28 February, 2023

Ah distractions, distractions distractions!


It’s just a distraction for the masses. Keep changing the narrative ad nauseam. Contradicting other scientific studies and official data. This destroys all credibility when we are seeing more garbage in the news over the past 24 to 48 hours. Keep the game going until the public are worn down. Yeah, Nah not this little brown duck.

NineNews: Scott's Refrigerated Logistics enters receivership, placing 1500 jobs at risk


Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse! There will be a lot more of this to come unfortunately. 

26 February, 2023


True dat! 不不不


Chocolate cravings?


I buy Magnesium in a big container to soak my feet or to add to my bath. I just got an email newsletter from Blant’s and they have this very interesting article about why we crave chocolate. Oooh, my favourite goodies. Turns out that it is a sign of magnesium deficiency. Check out the article on the above link. 

I still ain’t giving up my chocolate for anything 不不恫 Carob just doesn’t cut it with me, lol. 


I recommend buying the magnesium sleep lotion here, but to buy the flakes Blants of Sydney are the go to people. 

You will see blog posts about Ancient Minerals magnesium on my blog and another Blants post if you look in the search box 

Blast from the past Ewbank carpet sweeper


Lol, Who remembers these beauties from childhood? I remember my mum having a blue one. I got to use it as a child. I loved it, hey it’s a girl thing 不不 . I remember opening it to get the fluff and stuff out , or as we Scottish call it oose and stoore. Stour being the gritty dirt and oose being the fluff. 不不 The carpet sweeper was first invented in 1889, wow. Just imagine what a game changer that would have been for women then of course along came the vacuum cleaner, hooray.

I often get a laugh out of people sharing old pictures of things from when I was small. So many memories and things long forgotten. Happy simple things of everyday life. Lol, I guess I am just easily amused. I might as well have a little blast from the past section in my blog just for entertainment and a trip down memory lane for us to smile and reminisce.

Enjoy your day people xxx

Neil Oliver: Who do the leaders of Scotland and other western countries think they are ?!?


Read the comments in youtube format!

This is not just about Scotland, a once great nation with pride, self respect and a race that were respected around the world for their achievements, inventions and education and easygoing nature. Now that small country of 5 million people is an example in how to take control over a nation and destroy lives of the people. It seems that nobody has the courage or the inclination to stop this or demonstrate the willing ability to counter this destruction.

People should not have to be told this, it's so bloody obvious to anyone with a brain, yet it takes someone like Neil; to have to articulate this more than obvious situation. This is happening globally though and it is pretty damn  hard to miss, because it is so damned in your face and exactly the same in Australia and New Zealand. Neil has only touched on the basics here; not to mention this is an intergenerational process that started after WW2. I would  say that it's birthing was way back in the late 18th century and the 19th century's with the  upper middle-class and upper class intellectuals  such as   Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley hypothesising over good wine and fine food; on with form of communism would be ideal. 

This was global trendy ideology amongst the wealthy as this was the next great thing among the rich and entitled as was spiritualism. Remember these individuals had a better life than the masses and no way would they give up or share what they have; like the masses have in communist nations. No, it doesn't apply to them, these individuals have never soiled their hands in the hard labour of the workers. They are privileged and spend their time writing and pontificating. They just pay lip service to the masses and fill their heads with dangerous nonsense, firing the masses up. Yet it is the rich middle class that hold office in the communist parties and they swap the elected leaders with egocentric maniacs that destroy nations under the rouse of communism.  

We know how that turned out, but many people are so blind that they can't see it happening right now in western nations. It has been happening all my life in increments, as I said it's intergenerational. What the WEF are all about along with the UN and many world leaders is soft corporate communism. It matters not if it is Marxist, Trotskyist or Leninist or whatever. It is manufactured to suite the times, the culture and  agendas.

I have already said in another post that Sturgeon and Yousuf are prot矇g矇s of Clause Schwab. There are hundreds of people under his influence. Not all are listed on the ngo, WEF website, but typing in politician's names in google search along with  WEF or Schwab and you will see those affiliated with him, including Ardern and Trudeau. They are in it for themselves and no one else. As is the Vatican and that is easily verified on the WEF website among a huge list of corporations. Of course the Vatican would be involved there is money to be made. 

