18 November, 2021

Billionaire investor’s dire warning as inflation rages


I have been talking about this happening on my old blog for a while and on this new blog. In fact I have been aware of this coming for 32 years. If you read the blog posts where I mention my first child had  just been born; and the visions that I had one day while giving him his bottle; this time has already started  and can’t be changed. Before the pandemic started I felt this was the time for the suffering of poverty, hunger and world war returning.  

One good thing that we have in developed countries is a welfare system which is much better that what was around in the Great Depression. Without a welfare system society is is big danger.and up goes the crime rate. People need to be sensible and try to buffer themselves for lack of food. Stop buying things that you don’t need. Prepare for having less. People under the age of 45 have no real understanding of how terrible life was in the Great Depression but they are about to find out, people need to take steps now and prepare as best they can. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

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