31 May, 2022

Lithuanian public buy drone for Ukraine


When I did the tarot card of the month back in April for May, I picked up Lithuania and didn’t know what it was other than a connection to Ukraine in some way. This only just scraped in for the last day in the month. What an amazing and beautiful gesture from the people of Lithuania to the people of Ukraine. 

28 May, 2022

Single mothers hope Anthony Albanese’s upbringing might spur change


Let’s get clear up something first, public housing is a state and territory issue not federal issue. Labor have been in power over 20 years in the Australian Capital Territory. The responsibility lies with Andrew Barr, he is the Chief Minister for the ACT and the minister for housing, not Albanese.  The ACT labor government have had more than enough time to fix this problem. Yet people keep voting them in, even though they are useless. Why, because labor throws money around like it’s going  out of fashion especially on the public service.  Canberra is a public service city and public servants drive the economy in town. But labor never take on real important things like housing, health and education or policing. We have several stupid metal sculptures around Canberra costing more than a small house though,  under labor. We have a rental shortage that is dire not just public housing. For non Australian readers, The ACT is a small territory that sits inside southern NSW, so hence me adding the link showing NSW labor in office at times. 

Currently NSW is under a Liberal government with  Dominic Perrottet as the premier.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_Labor_Party_(New_South_Wales_Branch) scroll down to the list of pollies. This tells you when labor were in office and when not in office. 

 I am very doubtful of anything of real substance being done to alleviate this issue. Or any other real issues, not including the BS climate crap. There is no real party that has been seen to actually improve the living standards of ordinary people. To think otherwise is ludicrous as time and time again we see the poor results. 

I have no idea how families today survive on so little when they have utilities, food,  medicine, clothing and footwear. Money for public transport or running a car. Many Australians don’t have access to public transport if they are in rural areas or they services are irregular, so they need to have a car. Kids need a computer to do their school work too. It all costs money and on a pension or unemployment benefits it is very difficult to make ends meet. It is no luxury and these people do not deserve to be stigmatised. That is psychological and emotional abuse on vulnerable people and especially children. 

The mainstream media have a lot to answer to as they do much of the shaming of people on welfare and most of the time, the media whip the public into a frenzy. 

I thought Monkeee Pox was a hoax


Watch out Kovacs you naughty monkey 不不

How kissing toddlers while pregnant can cause life-changing health effects


Hygiene is paramount when pregnant. One thing that I absolutely hate is people kissing a baby or child  on the mouth. I find it revolting. My mother did this and I used to tell her not to do this. I knew that she was prone to cold sores for a start. 

Never let anyone kiss your children or babies on the mouth! In some cultures it is acceptable to kiss other adults or children on the mouth as a greeting. Great way to spread herpes! I had a male friend that I knew for years, that did this and I am glad we are no longer in contact, he was promiscuous.  I can’t stand people kissing on the mouth,  Covid has put an end to people taking such liberties on other peoples health, but for how long?  

Some people have compromised immune systems and people should be mindful of that. Just because the person doesn’t disclose to you they have a compromised immune system, don’t assume that they don’t. 

Just think about that when you interact with children because sometimes it is a small child with a compromised immune system, so don’t kiss a child on the mouth. Especially if you are not the parent or it is someone that you meet and kiss their baby. You should always ask permission to touch a baby or child anyway, it’s respectful. Children have rights too, including the right not to be touched. Remember some children can be anxious or even on the ASD spectrum and therefore may be distressed by you touching them.

 Also keep your fingers out of a baby’s mouth. It is wrong to stick your fingers in a baby’s mouth unless you are the parent checking for teeth and have clean hands. You have no idea what bacteria is on your hands and you have absolutely no right whatsoever to poke your fingers in a baby’s mouth.

Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine-associated tinnitus responds to transcranial magnetic stimulatio


Another side effect of the Pfizer vax, ain’t that just grand. Tinnitus is an awful thing and it can drive people crazy. How many doctors will put it down to the vax or just say it is a coincidence? How many people will be told to just live with it.

Wes Penre: Video 303 Q and A session 100


The pdf written version 

With regards to Orion, don’t you think it is odd that a film company uses that name? I do, and have noticed things on tv logos and other things that suggest that this industry has people in the know on such things. I personally don’t share the same opinion as Wes on this matter. My intuition tells me something is very wrong here. I still feel it is good cop bad cop BS. I will stay reserved on this issue.

https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/05/26/video-303-qa-session-300/Video format 

27 May, 2022

America uncovered: WHO Pandemic treaty- a secret plan for world domination?


Time reveals all.

NineNews: Texas gunman was inside the school for more than an hour


Now this terrible tragedy doesn’t give one a sense of confidence when sending your children to school. What a horrible thing to do to innocent children too. There is never any justification for crimes like this. Something is deeply wrong with American culture and schools when this happens. Security guards and metal detectors in a school is not normal but obviously necessary in the US. How can things like this be allowed to happen and so often in American schools and nothing ever changes? 

The culture of bullying is often depicted on American TV shows and movies; making it seem to be part of the way of life. But what are the schools actually doing to prevent bullying and detecting at risk children from taking a gun or knife to school? How many decades is it going to take before the American education system is held accountable for allowing such a toxic environment to exist? The buck stops with the government.

We don’t know what made this young man do this and may never know. But just stop and think of all the shootings in American schools done by children that were bullied. Why were things allowed to escalate in each individual situation? What are parents doing to prevent this and talking to their children if they are victims of abuse and bullying? What are the parents of bullies doing to prevent their child from being a bully and the possible flow on effects to other children? Obviously not enough is being done to prevent this sort of thing happening. Australia has issues too with bullying and we don’t want to see things turn out like the American situation and we are inches away from going this way. Humans lives are at stake and the mental health of innocent children. 

