30 August, 2022

We were right


Ain’t that the truth! What’s that a conspiracy theory you say? Er, like the past two years starting with the deliberate release of the spicy flu and the authoritarian crimes against humanity. Oh and remember the announcement of, “ this is the new world order “ ? People just don’t listen and clearly don’t pay attention. 

Meanwhile Ukraine serves as a smokescreen with peoples lives being taken to keep us in fear of being next, well actually we are. This situation has the American government’s grubby hands all over it. But hey we all know what damage the American government can do to any nation on a whim because they can…..SNAFU. Iraq, Afghanistan anyone?

29 August, 2022

Ain’t that the truth!


Neil Oliver: ‘ coercion is coming down the line for all of us


Staring down the barrel of dictatorship throughout the western world, that’s what’s going on, on multiple levels. This is what happens when the public allows the government and big corporations too much power.

This has been going on for years and no one was paying attention, only via lockdown have some people started noticing things. Oh but apparently it’s a conspiracy theory. Sure it is, how are you liking it? 

‘I just wanted my life to end’: the mystery of Agatha Christie’s disappearance


 Poor woman doesn’t deserve the gutter press and people jumping to conclusions. She had her marriage pulled from under her. That’s a very distressing and private experience. I guess due to both her and her husband having busy lives it put a strain on the marriage. This can happen to anyone and does, Agatha obviously needed to get her head around what was happening, in private, that’s normal and understandable.

Not to forget keeping the prying media out of her private life, it’s none of their business nor the public’s business. Just because a person is in the public eye, does not give people the right to know what goes on in the individual’s life. 

Australia's last mounted postie Bruce Dennis farewelled by historic town of Gundagai


What a local legend, I had no idea that any mail delivery was on horseback up to the 1980’s. Bruce Dennis is modern version of the man from Snowy River. He will be missed but his memory will always live on in the community. Gundagai is the town made famous by the dog on the tucker box poem by Jack Moses and the famous statue. 

27 August, 2022

100 Years of Cadbury chocolate

The not so sweet confectionery company, in modern times. 

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadbury The company was good at the start 


This year is the centenary of Cadbury chocolate in Australia. The special 100 year anniversary tin of chocolate is out to commemorate the event. I actually bought a tin today as I love chocolate and I have been tucking into the goodies tonight. 

Tonight I also came across their Facebook advert for the Claremont factory in Tasmania. This was the first factory they opened in Australia. On clicking on the comments I found some rather interesting comments and discovered that an American company Mondelez actually owns Cadbury in Australia.

This American company has a very disturbing reputation according to Wikipedia. Click on the link and see the child slavery reputation and if that isn’t bad enough they are still trading with Russia. Moral values    are apparently lacking with this company. 

26 August, 2022

Trudeau installing weapons armouries, interrogation rooms for Ministry of Climate Change


This is scary stuff, if there is any truth to it and what it implies for Canada. This is going way too far if this is factual. 

International Dog Day

 Happy international dog day to all the lovely baby dogs 🐶 all over the world. Life without these wonderful souls would not be the same, they give us pure unconditional love and joy. They are known to save lives and perform heroic acts and comfort us when we are down or sick. They are always there to give us their love and friendship. A constant companion through life that never stops believing in us and gives us pure unconditional love every moment of their lives. Humanity owes these wonderful souls so much and it is our duty to take care of them and show our unconditional love for all dogs like they do for us. Humanity can never know pure unconditional love unless they open their hearts to all creatures just like our beloved dogs that share the journey of life with us. 

Miss Ruby Rose, my little teddy bear girl 

Note: I call dogs baby dog because they are like innocent children, it is my term of endearment for them. 

Wes Penre: The Orion creation story according to the Wes Penre Papers part 3



https://wespenrevideos.com/2022/08/25/the-orion-creation-story-according-to-the-wes-penre-papers-part-3/ Video format

Notice the comments about the Big Bang theory from the 1960’s. This is what I was shown by spirit and I blogged about this in my old blog in  August 2018. I had absolutely no knowledge of this scientific theory either. For the record I want nothing to do with the Wingmakers stuff, it has a very bad vibe including the art and music. 

I am very sensitive to this art and music and I don’t feel this is beneficial to anyone. I feel that it will take a person into a dangerous situation or direction. I don’t advise getting involved with Wingmakers information. I have passed my concerns on to Wes a few years ago and the experience that I had with the vibrational frequency that created this universe. I do keep records of all my communication with Wes and other people in regards to my blog and my psychic experiences etc. 


25 August, 2022

Robert Sepehr: Bloodlines of the chosen


The mention of Jesus and the unicorn 🦄 or more accurate Monoceros. It’s all astrology and all the stories rehashed in different countries over the centuries. Cycles within cycles the same stories retold 


The royal arms of Scotland has the unicorn alluding to something important in our past, about our royals. There are also the rival royal houses connected to this, those that represent the dragon bloodlines. The Sinclair’s, the Hamilton’s and the Stewart’s of Scotland’s royal bloodlines. There are two royal bloodlines, the Ram (Aries) and Dragon (Serpent). 

The Welsh dragon is astrological too, it represents the constellation of Draco (Dragon).


I find it very interesting that there is a strong and important link with Britain, the royal families of the world and this bloodline which also ties in with Sirius and ancient astronauts and there is a link to the Dogon (Sirius the dog star/ Canis Major) people of Africa in all of this too.  Clearly there is much more to humanity than we are being told, yet there are clues around the world in many cultures from South and North America to Ireland and to the  Middle East to parts of Asia and of course Europe. 

Note: please click on the index for metaphysical and esoteric and scroll through the posts, you will need to keep clicking “older posts “ to take you back further to read other interesting articles. 

