31 December, 2023

HOGMANAY And New Year 2024

 Wishing everyone a Guid Hogmanay (a good new year’s eve) and a Happy New Year for 2024

Edinburgh Castle 

As a Scott I celebrate Hogmanay or New Year’s Eve  the Scottish way though I don’t do the first footing anymore, which is traditional in Scotland. Traditionally the first guest or first foot through the front door should be a dark haired man bearing goods to celebrate the occasion, such as a bottle of whiskey and some shortbread and a lump of coal for the fire. This is to ensure good health and prosperity for the coming year. 

My father was very popular at Hogmanay because he was very dark haired, so he always was to be the first foot in the family home and neighbourhood. Traditional music whether being sung by the household and their guests or records being played was always important as is the tradition meal prior to the alcohol consumption. This would usually be roast beef and vegetables or homemade steak pie and not forgetting Yorkshire pudding to accompany the meal. Yummy I loved eating Yorkshire pudding and always tried to score a big slice. 

On the stroke of midnight it is traditional to open the back door and the front door to let out the old year and welcome in the new year. Not just that, during the day the house is cleaned from top to bottom and then everyone has to change into clothes to celebrate the occasion. The Hogmanay meal cooked and ready to serve to the family and guests. The whole day is like a ritual to ensure good luck for the coming year. 

New Year celebrations traditionally last a week in Scotland and I remember taking part in these celebrations when I was young, this was even after my father had been out at work all day and then came home and got ready to go out with the family to a relatives home to have a celebration there. This was great fun because I got to catch up with cousins and family that I had not seen for a while. So it was always rather exciting. It is not unusual to stay up all night and seeing the sun coming up. Often people stay overnight, just crashing where they are partying. That is a very common occurrence in Scotland at Hogmanay and through the New Year’s Day or as we Scott’s call it, Ne’erday ( sounds like nair day).

Other traditions are being given a traditional Scottish calendar which is placed in a prominent place in the lounge room. It may have the West Highland terrier and a Scottish terrier it usually has lucky white heather with a tartan ribbon holding the heather together and the border of the calendar usually has a tartan border around it. These calendars are hard to come by these days unfortunately. Then the copious amounts of shortbread that is given as a gift to the family by anyone visiting during the New Year celebrations or in the days following. 

If loved ones live overseas then they will often receive a traditional Scottish calendar from loved ones back home. Tartan is popular with Scottish people regardless of where they live and is often displayed in a Scottish household at New Year or even at any other time of the year including Burns’s night on 25th January. 

A blessing is always welcome such as Lang may your lum reek. Meaning long may your chimney have smoke in it. Which is, may you be blessed with a long and prosperous life. 

The traditional song to bring in the New Year, Auld Lang Syne  ( for old times sake) written by Robert Burns is a very emotional song in Scotland. But sign is definitely not pronounced Zine, this is not a German word it is a Scottish word meaning sake. So please pronounce it correctly as it is offensive to Scottish people when it is mispronounced like it has been made popular by Americans. This song is not just sang at New Year, it is sung whenever someone is leaving the country or going away for a period of time. Below is a historical article on Hogmanay and the 400 years ban on celebrating Christmas in Scotland until the 1950’s. 


Please enjoy your New Year celebrations wherever you live and stay safe. Have a backup plan for getting home too. Keep your phone fully charged before you head out to party. Oh, and yeah, don’t forget electrolytes for the hangover from hell. The more dehydrated you are the worse the hangover. 

New Zealand, of course is the first country that brings in the new year to the world and I am sure the younger members of the country will be get ready for tonight’s celebrations. Enjoy your festivities En Zeds 🥰 

                                                 Lucky Heather

28 December, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #3 December 2023


Just posting this for those interested. Having just dealt with my father's funeral yesterdayI need time to gather my thoughts. So I won't comment on what Wes has said.

