13 March, 2021

Historic locomotive 3801 makes historic comeback in Sydney


All aboard the Choo Choo train 😻 there is something wonderful about these lovely old trains. I have always loved the old steam trains. As a child I lived near railways and enjoyed seeing trains. In my mid teens there was an old railway bridge near the house that I lived in near Edinburgh. My friends and I used to love standing on the bridge like the railway children in the novel, and we would wave to the train drivers. They would wave back and toot the horn. 

Even now my friends and I chat on line about those days, full of innocence and fun. I hope many kids today get the chance to have a ride on one of these old trains and enjoy the simple pleasure of waving to the train drivers like kids used to do year ago.

There are railway museums around the country to visit, and they do train rides often, so have a look on the internet to see where one of the historic railways are near you. Last year my husband and I were booked on one of these trains but Covid struck and it was cancelled, but not to worry they will be back soon and we will have our train ride. 🚂🚂

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