31 March, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 250 Q and A #70


Just posted by Wes.

Robert Sepher: Venetian Black nobility and Baroque


This is not new information, but I feel he needs to show how much further back this actually goes; to the Middle East connection, as in the cult of Isis and the cults in ancient Babylon etc. This is bloodlines that go way back and at one point merges with European bloodlines prior to Christianity kicking off. That is part of this too. Money, power and religion (including the esoteric).

Atlantean bloodlines perhaps could be included here; as not all perished in the great deluge, some made their way to what is now Ireland, Europe and the East. That took centuries to unfold and create new bloodlines that are still here today. In a nut shell it’s duality with team a and team b bloodlines fighting for the position of top dog to rule this world. It always has been the way there is no other way with these people. One team will play good cop, think Trump’s team. But they are all the same really, there is no real opposition, it’s illusion.

UK flying blind on levels of toxic chemicals in tap water


Interesting reading! 

29 March, 2021

Reminder this is a new blog (duplicate of my original)


Just letting people know this is a new blog, to replace my original blog http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/ Much of the old blog is on here but not everything. I just can't use my old one because I stuffed up my settings etc, I cant even check my stats, lol.

So please use this one, you will find the subject labels down past the  ABOUT ALEX and TOTAL PAGE VIEWS.

28 March, 2021

Courtney Hadwin what a star


This girl is on fire wow. The first time I saw her on YouTube I thought she was channelling someone like Janice Joplin. I still feel she is someone that was a powerful singer in a previous life. She is just amazing as she is this shy little girl that somehow is channelling this amazing talent.

You have got to love that voice, she is a one off. I pray that the light of her star shines bright for a very long time; this girl she has something very special within her.


27 March, 2021

Autumn dog poop

When mowing the lawn in autumn after weeks of neglect  beware of the unexploded canine ordinance. 

ABC News: How to tell the new season is starting, according to the Noongar people of WA


How awesome is this, six weather cycles. This is observational patterns that were studied over many years by the wise people of the land. Who understood the ways of nature and had a deep respect for the land. Six seasons makes so much more sense in Australia, our climate is nothing like the northern hemisphere. 

25 March, 2021



Hell hath no fury like a mum when you press all her buttons in one go. 🀣🀣 The look on mum’s face, just one more minute and she’ll slug him 🀣🀣 Let me explain it to you  like this kid;  what starts with come here and ends with ow? 

Tarot card of the month: April 2021, King of Pentacles


Master of the elements
This card is ruled by Taurus

The King of Pentacles is the card of the month for April 2021. This card is a generally positive and powerful card. It covers money and power, tolerance and flexibility. April is a month for money and power and success in business and personal power.

I see a battle over money which dominates the month of April. To me it feels like a battle between western leaders and western business men making a stand. They are not going to let  themselves be beaten by anyone and especially not China. They are set to defend what is theirs. Something which has been conveniently ignored for years.

I am drawn to the water in the background of this card, (I am using the Mystic Dreamer tarot deck at present) The water represents the mind and consciousness. A lot is at stake here, the king is defending what is his and he has worked hard to get what he has. 

The king is both a compassionate and caring natural leader, but can be a formidable enemy too. He dispenses wisdom and benevolence to those that need his assistance he is a good mediator and wise leader. If  he is put in a threatening  position he is a powerful enemy, don't push him!

The king will not back down to bullies or anyone that threatens him. So don't poke the bear! bears do bite.

Pay attention to detail this month on the personal front, take care of things that need taken care of especially legal of important issues dealing with authority. You may find you are lending a helping hand to someone too. I hear the words, Paying it forward. good idea too as many people are in need at present world wide. We do what we can to help others in need, because it is the right thing to do.

But do remember everything is an energy exchange, so everything has to be kept in balance and not all one way. Which creates an energy imbalance. So allow others to help you in what ever way they can and you in turn help others in what ever way you can. It is sometimes not possible to repay the kindness to the person that shows kindness to you, but you can do a good turn to someone else.



Wes has put this out as food for thought and to teach us to be aware of  the unseen world and the effects of dangerous secret societies, to serve as a warning. History does repeat itself too, and we are currently living with the effects of insane cult beliefs for over one hundred years, that the average person is aware of.

Some of the comments people make in the comment section are really out there.  Who left the lid off the jar of idiots?

The Vril society to me are nothing but megalomaniacs under the spell of their controllers and they care nothing about humanity. In short egotistical psychopaths, that want to rule the world, choosing who are to live, die or be slaves to their dark masters. Notice how the women disappeared at the end of the war, how very convenient, no doubt a change of hair style and a new identity. These beings that they were in touch with are clearly not benevolent. It makes you ask the question who in their right mind would communicate with them?

How many more crazy people are there; that endorse this nonsense about benevolent beings coming to help humanity? We are a commodity and enslaved in this reality. Hell; even the  cult of Isis elite knew how to enslave a soul right after bodily death using black magic.

It is no leap of faith to say that they communicated with very similar evil beings too. We have spin doctors that have packaged the cult of Isis into what is now Christianity. Again not for the benefit of humanity. It's the same poop different shovel; constantly in our low vibrational frequency. It will not get better, ever, as that defeats the purpose of this reality.

There is no such thing as a mass spiritual awakening either! That is not how this works and never was intended to work.

Last night I was reading an archaeological forum, and one new ager was going on a ridiculous rant about  humanity aligning with a higher dimension and  aligning with the Krystal court. I was absolutely nauseated by her tripe so much I got off of the site. This site is run by a respected archaeologist too. Generally I don't go on forums etc, because people just troll each other or a new age fanatic posts absolute garbage with no scientific founding's only parroted new age garbage that has absolutely no sound scientific background that some individuals take to heart as the truth without any real validation.

The new age garbage was not really any different to what the Vril society are into, it has just been re-spun for the new agers to fall into this insane rabbit hole with no way out. This is a very dangerous mind trap for mental health also.



24 March, 2021

22 March, 2021

The mountain ash fairy (Rowan tree)

 They thought me, once, a magic tree

Of wondrous lucky charm,
And at the door they planted me
To keep the house from harm.

They have no fear of witchcraft now,
Yet here am I today;
I’ve hung my berries from the bough,
And merrily I say:

“Come, all you blackbirds, bring your wives,
Your sons and daughters too;
The finest banquet of your lives
Is here prepared for you.”

