30 November, 2021

Winter fashions for 2021/2022

Plague masks for those that like to scare the crap out of others. 


29 November, 2021

Tarot card of the month: December 2021, The Devil


Mr Hairy trousers or Chicken drumsticks

The Devil (Live backwards)  Bondage, Materialism, ignorance Hopelessness

Major Arcana, number 15 (in numerology it adds up to 6 which is a feminine number)

Zodiac sign: Capricorn    Planet: Saturn ( Limitation and Structure)

This year ends with a bang; so to speak. It is not a happy celebration like we would like unfortunately.

Still we can do our own thing and be happy, if we wish to. Be aware of emotions this month and try to keep them under control for your own good. Money is tight for many people; and there is obviously a lot of tension and emotional upheaval going on.

Things are clearly not back to "normal" and never will be. The goal post keeps being moved; as often commented on in social media. Now the Trickster wants to keep humanity addicted to this negative cycle over and over again. Do not play the game; his gain is our loss.

We see the social divide with people and antagonism; keep right out of this or it may just turn around and bite you on your rear end. Be warned, this energy is real.

Even though the card number adds up to 6 which is female energy and male energy is 9. This card is showing male energy which is aggressive and possibly violent energy.  Please be very mindful of your thoughts and actions this month. When thought becomes physical that's when the potential for violence  occurs. 

Do not play into politics; this is a test to see how humanity reacts in stressful times and situations.

Should you engage in this negative energy; you may lose. Please heed the warning from the universal energy. This card is quite  self explanatory, warning us about our addictive patterns, emotions, temptations etc. Remember temptation is not anyone's friend, it is entrapment into the tricksters hands; game set and match. 

Please have a safe Christmas and New Year, look after loved ones including animals (fur babies).

If you can donate to charities for humans and animal charities please do so. Every little bit helps somewhere and someone. Above all the best gift to give is love and compassion, live from the heart and live gently. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs


27 November, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 282 The Singularity timeline part 2 pdf


Here is the second instalment of the singularity information. To anyone that is just discovering my new blog, this information is on my old blog Alex  Fulford clairvoyant-medium. As well as on this blog, just use the search box and you will find more information including my dream about humanity becoming cyborgs, it’s titled; the nightmare macabre. That dream scared the heck out of me, I knew what it was alluding to as soon as I woke up. 

No matter how much warning is given about this serious issue very few people will believe this is actually happening. They are trained by the media to see this as disinformation, so be it but at the end of the day, the media people are staring down the barrel of the singularity too. A person that is determined not to stay in the new world will still be able to leave, but only up to a certain point and then it will not be possible. 

Set firm intentions not to be part of the singularity and learn how to free yourself from this. The power of the human soul is incredible if we want something badly, we will succeed. Believe in yourself and your spiritual power and stay focused on your intentions. 

Please read the comments in the article for more information, the comments are always very informative.

Archaeologists stunned after discovering lost 8,000-year-old city in English Channel


A Mass Extinction 250 Million Years Ago Seems to Have Had Multiple Causes


23 November, 2021

20 November, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 281 The singularity timeline part 1


Click on download if you would rather read than listen to this latest instalment from We

Food prices rise


Well I did warn about this coming, long before covid came along 

'TREATED LIKE SLAVES' I worked for Amazon in a ‘cage’, had to pack an item every 10 secs and was pressured not to use the loo


Everyone knows about this human rights abuse. It has gone on for years, but you know what consumers are part of the problem. The consumers obviously don’t have a problem with human rights abuse; that the staff work under because they still buy from this company.

Where are the public’s moral values?  Oh; that’s right they don’t have any. No respect for human lives at all or they would not buy the goods. It is all about consumerism and not human beings. 

People have died fighting for their rights in the western world; less than a hundred years ago and today those rights are being trashed by the masses through ignorance, arrogance and greed. 

My grandpa fought for the rights of workers after he came back from the Somme in WW1. My father fought for the rights of workers as manufacturing was being stripped from Australia over 30 years ago; I find it utterly diabolical that here we are in 2021 and we are going backwards. 

