30 September, 2022

The new (Returned Servicemen's League) RSL Rose by Meilland

 I am not into red roses much preferring softer colours but this is a must have. My father and late father in law were serving members of the military in conflict. So this rose means a lot to me as does the RSL and supporting veterans and their families.

It is a beautiful rose and for a very worthy cause, please look out for this in garden centers and on line nurseries. Some nurseries have their own version to the Meilland standard RSL rose that I purchased recently. So why not pop online and have a look at what is on offer near you or to buy online. Help support a worthwhile cause. 

Federal Reserve announces major ‘pilot exercise’ for ESG social credit score system


Coming to you real soon, sure why not, what danger could there possibly be? Let’s see how they will sell this to the masses as something good. Yes, Australia will follow the same path, because people are willing to let this happen.The Federal Reserve is not a government entity it is a private company, always was and always will be. 

The plan is as I have pointed out in other blog posts to bring in a permanent digital currency. No saving money, no control over your own money and access to your account can be denied for any reason whatsoever. Yet the masses will just accept this human rights abuse, especially in English language countries. European people will object through common sense, especially those that lived through the Eastern European communism, however the English language nations are too far down the road to this because they have been trained for years with leftist indoctrination. 

Remember this when access to your bank account is restricted or blocked. How can you future proof yourselves when you can’t get full access to your money and paper money will not be accepted in many places. Think about any white goods such as a dishwasher or washing machine. You want to buy new furniture for your house that is digital transactions these days anyway. Who carries a few thousand dollars into a shop these days?  

Please also keep in mind that banks can be hacked and sabotaged. Modern warfare can also cause absolute chaos in a digital world. Australia has seen this in flood situations and through the 2019 bushfires, people in the affected areas could not access their funds in the towns affected by the bushfires. 

Paper money won’t disappear over night but will be phased out, perhaps over a 6 to 12 or 18 month period, who knows. The government does have to give people vast notice of this in order to have people deposit money  into their bank accounts. This will of course trigger questions being asked about where it came from. This has absolutely nothing to do with money laundering from organised crime either, that is already dealt with by current laws. 

For most people, this is wages earned that were taxed already, older people usually take it out of the bank on pay day and budget their shopping from that. I still know older people that do this. It is easier for them to keep track of their spending that way. Older people struggle with technology when they have cognitive decline too. Even I am not comfortable with a lot of technology these days, I am still old school in many ways.

Ticketing systems at railway stations is something that I don’t do, because most Canberra people don’t use trains. We have one railway station and it is for interstate travel, locals drive  our use busses or trams. Pay parking machines glitch often too. I have a firm dislike of machines for their glitches and poor maintenance of public ticketing machines and vending machines. Banking is a different monster though and can govern our very lives. 

29 September, 2022

Four-year-old girl dies of cancer after Maryborough hospital misdiagnoses condition as UTI


This is soul destroying, beyond belief, god only knows what that child has suffered and the parents distress of losing a child. What is going on with hospitals these days? Why don’t people know that there is a medical advocate to step in, when there are concerns that your child or anyone for that matter is not getting the help needed and your voice is going unheard? 

This child would have been in absolute agony, yet the doctors did not think about doing a scan. That should have been done as a precaution, along with urine testing. I am aware that the testing for neuroblastoma has stopped in Australia for infants, from memory. I think it was seen as not cost effective to test every child at birth or the first few months of life. 

28 September, 2022

NewDawn: Rudolf Steiner, Secret Societies & ‘The Ahrimanic Deception’


Having an internet rummage again 🤣 I just started to look at esoteric magazines on line and came across this. The article talks about the Devil Tarot card, which is actually the October tarot card of the month. The black cube on the card represents the dark planet Saturn. 

So I thought this is something interesting for people to read. I am most certainly not a fan of Rudolf Steiner his teachings are cultish as far as I am concerned. I personally don’t subscribe to anything other that just being spiritual and nothing more. Sometimes it is best to be a fence sitter or be neutral, read and be informed but not take a side; option three. 

Who tests your food for pesticides in Australia?


Article published 28 September 2022. 

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/sep/27/australian-food-is-grown-with-dangerous-chemicals-banned-in-other-countries article published 27 September 2022

And they wonder why there is a high rate of cancer. 

27 September, 2022

ACT POLICE: Echidna not, rural patrol faces prickly situation


Poor little guy, if it’s not the poor little Wombats or Kangaroos in danger it’s other little critters. Rescuers need to wear protective gloves to pick up echidnas usually. They can move fast also, I have seen them scurrying along at Tidbinbilla nature reserve. Not always able to get a photo of them but it’s nice to be able to see one. 

We currently have snake season in Canberra especially in the Tuggeranong area, so people need to be on guard when out walking and especially if they are walking their dogs. There have been quite a few sightings this week already. 

25 September, 2022

Sunday night lols


Spring has sprung

 Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,

I wonder where the birides is. (Spike Milligan)

I always remember my dad saying this. My dad could be very funny and taught me many amusing ditties over the years.

23 September, 2022

Tarot card of the month: October 2022, The Devil


                                              Planet: Saturn                     Zodiac sign: Capricorn

                                              Element: Fire                     Number 6 (1plus 5)

Mr Chicken drumstick legs 😂 Last month I warned that something big is going to happen in October, We just seem to be getting a never ending can of whip-ass; non stop for the past few years and the can is getting bigger. Lets see what the TCOM says about this. 

Temptation, Emotions, Ego, Excess, Blind Authority, Anger, Rage, Disobedience, Vice, Hopelessness, Materialism, Enslavement/Bondage, Ignorance, Jealousy

Right  at the offset the first thing we notice is the male and female chained to a black cube. Notice they have little horns on their heads, this implies daemons rather than humans (or is it really souls/spirit?), that fall from grace that is mentioned in the bible. The primordial Adam and Eve. However there is a deeper story to this that the average person is totally unaware of due to being in a  state of spiritual ignorance or unawareness. Humanity for a start did not fall from grace, they were pushed. But that is a much bigger story than we have time for just now.

