31 May, 2021

This is a bathroom

 Just remember, the job’s not finished until the paperwork’s done! 🤪🤣🤣

Hello my baby

 Lol, who remembers watching this as a child back in the day. They don’t make the same quality cartoons these days. I love the old ones. 

Monday drolls

29 May, 2021

Sciencealert: Immediate skin to skin contact may save the lives of preterm babies, studies show


It is common scene if a premature baby can survive outside of the incubator then of course it will thrive with that close body contact with the mother. It is inhuman to separate mother and baby. The only time they should be apart is if the mother needs rest after the birth or if something is wrong with the baby. Even then the mother needs access to her baby for her psychological well-being and the babies well being. When we are sick we recover better at home than in a hospital environment too. So obviously bonding as soon as possible is important. 

Breast milk has all the nutrients and antibiotic qualities that a baby needs for the first 12 months of life. Not just that at birth the umbilical cord should not be cut until the blood has stopped pumping into the baby with nutrition for the baby. The only reason they cut it too soon is a financial reason, the stem cells within the cord is worth big money so it is sold for medical purposes. 

It really is best for babies to be kept by their mother’s side from birth if the babies are able to survive unaided by medical intervention. 

Note to young women, if you keep track of your period, mark each day in a calendar or diary. Because the date of your last period (LMP) is counted to forty weeks for the gestation period for a pregnancy. Yes a baby can come early or late. But a pregnancy is a standard forty weeks. I used to have to calculate this in my job at the time and because I always kept a diary I knew exactly when my EDC  (expected date of confinement) was. 

Wes Penre: Video 258 Q and A session 75


The latest from Wes. 

Ok, what did I just sign up for here?

 I had one of those spiritual WTF dreams two nights ago, which left me wondering what the hell have I just signed up for. As usual with dreams we don’t remember every single detail of the dream; but the bits that I do remember went as follows.

I was helping my son packing up his bag for a school camp, though we were not in our house but in some big building, like an old hotel full of people. In reality he is an adult; but in the dream he was a small boy. He asked me to carry a heap of toys and other things for him to take with him on his camp. However it was impossible for me to carry so much in my hands and I told him, I can’t carry everything there is way too much. He was quite insistent that I need to carry the stuff. So we started to argue as I tried to point out the reality of the situation and I didn’t have a bag to carry the stuff.

Suddenly a male teacher appeared and he asked my son to get into the line with the other children boarding the bus. This was quite emotional for me in the dream as I really didn’t want to be parted from my son, he was only a little boy of about six in this dream. 

The dream then changed to a rather ominous scene, I was sitting at a small table in a very crowded room with a pale blue pillar directly by my right hand side. The odd thing was, it was as if I was there doing something like a publicity event such as a book signing. I noticed a lot of elderly people, men mostly; they started to come over to my table and shook my hand and some kissed me on the cheek, some also saluted me. It was a very emotional situation and some of the old men had tears in their eyes but smiling. They said;  “thank you for your service and for what you are about to do, you are very brave”. This stunned me, and I suddenly became aware that I was dreaming and watching the event is a state of awareness. 

I did tell these dear old men that I am not brave; and it is me that should be thanking them for their military service in their youth. I did say to them, I don’t tolerate anything that I deem unethical, immoral or harmful to myself or others.  If I see something that I am not happy with; then I will pull the pin on the whole thing and walk away. I am very much like this in real life. I don’t tolerate anything that I feel is wrong morally, ethically or in any way that I feel is bad form. Having a strong moral compass, and value my spiritually most highly above all else. Nothing will make me do anything that is not right for me or other people. Duty of care comes first. 

Now analysing this dream, it looks to me there are blessings and an agreement in place for the near future. Possibly a death connected to this too, which I am quite aware about who that will be. There is a heavy responsibility coming my way. Typical though, something always happen to me. Just when I get a lull in life for a few weeks; then something gets dropped in my lap. I never get a break from anything, other people sail through life with ease but my family and I have all the heavy burdens to carry. 

No, this is not karma for things done in other lives, that is a new age nonsense, that people take as truths without having any real knowledge on the subject. Then in ignorance repeat this garbage to others, which is highly irresponsible. I will say this though, there are souls that are definitely given heavy burdens to try to break them spiritually,  and also the real guilty ones who point blank refuse to accept or agree to what they have done, so the blame is shifted to others who are actually manipulated into accepting this in the beyond life area of the spirit world.