Just as I saw in premonitions back in 1990. We are already back to those days; only fashion changes but not the mentality. Everyone deserves respect and good working conditions. We should not have to tolerate this appalling abuse and negligence by corporations and consumers. But here we are living like other people’s lives don’t matter. 

This can happen to anyone, especially if people are willing to let it happen. Money before humanity, is it any wonder that humanity has never transcended to a higher plain of existence? 

Medication like a Boss ah tells ya!

 Boy it can be hard giving  medication to our fur babies. The high risk of bites or scratches add to the adrenaline rushed moment. Ah, but dogs are easier than cats. Just a huge dollop of peanut butter and stick that bad boy pill in the middle and woompha down the hatch it goes. Too easy 不不 well most of the time anyway 不不 I stopped using sandwich meat long ago as I get a better result with peanut butter and it’s cheaper lol. 

I recently had Ruby at the vet to have her glands drained; as there is no way in hell that I will be dumb enough to do that with out all the padding that the police use to train police dogs. She is feisty with a capital F.

I give her half a human antihistamine tablet as advised by our vet,  with a big dollop of peanut butter to soothe her itching and she takes it like a Boss. No harm done and I get to live to another day 云云 Not sure if other people in Australia are having problems with their poochies  being itchy at present; with the strange weather and high pollen count. But my poor Ruby is scratching like crazy poor little girl; and I cut the grass regularly to make sure that there is nothing in the grass to make her itchy. 

But there are plenty of pollen laden trees and flowers in the neighbourhood at present. In fact it is the worst season on record for pollen and allergies. I am in the middle of removing Forget me not flowers from the garden too as I had let them run wild this year. Bad idea to let them self seed; so now in between the rain I have to rip them out they may be part of the itching problem and the Forget me not seeds stick to everything imaginable. 

We are getting a lot of rain and then out comes the sun and hey presto pollen! I am allergy central with dust, pollen and pet hair as it is and popping antihistamines daily and eye drops. But poor Ruby is scratching like a fleabag still; even a week after having her glands drained. So it’s daily antihistamines for her too until the itching stops.

It’s not much fun for our furry family members when life is made miserable with itching. Cats on the other hand don’t have the same issues as dogs as far as I know with pollen allergies. My cats were indoor cats for most of their lives and never had to worry about fleas or other nasties. Medicating them was a nightmare though, life saving medication twice a day in old age; and peanut butter just didn’t cut the mustard. They were gentlest kitties imaginable but when it came to medication they had the strength of a lion and I have the battle scars to prove it 不不 You suddenly learn you ain’t da Boss when giving a cat medication. Lacerated yes, Boss, no! But after the ordeal they were back to being lovingly affectionate kitties again and all is forgiven.                                                

                                      Giving a dog medication or worm tablet 

How a cat sees it self  after you try to give it medication; like a Boss!

18 November, 2021

Billionaire investor’s dire warning as inflation rages


I have been talking about this happening on my old blog for a while and on this new blog. In fact I have been aware of this coming for 32 years. If you read the blog posts where I mention my first child had  just been born; and the visions that I had one day while giving him his bottle; this time has already started  and can’t be changed. Before the pandemic started I felt this was the time for the suffering of poverty, hunger and world war returning.  

One good thing that we have in developed countries is a welfare system which is much better that what was around in the Great Depression. Without a welfare system society is is big danger.and up goes the crime rate. People need to be sensible and try to buffer themselves for lack of food. Stop buying things that you don’t need. Prepare for having less. People under the age of 45 have no real understanding of how terrible life was in the Great Depression but they are about to find out, people need to take steps now and prepare as best they can. 

Australians warned of hidden health hazard in homes ahead of summer


This is a very serious health issue so check your house, clean the window frames inside your home regularly. One of my cousins got very I’ll from this and it has made me hyper vigilant about mould in my house. Luckily I painted my bathroom, toilet and laundry room using micro ban anti fungus paint a few years ago. Good ventilation is important.

This year we will have a damp summer and that means mould and fungus everywhere. So keep the anti mould cleaning up to speed. 

16 November, 2021

Astronauts on international space station forced to take shelter as debris passes by


O H AND S space style. Sounds very  risky work where anything can happen. It must take a great deal of courage and determination to do this for a living and stress on one’s family every time they’d people go into space. 