(The Mountain Ash’s other name is Rowan; and it used to be called Witchentree and Witch-wood too).

Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere

 Ah finally reaching the autumn equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, 21March. In the northern hemisphere it is the spring equinox. 

The Flower fairies colouring pages


Click on the link to get the colouring pages, good entertainment when stuck indoors or for kids traveling.

21 March, 2021

Sky news: Global warming


Global BS 

The EU is essentially the work of the devil , Sky News


Why don’t you call it as it really is, under the stranglehold of Freemasonry and other cults. Look at Who is  involved in it and the symbolism. Lol, many of those that are in powerful positions that call it out are also bloody Freemasons or the equivalent, so don’t be fooled by any of the talking heads. None of them give a damn about us. Look at their lifestyles and income. They would not stop to speak to us in the street as we are beneath them.

Seriously thinking of closing my Facebook for work stuff

I am noticing the Facebook company slowing down my posts on Facebook. But I have also noticed a lack of interest from the public, no effort is being made by anyone that is a member of my Facebook page to keep up to date. I have avoided posting anything on the page of late because I feel some of the esoteric and spiritual stuff that I share is over the heads of many people.

They seem to like Luciferin New Age rubbish that offers no spiritual wisdom or self empowerment nor spiritual freedom. I do not for one minute pretend to be an expert on any of this. I am still a student at my own pace in esoteric matters for over 16 plus years, but the lack of interest from people is astounding. Considering people are falling over themselves for psychics in current times but show a lack of understanding in anything spiritual.

Not all clairvoyants and psychics are into the real heavy esoteric literature nor share anything important with others. I try to make an effort in my own way. But it seems such a waste of time in the long run.

We are living in a time where real wisdom is quickly disappearing again (this yet again goes in astrological cycles or yugas') and it is crucial that people self educate. Not with conspiracy theories but, real wisdom as to why the world is in a decline. It is a pre ordained destruction; that is governed by astrological cycles; but is able to be individually circumnavigated by degrees by those that are spiritually aligned and understand the spiritual warfare around us constantly.

Think of it as a computer program and you need to understand it; in order to break the encryption, that is basically what we humans need to do. But lacking in any esoteric education and any interest in real spirituality will most definitely be a downfall to those that do not seek to achieve any Gnosis or wisdom.



The Templar revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince


I was given this book by my father a couple of years ago; and I am working my way through it at present. It is such an excellent read in regards to the Black Madonna cult,  John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and the Isis cult. This book attempts to unmask the identity of the historical person Jesus; and what his real purpose was. It is rather heavy reading but if you love a good mystery, this book gives that and presents more interesting puzzles. Such as the Ancient Egyptian Isis cult and how it is threaded into Christianity. If you think back to the UK in the early 2000's and the Queen on her Golden jubilee. It was steeped in mythology and full on rituals similar to the Isis cult.

I do recommend this book for those that are interested in esoteric literature. I feel it goes well with; Not in his image by John Lamb Lash. However it is such a massive subject that you would need several books on the subject.  If there is one book on your must have list this is it. 

If you do buy books like this, please don’t lend them to people, because you never get them back. Speaking from experience, I have loaned books in the past and never gotten them back, and I always put my name in my books. So that they can be returned to their  rightful owner. 

One was the Holy blood, holy grail book; and I was most annoyed about it not being returned, because there have been times that I have needed to use it for a reference tool to be frustrated by the fact  that it’s gone. The woman just made excuses and fobbed me off. I no longer have anything to do with her because of her careless nature. 

My father had loaned the book, A souls journey by Peter Richelieu several years ago.Which is a very expensive book it is worth over $300 and has been out of print for years, his name is written on the inside of his book. He never got the book back so if anyone comes across it, just know that book belongs to my father it was a loan out only to one person and definitely not gifted to anyone. He was very upset at this book never being returned to him because it meant the world to him.


Scroll down to the update of March 21. Read the quote. This is an Isis cult that Jesus was initiated into by Mary Magdalen. I highly recommend that you read the book if you are into esoteric literature. This is part of the foundations that you need to know.

NOTE:In the Templar Revelation please read especially from page 286, where it mentions the accusations that Jesus was a practitioner of Egyptian magic. That is referring to his being an initiate of the cult of Isis.


Read from the Black Sun onwards.

The Rune Symbol Dagaz and Extinction Rebellion


Originally posted 9 October 2019.

I noticed the symbol for the group Extinction Rebellion and smiled to myself. It is in fact the Rune symbol Dagaz  from Tyr's aett, it represents the number 24 and the letter D in the English language alphabet. Dagaz means day, it is pronounced as Dah Gahz. It is also a symbol of clear vision and enlightenment.

Dagaz relates to the daylight hours (enlightenment) and to tie it to a specific time, noon.  Dagaz also alludes to Thor the god (Lucifer the light bearer?) of lightening and inspires inspiration, awakening and transformation.

It is also used in magic rituals to invoke change. Hmmm casting a spell on the masses perhaps. This symbol can be worn as a symbol or an amulet for protection.

So I wonder if this rune symbol is used say, as in the mass events such as Extinction Rebellion could it also be a magic ritual to sway mass consciousness?  An awakening but to who's benefit? Mass events are well known to be used for energy harvesting too, as they reach their pinnacle at the designated meeting area.

I am always rather wary when I see signs and symbols used in this way, as it speaks of the people behind the event are trained in the occult/esoteric arts  and they are fully aware of what they are doing and it is not for our benefit, quite the opposite in fact.

Most people attending mass events have good intentions and care very much about nature and our environment, however people can be misinformed of any purpose or agenda regardless of what the issue is. I feel this is something to take a closer look behind  this movement and what it is really about.

Now lets take a look at the positive interpretation of this symbol. It is generally a positive sign to have in a reading, if life has been in a rut, it lets one know that a change for the better is afoot.  A time for waiting is now over and a major event or turning point is around the corner.

Dagaz  also lets one know that if we work hard we will move forward. This symbol can represent protection in new situations  or when new people  come into your life. Generally a happy sign.

Dagaz is also a good sign for good health, prosperity and completion can't argue with that.

One interesting meaning for Dagaz is it can reveal secrets, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. On a negative meaning it can show blockages  or prevention of you succeeding in something.

