29 April, 2021

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The esoteric significance of our moon and the matrix control system


Density is an other word for dimension. I personally don’t use the word it is too new age, Scientology like for me. The 4th and 5th dimensions are still low vibrational frequencies, make no mistake about that, in fact all the way up to the 7th dimension is controlled. When you read garbage about ascension to these levels,  you are still under dark control and your soul is not free in these realms. That is a metaphysical fact. Where do you think archons reside? 

The word greeting used in this article is not right, it is an interface  or engagement. Big difference in the meaning. Also a soul is either good or bad prior to incarceration, there could possibly be an override energetically in some people though. But there are most definitely people that cannot and will not harm others; because they are totally incapable, those people are closer to spiritually than most people. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to self defence. It would be stupid not to defend your life and a direct spiritual right to self defence.

I must agree with his comments on just because a person is clairvoyant, a healer etc; doesn’t make you spiritually better or advanced. 

This is but one subject in the article link is the reason why I insist on researching metaphysics and not  just learn things parrot fashion like a dummy. Hear say is like assumptions; the mother of all f### ups, by the spiritually ignorant. 

Just because you learn things word of mouth, that doesn’t make you an expert, spiritually educated or anything, only a parrot with no value or substance, and certainly absolutely no real spiritual understanding or wisdom. Metaphysics is a life long study and a way of life, the individual is astrologically programmed for prior to incarceration.

We truly psychic people feel what we learn as a knowing. However sometimes we can misunderstand or not pick up on something straight off the bat. That comes down to the individual at that particular moment and their energy level or vibrational frequency being a little off kilter.

It is imperative that spiritual protection is maintained to a very high level every single day, to protect one’s self from negative energy and attacks. 

I would not be so audacious as to claim to be an expert;  I like all metaphysicians am a student, lifelong. To say one is an expert is inappropriate, while on the earth plane none of us can claim such a thing. We don’t have all the answers to the unseen world nor the multiverse. 

I know when someone is about to try psychic sabotage me or a malicious person is going to contact me, like this writer points out in the article. As a clairvoyant of course I feel it coming but the unclean and spiritually dark people that call me; do not have the intelligence to know that I know their intentions, and can describe their physical appearance and personality traits. Generally I know a week in advance because I feel it coming. The intention is set and I feel it, like a disturbance in the force. Ignorant dark souls are certainly too crass to comprehend that I already know it is coming and take steps to protect myself. What boomerangs back on them energetically is their own evil returning three fold as per cosmic law. NEVER give evil a chance! NEVER tolerate the profane and the spiritually unclean!

Most of the time the negativity it is generally from women in their late fifties to late sixties. This is not menopause related, far from it, to suggest so is absolutely absurd and implies that person stating such clearly is naive or deliberately avoiding the truth, of dark malicious intent. The interest in black magic is actually quite high in modern times as society reflects. Women are the biggest users of this insidious evil practice;  which they use to inflict harm on others through jealousy. The price they pay for this is high though as they are unable to defend themselves against karmic punishment. This can come to them by non human sources and way beyond the capabilities of such individuals to deflect or circumvent the karmic punishment. That power is much stronger than those that do evil deeds. 

What is not stated in the article is astrology is artificial and is not designed to benefit humans. Example why put the moon in the both chart as it has a negative impact on the person. Never mind the fact that we are not supposed to be in physical bodies and then dropping the dimensional frequency so low as to make it near impossible to leave or awaken from this  augmented reality. Physical bodies are in fact our tombs, the chakras anchor us in to this augmented reality for the loosh harvesting to keep these evil matrix controllers alive. Most advanced planets do not have a moon either according to some exopolitical experts and researchers of note.  

Most remote viewers can’t remote view the moon as they are blocked. I tried this many years ago, but I am not really that interested in remote viewing. It is not an accurate skill as you are dealing with probabilities not fact. It is actually no different to when I am conducting a reading and I am able to see a person or a place. I describe what I see to my client. Bear in mind that client is not in my office as I do the reading. They can be any where in the world, I am turning into energy, because we are but energy and are submerged in cosmic energy constantly, or we don’t exist.

Lucifer the god of earth


According to Wes Penre, the job is taken in turn by En-ki and Marduk of the Wes Penre papers literature.

Wes back’s everything up with bibliographic evidence. Just leaving this here for those that have any doubts!  The names of Lucifer, En-Ki are actually job titles and are filled by different beings over long periods of time. Should you want to know more I suggest researching yourself. 

I have supplied links to other writers on my blog over the years to start people off in a search should they be so inclined to do so.  http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/  My old blog has plenty of reading, but I did not know how to add tags to the articles, so it is best to click the first month and just run through the items. 

28 April, 2021

Energy healing or spiritual healing illusion

 All healing energy (spiritual) comes from one source and one source alone. That is deep within the control matrix of this universe. There is no difference in any energy healing other than illusion. To think otherwise is ignorance of the subject matter.

Your choice of healing is but an illusion. I am a natural born healer and I am well aware of the illusion; plus the fact that you cannot stop energy being taken from you by the matrix controllers of this universe as you give healing or are receiving healing. It makes absolutely no difference; you are never in total control. There is also a long term health threat to the healer themselves due to the taking of spiritual energy (life force). The human is but a conduit only to facilitate in the healing. 

A person that is not an actual born healer has no true understanding either, especially if they themselves do not actually practice spiritual healing. You cannot be a real healer unless you are born a healer and that is a fact. Those signs are clearly distinct in the palms of the persons hands. The born healer also emits an energy that is able to be measured as a frequency emitted from the healer, no if's or but's.

