27 May, 2024

In South Korea thousands of young people have become recluses, shutting themselves away from society


This is such a sad situation and it is a global issue, however Korea and Japan seem to have the highest  number of young people that are isolated, not to mention the suicide problem also. The added pressure of what society expects of them and parental expectations of getting a good education and career on top of the already burdened person is just that extra pressure to push them over the edge. 

Perhaps a friendly social website specifically designed to attract the targeted audience to help these young people reach out to others in the same situation as a first contact point . It would also have to be tailored to the area where they live in order to meet people from around their town or city. 

 Then using a buddy system as a lifeline once they have established a relationship with someone within the group,  and are a supportive partner to help each other. With the intentions of eventually getting them to meet face to face. This would have to be done slowly over a period of time with psychologists monitoring and assisting them in re-assimilating into society once they are comfortable reaching out online to others in the same situation. 

A gentle progression then introduced to meeting each other over a period of 18 months to two years, in a safe welcoming environment. Perhaps then introducing groups of people in an informal setting sharing some food and entertainment such as an interactive game with humour to lighten the atmosphere and without the involvement of technology. Role playing exercises should be introduced once the young people are at a level where they can express themselves to others in the group comfortably so that they can get an understanding of how each other is feeling and respond appropriately. 

Young people also need to be outdoors in nature to feel connected and grounded, using a gentle compassionate approach, which might involve therapy pets such as cats. Cats are a low maintenance and de-stressing option in helping these young people to come out of their shells.  These young people also need to have their lives structured to ensure they have a regular routine such ad getting up in the morning and having breakfast and introducing a daily routine which should have a sensible time to go to bed and sleep through without needing to check social media, Restarting the body clock for regular daily life and preparing to integrate into society at a slow gradual transition. 

It is so heartbreaking to see  so many young people so alone and disconnected from their families, friends and society. The stress of being unable to leave their bedrooms to go to the dentist, the family doctor or just go out to buy food must be so overwhelming that it’s impossible. The stress on parents who are at a loss because they don’t know what to do, in order to help their children must also be extremely overwhelming to breaking point too. Factor in parents aging and the reality of their eventual death, there is no way that these vulnerable young people can cope with such situations. 

How on earth can the young people cope unless there is a gentle intervention programme put in place to assist them? There is no quick fix solution and the government must take action immediately to ensure that these people are protected as well as helped to regain their freedom and mental health. 

25 May, 2024

Roman oyster 'processing site' discovered on banks of Humber


It’s amazing that ancient  artefacts are still being found worldwide to this day. I highly doubt that Oysters played a part in the decision to go to Britain, more likely it was land to be conquered and a logical decision was made. World domination has always been the goal of powerful empires and still is today. 

Obviously there would be commercial interests in any nation to exploit and Britain had plenty resources to exploit including its people. 

Ancient Greek Armor Protected Soldiers in an 11-Hour Battle Simulation


Very interesting article, it would not be cheap in today’s money to replicate 13 suits of armor. I wonder what was done with them after the experiment. 


This article gives you better photos of the full armor, and there are several vulnerabilities in the armor, such as the armpits exposed to an arrow, spear or sword should the soldier raise his arm. The elbows, the inner arm, the side of the body and the back of the knees are vulnerable to injury by sword, spear or arrows, rendering the soldiers incapable of fighting. Of course it would be total mayhem in the middle of a battle at close quarters and fending off a sword at close quarters would not be easy. 

A sword strike at the  right angle of the exposed part of the arm would put an end to the opponent’s fighting ability. And these are highly trained professionals fighting and would be aware of the possible vulnerabilities of the armor. Skill and luck are the key to survival and victory. 

24 May, 2024

Tarot card of the month: June 2024, 8 of Cups


Welcome to the Tarot Card of the month, June 2024. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere has a lovely summer wherever you live. In Australia and New Zealand we are into the chilly winter weather until September and spring returns, brrrr. 🐧🐧

As I look over the card, I am drawn to the Sun eclipsing the Moon symbolising male energy which is active and aggressive energy and the element of fire dominating the feminine Moon energy which is passive, intuitive and the element of water. Add heat to water and it boils and you get steam and vapor.
The cups represent the summer season.

The sky in this card is clear, not a cloud in sight, the moon gives way to daylight.  Revealing all to the world. But this is an emotional energy here, and a deep emotional and psychological situation is being conveyed to us. As I examine this card I notice the tide seems to be out and the figure on the card is able to step across the rocks in the water to get to the other side. He is on a solitary journey retreating from the world. However there is more here than meets the eye though, and we are watching a transformation take place. 