I have done enough reading and researching over the past twenty years to know what I am talking about, not to mention that I know on a claircognisant and clairsentient level. These things are also remembered from before reincarnation is implemented. The veil of amnesia is not 100% fool proof and that is why some of us have past life flashbacks. 

To find out more on these things one needs to be aware of the Gnostic texts and other reliable metaphysical information, as well as an open mind that is willing to listen to the message conveyed by the mass of research and ancient historical information that is available to us today. 

Copyright © Alex Fulford 29 May 2021

28 May, 2021

Canadian man developed blood clot and BBC presenter dead


Holy cow, this poor man is unlucky. 😭 He lost 2 meters of his small intestine. 


BBC presenter dead from AstraZeneca vax age 44. 😭

All Canberra suburbs to contain new cats from 1 July 2021


This should be seen as a positive thing. Cats will live longer and be safe from accidents or people that harm animals, whilst saving wildlife.

My cats were always indoor kitties with a huge cat run after one cat was badly injured in a fight with a neighbourhood cat. After that we built a three metre cat run. My cats were healthy into old age but succumbed to cancer. But they all made it to 16 or 17. 



For those that want to spread the word, Wes will be very grateful. 

26 May, 2021

CDC investigates dozens of reports of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults that occur four days after their second dose of Moderns of Pfizer vaccines


Don’t say the drug is safe unless you have 100% proof that it is safe. Time will tell all. 

Bitchute: Maddi’s Story Moderna advice warning to parents


A child cannot volunteer for this, remember that! Children have rights too. The right to say no, the right to have good sound and proven to be safe treatment or vaccines. They have the right to know the risks and dangers. They have the right to take legal action for compensation. 

Sadly they have no voice, because they are overruled. 

25 May, 2021

Tarot card of the month: June 2021, Justice


Number 11 of the major arcana
Zodiac sign  Libra
Planet Venus
Justice, Responsibility, decision, cause and effect 

We are almost at the middle of the year now, lets hope the rest of the year goes as fast.

Looking at the face of the judge or ruler on the card, it is a firm and determined looking face. He is precise and cutting as he weighs up every action in the situation, make no mistake about that. That is how Libra works. The energy is generally fair and just in this card.

This month is finish what you start month. Keeping it honest and being responsible for ones actions. So if you are up to no good, the cause and effect of your actions will come back to bite you on the bum.

Ease up on food that is not good for you this month, as you may have digestive problems such as heartburn and upset stomachs.   I am actually surprised to pull this out in the Justice card, but I guess cause and effect covers that, lol. Being a foodie myself I am heading the warning.

This month is an important month for traffic infringements, remember it is all about responsibility and cause and effect. Just behave and you won't be in trouble, Simples! 


Justice will be swift this month, because there is a lot of criminal behaviour indicated. Given the fact that Libra is in charge expect justice to be swift but fair.

Fairness is one of the key words to remember. In all matters one needs to act in a fair and balanced  manner or risk hurting others. Think before you act because it will come home to roost. 

I am being drawn to the red curtain in the back ground, this is an important symbol with a warning. Something very important is being hidden from the public on a global scale. I feel it is very serious with far reaching effects. Notice the golden sun above the curtain, it is shining the light of truth over the matter. To me this tells me the curtain is falling to reveal what is really happening. Uncovering something so shocking to many people world wide.  

Accountability on the other hand is not going to happen, because no one will ever be held accountable, and for valid reason. The house of cards would  collapse on many powerful people, so that just ain't going to happen.

 I feel many of the public will go into denial over this, but it is what it is. We must accept that rather that live in a fools lies.

The possibility of a public backlash is tempered and kept in check, this is where the media are  conveniently used to manipulate peoples minds. This is anything but freedom and truth. The reason being is we live in the low energy frequency of the third dimension which dominates the world we inhabit. One needs to be  reasonably well informed in Metaphysics to understand the fundamentals of this world, true evil is never held accountable, only the small fish who are not informed cannot circumvent the laws of karma or cause and effect. They never seek the higher truths let alone grasp the gravity of this phenomenon.



24 May, 2021

Ever heard of the Jack Russell Tax?