As I get into this; let me point out the black cube which represents the planet Saturn, it can allude to evil. Evil is the word Live backwards. That is a clue right there to humanity's present place of residence.

Looking at the Devil's hands he is  implying "As in as above, so is below." Add to that "As within, so is without" to this card too. The Devil card represents the Human ego, vices, addictions and enslavement in the third dimension. This card shows a lack of spirituality, and a lower vibrational frequency that keeps humanity here, it also reminds us that this is a dualistic world that we inhabit. 

Notice also the two individuals have red hair too, this is further secret esoteric knowledge of humanity's origins and also Jesus and Mary Magdalen were also redheads; which runs through royal families of the world and the elite of the planet. Red hair is often seen in religious art conveying a secret message too. The male in the card looks at the female not as an equal here, he is not looking at her face, he looks as if he is looking at her with lustful intent. She on the other hand is looking at something unseen. Is that another astral plane, a higher spiritual knowledge? The female is a higher intuitive than the male as she is seen as a creator and an aspect of the goddess. Both are chained to the black cube, enslaved in the third dimension by evil means due to their naivety and trusting nature. 

The devil with his left hand is holding a burning torch pointing downwards to the ground (earth) It looks like it is just about burning the male beings tail. The devil seems to inflame base emotions within the male such as lust and jealousy. 

The female though has a tail that looks like it is purple grapes on a vine. Temptation, fertility, abundance, the blood of Christ. Purple is associated with royalty and the crown chakra so this points to a royal bloodline, the family of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Mary was a high priestess in the cult of Isis.

As a side note did you know that purple apples imply secret esoteric wisdom? There is a stained glass window artwork in Lincoln cathedral church England, in which purple apples are symbolic of Mary Magdalen. I came across this in the book entitled, The murder of Mary Magdalene by Dan Green.  However this is supposed to be grapes depicted on this card, which grow on a vine then this could still relate to the bloodline of Mary and Jesus. Fruits do often mean fertility so there can be  a couple interpretations of this symbol. 

Looking at the Devil's eyes, they look like they are boring right into what is in his line of vision, us the collective humanity. Getting into the mind of his victims. His right hand (male energy) is gesturing the hand sign Vau  from Hebrew which also carries the number 6 vibration, it is also the Vulcan sign made by Mr Spock on Star Trek. But notice the female is standing to the right and not the left hand side which is female energy. Remember 6 is the feminine number and 9 is male. So the Devil has a spite against the divine feminine and takes it out on womankind. 

https://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/tob/tob04.htm (This is interesting reading) Duality again.

I also feel communism as I looked at this right hand and the white wing, I thought that was weird, I don't know why that came to me but it may be relevant given China is aligned with Russia, not to mention the New World Order is also communist.

Notice the inverted pentagram on the Devil's head right at the third eye or crown chakra, this to me symbolises infecting the human psyche with negative thoughts. His horns remind me of the goat of Mendes,  however the horns actually represents the zodiac sign of Capricorn which is the 10th house in astrology and ruled by the planet Saturn (restrictions). Now on his right palm is a symbol that I have trouble seeing clearly, It has a cross and something next to it, which is unclear to me but I suspect this is the symbols of male and female, so if that is the case the Devil has them in his hand so to speak, under his control. 

This entire message is telling us of  the age old spiritual fight between good and evil, a spiritual war that has raged  since the dawn of time. Not just in the physical world but also in the unseen world of spirit.

This card keeps informing us of the adage As above, So is below. Also the other  As within, So is without. This being a dualistic reality, there has to be opposites to everything. 

The black background is absorbing energy, some meanings for the colour black are Mystery, Knowledge,  Evil, Transformation (energy), Ignorance  (on a spiritual level in this case), Despair and Inertia (energy/emotions) 

Looking at the wings of the Devil we are again seeing duality, black and white, male/female, ying/yang, Duality. White in this card can symbolise Purity, Virtue (virtue signaling) Weakness, Sterility, Innocence.

Notice there is more black than white present. Energy is out of balance (ying and yang) here and that is not good. All energy must be balanced.

Nudity as depicted by the male and female symbolise the soul laid bear, they have no hidden agenda, nothing is hidden, all is out in the open, it can imply they are vulnerable and unprotected from any attack or harm. One other thing that dawned on me is the way the devil is symbolising and the male and female standing under the devil is almost like a holding spell or ritual. Also there is a triangle in the way the are standing as in the trinity or three levels of consciousness. Three is an important number in esoteric teachings, also when something is repeated three times it works as a spell.   We live in the third dimension also which is ruled over by the demiurge/ the devil/Lucifer or what ever name you want to use. 

So as you can see the male and female are held in a binding spell or ritual in the third dimension or hell. The devil's hand signs remind me of a binding spell, especially the symbol written on his right hand. I need to find out what this really is because it is so small all I can make out is the cross but not the other symbol. Basically humanity is under the influence of dark control for thousands of years in the physical world, which is a heavy energy or frequency. 

Now as for October 2022, the message is a warning and a message of caution and keeping our emotions in check for our own good. Act in haste and repent at leisure, choose your words and actions carefully people. Words can and do hurt and offend. They can inflame tensions, so it is best to not engage in conflict. Avoid any temptation to speak up against anything controversial.

This is a volatile energy and I feel it will continue to the end of the year and I am not looking forward to next year with the way things are going. This can include monarchists V's republicans, Pro-Ukraine V's Russia/China. I do feel the media as stoking the flames politically  and with many issues to get peoples backs up. Stay neutral and do not takes sides. This is a cat and mouse game to draw people into conflict deliberately just like the lead up to both world wars.   There is always two sides to everything, hence polarities or dualities  and this world is the devils playground.

The world is on an unsure footing right now, no one knows where they stand. I am drawn to the white wing on the right hand side of the devil. This tells me this is a distraction being created, while you are watching this space the left hand side is where the action really is. Outright deception played out right under our noses and we are unable to see what is happening on the other side.

The little white patch is like a window, it is only a very small window which means we cannot get a full view of what is taking place. Notice too the colour black is more prominent than white, the energy is way out of balance here. As I study the right hand side of the card, the black feels like I am looking at the back of a crowd of people who are all trying to see out of that small window. The crowd cannot really see what is happening so will rely on hearsay. But is it true information or yet more lies and deception?