The millenia old concept of  Communism was never the invention of the common working classes, they do not have the power, money or reach that the upper classes have. We know that for a fact never mind working people would never be able to set foot in a  university until the 20th century where these well educated individuals had the privilege of a good private education including Marx and Lenin. So wake up and smell the coffee, pay attention to what is happening around you. 

Yes, all the side distractions like gender identity etc, are ploys as are used by their useful idiots that rile up people to join stupid protests and disrupt public order. Communists lure people in by pushing the agenda of your rights, but once in power you become their target. Read Russian history  and see the murder campaigns and don't be so naive as to think life will get batter for the workers of the world, that has never been the agenda. How many rights that the early 20th century unions had fought and literally died for are now traded off to the corporations by union executives? Do you even know how many?

My maternal grandfather put his life on the line to help the working men in factories in Scotland. My father worked tirelessly in the unions to to help men and women that were unable or too afraid to stand up for themselves it has all been a waste of time because of traitors at high levels in bed with management, oh and then next thing these sellouts are in politics. How does that work? Classic self serving maggots.

 We are going backwards in less than a hundred years due to corruption and greed and being sold out constantly by these self serving high level union leaders. I have been a victim of that many years ago on a few occasions. Funny how the unions will only help when it suits them and the people at the top are biding time before they get a foot into a political party, and then they forget about those that helped them along the way over many years. This is about egos, money and power, not about making the quality of life better for the masses, not their income equality, not their quality of life, and not their health and education and retirement years.

 Factories need workers corporations need workers, Ka Ching.  Everything in this world revolves around money and the more the better for the ruling class; not to be shared with the masses that would be absurd. Understand that and watch the actions of the talking heads that try to influence your opinions.  Absolutely nothing is for the individuals benefit, nothing is for the masses benefit and never will be.

NineNews: Sleeping this way could add five years to your life


What this doesn’t say is how older people tend to get insomnia, I have been in dealing with insomnia on and off for a few years. Just when I thought I had it beat, it came back. I have chronic sleep apnea and had that diagnosed over a year ago. 

My husband and I used to joke about good luck to which one of us got to sleep first because we both snore  something shocking. Taking medication such as the hormone melatonin only works for so long and then insomnia returns. 

I use magnesium cream with Lavender and Chamomile which smells great and helps to a point but I need it for my aching legs at night. It definitely helps with the quality of sleep and I highly recommend using it. A few drops of Lavender oil on your pillow may help with sleep too. Occasionally a cup of chamomile tea or a tea designed for sleeping is helpful. 

 Most people are deficient in magnesium due to the poor quality of modern food which is either full of preservatives and little nutrients or grown with chemical fertilisers which rob the earth of nutrients and affect all that is growing in the soil and this also affects the livestock too. Returning to natural methods of fertilisers will correct this but it is cheaper to use chemical fertilisers and in turn affects our health. 

I do recommend reading a book in bed rather that using an iPad or tablet, the light from these devices can also affect your sleep quality. But going to bed early and quieting your mind after watching tv is essential. Over stimulating your mind stops one being relaxed enough to fall asleep, electronic devices such as using an iPad definitely over stimulates your brain even a kindle can over stimulate your mind at night. Where a book is more natural. 

Perhaps practice meditation or breathing techniques to calm yourself for sleep. Not everyone can meditate so just focus on breathing ensuring that you are breathing properly. If you waken up in the middle of the night trying focusing on breathing again. I don’t think there is an easy answer to poor sleep quality but just do what you can and if it works that’s great. Don’t stress about what the news article says about lengthening your lifespan. I don’t think it is worth worrying about. Just do what you can, think of things that make you happy and you will be a sleepy teddy in no time. 

24 February, 2023

Four men arrested over shooting of police officer in Northern Ireland, detectives focused on 'dissident republicans'


Another prediction has come up. For the world in 2023


Wes Penre: Orion Q&A Session #4


This link is to the pdf version. I feel it is much better than watching a video format.

I don’t accept anything that Sam Vaknin comes out with and I don’t like his energy. It’s your choice if you wish to accept anything that he says. I will stick to my intuitive knowledge and personal experiences when it comes to spiritual experiences and what I know to be true. 