Tarot card of the month: September 2022, The Knight of Swords


Planet: Uranus     Zodiac: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius 
                                          Element: Air         Gender: Male

Welcome to TCOM for September, this is a month that always goes fast and the end of another year on the horizon. This card points to fast moving action. The wind is blowing and the clouds are parting, the trees are being blowen in an easterly direction. Which implies coming from the west and fast. The knight of swords is rushing head long into conflict.

Notice the young knight is tooled up for action or a fight, heading forward into battle, this can be foolish and naïve on his part though. Has he been informed of all the facts? Or does he just dive on in without thinking through the consequences? Notice the knight is heading in a westerly direction too from the east. This implies male aggression driving this aggressive energy.

The knight has his visor up on his helmet so that he can see clearly what lies in front of him such as an enemy or opponent. His sword is raised in an ungloved hand, as in the saying the gloves are off. However the other hand is gloved as he grips the horses reigns firmly. On his helmet is a red feather plume blowing in the wind implies a fast thinking mind, feathers are an aspect of the element air. The knight's red cape blowing in the wind and he is wearing a full suit of armor including the gauntlet  (glove) on his left hand. The cape implies secrecy, protection, silence and also withdrawal and pride.

Gloves can conceal or hold in, they a can be a symbol of power, nobility or a craftsman that has to protect his hands from injury. The sword is in his right hand again that is male dominance and aggression. The sword in hand also covers defending, authority, sweeping action and power.

The ground beneath his horse changes from red to yellow this could imply the knight is going into another country, over a border. The colours remind me of DEFCON  1 to 5. These being going from DEFCON 3  to 2 moving west, bringing conflict to the west.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEFCON Basically this card is showing us the east is facing off to the west and it is gaining momentum. We are currently at DEFCON 4.

Now what I see are countries in conflict, Russia, Ukraine, Crimea obviously, I also feel other European countries being dragged under the wheels of this conflict as the months roll on. This is NATO/EU countries that sat back and watched are now gradually getting dragged under the wheels of unwanted conflict. This conflict is picking up speed as we head into autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere. Putin is moving into high gear, but in the mean time  financial issues are getting worse. 

Finland needs to be very cautious from here on in and perhaps Latvia. Add Pakistan in another conflict that is simmering with India and Bangladesh and China. 

As I look at the card I am drawn to the butterflies on the horses reigns, butterflies are symbolic of transformation, usually spiritually but I would say this is a transformation of Europe. Remember in one other TCOM, I mentioned the map of Europe is being redrawn as we speak? This is yet another warning to us that this transformation is happening right now. I notice the colours of Ukraine are in this card again 

Now keep an eye on Clause Schwab from here on in. This is a serious issue as he along with his World Economic Forum (WE) are playing a dangerous game. People are being distracted away from watching him and the WEF as they try to implement draconian measures. This is a critical situation that the public as well as governments may be distracted from by the media. This is a big mistake because these are not good not honest intentions being planned. People must keep an eye on the WEF constantly because they are, as many people are fully aware trying to force all of us into a one world government. Reduce our rights, our incomes and life savings. While they get even richer and clearly profiting from this abuse and outright theft of our money. This will also leave nations poorer and dropping western living standards drastically. 

More revelations about vaccines come to light and the urgent push to force us into taking these toxic experiments. Prepare to see further push backs against this but also the counter pushing of this evil agenda. 

Money and unemployment are hot topics in September as is war and new military technology being rolled out in the news. Also what it will cost  nations to gear up for war. War puts nations into debt as well as ordinary people as we know. Only manufacturers and international banks make profit from blood. 

More food crisis is indicated for September as the Northern hemisphere heads towards autumn and winter. The southern hemisphere heads into spring and summer there could be rain and possible flooding or damage to crops, But by December I feel that will be the tail end of this weather pattern. Things will brighten up in December in warm countries like Australia for crop growing.

I see Cherries in summer but they wont be cheap. Alcohol prices will go up twice  before December  to cover transport costs and crop loss. I don't see priced going down for a while if they actually do go down.  I feel sweeping new laws and changes. Keep an eye on China at this time too with regards to law changes and more harsh control. 

More violence and crime is indicated in regards to youth crime and violence. Knife attacks are more common and carelessness, reckless crime and violence including cars being stolen, used in crimes including ramming police, which is the latest  popular violence against police and must be dealt with severely. Poor judgment and hot tempers in September and parents need to step up more in a pro active way. Teaching children right from wrong and the consequences of their actions.

These out of control kids need to be steered away from crime and violence and gang culture. The buck stops with parental responsibility and accountability starting in the formative years onwards.

I hear October, we need to stay vigilant for something bad happening in October too. I don't like the feeling of this so be very careful.

Note: The symbolism here are taken from 21 ways to read a tarot card by Mary Greer.

Update: Out of control young men, mass stabbing in Canada.😭


Dublin Ireland, children stabbed to death 😭



 Flooding in Wee Waa northern NSW.


Putin announces partial military mobilisation. Not good, but he has been pushed into this by the west. It’s a proxy war. 

24 August, 2022

Study Finds 0% Of Leftists Who Are Warning About Overpopulation Have Volunteered To Die First


Ha ha ha, too good to resist this one. Tell you what, you do it first and let us know how it went for you. 

Hale and Pace: Letter from Scotland


Hale and Pace from the 90’s doing a parody of the Proclaimers, very clever and funny 

Unusual Toxic Components Found in COVID Vaccines, ‘Without Exception’: German Scientists


This may not be a reputable website, however there are many websites bringing our information constantly so just go and look through these websites that you know of and see what is being said by credible scientists, virologists , doctors etc. Don't shoot the messenger, just read from various sources and watch videos from credible people in the medical profession that are actually knowledgeable  and work in this area of medicine.