Other negative interpretations  of Dagaz are you are drawing problems to yourself by thinking too much about them. That is basic law of attraction, what you think of most you will create.  So it is wise to be very careful of what thoughts and intentions we hold, lets we create them.

But other than that it is generally a good symbol.

Now looking at other parts of the symbol or logo (word)  There is the circle around it and the colours green and black. All of which have dualistic meanings.
As I said before, what are the real intentions of the top individuals behind this movement?

The meaning of the circle has so many meanings, so here are some, Revolution as in both meanings of the word.

womb, unity, inclusion, spirit, egg, the sun, the moon, seed of life, mobility, cycle of life, beginning, mobility,  renewal, community , initiation, birth, the sacred.

The colour green meanings both positive and negative meanings and psychological meanings.

Psychological meaning:

The balance between the heart and the head.


love, peace, harmony, joy, community, family,  nature, life, life affirming, the heart chakra,

compassion, renewal, vitality, life force, social cohesion, expansion, to be part of a group.

Negative meanings:

Envy, greed, jealousy, aggression, power, devious with money,
possessive, devious.

The meaning of the colour black, both positive and negative and the psychological meaning.

Psychological meaning :

Withholding of information deliberately, intimidating controlling

Positive meaning :

Protection from negative forces,

Negative meaning:

Hidden, secretive, authority ,seductive,  intimidation, darkness, evil, black can block communication because of the intimidation and negativity is generates, unapproachable because of the intimidation it creates.

Black is also a colour of seduction and wealth, luxury, think of evening wear and the little black dress or a black tie event.

The clergy also wear black  for spirituality, but it is also an absorbing colour, think of absorbing energy such as emotions (energy harvesting ).

Whether intentional or unintentional. We must never take an other person or an other beings energy, that is very wrong.
Black conceals or covers where white reveals or uncovers such as the truth of a matter.

Black is used for wealth and many retail stores insist their staff wear black, now remember black is an intimidating colour, it can be seen as unfriendly too. Whether the company owners are aware of this or not nak3s no difference, it still works.

I would say there would be many in positions of power that are fully aware and of the importance of colours and why they choose particular colours for the energy they convey along with the message.

Now looking back at this Extinction rebellion you can see a subtle message forming. This is a well thought out method of communication, and a form of mass control.

It fits right in to the UN agenda 30 plot. Keep an eye on this movement for further social changes instigated by them or the government. This has all the hall marks of more loss of freedom for the masses yet no one is picking up on the reality of


UPDATE: March 21, 2021

Last night I was reading more of the Templar Revelations book, and I came across a mention of a lady dressed in red clothes being part of an Egyptian esoteric cult. It made me immediately think of the people involved in Extinction Rebellion and the occult symbology employed by them.

It is entirely possible that this group wearing red clothes are conveying several layers of esoteric messages. One interpretation  could be the cult if Isis (ancient Egyptian cult), but red also alludes to Mars energy (war and conflict), male aggression, blood, or the base chakra, as in low vibrational energy of negativity. 

The clothing as a ritual is definitely pagan, the page number where I found the quote about the lady in red is page 278 of the Templar Revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. The quote is as follows,
"Egyptians address their Queen Isis as Mistress of the gods....thou lady in red apparel...Mistress and lady of the tomb".
 The book then goes on to say traditionally the Magdalen is depicted wearing a red dress.

Quite interesting don't you think? Myths within myths and secrets within secrets, in all secret societies that only initiates are permitted to know. We are talking bloodlines. They then advise their loyal subjects on what they want them to do. Only the elite know the full rituals and their meaning and reasons. It all smacks of elitism and duping the dumb masses to follow blindly. 

 The Templar Revelation link.

19 March, 2021

Friday giggles


These pictures are from artist John Lund, I just love his sense of humour. That meditating cat picture on my blog is one of his. I have the actual card in a photo frame of that cat. I saw it in a shop and just had to buy it.

Things humans are not very good at, no 1


Lol, try having a cup of tea on your own without a Jack Russell up on your shoulders frantic in case you drink all your tea. That is our Ruby, she is beside herself if anyone is drinking a cup of tea. You must hurry up and give her some.

We think this is a Jack Russell trait, our Sparky used to love tea as well, but he could wait patiently, not like madam minx. 

The teacher pointed at me


Wes Penre: Video 164 another slant on forgiveness


Please listen to this video and keep it in mind what actually occurs in the victims. No two people feel the same way, but you are under no obligation to forgive an abusive person. Morally,speaking, I have never and will never be put in the position of forgiving an abuser. My mother was an overt narcissist and everything was her way or the highway, no one had the guts to stand up to her except me. An extremely destructive individual and she knew exactly what she was doing. 

Such an individual will break you down and make you think it is your fault and in some cases will do the accusations in front of other people; who will be too afraid to defend you. You do not owe either the abuser or enablers any apologies, remember that. 

18 March, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 248 Q and A session 69


The latest Q and A from Wes. To read rather than listen to this click on download.  One thing here that I  remember from looking back at older articles and how forgiveness can also possibly free the archons and others from guilt and accountability. 

Also after reading the Operation Trojan Horse eBook, when they author says the Orion’s are violent, hmm that is not totally accurate, and I see a conflict of information which needs further exploration. 

There are factions involved with the Orion’s as Wes pointed out in one of his papers; I just  can’t remember which one though. I will email him on that and get back to you.

Wes just emailed me (and I assume everyone on his contact list) with this video. Perfect timing yay, go Wes πŸ˜€πŸ‘


I have also posted it on its own in case anyone misses it tacked on here. 

I must email a thank you to Wes for this.

17 March, 2021

Autumn squirrel

 Nature’s beauty, a beautiful little squirrel among the autumn leaves welcomes the change of seasons. 

Thank you readers for looking at my new blog

 Gee I am so happy to see that this blog count is jumping up so fast. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has stopped by to have a look. I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts. I will have  to find some cute pictures to add to the warm and fuzzy stuff 😻🐿🐈 

I don’t want everything on here to be serious, just informative with some humour and interesting things to read. 

16 March, 2021

What if


Like most of us haven't lost our shit already πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

Second reading on Julia Gillard July 2010



This  reading was also done in July 2010. Both of these readings are what is called absent readings.

The sitter or client is not there. I just think or focus on the person as I shuffle the cards.