Many healers themselves have serious health problems life long, it supposedly does not impact the healers ability to heal according to the author of ; THE PSYCHIC HEALERS HANDBOOK, George Chapman, DSNU published in 1959. I however would not advocate that a person with health issues that are serious; doing spiritual healing. For the reason of energy harvested from the healer and the healer being unaware, it will further affect the healers physical health and wellbeing.

I know enough on the matter myself as a person with health issues, to now give up spiritual healing not just on medical grounds, but the fact that energy harvesting takes place. The person is left with a spiritual version of a placebo effect that wears off in a short time.  I can also say contrary to what people believe; the healer never actually benefits whilst conducting healing. I know that from personal experience and many family members that are also spiritual healers. To believe otherwise is mere illusion and deception of the self and others.   

I have never allowed myself to be blinded by illusion in this issue. I need no second party to tell me what they cannot see or intuit, when I do see and feel on a psychic level. I also see a psychic version of thermal imaging and night vision type colours as I look into the body to detect the dis-ease.  

I do not insist nor ever have; that I have the answers but I sure as hell know bullshit and illusion when I feel it, even over the phone! Why do individuals feel the need to impress on me their way is better? It is not your way at all it is mental conditioning of  illusion and nothing more.

The said patient " may" heal but that is not by human intervention either. Also you cannot cure autoimmune disorders, no one can. All that can be done is alleviating some of the symptoms temporarily. Not even a medical doctor can cure all autoimmune disorders, nor do they claim to.

No healer should claim to cure anything, that is not their place and is against the law for a reason. No healer should impress on anyone that their way is the best or the right way. Most people have no idea of what is taking place from the unseen world of deception and illusion, because there is a system in place to prevent that; this is not for humanities benefit either. I will never return to doing spiritual healing for these reasons.


26 April, 2021

Alex is stepping down in December 2021.

 I am just putting it out there, my official website will be pulled in December 2021, I will be stepping back from readings for health reasons and will only be available for established clients from  December 2021 as my health and time permits.

Due to my health and being a carer;  I  need to devote time to my health and to my family. That doesn’t mean this blog is ending though.

UPDATE: May 19th 2021;  I won't pull my website down as originally intended, I feel that I have jumped the gun here. I will continue as my health permits. I do need to update my website and need to refresh the content.


Reminder: This is a replacement blog

 Just reminding readers this is the replacement blog to Alex Fulford International Clairvoyant-Medium.

Most of the original posts are on this blog. You will see on the lower right hand side of this blog are all the labels to direct you to many subjects, such as psychic predictions, articles by Alex, Metaphysical and esoteric, Wes Penre.

This makes it so much easier to navigate the blog. As there are many people that have not yet discovered my blog, I have to post a reminder every so often. Hence the low visitor number at present. The blog is new but will be the main blog until I retire. 

Griffin or constellation





This was on my mind a few days ago and I was thinking about how much astrology is in mythology and religion. I was just casually thinking about the Griffin (actually it's a dragon) in Welsh mythology and having never looked into it before. I went to Wikipedia for a quick answer Ophichius /Opinicus/ Griffin/Opincus. It seems common misunderstanding has confused the Griffin with a dragon. I am just one of many that confuse the two mythical creatures, lol.

The mythical unicorn/ Monoceros as shown in a previous blog post is a constellation too. Well at least we know that the wild Haggis of Scottish humorous mythology is not a constellation in the night sky and is actually food. So, you don't need to get your planisphere out to check for that. Seriously though, mythology is a great subject that reveals so much to us of human history, if we have the keys to understanding it. It also hides the truth of human origins when examined closely.


This is the Welsh Red Dragon, represents the constellation of Draco. 





25 April, 2021

ANZAC Day multicultural community Lismore remembrance


I do feel that in modern times everyone should have the right to come together and mourn the poor souls that lost their lives in war regardless of what side they were put in; in war. Humanity split by war and suffering is a horrible thing. It is not the fault of ordinary people dragged into conflict and war against their will. All people that are made to fight in any war are victims regardless of the side they are put on, they deserve our deepest sympathy.

War robs us of our humanity too remember that. Darkness enters our souls in times of war, we lose our ability to reason and show compassion  becoming like dark beings due to trauma. War is unnatural and anti life and against spirit, preventing us raising our spiritual vibrational frequencies to transcend this dark dimension we inhabit.

Thus locking us in to a dark frequency and being made to keep coming back here ad infinitum because we participate in war or activities that are bad until something within us awakens and breaks the dark spell over us. That can take thousands of lifetimes.

Ordinary people do not want war ever, they just want to live in peace and raise their families. We were not put on this earth to kill each other. The forces of darkness are responsible for war and evil on this earth. Their minions are very wealthy and very powerful leaders of this world; their bloodlines control everything. They are the ones that decide who they will go to war against and the rest of  humanity. The masses do not get a say at all and are used for nothing more than a dark blood sacrifice nothing more.

 Make no mistake about that; intergenerational plans are laid through these powerful bloodlines to keep war going and make these people stay very rich. But  traps the rest of us into a dark karmic debt. These bloodlines know damn well how to circumnavigate karmic responsibility. The masses do not; nor are the even aware of such things due to being  kept ignorant of spiritual law and metaphysical education, this is not their fault.

 If ordinary people had a proper spiritual education they would understand this fact. Those of us that are spiritually aware and awake are well aware of what this suffering is all about. A proper metaphysical education is a must, if you care for humanity and the planet; including an understanding of what energy harvesting is and then you would see the truth.