Also we humans are astrologically programmed, so when we are destined to awaken it will happen automatically and with the assistance of our natural curiosity. You cannot make anyone awaken, you are more likely to drive them away from you. Yes your vibrational frequency will be much different to your family and friends, that is just the way it is. 

You can still have regular conversations with people but don’t try to inform or influence others it has the opposite effect. Find common interests if you need people in your life but know that others are not astrologically programmed to be receptive or to awaken. There is absolutely nothing to be done about that. So don’t poke the bear otherwise you may be a point of ridicule or gossip.

22 February, 2023

Purple Poppy Day 23 February 2023

Thursday 23rd February is Purple Poppy day in Australia; in honour of all the animals that served in war and conflict. If you can; please buy a poppy to support animals in conflict. They gave their lives for humanity. They did not have a choice. I will be wearing my purple poppy to show my respect, honour,  support and  love for these these wonderful sentient beings and all animals.  


Sadly many horses were either left overseas at the end of WW1 or were shot. I find that absolutely unacceptable and the ultimate cruel, disrespectful betrayal of these animals after all their service to humanity. This though was orders from the top, not the decisions of the servicemen. Just imagine the absolute heartbreak for those men given this order. I expect many could not bring themselves to shoot their horses so they set them free. There were also camels used in WW1 that gave their lives too. I am not sure of what happened to them though. 


                                                      John Simpson Kirkpatrick with Duffy his donkey


                       The bronze statue at the front of the Australian War Memorial Canberra

You will find some fantastic books in the gift shop of Australians at war including brave animals that were enlisted. The Australian War Memorial is pretty much sacred grounds to all Australian people. We have a very powerful connection to this place. Many Australian people have loved ones that never returned from war and their names are commemorated in the halls of remembrance. 

You pass the Canberra Test?


Tuggeranong AKA Tuggers. But he didn't ask the guy how do you say Ngunnawal or Gungarlin.
The stupid big moth sculpture in Tuggers or the Belco Owl (Belconnen Owl)
Belconnen is also known as Belcompton for the crime rate. Queanbeyan is Struggletown or Queanbeyhole.

Clean streets yes but rampant weeds in the streets and roads for the past god knows how many years. We don't have a tidy town contest anymore. North side is called the dark side  


21 February, 2023

I am tinkering with the date on my blog

 Just letting everyone know I am just tinkering with the date and time thingy on my blog to see how it looks. If I like it then I will keep it. I learned my lesson with my old blog not to go messing with it and ended up creating this one 不不不 I am no longer adventurous with my blog after all that. 

Update, it looks fine so I shall keep it. The Mrs Bean of psychics. 不不不 screwing up my blog with regular monotony. 

Lighten the mood with a Lol


Japan flying car group makes first manned outdoor flight


Wow, Jetsons move over, Japanese have a new flying car. That would be a yeah-Nah for me. I like tried and true technology. But this is quite an incredible breakthrough in technology. It wasn’t so long ago that drones were invented so who knows what will be next. 

Tarot Card Of The Month : March 2023, The Queen of Swords

Ruling planet: Uranus 

    Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra,  Aquarius

Season:  Winter    Cardinal point of direction: North
Gender: Male

Key words: Thought, Challenge & Observation 

Greetings lovely people and welcome to Tarot Card Of The Month for March 2023.
Boy spirit is hovering around me today and I keep seeing flashes of  light blue as I normally do when spirit makes itself known. I guess they think they had better keep an eye on me as I am in student mode for the first time in about 18 or 19 years. Learning Astrology at almost 60 years old.
Lets see if I can take it all in. I am rather passionate about learning. And as they say when the student is ready the teacher appears. This teacher is a lady in spirit that was a professional Astrologer in my extended family. I didn't meet her in person because she had passed to spirit many years before we became related.

This wonderful lady has been with me from the very beginning of my spiritual journey and I am so humbled and grateful that she is there for me to teach me. I just hope that she has the patients of a saint, lol.