Ace of Swords                          The Empress                       9 of Wands
Queen of Cups                           2 of Swords
The World                                The Magician
Queen of Swords                       6 of Swords
8 of Wands                                2 of pentacles
4 of Pentacles                            4 of cups

This lay out signifies a Victory by Julia Gillard, with strong ramifications. She knows how to get what she wants and will use all her skills and abilities to achieve this. Timing was to her advantage to take power from Mr Rudd. Julia uses cool intellect to handle people. She is out to win come what may.

There is a look in her eyes that gives her away. Her opponents need to read her eyes to figure out what is going on within her.  She is not the sort of woman to flinch in dangerous situations.
I feel she is learning how to show warmth. This is not a natural trait in her. She is a very strong woman. A match for her male colleagues. Julia plays her cards close to her chest. Not even Wayne Swan truly knows her thoughts. However she can be manipulated by him.
Julia needs to be on her guard at all times. She is only Prime Minister because Wayne Swan wants her to be. I feel when the time is right Mr Swan will push her out of the hot seat.

Julia won't take this lying down, the gloves will come off. I f eel Tony Abbott is also scheming with some Labor MP's  to bring her down. Dirty tricks are being played on her. She must not take her eye off the ball for one minute. I feel the top Labor men don't like her and are plotting her down fall at present.

I see her split with her partner within 2 years of leaving Parliament. She will buy a property up north of New South Wales where she will write a tell all book. A much older man will enter her life later on.
This man is a very spiritual man. He is a very loving man and the best thing that could happen to her.
He will help her open her heart and she will blossom.

I wish her all the best that life has to offer. Please bear in mind we are all on this Earth to learn lessons. Julia is no different and like many of us alive now is here to heal and to  give and receive love. The best of her life is yet to come.

Prediction on Julia Gillard 2010





I have held off on putting this on my blog but now, I feel the time is right. Looking back at notes written prior to the Australian Elections last year. My husband didn't want me to put this on my blog. I should have just done it anyway. As I proved to be correct, the second part of it is unfolding now anyway. But the best for Julia is yet to come, God willing.

26 July 2010

5 of Wands                 The Magician                                   4 of Swords
6 of Cups                    Judgement                                       Justice
7 of Wands                 9 of Wands                                      The Star
The Moon                   King of Cups
The Chariot                Knight of Cups

Julia is surrounded by a group of people in a discussion. She is quite prepared to take on the role of leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP). However the Moon card shows this is not so.

It is an illusion, The Chariot card is in the position of control going out of her life. All is definitely not as it seems on the surface. The Magician card again shows her as a person who is in" Control", knowing what she is doing. But does she really?

Judgement and the 9 of Swords, next to the Magician tells an other storey. Julia is in a position where she is in the spotlight and, is trapped like a rabbit in the car head lights . There is an opportunity for her to free herself from this situation that she finds herself in. She just needs to step " out of the box"
that she placed herself in to, to think clearly.

There is an older man around her offering her support (Mr Swan?)  I feel that he is actually offering her a poisoned chalice. Is she foolish enough to accept this chalice?

The 4 of Swords indicated lying low in wait for the right time to act. There is definitely a "Magic act "going on here, right in front of the public's eyes. Are they being hypnotized in to falling for this spell that she and her co-horts weave for the Australian people?

Everything is carefully timed and choreographed. Labor will be re-elected, but for how long?
There is an air of deception around the Labor party. Julia won't stay long as Prime Minister. I feel she will be sacrificed publicly, by a dark haired man. A young man with light brown/fair haired,  has been groomed to work hand in hand with this dark haired man. This has all been a long time in the  planning. He will come out of the shadows shortly, when the time is right.

Julia knows and suspects correctly what is going on. She has had her time to shine, as the first female Australian Prime Minister.  I am hearing the words "going down in a blaze of glory"  as I write this.

Part 2

7 of Pentacles                   5 of Swords                          King of Wands
Ace of Cups                     3 of Swords
Knight of Swords             Queen of Cups
6 of Swords                     The Moon
The Chariot                      7 of Swords
The World                        Queen of Swords

At this stage she feels victorious and on top of everything. Nothing can rock her boat.
She is in for the fight of her life with the election campaign. The World card next to the 5 of Swords and the 3 of Swords tell me that she is only going to be in power for a short period of time. The knifes are out now, within the rank and file of the Labor Party.

I feel Julia trusts the wrong people around her. She is quite strong willed and wont listen to others that try to warn her. I feel This dark haired man will betray her. Julia isn't meant to stay as PM. It is only a stop gap, She is filling in for the next phase. The big guns are to step in and then worse is to come.

I have a bad feeling about this change after she leaves this post. I can't say (don't know) what it is but it has a black feeling about it.    She Knows exactly what the score is!!!

Men in dark suits are controlling everything behind the scenes. I feel these are business men that are involved. There is some sort of alliance formed, Julia doesn't have much of a choice in what is really going on. But she is a big girl and has to just roll with the punches. Such is life in politics.

Part 3

Not a good feeling, this is quite a heavy negative spread.
Julia is suffering a loss. When she thought all was in her favour. Julia has very fixed views on how the job should be done. A lot of deep thinking is going on in her head. There is a short term victory here, but this is a false sense of security.  She is in for a battle for leadership leading to betrayal.
Nothing is ever what it seems with Julia!
Plots and counter plots. In the end she cant trust any one. She must be careful on Twitter,  Face book etc, like all pollies.

Please Remember every Human being has free will. This reading was done in July 2010. Much has happened in that time. There are many people involved in the back ground that we are not aware of.
They also affect the situation that Julia is facing.

2013 Prediction for Australia's Leadership




On 4th November, I had a look at the Tarot cards, to see what is in store for Australia in early 2013.

The Australian Labor party leadership in particular. It is no surprise to anyone that things are about to change. It is quite overdue in fact. The rumblings have been going on for the past 12 months.
I stand by my original prediction about Prime Minister Julia Gillard, things will start to move fast from here on in. As I said, back in 2010, she is only a stop gap or caretaker prime minister.
The picture is a lot clearer now to me.  The man set to take on the new role as prime minister has already entered the stage. Everything is set to happen. This  man is a serious person, prone to worry. He may even have anxiety attacks from time to time. This man will toe the party line to a tee. He does not do things by half measures either.
When I did my original reading he had only just entered Federal Politics.  I believe this man to be Bill Shorten.  I feel that there will be a public announcement in the coming weeks. I do not see Julia Gillard staying on as prime minister to the next election. I feel that pressure will be put on her

to step aside, and the big guns will be out. She won't go quietly, either. Some might say it is pay back, be that as it may, be prepared for a new look to our political landscape for 2013.
There are dirty dealings going on as we all know. That is the murky world of politics, Julia knows the score. She knows what is going on and is trying to save her sinking ship.  The big question is now how much of a danger to Australia is Bill Shorten? I feel he will bow to the US and Israel. But this is not good for Australia. 