The solitary figure could be in distress and seeking help, whether from his higher self, his inner light of seeking a wise person to guide him. He is looking to the future as he is on the right hand side of the card and again that is symbolic of active male energy. This is male versus female energy, is not about men or women. It is an energy of polarities, as we all have a male side and a female side to us energetically and metaphysically speaking. The figure on the card has reached part of his journey, as he has moved from one side of the water to the other via the rocks he used as stepping stones.

He has support at his back which is the cups stacked up in the foreground, notice the yellow colour of the ground and the cups, this is a positive energy and seems like he has luck on his side. This figure needs reassurance though because he is unsure of this support. Is it strong enough to protect him? Can he rely on this support at his back? He doesn't know if these cups or people have his back like they say. Hence the apprehension and the figure is not stopping to rest, instead he keeps walking and there are obstacles in his path that he must negotiate, to get to the higher ground and safety.

It's just perception though, but still symbolic of only one possibility. Unless one stretches  past the right hand side rock and sails out through an estuary or bay to anywhere one wants. To freedom and a new beginning perhaps. 

In the card that higher ground on the right hand side is a cave where the figure seeks solitude to think and find a solution to his problems. In reality it feels like a political figure going to a large and important building to seek assistance and wisdom. Looking back at the scene in the card one could also say this looks like a big circle looping back to the beginning again. 

To me this says Zelinsky is feeling bewildered and is still seeking help to win this war where no-one seems to make any lasting headway in this war. Mr Zelensky is going cap in hand again and again asking the western allies for more money and weapons to fend off Russia. He cannot keep going like this, there has to be an end in sight.  Luckily the number 8 in this card does signify endings and new beginnings. But will the US, Britain and others come to the rescue again?

The timing could not be any worse with elections looming in the US and now Britain and there are no positive results in two years. This will plunge these nations deeper into debt and a cycle of pumping money in one direction 

Now looking at the cups stacked up in the foreground. There are two levels. There are 5 on the bottom and then 3 on the top, but notice 2 cups are sitting on the left  and 1 is sitting on the right. The top layer to me signifies the US and Britain and on the other side is Russia. There seems more support on the left side or Western side with 3 allies on the bottom row. Not necessarily 5 Eyes but a significant amount of power. On the right is Russia, with Iran and China and nobody wants' this to escalate, meaning steps will be taken to find a solution and transition to cease hostilities. I don't see this ending this year, but we will see light at the end of tunnel as there are gaps in the cards in two spots  indicating  that a breakthrough is going to happen perhaps in 5 to 8 months from now.

An interesting thing about this card is, it covers the dates 19/2 to 29/2 (Russia invaded Ukraine on 24/2/22) and the sign of Pisces. So let's hope that it will be over by February ‘25.That also makes the time from the war breaking out to its ending 3 years in total. I did make a post  a few years ago, before this happened that there would be a conflict or event would last 2 or 3 years, so let's hope this is it.

I don't see all of Ukraine staying in his hands, I feel an enclave will want to be independent of Ukraine. The problem with that is it is a valuable industrial region that the country makes its money from. I don't see Zelensky parting with that easily if at all. 
Surprises are in store for France with new laws passed. This is the start of a new look France and not everyone is happy about that.

The war office in the UK is in the news, and Australia's Anthony Albanese will have a minor health issue, it could be his appendix. This is nothing to worry about  and he will be fine in no time at all.

As I look at the card again I notice the black rocks sticking up out of the water on the left hand side. I feel this is connected to the ongoing issues with China in the South China Seas, nudging even closer to 
other countries borders.
More dirty tricks are to come, and if you look closely at the card, between the man's foot and the cup you will see a small elongated black shape similar to a submarine or a boat. This little glyph or spec looks like a vessel being intercepted, however I do not see this as a trigger for conflict.

 As yet it is still a cat and mouse game being played until Taiwan makes a decisive move some time next year. Taiwan asserting its sovereignty will enrage China  to a dangerous move and we will find the stakes being raised higher by China.   

We will see mothers making their voices heard in June over food insecurity, homelessness and poverty.
The plight of women and children will also be highlighted, not just in Gaza but places such as Africa and other places of suffering.  I see a woman with dark long hair, with a high public profile making a public speech on this issue. I see a woman like Michelle Obama giving the speech on tv. 
Sweden and Norway are also in the news for political reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to read my TCOM, please stay safe wherever you live.

Warm and fuzzy hugs


22 May, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #3 May 2024


I am only just getting around to posting this as I have serious issues going on at present. 

Enjoy the reading, if this is your thing.

Warm and fuzzy hugs peeps 

21 May, 2024

15 May, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 2 May 2024


To grasp all of this you must read all of the Wes Penre Papers which include a massive bibliography to support his writings. This is a very heavy reading, so if you’re not the sort to invest time in this then give it a miss. 

There is no such thing as creator gods. They are geneticists, thus not god, nothing more than some form of intelligent beings, never call them gods because that is ego based. 