The whole reality is not presented, nor is it meant to be. It is just enough to get the desired results from the masses; a fait accompli. This is a world event that is happening, it requires the entire world's attention. It is not what is actually taking place either, only a staged event. The real issue is taking place elsewhere out of sight of the public.  These events will not be made apparent until after the events. 

I feel the EU, UN, and the WEF connected to this, something big is happening in Europe politically and financially; banking it is connected to other situations also. I do not like the feeling of this. I get the feeling of other countries being made to join in unison  to an event or situation or miss out as in being penalized. This is an economic thing that whole nations must sign up to such as the WEF or the Climate scam. Don't forget the military side of things which will also drain money, a virtual cash cow for bankers.

I feel lots of money being funneled into this, draining many nations financially. This is a huge mistake, instant poverty for many nations. Talk about slight of hand movements. Watch the right hand while the left hand is doing the evil deed. I am talking billions of dollars here being funneled away this is stupidity on steroids. Dim witted politicians are being manipulated here and there are a lot of them, afraid to be seen as anti climate change so they will follow like lambs to the slaughter and be held unaccountable for the disaster this causes.

There is no concrete proof of these climate allegations but that is not the point, this is a heist of public funds on a global scale. I urge people world wide to stay  vigilant with financial matters in the news, also war, not just in Ukraine but in other places too.

Shortly Europe will start to really feel the pinch of not having any heating also and this will be yet another sore point. I feel something will also happen in France, this feels like social unrest yet again. I notice Australia doesn't have the same energy upheaval yet. All eyes will be on the northern hemisphere due to war, violence and unrest. Keep your eyes and ears open at this point because other things are happening in the shadows.

This card reminds me that humanity is under a dark and heavy spell, and that most of humanity are unaware of this and the fact that they are spiritual beings first and foremost.  

This world is actually what the bible would call hell. The physical body is a prison or tomb which is also alluded to in the bible. While we are "incarnated" in the flesh we are said to be dead. So everything that we believe is inverted.

I do realise that this comes as a shock to most people unless they actually read esoteric literature but here we are; and it is openly stated in the bible. However most people either do not read the bible or forget that part. Everything is inverted in the third dimension because it is a negative and locked frequency. New agers often talk about the planet being in quarantined due to other star races saying we are violent and can't be trusted. However this is not correct. As I always say this is a world of lies and deception.

Absolutely nothing is truth here and the longer humanity is here in spiritual ignorance the further deep into darkness they sink. Losing their connection to spirit and our true purpose. But what happens when the person hits the very bottom, is there any chance that they will have a spiritual epiphany and try to rectify this? Who knows, they may have to wait for the consummation of the ages to be absorbed back into primary source if that is even possible. Perception is the key to getting out of here.

Stay safe and look after your loved ones, warm and fuzzy hugs


Note: I am looking for the bible chapter that states the human body is a tomb for the soul etc. I have been aware of this for many years, but I will post it here as soon as I can find it. 

UPDATE: Belarus joins the war 11 October 2022. 


UPDATE: 23 May 2023, Re: the physical body being a tomb for the soul, it is in the link below. I only came across this by accident looking on my iPad for something else. Notice th comment by St Paul/Saul.



22 September, 2022

The Remains of This Recently Found Ancient Structure Are Even Older Than The Pyramids


Amazing discovery, but funny how ancient Egypt has always been seen as the be all and end all of history while ignoring the older things in the world. Still clinging to the belief of from east  to west civilisation. Which has been blown out the water by the realities of much older artefacts in Europe, Ireland and Britain and even South America. 

History and archeology are wonderful subjects and should always be encouraged to preserved in every new generation to know the true history of humanity worldwide. We still don’t know much from the distant past because those in power destroyed things of their enemies, not even realising the great loss they cause the entire human race. 

21 September, 2022

The Hippies Were Right: It's All about Vibrations, Man!


It's all about the vibes (vibrational frequency) Megahertz 

NSW to ditch dark-coloured roofs to prevent heat islands


I often wondered why we no longer  build houses to deflect heat in Australia. In the old days many houses had verandas to keep out the sun, but in the 1960’s that changed to take away the verandas. Which was a ridiculous idea. Cheap weather board house were after WW1 due to lack of building materials but they continued to be built up to the 1960’s along with single brick houses. Weatherboard or Fibro as we call it over here were sweat boxes in summer and ice boxes in winter. Houses built from the 1970’s onwards have big floor to ceiling windows and glass patio doors. So in summer we tend to keep the curtains closed to keep out the heat. We have awnings on the outside of the windows to keep out the sun also.

 My house actually has 6 window awnings on the outside 4 of which are very big because my house was built in 1974. The hot sun is on the north side of my house most of the day until afternoon and then it’s right out the front. My backyard gets a hell of a lot of heat in summer so my veranda is hot and the back rooms get very hot. In mid afternoon the sun is right in front of my house heating up all the rooms at the front. I have total blockout blinds in every room. 

One other thing to factor in is the direction of the sun when building. A west facing house gets the hottest sun of the day. What idiots thought that was a good idea back in the day? The concept was to bring sunlight into the house. Really?? Try living in a hot house without any way of cooling it down, and forget getting a good nights sleep in a hot room. 

Why not  study the design of traditional houses in the Middle East. They have white paint and white roofs, some of which are used as a rooftop kitchen in the hot weather. White as we know deflects heat; where dark colours absorb the heat. So why didn’t our government insist on building according to our climate from a start? They instead have a northern hemisphere logic to build European style houses. Mediterranean style could be more ideal in Australia or incorporate ideas from hot countries to suit our climate. 

Also houses need some air corridors between them to let heat escape. But new houses are being built on blocks of land like a postage stamp; side by side where you can hear everything. The trend in the past 30 years has been to build the houses jam packed on to small blocks of land; without any shady trees either. Many new houses are on knock down-build blocks which used to have just one house; there is no garden and hardly any parking spaces and very small rooms. The only thing that they have changed is the window sizing; which are much smaller but still have a sliding patio door into a shoe box size area. 