 My heart goes out to the innocent of this world, including our beautiful animals that suffer because of humanities ignorance and lack of spirituality. 


Tarot card of the month: May 2021, the Ace of Wands


Innovative, Ideas, Thought, Breakthroughs, Originality, Confidence, Courage, Enthusiasm. Independance,

Breaking away from the crowd, adventure.

Star signs: Aries, Leo , Sagittarius   Planet: Mars (rules war)

These are the key words for the Ace of Wands. Wands represent the mind and willpower. I get the feeling of universal thinking, many people showing independent thought and challenging beliefs this month. There is a feeling of individuals breaking away from the crowd and going it alone, Changing what they think and believe. I see this as a positive thing in difficult times. 

Challenges  to authority is indicated here and orthodox belief systems. This could be political too, in such countries with conflict such as Myanmar. Many countries are going through great change at present including my homeland Scotland. Scotland is seeing a massive division in popular opinion in regards to their political and religious beliefs and national identity. This can have a catastrophic effect if not handled carefully. 

Upheavals are indicated globally and seems to spread, not necessarily politically motivated per say, but  people have opened their eyes to current events, which will continue to unfold for many years to come. If you recall my prediction when I said Goliath has awakened;; this feels connected, and it will have a flow on effect globally. 

More lockdowns yet again, these seem to be rolling events in random areas globally. Stay vigilant and be sensible. Now some individuals will show revolutionary thoughts and ideas, pushing the envelope until things boil over. The government need to keep an eye on dangerous individuals in Britain, the US, Australia and Europe. I see some Asian counties showing instability too. These are small nations where corruption is rife.

Food scarcity is present in some of these asian small nations and this causes people to panic. The government response is harsh and heavy handed. As is the case with Myanmar. I do feel conditions will become harsher; to keep people in line. Sweeping changes there will usher in intimidation and more fear. School closures for a period of time due to safety and also control.

China may just step in to the Myanmar situation to prevent any attempts from the west to help out. I do not think they will put troops in there, more like telling the dictatorship to fight harder and lift their game to keep control. China does not want to invest men unnecessarily. Myanmar is about to explode with violence yet again. I also feel a lack of medical care here too. Insufficient amount of doctors and nurses to cope with the demand. 

Keep an eye on Eastern Europe too as things start to build up with Putin showing no fear of the west and no real opposition to his military might. Putin is patient and knows when to line up his ducks. He does not back down though. Eventually Russia will have to chose between China and the West because China will never play second fiddle to Russia, that just ain't going to happen. They will never take a subordinate roll with anyone. 

I do feel the world economy will face some challenges starting in May, but I feel it will yo-yo and make it hard to predict when to buy or sell shares etc. I do feel there will be a big surprise with some shares, where a large sum of money can be made quickly and then things will drop again days later. This could be towards the end of May.

I do get the feeling of something big politically speaking; happening in May, I feel this involves the USA.  I get the feeling of surprise, or an “oh wow” moment. Expect this to be in regards to China and the south China seas. That little castle to the left in the card makes me think of the military base that China has built in the sea and I feel China pushing the envelope a bit more to antagonise Taiwan. Taiwan must wait and not jump the gun yet.  

This card tells us, make no mistake the hands of power have a very strong grip on events and it would be very unwise to rock the boat. This feels like world powers, again meaning America and allies have a very strong grip. They will not relinquish without war. I feel their cards are very close to their chests at present, but someone in this group is letting information slip out to China. China (CPR) has a self inflated ego, however they do not have the strength that they make out. Expect things to be tense as time goes on. BUT please hold positive and good will in your heart and mind for all of humanity and the beautiful animals of our world.      

May 27th, 2021.

Update: Victoria in seven days lockdown. 


I don’t generally post updates to card of the month but you can easily check these things in the news. 



How an ANZAC charity co founder used 14000 worth of donations to pay for living expenses


Ka Ching! Now that’s respect.....NOT! My maternal grandpa was just turned 18 years old and was shot up in France and later MIA in WW1. So when I see something like this in the news it turns my stomach, human greed never ceases to disgust me. Where on earth is their sense of human decency? A big example needs to be set with people like this. 

23 April, 2021

ANZAC Day 2021


This year I am very disappointed with the reduced number of  people allowed to attend and participate in this most important day in Australia. 

Yet the government had no problem with the mardi gras, protests and other social and sporting events being able to have vast numbers attend, yet this most sacred day to all Australians is being disrespected. This is a political move and it should not be tolerated; when other public events are well surpassing the numbers permitted to attend this vitaly important event; and is part of our cultural heritage. It is now being used for a political agenda that is most repugnant and offensive to decent Australians and a slap  in the face of all service members and their families. As a daughter of a serviceman I am outraged by this gross insult.

It is painful to see old people that served in all our military services denied their right, many of whom may not be with us next year. Many recent service members are also feeling this insult to their fallen mates, is this fair on them and their loved ones? 

ANZAC Day is being used for a dark political agenda, and if the public just sit back and accept this then the powers that be are clearly aware that they have the green light to abuse our sense of decency in any way shape or form. Shame on you that allow this abuse of power! You insult those that gave their lives for freedom and freedom of speech. 

We also have no public threat of Covid. Make no mistake this is a politically motivated stunt and many have seen right through this lie.  Shame, Shame, Shame!