Adults have the power in their own hands to take action, how many more children must die or be injured physically and mentally before something actually gets done? This is a national level of care and justice, look behind each and individual case for the real reasons and fix it. We owe every child this and it should never be negotiable. How much do you value a child’s life? 

26 May, 2022

Investigation reveals tracking by EdTech of millions of Australian school students during COVID lockdowns


This is shocking, just imagine the mental health issues that now get triggered by this information. This is just wrong and now every time kids are on line this will always be on their minds. That is not good for children or even a parent that suffers from mental health issues, this knowledge may cause distress.

It just makes me wonder what else is happening that we don’t know about and invasions of privacy that we are living with and are unaware of in our own homes. 

New Coalition MP was founding member of club promoting climate science denial


When telling the truth is a thought crime. Just remember the media owners have a vested interest in keeping the truth out. There is a lot of money involved in the climate change BS, it is a sinister agenda that silences scientists that try to speak out too. Why are they scared of letting scientists speak about this? Simple money is at the root of it. 

Wes Penre: Loosh for the gods, adrenaline rushes, and the importance of correct breathing


Please read the comments, ignore any stupid ones.

UTS: Does stuttering have its origins at birth?


Interesting reading 

25 May, 2022

Heads up to clients, I need to slow my schedule for health reasons


Just a little heads up to let people know that my health is not good at present so I need to cut down my work schedule. My fibromyalgia is flairing  up at present including pain on the top of my head in patches. This causes severe fatigue that is quite debilitating for me, and on top of that my arms and hands are very painful and I keep losing feeling in my hands. Nerves in both arms are severely inflamed and pinching. I am still waiting to see a doctor about this and will require surgery on both arms. How long that is going be to get it done is anyone’s guess.

Health politics over the past two years and a very poorly run public health system is making it difficult to get help. Not just for me but the public that need medical treatment. 

So long story short, I must space my readings out or I will be incapacitated due to my condition making readings impossible due to pain and loss of power in my hands. I will keep everyone posted  when I feel better. 

How the world economic forum controls the world, Klaus Schwab and the great reset


Watch the video and read the comments for an education. Ignore the stupid comments of course. 

Did ya here that at 6.45 mins? Even Vlad the lad Putin is involved in this. Like I said in other posts old Vlad the lad is a Freemason have you not seen the hand shakes and the all seeing eye gestures etc? Just Google that and you can see for yourself. He is involved in all the usual crap against humanity, like the NWO elite because he is one of them, remember there are two teams or sides. I can’t believe how stupid people have been over the time Putin that was in power the first time, up until he started showing his true colours. I know people that thought he was cool, I kid you not! Yes, I heard Chris say there isn’t proof of Putin being a member,  but Schwab is now on record for saying that. As I always say about Putin, once KGB always KGB.

Schwab called Canadians his constituents in this video. On what planet and reality would that be? This guy is drunk on power and needs to be stopped, but all of them do. Just watch Australia now and see what happens here next. I don’t like politicians as a general rule because they are all questionable. But now that the Australian Labor Party are back in power, stand back and watch the train wreck as we get dragged into this crap deeper.

Keep an eye on world affairs from now on because things are definitely changing fast. But one thing to remember our governments are elected by us supposedly and not by NGO’s. We have the right to say no to our leaders. 

24 May, 2022

NASA Beamed a Doctor to The ISS in a World-First 'Holoportation' Achievement


Wow. Technology is moving along fast. 

This Cosmic Timekeeping Method Proposes to Synchronize All Clocks on Earth


I don’t think this will catch on somehow. 

Science alert: People With Insomnia at Greater Risk of Cognitive Problems Later, Study Finds


This is something that always worries me, I have insomnia and severe sleep apnea and dementia runs in my family. 

I just ain’t buying it!


 This has nothing to do with monkeys

Vet warning after 'highly unusual' paralysis ticks found in Sydney's Inner West


Ticks in Sydney watch your fur babies for signs of ticks.

23 May, 2022

Global health talks clouded by conspiracy theories about pandemic treaty Image without a caption By Adam Taylor


How about some transparency then so that the public can actually see what the intentions are at every step of the way. People are very distrustful of governments due to Lockdown and all that has happened during and since. We have clowns like Gates telling us to expect more viruses This man throws money at governments and companies to make things happen to his liking and we all know he is a eugenicist. This is traumatic to many people world wide and the public should have a right to scrutinize and also object to things that may be draconian.

The public have no trust in mainstream media, either for obvious reasons. Is it any wonder that there is so much distrust when we have corrupt politicians and businessmen?  Lets not forget the CCP throwing money at the WHO. Can we have transparency on all the dealings of the WHO and the people at the top, what are they getting out of this? We also need to see if there is any financial inducement for all the members of the WHO. How many members do not have human rights abuses to their names? How many have corruption hanging round them like a rotting carcass? 

22 May, 2022


 I rang the council and asked if I could have a skip outside my  house.

They said sure go for it fatty, you could do with some exercise! 

US accuses Russia of weaponising food in Ukraine crisis and holding global supplies ‘hostage’


 Bloody hypocrisy of the US what the hell are they doing? They are the bastards behind the manufactured food crisis.  But the mainstream media won’t tell you that now will they or the pandemic plan that will take away our national sovereignty for ever. Bloody elites and their secret societies hell bent on dragging us all into poverty and suffering. It’s all about power and control, because these psychopaths can’t ever get enough power and control over every single human being on this earth. 

Don’t forget the Henry Kissinger school of charm, control the food and you control the people. We don’t have trustworthy politicians, they are all slippery snakes in the grass. Just some are more toxic than others and can hide it well. 

Sunday sunshine and laughs


D’oh! D’oh! D’oh! Leaving things in draft and forgetting them. Food Shortages.