Wes Penre: Facebook and Metaverse


By Wes Penre, November 15, 2021

For those who don’t know, Facebook has created something called “Metaverse,” which is a big leap toward humans living completely in virtual reality, and it will replace Facebook soon. This is exactly what I wrote about in the Singularity book, but also what we have discussed many time as a possible future–particularly on my forum. Some of you may have heard of this to a certain degree, but watch this and put the dots together… The future is already here. This is serious stuff and a step closer to the end of humankind as we know it:

Please click on the above link to this important article. There are new comments to read also. Make sure you read the comments for more information.

Note from Alex: 

I watched the tv news report on this Meta / Facebook thing last week; and noticed straight away the symbol used and the word Meta. What Zuckerberg says publicly is definitely a bit misleading.

Meta definition : Greek prefix word meaning after or beyond, among, behind. Metadata, Metaphysical, Metaphor, Meta Key, Metacarpals etc. Many words have meta as a prefix as you can see. So does the Metaverse. 

Metaverse is right interpretation for this purpose, and this is the singularity that has been warned of. Remembering to keep in the parameters of cosmic law; we must be told of the intentions and there is nothing to prevent this disclosure from being obfuscated. Many people are fully aware and are making blogs and videos about this transhumanism agenda. This is for real and you can see my comments on my old blog over the years and this new one. Humanity as we know is is on a countdown. I don't care what others say to debunk this. It is happening and the more we think about it we draw this into consciousness. That can't be helped though because we create with though. This is the new Nano World, there is no spiritual part of this, it is all synthetic and entrapment of human consciousness.

In the metaphysical statement "what you think is" first a thought is created in astral (or by thought) and then it manifests in our world as physical.  As above and so is below. That is basic energy in action from a human point of view. 

The symbol or logo chosen is called a lemniscate otherwise known as the infinity symbol. This is also the same as a snip of the DNA symbol too. Remember in other posts that I said the lemniscate is also a sealed unit. Integration of the human being with the metauniverse and not just metaphysical world is what is being implemented here with the Meta. Our DNA is programable and we are being currently programmed, both psychologically and physically/digitally/spiritually.

Done deal for many people unless they strongly object. But remember at this stage we can still exit this reality and not be absorbed into this insane abomination of evil. You must make a choice or it's all over red rover. Personally I will never compromise my spirituality or my spiritual soul fire. 

During the pandemic there have been many hints in the news about transport changing and people working from home and right from the start we heard many politicians and public figures openly say; "This is the new world order" most people had no idea of what they were telling us. This pandemic so far has been  used as drill to see how this will work and so far it's successful. 

Be mindful from now on and educate your family, because on a spiritual level this is death for humans as we are now. No death no spirit world and the knowledge that is on the cloud we are interacting is carefully edited to erase things in history that some individuals want hidden. Make no mistake there is big money involved in this.

Our lives mean nothing to these people and our souls definitely don't mean anything to them. Eternal entrapment, without a physical body.

Gee, not sure what happened but the white around the text is strange, it could be because I did a cut and paste from my email from Wes and then kept typing, D’oh!

13 November, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 280;Q and A session 87


People are obviously not reading the Wes Penre Papers if they are still asking these questions for heaven’s sake! This is not hard to grasp. To be blunt, I am surprised Wes actually has to keep repeating himself. 

As I often comment, people are not willing to spiritually awaken, they will not invest the time and effort for their own salvation; as in exiting the matrix.  The individual is responsible for themselves and if they can’t be bothered learning anything then that is their problem. 

The Christian bible even states this fact. There is no such thing as dumbing down spirituality. Take personal responsibility and accountability for your self! To expect someone to do it for you is impossible and crass ignorance. 

I look at my stats every day and I notice very few bother to click on the Wes Penre information. That says something right there about how lazy the masses are, yet they worry about the covid vax. I would be more worried about exiting the matrix because that’s the most important thing to be worried about.