UPDATE https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/dumb-government-fence-crowds-return-for-anzac-day-service-but-some-veterans-locked-out-by-fence-20210424-p57m3s.html

This is a bloody disgrace fencing off these people that have the right to be here. It is a slap in the face to our service personnel and their families. I would be absolutely livid if my father was in this situation of only allowed to look on through a wire fence. Remember some service personnel were behind wire as prisoners of war, and bear the mental scars still.  Segregated like this just shows the government has no respect and obviously doesn’t care about those that gave their lives for us. They have seen such horror that most politicians could not cope with, but deem the former and current  military personnel unworthy to rightfully participating as normal. Not just that selling a limited amount of tickets is insulting, these people have the right to be here and should not have to pay for the privilege. This is a human right, not a bloody privilege. Is is not a privilege to be made to go to war ( read business transaction)  to fight a rich bastards war either. War that was not caused by ordinary people either, they don’t have the power or abilities to create wars like this. Any one that thinks so is misinformed.

The virus is no threat to ANZAC Day attendees, just the same as it was no threat to the bloody Mardi Gras attendees. This is political and a bloody insult. I am absolutely sickened by this, and sickened by the sheep that just accept this. Just remember one thing from this,; when the next war comes, and it will, your life means nothing to the government. My father and men that served with him were shat on by the government and no bloody help for them. My father never complained, he just got on with life. He did his best like all good men. 

 No help for the homeless veterans of today either. If you want to know about homeless veterans take a hard look at the last two world wars and how the government shat on them. War is nothing but a rich bastards business transaction using us as fodder and kick us to the kerb when the powers that be are satisfied. Do you see homeless veterans at the ANZAC Day March? No, they are hidden from sight. Think of all those that return from service and take their own lives too. There have been many in the past few years alone. I have spoken to them in spirit for clients and it never leaves me. You don’t forget this feeling I can tell you. 

You want to live with the mental scars of war? Or be the kids of veterans affected? Get one thing straight right now. You will be facing it soon! Deal with it like the rest of us do; oh and get used to being disrespected by the scum of society, the cowardly leftist scum . Because factions of government created them as a toy of division.

I have never expressed my utter disgust and disappointment at the lack of respect for service personnel by our government until now. But heed my words, your family will face this pain ,the arrogance and indifference from the government and leftist scum in the near future. Then see how you feel about the disrespect and some one telling you if you have the right to honour the dead or not on ANZAC Day! 

22 April, 2021

Neil Oliver on Trigger Nometry

My sentiments exactly Neil. Notice at 23.11,  he said what I was waiting to hear someone say. The bloody Normans! That right there; is part of the problem with the UK and Ireland. The takeover by Norman bloodlines of all the nobility. Add to that  secret societies, the Vatican and royal scum bags of the world, via interbreeding. 

These are the original ones that have blood on their hands, and never the ordinary people of the land. If it was not for them coming into Britain centuries ago even prior to Edward I, then ramping up the overthrow of the original nobility and taking over all our entire British nobility; then we would not have the problems that we have had for centuries. Come to think of it,  the Magdalene bloodline was already present among the nobility before  Edward I, and Mary Magdalene lived in France after the crucifixion. Now remember her royal bloodline is more significant that that of Jesus; as the female bloodline is vital in royal bloodlines, not the male.

The family of Jesus was also known to have visited Scotland and England. If you go back even further you will see evidence of the ancient Egyptian nobility in Ireland and Britain too. With so much history hidden or destroyed  ordinary people can’t get an accurate picture of who’s who in the zoo to be able to trace these old bloodlines of  Magdalene and where the bloodlines actually were seeded within the Middle East, Europe and Britain, well not that the public are allowed to know about. But the queen can clearly trace her bloodline right back to Jesus and King David.

As I always say, it’s all about the bloodlines and always will be about bloodlines, power and money. There is no escaping that; not to forget the dark  esoteric infestation in these bloodlines. 
Ireland too has been trashed by the Norman bloodlines. But those bloodlines are not just Norman, if you actually take the time to read ancient history of Ireland and the royal bloodlines of the world, you can see the ancient Egyptian bloodline of Akhenaten present in Ireland. Not to mention the graves of these ancestors are easily found. 

As for present day Scotland, it has been trashed beyond recovery; to force a new world order or Marxist police state:into existence. There is no way the people can stop this train wreck;  especially if the hate law goes through to the final stage of royal assent, as Neil points out. Because many of them have been brainwashed by Marxist leftist ideology into accepting this and these people have no actual concept of what will happen if this becomes law. Younger voters especially have absolutely no idea what dangers lie ahead in their future. 

The damage is already done, and a dumbed down undereducated new generation of young people in which many are full of hatred for their individual family backgrounds and lacking an understanding of actual real the history of Scotland and world history. They are not taught proper history in schools these days, they are instead indoctrinated by a  pro Marxist system.  

Same deal all through the western world when it comes to politically indoctrinating the children. Now the price is to be paid by the masses who did nothing to stop this. People are now suddenly starting to notice little things due to the lockdown, they clearly have not been paying attention for decades. Look what has happened all over the western world and only now some people are asking what is happening.

Neil has repeatedly hit the nail on the head over the past few months of interviews that I have heard on YouTube and I am left wondering why the masses have conveniently ignored all the alarm bells for decades that even I have seen. I lived between Scotland and Australia from the early 1970’s and 1980’s those warnings were present back then. They were present in the 1990’s and  they were present  in the 2000’s onwards.

No one can deny the clear and present danger we all face any longer, but the still blissfully  unaware among us are now calling intelligent and aware people, conspiracy theorist nutters, for speaking out about the multi layered political agenda. Which actually means you have dangerous pro Marxists hiding within the political  establishment and media controlling people’s beliefs and sewing the seeds of dissent. 

