21 March, 2021

The Templar revelation by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince


I was given this book by my father a couple of years ago; and I am working my way through it at present. It is such an excellent read in regards to the Black Madonna cult,  John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene, Jesus, and the Isis cult. This book attempts to unmask the identity of the historical person Jesus; and what his real purpose was. It is rather heavy reading but if you love a good mystery, this book gives that and presents more interesting puzzles. Such as the Ancient Egyptian Isis cult and how it is threaded into Christianity. If you think back to the UK in the early 2000's and the Queen on her Golden jubilee. It was steeped in mythology and full on rituals similar to the Isis cult.

I do recommend this book for those that are interested in esoteric literature. I feel it goes well with; Not in his image by John Lamb Lash. However it is such a massive subject that you would need several books on the subject.  If there is one book on your must have list this is it. 

If you do buy books like this, please don’t lend them to people, because you never get them back. Speaking from experience, I have loaned books in the past and never gotten them back, and I always put my name in my books. So that they can be returned to their  rightful owner. 

One was the Holy blood, holy grail book; and I was most annoyed about it not being returned, because there have been times that I have needed to use it for a reference tool to be frustrated by the fact  that it’s gone. The woman just made excuses and fobbed me off. I no longer have anything to do with her because of her careless nature. 

My father had loaned the book, A souls journey by Peter Richelieu several years ago.Which is a very expensive book it is worth over $300 and has been out of print for years, his name is written on the inside of his book. He never got the book back so if anyone comes across it, just know that book belongs to my father it was a loan out only to one person and definitely not gifted to anyone. He was very upset at this book never being returned to him because it meant the world to him.


Scroll down to the update of March 21. Read the quote. This is an Isis cult that Jesus was initiated into by Mary Magdalen. I highly recommend that you read the book if you are into esoteric literature. This is part of the foundations that you need to know.

NOTE:In the Templar Revelation please read especially from page 286, where it mentions the accusations that Jesus was a practitioner of Egyptian magic. That is referring to his being an initiate of the cult of Isis.


Read from the Black Sun onwards.

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