I personally have no interest in politics, this was just a curiosity issue for me.  I have no interest in the dark energy that these people are surrounded in.  My interests are  mainly spiritual and the betterment of humanity and the beautiful animals of this world. 

Alex nails it again, Turnbull is now Prime Minister of Australia



Well here I am proved correct again. But really who else will they want to be the sledge hammer?
Right at the end of the reading I say, Turnbull will be the next PM. By now I expect people are waking up to the fact that your vote does not mean squat! Elections are all rigged. But this is by passing the ballot box and being in your face, letting you know what is really happening.

Big business pick the leaders, they put the money down to pay for who they want in office. Looks like many will realise that elections are nothing but a dog and pony show. Twice in a row now we have had an "new leader' put into office in Australia. If that ain't a wake up call I don't know what is.

You did not vote Turnbull in to office, nor Gillard the first time around. Do you honestly think  your vote  counts? Wake up and smell the coffee. Gee I am not a political person, but when upstairs tell me something I listen. We are in for a very tough time so lets not fool ourselves. Don't think your money is safe in the bank either. If you can shift it into silver ingots or little gold ingots that would be smart. Those with money to spare buy property. Do what you can to protect what you have or it will be gone soon.

14 March, 2021

The Riotact: Incredible discovery could hold natural key to treating allergies


This is exciting news for us allergy sufferers, I am mucous city 24/7. I have had allergies for years and always carry an allergy spray in my bag and a heap of Kleenex. Some days a 180mg of Telfast doesn’t even touch the allergies, so I use my homeopathic spray on top of the antihistamine, or on the odd occasion take a second Telfast at night if the allergy is really bad. 

I have developed asthma recently too, no family members on either side of my family have that. So I have no idea how I acquired that, lol. My kids have asthma, but I assumed it came from my husband’s side. 

It is not uncommon for older people to develop allergies as they get older. So I guess some of mine are because I am an old fart now 🀣🀣 You know you’re getting old when you just love things like Deep Heat or Denkorub for arthritis. My favourite perfume at night. 

My only worry now is, what if I develop bad taste in clothes and gaudy colours. Hubby assured me he would put a pillow over my face and make it look like an accident 🀣🀣 Might be a good option if my fashion sense goes out the window. You are better being out the world than out of fashion 🀣🀣

The Baby of the Family || ViralHog

OMG! This is one of my favourite kitten videos. I never get sick of watching this. I love ginger kitties, they remind me of our baby Garfield.

Code brown


 Anyone with fibromyalgia will know this experience! 

Heads up reminder: This is a new duplicated blog


Just reminding readers again that this is my replacement blog to my old one. I no longer post on my old blog  http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/

For a month or two I will post a reminder or note for new readers that this is a duplicate. All my psychic predictions, articles etc are now on this blog under categories for easy reading. 

13 March, 2021

Quokkas throw their babies at predators to escape, and other Australian animal 'myths'


Here ya go, some fun facts from the animal world πŸ¨πŸΈπŸ¦˜πŸ¦‹ Not one mention of drop bears ha ha ha!

Historic locomotive 3801 makes historic comeback in Sydney


All aboard the Choo Choo train 😻 there is something wonderful about these lovely old trains. I have always loved the old steam trains. As a child I lived near railways and enjoyed seeing trains. In my mid teens there was an old railway bridge near the house that I lived in near Edinburgh. My friends and I used to love standing on the bridge like the railway children in the novel, and we would wave to the train drivers. They would wave back and toot the horn. 

Even now my friends and I chat on line about those days, full of innocence and fun. I hope many kids today get the chance to have a ride on one of these old trains and enjoy the simple pleasure of waving to the train drivers like kids used to do year ago.

There are railway museums around the country to visit, and they do train rides often, so have a look on the internet to see where one of the historic railways are near you. Last year my husband and I were booked on one of these trains but Covid struck and it was cancelled, but not to worry they will be back soon and we will have our train ride. πŸš‚πŸš‚

PDF Operation Trojan Horse by J A Keel


If the top link doesn't work try this one below


I posted this on the Wes Penre post video 247 on 11 March 2021 as part of something else. I started to read this and felt that it needs to be shared , not so much as for the UFO stuff, but what he says in conjunction to this phenomenon. For those that follow this dark subject; heed my warning as well as Mr Keel's warning. 

If you read this please keep an open mind. But I need to draw your attention to the warnings in this book.

The Trojan Horse comes in many forms as you will discover when reading, BUT, I need to direct you  to The Cosmic Joker, the chapter when he mentions Malcom X and the harbinger of doom that visited him in prison. Look at pages 196/197 onwards. These are very serious warnings; that I have made in posts myself in regards to the Metaphysical world and the dangers, such as spells, magic, trance mediumship etc. DON'T DO IT!

I know of people that have lost all that was dear to them also, such as the family being split by divorce and other unhappy domestic situations and each individual case was due to esoteric stuff but especially channelling and in particular ET's, supposed guides and the usual stuff that I warn against.

How much do you value your life and your mental health? Because that is what you are staring down the barrel of. No if's or butt's. No matter how many people I have told not to do this and they still do. Hell mend you!  as we Scots say, you were warned and cannot say you weren't warned. This boils down to the individuals ego. The damage that could be done is irreparable as is the suffering.

Remember( look at my old blog for this) I was warned at a trance mediumship class to stay away from UFO stuff? Not just that being coerced several times into going on the trance mediumship against my better judgement (I have always disapproved of trans mediumship) and something very bad happened to me, but not the other person. She didn't want to know when I told her what happened to me either she just laughed in my face, but she kept her distance the rest of the weekend, she knew the score. She set me up for this course by badgering me numerous times saying it will be fun! Fun? For whom? It was not for me and it is something that I will never forgive. But hey; Satan looks after his own, her day will come.

Below is the link to my article on ley lines which is valid when looking into the cosmic joker.