Life will never be what it was prior to 2020. Your new world order is here now. Your opinion is to be suppressed. You will self sensor what you say to your friends. It is all around us now. Scotland is only a small test for what is being implemented world wide right now. 

Much as I love my homeland, I am utterly disgusted by what I see happening. This situation was created by those that are intent on taking away freedom from all of humanity. The division was so carefully designed and executed that most people didn’t see it, they are  no different to Hitler’s fanatical followers. Willing lambs to the slaughter, the nationalist propaganda machine is a very dangerous tool as history has so often shown and yet humans keep repeating the same patterns. 


Who wrote the Dead Sea scrolls? Digital handwriting analysis and artificial intelligence offer new clues


Well it wasn’t me πŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ˜‚ and I didn’t sign any magnacarta either! 

Scientists horror over escape mutation of new covid strain


Escape is implying accidental, this is not accidental. Laboratories have very strict safety measures to prevent screw ups. 

I still maintain that this is a Trojan horse event ( a deliberate multi pronged attack on humanity), sure mutations happen but not to this extent. You know about the population cull already. That is an established fact, you know about  UN agenda 30, you know about this health issue in not an accident. You know about the Georgia Guidestones telling us of the plan to cull millions from the planet.

You need to pinpoint all the current world events and the economic controlled demolition and I am confident you can read between the lines for humanity. 

Mirage news: DNA robots designed in minutes instead of days


Hmm, you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

21 April, 2021

Google maps for handbags

 I need this, I lose things in my bag all the time. My bag is like Felix the cat’s bag of tricks🀣🀣

19 April, 2021

National cabinet agrees to fast-track AstraZeneca vaccinations for over-50s


WTF? Now the government is saying that over 50’s can have the AstraZeneca vax . Christ you couldn’t make this shit up. Call me cautious but this is not a trustworthy drug. 

The government has a very bad track record with stating the drug is safe and has then suddenly back fliped several times. Er; people are reading internationally published health articles and doing comparisons of all these “trial drugs”. They are “trials”, not fully proven to be safe, as stated in the media asking us to take a trial and unproven drug. Many doctors and nurses are against this vaccine and are voicing their concerns on YouTube, check it out. 

Hell there have been Australian kids given these vaccines that they were not even approved for under the age of 18. There is no way in hell that I would give permission for a child of mine to be given an experimental drug with no accountability for any injuries or death.

Reindeer bone found in Cork cave shows human activity in Ireland 33,000 years ago


How fantastic is this 😍 

Muppet Show - Mahna Mahna...m HD 720p bacco... Original!

Now , like me you're gonna have this stuck in your head all day ha ha ha πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

18 April, 2021

Every thought form lives

There is a very common spiritual saying that goes; what you think is. In reality that means every single thought that we have is alive, if left unchecked it can create a reality; and perhaps not one that the individual may want. 

People generally are not trained to be careful of their thoughts in our general society from a spiritual or metaphysical angle. People just literally don’t give it a second thought, pardon the pun. However those people who are on a strict spiritual path are very aware of the importance of guarding their own thoughts, lest they create a reality that is unwanted. 

Thought forms are a living thing, they carry a vibrational frequency; just as all life forms do. I am reminded as I write this,  of a comment made in a spiritual church; psychic development class, where the instructor said something rather interesting. She was instructing the class about incarceration, and she stated; when a human comes into the world they incarnate with a guide that is within them.

A preposterous notion I thought at the time. There are three levels of human consciousness, which we identify as the conscious self, that we identify with in the physical world. Then the soul, (light body) and the higher self; however the higher self never incarnates. You may also recognise as body, mind and spirit. The instructor at this point said along with this there is another being incarcerated with us to guide us. 

This is a mistake though, I feel she was referring to an archonic being and she may not have been aware of such beings. These beings are evil non physical beings that often masquerade as our thoughts. They live off  of our fears, anxiety and weaknesses such as addictions and perversion. These beings cause a spiritual imbalance within us and drain our energy. If we don’t know that they exist or could be affecting our thoughts and actions then we have no chance of defeating them. That proverbial enemy within. 

However when one is aware of such beings then steps are easily taken to eradicate them. You know like the saying, don’t let trolls live rent free in your head. Shame that instructor in my psychic development class was not better informed or better still having someone that could demonstrate to the class how to recognise and then defeat the nuisances.

That is all water under the bridge now, but the spiritual intrusion is still present with humanity. There are teachers out there presently; that have been researching these spiritual intruders and are actually now trying to inform the public. However it needs to be mainstream knowledge to fix the problem. Sadly that will never happen,  because it is being suppressed by agents of darkness for thousands of years and it is ramping up right now.

This is the major change in spiritual warfare occurring at present, the lead up to the First World War I suggest is the forerunner to where we are now. The Victorian era saw a huge interest in the occult and it has not abated, if anything it is getting more intense. We are living in a rather topsy Turvey world these days inching closer to war within the sphere of world politics, a ” world health crisis “ and ongoing divisions in society. These things don’t just happen, they are created. This is where we must guard our thoughts and emotions vigorously. Or we succumb to the dark energy surrounding humanity.

Be careful what you wish for and keep in mind dire warnings that have been given to humanity. I do recommend that people take responsibility in researching for themselves about these non physical beings. Some researchers are actually suggesting they may be a form of AI. But what ever they are they do not belong within us or around us. They were created in error allegedly by the goddess Sophia and you will find information in my blog in relation to that. I do feel one needs to keep an open mind on this and not be quick to form an opinion. on who or what Sophia (wisdom) and these archonic beings are.

