13 March, 2021

PDF Operation Trojan Horse by J A Keel


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I posted this on the Wes Penre post video 247 on 11 March 2021 as part of something else. I started to read this and felt that it needs to be shared , not so much as for the UFO stuff, but what he says in conjunction to this phenomenon. For those that follow this dark subject; heed my warning as well as Mr Keel's warning. 

If you read this please keep an open mind. But I need to draw your attention to the warnings in this book.

The Trojan Horse comes in many forms as you will discover when reading, BUT, I need to direct you  to The Cosmic Joker, the chapter when he mentions Malcom X and the harbinger of doom that visited him in prison. Look at pages 196/197 onwards. These are very serious warnings; that I have made in posts myself in regards to the Metaphysical world and the dangers, such as spells, magic, trance mediumship etc. DON'T DO IT!

I know of people that have lost all that was dear to them also, such as the family being split by divorce and other unhappy domestic situations and each individual case was due to esoteric stuff but especially channelling and in particular ET's, supposed guides and the usual stuff that I warn against.

How much do you value your life and your mental health? Because that is what you are staring down the barrel of. No if's or butt's. No matter how many people I have told not to do this and they still do. Hell mend you!  as we Scots say, you were warned and cannot say you weren't warned. This boils down to the individuals ego. The damage that could be done is irreparable as is the suffering.

Remember( look at my old blog for this) I was warned at a trance mediumship class to stay away from UFO stuff? Not just that being coerced several times into going on the trance mediumship against my better judgement (I have always disapproved of trans mediumship) and something very bad happened to me, but not the other person. She didn't want to know when I told her what happened to me either she just laughed in my face, but she kept her distance the rest of the weekend, she knew the score. She set me up for this course by badgering me numerous times saying it will be fun! Fun? For whom? It was not for me and it is something that I will never forgive. But hey; Satan looks after his own, her day will come.

Below is the link to my article on ley lines which is valid when looking into the cosmic joker.


Now after reading this chapter on the cosmic joker, can you see what is really going on? These entities play good cop bad cop for entertainment, not for our benefit and sure as hell not to benefit humanity spiritually. It’s all a con job. 

I would never recommend being a professional psychic or clairvoyant, (we are born with our abilities), I honestly wish that I had never chosen this career path. Yes, I see it as a spiritual calling, but it is a poisonous chalice. There is no money in this job unless you sell your soul, something that I would never do. I am a very grounded person that has no interest in fame and fortune, only a normal life. With good people around me, and animals of course; as I love them very much.

Please be wise and mindful when it comes to spiritual or other worldly matters, because nothing is what it seems and that includes religion. Be warned, be empowered, and be safe. Your actions are the emanations of your thoughts, that is why it is very, very important to practice mindfulness and be very carful of what thoughts you hold, they are often inserts by the cosmic jokers, your job is to know the difference between your thoughts and the jokers thoughts. 

A big clue can be a random thought that enters your mind and may be hard to dislodge. It can be something that is out of character with your personality or something that you know is wrong but you keep getting the urge to say or act on that thought. An example being, saying something that you know will hurt someone; and you deliberately go right ahead and say it. Which in turn can open the proverbial can of worms, and often backfires on you.

You then start to wonder why you acted that way and have terrible regrets. So you can see the danger here and need to be aware of your thoughts, your social filter etc, and think of what the outcome can be to others and yourself before you act impulsively or carelessly.

You don't want to have a trojan horse living rent free in your head. Evict it and keep your guard up by being mindful of your thoughts and actions. 

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