Now after reading this chapter on the cosmic joker, can you see what is really going on? These entities play good cop bad cop for entertainment, not for our benefit and sure as hell not to benefit humanity spiritually. It’s all a con job. 

I would never recommend being a professional psychic or clairvoyant, (we are born with our abilities), I honestly wish that I had never chosen this career path. Yes, I see it as a spiritual calling, but it is a poisonous chalice. There is no money in this job unless you sell your soul, something that I would never do. I am a very grounded person that has no interest in fame and fortune, only a normal life. With good people around me, and animals of course; as I love them very much.

Please be wise and mindful when it comes to spiritual or other worldly matters, because nothing is what it seems and that includes religion. Be warned, be empowered, and be safe. Your actions are the emanations of your thoughts, that is why it is very, very important to practice mindfulness and be very carful of what thoughts you hold, they are often inserts by the cosmic jokers, your job is to know the difference between your thoughts and the jokers thoughts. 

A big clue can be a random thought that enters your mind and may be hard to dislodge. It can be something that is out of character with your personality or something that you know is wrong but you keep getting the urge to say or act on that thought. An example being, saying something that you know will hurt someone; and you deliberately go right ahead and say it. Which in turn can open the proverbial can of worms, and often backfires on you.

You then start to wonder why you acted that way and have terrible regrets. So you can see the danger here and need to be aware of your thoughts, your social filter etc, and think of what the outcome can be to others and yourself before you act impulsively or carelessly.

You don't want to have a trojan horse living rent free in your head. Evict it and keep your guard up by being mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

Wikipedia    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Trojan_Horse_(book)

Denmark suspends AstraZeneca covid shots after blood clot reports


Wow, not good. Hopefully there will be a better dose that prevents nasty side effects. This is part of my world psychic predictions for 2021.

11 March, 2021

Cute picture of the day


I just adore squirrels 

Summer in the Northern hemisphere might take up half the year by 2100


What a crock, how about going back to school and relearning science, the planet and the universe work on cycles of varying lengths. The word Might, is not your get out of jail free card when writing garbage like this. It just shows a political agenda when writing this article, ignoring the fact of solid scientific data that confirms thousands of years cycles from the actual environment, core samples of the earth from many areas of the planet, over thousands of years, that show the duration of weather cycles and how often they cycles repeat. 

Note the handpicked  woefully inadequate time frame within the twentieth and twenty-first  centuries, to push this bullshit onto the masses. How about actually reading unedited proper scientific evidence that actually covers thousands of years, Christ on a bike, even a kid’s encyclopaedia that is pre-climate change could inform people about real weather cycles.

How many people actually still have legitimate science books in their homes that debunk this garbage? Smart people hang on to these books, and know that this is a political agenda. The whole Bullshit will eventually collapse and the real facts will come out. 

I just hope all those involved in this climate hoax will be sued and prosecuted for this outrage. I hope that  scientists will not be gagged much longer or have their careers destroyed by an evil political agenda such as this.

Remember the age of Aquarius is a revealer  of that which is hidden, liar liar pants on fire! 




 This link is the written format

Wes comments on information being removed from the internet, however there is a website with books and articles that I have on my original blog, and I have put the link in here   https://www.unicusmagazine.com/THE_WHOLE_TRUTH_Page3.htm  I cannot vouch for any of the truth or accuracy to any of the books, nor do I approve of many of these books. 


This is my 2019 blog post

Avalon Library , Michael Salla


http://galaksija.info/literatura/jk_oth.pdf  Operation Trojan Horse

This UFO Book mentions sightings ongoing for centuries, but my ears pricked up when he mentioned the Orion’s as being the bad guys. Wes Penre says a faction of them are bad and a faction are the good guys. 

Personally I don’t trust any of them as it is all picking a team and I for one won’t be drawn to either side. I think they all are untrustworthy. Too many games being played and we are being set up. There is no real truths to this unless we are free spiritually and not trapped in this reincarnation cycle of control.

Please read the part about Malcolm X and his harbinger of death, (page 196). This part in the book I would say in very interesting and should be noted for the warnings. 

I have seen such beings in black in the house next door years ago. You will find information on that in my article Lay lines and inter dimensional beings. These beings are always angry too. Please read the full chapter called Cosmic Jokers, it is a brutal eye opener. As I have said in other posts, had I known back when I started my career what I know now, I wouldn’t be doing this work. I strongly don’t recommend this as a career path. Just because you have these abilities, doesn’t mean that you are obligated to use them. It very rarely works out in the individual’s favour. Speaking from years of suffering myself.

10 March, 2021

NSW police fulfil a sweet and simple last wish for Newcastle woman Rita Meredith


Heartwarming story of a former mounted police woman and her last request, so glad that her wish was granted 

Scientists discover Neanderthal skeleton that hints at flower burial


Ah yet again the assumption that Neanderthals were not civilised (comparing them to our ancestors that is). Of course they were a compatible race to homosapien sapiens otherwise no interbreeding would have taken place. All humanoid beings have an inbuilt belief in the afterlife and spirit. I am no scientist but intuition tells me that all humanoids are alike when it comes to life, death and spiritually.

Even animals are sentient beings that have an understanding of death and spirit. I would venture to say that Neanderthals would have also been intuitive. 

https://humanorigins.si.edu/evidence/genetics/ancient-dna-and-neanderthals/dna-genotypes-and-phenotypes Check this out, evidence of Neanderthals had O blood group.O negative being the psychic blood line. Most royalties on the planet are O negative. 

ANZAC Day March gets a capacity boost for Sydney commemorations


The ANZAC legend lives on in 2021, after the ANZAC Day parade being cancelled last year for the first time ever, we have permission to celebrate this year. Let’s hope we never see it canceled ever again, no matter what reason.

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 So you can go right to the subject matter such as Psychic predictions by the year or month, Psychic experiences, Humour etc.

Happy hunting peeps


09 March, 2021

Olive King


  This link above is to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, they have a fantastic book shop too by the way.


I read Olive King’s biography many years ago, it was a fantastic read and shows the bravery of women during war. WW 1 was a major game changer for women, in the past army wives followed their husbands in to the war,  but doing domestic chores such as laundry and feeding the men. 

They would see horrific things; but along came the modern warfare of the First World War and everything changed. I highly recommend reading any books on the First World War, biographies and first person experiences. 

https://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/king-sir-george-eccles-kelso-6957 This is Olive King's father.