Nothing is as we think it is from our physical world and from the canients that had no knowledge of AI or computers. I think we are still to find out more about these beings in the years to come.


Hard kitty, cold kitty, knotted ball of fur


Kitty says: Here is 20 cents to phone someone that gives a damn and take a tablespoon of cement and harden the f**k up.

Kramapolis Interview with John Lamb Lash


This article is from 2014 from my old blog. Please read it and do some of your own research/ homework.

I must warn you when you go down this rabbit hole life is not the same and it is a very timely wake up call at the eleventh hour. I actually thought that I had posted this with the 2014 posts.


Please take the time to read this interview, I feel that it is important in order to understand our world.
For those that are reading the Wes Penre papers this is a must read.


LOL I have this on PDF, but do you think I could get the rotten thing to go on to my blog, Grrr!
I ended up googling, John L Lash.  Well anyhow peeps here it is. I am busy at present with work, and  reading up on stuff.  So it is best if you all just ferret out stuff via Wes's web sites and links. Illuminati news there’s heaps to read and print off or book mark. So off you all go and have a good rummage.



I have much respect for this man and all that he is doing to help all of humanity. All that I can do, in my own humble way, is just point readers, in to what I believe is the right direction. We all learn at different levels and at different times. I would say there is no need to hurry. But the times that we are living in dictates otherwise. We need this now and it can not wait. I just pray that people are more enlightened by this information that I am sharing. I can not take credit of anything here and have no intention of doing so. I am humbly just trying to show the way forward. 

17 April, 2021

TGA admits minors mistakenly given AstraZeneca vaccine and says woman’s death an ‘atypical case’


AstraZeneca not approved for children under 18. Not for people over 50!  Pfizer getting pushed, the one that Gates admitted alters rDNA.  Russian roulette with your life peeps. So do you feel lucky punk? (Clint Eastwood)

Wes Penre: Video 252, The Antediluvian Aryan race and the world beneath part6


Every time Wes posts something I always know it’s coming, lol. Two nights running this weekend lol.How freaky that I just sense Wes is posting an article or video. 

Below is another article he has posted, please keep an open mind on this. In the comments section Wes has posted a link about inflammation and blood clots. Please read that, and bear in mind what I wrote last October about the crisis and to be careful. Now it is coming home to roost!


Weekend funnies

Wes Penre 251: Q and A #71


Lifesite newsCould spike in vaccine cause blood clots, brain inflammation and heart attacks


This is a must read article, Wes Penre added this link in his latest post, down in the comments section. 

13 April, 2021

Jesus and the crown of thorns myth

Any astronomer and astrologer knows the story of Jesus Christ is actually based on the night sky. Religion just peddles pap to the masses to keep them subjugated and in a  deluded but evil spell of sorcery and lies.

It has worked for thousands of years, but with the internet and people that quest for spiritual truth, enlightenment and freedom, the myths and outright lies are laid bare  for all time. Once awake one does not go back to sleep, no, life changes dramatically.

At present time we are seeing Christianity on its knees as we speak, as a fight for a new religion to control the planet takes place. It won't be anything like we have had in modern  human history though.

But before that takes place lets take a look at Jesus Christ. His name itself means when broken down JES  means great fire from the sun.

The divine title Lord in the new testament is translated from Greek "Kuros",
which is old Persian name for the sun; God is Gad, an Ammonian name for the sun. Jehovah, by translation and declenation, became Jupiter, which according to Marobius, is the sun  itself.

Christ also means the sun in Chaldean.

The famous crown of thorns that we hear of is but a myth, it is in fact  astronomically known as Corona Borealis, it's brightest star being ALPHECCA. Try and stick that on your head.

Jesus was supposedly crucified on a cross with 3 nails and the crown of thorns.
That cross again is a metaphor for the sun in its transit through the zodiac, in the spring equinox of the northern hemisphere.

The constellation of  Capricorn being the Lamb of god. The Lion is the constellation of Leo the royal star sign. Kind of blows the lid off the whole myth, which is much older than the late JC anyway and not to mention there were other Christ type figures further back in history and more than one Jesus as well.

Everything is in the stars, as above so is below. As within so is without and all that jazz
I used to be a religious person when  was young until I started to question things. Thankfully I was not Christened, which is basically an occult ritual or spell cast over a child; no longer willing to accept or participate in enslavement of the mind, body and spirit that most of humanity is programmed into believing. My spirituality intact I am free to transcend the programming of this world of lies and half truths.

The demiurge also gave us astrology in the third dimension as a way of controlling us. Think of it as a super quantum computer program that we are interacting with unaware. It is all part of the god spell which we have unwittingly agreed to in the fake spirit world before we incarnate with little chance to awaken and take back our power.


Oh by the way; the story of Jesus in the manger is also known as the Praesepe a cluster of stars that are shaped like a basket or by its other name the Beehive (think of the New Zealand parliament building). There was no manger, all the animals, three wise men etc, it is constellations, stars and planets.

You will find bees and beehives all over royal artwork world-wide, alluding to their genetic link to the creators or should I say enslavers of humanity. They did not create us, we already existed as ontoenergetic beings that were duped in to becoming physical beings by the demiurge.
As anyone who has been reading up on this stuff already knows.

Taken from  the book by Helen a Lehman, The language of god in the universe.

So many myths but so little truth in our human existence, hopefully that will change, but with limited information and perhaps the removal of important information many people will still be left in the dark.