26 December, 2023

Scientists discover lost ancient colony off Australia’s coast


I love ancient history. I am surprised that we don’t get a lot more underwater archaeology in the news. This is truly an under explored part of our world. With money and better technology we will uncover more unexplored areas and artefacts. 

Concerns raised over TikTok harvesting people’s data without their consent


Stupid is as stupid does 🤣🤣🤣 I refuse to use TikTok because I am not an idiot. There are way too many dumbed down people in the world today, especially in the English language countries. You think this is a coincidence? 

It’s common knowledge yet the government and the media still have to warn idiots about the dangers of not getting burned by sticking your hand in the fire or don’t drink toxic substances. All social media is monitored by someone regardless of where you live. Your agreement  and consent starts when you use facebook, X, YouTube or any other social media platform. Think about how every single time that you buy groceries in the supermarket, or shop in any store, that is all on a database too, even your bank knows what your shopping habits are. That’s how customers are targeted to buy products, exactly the same when you shop online. What is done with your personal information that is being sold to third parties is a whole different story.

https://www.9news.com.au/world/google-settles-5-billion-privacy-lawsuit-over-tracking-people-using-incognito-mode/08fbb7f7-aa1d-4809-a8ca-10fdffbb7579  GOOGLE settled $5 billion lawsuit spying 30/12/23

 The sad reality in the modern world too is that human intelligence is devolving, never mind the poor standard of  public education over the past 50 years. So expect people to behave accordingly with devolution. Humanity is only programmed to go so far and then we crash and burn as a species. We then have to climb our way back up the ladder to civilisation all over again. This is cycles of 26.7 thousand years roughly speaking. This is a graduated move in either direction depending on where in the astrological cycle we are at. Think of it like a software program that runs on a loop. With a lemniscate twist in the middle to mark the turning points. 

Do yourself a favour and look behind the concept of social media, it’s not to our advantage at all. Purposely designed to be highly addictive on a grand global scale, a social engineering tool to shape our consciousness. Our world perception, our political perceptions, our moral and ethical values and everything else that one can imagine. We are guinea pigs in an experiment where we are teaching the powers that be how we think, act and respond to situations. We are then re-educated to conform to what is desired.

Seeking out our weaknesses and targeting our weaknesses or to be more precise, break down our resistance to things that we find ourselves opposed to ideologically and spiritually. Propaganda can be such an incredibly simple tool yet the western masses display an incredible naïveté oblivious to the reality. Hell even AI can outsmart most people these days and that is a cause for concern. Social engineering on a political level is part of daily life since the dawning of the 20th century and has advanced rapidly to the scary times that we live in today. Where  one must be very careful about what we read in the news, on social media and especially when it comes to political agendas and the use of social networking platforms.

Your privacy no longer exists and every comment on social media is stored somewhere around the world on the cloud. Your private conversations in your home are also breached via your phone or computer. Think Siri, Alexa, TikTok and smart TV’s. Why have the Western governments not taken enough appropriate measures to actively outlaw the practice of listening in, or spying by any state, corporate or private actors to our technology for personal civilian use? Why after many years of deliberate privacy breaches and hacking have western governments done very little in terms of outlawing and making it a serious criminal offence to listen, spy, hack all technologies and have harsh penalties for those that break the law? 

It’s not just sovereign laws of each nation that is needed, we need international laws that are water tight and enforced as a gold standard, protecting our government agencies, hospitals, military bases and the citizens of a nation etc from being hacked, cyberattacks and other threats by unfriendly countries, organisations, agencies etc. Things will get worse before they get better. The damage is done when it comes to what information is already in the hands of these countries and institutions. Now it’s a wait and watch for them to strike and strike they will. So think before you decide to do a stupid dance on a TikTok video. 

Ok, You can have naughty or nice for Christmas


I am having trouble with my choices 

23 December, 2023

A big shout out and thank you to everyone that has taken the time to stop by

I just want to thank every single person that has been kind enough to drop by and have a look through my blog over the year. I am most grateful to you all,  I do hope you had a giggle at the jokes too.

