05 March, 2021

Sci-Fi Short Film “Slaughterbots” | DUST


Scary implications if it these get into the wrong hands. I saw this video last year sometime, and it popped up again yesterday.

UPDATE: 2023, drones are a big game changer in a terrifying way. Modern warfare is unlike anything most people have thought about. How do civilians protect themselves let alone soldiers? Colossal losses of life at a rapid rate and the sheer terror of war will traumatise humanity for a very long time. A nightmare scenario that needs to be controlled. How far should drones be used in warfare and still protect civilians under the Geneva convention? 

War is a failure of humanity and this world is set up with everything deliberately set against humanity. One single action can entrap and enslave a human being spiritually; and manipulate them into things they never agreed to, nor do they understand the metaphysical realities that result from a single action and why we were really put on this earth. Reincarnation is not in our best interest, it goes against true spiritual principles and values. 

Only through true loving and benevolent gnosis can one reject the evil that humanity has been enslaved in for millennia. By choosing real spiritual gnosis can the individual soul be set free from our earthly tomb. As long as humanity resides in the flesh and on this earth the tears will never end. 🌹🪷💜🕯️


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