Food shortages, sitting in draft. Silly old fart that I am. I save things in draft sometimes and then have a senior’s moment forgetting it’s there.  My psychic stuff is working fine , it’s the old fart side of me that’s the problem. 不不不  

Ah well it doesn’t really matter now. We are all aware that it’s happening. Manufactured “food shortages “ . Like everything else these days it is what it is.


21 May, 2022

Neil Oliver: This pandemic treaty is the biggest power grab that anyone has ever seen in our lifetime


Humanity asleep at the wheel again! 

https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-9550/ UK Government 

https://www.onenation.org.au/stop-the-who-pandemic-pact Australia 

https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/375/bmj-2021-069129.full.pdf  the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

We need to keep an eye on this. I am not sure if Australia will agree to this heinous crime. I hope not! We need to keep an eye on this because we, the public are being deliberately kept in the dark with this for a reason. These psychotic  people are not government they have no real legal bearing and our countries should never agree to signing this. This is a human rights crime if it is actually being thought about and they try to implement this. I know absolutely nothing about the law but I wonder how this stacks up against the Nuremberg code. Perhaps that is not relevant, but we all need laws in place to prevent this. 

RE: The Australian Federal Elections Today 21 May 2022


Here is my psychic prediction for the Elections today from April 28th. I said Labor will win.  It seems people are looking under the wrong posts. I didn't know when I did my yearly predictions that this was an election year so I wasn't looking for that. Therefore it is not in my yearly psychic predictions.

Below is my YouTube video from  31 March 2022. Tarot card of the month for  April, where I say Labor will win at 7.43 m. This was a surprise to me when it came out of my mouth as I did not put it into the written version on my blog. I had not planned to say anything about the elections. This just came out as I was talking. That happens from time to time and I am as surprised as anyone. Normally I will do a few layouts when I am actually looking at elections as I did  right after this video and I scribble it down on A4 note pads like all readings that I do. To be honest I can't stand politics and know absolutely nothing about politics. 

Sometimes I actually have trance medium experiences as I do readings. Which means I am in auto pilot and June's card of the month had this happen as I was given a strange quote. As I was typing out my blog post and that quote was not in the notes that I had to copy from. I had no control over it as it came out. But I have left it as is because of lessons from the last time I removed something important. 

Which was when I wrote the prediction of Gaddafi's death, foolishly though I deleted a week later because I did not like what was coming through as I was typing it. It felt very archonic. I tried to see if there was something on the way back machine but no there wasn't any copy.  Yeah, I am good at  screwing up like that, lol. Act in haste and repent at leisure as they say. I just need to leave things alone when they are done. Even though it was done in a trance like state as I was typing.

I try to avoid things that come though if  feels like I am being taken over by an unseen force. Even though I am a trance medium, I am very against trance-mediumship and automatic writing because that can often come from malevolent sources. But this source always sounds the same every time I have an experience like this. Once these entities gain your trust they can destroy you and I have seen this happen to other people. So I am very strict with what I do.

 The language used by these beings is always sort of biblical, with the June prediction  though it reminded me of Shakespeare too. How bizarre is that?

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-21/who-is-anthony-albanese-australias-new-prime-minister/101076902 ALP WON 

Wes Penre: Video 302 Q and A Session 99


Pdf format to read rather than listening to. 

https://wespenrevideos.com/. Video format 

Early morning Lols…. Shhh not too loud

Oh yeah, we play recycling Jenga in our house too. We’re pretty good at it too 不不不


No Dunny diving 不不不拎拎
Just watch out for red backs on the seat and Dunny budgies (blow flies)

20 May, 2022

America Uncovered: Trudeau OBSESSED with internet control


With videos on YouTube, I am just posting the link because in the past I have had them blocked by the person that pt them on YouTube. Being a wee bit of a dinosaur I thought it was ok just to share it to my blog. So when it is someone other than Wes Penre or my own videos you will see it like this above. 

Hmmm doesn’t look like you’re in Kansas now Toto. Things ain’t looking too good in Canada eh. Never in my life did I ever expect things like this to be happening in a western country, but here we are folks. Crap just keeps coming our way. 

YouTube: Tarot card of the month: June 2022

The YouTube version is very slightly different to the written version.

Also I am about to do a little video on grief and it’s effect on both the living and the deceased. 


Anthony Albanese says Richard Marles will be acting PM while he travels to Tokyo with Penny Wong for Quad meeting if elected


I just read this article and as I looked at the photo of Albanese and Marles, I felt that Richard Marles will knife him in the back at some stage. I don’t like the look of this man, I get a feeling of deception from him. Time will tell I guess.  Could it be more obvious that the ALP will win 不不 stage management is an amazing thing. Then oh my gosh I am so surprised.

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-21/who-is-anthony-albanese-australias-new-prime-minister/101076902 yup Albanese is the new PM

Baby formula industry was primed for disaster long before key factory closed down


Rather worrying, how on earth is this permitted to happen? Mind you Bill Gates oddly enough has a solution, well ain't that just a koinky dink!

The past few years China has also been buying up Australian baby formula and we had our baby formula off the shelves in most shops and kept under strict control after that. But even now there are sometimes gaps on the shelves. 

Billy Boy Gates has a new type of baby franken formula. I sure as hell would never touch if I was a young mum. 



Breakthrough Energy’s board members include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Virgin founder Richard Branson. (taken from news article) 


 Hmmm, I would still be very hesitant. This is something that a parent must be very careful with, What about possible health implications in the years to come that may as yet be unknown.

 If a mother can feed the baby herself that's good, but many women are unable to for various reasons. Just be informed and be safe and above all, it is no ones business if someone breast feeds, bottle feeds or whatever. Our lives must not be open to public scrutiny at any time. To do such is a gross violation of our human rights.   