I wish you all the best for Christmas and 2024. A new year where anything can and will happen, so please be good to each other and do what you can to bring a little positive energy and peace into this world in our hour of need. What we think we create, so we must be very minful of our thoughts. We are creator spiritual beings after all. 

What ever you do, go in peace.

Warm and fuzy hugs


22 December, 2023

My new website is coming up the rankings now

 If you type in my name then a comma and psychic predictions 2024. Or type my name, and then psychic predictions, world 2024. My website is climbing up the google rankings. That’s quite good considering I only just launched the website this month.

You will also see my Wordpress blog of course. But you are looking for alexfulfordmedium.com 

It will take a while longer for me to show up in a random search for a psychic, clairvoyant or medium though. It will eventually get up the rankings. 

This is what you will see as the front page of my new website. 

21 December, 2023

Miss Ruby wishes everyone a Merry Christmas

 Miss Ruby wishes everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year. It has been a difficult year for many people around the world but we must have hope for the future. Please be that hope to be a guiding light to others. 

20 December, 2023

Tarot card of the month: January 2024, Page of Pentacles

 Here we are, with the first Tarot card of the year and month. Hmmm, a bright little chap with materialistic ideas for January.

The interesting thing here is finances and communication. Astrologically the planets of Mercury and Saturn are represented. The element is Earth. 

The words that sprung into my mind were Wonderment, Materialism, Wisdom and Abundance.

France opens the year with a major development that may well be divisive. I feel an air of arrogance and smugness about this. Now as I study this card I am first drawn to the red hat on the page. Hats represent wisdom, red, is passion, power and anger, perhaps explosive anger. 

Materialism and disregard for ordinary people is the strong energy here and it’s all about money over human lives. That is the energy of Mercury and Saturn at work with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. It’s straight to business thank you!

A nation is divided here, (not necessarily France) and hostile, yet rich in resources and financially. Feels more like America.The page on the card is standing on green fertile ground, you may also say solid foundations, with pretty flowers at his feet. Surrounded by nature which is grounding energy, yet that’s not what is on the page’s mind. Oh no, he is a materialistic chap. This little chap is thinking, how can I make money from nature? Can I really make money from nature? You betcha can bro! 

It’s the new gold of the 21st century and this page is puffed up with pride, as he is well aware that by using his wisdom he can make nature profitable for himself. Think climate change and buying up vast quantities of land. It works for King Charles and Bill Gates after all. 

Notice the mountains in the distance and towards his left foot is the edge of brown dirt. Is that a ploughed field ready to be planted or is it a ditch? I would say it is a ploughed field in which something will grow or manifest. Think money as the item being grown. I bring you back to the mountains for a brief moment, the mountains depict a journey that has taken place in the past in this reading. What originated in the past was an idea or concept, now it is brought to fruition in present time. We are talking about financial gains and greed here.

Land is an extremely valuable resource and held in the hands of a few very powerful people, no different to money or oil. Now think of the big picture here. This card is all about the big picture. There is a check list of assets to secure by the elite and there is very little to stop them achieving this goal, or so they think. 

Only one thing in particular can really stop them, Humanity! Think about that, because we are all facing hardship from here on in because of the desire and intentions of these individuals This is no accident, this has been carefully planned it is a process that has been processed and refined over decades.

Resource management (hoarding) and harvesting, assets such as oil, land, food, real estate, gold, infrastructure, technology etc. Add the introduction of and restructuring laws to suit their needs. 

Laws are being implemented or restructured to ensure that all the resources, property, power and wealth stay’s in few hands. Global partnerships and international agreements in law, some laws are ambiguous, others seem to be sensible but are not what people assume they are. Stay with me on this because all will become apparent shortly.

This is a division of assets, goods and wealth of the masses in the west being implemented in the west. Social division is very abrupt and distinct from now on. Transformation that may last 35 years is what I hear. 