We have the right to know this information is there in the first place and where to look, sadly many people are so time poor that they do not have the time to study. With the powers that be keeping the masses head down and bum up working long hours every day and when relaxing at home the last thing many people want to  do is study. TV and other mind numbing distractions versus education that will set humanity free, too easy to pick the poor choice.

Originally posted on my old blog in 2019

Oh Smudge! A woman can anything a man can do

 Smudge is such a naughty boy 🀣🀣🀣

12 April, 2021

Monoceros the unicorn


The unicorn πŸ¦„ connected to the British coats of arms ( the lion represents the constellation of Leo and the Unicorn is Monoceros), mythology and royal family. So now when you think of unicorns and rainbows you can look up mythology and astronomy, because that is basically what unicorns are all about. As above, so is below literally speaking. Once you open the door to all of this, nothing is the same. Same deal with Jesus in a manger, that is astrological too and you will find that in my blog too. 

The same goes for many religious beliefs; they are the biggest wake up once you start reading the right information and the explanation for what is written in the bible. Myth and bloodshed and dark bloodlines all  at the expense of humanity.

HEADS UP NOTICE: When booking a reading and paying for a reading

This is a notice to people wanting to book a reading with me. When you email or text me telling me that you would like a reading.  You are directed to my website; where is clearly states payment up front.  I give you an appointment time via email after the payment is made. Appointments are not confirmed without payment. 

Please understand, it is often impossible to do a reading on the spot. It does not work that way. This is a professional appointment. I have a heavy schedule, that cannot just on a whim; be altered for a selfish individual that " really needs a reading right now". No; you don't, that is about control! I do not bend to such abuse.

There is a small amount of women that think it is ok to disrupt my schedule by delaying the payment until 5 minutes prior to the appointment. That is rude and shows a clear lack of respect and wasting my time (It also prevents me from sending the necessary confirmation email with relevant information to be read by the client prior to an appointment) This throws out my schedule for the entire day, due to selfish narcissists.  Those selfish individuals have the appointments cancelled. I will not read for individuals that do not respect the appointment and payment of services format. 

Not just that I have to contend with individuals that do not even bother to have Skype set up in advance as requested by email and via phone. They wait until the appointment time, again a lack of respect, as I very often end one reading and without a break am right into the next client. I do not have time for individuals that have not set up skype prior to the appointed time. Sadly the realities of the 3 dimension thinking, service to the ego.

I do not confirm your appointment unless you pay. You are reminded by me personally as well as on the website. I also ask you to read the email with the confirmation of your appointment. I mention in the email that there are attachments for you to read prior to a reading. My email also advises you that I have back to back clients, so it is not all about you!

I have other people waiting; and they should not be disregarded due to some selfish individual that disrespects me, my other clients and my skills. I am sick to death of ignorant women that assume I am only a fortune teller  of little worth; and has no other client but them. Such women are narcissistic and abusive. The world does not evolve around you and neither it should.

I have a clear notice on my website clearly stating payment up front. That is normal in this line of work whether at a psychic fair or private consultation. 

You clearly do not respect my skills and services due to lack of respect and totally ignorant in morals, ethics and any spiritual understanding. No; I do not drop everything to read for selfish individuals. I just refuse to read for them!

09 April, 2021

Dan Green: The murder of Mary Magdalene



The free eBook ; The Murder of Mary Magdalen, is on this website on the right hand side of the page. After reading the Templar Revelation I came across this and they tie in quite well with more bits of the puzzle. We will never of course find out the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene anyway,  it it just shows the lengths gone to and mass murder to cover up whatever is to stay hidden.

Personally I think it is two rival royal bloodlines and their subjugation of humanity; as these are no normal bloodlines as anyone that follows this esoteric path over many years would know. It is in fact the off planet bloodlines (Sirius of the Annunaki fame). But one thing that I have learned from just reading  both this book and the Templar Revelation is, Jesus and Mary were trained in enslaving souls at the point of death (Isis cult initiates; Mary was supposedly a high priestess in the cult of Isis). That should be a warning right there on the evil enslavement of humanity and spirit. 

This particular book  mentions the north side of the church as evil, that is exactly the same as houses or any other building. If you read my article on ley lines you can see this. I am no expert on ley lines  and have left the subject alone, it is not a thing that I want anything to do with as can be seen by my article. 

I don’t have any time for heebie jeebie stuff, I prefer to keep away from the negative influence. Anyway if you fancy reading this book and enjoy a good mystery, you will find useful bits of information. Happy reading πŸ˜€

Additional notes: Page 15 mentions the mother of all code cracking, linking up language into a cybernetic fashion.

On page 88 the Fleur de Lis symbol apart from being phallic, it also indicates north, north indicates dark forces and alludes to Sirius. Page 99 the suppressed knowledge of the workings of the female body.

Take a look at pages 147 and 175 onwards about the alleged murder of Mary Magdalen. It is rather cryptic. Notice in page 147 the green hill or mound.; now remember the grassy knoll in the Kennedy assassination? If you have actually read through this book, you can see a link or synchronicity. Look further back and see the comments about the CIA. Bizarre is it not? 

Pg 188 notice the mentioning of the alabaster jar. read on from that to see the interpretation with the larynx and the spoken word of God. There is so much cryptic information in this book that you may want to take notes for future reference.

Page 189 Solfeggio frequencies open up special blessings on the people singing. Like I said on other blog posts; everything operates on frequencies in this universe. Healing frequencies are common knowledge these days through science as well as esoteric information. Even a purring cat triggers bones to heal as scientists have discovered.