We vaccinated people are chimeras whether we like it of not. We have been lied to and been used as guinea pigs and no government is innocent in this abuse of human rights either. What is to say that in the years to come we are treated differently to non vaxed people or vice versa.  Human DNA cannot be patented but Vaxed people now have different DNA. But we have rights and must use them to protect ourselves. This will be an interesting test case when it comes to human rights. 

23 August, 2022

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 2 August 2022


Above is the written format, below is the video format.


Like Wes says, you need to read the Wes Penre Papers to fully understand everything he is saying. I was lucky to print off all of his books as they came out including Synthetic Supper intelligence. I do recommend people buy that book from Amazon because it has very important information in it that equates to our current situation forward. If people don’t want to learn how to avoid reincarnation then there is nothing to be done about that, it’s their call. Do not take on other people’s worries or hold yourself back because of others that won’t make an effort to help themselves. That is not helpful to anyone, our first responsibility is to ourselves at point of physical death. 

Remember many people are selfish in this world and they don’t like to see others advancing spiritually. Spiritually on this earth has a very cult like mentality and far from real spiritually. How can it be anything else in such a low vibrational frequency? Work on yourself without getting involved with what new age spirituality is encouraging, that is a road to nowhere other than back into the same false light. 

I don’t even bother trying to explain this to anyone these days. They tend to think they know it all or know better than me. Knock yourself out then if you know it all, it’s free will. 

Scottish word of the day: Skiddling in the sink

 Scottish children loved to play in the kitchen sink with water and cups and anything that held water when I was small. Which was referred to as skiddling, in English it means splashing about.  Hours of fun for the little ankle biter’s 🤣🤣 


Interesting Scottish dictionary on line too. I looked up the Scottish word Skelf, which means a splinter. 


https://www.dsl.ac.uk/results/%22Slitter%20%22  Slitter, to spill or drip something on yourself, such as spilling soup down the front of your clothes. 

Words through the ages do change in spelling and also meaning. People my age group notice younger people starting to use words in a different context or meaning often, sometimes through misunderstanding or picking up words from American culture and not knowing the origin of the words. 

I tried to bring my children up to be familiar with Scottish words in use today as well as older words that are still in use from my region of Scotland. I did pick up Doric which is spoken in the east coast of Scotland in the mid 70’s, because I spent three years on the east coast of Scotland near Edinburgh. I just love language and origins of words. 

Even in Australia we have words that have derived from the British Isles, Ireland and Europe. Australia has its own slang which is funny and unique on top of that. Most people would be familiar with the slang words like Arvo, meaning afternoon. An O is often tacked on to the end of words in Australia. Smoko is your break time at work in Australia again you see the O tacked on at the end. 

Scottish language is quite different though because it is more anglicised in modern times, but the dropping of the letter G is common like the word skidding, becomes skiddlin’. It’s a fun language where Scottish people can joke,  with using a mix of Scottish and English words and the pronouncement of the words. I don’t know of other countries where that can be done. It’s kind of our own in house humour and how fast we speak too. I guess diction is  one of the things that makes it funny to us Scotts. 

Top US infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci will leave position in December to pursue 'next chapter'


Of course you do, you nasty little man. You won’t be missed but the devil will be keeping the fires in hell hot for you anyway. This is because he is trying to avoid prosecution. 

22 August, 2022

Video: Untested Bivalent COVID Jab Being Rolled Out


Let’s spot the real conspiracy, getting rid of all the expert doctors, virologists and scientists. How many doctors, scientists and virologists do you want to see having their careers trashed for a political agenda and money before you waken up? These are highly educated and very important people in their fields being gagged for a political agenda. You tell me why this is and why this is not called out as a conspiracy? 

These are the people that we depend on to keep us healthy and help to educate us about disease and viruses. Suddenly their own industry is turning on them treating them like imbeciles, people at the very top of their professions. No where is this behaviour acceptable except in a dictatorship.This is the new world order as they have already told us. This is not about medicine it’s about control and compliance.  

Many are willing to take a drug that is dangerous and has killed thousands of people already, causing miscarriages around the world, multiple football players, athletes and school children all having heart  attacks,  and yet those pro-vaxers will go hog wild at the suggestion that these drugs are dangerous. Drugs that have NEVER been proven to be safe. Many are still willing to keep taking booster after booster like controlled drones until something happens to them.

Many don’t want to know the truth, they don’t want to think independently because that involves actually being accountable, and these people don’t want other people thinking independently either. Critical thinking is frowned upon these days, unless it fits with the approval of the powers that be. That much is obvious in the reactions of the masses and their programmed response to anything. Friendships are lost because of this and families arguing causing people to be bitterly divided. This just shouldn’t be happening it is not normal human behaviour. 

You can’t tell a person that is unwilling to listen to anything that challenges their fed narrative. They are too programmed to respond in shutting you down, even to their own detriment. So be it. This is exactly the same with the climate change hoax/scam. What is astounding is “educated” people such as politicians, doctors etc are also unwilling to see the truth because it is uncomfortable and people don’t want to be unpopular amongst their peers for not accepting what we are told in the media. It may also show their lack of knowledge too and they don’t want to admit this to the public.

When things are happening right in front of  our eyes and still some  refuse to accept the reality of the situation. That should be concerning, it should have people questioning and reading both sides of the issue and being better informed. The rules of medicine don’t change much especially when we are talking about how a virus works and the protocols that are followed. But this is not a normal virus,  this is man made, we know that. It doesn’t behave like the usual viruses because it’s a bioweapon and that has been mentioned in the news off and on as the narrative keeps changing back and forth not to forget the BS that it came from bats, it came from the wet market, it came from a laboratory. 