Foreign lands come up in January, this is Africa and other dry and infertile regions of the world by western standards. The divide in poverty, hunger, suffering and war is increasing, yet western leaders ignore their plight.The reason being is there is no financial incentive to get involved. 

Rwanda is highlighted in the news again this month as the UK government is pushing the envelope again. I feel this will lead to conflict and unrest in London. 

This month sees the laying down of plans for the future, financial on a global scale, but also with western nations as each one is looking at the laws governing money and banking. Will these nations sign on to a global banking and currency based on a cashless economy? I feel some countries will be very opposed to this , which will result in heavy pressure tactics, forcing them to comply with the plan.

Destabilising is threatened if they refuse, that there is a wake up call to the public. If a cashless society was good for us then why the use of force and deliberate destabilising of a country? Well, it’s because it has always worked in the past so why stop now! 

Expect conflict to come from this bullying tactic. This I feel will be a slow process of wearing a nation down to breaking point and then submission, as I said it has always worked in the past. 

Norway has problems in January, this could be in regards to the EU and Russia issues as well as immigration problems. Norway wants to keep its independence and not be brow beaten by the EU.

People in Norway have had enough of being told what to do. Sweden will follow suit.

America has problems with the Biden administration still. I do not see any signs of the Democrats being organised for the elections yet. Everything seems to be side tracked with no actual direction or leadership. The public just seems to be in a state of apathy and confusion. Stay tuned though because things will be ratcheted up by summer. People want to be heard and they are unhappy. 

The Republicans need to smarten themselves up and show unity, your nation is in trouble and if you don’t man up you will fail. This will play favourably into the hands of enemy states, is this actually what you want? Lift your game. 

Money to fight a war needs to be assessed as does the readiness of the American military. Get your dress rehearsal sorted, the US must be battle ready for 2025. Get your military in order now.

I feel money will be taken from other areas such as health expenditure and infrastructure and redirected to defence. Watch where the money is really going though. 

Warm and fuzzy hugs everyone, I hope 2024 will be good to us ordinary people and the animals. We deserve better than we have been getting over the years. xxx

🧸We need to hug our teddy bears and pray for better times 🤗🤗

UPDATE: Norway 




19 December, 2023

A Hidden Pattern in Children's Eyes Can Reveal if They Have Autism


This is the AI version of iridology which maps the entire body and what health conditions a person has.

A study that is centuries old, I had a pregnancy detected by iridology, I was already aware that I was pregnant at the time but it showed up during an appointment for something unrelated. 


15 December, 2023

RIP Dad you did the family proud

Tonight I had the saddest news of my life, my father passed away aged 87. I am utterly heartbroken and struggling to get my head around this. 

It has been one hell of a month I have lost 3 uncles as well as my dad in the space of 4 weeks. One uncle dying the night before my dad, I lost a cousin and his wife not long befor that, gutted is an understatement.

For most of my father's working life he was an engineer, on reitrement he became a well known spiritual healer.

                                                            Alexander Paterson 

                                                        17/10/1936 to 15/12/2023

                                RSL Rose in memory of my father     British Army REME LAFE                                                                 

 We are on this earth for a short time, we are on the earth; but not of the earth. The strength, knowledge and wisdom that we gain through life on this earth makes us stronger to be able to transition in to higher beings through grace, compassion and love. Leave this world with a poignant message to live in peace and let your light shine bright wherever spirit takes you. 

14 December, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #2 December 2023


When it comes to incarnating as your great grand child, many people these days are meeting their great grandchildren in the flesh. So I would say think about great nieces and nephews should be added to this concept. Especially if you don’t have children. Not to mention the soul group is very big and we don’t know how big each one is really. 

Then there are a few layers to the soul groups and the information that we get given from the “new age” movement and the spiritualist movement is parroted by people that may not have the real facts about the soul groups yet this is taken as truth. I err on the side of caution personally and don’t want to limit myself on what is or is not verifiable truth. 