Pandemic pet boom turns up the volume on Canberra’s vet crisis


This is very distressing news, vets have a high suicide rate, which is horrible. Good caring human beings that give their all to help animals, yet where is the help these good people need. We have a serious shortage of vets in Australia, what will happen next if we can’t get anyone to fill in the gaps? This is quite frightening on both sides. Lives at stake! 

My Ruby is lucky because we have a couple of vets at our local vet. We think the world of our local veterinary staff. They are the most wonderful and loving people you could ever wish for. I would be heartbroken to lose any of the staff at our local vet. 

I just wish that the government would step up and get help in place for these wonderful human beings, that dedicate their lives to save our beautiful fur babies.

12 November, 2021

What magic is this?


Don’t laugh,but my mum used to iron sheets 云云

Paramedic mum says kids shouldn’t be given food in car in case they choke


Sound advice here, also turn the music down because you can’t hear if a child is choking or vomiting.

Never let children touch the seatbelt buckle either. Too many children are injured or killed because they are not in a seatbelt, or not wearing it properly. I have lost count of the amount of children that I have seen standing up in the car; while the car is being driven. My heart is in my mouth when I see this, even a dog not restrained is dangerous. Not just that; the poor dog can get killed, usually going through the windscreen and or, being a projectile that can injure a passenger or the driver. Picture a dog striking your neck in an accident, instant broken neck for the human and then horrific injuries for the poor dog.

Safety first, if the children need to eat or drink, pull over it’s better to take a break that suffer tragedy. Plan your outings, and if travelling some distance allow extra time for children to have a comfort break. Leave early if you know that you have to arrive at a particular time. That is less stress and if your children need to eat or drink en route, you can pull over, feed the children and back on the road. 

Toilet before leaving the house if possible, because sometimes you may be on a very long road without any public facilities for a few hours. Happy children, happy driving  

10 November, 2021

Bill Gates on climate crusade on one of the worst polluting forms of transportation


Well what did you expect really?  Do as I say; not as I do. Anyone holding the elite to account for flying around in private jets or sailing in luxury yachts? Nah, don’t be silly that only applies to the working classes. 

What about how bad eating meat is for the masses BS, not to mention the rise in the cost of buying meat in the supermarket. In reality they want to suppress vital nutrients to dumb down the masses. Ask any neurologist if a vegan diet retards the brain. I did; and was told straight; that a vegan diet harms the brain, but a vegetarian diet is fine; at this point I was a strict vegetarian for ten years for spiritual reasons but during lockdown in March 2020; I decided to eat meat again to see if it made any difference to my psychic abilities or my health due to having fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. It made absolutely no difference to my overall health. 

 The point I am trying to make is; the greenhouse gas bs has nothing to do with humans eating meat nor cattle. Cattle produce good natural fertiliser for the earth, which is safer than chemical fertilisers. Cattle are not causing pollution by way of flatulence and neither are humans. 

Trees are the planets lungs and clear the air of natural gases. How stupid are people to think cow flatulence is bad for the atmosphere? 

Critical thinking is undesirable because the powers that be do not want a challenge. So they created a movement that will be the new look communism to dumb down the masses to prevent their loss of power. The masses policing the masses and just like in communist Russia, people are turning informants. Have you not witnessed this over the past few years? 

What about the owners of luxury cruise ships? That is big money involved and yet they are still pushing for people to go on the ships for a holiday. Are the climate change morons stopping the cruise ships?  Nope! Are airlines stopping? Nope! But it is a crime to have a car if you are a regular person. 

 So why is old Billy boy allowed to use his yacht or private jet? None of the morons are taking a shot at him,the royals or any of the elite, just the ordinary people. 

TGA requests information from Pfizer after medical journal alleges contractor ‘falsified’ safety data


This is quite disturbing! Read the entire story;  the BMJ is one of the most respected medical journals in the world, with a good reputation. 

Sadly children in the USA, UK and Ireland have died suddenly shortly after vaccines, with blood clots in the brain or heart issues. Athletes too suffering heart attacks. It is not in high numbers as far as I know; but it’s not good. We are not actually getting the true numbers on this for political reasons though which is wrong because the public have the right to know the truth. Mainstream media is covering up quite a lot of information, however you car find out more information via VARES and other sources such as the current  book by Robert Kennedy jr. His book is a vital reading on the whole covid situation and other health  issues.