Rare monkeypox outbreak


Here we go again. Oh and a “training exercise”, give me a break with the BS. How did Gates know there were going to be more viruses unless they are pre planned? Let’s play scare the world smoke screen while we do something more evil because no one will be paying attention.  I have lost count of the amount of “training exercises “  which were dry runs for events that actually have happened shortly after the drill. People no longer believe the BS either. One possible trigger for this could have been something put into vaccines, to be honest I don’t know. It is only a guess but we know things have happened to people after the vaccines in some cases.  

Perhaps this is something that will be a non event. Just a little something to keep people stressed. I noticed the mention of a vaccine for this too. They also say that they find it hard to tell the difference between smallpox  and monkeypox. 


There was a paywall up on the Sydney morning herald page, but it said in the headlines, gay/bisexual  men, which made me think back to the old days when AIDS was first reported.


9News, Australia.

More to come on this. https://www.9news.com.au/national/monkeypox-case-identified-in-recently-returned-traveller-to-europe-in-sydney/0598188d-d29a-4af2-8d4d-3d4ae2dcd736

3.59 pm 20/5/22 And here we go, lights, camera action!


Well this didn’t take long to happen in Australia did it? How long before it is “out of control”? This is supposed to be difficult to contract, so they say anyway. A man developed this before landing on 16th May. So how long have the world authorities really known about this before going public? Long enough to let people move around, bear in mind it is very difficult to contract.How long before the WHO want everyone vaccinated? 

‘I feel your country’s anger’ – why the memorial to Britain’s Covid dead will be set ablaze


An occult ritual, sure why not! The place where this is taking place is on a ley line.  I knew this as I started to read the article, because I can feel it. You could say it is a sort of sacrifice. There is no way on earth that this place wasn’t chosen at random. There is careful planning goes into any ritual to get the energy right.

Don’t expect the real reason for doing this to be made public, we are talking about a sacrifice. He says that it’s nothing to do with spiritual bullshit. How about satanic then?  This is not normal and there is no way it’s normal. It is blatant energy harvesting of thoughts and emotions so this is an energy harvest, but what is the real purpose, because it is not benevolent. Maybe to usher in something the elite want like the Jubilee, who knows. 

UPDATE: 21/5/22


Yeah this could do, but I feel it will be way bigger than this though. I am talking deaths, lots. Remember the London Olympics with the hospital show? That was a ritual, but the time delay doesn't matter because it was already uploaded to human conscience. Then everyone rushed to YouTube and were Googling like crazy. Stage management 101. So lets wait and see what comes from this, Fires are a cleansing and one could say to remove something, Someone or many people so keep an eye out for  mass deaths and the like.

You are dealing with the occult so one needs to think like the occult practitioners to see the intention in the ritual.

18 May, 2022

Awaken with JP Sayers: The latest BS we expect you to believe


Lol, always quick off the mark. But I don’t know if he is controlled opposition or he is legit. He provides food for thought though and always provides a laugh with his videos. 不不不

17 May, 2022

Health minister Murphy can’t define what a woman is FFS


Check out his body language, the man asking the question did not go far enough and was way to soft on him.What an utter abomination you are Brendan Murphy! How dare you, you are a controlled creature of the NWO that is so damned obvious. You don’t have the courage nor decency to define a real biological  woman, how does your wife feel about that? You are an absolute disgrace and are unfit to head the department of health or any public role.

Misogyny in your bloody face ladies. You can shove your abomination called political correctness up you rear end. This is blatant hatred of women and motherhood, but it goes way much further that this in reality. But the masses are so bloody brainwashed they will actually accept this.  Silence is agreement and consent in this misogynistic abuse of women and humanity. That means you the public are OK with this  Marxist offensive social engineering when you do not object vocally. Is this what you the public really want for your wives, daughters, grand daughters to be subjected to to please a political agenda? How are you going to look women and girls in the face when you allow this abuse to be forced on us collectively.

The absurd thing is that freedom of speech no longer exists politically or for ordinary people because the masses sit back and let this happen. Democracy you say? Human rights you say? Something that you gave away people. It makes absolutely no difference who you vote for because this is an agenda worldwide and those that try to prevent this are silenced.

I shall sit back and watch the world burn and say not in my damned name, will I accept any of this Marxist Satanic abuse of  biological real women or  humanity. But the rest of you…..sure knock yourselves out.

Let’s not start on the worldwide grooming of children in the education system or the next phase trans humanism.  Lets see how the media will dress that one up to make you accept that agenda. Because that is the straw that will break the camel’s back. 

Please do not think that I am anti gay. I am very supportive of gay people and have family members and friends that I cherish dearly. Many of whom are vocal on the peadophile abuse. Most gay people are vehemently opposed to peadophiles. The majority of pedos are straight men.Just keep the politics out of humanity. I have absolutely no tolerance of the human race being politicised. This is anti human beings and against spirit, which we are first and foremost. This garbage is an attack on the sacred divine feminine. 

16 May, 2022

Some Employers In China Are Reportedly Using Astrology To Screen Job Applicants


Just looking for astrological information on line and I came across this article from 2014 and it reminded me of my old public service days. When a group of Librans all worked in the same section our output was so high that our area office kept asking; why when the four of us were working together this happened every time we worked together. We were happy and productive working as a team that knew our job.

When questioned about this by our officer in charge. I told them it's really simple, we are all Libra and Libra people get on well in a group, which the OIC had noticed often. Libra is a star sign for communication and Libras love to be helpful, the number 9 as in the 9th month of the year is also related to communication among other things. Libra is about balance and harmony as well as officialdom, contracts and agreements etc. It is a dual sign so everything must balance, Libra does not like disharmony.


Astrology is a science and was part of the training for astronomy until someone decided to split them to hide the esoteric knowledge. That is common knowledge in esoteric circles and secret societies for centuries. Astrology is difficult subject to study and it takes many years to learn and you need to be good at maths to be able to calculate without using modern software.  