13 December, 2023

Judgement of Mental Issues From Horoscopes by Anand Sagar Pathak


Very interesting article and something that is very important. Still some things may be preventable and also having a proper consultation with a very good astrologer will help direct the individual to the optimum life path. Having said that it is up to us the individual to be self empowered in taking care of their health and life.


11 December, 2023



Just in case you have not been able to get onto my new GoDaddy website over the past 12 to 24 hours, there is a reason for that. D'Oh!

I had a six day trial period which was just up yesterday, but I had forgotten to link the domain name and website too. So when the trial period lapsed you would not have been able to see the website. 


Boy did I get a shock half an hour ago when I saw this weird advert on my website and couldn't get in.

Good old hubby had a look and figured it out for me, I am so appriciative. I tend to panic with technology things so thank goodness hubby is very tech savvy. You don't always need to find a teenager to help you, lol.  I feel like I have been swimming in the low end of the gene pool when they were handing out the brains 😂😂 Well more like I was handing out the towels and not in the pool in the first place. 🤣🤣🤣

08 December, 2023

End of week funnies

Hmmm, just like the GPS when you are driving in north Canberra, guarantee you will be lost with its instructions. 

                                              Make it the Pu Pu platter 🤣🤣🤣


07 December, 2023

No Alex doesn’t work at this location


Oh dear, here we go again making up rubbish. I don’t work at the address stated here. I did not give permission for this post. I have never lived in Melbourne. I work remotely too 🤣🤣🤣

NO THIS IS NOT MY EMAIL ADDRESS! So please don’t use this email address because it isn’t mine 😳😱

 I don’t use the word They in reference to myself either 🤪🤪🤪

Sometimes it’s a good idea to google your name to see what comes up! 

Alex's new website Alex Fulford Medium is now live

Woo-Hoo! My new website is now live and I will keep tweeking it to keep it up high on the google search string. This website like the old one; scrolls down and you will see three videos from my YouTube page down the bottom. I still have to figure out if I will post the link to my psychic predictions or not. However I have the link to this blog on the website. 

https://alexfulfordmedium.com/  Notice this website is just dot com and not dot com dot au. This is to have a more global perspective. My old Dlook website will be deleted in February 2024 when the renewal is due.

Can I ask everyone to please click on the link to help bring this up on the search string please?
It takes a while for a new website to show up so I expect delays in moving up all over again. But hey, I will just roll with it. 

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my blog and click on links. I truly appreciate you stopping by. 

Warm and Fuzzy hugs to all of you and your fur babies too xx

UPDATE: I have put a blog on the website with the list of predictions linked to this blog but I won't use the wordpress blog it is only a small back up one. Most information is on her and my really old blog is still there too but without any new posts as this is the main blog since 2021. 

05 December, 2023

Ancient Origins: What Made Alexandria the Intellectual Capital of the Ancient World?


This is a very interesting subject and it shows the contribution of as well as the control of knowledge in our world. Not much different from today really,  knowledge is power, but controlling that knowledge is vital. We can assume that the Vatican has custody of some of the books and scrolls from the library of Alexandria hidden in their vaults. 


The first known person to prove the heliocentric theory. 

Further down in this article Hypatia of Alexandria is mentioned, this poor woman was murdered in cold blood and the flesh cut from her body right to the bones by religious fundamentalists. She was an academic ( philosopher and scientist) and lecturer in the university and was highly respected. What a horrific and barbaric ending to her life. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #1 December 2023


In regards to #4 it is the small children who are the target of the metaverse not older people. Young children have been born into the internet generation it has always existed in their lives. We older people know life before the internet and can compare life before the internet age and current society. 

Even those born in the 1980’s and  90’s know the difference. Therefore they are less likely to follow the metaphorical Pied Piper. Technology is changing constantly and quickly in current times so the younger generation will want to keep up with the technology and don’t want to be without it. A healthy balance between technology and normal life is a must. 