The houses are surrounded in concrete; which in summer becomes an oven. I had the misfortune to live in such a place in the early 1980’s. It was horrible in summer; and there wasn’t any privacy. The house baked in summer. The back yard was so tiny and paved  with cement bricks; all that was there was a clothes line and  a small area to fit a table and 4 chairs and that was all. But that’s what happens when builders and governments get together for big profits. 

In a country as big as Australia there is no need for this, it’s corporate greed. Building double brick houses though  is  very expensive in Australia so we need a good efficient way to keep a house cool in summer and warm in winter. Some parts of Eastern Australia are very cold and get snow in winter, where other parts of Australia have a warm or mild winter. 

So it makes sense to build with the climate in mind. When you have a hot house in summer it makes life miserable. Try cooking for a family in high temperatures, it’s not pleasant and doing housework with the sweat running off you. Most houses are not air conditioned, many people still rely on a couple of pedestal fans.

Only in the past 20 years have some people installed inverter reverse cycle units in their lounge rooms. Some have one in the main bedroom. Ducted air conditioning is still  very expensive so most people don’t have it. But the greens put the guilt trip on people for using air cooling systems and a heater in winter. Air conditioning is only needed for a few of months of the year when it is really hot. 

In the heat sometimes the fans are just moving hot air around. Ceiling fans are a must have in every house but there aren’t any laws to make it compulsory to build houses with ceiling fans. To me ceiling fans are not a luxury, they are essential and should be a basic human right to have these in all houses. Think about babies , small children and the elderly; in our heat that are often affected by heat stroke. It can be life threatening. Do you see the climate change nutters asking for this? No definitely not, so why is that?

If they care about the planet they should also care about all life. They expect us to suffer for their communist agenda and nothing must get in the way of the agenda, lives don’t matter only the “cause”.

NOTE: I hadn’t realised this has been in draft for ages, it was written the day of the news article. D’oh! I am  still looking through posts to look for my comment about using coloured lights for healing therapy in the future to add to another post, I suspect I did my usual stupid thing and deleted it; because I have spent all day looking through posts and using the search box with key words. 

18 September, 2022

Call for more research into childhood dementia, a disease that kills almost as many kids as cancer


What a cruel fate this is, utterly heartbreaking. I feel that there will be more cases as time goes on. Some poor souls just never get a chance to live. Never get to experience the good things in life that so many take for granted. Some individuals waste their lives and place no value on life at all. Yet there are children born into this world that will never get the chance to live and have a normal life. 



Please read this too. 🤗🤗🙏🙏 Benzodiazepines ( Valium, Xanax, Diazepam) 

The excitement of spring in Canberra

If the wind and rain will only pipe down a bit, to enjoy the flowers. It's spring time and the flower season kicks off with Floriade and Tulip Tops Garden, Spring flower shows. Floriade started on 17th September and runs to 16th October 2022.  https://floriadeaustralia.com/

Tulip Tops Garden opened last week and will close the same time as Floriade

https://www.tuliptopgardens.com.au/ Tulip Tops  is dog friendly and is a safe environment for dogs as it is all enclosed. We will take miss Ruby for her annual visit, she loves to do the meet and greet with people. She will have her sausage sandwich, hold the onions though and enjoy a stroll around the bulbs and flowers, a gem amongst the flowers, that’s our Ruby 😻

With rain free days the sun is brilliant and the flowers are in their prime, it puts a smile in ones heart and a spring in ones step when the warmer weather arrives. My mind goes off into thinking about mass planted flowers in a gentle breeze and the warm sun in a bright blue sky. Lazy days in the garden and not wanting to bother with the outside world, just being in the moment at one with nature.

Fellow gardeners rejoice in the delights of springtime and the warming of the soil. We look forward to the gentle colours of nature’s  splendour, even if we can only capture this sight for a very brief time. We long for a never ending springtime of eternal blooms and a gentle afternoon sun that makes one hark back to childhood spent in the garden catching bees, butterflies and ladybugs. The endless simple joy in our hearts. 

Endless flights of fancy inspired by delightful springtime blooms and the sound of laughter. They are but fleeting moments of time eternal. Of the innocent springtime of our youth, fanciful dreams for many of us at best. We must appreciate life’s special moments for what they are and keep them in our hearts for days when we need them. Hold on to and treasure those precious moments and memories for they are the key to our happiness. We the creators beings of our own joy. 

Plant some flowers and watch them grow, that which  you created in love and joy. The seed that you gave life; rewards you in it’s very being. A splendid sight to behold a cherished memory for ever in your heart. Go gently; plant that seed so that you may to grow in wisdom and in peace. Plant ye now a memory to share with others; who share the dream of joy in all its simplicity and its joy.

Copyright Alex Fulford, September 2022

16 September, 2022

'We transformed our city back garden into a wildflower meadow'


My kind of place 😻 with the British climate this works well. I wish that we had hedgehogs and squirrels in Australia. I would just love them to live in my garden. My garden is full of bulbs in bloom right now. I have never seen it so bright and cheerful. Thanks to all the rain that we have had I am enjoying the seasonal colours. I am now hoping that the summer flowers will be just as spectacular and attract ladybugs and butterflies in droves. The bees are back already and collecting pollen from my box elder tree and flowers. I just hope they don’t set up residence in a possum box like last year. Mind you we got 9kg of raw honey from them. The resident possums won’t put up with the bees, they put up a fight if any bees try to use their boxes. One possum per box, they don’t do that share thing or it gets ugly fast, lol. 

 The Lindsay’s garden, noticed the scabiosa and blue cornflowers. Two of my favourites, good to grow with cosmos and babies breath or Queen Anne’s lace. 

Wes Penre: Cosmology from a new point of view


For those that have already read the Wes Penre Papers, I have grave doubts as to the accuracy of the Orions being peaceful, given that part of them are still within the matrix. Hearsay is not worth the paper it is written on. LP California are not scientists that I would trust with a ferret let alone trust them with this information. I will trust my own intuition thanks. 