What I do discount is Virgo's being lazy. I am on the cusp of Virgo and Libra and I am certainly not lazy. May be some are but you need to have a full chart done including the year of birth and time of birth, as that works in perfectly with their Chinese year which is most accurate. The Chinese year of birth will tell you along with the star sign if the people are compatible and diligent.

I always told my manager(s) in the public service to put people together that are going to get along with people that they are astrologically suited to work with. The worst thing you can do is put people together that will not get along and one will always want to dominate others. I have seen that happen more times than you can shake a stick at.  In reality most employers don't care, they just want the work done.  If they were smart and savvy they would look into this. Because there certainly is a difference in production.

Many corporate leaders and politicians use astrologers to help with decision making, but very few will admit to that. Many leaders throughout history sought the advice of an astrologer if the were going to war, to choose the best dates for a victorious outcome.  That still happens to this day and that is the reality despite what is said publicly.

I read for people in all walks of life, so I do come in contact with people in the areas of politics , business, media, the arts, law and academia often.   I have people that would drive interstate to see me, professionals in their field looking for guidance. I am not an astrologer but working as a clairvoyant and reading the cards I can pull out the same results. I would most definitely tell a client if I was unable to do this. These days I conduct all my readings remotely as I normally do worldwide for the past 18 years or so. 

One more thing, I just love Suzanne White's book on Chinese astrology and western star signs. If you can get this book you will see the patterns of behaviour and all sorts of fun things including a compatibility chart. It is not just for relationships and looking up stuff on your friends star sign and birth year. You learn about people and you will also see the jobs that people are suited to. Astrology and star signs are a lot of fun but there is a very serious side of it which must be respected.


NOTE: Looking at my stats today, 9 March 2024, I came across this that someone was reading and after studying Astrology part time over the past year, I can see more to the Libra thing. It is the 7th house of the zodiac which rules partnerships of all kinds, including those that one works with It covers public relations, other people, open enemies and marriage. The ruling planet being Mercury, which represents the intellectual urge and avenue of expression. Mercury doesn't just  communication of the spoken word, but also the written word, clerical work, transmission, opinions, reason, dexterity,intellect, opinion and sensory perceptions,. It covers book keeping, secretarial matters. Mercury also covers travel (especially short trips), transportation, trade,  siblings, children, neighbourhoods, emotional capacity and technique. 

Libra the sign that rules the 7th house is co-operative, companionable, peace loving, judicial, diplomatic, sociable, persuasive, refined. It's key phrase is I balance and key word is harmony. 

This information comes from my first level book , The only way to learn Astrology volume 1 by Marion March and Joan McEvers. This is the gold standard of learning Astrology. There are 6 volumes in this collection.  

14 May, 2022

Tarot card of the month: June 2022, Page of Cups


Element: Water,       Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pieces   Cardinal point of direction: West

Season:  Autumn/ Fall   Realm:  Heart  Gender: Female  Colour: Red

Note: Pisces is ruled by the watery planet Neptune, and water runs through this month. 

Welcome to Tarot card of the month for June 2022, The Page is a messenger in this tarot card, his message can be one of hope, unexpected surprises, he can also be naive due to his youth and inexperience in the big wide world.  The key words here are cool logic, naivety, communication, hope and romantic charm. he is intelligent and represents new beginnings. 

June follows on with the realm of thought, the mind (consciousness) and emotions. I am very cautious about June because I feel unexpected events or situations may happen. Ukraine and Russia dominate the news still and obviously will do for quite a while.  China is stepping up it's game too. Life goes on else where but with some interruptions to our daily lives.

As I look at the card I notice the young man on the card is seriously engaged in looking at the fish in his golden chalice. The fish is the bearer of a message to the page, who is also a messenger and the page is listening to the message. Can he carry out the request of the message bearer? Who is the message bearer and what does he want? I feel the messenger in the form of a fish is the US.

This message comes from the West and I would say the US as the US seems to be the money holder calling the shots, or at least is appearing to be the one calling the shots, but who is behind the US pulling strings? 

For that answer one needs to be keeping an eye on the world news constantly. I mean really paying attention and noticing the message between the words as in the Hegelian dialect. There is a mystery or deception behind what is currently being played out on the world stage at present. Not everyone is aware of what is really taking place and many leaders are unsure in how they should respond or react. The veil of this situation is gradually lifting to reveal what is taking place behind the scenes. This may shock many people all over the world because it is nothing like what they believed it to be. 

This card does not miss the message or the reality of the world events. it is to the point and hard to miss. The young page is a representation of Vlodomir Zelensky He is young in the big world of international politics and is playing up against the big boys, he has no idea what levels they will go to and he is actually wedged in to the current political situation. He must listen very carefully to what he is told by the west. There is no room or margin for error and time is vital in order to pull this off. This is not actually to the benefit of the people, it is to the benefit of some world leaders as time will soon reveal.  “Oh what a mess“ are the words in my ears as I type this. Something is afoot and it is going to be disastrous for those left to sort out the mess that has been left behind. This will take a generation or two  to repair and heal if healing is at all possible.

Woe is to the heart of those lost in war; they have no chance to tell the truth nor were they meant to. It is not for us to reason why it is for the lords of time to adjust and right the wrongs!” These are the words given to me as I write this article. I am as flabbergasted by this, as you are who read this.

Now to get on with the article, the page on the card looks self assured and cocky. He is a thinker with a cool mind and intellect. But intellectual  is not what gets him to where he is going. No it is the wisdom of others that stear this willing young man along his path to history, is it victory? If so for whom?