Parents need to talk to their children about the importance of living in the real world and the importance of nature and the natural world. Encouraging children to explore nature and not politicising nature, just opening up the natural environment to children. Encourage children to use their imagination more often when playing and encouraging children to read books of all types including atlases to learn about other countries, lakes, rivers and mountains. Learning the capital cities of the world etc. Geography is a subject that few children are exposed to and it is a vital subject in education. Don’t encourage them to google everything, children need books in their home to pick up and read. Just imagine a power outage and suddenly there isn’t any tv or internet connection how do your children cope without the internet? 

Insist on having reading time or activity time to help them expand their minds and amuse themselves. Wisdom is a gift that develops through the course of one’s life and this must be encouraged by parents. The public education system doesn’t offer the same level of freedom of education as the top private schools. It is a parent’s responsibility at home to ensure that their children are educated in various ways to ensure that they are well equipped with knowledge that will carry them through their lives and pass on that wisdom to the future generation. 

To live in a virtual world is not living, it is life limiting and sterile which is also designed to suppress the human spirit within us, not to mention it’s a controlled environment where your autonomy doesn’t exist. Your knowledge and experience is controlled by someone else’s power and authority over you. There is no freewill, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of expression in any way whatsoever. Your spirit is denied and heavily suppressed permanently thus you are unable to be a truly divine spiritual being you are just a controlled puppet avitar and nothing more. 

03 December, 2023


 My New  GoDaddy website is humming along in the production stage. The webssite won't be live for a couple of days but this is the website address  www.alexfulfordmedium.com

Or you can just google Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant Medium and bob's your uncle. 

Warm and Fuzzy hugs peeps xxx

Thalidomide survivor Trish Jackson reveals heartbreaking way she had to qualify for disability pension


This lady could have worked in an office absolutely no problem. I worked in the public service with a lady that had been a victim of Thalidomide in fact she was my supervisor at one point and was born with one arm. She drove a car, she was married and she was a mother too. Back in my youth the public service was required to hire people who had disabilities and just like everybody else in the public service they would get proper on the job training through every rank the same as everyone else. 

The lady that I worked with was no different to anyone else and she was a friend to me and we shared the same sense of humour. I have a lot of respect for her and was amazed by how nothing phased her. It is disgusting that after all these years that people are still struggling with the government for support. 

What’s the problem in sorting this mess out? Couldn’t be arsed taking responsibility for all of these people because it’s all too hard. Not to mention that these days the government deliberately tries to avoid granting pensions to people who have a genuine disability as it is. It seems that our government doesn’t understand what it means to be human. To care for people in need or people with disabilities. 

For a first world country where is the respect and responsibility to people with disabilities. Where is the desire to serve these people and right the terrible wrongs done to them? We are talking an entire lifetime of suffering and government neglect. Buck passing by every political party elected since this terrible tragedy happened. The public must not tolerate this long protracted issue, we must demand change now. Are we all supposed to just sweep this under the carpet like we have done for over sixty years? The responsibility is at the feet of the federal government to step up and sort this once and for all.

An apology is cheap, compensation and a pension for those that need it is way overdue. That compensation needs to be back dated with interest for every single year of the person’s life. Claiming a pension should be made under a special status category without the horrible dignity robbing practices that are the standard procedure. Are the government hoping that people will die so they don’t have to grant pensions? It sure looks like it, if it has already taken this long to get any kind of acknowledgment or recognition for granting pensions and compensation. 

02 December, 2023

'Leaning tower' in Italy on 'high alert' for collapse


This is quite an expense in today’s economy. Saving a valuable historical building for future generations to enjoy versus putting the money into the pockets of the citizens in need. Yes, it must be secured to prevent injury and prevent deaths and damage to nearby buildings. But is any  further work able to be held back until the economy is restored? 

01 December, 2023

Christmas humour has started early

                                                          Let the silly season begin 


Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...