14 September, 2022

Science Alert: Daylight Does Something to The Brain, And a New Study May Explain The Mystery


Interesting reading, I noticed the mention of treatment using light therapy. I actually mentioned on my blogs last year that medicine will change and we will see light therapy for different health issues in the coming years, including some sort of blue light. 

I am still trying to find the article and will add it here. It might have been in an article that was shared or a prediction. Just have to search for it. Two days later and I am still looking for it 😭

11 September, 2022

EPOCH TIMES: The Great Reset, the Permanent Lockdown, and the Globalist End-Game: Marc Morano


Light at the end of the tunnel, yeah that’s a train ya idiot 🤣🤣🤣 

Read the pdf, the Unseen hand in this blog. There are many writers that have said similar to the author of the unseen hand over decades dating back to the beginning of the 20th century.  Also there is an extensive bibliography in the UH book so you will see where the information came from. 

The US government are part of the criminal elite with a history going back to the early 1800’s at least; as is the city of London, with a string of minions across the world. Read my predictions too. Also, I have pointed out the the new world order has started last year, because it was announced on the Television on prime time news. I have known it was coming since I was 28. But I didn’t know it was a new world order. I saw mass suffering worldwide, like mass poverty, war and life like being like the Great Depression and here we are. 

When this guy mentions Hitler what he doesn’t mention the fact that the US bankrolled him, just like they funded the communists of Russia, to kick off the revolution to name just a couple of things, and destabilising other countries including allies in order to control them and instal who they want in order to exploit and control every aspect of life in these countries. Useless eaters; this is Henry Kissinger’s expression; that stated in 1973, control the food and you control the people.

This guy must have done a quick read up on all of this shit, it’s all been around for years, decades in public domain. Sounds like he is trying to save his own neck by parroting all of this. I am surprised he hasn’t mentioned the Jesuit piece of shit Adam Weishaupt because that is how far back this goes. But there in fact have been similar things going on since the beginning of time. Now, expect things to hit the fan, because these government  goons along with corporations will have to do something fast to prevent peoples rightful anger boiling over. This is building up with reporters jumping on the bandwagon which means the world is poised on a knife edge, anything can happen next. I feel for us ordinary people and what all of this will mean. 

I put up with ridicule for years for what I was warning about, even from my family, well are you laughing now? 

The pastures and meadows of poetry

 Oh, to have the time to wander the pastures and meadows of poetry; of times long gone. To bask in the warm glow of their splendour.

To breathe the air of joy. To walk with the wisdom of bards. To be where birds soar high and dreams take flight, to the world of freedom and artful expression. The gift of vision in lands of splendour, the golden sun shines down its ancient wisdom. Illuminating the wisdom upon such minds as the great men in whose steps we follow. Never to repeat or attain the dreams once held in the dying sunlight of the days long gone. 

Gathering the golden harvest we can rejoice in heavenly dreams on a late summers eve, after a days work is done. With straw for a pillow to dream of a magical land where wisdom is found in a breath of wind. A slight breeze and a golden blessing is ours for the toil if only we make time to wander the pastures. 

Return to the land that gave us our sight and ability to think; to take a chance to follow our dreams and live with wisdom of spirit and grace in our hearts. I now bow my head and shed a tear for dreams that I lost.

Alex Fulford ©️September 2022.

The occult meaning of the rainbow


This was written back in May 2014, on my old blog. Please click on the link and click on the links that I have shared in the blog post. People have no idea what really goes on in this world because they are trained not to be genuinely inquisitive nor think outside the box. 

Ignorance being the biggest disease to man and keeps him prisoner of his own making. Wise as fools,  comes to mind with society in current times. 

HEADS UP: Not sure if I will continue with my YouTube videos

 Just looking at my stats on YouTube, I will most likely give this a miss, I don't seem to be getting many viewers. Oh well, so be it then. I gave it a go. I am not one for fancy speech or what ever it takes to pull people to my videos. I just talk straight and to the point, which is obviously what people don't want. No big deal. If people are interested then they can look through my blogs. One other thing that I wish to say is when I do the TCOM on YouTube, sometimes it is a little different to the blog version because unexpectedly I sometimes have a prediction that pops up, which were never intended, they just happen.

So in a nut shell, I won't invest what little time and energy that I have in this venture. It is hard enough when those that control the internet use algorithms to slow down traffic to websites, blogs etc. But people have to actually be interested in the first place. Sadly most people only want unicorns and rainbow garbage. Such is life!

Here we are four hours later with Facebook and they only let 5 people see this post. Why well because they want me to pay stupid amounts of money to increase my traffic flow. I refuse to do this because they ripped me off several years ago for a few hundred dollars. YouTube are no doubt slowing traffic to my page for the same reason. No way can I afford to pay so I will not be posting anything on YouTube from here on in. 

10 September, 2022

Funny Saturday


Surprise spiritual download this morning

 So there I am waking up early this morning just starting to open my eyes and still remembering the dream that I just had. Then I start feeling very tired and seeing colours and numbers, the numbers were in red from memory. It’s been a while since I had a download like this. I am sure that I am not the only person getting this at present. 

I was still very tired as I picked up my iPad from the side of my bed to check emails and the news, so I kept nodding off again. As I closed my eyes I was seeing colours and numbers every time I closed my eyes. The whole download thing was making me tired too. A violet and magenta colours kept popping up and then a golden yellow and red were visible as they blurred into other colours. Then I noticed a red outline around random objects, I have not experienced that before.

This experience was not like others that I have had in the past, it didn’t have that warm buzzing and tingling feeling, just fatigue. What does make me experience weird stuff like this too is the scared geometry pattern on my shower tiles at present. I will be glad to be rid of them as we are finally getting our bathroom fully renovated as there is asbestos in the bathroom. The shower is the only part with any tiles at present. Just waiting for the big day arriving very soon. It’s only taken 28 years, lol.

