way ordinary people could produce the amount of pollution that factories generate, and it has nothing to do with the climate really. The universe goes through cycles of temperature and weather patterns sometimes lasting hundreds of years or longer. Ask Greta to explain that to the masses, she is not a scientist and she has no right to spout propaganda to anyone and  most importantly, who is really feeding her the rubbish she goes on about? 

This climate change garbage is a construction of spin doctors to create an agenda, it comes from the top, down. To put the masses under harsh control and of course divided. There isn’t any climate emergency and never has been; only universal weather cycles. Pollution is a different matter and again it is not the fault of the people, it is the fault of big business. China is the largest producer of pollution in the world as a Google search will show. None of these idiots point the finger at China because they are too stupid to think about that and too gutless. 

The masses are expected to go cold in winter and use less electricity; and in summertime go without a cooling fan or aircon. Try living in 40 degree heat in summer without aircon.  Children, old people and animals can and do die in that heat.  Try to stay alive in cold weather in the northern hemisphere in a freezing cold winter, again many freeze to death due to not being able to heat their home or are homeless. Meanwhile the rich still consume vast amounts of energy unchecked and travel in private jets. What’s wrong with this picture? 

For example the queen living in Buckingham palace owns vast tracts of land world wide, real-estate around the world and so much wealth that she can’t spend in a lifetime; ditto prince Charles. These people could elevate poverty instantly but don’t. They want to keep their millions of pounds. World poverty could be a thing of the past if these billionaires actually stepped up and shared the money by paying their taxes in full. That money that ordinary people helped them amass in blood sweat and tears. 

Gates owns vast tracts of farmland in the US and more assets than we know about like all the rest of these rich and powerful people. They don’t know what it’s like to be hungry, homeless and struggling to survive. So out of touch with you and I with no real empathy or compassion for the masses, their actions speak volumes about their priorities. They want us to give up everything in some cases even our lives, but not them. They are superior to the masses and will never be held accountable to anything but are herding people up to corporate communism for life. 

Brainwashing the youth of the world; that lack a real life experience and has no memory of suffering throughout the Great Depression and two world wars, and recessions throughout history, nor the reality of living through a communist regime. The young and naive don’t want to know the harsh reality of what they are singing up for but they will.  They point blank refuse to listen to the older people that have lived through this suffering and loss. 

But the climate change morons will grovel and hang on every word spouted by Greta, Gates, Al Gore etc; like the indoctrinated sycophants they are. Everyone clambering for a vegan diet; to stunt growth and intellect that any doctor and especially a neurologist will warn you about the damage done from a vegan diet. Oh, but it helps the planet, er no it doesn’t and is unsustainable. 

Well, I am glad that I won’t be alive to see the damage that will be done. Messing with nature which includes homosapiens  is an absolute disaster waiting to happen and it will. So who will be held to blame when it happens? History is being redacted currently and by the time things go pear shaped those really responsible will most likely be dead and unaccountable. So the buck stops with the masses. On a cosmic level the masses will be also held accountable too, because they lack the spiritual education to know what actually is and isn’t their doing.,  it will put their hands up for karmic punishment. That my friends is how it rolls. 

UPDATE: Check this out from 3 February 2024, young people voting left. What could possibly go wrong here? It’s on them because they are wanting communism and are willing to fight for it. Sure  why not!  


01 February, 2024

Sturgeon admits errors in handling of ‘incredibly stressful’ Covid crisis


She is an abomination as are the SNP! You can shove EU membership where the sun doesn't shine. This wretched creature knew exactly what she was doing and is a puppet of the WEF/Schwab.

That there tells you that she is untrustworthy as are the SNP. They have destroyed Scotland and everything that we stood for. I am embarrassed by what my homeland has become, a corrupt, crime infested shithole and drug capital of Europe. You vote for the SNP then you are part of the cause.   

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...