Of course it came from a laboratory, there is no way on earth that something like, this happens naturally, that is impossible. Sinister forces around the world have been working on germ warfare and viruses for years many countries do this. Remember the first SARS outbreak? I do and the story broke the same way as this one did, a lab leak and the script is always the same and funny how the US just has to dictate to the world. Gates and his cohorts keep insisting that more viruses will happen as it’s just a matter of time, sure it is when you have labs off shore that you make them in because you can’t do it at home. Factions of American scientists have their fingers in this from the start and given the fact that the US is leading the charge makes me highly suspicious of why America has the cheek to dictate to the world, who died and made them god? The world will not forget nor forgive this whole thing from the virus “emerging “ to the vaccines and their fallout. 

21 August, 2022

Robert Sepehr: The mystery of reincarnation


If you would rather read the transcript then click on the little arrow pointing downward on the right hand side of the screen directly below the little blue box. Then you will see the transcript link, so click on it and you can then read rather than listen to this video. Do read the comments too because there can be very interesting comments with snippets of information. 

I don’t accept the views in this video, they are Robert’s take on things and the people in the past that wrote about reincarnation. They do not talk about the matrix control over this universe or out world. Nor do they know what actually happens in the so called spirit world. 

20 August, 2022

The Eye of Horus: The Connection Between Art, Medicine, and Mythology in Ancient Egypt


I was looking through pictures on my iPad and this caught my eye pun intended, lol. So I googled the words on the top and came across this interesting article. I hope you find it interesting.

Drivers warned about toll road text scam as Aussies lose record amount


One of the things to notice is the link never looks right. Also let unknown numbers ring out if they leave a message it may be legit but always be careful and ask questions.  But keep your phone numbers marked eg: doctors, vet, bank, people that are your contacts, family. Save your numbers to your sim card also.

Use reverse look up or similar internet check and check scam watch before you do anything. Better safe than sorry. Keep an eye on your elderly parents and friends with scams, as predicted for August tarot card of the month. 

I am utterly disgusted and highly offended

 Do you go to a doctor and ask him if he is properly qualified or a solicitor or a trades person? No, of course you don't it is rude and crass. It is also downright rude, crass and ignorant to do this to me or any other professional clairvoyant, psychic or astrologer. Especially when their abilities are already openly on record in the public domain as proof of psychic abilities which are clearly demonstrated over many years of experience. 

Yet again, I have had a person make an appointment cancel and rebook, and being very indecisive of what they want and don't want. Several emails back and forth over a week or more. Just now I was asked to provide proof that I am genuine by this person. I have kept screenshots as proof also (as I always do).

To ask my authenticity after this, is ignorant and extremely offensive to me. I am sick to death of people not bothering to read everything on my website and then ask highly insulting questions. Or even how much is a reading? THE SERVICE FEES are on the damn website, Damn well scroll down and read them. Is that too hard to do people? Not just that there are a list of attachments that are sent via email or SMS to every person making an enquiry since 2006 service fees included.

If you have to ask how much the readings are after this, then you should not be having a reading, because you are clearly not really that interested. I must clarify this person did not ask about the fees, it is other people that I encounter at least once or twice a week.

I go over a persons website with a fine tooth comb to learn about them and to work out if the person is right for me should I need a reading. I don't just let anyone read for me from bad experiences, locally myself . Yes, it is very important to read information about the reader prior to a consult to get a feel for them. But then common sense and decency should kick in without insulting the Clairvoyant / Psychic/ Astrologer or even a spiritual healer  as to their abilities.

I have commented without naming any names on my blog about things that should never be told to anyone. And this is other psychics reading for me knowing full well who I am. They have told me that I would leave my husband, my husband would have an affair with an asian lady,  one of my sons would be killed in a car crash after having an argument with me at the age of 18. I was told that last one in my own home and that my dog was about to die, knowing full well that it would up set me, and I already knew my elderly dog did not have much time left because he had a heart murmur.

Don't think for one minute that I am not authentic. Don't think for one minute that I am not Clair Veritas! Psychically know when you are a liar. Don't think for one minute that I will forgive gross insult.

My psychic experiences are all over this blog, my old one and on WordPress. I have started to talk about somethings on YouTube but not the deeply personal heartaches. One does not get to be where I am without any authenticity or harsh suffering and loss.

You insult me and hurt me to the very core when you don't bother to read my credentials on my website, my biography and everything there is to read about me on social media. My personal psychic experiences and psychic predictions are an eye opener as to who I am and my honest authenticity as a human being, and individual, a parent, a wife, a grandmother and professionally. My voice shows my authenticity when you hear me on YouTube. I make no apologies for who I am; as an honest and devoutly spiritual being.

My reputation has always been of high regard and always will be because of my authenticity and my spiritual devotion. I stand in my spiritual power with dignity and devotion.

NOTE: I do not and never will give out negative, frightening or distressing information such as deaths or accidents. Any one that dose is highly irresponsible and is coming from a position of the ego out of control.


From 2015, somethings never change! Original post from my old blog showing that I transferred it to this current blog.


17 August, 2022

Air plants guide


 I am a huge fan of air plants and have had a few in recent years but occasionally due to the heat and doing multiple things at a time, sometimes my air plants croak it. I have just treated myself to a couple of new ones this week to keep indoors. So that I can keep an eye on them more.

They make a good gift to give people of all ages.So if you are stuck for an idea for a gift for someone these may just be ideal. Low maintenance and a bit of fun too. 