As I look at the page eyeing up the prize to be won I feel he is highly motivated in his goals and dreams. He wants  or needs recognition from others on a world level. I do feel he has restrictions on him though. He must listen to advice and not be foolish. Many depend on him. What I feel though is what is going on in the background. Emotions and thinking, the world leaders put their heads together for this situation guiding the page (Zelensky). Zelensky is now on a public world wide platform all eyes are on him front and center. He is given advice from an unseen source connected with pieces (Scandinavia, or cities such as Seville, Boston and Warsaw) Pieces also rules hands and feet.

The page holds up the golden chalice like a microphone in order to speak but he also looks like he has to listen first then speak. The fish in the chalice is looking directly at the page as if communicating with his on a telepathic or psychic level. The fish is seen to be imparting information or an order/instructions to the page.

The page is naive but willing to  listen to what he is told, he feels he is standing on solid ground and knows what he is doing.This is his actual undoing though, he has yet to realise and will eventually no longer trust the west, he forgets he is dealing with the big boys. His back is to the water in the card  rather than looking directly at the water, big mistake. Thus he cannot see what is coming, Thus unprepared for an attack or an unforeseen event.

A page is a young and inexperienced in the school of life, yes he may well be very intelligent and well educated but he must not be too cocky or try to tell others what to do or he will be cut down to size. He must learn to be savvy and know when things are not in his best interests or his countrys best interests and also to know when he is being used. 

The page strikes me as listening to advice but he needs to also be smart and use his logic, not to be outsmarted by older and wiser powers. 

As I study the card I look at the blue hat and matching scarf and a blue tunic with what looks to me like red  tulips. Red tulips symbolises peace, true love, wisdom, tranquility, heightened senses, spiritual enlightenment and spiritual rebirth.

This symbol is very important with regards to current world events unfolding so please, keep this in mind if you pardon the pun. The month of June is about mind games, deception and being in a stupor, the mind not on the ball as it were. Pay close attention to detail with regards to what is said in the media. pay attention to their words and meanings. 

Air travel issues are in the news , this feels like Europe, UK and possibly the US. I also feel there is a small window of opportunity for something, this feels like conflict, sea and air issues. I see a submarine here for some reason. Water is important for the month of June. 

The gray background feels very strange to me and it feels like a veil as if it is covering something and the page is being used as a decoy. The page doesn't even realise that he is being used as a decoy. He stands proud and dutifully listening to and taking orders and advice from key men in the US and the west. He is the front-man yet he cannot see this yet. but he is in for a shock. I do feel this young man the page must be ready to pack his bags at some stage. I see him (Zelensky) on a flight out of Ukraine.

Meanwhile everything in Europe is getting difficult between the EU/UN  and NATO. Plans are being made and disagreements over what to do are sticking points among these old war horses. 

The curtain behind the page is lifting gradually and reveals a great mystery or agenda. This feels like the Ukraine/Russia situation and as I look at the cards I am drawn to the Blue and Yellow at the bottom of the card isn't that interesting. The page is standing on the  golden-yellow  ground (Sunlight/enlightenment and the national flower is a sunflower). Is he making a statement of some sort here?  His boots tell me he means business. Also they tell me of a journey to be taken, a mission. Is this a physical journey or an inner journey of the mind? 

Notice his red puffed sleeves on his tunic suggesting muscles and strength, one hand casually on his waste tells me he is kind of relaxed about this. The page is looking to the right hand side which is the west in cardinal direction points. Male energy is the right hand side also. His hand on the chalice implies strength, and acceptance of an offer in this particular reading of the card. it also covers the future and it is active energy; be ware!  The chalice is a vessel that holds something usually liquid such as wine. This can also be the human body which is a vessel for the soul or spirit. 

The belt around the waste of the page is binding, cutting energy or limiting power, energy and movement. This is both a negative thing and a positive thing depending on the situation. The belt is kind of like the lemniscate or infinity symbol implying stuck in a ongoing situation, time or event as in a loop that keeps repeating. 

Hat: Consciousness and intellect and thought mode. Blue colour of the hat implies coolness of thought, consciousness and truth in this particular card.

Red sleeves, leggings and tunic trims, Power, life force, passion, anger, courage, revolution and action.

Yellow, bitterness, confidence and deceit.

Golden chalice, Harvesting riches, greed, wisdom. Chalice is a vessel too, to hold things. The physical body as I said earlier is a vessel for spirit or the soul to dwel in physical form. 

Brown and boots, imply grounded, journey, practical, decay, earthy.

The sea/ocean it is deep and mysterious, salty and bitter tasting. it also implies wisdom. Salt water tastes bitter when swallowed such as in drowning. However water is an energy moving or still. In the card the water is moving at a steady flow. So the situation is moving but not fast it is a steady flow.  Is there really any progress? No, it is just treading water with no real gains. Why is this?  What or who is holding things up? 

Now looking at the card again the earth beneath the feet of the page looks dry, not lush and fertile soil. Behind him the sky is dull and gray, it is not a bright lit sky. It looks depressing , the feeling for June in some ways is depressing and not a happy month for some people.  It is definitely a month to be watching world events play out. 

Money must be handled carefully, do not rush off to spend ot or you may regret it later. The year is not a year to be careless with money. Interest rates as we know are rising. 

Now Madrid, Spain is in the news this could be a political issue. Sweden has the same coloured flag as Ukraine and both are depicted on the card right at the feet of the page of cups. I get the feeling of water here connected to both nations. But I get the feeling of water generally for the month of June. Consciousness and the human mind just like last month. Now with regards to Sweden and Ukraine this feels like NATO and we know that this is still on the cards for membership.That is a slow drawn out procedure itself  , hence the feeling with the waves not being fast moving. 

I do feel the Swedish people are apprehensive with all the sudden news, it is just so new to them. They are not used to conflict.I feel the Swedish peoples emotions are slow to anger, however I am not so sure if they will be so calm over this issue with Ukraine and Russia. They just want the status quo and to live in peace like most people do.