Anyway back to this colour show with numbers thing. Once it seems to be over I get the feeling that I have just been infused with energy to do readings or spiritual activities. Thankfully I am having time off from reading just now due to feeling exhausted with fibromyalgia and I have family issues to tend to. I have still to see what the results of this download will be. But one thing that comes across my mind is, this is like a digital download. That makes me rather uncomfortable to be honest because we actually are in a sort of simulation away from the rest of the true spiritual multiverse. The universe is constructed from mathematics, sacred geometry and pure energy of course and everything works on frequencies including we humans, being bio-electrical and spiritual beings. 

I have tried to find an image on Google images to show you what I saw, but I can’t find anything, what is shown is absolutely nothing like the real thing either. Basically it was long vertical blocks of continuous colour which had a warm glow, the colours changed like in an LED light fading from one colour to another. The numbers were superimposed on top of the colours. Th numbers were not always in a formation like a binary code some were flowing down like water from a waterfall but others just appeared randomly. Red numbers with a background of golden yellow to orange to red. Then patches of  magenta and violet, then other random colours. I know these colours are beneficial spiritually for me to heighten my awareness. I vividly remember the number five. Five being the number for humanity, as in Vitruvian man, a head and four extremities.

Interestingly I live in a house that's number adds up to five as did my previous house. Spiritual awakening occurred in both of these houses. My psychic awareness grew stronger and hearing spirit in the first house when relatives died. That number five I just can't shake off, lol. It definitely affects me, there is no two ways about that.

https://symbolsage.com/meaning-of-number-five/ Here are interesting fun facts about the number 5

Mercury for communication.....tell-a-woman it's the fastest form of communication😂 The mind as in clairvoyance and psychic abilities.

Interesting what this page mentions about the number for a door number. I have had terrible things happen in my life living in a number 5 house. But some good things too. I can tell you the bad stuff has done major harm, life altering in fact that I will never recover from. The first number five house had the previous deceased person still present and the vibe in that house was terrible. Visitors felt as though they were being watched constantly by something unseen. I knew that lady was earthbound because the first moment that I stepped in the front door with my husband and the real-estate agent I felt her, yet the agent said she died in hospital. May be she did but she would not leave the house. I saw that she had mobility issues and had bandages on both of her legs and I could see her walking stick. We only stayed there two years and had to sell up it was so bad. 

https://blog.tutorabcchinese.com/expats/lucky-and-unlucky-chinese-numbers#:~:text=5%20(%E4%BA%94%2C%20W%C7%93)%20%2D,be%20viewed%20as%20bad%20luck.  Number 5 can be unlucky.

 Back then I did not know how to clear the house and protect my space. One Chinese man came to seen the house and saw the door number and refused to come in. We saw him get quite distressed as he spoke to the real-estate agent. They left quickly after that, I think he made a very wise decision. My current house does not have such energy as I look after the house energetically. People enjoy coming into my house. That's due to my mummy cat vibes, lol.  

Channel number 5, mmm I love this and have one currently. I always have at least one bottle of Channel perfume on my dressing table. Old fashioned girl me, lol. My favorite numbers are 6 and 3, born under a 6 birth number  3, 6, 9 are always around me and that pesky 5 😆Yup changes are going on in my life at present. The ball started rolling this year for me, about damn time too. This is a number 5 year for me and next year turning 60. Woo Hoo! 6 with the force of the universe. Better bring me more cats! 

09 September, 2022

Wes Penre: Do we need to vibrate faster than the grid to exit? Pdf


The written format. One thing to keep in mind is the physical body vibrates around 62 to 70  MHz on physical death it drops to 25 MHz. The spirit is going to be free and therefore should be a higher frequency anyway, but I don’t believe it matters. As long as one is aware and focused on the reality that their intentions are to leave this world and exit the grid. Intentions are everything and you are non physical so everything that you do from then on is thought reactive. That’s how one moves from a to b, think and it is so. 


Just a little more info on why we need to exit the matrix of this reality. Read up on the quote by St Paul/Saul, who was a cousin of Jesus. 

08 September, 2022

Alex is one of the top ten psychics in Melbourne

 I am number 5, BUT! I don’t live in Melbourne and never have 🤣The email address and personal address is wrong too. Talk about making shit up. 🤣🤣🤣  
For the record I don’t really care what my rating is, it’s irrelevant. All I care about is spirit and service to humanity and all the animals. Nothing big, nothing important. Don’t make me what I am not, I am  just a regular Joe Blogs that just happens to be clairvoyant. DO NOT ever put any psychic or clairvoyant on a pedestal either it is wrong and immoral as far as I am concerned.  A person is who they are and only spirit can assess the individual  as a human being, however accurate that may be remains to be seen. 

Randall Carlson Fascinating Interview

I have never listened to the Joe Rogan videos before, I just haven’t been interested so this is my first.

This is a three hour video and very much a must see, it has fascinating information especially at the 18 minutes onwards. Core samples 2 miles deep, Randall is able to explain the research and shows diagrams as a visual guide.  You will see I have also put a blog post showing diary notes going back centuries with a link to each page from the website detailing the weather 400 years up to the 1990’s. They are still revealing the weather patterns and how they constantly change over centuries. Cycles upon cycles which are universal. https://psychictarotreadingwithalexfulford.blogspot.com/2022/07/the-extreme-heat-of-1666.html 1666, the year of the great fire of London coincidentally. 

There are great snippets of history to enjoy in this video, no wonder it has so many viewers and it as made back in 2015. I can’t believe that is seven years ago now 🤣

07 September, 2022

You know you’re up poop creek when


Luz Truss; member of the World Economic Forum what does that tell you?  Look out for her Wikipedia page removing her parents are leftist labour as was she, but what makes her join the Tories? Simple she is there to further damage to the UK like the rest of the politicians. The party in power is irrelevant they comply with what big business, and secret societies tell them. 

06 September, 2022

Neil Oliver: ‘they’re acting in concert with each other


So it has taken this long for some people to partially waken up to what’s been happening for years.  It’s a bit late now, and these people haven’t even scratched the surface on what is really happening, and those with evil intentions will up the ante on you and lay the smack down before you can blink. Just as they have always done in the past, people just don’t pay attention and most politicians are as dumb as a box of rocks and so easily manipulated. Now that more people are starting to take notice, you can expect a dramatic reaction from the hidden power; to do something drastic causing chaos as a distraction otherwise people will demand something be done to stop this in its tracks.