Here is a guide that I came across to help care for your air plants that I want to share. I will get my head around this and hopefully thanks to this person for making this guide, I may just be more successful in keeping mine alive.

Morrison says 'extraordinary times' justified secret ministries


Trust me, says the man with a very questionable past before he was even in politics. Sure why not, what harm can he possibly do? 🤣🤣🤣 

We we’re heading into the recession before 2020. Read financial articles prior to this. I have even put links on blog posts to show the evidence and psychic predictions before that! 

All political parties have dirt on each other that’s the way it is and also is a way to keep control of these dubious individuals. 

Norway's Prime Minister says killing of celebrity walrus Freya was 'the right decision''


Oh great, find any excuse to euthanasia the poor walrus. There is no need for this wilful destruction of an animal, suitable alternatives can always be found. Does this mean that any animal that is deemed a “safety problem or risk” will be killed? 

I though Norway was progressive and looked after wildlife. Apparently not when it comes to too much power in the hands of barbaric knuckle draggers in positions of power. What about the rest of the walrus? This is their environment being encroached upon by humans. There are many animals going extinct because of human interference and hunting. Humans are the cause of nature being imbalanced, whatever happened to peaceful coexistence? It makes me ashamed to be a human being, seeing the rich and powerful  destroying the world. All animals have rights, they are sentient souls and they have feelings. 

Normal people love animals and love to peacefully coexist with them. Yes we should be careful when interacting with them,for both our well-being, but we need to let them have the right to their natural environment without humans demanding to invade their habitats just for fun. 

16 August, 2022

Tuesday nights laughs


Neil Oliver: It’s hard to tell yourself that you have been taken for a fool but open your eyes


For those that actually bother to read right through my old blog and this one, I have been saying similar for many years but no one wants to know. Well everything is coming home to roost! I warned of this,  I made predictions and here Neil is saying the same. This is NOT a conspiracy theory, just putting it out there. Not so funny now is it, all you that doubted me? 

15 August, 2022

Dreaming of a memorial service for the victims of the Atomic bomb

 Early this morning I had a rather strange dream. It was supposedly in Canberra but absolutely nothing like this city actually looks like. I saw myself in some sort of church with many people attending a memorial service dedicated to all the people that were killed and wounded in Japan when the atomic bombs were dropped. The weather looked winter and grey and the buildings all looked grey too. 

I have never seen a dream like this before and it had a deep effect on me. I noticed my mother was with me and we were with other women kneeling down on the floor with our heads bowed just like how Muslims men pray. But this was only one select group of us praying this way, everyone else was sitting in pews. I saw a black and white film like a news reel of old, playing on a big screen at the front of this church or public building  and a man in the film talking about commemorating the atomic bomb victims. 

Next we got up and left the building talking about the event. Suddenly there was a need to get to the US embassy in town to pass on a message. A man and lady had given us instructions to pass on. There was something about reporting a spy or agent in danger to the American embassy, they needed help, there was  a bit of confusion as to where the embassy was and who to pass on a message to. The woman agent  was connected to blood for some reason but not in a medical sense she was not a nurse and this did not have a medical feeling to her, it more like danger.  She was a special agent like the man was. I would put their ages as in their 30’s and in clothes of the era. 

We tried to give her name to the embassy because she was in danger, and then I was told that she didn’t work in the main building, she was working with blood so she was in a different building next to where we had been. And  the guard was not interested in helping. I have no idea what this is about; but it felt serious as in biological warfare or prevention of  an act of violence as in warfare. One thing that stood out was this dream was  it was in black and white quiet a bit. My dreams are always in full colour. Funnily enough this weekend doing readings I was seeing people in spirit in black and white too, like looking at old photos. 

This dream though was just so unusual and I am still trying to figure it out and I have gaps in remembering what else happened. Tonight though I happened to see the national news and they mentioned a service for the end of the war in the pacific and Japan signing a peace treaty. That just seemed like only one small aspect of my dream, I would say not just was I praying for all those that died or were injured, but something is afoot. As I was trying to prevent something from happening as in an act of violence or terrorism/war. 

The man in the dream was dressed in a suit of the Second World War era too. But I could not keep an eye on him, he disappeared somewhere and it was left to my mother and me to convey the message to the US embassy quickly. We stopped in a supermarket first, as one does, lol. Then taking a shopping trolley we pushed it up a big hilly street like the ones San Francisco is famous for to get to the US embassy. Then cross a road to a big  office block. Which is absolutely nothing like the real US embassy in Canberra and we do not have huge streets going up hill in Canberra either. 

Anyway after  being told the woman did not work in that particular building we turned around and pushed the shopping trolley back down the hill. Somehow we we’re back where we started looking for the other building. Which was actually a couple of doors down. We didn’t get to go in there but instead we were talking to people outside the church or public building that we had the memorial service in as they were all still there outside the building. 

I sure get some bizarre dreams which usually has me combing the internet for dream interpretation websites. This is just one of those dreams that leaves me absolutely stumped on it’s meaning. 

Neil Oliver: big pharma, the corporations, the state, they’re fostering dependency


It is damn near impossible not to be distracted by all of the current things surrounding us over the past few years and this is how things are going to stay from here on in. These events distract us from focusing on our inner world of spiritual awareness which is detrimental to all of us as a species and as individual spiritual beings. The more we are focused on fear the worse things get for us, our spiritual energy or frequency drops too. Keep that in mind because that’s very important and if that is constantly happening then the physical body becomes ill. 

Let’s not forget your spiritual sovereignty, that is a real thing and they seek to destroy that too.The media will tell you there is no such thing as spiritual sovereignty next, which is the ultimate cardinal sin. But right in line with the fake spirituality  pushed to a percentage of the population. 