Australia is still a relatively young nation by comparison to other nations, however we sure have produces some very interesting and brave  individuals. 

08 March, 2021

Looking at the stats for this new blog

 I checked out my stats for this new blog, most have come in via Facebook or my old blog. However Australia is the top of the stats, where it has always been the US that was the highest viewership. Second is Portugal at present, with the US fourth. 

Normally Australia is in about fourth place and that covers all time with my old blog. Anyway it is very early days and I am not really worried about my stats. I just enjoy sharing things on my blog.

As long as people get something nice out of it that’s great. That is what it is all about really sharing information and corny humour. 

Have a good weekend peeps 

07 March, 2021

The Igigi or Angels

 NOTE: Originally posted in 2017

According to the Wes Penre Papers ”A Journey through the Multiverse", Level One; on page 239, the Igigi were a race of beings that colonized
Mars thousands of years ago and also had a strong presence on earth. Wes believes these beings to be what we call angels, which means god's helpers.

If you recall in the Christian bible; it says angels are god's servants and, do not thank them. One must thank god only (En-Ki/Lucifer, is the god of earth as clearly stated in the bible). I also feel the blue opalescent beings such as the ones in the above image are the supposed angelic beings.

I have seen blue opalescent beings many times; they do not show their faces ever.  I have  these beings in my house often, sometimes standing near my bed at night time. On one occasion when one of  my nephew’s was small; he came to visit with his parents and standing right next to him as he sat at the dinner table, was  a supposed angelic being. It was exactly the same as the other blue opalescent beings that I have seen many times; and whom many people have written about.

Generally they do not communicate with me; they seem to just watch the people that they appear next to. I do not feel these are spirit guides, otherwise I would be told so.

One very interesting experience during a reading that I will never forget was; the client’s father appeared in spirit; and started to show me the birth of his grandchild. This was to let his daughter know that he knew of the birth. To my astonishment I was allowed to witness the “soul bearers” assisting a soul going into the body of a new baby at the time of the birth. These beings were also the same opalescent beings but with a white shimmer to them.

How I know what these beings are, is a strong feeling, Clair-cognizance which suddenly comes over me when the being appears.  But why would any being hide its face or disguise itself? To me, that says there is something else going on. Something I do not like nor trust.

A benevolent being such as a loved one will not generally use a disguise; they show you exactly how they look as you knew them in life. On the odd occasion; though they too will put up a white column of light around themselves.

I have seen this done by loved ones in spirit, for my clients. My mother has also done this when working with my father; when he was working as a spiritual healer; during public displays of spiritual healing. People would comment to him about seeing a pillar or column of white light next to him. To which he would say that is my wife working with me.  

The reason the spirit gives me usually is; it’s a surprise for the client. I don’t think that is necessary and just becomes a distraction to their purpose of being there. Why do they feel the need for the disguise? If they are honest and well intentioned beings, then no disguise should be necessary.

It is your right to insist that any being shows you exactly what they look like, so do insist on this. This is for your own good and welfare, please remember that. If the being refuses to do so; then you must tell it to leave you alone. It clearly does not come in peace.

I have sat in psychic development groups and meditation circles over the years and these blue opalescent beings have turned up. The last time that I took part in a meditation circle these beings manifested again.

These opalescent beings stood right behind everyone in the group except me. That was because I refused to have them near me. There were more of these beings in the middle of the circle too. As they came closer, I warned them to leave me alone; and told them I knew who they were and do not touch me or take my energy.

As they moved to each member in the group, it looked like they were manipulating the consciousness of everyone taking part in the meditation. I do not call this benevolent; I call it interfering with divine beings. Many of the people have no idea either about the free will factor and whom they are really dealing with. They just innocently go along with the exercise honestly believing that these beings are there; out of pure and unconditional love. I must point out too most of the people cannot even perceive these beings being present.

After the meditation was over I informed everyone including the person running the circle. The people were stunned at what I told them, however the person running the circle just smiled and made no comment, clearly not aware of what this actually meant, or the ramifications of such things.

I do not think these general meditations offer anything of true spiritual value.  That wisdom comes from going deep within one’s self, connecting only to ones higher self in complete safety. You do not need to be part of a circle. This is about energy, your energy and you must protect that which is yours.  I also feel that a Clairvoyant person needs to witness what goes on at all psychic gatherings and really needs to be aware; of whom the supposed spirit beings are. This should be done as a public safety measure with a duty of care for all who participate.

 One must use the correct psychic protection prior to commencing such an exercise too. By gold lighting (which is the highest of spiritual protection) the room and yourself, before and after the exercise to make sure you stay cleansed and protected and that nothing comes in to the room that should not be there, nor attaches to you.  

It is important to know, we humans are divine spiritual beings; with the essence of the divine within us. Most of humanity has forgotten this fact. This is because the truth has been removed from their consciousness deliberately by religion and other ways to separate us from the true divine.

So who are these supposed angelic beings and blue opalescent beings? One strong theory is they are the Nephilim or the shining ones; this may also be who the Igigi are. They are mentioned in ancient texts pointed out at the start of this article.

They do have an agenda or they would not be here and to think otherwise could be naive. They most certainly know the laws of the universe and laws regarding duality and how to manipulate them.  Humanity clearly does not.

What I do suspect about these blue opalescent beings is, they could be avatar bodies or light bodies; used by other beings for any number of reasons and not just nano travel. They all look identical with no distinguishing features or markings.

Cosmic Law:

We are told cosmic law or universal law must be adhered to at all times or we and any other star /spirit beings will be held accountable, should they break this law.

Who actually dictates how cosmic law is to function?  Is it the Nephilim or another race like the Annunaki?

 I doubt it was benevolent beings with the highest intentions of pure and unconditional love. Otherwise we would not be locked into the low vibrational frequency of the third dimension with war, poverty, suffering etc, in a never ending cycle for our energy to be harvested by evil intentioned beings.

Free will has been used for millennia to excuse evil existing in our world also. Many believe this was done by intelligent design with one single purpose in mind.

The Earth is a living library for the whole universe to use peacefully, and to learn from. Humans are the rightful custodians of the Earth. That is something I understood as a very small child, It again was a “knowing”.

It is a well documented fact that human consciousness has been hijacked thousands of years ago. How to take back our power and our true spiritual consciousness seems to depend on the individual waking up from the induced state that we currently have existed in for thousands of years.