In the UK this summer as the weather warms up the young want to go out and have fun. Care is needed with alcohol use outdoors in public places such as at the beach. Violence is possible due to immature young people that imbibe too much, and fighting starts of course as the football season is in full swing.

Be ware of suspicious phone calls, scammers are busy, phone hacking and internet hacking is rife and money will be stolen in higher amounts than usual  through scams and hacking. Better security is needed for all devices. Have at least two step verification on all your devices. 

Stay safe and warm and fuzzy hugs


UPDATE: I said water is important this month, Ukraine used  harpoon missiles on gas platforms. The combination of Air and Water hat I mentioned. 


https://www.channelnewsasia.com/sport/spain-withdraws-bid-2030-winter-games-due-political-row-2761521 Spain in political row.


NATO looks at historic Madrid summit 29/30 June 2022.

UPDATE 28 June. NATO: meeting in Madrid Spain to boost NATO troops by 300,000.


13 May, 2022

JP Sayers: They banned abortion, Everything you need to know

 https://youtu.be/-jwYcOlUdws Watch the video all the way through and read the comments.

Truth is often disguised as humour. Gates parents are well known eugenicists and so the concept or belief is still around for Bill Gates to be seen promoting it.  The rules only apply to the working classes though. Eugenics was a popular belief all over the western world from the late 19th century onwards most of the wealthy people though it was right; up to WW2 and obviously many still do (selective breeding). It’s absurd though because many of them are inbred and are not as mentally stable as ordinary people. Humans are no different to animals in saying that the purer the bloodline the higher the risk of defects.  Some of the seriously rich believe in keeping bloodlines clean and the female bloodline is vital to keeping the elite alive and in control. This has gone on since the dawn of time really. It just didn’t become public knowledge until the 20th century.

The hysterical  female in the video screeching about abortions is utterly disgusting. Who in their right state of mind does this, you can bet your ass she was indoctrinated at university. Did you know planned parenthood are behind the political group EMILY’S list? And find it perfectly acceptable to perform late term abortions and will endorse female politicians that joint EMILYS list and financially support them to further their political careers. 

The baby does feel every bit of pain in late term abortion, being ripped apart literally. One must question the mindset of any individual that participates in such a horrific murder but also neglects to tell the poor woman what she will have to endure as well as the poor baby feeling every part of its cruel death.The baby is not given any pain relief and you can find videos online showing this however I do not recommend viewing these videos.

Bear in mind these “females” endorsing abortions and especially late term abortions have never had to go through this horrific suffering or they would not be the militant wicked creatures they are. They are anti life and anti women, bitter and full of rage through manipulation and indoctrination. No normal thinking woman acts like this.

If you have the courage then research this abomination of evil then do so. Again I must stress, I don’t recommend looking at the videos though because they are horrific. Terminations are done for various reasons, but after 12 weeks I don’t think it is the right thing to do, I feel for any woman that is in this situation and sympathies with them. But it really depends on the health issues of mother and baby when the procedure is done. Late term termination is absolutely wrong and very, very dangerous to the mother and the poor little baby.The mother is often left traumatised after such a horrible experience and deserving of our love and compassion. These poor women are manipulated into going through late term abortions with absolutely no real idea of what it really entails. Please do not hate these poor women, they are victims of abuse by very evil and devious individuals with a clear agenda. These ladies have absolutely no idea about the agenda. 

We are living in such sick and disgusting times and people are deliberately pitted against each other. For those with an esoteric education the reasons are obvious and highly disturbing. We must be very careful as to choosing a side if at all. Karma is automatically activated if one takes sides with anything on this earth. Karma though is a deliberate artificial construction to enslave the soul of the unaware and unless you have a sound esoteric education then you may be tricked into believing and accepting this evil manipulation of innocent souls. I will remind you again this world or reality is a very negative and very low vibrational frequency that we are locked into. It is not for the betterment of humanity, more the opposite and for multiple reasons. Thus a good esoteric education is needed to call the ferryman’s bluff.

Wes Penre: Video 301 The singularity timeline part 7 closer to the end goal


Top link takes you to the video format and the bottom link to the written pdf version 


I am no fan of Barbara Marciniak and I am generally very wary of anything  to do with her. However this agenda is real, make no mistake about that. The signs are all around us as are the warnings. It is up to the individual to be aware and take the steps to avoid the put falls.

I am glad to be an older person because what is proposed has never appealed to me. I can only take so much technology. I am also extremely careful when it comes to spiritual and esoteric matters too. I keep it simple that way I do not wander off my path. I read extensively and keep note on what I feel is important. 

These people that think it is a great idea to create esoteric groups for evil purposes always come to a bad end in one way or another. They don’t learn anything good nor are they interested in doing good. It all catches up with a person when they indulge in negative energy. It can be just as addictive as drugs to some people and it will eventually destroy them. I just don’t understand why some people go down this path, there is absolutely nothing to gain other than your own demise.

Spiritually speaking one can create a world without using artificial intelligence, thought  can do this and when we are not in a physical body there are less restrictions on us. However that will also depend on where we as individuals go after physical death. Also if we leave this universe and head out further into the multiverse. Anything is possible as long as we are permitted to go into certain areas and what our intentions are including our level of spiritual awareness. The thought reactive multiverse is a great unknown to humanity so we must be very careful or we can end up anywhere and perhaps get into danger. 

Keep it simple as you learn/unlearn and relearn; and also how to protect yourself as you negotiate the spirit world and multiverse. We are all learners then we venture into the unknown so great care and courage is needed. Fear holds us back and can block us from moving anywhere due to it being a low energy frequency. 