Anyway lets get on with the TCOM, As I sat down to examine the card, I heard the planet Uranus being mentioned. That took me by surprise; but I could feel the strong presence of spirit with me as I do when typing this post. I didn't even need to worry about second guessing, however I picked up my current book The only way to learn Astrology book 1, by Joan McEvers and Marion March. I turned to page 27 and there it was, Uranus. Thank you spirit teacher. 

The queen of swords is a ruling card with strong energy, she takes care of things. Gets things done, dispenses her wise advice and to the point. This months card is about clear thinking, working things through to a logical outcome.

A fair balanced view of the world to eliminate any danger. Single minded focus on the serious issues that require clear logical strategies. No, if's or but's , stay within the rules or there will be repercussions for your actions.
There is a purging of something it feels both financial and conflict related. That is the best way that I can describe it. This involves the US. This could also include further tightening of money. So don't spend what you don't have!
As I look at the card I am drawn to the cuff of the queens robe and her right sleeve , notice the tassel dangling. This reminds me of hand cuffs, both sleeve cuffs have a dangling tassel. So this feels like a pair of handcuffs that have been broken, like someone breaking out of their restraints.  They seem to be asserting themselves. 
This feels like a fast moving situation. It is complex so world leaders need to be very careful in decision making or we will all suffer. This is to do with current conflicts with Russia and Ukraine and the tensions with China and those non US allied nations.

Now the clouds in the card are down low and the sky is blue . Which normally would imply that everything is under control and problems averted. But is this really so? 
The trees are blown by a strong wind facing the right hand side of the card. So the clouds could unexpectedly rise again suddenly without warning. It's all down to the  power of the queen of swords to think swiftly and fairly or else there could be unpleasantness.

There is a bird above the head of the queen of swords. A messenger from far away. What is this message and what doe it mean? How will the queen of swords respond?
These are crucial bits of information that we need to know before jumping to conclusions. 
As I again examine the card I am drawn to the side of the queens throne and notice the elegant carving.

It suddenly looks like the Australian government's coat of arms with the kangaroo and the emu.
There are also 4 butterflies on the throne, butterflies being symbolic of transformation. There is some sort of change or transformation taking place a new power with Australia connected to this.  I am not sure if this has anything to do with five eyes but it is very important on an international level. An agreement of some sort. 

 The number four is interesting also  in regards to the butterflies. 

The queen's cloak is interesting too. Cloaks are symbolic for something hidden or unseen. Not usually meant for ordinary people. The cloak is also esoteric in nature. 
Notice the queen's cloak is similar to the sky, blue with white fluffy clouds. We are talking about the mind here and intellect. There could also be something of religious or spiritual significance happening too. We are not far from Easter after all. 

There is something very serious happening  with this event too. Perhaps from a legal perspective. Justice is indicated for the month of March, so expect some sort of ruling or new law to be passed.
This may also cover travel or more specific air travel. Airlines will be in the news and air travel . This suit of cards is ruled by the element of Air after all which also rules the mind. 

I do feel there will be a little turmoil and confusion in March, so please take notes of any appointments to help you remember all your appointments through this month. Remember things like paying bills on time etc. Get in to the habit of using your calendar on your phone to keep you on track of things.

Pay close attention to your finances and don't get behind in payments or it could cause you major problems. If in financial difficulty get  with your bank or whomever to arrange to do a payment adjustment especially with power and all utility bills. This can be managed for you as long as you let the relevant agencies know. 

Keep in mind the key words, Thought, Challenge and Observation. (The spooky thing here is this was given to me by my teacher in spirit, without me having to look for my usual book to remind me).

March is an authoritive month, so stick to the rules, laws etc and pay attention. It will save you from distress and disaster in the long run. Plan ahead and don't take risks or you will be sorry.  
This  also warns people about road rules and road rage. Remember to be patient, it is only seconds to avoid delays, road rage or accidents. Think before your drive!! The laws of cause and effect cannot be undone. 

Uranus rules this card for the month of March. Mars ( male energy, war, conflict), is the natural ruler of the month of March. Now according to astrologers Joan McEvers and Marion March's wonderful book,  The only way to learn Astrology, book 1. On page 27, amongst the list of things governed by Uranus is, the ego,Utopian mindset, Airplanes, Insight into nature's laws.(very important), Intellectual, Inventions, Electricity, psychology. The actions of Uranus can be very sudden, unexpected and violent. 
Uranus is also the breaker of traditions, it is now associated with natural disasters and in particular earthquakes.

