01 May, 2022

Labor to help low and middle income earners buy home with shared ownership scheme


Can anyone see the dangers here? You will own nothing and you will be happy! Anyone that takes up this offer will be in danger of losing their home when they can’t make the repayments. The government will own the house. The commonwealth bank have a deal like this and Dominic Perrottet signed this into law in NSW recently. What could possibly go wrong here? 

If you trust the Australian Labor Party then you are an idiot, not that the NLP are much better of course. They are going to destroy peoples lives with this. What will happen when this goes wrong? Will people be made to vacate the house or stay as a tenant of the government, bank or corporations ? This looks like the way things will go in the years to come, very few people will own a house because either the government or banks and corporations  will control housing that is happening in the US at present realestate is being bought up by banks with disastrous consequences. 

If you read through all of my predictions you can see the formation of this nightmare. Like I said before I saw this coming 33 years ago, we would be going back to the suffering and poverty of the 1920’s and 30’s. Now as I said in the Australian predictions for 2021 Australia will take two or three decades to recover from what is happening and this is only the beginning. People need to think before spending money on anything other than food and things that they actually need , not going on holidays, that is a luxury and if you over spend then you are going to be in a bit of strife trying to make ends meet. How are you going to feed and clothe your family,  run a car and pay bills?


From 12 February this year. 


Wall Street buying up houses. Please read the whole article it is scary, people can’t even get maintenance done properly in these corporate owned houses. 

Read the comments in the link below. Like I already said You will own nothing and be happy. There aren’t any politicians on the side of ordinary people. But this as you can see from everything that is happening in the western world is corporate communism. Vote Labor they said, it will be fun they said. 


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