Review launched into death of Amrita Lanka after parents claim their concerns were ignored


How does this happen in a modern country? My heart goes out to people that lose loved ones like this and especially if they lose a child.  This is the Victorian health system at its worst. In April a young girl died of an asthma attack because the ambulance didn’t arrive on time. Below is the article about her death and it is  so distressing to read about what the poor girl and her family suffered. The Ambulance officers at ground level would be feeling like the worst people on earth and feeling guilty for something that is not their fault. But you never see the real individuals responsible feeling any guilt or take responsibility for preventable deaths. How can one live with that on their conscience and sit in their cushy office so far removed from such suffering; willing to let others live with heartache and feelings of failure to save a life?


How utterly devastating this is and the feeling of being helpless in an emergency. There is absolutely no need for the health system to be driven into the ground like this. This is an agenda behind this and it is through the western world for decades. It is  money before lives basically and it is so damn obvious yet no one wants to fix this. The public deserves better than this disgusting disregard for human lives. 

12 May, 2022

ACT pet crisis support

 I came across this organisation a couple of nights ago but had forgotten their name. I have just spent several hours combing through Facebook to find them via local groups. This wonderful organisation helps people pay medical bills for their fur babies. 

So I am trying to do my bit to let people know of them when they have a vet bill to pay. There is a vet pay system that vet clinics have as well. But for people on a pension etc this might be beyond their financial situation. So thankfully the ACT pet crisis support people may be an option. 

https://www.actpetcrisis.com/#/ Follow them on Facebook too. 

A dire situation that is unprecedented’: Senior Alfred doctor quits, warning of mass burnout


Yet people still voted in Chairman Dan Andrews, again. WHY? Perhaps they have had too many knocks to the head or not enough to knock some intelligence into them. This is a disaster and when you or your loved ones die who is to blame? People need to get off their arses en mass and complain to their local members of parliament and demand something be done. How many burned out doctors, nurses and ambulance staff does it take to quit, or even kill themselves before help is given? 

Read the comments section too because some are from medical personnel, also Labor have been in power for nearly 23 years in Victoria. So what is the excuse for this when the government can throw millions of dollars at other projects including the Olympics. Where will the overseas staff come from? Is that causing a drain on their homeland’s medical services? How long does it take for them to arrive here and start working? Not to mention some people may need their medical qualifications translated into English prior to starting work. These things take time to arrange, that time is translated into lives to be saved. 

In the meantime, Canberra is not much better with staff run off their feet, the system is broken and under staffed as it is. If you are a public patient it takes ages to see a specialist in Canberra, if they have a specialist that you actually need. I saw a Rheumatologist last year, around November and was told that they will contact me in February to give me my next appointment. This is May and after two phones calls to the outpatient clinic I am still waiting. They see one public patient a month, and I was told over the phone there were 10 people ahead of me. I had to extract the answers from the clerk too. He did say that some people had not bothered responding to the outpatient department when they tried to contact patients. Meanwhile I am still waiting, my doctor has also faxed them a document saying my condition has gotten worse and also waiting for a cardiologist appointment now too as my condition has gotten worse. May be I am being selfish but I kind of like breathing. I like being able to use my hands and arms too without losing all feeling in my hands and I have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, elbows and arms. 

And yes this is a Labor government in office for 20 years in Canberra too. Let’s be honest though it makes no difference who is in power because no matter who is in power someone will screw up, it is only by varying degrees and the public are so apathetic it’s nauseating. What ever happened to holding these officials accountable? The Barr government in the ACT are as useful as a back pocket in a singlet yet every election the dummies keep voting Labor. Perhaps if the Liberals in the ACT had a clue they might actually win an election it’s been at least 20 years since they did anything except turn up for work and get paid. 

11 May, 2022

Study suggests a common mechanism underlies some behavioral traits seen in autism and schizophrenia


I wonder how this discovery will help in the future, in assisting children that have problems learning at school and being able to learn and comprehend what they are being taught. 

10 May, 2022

Ukraine's mine-sniffing dog awarded medal


Isn’t Patron a lovely little guy. I absolutely love Jack Russells they are my favourite dogs. What a brave little doggie boy he is. I wonder how many people will use that name to honour him from now on. Much as I don’t like animals used for bomb detection, I understand why they are needed. The handlers must get terribly upset if anything happens to their dogs as they have a very close bond with each other. 

09 May, 2022

War medals found inside furniture at Melbourne garage sale spark search for recipient's family


Wow what a find, I hope that they can find a relative, if not it’s best the medals go to the War Memorial.

Sadly some people don’t have any family to pass things on to; in such cases perhaps give things to close friends or a museum depending on what the items are. 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-12-19/laurence-cutts-stolen-war-medals-found-40years-later-in-wa/100708032 Please read this article too, how upsetting is this! 

RIP Dennis Waterman : Dennis Waterman — star of The Sweeney, Minder and New Tricks — dies, aged 74


Wow what a shock. I had just watched his last movie, Never too old last week. Glad he got to come to Australia to make this 2020 movie. I liked him in The Sweeney, Minder and New Tricks. He came across well in these characters and made the characters believable. Gone but never forgotten. 

07 May, 2022

Video of dog driving ute shows Jack Russell Lexie helping on south-west Victorian farm


You just gotta love Jack Russells, they are awesome little dogs. Lots of fun and big hearts. Lexie looks quite the thing steering the Ute like a boss 鳶不不 My Ruby is my car buddy when I am in the driveway. She is in her princess house (dog crate) if we are going somewhere though. Nice pink bedding that is soft and snuggly for our best little girl to drive in comfort. 

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

Yeah, never train your dog to fart for fun either. They abuse the privilege, just saying 戊不不不

Warm and fuzzy hugs


Purple Poppy Day 2024

  https://thepurplepoppy.com.au/ Today is Purple Poppy Day in honour of all tha animals that have served in the military. They didn't ge...