Monday, 12 April 2021

HEADS UP NOTICE: When booking a reading and paying for a reading

This is a notice to people wanting to book a reading with me. When you email or text me telling me that you would like a reading.  You are directed to my website; where is clearly states payment up front.  I give you an appointment time via email after the payment is made. Appointments are not confirmed without payment. 

Please understand, it is often impossible to do a reading on the spot. It does not work that way. This is a professional appointment. I have a heavy schedule, that cannot just on a whim; be altered for a selfish individual that " really needs a reading right now". No; you don't, that is about control! I do not bend to such abuse.

There is a small amount of women that think it is ok to disrupt my schedule by delaying the payment until 5 minutes prior to the appointment. That is rude and shows a clear lack of respect and wasting my time (It also prevents me from sending the necessary confirmation email with relevant information to be read by the client prior to an appointment) This throws out my schedule for the entire day, due to selfish narcissists.  Those selfish individuals have the appointments cancelled. I will not read for individuals that do not respect the appointment and payment of services format. 

Not just that I have to contend with individuals that do not even bother to have Skype set up in advance as requested by email and via phone. They wait until the appointment time, again a lack of respect, as I very often end one reading and without a break am right into the next client. I do not have time for individuals that have not set up skype prior to the appointed time. Sadly the realities of the 3 dimension thinking, service to the ego.

I do not confirm your appointment unless you pay. You are reminded by me personally as well as on the website. I also ask you to read the email with the confirmation of your appointment. I mention in the email that there are attachments for you to read prior to a reading. My email also advises you that I have back to back clients, so it is not all about you!

I have other people waiting; and they should not be disregarded due to some selfish individual that disrespects me, my other clients and my skills. I am sick to death of ignorant women that assume I am only a fortune teller  of little worth; and has no other client but them. Such women are narcissistic and abusive. The world does not evolve around you and neither it should.

I have a clear notice on my website clearly stating payment up front. That is normal in this line of work whether at a psychic fair or private consultation. 

You clearly do not respect my skills and services due to lack of respect and totally ignorant in morals, ethics and any spiritual understanding. No; I do not drop everything to read for selfish individuals. I just refuse to read for them!

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