12 February, 2022

NSW first home buyers could use contribution from the state government for their deposit


Omg, wow, I am stunned by this. Do you honestly think that you will have any inheritance to pass on to you kids with this? This is scary and people will be backed into a corner with this proposal. 

Our kids will have nothing and the generations to come will have nothing. Only the very rich can avoid this. Forget buying if you work in retail, hospitality or a child care worker/aged care worker. Perrottet thinks this is what people want, he’s a millionaire why the hell would he care it’s all about money. 

Looming!, it’s already happening as is the rental crisis. Yet people don’t get off their bums to protest about this. To me this is way more important than the vax issue or anything else. People need affordable housing to rent or buy. Interest rates will go up too; and many people will just never be able to buy a house. The government must build more public housing or face a backlash of angry homeless families. 

Remember that saying; You will own nothing but be happy! This is it sadly.

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