We need to go back in to the past for the answers to set our souls free, but that is only the beginning of the new journey that each individual soul must make when they are ready.

 It is important to research continuously for good sound information. This is not an area to be taken lightly. It requires dedication to your beliefs and an open mind; which must be flexible.




In the above link, the Pope is admitting Lucifer is the god of Earth. In order to not break cosmic law one must declare the truth and intentions to everyone. There is no rule that says this cannot be obscured though, as long as the information is disclosed that’s all that matters.

Copyright © Alex Fulford 18 April 2017


Blue vapor entities, entity attachments, Igigi? It is possible for these to be one and the same. If so they are in no way benevolent.

Initial DNA analysis of Paracas elongated skull released – with incredible results



Very interesting stuff here. This is an awkward moment for mainstream science yet again, lol.
Must be a real hassle getting a hat to fit these days LOL.

The Hutchison Effect, The Mahabharata, and Acoustic Levitation


This sure answers many of the questions on the pyramids and other giant structures world wide. We did have very advanced races helping us  thousands of years ago. The truth is hidden from us, but it is being returned to us now by our own thoughts and hard work. There is nothing new in the universe, every thing  goes in cycles, as that is the true nature of all things. 

Originally posted in 2014

Glutathione: The Great Protector


Share this please, you might help save a life.

Mithras/ Mithra


Mithras, the Solar deity was a god that was worshipped around three and a half thousand years ago, throughout Rome, the Roman Empire and Persia.
He was an astrologically based god. Mithras was known under variations of his name. Such as Mithra, Mitra, Itu,Mitu. Under some names, Mithras was worshipped for thousands of years. In a nut shell though, This god is the Sun. The same as many gods of our planet over thousands of years. Same horse, different jockey. The Judeo-Christian hierarchy then usurped this god and used the Sun/ Mithras or call him what you will, to be their "God". They then brought a reign of terror down  all others that did not follow their rule. Rehashed we know the sun in Christianity, as Jesus Christ.

Even to modern times, Mithras is popping up in the RWS Tarot cards. If you look at the Ace of Cups, you will see an M on the cup.  It is written upside down, for some obscure reason. Nothing like been hidden in plain sight.
But why was it not identified by A E Waite?  I have spoken to many about the M on the Ace of Cups, including writers of Tarot books, no one has a definite answer one way or the other. It has been left open for a reason. Unlike other symbols in the Tarot cards.

This God Mithras also was depicted with a lamb, just like Jesus. You have to ask yourself, being a person of the 21st century, how much longer are we going to go on believing in Zodiac signs as gods? Astrology is very important and not to be taken lightly. The ancient people of this Earth knew the truth. They had a healthy understanding of Atro-theology. They lived in harmony with nature and were better adjusted mentally than most people are today. The reason being, they did not have their minds corrupted by the evil religious leaders of the modern world, that being from bible times to the present time. There was no need to fear "God", they knew the truth and were spiritually aware. Far more aware, that the masses are today.

The 12 signs of the zodiac,( well actually there are 13 of them, Ophiuchus:
which sits after Scorpio) are the disciples that we know of in Christianity.
Over the past 2 hundred years many good researchers have had their good names tarnished and their work ridiculed by the Church Inc, for speaking out. For the simple reason that they would be unemployed and lose millions of dollars in revenue should the truth come out. Not to mention all the millions of lives taken by them to keep the masses under control.

If the masses would only read up, on the whole truth, they would be sickened by what has actually taken place, with their consent over the past two thousand years. Now we reach the new age of Aquarius, where these evil controllers of our world have known for Milena that the truth will come out. They know that their reign of terror must come to an end. It is written in the stars. And this is why the church forbid people to read, to be educated and to study the stars. The stars reveal the truth, as it was meant it to be from the very beginning. Instead  all the highest ranking church leaders studied astrology to know how to deal with the masses and keep them under control, by saying that astrology is evil and communicating with  spirit is evil and wrong, and insisted that we only communicate with god through them. Gee, Who died and made the Pope king? As I have written in the past, every single pope had to study astrology. Now why do you think that is? NO, it is not so that they can" know thy enemy". What a foolish thing to believe, yet that is what they tell the simple masses. Did you know that the church also set about destroying technology and discouraged hygiene too. I kid you not.

You see education, hygiene, spirituality and all that is good for humanity and nature is totally against what these sociopaths want for humanity. They want to corrupt souls. Fear was not part of the ancient ways, love and peace was part of the true spiritual ways. Love of nature, love of humanity as part of nature and spirit. Why would anyone want to destroy something as peaceful and loving as that? To discover all about Mithras and religion in general is going to take you a bit of time. But hey, it sure beats sitting in front of the TV day after day and night after night. What do you have to lose or fear? The truth is what god wants you to have. Our god is not a planet, our God/Goddess is a spiritual entity that is permanently connected to all living souls (us, animals and  all of the planets too!). This link can not and will not be destroyed. They evil ones right at the top of the hierarchy know this, they do not want you to know it. They detest women and the divine goddess too. It is time for humanity to step up and re claim their sovereignty as spiritual beings and live in harmony, love and peace as part of nature as god intended to be.

To help you along the way, please read books by Gerald Massey, Alvin Boyd Kuhn , John Lamb Lash and a list of others as listed in my blog. It will improve your general knowledge and  give you food for thought. You can also get a better understanding of poetry and classical literature such as Shakespeare. Boy there is an other big mystery right there Shakespeare/ Sir Francis Bacon!

Please take the time to read this stuff, you will lose yourself for hours and enjoy the fun of the great mysteries too. I do hope that people do delve into this subject, even if it is only for pleasure. It is so riveting reading this ancient knowledge and will bring about big changes in your lives and your understanding of many things.

Happy reading folks.

As an update to this after reading the Wes Penre papers, I have this entities true name and true nature. I urge  people to self educate and keep updating their knowledge as new things come to light. This is what I do. I am looking through old posts at present adding updates. Nothing stays the same these days nothing is 100% certain in our lives apart from death and taxes as they say.

Mithra or Mithras is non other than the Annunaki serpent clan leader the Lord En-ki or in Gnostic literature Yaldabaoth. He has many names throughout the world.

Copyright © Alex Fulford 22 November 2012

Originally posted on my old blog on 22 November 2012

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