18 March, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 248 Q and A session 69


The latest Q and A from Wes. To read rather than listen to this click on download.  One thing here that I  remember from looking back at older articles and how forgiveness can also possibly free the archons and others from guilt and accountability. 

Also after reading the Operation Trojan Horse eBook, when they author says the Orion’s are violent, hmm that is not totally accurate, and I see a conflict of information which needs further exploration. 

There are factions involved with the Orion’s as Wes pointed out in one of his papers; I just  can’t remember which one though. I will email him on that and get back to you.

Wes just emailed me (and I assume everyone on his contact list) with this video. Perfect timing yay, go Wes 😀👍


I have also posted it on its own in case anyone misses it tacked on here. 

I must email a thank you to Wes for this.

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