Only the ignorant will accept all of the current circumstances that the world is facing presently like they do everything else. The media are there to keep you in line and train you to be self censoring, self criticising and scared of what your peers think of you. If you think other than the approved popular opinions you have problems. Which is straight out of the communist hand book. But hey, you either want to be empowered or disempowered take your pick and run with it! 

What Neil is talking about with regards to hundreds of years ago was the destruction of the goddess religion. The patriarchs saw them as a threat and murdered them all and their followers. What people are not aware of is that aspects of the goddess religion while it went underground, was incorporated into what is now Christianity. Not all of that goddess stuff is nice either, it is naïve to think otherwise. 

Remember there has always been a deliberate imbalance in spiritual matters in this world, it’s designed for polarity and sometimes extreme polarities, and never in humanities favour for a reason.

 When the pendulum swings to extremes we have multi pronged conflict and war. Then at the end of one particular astrological age or cycle and the birthing of a new one, also brings conflict and upheaval.That’s how this world is set up, it won’t change because humanity are not willing to learn how this all works, they leave it to the overlords to dictate because it is easier than being personally accountable for one’s own actions. So they will never be able to change anything, just live in a self perpetuating cycle of ignorance over and over again. With no valuable lessons learned to break out of the encryption that keeps humanity earth bound in misery for eons. 

Nothing on this earth is going to help break that encryption only when one reaches inwards to pure spirit and is sincere in their quest will one succeed in attaining that wisdom to set one’s self free and this is a process that takes many lifetimes until that epiphany occurs. But one does not stop there, as there is much more to learn or remember once in astral. 


Spiritual cleansing in the shower

 This is what I do every day when I have a shower, it is something that anyone can do to stop any negative energy building up in the etheric field. 

I am cleansing my entire body and my entire aura, removing all dis-ease, evil and negativity from my entire body and entire aura. Cleansing my entire body and entire aura and removing all dis-ease evil and negativity. Washing it away down the drain to be transmuted and returned to mother earth. By my will so may it be, and it is so.

I say this three times as this is important when dealing with spiritual energy, as in third time 's the charm, the trinity and three levels of consciousness. Water carries very powerful energy as does our intent. Most metaphysical and spiritual  practitioner's are able to tune in to spirit in the shower or near water because humans are 70% water. Not just does water carry an energy signature and it is a spiritual energy amplifier. This is why some people need to be at the beach or around water to feel energised and grounded.

 It is common for mediums to hear spirit when we are having a shower many psychic people tune themselves in to spirit in the shower each day. But this can cause a problem for other family members and really you should not do this if other people in the house have to share the same shower because it can make the other people dizzy and have unpleasant effects. 

Best to just stick to cleansing your aura in the shower and then ground and tune in to spirit in a different room.  When doing any spiritual meditation and energy work it is very important to gold light the room before and after. People that may be new to the spiritual world need to learn about spiritual and psychic protection and cleansing. These are vital for your well-being and safety. As is closing down the room after you are doing anything of a spiritual one psychic/metaphysical nature. You do not want to leave an energy portal open as this is very dangerous.  Please look at my psychic protection and grounding posts for some methods.

I also have warnings about creating entities and the unintended consequences of things such as Tulpas. Be wise and be safe and stay right away from things that are dangerous such as spells and rituals, because you are dealing with forces much more cunning than you can possibly imagine and they can and will turn on you at any time. Too many people get into danger with meddling with things that they don’t fully understand and are way out of their league. So please stay safe and within safe boundaries. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs 🤗 

Electricity retailers raise fixed charges to recoup costs after record highs in spot market


Try interviewing someone that is not in your bloody face virtue signaling for a change. Sure we can all try and out-do each other by playing this stupid game of, Oh look I don't use much or any electricity. Yes, there are people like that out there, really! I know some that will even not use a fan or air con in the summer and brag about it.

Why not interview people that  live in a really cold  area like Canberra, Braidwood or other very cold regions like Thredbo, Bombala, Bathurst etc, that are in similar circumstances or worse. Paying private rent or live in a government house. They need a heating system as it’s very cold and in winter it’s often below zero overnight and can be in single digits during the day. Many without the benefit of a working heating system can become very ill in the cold damp winters, contracting bronchial pneumonia and other often fatal illnesses.

This climate change lie is making life damn difficult for ordinary people as it is, but living on welfare (read trying to survive), it’s even more difficult. There are families living like this not just single people, not that that should matter. This is a basic human right to be able to have a warm home in winter and a cool home in summer. This is not a third world country but between the private corporations, governments and this climate change garbage it could drive people to take their own lives just like in Britain, and who is going to be responsible for that while the greedy individuals behind this climate lie are getting rich off the suffering of the public? 

Make these rich bastards comply with their restrictions that are forced on the public, take away their cars, their electricity, private jets, yachts etc. Make them live for a year at minimum in the exact same circumstances as people that are doing it tough financially, mentally and trying to eat healthy. It is almost impossible to survive and be healthy. You will also find these people that are struggling are also on medication which sometimes is not on the PBS and is much needed. Not all equivalent medication does the same job as drugs that are not on the PBS either especially antidepressants and medication for bipolar disorder or schizophrenia there are marked differences between alternative medications with unwanted side effects or they are just not as effective which adds to the problems of day to day living or survival.

Why not take all of these things into consideration when writing an article like this for the true human impact on the lives of people. I know people in terrible circumstances much worse than what is printed in this rubbish article. Why didn’t they do a deeper report on how the cost of living as well as the electricity cost affects her as her well-being? I will tell you why, it’s because it will open up a floodgate of problems for the media and the government. 