12 May, 2024

Mother's Day 2024

I have just seen ungrateful women whining about a getting a bunch of flowers on facebook (whine-book). I don't get anything for mothers' day, I don't even remember when I did. I am a 60 year old mother and grandmother. Never met my so called grandchildren and I don't want to meet my grandchildren because their father is pure evil. 

I don't celebrate misery thanks, be thankful for what you have and think yourself privileged! Check your damn privilege and stop whining over a bunch of flowers ladies. 

Do not expect anything and then if something nice does happen see it as a privilege that many don't have.

Do you think women in Ukraine, Palestine or other war zones are thinking about trivial nonsense like this? I hardly think so. Get some bloody perspective in your privileged lives.   

Lightening the mood Sunday

                Bagpus the cat is an iconic British children’ tv character from the 1970’s

                                   🤣🤣 Ohh Yeah, that carpet will trip you, vertigo or not

08 May, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 5 April 2024


When a medium is speaking to your loved ones in spirit please be aware of two things. Firstly as soon as your loved ones dies and your are able to communicate with them straight after physical death depending on the deceased person's energy at that time. Bear in mind a person that has been ill may not have the energy to communicate. Then the lack of awareness of that person that has died so they need time to adjust to being a spirit. I had communication from someone that had died in a car crash right after her death as did her father. I have had my mother and other relatives contact me not long after death. Not so with me father though even though he is a psychic person too that used to astral travel. He had dementia so this would take him time to focus.

But once they move on into what most people believe is the spirit world, you are communicating with their essence only. Yes, the essence of the loved one has memories and communicates with you. I have often had people in spirit that are not at rest come to me including a a famous Australian singer who died in the early 80's. There should be a warm energy when spirit is present too. But not all spirits present this way. That will also depend on the medium's energy at the time of contact too because we are sometimes doing other things and not expecting contact. Or if we have not being doing mediumship for a little while, it takes a little bit of effort to tune in to the spirit's frequency. 

How much that person is able to say is dependent on who is assisting them as they come through. I have seen what looked like men in black suits flanking my great grandmother when I was a small child. One does not forget such experiences ever.  I have seen groups of people that were the families of the deceased come to lend their support and energy to the person in spirit (Essenes) speak to me. I don’t personally have the luxury of time to explore the theories as I am busy caring for my family. 

Men tend to have more time to delve deeper into this but when delving into the spiritual realms one must proceed with caution. Not everything is what it seems to be and not all beings are honest either. Some may have an agenda and some may work in groups to mislead humanity. Always err on the side of caution and follow your intuition. When in doubt don't form an opinion it may lead to confusion and misunderstanding. 

I don't care to get into the whole thing myself but I am a seriously cautious person when it comes to trust especially with the non physical worlds. 

05 May, 2024

Scotland’s People: Forenames


Nicknames and diminutives, are always interesting and how they come about. Some people have completely made up ones, that are even taken from a humours moment or random moments. Others are cultural names that may even mean something different in other countries and languages. 

Some can even sound rude and I have come across many when I was a public servant, in fact some staff members were afraid to say them because of what they sounded like in English or the spelling was similar.

I had a misunderstanding on a nickname of mine given to me by my father from years ago, of course I was a teenager then. One Scottish diminutive of my name turns out to be offensive in England. Eck, which is a diminutive of Alexander and Alexandra which itself is shortened to Alex or Alec. Alec is the way to pronounce Alex in Scotland, and is normally spelled with a ‘c’ at the end of the name not an ‘x’.  But Alec or Alex can be shortened again to Eck. However it’s more commonly shortened to Sandy for a man or Alec. 

I remember a boy at high school being nicknamed Eck. Like the character in the Oor Wullie cartoon, wee Eck. The name may have gone out of fashion with younger people these days, I don’t know because I have not kept up with a lot of things from Scotland. But a miscommunication happened recently and I had no idea that Eck was an insult in the north of England. lol, that took me by surprise so I had to google that one. It pays to sometimes check and clarify things occasionally. 

It was assumed that I was being self derogatory, when I wasn’t, wee Eck is not an insult, it is a term of endearment in Scotland, meaning little Alec and I am very small and using it in humour. If you go by the name Eck in Scotland everyone knows that your full name is Alexander or Alexandra. How times change. 😻🤣🤣 

01 May, 2024

Ancient Origins: Rock Art Discoveries in Eastern Sudan Tell a Tale of the Once ‘Green Sahara’


The entire universe goes in cycles, so this is not unusual not to forget the Earth changes its axis over the centuries. It’s common knowledge that some dry arid parts of the planet were once green fertile land including Antartica. 

Lightening the mood on Wednesday


                                                    Ah, Modigliana from The Feral’s  

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...