Put it this way when it comes to war do you let the enemy gear up first; where they may even have an advantage over you?  Well yes, that happens all the time, because both sides are owned, financed and controlled by the same enemy of humanity secret societies.

This has been done since the year dot, but it has become more sophisticated in the past century. Control the narrative, control the government and the media. It’s like taking candy from a baby. Control the food, energy, petrol and oil and you can cripple any nation or nations. Look into the Russian revolution’s background and you will see similarities in the modus operandi, with what's happening right now and you will see the same hands involved today. Our technology makes us more vulnerable these days too. Power shut off and everything stops including trying to get your money out of the bank. A country comes to a complete stop in an instant due to all our technology, there is not one country in this world that is not compromised and under the thumb of these evil doers, not one. We are all sitting ducks of secret societies.  

Who is this grumpy cat you speak of?

 Found this online 🤣🤣 Mr Fluffy Butt. I had a Border terrier cross Silky like this, we often joked about taking him to vet appointments like this  tied to a cricket bat because he was bitey. 

Interesting use of the chakra colours

 I must be slow to catch on or perhaps it is just that I have much more going on in my mind and my life. But today I saw a picture of the gay pride flag on clothing and it suddenly hit me, D'oh! that is the colours of the human Chakras upside down. Gee I am slow or what, lol. It is not something that I take much notice of as it is around everywhere after all, like all symbols in our busy world.

The rainbow colours are also of deep esoteric importance, nothing in this world is new. Just scratch below the surface. Don't get me wrong I have no problem with the gay pride flag but to reverse or invert the colours of the Chakra system is not good. It is turning things upside down (inverting) energy wise and spiritually. Most gay people that I know are very spiritual, so why must they have the Chakra system inverted? To me that looks disempowering towards these people. Unacceptable, and especially spiritually. Social engineers, hands off human beings, we are all spiritual beings, all equal and all care for each other that is why we are all humanity. Don't split us, divide us and manipulate us because we (Humanity) will all bite back one day collectively.

Inverted Chakras below
Base Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Chakra
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Head Chakra

The crown Chakra is missing because that goes into the ultra violet spectrum
Which is a much higher spiritual frequency.  Also the darker the colour the darker the energy.
Every colour along with every Chakra vibrates to it's own frequency. Frequency being the important key here.                       
                                                You will see there is also a link to Luciferanism  with rainbows too. Coincidence? No, just more confusion for the masses that accept everything that they are told.      

This link is from my old blog and written back in May, 2014. 

04 September, 2022

FREE PDF BOOK: The Unseen Hand by Ralph Epperson


Here is an interesting book that I am reading at present regarding the history of conspiracy theories , communism, the occult as in Freemasonry and similar Luciferin outfits; and the world we live in. Nothing is ever what we think it is, even when people think they are winning against the government it is only an illusion.

For those that are unaware, communism has been around for thousands of years and always will be. Even Plato warned of this danger, but there are more versions than you can shake a stick at. The western world is its point of origin in modern centuries. What began in the west will end in the west, as quoted by a secret society member known as Nostradamus. Even he is not what people think he is. Now on page 77 the author thinks the communist plot started in New York, but I would be inclined to add London to this equation too. That is the real seat of power, money and evil, the city of London incorporated. 

This book will hopefully change the individual’s perception (note: our perception shapes our individual reality in the physical world and by altering your perception a new reality emerges) of what is in the media in current times and rightly so. It is thought provoking and hopefully will make people think about current strategies employed during lockdown, post lockdown,  Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. It should make one think carefully about what is being presented to the public worldwide, as news including all financial (manufacturing a financial crisis) issues and climate change. Everything is carefully scripted and enacted to achieve a particular reaction from the public. The New World Order has already kicked off, little changes here and there and eventually people will wonder how it all came about. Inattention is how it comes about, people get distracted by something bright and shiny. 

 There is a startling section at the start of the book that mentions people in communist Russia that were unproductive due to illness, old age etc; who were encouraged to commit suicide. Because they were non productive,  useless eaters to use modern terminology. This reminds me of  the current elite mentality and carefully scripted manipulation of the masses on a global scale. 

Page 44 starts off the concept of unproductive humans and how they are a burden to the system. This book shows just how unhinged these individuals really are. Even George Bernard Shaw was a believer in disposing of people that were non productive. He was a member of the Fabian Society and a eugenicist, like most of these individuals though, they don’t contribute to society themselves, they see themselves as above ordinary people but in reality they are non producers themselves. Just look into world leaders today and you will see the vast majority of them are Freemasons and Fabians and so are journalists and reporters, so it’s no coincidence. 

 They don’t perform any tasks that keep food production going, manufacturing, building, repairing or providing health care like a doctor or nurse.  But many through the privilege of birth and money see themselves are superior to the rest of humanity. 

The former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard is a Fabian yet the voters had no problems accepting her. Most people just don’t seem to care about the lies and control over our lives as long as their lifestyles are not affected. 

Keep in mind the powerful leaders do not give up their properties, money, assets or power. No, that is us nobodies that have to give up our property and possessions. Stalin, a psychotic communist was known for his fleet of luxury cars, yet drove others into poverty and death, how does that work? We may find out if UN agenda 30 is implemented. 

Food for thought, if China is a communist country, why are there many rich people in China and tiered a society?  Why are western governments and businesses doing trade with China? It’s all about money and power, everyone looks the other way at the horrendous human rights abuse and killing innocent people. That’s communism 101. The UN is full of criminals and human rights abusers too, but that’s ok. Even the media doesn’t hassle them for their corruption or lack of care on human suffering. Suffering is cherry picked by the media for us to focus on but not by their buddies. 

By the time you read right through this pdf book you will have your world illusions shattered. This author is not the only one that has published books with similar information. But please read this and look for similar information to keep informed and self empowered. Knowledge is power and our world is transforming right in front of our eyes by deliberate intent and design, not for the betterment of humanity but for the betterment of the unseen architects of this ever evolving world, add the Bilderberger meetings and the World Economic Forum into this too for destroying our standard of living and destroying the world economy. 

