06 March, 2021

Neil Oliver: There is no longer a political honour code


Actually the world is watching! As a Scottish person living in Australia, I am watching the disintegration of my homeland in absolute disgust. Seeing the situation with Nicola Sturgeon is beyond embarrassing. 

Neil Oliver is very good at summing up what is going on, I would say Scotland is a microcosm of world problems right now. None of the world leaders actually care what the people think. They do what they want or what powerful business men tell them. Social division is rampant all around us at present politically and socially something has to happen to break the stalemate. 

I love the good Scottish honesty from Neil, he is down to earth and unpretentious in an interview. Generally speaking most Scott’s are very down to earth and unpretentious. There is a good saying we have, which I brought my kids up with; tell the truth and shame the Devil. Be honest and no one can call you out on anything. That is my rule in life, honest and unfiltered. I have no time for pretence or BS. 

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