One person’s experience is not enough for the message to get across either. How much of a person’s life savings is eaten up by paying energy bills, food and medicine and every day living? Remember that many people rely only of a government benefit or pension and have no other income or money in the bank at all.

There is so much more to existence than paying for electricity. Electricity  does not need to be so expensive it is only because of corporate greed. On top of this the political drive there is also a drive to stop people using gas so they put the price up. Again a money grab for their energy buddies and I am pretty sure they will be well compensated when all gas appliances are phased out. 

The screws keep tightening on daily life for most of us and they will not ease. That is not the intention and never has been. Many people are well aware of the agenda to reduce the world population and Bill Gates, bless his black shriveled up little heart; keeps reminding us of this agenda. Humans are hell bent on a race to the bottom at present and it is not going to let up any time soon.   



Lol, are they reading my blog?  But it’s not just renters that are affected What about people with a mortgage too and raising a family or elderly people. Australian houses are poorly built and always have been. If our country wasn’t so insular they would look to Europeans for how to build better houses, but the price of housing would go up drastically because the industry is so bloody corrupt including the banking industry that drives this. Double glazing is a new concept in Australia  but has been in Europe since the late late Victorian times but not fully until 1960’s or early 70’s. I remember my gran’s council house being fitted with double glazing in the mid 70’s. That house was built in the 1930’s. And was double bricked with a fireplace in every room. My other gran moved into a council flat around 1972 or 73 which was newly built and it was double glazed with ducted heating. The building being double bricked too by law. 

World health organisation (WHO) recommends the minimum heat in a houses should be 18 degrees. Hmmm what about that bullshit carbon footprint then? Hypocritical and to have a house this warm is out of the price range for many home owners too in Australia, and especially in cold regions. 

Currently we are being told to reduce our electricity usage too. Many of us don’t have the luxury of choice either. Just think how expensive it is when you can’t afford to heat your home regardless of being a person with a mortgage, own your home outright or rent. Not everyone has a well paying job or a regular decent income. Again this article is cherry picked to a few people and very slanted such is modern journalism with an agenda. If you are lucky enough to have solar panels you still need to fork out for batteries if you want to store the power. 

14 August, 2022

Getting Your Eyes Checked Could Help Prevent This 'Silent Killer' From Striking


It’s called Iridology, it has been used by naturopaths for decades and dates back centuries. It’s the ignorance of the medical industry that is the problem. Doctors should be taught this and they would be able to detect illness as the first symptoms appear. 

Back in 1989 I went to see a biochemist in Parramatta, NSW for a health issue and he used iridology and correctly picked up my pregnancy along with my health problems.The eyes are not just a window to the soul, they are a map of the human body. In iridology the iris is split into two levels in relation to the body. Generally the upper part of the iris covers the upper half of the body and the lower half covers the lower part of the body. The left eye relates to the left hand side of the body and the right eye to the right side of the body.

Have a look on Google images for iridology charts and then zoom in on the chart. It is complex and you need proper training to make a diagnosis, however this is not the only means of examining a person’s health in natural health therapies. It is only one diagnostic tool used. Also black dots, dark brown or orangey brown colour in the iris is a sign of significant health problems as are honeycomb shapes in the iris as is the white floss effect that is often seen in regards to illness. 

When I started dating my husband he had a major gastrointestinal disease and his eyes were showing the signs of his illness and as he was recovering from surgery I was able to point out the changes in his irises and watch them change over the months. 





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Clinical Trial Restored Sight to 20 People With Corneas Made From An Unlikely Source HEALTH 14 August 2022


This is good news on a very personal level for me. Having a family member with Cornea keratoconus in both eyes and one day will need surgery on both eyes. Hopefully restoring sight to one eye. 

The RiotACT: Canberra Airport incident


This is quite a surprise as Canberra is usually rather quiet apart from general crime. I will update this when more information is released. 


12 August, 2022

Robert Sepehr: All seeing eye of the ancient giants


For those with an enquiring mind and willing to think outside of the official narrative of what history is.

'It's got to breaking point': Australians warned bulk-billing system at risk of collapse


It’s not just in Australia that’s medical system is collapsing it’s around the Western world. Crash it then privatise it. It’s all about money. I have known this was coming before I started working as a clairvoyant. 

I could feel it coming just the same as the world financial situation, these are not accidental circumstances they are deliberately done. There is no such thing as an accident, it is cause and effect, plain and simple.

Why has it taken so long for this issue to be taken seriously by the media and the public? By the public  not writing to their federal members of parliament and taking to the streets in protest against the negligence for at least three decades.  Also the federal government cannot sit back and do nothing after decades of dereliction of responsibility and giving us nothing but lip service. How much negligence and cut backs are acceptable for the public before they get angry enough to  protest? She’ll be right mate, is the typical response from Joe Public unless their loved ones have died due to an atrocious health system and indifference. 

You the public vote for the government that you want again and again yet don’t hold them accountable for this deliberately done, systematic destruction of the public health system. One or two voices out of 26 million can do nothing to get the government’s attention and a reaction. It takes everyone to stand up and demand the government to fix things. How many decades do you want to wait to see change? We are now out of time.

It’s your fault and your call Joe public, for being lazy arsed idiots for the past thirty years of negligence. You saw this happening and let it slide. Do you have any idea how long it will take to rebuild the system? Put it this way I am almost 60 and I don’t expect the system to be satisfactory until I am dying of old age in my 80’s. 

Just think what will happen in the next handful of years, war and destruction being not far off, how the hell do you think that you are going to get medical treatment if we are in a situation like Ukraine is right now. Australia can’t cope with that sort of situation, never mind Sydney being hit with a massive civil disaster with a poor road network in the inner city to move traffic freely in times of disaster. But never mind she’ll be right mate! The dumbest words ever uttered by a lazy people who are partially responsible for letting their elected government to wilfully destroy the country; election after election from the 1980’s onwards. 