I am not saying don’t vaccinate, I think it is still a good thing, just be aware. These vaccines are still in the experimental stage until 2023. Still lives are being saved by the vaccines, I would rather have the vaccine than not have it. As for the stories on the internet about being dead within a year or so after the vaccine, that is a load of rubbish. I would say it is dangerous propaganda. Covid deaths are a horrible way to die and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and being on a ventilator is a horrible experience; that some people find highly distressing as they are coming out off ventilators.

 I know of a few people that have died of covid and the heartache that their loved ones are going through. I have had people in spirit come through in readings for clients to tell them of their passing and what it was like. 

My husband was on a ventilator a few years ago after surgery and as he was coming off it, he said it was the worst thing he had ever experienced. Picture being in your body but can’t move, you can hear people talking but you can’t speak or see. You can feel pain and can’t move; you feel trapped and scared because the doctors and nurses have to gradually bring you out of the induced coma, they do this over a period of time because if you are in that coma for a while it is harder to revive the person. So you are conscious for a few minutes and then back in the coma. Depending on your medical condition this can be over a couple of days and rather frightening for the patient to boost your health. 

My husband said he could never go through that again it was so traumatic for him. My husband has had many radical gastrointestinal  operations over the past 35 years too, but the ventilator was by far the most frightening thing he had ever experienced. So please do be wise with your health and don’t take silly risks.

Keep yourselves healthy and practice social distancing and hygiene, take vitamin D, zinc vitamin C and perhaps topical (transdermal)magnesium. 

04 November, 2021

French leaks give China a leg up in the submarine arms race


Just a reminder from 2016 as to why Australia is not buying submarines from France. This happened five years ago and France are still butt hurt. This was France that screwed up; so why the hell is the Australian government taking crap from France and the mainstream media over this ? France clearly cannot be trusted with sensitive information, who in their right mind would be buying from a nation that is supposedly an Allie but leaks the plans to China and this is also outdated technology. 

Are we Aussies supposed to accept this slap in the face? No bloody way mate!  

01 November, 2021

Neil Oliver: Will owning nothing make you happy?




Food for thought but it is totally absurd in reality; no rich and powerful person will do this, but they want us to do this.  But why should people accept this and also not be able to travel? Freedom of movement is a basic human right. 

There is more than enough land on this planet for everyone to have a decent size of land to live on and there is enough water too. We are being constantly lied to and manipulated by the rich and powerful of this world. Resources are being tightly controlled to make people think there are shortages. 

I am fully aware of the UN agenda (20)21 and (20)30, however I don’t think that they will get to implement this rubbish. Intelligent people will not accept this garbage and nor should they. It would take a terrible and draconian act or an act of sheer treachery to make this happen; and it is just far fetched nonsense. Also take a look at the rich and powerful people that work for the UN, do you think they will give up their fortunes or not travel overseas to exclusive holiday destinations? Do you think the British royal family will give up their mass wealth? I don’t think so! While this pandemic has been going on, Hollywood stars have been globe trotting constantly. You just need to Google the news articles to see that.

There are rules for some and others for the masses, it always will be in a dualistic reality. The rich and powerful will never relinquish what they have. Or should I say what they took from the peasants for centuries. Yet the sycophants grovel to them constantly. Nothing will change for the betterment of the masses on this earth because  this world was set up to harvest from the masses not just in material goods but spiritually and energetically too. There has never been a fair energy exchange in this world and never will be. You need to understand metaphysics to get the full grasp of what is entailed in this reality. There  must always be opposites for our reality to work. 

To give up our homes and all our worldly goods that we have worked hard for to give to our children when they die, is wrong. It makes our lives a pointless exercise. Why on earth would any sane person work for most of their life to give it all away? Why would you not want to provide for your loved ones and make their lives better by bequeathing you estate to them when you die? That is our right to leave our goods and assets to our families.  Who has the right to prevent this? 

No one in their right mind will just throw away what they have, and why should they? It’s  absurd to do so. Let fools be fools; but don’t follow them down the rabbit hole, put a lid on that hole and cement it shut.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...