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Sunday, 9 May 2021

Wes Penre: video 255 Q and A session 73

Click on the download link to read if you prefer that to the video and read the comments too as they come in. No the vaccine doesn’t make you lose your spiritual connection, but it is an experimental vaccine.

I don’t think it is possible to stop a person connecting to spirit. This rumour has been used for vaccines (including the SARS vax) and antidepressants over the years. As a person on antidepressants for over 20 years, I can tell you that in no way prevents me connecting to spirit or I would not be able to function. It is bloody irresponsible of anyone to promote either vaccines or antidepressants as blocking connecting to psychic abilities and spirit.

I came across an article several years ago by a woman that claimed antidepressants caused a psychic block. Utter garbage and very dangerous to anyone that read her article and stopped talking medication.

Friday, 7 May 2021



I have issues going on with my website, so please contact me via phone or email directly only. I will notify everyone when the issue is resolved. Do not make any purchases via my website until further notice please.

As from tonight, Friday May 7th 2021 Do not pay via my website! Watch this space for updates.


Update 10 May 2021: I have removed PayPal from my website, so to make a payment you will need to contact me directly. 

More rare blood clots have been linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, but should you be concerned?

 Can you believe this BS? First they tell you, don’t give it to over 50’s then about face and insist we have it. Remember they do not guarantee that you still won’t get covid. Also this is an experimental,drug, it has not been found to be safe.  How many deaths or medical injury is acceptable to you personally? If it isn’t your loved one, it’s someone else’s.

What if other people are totally dependent on that person that gets ill or dies from this? Are you going to step up and look after the ones that are left behind?

6 vaccinated travellers test positive to covid. You still don't get it people do you? 

So how long ago was each vaccine done; especially the last one for each of the 6 people? 

Energetic implants, Etheridge implants, archonic implants, attachments

Interesting reading, use your discernment when reading metaphysics, some advice is good while some is not so good. I personally don’t believe in angels; from what I have read and learned over the past twenty years I am more than wary with anything non physical as much as I am with physical beings. Just because someone in times past put their trust in something, doesn’t make it right or safe. 

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Scotland's election is today, and a Nicola Sturgeon win could lead to an independence vote 

This will be interesting 🧐 If she gets back in the Scotland is stuffed. The blame for the damage done should the SNP’s be re elected; will be the public’s fault. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Freedom of speech under this lot will be diminished for a start. If  SNP  are in power  where does Scotland stand for military power and self defence if they separate from the United Kingdom? United we stand, divided we fall! 

There has been too much nationalist propaganda clouding the realities in the public’s minds. It is a bad move to separate from the UK as many idiots want, but if that happens then the masses will suffer. The EU doesn’t give a damn about Scotland. We are a small nation in the big scheme of things and gullible pawns in dangerous hands. 

Scotland has always had it’s own legal system separate from England too. So that has no real bearing on this issue. Kiss goodbye to being a sovereign nation too as you vote these communists back in.

Let the circus act begin. Let’s hope that the independence vote gets trashed because it will be the death of a great nation; as per design. 

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Social media is the devil’s playground

 Social media is the devil’s playground; designed to enslave the mind, body and spirit. The more you use it the more that you live it, virtually. What you are doing is putting your consciousness into a cloud and it resides there. Your consciousness is energy, the interaction or interface with technology thus creates that conscious thought in an electronic cloud or data base, itself not physical. 

Think of how one connects with spirit; as an energetic and living being and spirit, which is also a living sentient form that is also energy. When you actively meditate you are working with pure spiritual energy.  That energy is alive and sentient, so are your thoughts on social media alive and conscious.  

However the lure of social media is highly addictive and designed to keep us addicted to the need to know what every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing, saying and thinking. So we are in fact transferring our living consciousness on to a cloud. Hence the beginning of transhumanism. A gradual shift that most people will not pick up on; however they are in the process of that "shift in consciousness" right now.

One must not just be mindful or careful with their thoughts, but where those thoughts are going and to what. We already by thought; open up new realities with our careless thoughts on a metaphysical level.

Mindful individuals know how to cancel those thoughts and intentions, lest they be given unintended life form. So think about when using social media and especially not being mindful of what one says. One still creates a thought form that artificial intelligence is learning and studying constantly to mimic.

No longer just the metaphysical meaning of "what you think is', as in it becomes reality; your thoughts are in the cloud too for ever. These thoughts; as I said educate the artificial intelligence and the intention is to be like humans and mimic everything and anticipate our thoughts and actions/intentions.

The implications there need to be closely examined for the safety of humanity or we cease to be spiritual beings. Mimicking spirituality is a dangerous and very misleading path to go down and our deathknell physically and most definitely spiritually.

What chance do our children have to prevent this if parents are not aware of this? The implications as I point out are destructive and permanent.   

Mary Magdalene document

Mary Magdalene lived in Narbonne, France after the crucifiction: of course she would have known about the ley lines otherwise she would not have been there. Also there is a major ley line at Roslyn Chapple is Scotland that connects to Narbonne.   Nothing is ever what it looks like in this world. 

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Laundry time

 Surely I am not the only one that fills up the washing machine and forget to add the clothes.

Then the damn thing goes through the whole cycle before I remember 🤣🤣🤣 More often than I care to remember too! Being just over five foot I also fall in 🤪🤪🤪

Saturday, 1 May 2021


This is a very interesting article here and it talks about humanity and demons (etheric light  bodies, etheric  attachments including archons), then it brings up posthumanism. That is the elephant in the room. People need to pay attention to this, dangerous agenda. People simply can’t comprehend what this article implies, I have been talking about this for years to anyone that is showing interest. 

This transhumanism / post humanism is in the media these days; as are the evil intentions. Your opinion doesn’t matter to the powers that be. We are a commodity to the powers that be; they make the rules and we jump through the hoops for them like a trained ape.

Read this too. I have already mentioned transhumanism in other blog posts, it is up to the readers to take the steps they feel are appropriate for themselves and loved ones;  to avoid going down this dangerous path of which there is absolutely no return. Wes Penre actually discusses Ray Kurzweil in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). 

Just as I am reading these two web links, Wes popped into my mind. I had the intention of emailing him the top link. Then Lo and behold Wes coincidentally just posted his latest article, which I have just shared for you to read. 😀 Every time Wes pops into my mind, he is actually posting one of his updates. Now that is just freaky. 

Note: on page 96 it says god binds 90% of the demons, and leaves 10% to tempt humans. Real big of the guy, lol. Why would he leave some here to interfere with humanity? That is not a very loving or decent thing to do. 

Wes Penre: Video 254: The Antediluvian Aryan Race and the World Beneath Part 7 (Fake Alien Invasion and Subterranean Beings)

Just posted by Wes 

Scott Morrison calls out “cancel culture”, identity politics and misuse of social media, in speech

You are the prime minister, have the guts to call it out as it is; communism! Indoctrinating and intimidating the masses, especially children. It is abuse full stop. If parents allow this they they too are guilty of allowing the abuse of their children to happen, no if’s or but’s.

Respect our children’s rights and innocence; not to be used for political indoctrination abuse. It is way past time for parents to take a stand and stop this or pay the price for the psychological damage done.

Wes Penre: video 255 Q and A session 73 Click on the download link to read if you prefer that to the video and read...