Anatomy wise Uranus correlates to the body's electrical system, the higher nervous system, and the ankles. Just as well that I can't wear high heels these days and don't play hockey, lol.

Please stay safe, do not take risks and don't poke the bear.
Thank you with all my heart for reading my TCOM.

Warm and fuzzy hugs, Alex.

NOTE: If anyone is actually interested in the planets and how they affect humanity, I highly recommend the series of,  The only way to learn Astrology by Marion March and Joan McEvers volumes 1 to 6. The first three are the most vital books. Book one tells you which planets rule body parts, and the energy of the planet as it affects humanity.  Do not lend your books to anyone or you may never get them back.  


Lightning is a form of electricity ⚡️ 



20 February, 2023

Neil Oliver: celebrates Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation: So much damage has been done.


I am glad to see Neil is commenting on the damage done by this creature of Clause Schwab, make no mistake, she was and is one of his prot矇g矇s and so is Hamza Yousaf.  As is Jacinda Ardern and many others. Just do a google search of random politicians and add WEF or world economic forum and see who pops up. It is an eye opener, then the giant list of charities, banks and corporations in cahoots with Schwab.


I am absolutely disgusted with the way Scotland has been dragged down the toilet in recent years. It breaks my heart to see it turned into a victim of leftist ideology and the much public just accepts the damage done.  Where is that strong Scottish pride and strong belief in our own cultural heritage and identity that always stood up and used its voice when something was wrong? 

More to the point is, who are the muppets that voted repeatedly for the SNP? I question their intelligence to vote in the SNP even just once, but to do it a second time beggars belief in their collective and utter stupidity. You must be so proud of yourselves to participate in the wilful destruction of a great and respected nation.

Just who in their right mind wants to split from the United Kingdom? I am not a royal supporter in my adult life but I strongly believe in a United Kingdom. The benefits of a United Kingdom far outweigh the benefits of separation. Not to mention the financial drain if Scotland did separate from the United Kingdom. Where would the money come from to do this madness? The European Union of course but then Scotland would lose its sovereignty overnight and be in severe financial distress all to please a few leftists nutters that want to watch the world burn. 

1 February 2024, Sturgeon 


11 February, 2023

Mental health workers allowed to keep practising despite sexual relationships, drug use with patients


It’s all about power and control. Don’t think that some these supposed medical professionals are not flawed or egotistical. Some are misogynistic and arrogant, they like the feeling of superiority and they do not like to be questioned. 

Aussie mum of KFC worker shares unbelievable laundry hack - and it’s going viral


I am not one to follow “life hacks “ however this one I am sharing for people that may not have seen this news article. I don’t know anything about fragrance beads but if they are anything like fabric softener, I would not be using them for health reasons. 

You may want to screenshot and print the instructions for this washing method just in case it gets archived in the future. 

09 February, 2023

‘Severely damaged’ and abandoned: Australian victims of COVID-19 vaccine injuries feel they are ‘not being heard’ by Australian Government


This will be very interesting to follow as time goes on, it’s a worldwide situation unfolding and covers all age groups. 

SKY NEWS: Transphobic horses’ spooked by rainbow crossing


Come on Sky news, really you can do better than this nonsense. In reality horses are challenged by certain bright colours, add the placement of these colours on the ground into the equation and obviously they will react. I don’t think this was taken into consideration when the pedestrian crossing was painted. Black, white, blue and yellow are known to have a negative effect on horses. The placement of the colour is also important as horses are very sensitive animals. The horse riders may not have been consulted over this colour change either or they would have suggested that it was not good for horses.

I know nothing about horses myself but looking at the video the first thing that came to my mind was the colour combination and perhaps depth perception. So a quick google search confirmed the colour combination. 


08 February, 2023

SCIENCE ALERT: Codebreakers Have Deciphered The Lost Letters of Mary, Queen of Scots


Wow, How exciting finding this treasure trove of 57 letters and cracking the code. Oddly enough I was thinking of Mary queen of Scots yesterday and the Babbington plot as there was a children’s tv show made roughly on the subject of Mary queen of Scots back in the mud 70’s.