Note: 1st May being important to communism, it is also Beltane ( as in Bal worship) the Celtic spring worship, but as usual there are hidden meanings to that, that only initiates know and myths are presented to the masses, it is still a blood ritual that is celebrated. These secret societies have their own secret ways of doing things, but also as one progresses up the ranks the rules and meanings change. It is all Lucifer worship from any angle and spiritual energy harvesting at the end of the day. Our world is set up for loosh harvesting.  In short nothing is new on this earth, it has all been done before and that is the way this reality or unreality is made to work. Most humans are just not privy to the real knowledge. 

Update: I am almost finished reading this on 10/9/22,  I can’t help but notice typos in this book, books are always edited and proofread. So I can’t understand why these irritating typos are not corrected, unless they are deliberately left in for some reason. Such things are usually  corrected before going to print. 🤔

In this link below, I highly doubt these dates are accurate but you get the picture anyway. It's all in the numbers really. Energy, positive and negative. The universe being made up from mathematics and frequency, sacred geometry. And then there is astrology from the gods/ dark ET's they taught this to humanity, its vital understanding energy and numbers frequencies because we are all energetic beings vibrating on a certain frequency. Think of the earth as a giant faraday cage too and all of this is a hell of a shock, but no accident. As I keep saying we are energetic beings and we should not even be here in this living hell. But here we are until we individually break the encryption within our energy field that keeps us here, then it's game over and one needs to learn where our true home is and not what is presented as our true home. because this reality is fake and an enormous lie against spiritual beings. Once you know this you are free.  


Page 368
18 May 1972 frameworks put down for one world government. Many other important documents were signed that year including the Lima declaration. 

Please look at the end of the book for the list of books and a little interesting blurb on each book. This is very useful to pinpoint things and also to get hold of books that you may want to read for further knowledge. Including the truth about pearl Harbor, it is sickening when you see the reality of these events.


CANADA HAS TOO MUCH MONEY! https://pm.gc.ca/en/news/news-releases/2022/09/21/prime-minister-delivers-action-united-nations-general-assembly

If this isn't communism I don't know what is. But watch the western nations fall into line. Poverty in the west. Lefty voters must be so pleased to vote for giving away their money to crooks. 

JPReacts: To Biden’s creepy and polarising speech


02 September, 2022

‘Bad look’: Homeless move in to Kirribilli and Milsons Point


 A tricky situation; you say?? Suck it up, how dare you play this card. You should be bloody ashamed of yourselves whining about homeless people. You don't want your privileged lives and precious sensibilities upset by the sight of poverty and homelessness, get over yourselves. This is a classic example of a lack of empathy, compassion and being truly spiritually bankrupt. 

Too bloody bad if you rich people are uncomfortable seeing homeless people like the rest of us  have seen for many years and try to help them. How about you get off your privileged arses and do something for the homeless? These unfortunate people are ok when you want them to spend money in your businesses or pay rent to you, until they can no longer afford the rent,  but suddenly these innocent human beings are offensive to you when times are tough.

I have had homeless people sleep in my street  and they bother no one; and they frequent the local shops often, because they feel safe there and no one will hurt them. They try not to be seen, because they are embarrassed by the cruel  hand of fate that has been dealt to them. Many homeless people have serious health problems which have been exacerbated by lockdown.

Do you think these poor people like being there? Thank your lucky stars that it is not you in this dire situation. Imagine being a family or elderly with chronic health problems and you can't even get to see a doctor. Never mind the problem of Centerlink recipients needing a postal address or they get their payment cut until they can provide a residential address. Currently this is happening around the country and across the globe because governments will not look after the poor nor provide housing in the amounts needed to accommodate the amount of homeless people. The fact is some homeless people are actually employed too. But with rent being so expensive they can't get a house on top of the fact that there are not enough rental properties around. But hey many refugees can come right in and find a home. What's wrong with this picture?  

What will it take to shame our state, territory and federal governments into looking after Australian citizens and tax payers? The Australian government has had decades to build more public housing but didn't, many of these officials live in privileged areas similar to the north shore of Sydney. They don't want to wander into where the real people live and see the firsthand human catastrophe that has been happening for decades. 

Instead they keep passing the buck along each time an election comes along and it is someone else's problem and keep giving out condescending lip service to the homeless and needy. A bad look you say, I will tell you what is a bad look, a first world nation that sells out its own citizens and refuses to build adequate housing, but is totally fine with developers taking over more and more government land and  leaves nothing affordable for ordinary citizens on a low income. 

https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-09-02/housing-property-australias-one-million-empty-homes/101396656  That's a lot of houses, but empty office blocks can be used as a temporary  accommodation. There are many big office blocks sitting vacant at present.


WES PENRE: Q and A Session 1st September 2022


Some more useful info from Wes.  This is the transcript pdf for those that like to just read.


This is the video format, please read through the comments too as many are quite interesting.

Update: Wes has a new video on line with today’s date.  I am not going to post it because much as I agree with it. It opens up a can of worms for anyone that agrees publicly. Pay attention to the very end comments too. 

01 September, 2022

Springtime Joy

Woo-hoo! The first of September and I am excited because spring is almost upon us. The true spring of course is on the Equinox (23rd September) and that is when the weather is finally getting warmer and the flowers are in full bloom. My birthday month and my last year of being in my 50's. No big deal , lol.

I celebrate springtime more than my birthday at the end of the month. Birthdays are fine and dandy but nothing compares to nature and the warm sun. Being out doors on a nice day and admiring flowers and the simple joys of nature. That's my joy and it makes me so happy. I don't like to be bothered too much with what is going on in the outside world of chaos and turmoil. I just need and crave the peace and harmony of nature.

I keep life very simple, quiet and as uncomplicated and stress free as possible  to rest and destress from the ills of the world. Grateful for birds, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds that visit my garden and the flowers that bring me joy and the sun to make the flowers grow. To me this is my happy place and I hope that everyone finds their happy place too, enjoy.

                                                My Peter Rabbit Bunnies at the window.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...