Sunday, 18 April 2021

Every thought form lives

There is a very common spiritual saying that goes; what you think is. In reality that means every single thought that we have is alive, if left unchecked it can create a reality; and perhaps not one that the individual may want. 

People generally are not trained to be careful of their thoughts in our general society from a spiritual or metaphysical angle. People just literally don’t give it a second thought, pardon the pun. However those people who are on a strict spiritual path are very aware of the importance of guarding their own thoughts, lest they create a reality that is unwanted. 

Thought forms are a living thing, they carry a vibrational frequency; just as all life forms do. I am reminded as I write this,  of a comment made in a spiritual church; psychic development class, where the instructor said something rather interesting. She was instructing the class about incarceration, and she stated; when a human comes into the world they incarnate with a guide that is within them.

A preposterous notion I thought at the time. There are three levels of human consciousness, which we identify as the conscious self, that we identify with in the physical world. Then the soul, (light body) and the higher self; however the higher self never incarnates. You may also recognise as body, mind and spirit. The instructor at this point said along with this there is another being incarcerated with us to guide us. 

This is a mistake though, I feel she was referring to an archonic being and she may not have been aware of such beings. These beings are evil non physical beings that often masquerade as our thoughts. They live off  of our fears, anxiety and weaknesses such as addictions and perversion. These beings cause a spiritual imbalance within us and drain our energy. If we don’t know that they exist or could be affecting our thoughts and actions then we have no chance of defeating them. That proverbial enemy within. 

However when one is aware of such beings then steps are easily taken to eradicate them. You know like the saying, don’t let trolls live rent free in your head. Shame that instructor in my psychic development class was not better informed or better still having someone that could demonstrate to the class how to recognise and then defeat the nuisances.

That is all water under the bridge now, but the spiritual intrusion is still present with humanity. There are teachers out there presently; that have been researching these spiritual intruders and are actually now trying to inform the public. However it needs to be mainstream knowledge to fix the problem. Sadly that will never happen,  because it is being suppressed by agents of darkness for thousands of years and it is ramping up right now.

This is the major change in spiritual warfare occurring at present, the lead up to the First World War I suggest is the forerunner to where we are now. The Victorian era saw a huge interest in the occult and it has not abated, if anything it is getting more intense. We are living in a rather topsy Turvey world these days inching closer to war within the sphere of world politics, a ” world health crisis “ and ongoing divisions in society. These things don’t just happen, they are created. This is where we must guard our thoughts and emotions vigorously. Or we succumb to the dark energy surrounding humanity.

Be careful what you wish for and keep in mind dire warnings that have been given to humanity. I do recommend that people take responsibility in researching for themselves about these non physical beings. Some researchers are actually suggesting they may be a form of AI. But what ever they are they do not belong within us or around us. They were created in error allegedly by the goddess Sophia and you will find information in my blog in relation to that. I do feel one needs to keep an open mind on this and not be quick to form an opinion. on who or what Sophia (wisdom) and these archonic beings are.

Nothing is as we think it is from our physical world and from the canients that had no knowledge of AI or computers. I think we are still to find out more about these beings in the years to come.


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