This historical moment is still fresh in the minds of many Scots today. In the big scheme of things Scottish history is very much alive today as it was back then and it’s still discussed because people have strong feelings on the subject one way or the other. Where I come from was right in the heart of much of Scotland’s history and Mary was known to be in this area as she was in hiding amongst Catholic noble families to avoid capture. Dalziel house, once the home of the Lords Hamilton; in Motherwell, Lanarkshire which comes under the region of Strathclyde was one of those places offering protection and I used to play in the grounds of this beautiful house, which rumour has it, has secret underground tunnels that takes one out into the river Clyde which flows through the area. 

I actually have an article on this blog that was published in a magazine in which I mention Dalziel house, titled Childhood in an historic town. 

Every time I returned to Scotland I always made several visits to Dalziel house. Sadly I haven’t been back since 1986. I spent hours in the garden and walking around the outside of the house. It was boarded up through my childhood so I never got to see past the courtyard. The outside had plenty nooks and crannies to explore as did the garden. I recall seeing several people in spirit in the garden during the summer when I was around 7 or 8 years old. They looked like they were having a tea or lawn party in the garden and were dressed in clothes of the 17th century. I was with a couple of friends just exploring the garden on a summer afternoon as I often did, but I didn’t tell my friends what I saw as I assumed it was my imagination as I had no idea that I was clairvoyant, this was around the time that my maternal grandfather had died and I saw him in spirit and not realising what I was seeing. 

I lived on a private housing estate at this time which just a five minutes walk down a country lane with chestnut trees and lots of Rhododendron bushes everywhere and horses in the fields next to the house which included a riding school. I loved picking the flowers to take home for my mum. I have loved rhododendrons ever since as they take me back to those wonderful days of childhood on the estate. 

Dalziel house is a magnificent sight any time of year, in winter time when covered in snow it is ideal for a Christmas card image and in summer when the garden is at its best it is a delightful place to visit and in autumn when the leaves turn golden it is wonderful and time to pick chestnuts to play conkers. 

The house is now private residential apartments so I am happy that the grand house has people to enjoy the delightful atmosphere of such an important and splendid piece of history. The local community are very proud of the old house and rightly so. It is over 600 years old and still looks magnificent. 



Locals call the house Dalziel house which is pronounced like Dee L. It was also called Gresham house at one time and local people occasionally called it Gresham house when I was young.

I have a stack of photos of the house to share on here, I just have to find them. Some of which are taken by a close friend. In the winter so you can see how nice it looks in snow and taken from different angles.You will find some pictures on Google images too because it is very picturesque and popular with photographers. 

NINE HONEY: Skin Cancer, “I made my children take a good look “


Yup, it’s like hitting your head against a brick wall trying to educate people on skin cancer in Australia and always has been. Women have skin like leather by the time they are in their 30’s if the refuse to protect their skin. I have known many women and girls from school onwards that have skin like leather.

They look much older than me, I couldn’t tolerate the hot sun growing up and also fair skinned being Scottish. So I didn’t go out in the sun other than walking to and from school etc. However I didn’t use sun block, I wish that I did. My parents certainly never encouraged me to use sun block daily. They avoided the sun too and only used sun block on the odd occasion. 

I am now getting my skin checked regularly and so far I am ok, unlike my poor husband who has had surgery to remove a melanoma in his arm 7cm by 9 cm. He was never in the sun either, only driving with his arm at the car window like many people. 

You can buy sleeves to put on your arms to protect them from the sun, and some cover the back of your hands. Have a look on eBay and buy a few pairs. I am actually surprised that more people are not wearing them. You can buy really cool looking parasols or umbrellas with a silver lining to protect yourself from the hot sun also. There are companies that even make band parasols or umbrellas for young people including heavy metal styles. If you don’t want hat hair it’s an elegant solution. I have a few parasols because I just love them. 

Skin cancer education is vital no matter how old you are or where you live, but Australia is the worst place in the world for skin cancer. The sun is very intense and bright constantly even on cloudy days you are at risk so don’t be fooled by the clouds. Stay safe, hydrated and sun smart. 