NOTE: Please come back to this post later. I am looking for the text about Jesus and Mary allegedly having the knowledge on how to trap a soul at bodily death. I will put in the page number as soon as I find it.

I was going back through the Templar Revelation book by L Picknett and there is mention there about enslaving souls, especially a murder victim. Using necromancy to enslave the soul. It did not say that Jesus or Mary did it, but it mentioned Simon Magus allegedly doing this.


Scroll down to the pictures of Pandora and enlarge them. Do you see the skull? Now look at the one with the golden urn with the coins. Enlarge that one to see the golden skull under her foot. Note the red garment s in the paintings too. Isis and John the Baptist, I have no idea why they are in a painting of Pandora, but there you are. A coded message for those in the know. How far back does the cult of Isis really go? Way back to the beginning of humanity I guess.

06 April, 2021

ABC News: Melanoma not from the sun, mum’s warning to parents , doctors as 8 year olds star battles cancer


Poor little boy, what a horrible thing to happen, and surprisingly not from sun. I noticed this little boy has red hair, and I am assuming that the Celtic race are one of the higher risk people for melanoma.

 I hope this little boy will be clear of melanoma or any other nasties from now on. Check ups go on for a couple of  years after having melanoma and a lymph node scan to keep an eye on the risk of melanoma returning. 

ABC News: Woman living with disability speaks out


This is heartbreaking stuff and it makes my blood boil knowing that our health system has been falling apart for many years. The entire health system is broken and they want it all privatised, to make money. No care for ordinary people with health problems and disabilities. We are just numbers to the government and there is no excuse for this. It has been allowed to happen in order to privatise the health system like the US.

Many people can no longer afford health insurance, myself included and have to rely on the public health system. Health funds give you less bang for your buck but keep putting up the fees every year.

It is all about money and not human lives. Only through the public demanding change can something be done. People are not making enough noise though due to apathy, so it becomes a never ending cycle of neglect and public apathy. It breaks my heart to see people like this woman suffer, this is a human rights issue for heaven’s sake! 

Reminder: Heads up, this is a duplicate blog I no longer post on my old one

Just a reminder/ heads up notice to let people know that this blog replaces my old one http://alexfulfordclairvoyantmedium.blogspot.com/  I no longer post anything on the old blog since February 2021. 

The old blog will not be deleted, it will just be left as is. This new blog has everything labelled or tagged on the right hand side below TOTAL PAGE VIEWS. It is much easier to find articles and blog posts. Everything that is transferred is in chronological order, apart from the very odd ones that I accidentally missed. I have the original post dates with the articles and the blog link that clearly show when the article such as predictions were originally done.

Please take the time to go through the labels individually. I feel the old blog prevented people finding articles as I didn't know how to label or tag when that blog started. Big learning curve for me, lol. The Virgo side of me just loves organising and labelling  things for ease of use.

04 April, 2021

Absolute History: How Victorians knowingly poisoned their food


Just think of what chemicals are in the food chain now. Depending on what country the goods are produced the more lax the food safety standards are. Australia has a very strict standard but even still there is room for improvement.

Health warning on Graphene in face masks



This is quite concerning, if you have masks, perhaps it might be a good idea to Google the brand to see if they contain Graphene. 

01 April, 2021

Keeping the blue ethereal background on my blog

 I am loving the blue ethereal background of the blog, it goes nice with nature pictures so I think it shall be permanent. Lol, I am a big Peter Rabbit fan too, and as it’s Easter I am posting some cute pics of the bunny. They are just too nice not to post πŸ˜€ I was really lucky a couple of years ago to find a set of Peter Rabbit garden ornaments in a garden store, they are very hard to get in Australia So I made sure that I bought them as soon as I saw them. 

Neil Oliver : A man of common sense in a time of real crisis


Listen to what Neil Oliver says here about shifting the goal posts from covid lockdown to the green carbon emissions BS. I have a lot of respect for this man, he is down to earth and the school of common sense. 


If there are any Scottish people reading this blog; that like myself live outside of Scotland please listen to this man. The SNP do not speak for all Scottish people, I myself find them a dangerous political party that has through sheer bloody mindedness lead Scotland into a free fall of disaster. The damage done  will take many years to undo.

My heart is divided between my love of my homeland Scotland; Britain in general and my other home Australia and I am loyal to both. I hurts to see either countries go through such political upheaval. I pray that sanity and common sense prevails. 

Happy Easter 2021


Happy Easter to everyone, our second covid Easter unfortunately. I expected things to have settled down by now. Sadly much of the world is still in a bad way. I hope that things improve soon so that people can return to a normal life. 

I hope that in the meantime Easter Bunny will be good to you.  xxx

Neil Oliver on talkRADIO: To label a country as institutionally racist is completely wrong


Yet an other good interview with Neil Oliver, common sense prevails with Neil.

Why are you digging such a big hole?


Lol This never gets old 🀣🀣🀣

Daylight savings ends on Sunday April 4 in most Australian states


Just a little heads up with daylight savings ending on Sunday 4th April. The ACT (Canberra) is the same as NSW.

So anyone from overseas needs to know the time difference when making appointments. If you use an iPad, it’s pretty easy just look at the international clock. 

This news article tells you the history of daylight savings in Australia as not all states and territories do daylight savings. πŸ˜€ 

I am not fussed either way, but gee an extra hour in bed, yay boy, bring it on πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ‘ Australia in the autumn is fantastic weather, not boiling hot, just perfect for getting outdoors. 

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...