Then you wonder why you can’t get in to see your doctor and blame the virus for GP’s being burned out and resigning or suiciding. No they have broken down because of a collapsing medical system that was happening long before the virus hit. That virus was the straw that broke the camel’s back and showed up the complete failure of our government to be able to run the country and not be influenced by big corporations that want them to privatise the public medical system, to please them and make them billions of dollars richer. Our lives are measured in dollars and cents and nothing more. The public health system is a clear example of that fact. But hey just keep saying, She’ll be right mate. 

When they say your loved ones keep dying because nobody stood up to fight for our public health care system and also letting down the hard working doctors and nurses that put their very lives on the line, in a deliberately failed medical system year after year. That the public feel is their right entitlement to make that doctor or nurse stay at their post until they can’t cope any longer and take their own lives. And you wonder why the GP’s are now stopping bulk billing so that they can pay the wages of their employees. 

https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/imj.13717 Doctor suicides.

Veterinarians are also an extremely high suicide risk in Australia at present and we have a severe shortage of them at present. It takes many years to train veterinarians and it is a lot harder to pass the training to be a vet than it is to be a GP. 

https://www.ava.com.au/member-services/vethealth/suicide/ Four times higher in risk of suicide than the rest of the population in Australia. Canberra at present has a big shortage of both GP’s and Vets. 


One vet per week. Think about that, these are the most loving people and they love every fur baby that comes to them unconditionally, and care about saving our furry loved ones. 

11 August, 2022

A cats birthday dream

 Last night I had one of those weird dreams. In the dream it was our cat Slinky’s birthday. Slinky actually  passed away a few years ago, but his birthday was around this time of year along with his doggie brother Gromit’s birthday. In this dream I had sprinkled a lot of gold glitter on Slinky’s back to celebrate his birthday and I had given him a big red cat toy which looked like a macramé dream catcher with a red feather on the end for him to play with. 

Suddenly Ruby appeared and frightened poor Slinky and he ran off. I was upset because Ruby had frightened Slinky, eventually he came back to me and I felt so happy to have him back. 

Glitter is a good symbol in dreams as is the colour gold. But I woke up with a mixture of feelings, I ended the dream not really knowing what it was all about, I miss my beloved Slinky and I am puzzled having no clue what it all means. All day I have been thinking of him and the wonderful joy he brought to my family. My son had good taste in picking Slinky to be his cat. Slinky was no ordinary kitty there was something very special about him. He was so loving and gentle with an aura of great wisdom around him. 

I guess he was just visiting me and letting me know he is still around, aware that his birthday is this time of year. As we used to do birthdays for our fur babies by giving them special treats to share on each of their birthdays. 

NRL icon Paul Green dead at 49


RIP dear man. Such a terrible tragedy if only he could have told someone during those critical last moments. The support and uplift that people need when life gets too much can never be underestimated. Please speak up when you are so low that you can’t see any way out of this.

I have seen one of my loved ones here many a time and part of the reason that I live in permanent fight or flight mode. Friends were thin on the ground at the critical moments  for my loved one too. That I shall never forgive. So this terrible loss has a deep meaning to me.  I don’t know the circumstances around Paul’s passing but I understand the sorrow he had. There would have been some sign, no matter how slight, but not everyone is able to detect the subtle signs. 

My heart goes out to Paul and his family at this point in time. Healing will take a long time for Paul and his family and they must be allowed the privacy to grieve out of the public eye. May Paul find the comfort and peace that he needs and his family too. 

Stop worrying about what others think of you


Stop worrying about what others think of you. It’s what you think of yourself that matters.

The more you focus on the negative opinions of others you, your vibrational frequency drops.

With loving tender care and self-respect your frequency rises. This is where to put your focus.

Photo is the property of Alex Fulford©

10 August, 2022

09 August, 2022

Olivia Newton-John dies aged 73


RIP Olivia. 🤗🤗🤗 I just woke up to this news a few minutes ago. What a shocking tragedy, this poor woman was hounded by this horrible disease since 1992 talk about the grim reaper chasing you. The poor soul never stood a chance but she lead a very good life. The world is left without her special love and inner glow. 

08 August, 2022

International Cat Day

                                              Slinky cat, you are such a sexy boy 

 Love cats 😻😻😻😻😻😻I miss my cats dearly. I am still adjusting to a cat free home but as soon as Ruby shows signs of not bothering with cats I will get a couple of rescue kitties. 

                                                        Garfield our ginger ninja 


                                             Miss Daisy 

                                                    Miss Daisy with her kittens Pip and Pop

Photos are property of Alex Fulford ©

07 August, 2022

The RIOTACT: Suspended Canberra Hospital specialist sues ACT Government for damages


This is an absolute disgrace and it reflects very badly on the management of the hospital, this has gone on for years. It’s not just the staff being mistreated it is also patients. The abuse towards women especially is bad. This is what to expect if you have people with big egos and the lack of manners. 

One would assume that interpersonal skills were taught from the moment a medical student or trainee nurse starts their education and training that this is ingrained into them as part of their training and a knowledge of what constitutes abuse and harassment in the workplace and against patients. 

If you want to be treated with respect then treat those around you with respect. Just because you are a doctor or management doesn’t exclude you from treating other human beings with dignity and respect. Otherwise you may be put in the position of earning respect the hard way.  

Purple Poppy Day 2024

  https://thepurplepoppy.com.au/ Today is Purple Poppy Day in honour of all tha animals that have served in the military. They didn't ge...