07 February, 2023

We need a early week laugh out loud


Back to Studying

 I have finally plucked up the courage to study astrology after many years. Self doubt got in the way, however when something is meant to be, it will keep making one keep on thinking about it until a decision is made. So now my studying has begun, a bit long in the tooth but at least I am taking the plunge. 

I have a lady in spirit that is around me to assist me. The mother of a relative through marriage was a professional astrologer and she was there when I started reading the Tarot cards and learning how to use my skills as a spiritual healer nearly 20 years ago. Suddenly she has returned to assist me in learning astrology. I am eternally grateful for the help she is giving me and so appreciative. 

Let’s hope that I can eventually add this to my services when the time comes. First I think I need to evoke Shepherds prayer, lol. Astrology is a lifelong study just like the tarot and its symbolism, even when a person is working in the respective fields there is always more to learn. That includes the history of the subject matter and of course symbolism, add the psychic abilities to this and you have a very powerful skill set. To be honest I should have started both at a much younger age but, when the time is right that is when the magic happens. Better late than never as they say. Wish me luck  

If you are thinking of doing either; of these skills my advice is just do it, follow your heart and don’t let others put you off. It’s your decision and your calling. Let no one tell you otherwise. 

Cash rate hike a 'perfect storm' for businesses to collapse


Ever heard of cause and effect? You ain’t seen nothing yet, I did say February is the calm before the storm. This doesn’t just happen there is no such thing as an accident, controlled implosion in this case, yes, but no accident. Read my predictions over the years warning of this and also my posts about my psychic experiences. I saw this over 33 years ago, and some events take years to come about. Not all psychic predictions are going to happen in days or weeks; they are also long term predictions. 

I had a relative contact me from overseas recently and what I predicted 20 years ago has happened and not the way my relative expected it. It was a rolling event in my relatives favour that has happened over a series of years. So please don’t expect things to happen on your perceived time because everything is actually based on a series of events and time is not a fixed thing. 

Man with a ‘penis on his face’ has life transformed after chance meeting


Such a moving article and such a wonderful doctor giving this man his life and dignity back. If I was a surgeon, I would definitely help those that can’t afford medical treatment. It’s being human to care for others in need. Money shouldn’t come into the equation we all deserve good medical care regardless of our circumstances. I am grateful that in Australia we have the Medicare system that helps people. It may not be perfect but at least we have it. 

06 February, 2023

The Observer: Half–bull, half-truth… How English archaeologist claimed credit for discovering home of the minotaur


Rectifying history and giving the credit to the man that originally found the artefacts is a must. It makes one wonder how often this has happened in the past and also in current times. Those with the clout get the credit. 

ABC NEWS: ‘Brushing' scams send people free items, but could be a warning sign about a data breach


People need to smarten up and keep aware of these things. The government has introduced heavy fines for companies that have data breaches now too, so it is in a company’s interest to keep track of anything dodgy. 

01 February, 2023

Neil Oliver: The clock is ticking


Australia is all set to go on this by the way. I have also mentioned in my posts that digital currency will be implemented within a few years. I don’t see any way of avoiding this and the frightening consequences. Notice Neil’s comment on not having a car in the years to come, that ties in with me saying that we will eventually not be permitted to take trips to the countryside and this excuse will be we are damaging the environment which is utter nonsense as nature regenerates and evolves constantly. 

Restrictions on travel would not be very easy to implement in Australia because of the sheer distance between places; so I would say this would perhaps be more effective in the UK, Europe and such countries but Australia is just so vast. 

The elite have always ruled our lives one way or the other it is just the way things are. Also there is very little free will in this reality; pretty much close to zero. We operate on a very narrow spectrum and much of what we experience here is locked in prior to us incarnating into a particular experience and minuscule leeway. This can be shown by an astrological chart on any individual on the planet. Everything  we experience is down to the family one incarnates into from our soul group, the time and place of birth etc. Not being an astrologer I can’t extrapolate on this, however I am about to take up studying astrology. After many years of procrastinating over it. 


Have a look at this just as an example there are two pages to read and then the questionnaire starts. 

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