We have a special tax in our house, it’s called the Jack Russell Tax. Every cup of tea, every snack, every thing you eat incurs a Jack Russell Tax 🤣🤣 Ruby is beside herself if you dare to sit down with a cuppa. She is just about up on your shoulders going after your tea. She doesn’t want her own tea cup oh no; it has to be your tea cup. Hurry up human, don’t keep me waiting. Oh, what tea is that? I only like Earl Grey tea! 

This is the dog that could be out in the garden, in the bedroom or anywhere; she intuitively knows the kettle is on for tea. Before you can say Bloody Mary three times she is right next to you. No flies on Ruby that’s for sure. Oh, you were thinking of going to the cupboard to get some chips mum, count me in.

It is part and parcel of being a Jack Russell parent, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Even when you have to be sneaky and eat goodies in another room with the door shut, lol. But that would be mean wouldn’t it 🤪🤪 Happily we just cough up the Tax.

Along the 33rd parallel: A global mystery circle


Very interesting information here. As in 33rd degrees in freemasonry, and 33 vertebrae in the spine, 33 turns in the number of turns in a DNA sequence, 3 plus 3 = 6 the feminine number 3 x3 = 9 the masculine number. I do love a good rummage on the internet, all things metaphysical 📚📚 one can never do too much reading and foraging for stuff. 

22 May, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 257 More on Gnostic cosmology, the memo a v’s Orion


This is the PDF format if you want to just read rather than listening. Below is the video format.


Notice Wes points out the Earth is the underworld. If you have been reading my original blog for years you will see that I also say this world is Hell/ the underworld. The third dimension being a very low and negative frequency and a locked frequency. The lemniscate or infinity symbol shows us the locked unit of the physical world and the fake spirit world or soul trap. It of course can be circumvented by spiritually awakening and learning to transcend all that we have been taught on this earth and dimension. 

21 May, 2021

Ach, it’s a sair fecht

 Aye, michty me Wullie it is indeed! 

This is a well known and well loved cartoon character from Scotland called  oor Wullie. Translated  Our Willie. He is saying oh it’s a hard fight or struggle.  We say this when it is one of those days when it is a struggle with life not going the way we intend. 

At Christmas most kids are delighted to get this comic book as a gift. Or the rival comic book The Broons/ the Browns in English.

Which is a family living in an apartment block and the humours antics of daily life of the family. These cartoons are still in publication today I am  happy to say. Hours of fun for the entire family to laugh and share with each other. I still have  editions from the late 1970’s. Part of my fond memories growing up. 



Great buffet

 All you can eat! Challenge accepted 🤪🤪

20 May, 2021

Full text of "Jesus Was A Usurper And John The Baptist Was The True Christ. A Heretical Compilation"


Pay attention to the part about the Black Sun, this is important! I found this very interesting article last night, as I felt the need to explore more on Mary Magdalene etc; true enough nothing is ever what it seems to be.

Now as for Isis (goddess of darkness and chaos), you can see the strong connection to the terrorists using that name.

Of course the people that created this organisation are involved in the dark arts. That is obvious from the name. I have mentioned the connection in a post a few years ago. Even the colours used in the flag are esoteric, ying and yang, light and dark energy. People are constantly being lied to whether in regards to religion, history or current world events. 

There is no such thing as good magic either; that is an excuse to justify evil and the manipulation of the freewill, of others; magic draws an ego driven person like a moth to a flame. 

The reptilian mother mentioned is the Orion Queen of the stars, Mary represents her. 

The false light mentioned here is the exact same one of the New Ager cult, spouting, Love and Light; clearly showing their spiritual ignorance and blindly following the indoctrination they are taught but never question.

Notice the mention of Tiamat, now go back to the Wes Penre Papers and check this, Wes states Tiamat was a planet originally; and that our origins are based there. Personally though I am unsure if that is correct, however he presents a good case. 

This is a long eBook, keep scrolling down and be patient as this is very important information, you will see the dreaded Jesuits mentioned.

You will notice the connection between the Jesuits and the cult of Isis and the Black Sun, that is quite a revelation and a clue as to the real intentions. 

Rudolf Steiner comes into this information, that is another individual that I don’t care for. People are placed into situations for a reason, and not always for our benefit. 

The fourth Reich is very much alive if you know what you are looking at. Sadly most people live in a blinded reality and have no understanding of what is happening around them.

Soul splitting and the soul trap is also  mentioned in this text. This is very important and affects everyone on the planet. It has serious implications. Soul splitting causes severe trauma to the soul or spirit.

Note the endorsement of curses. This is wrong as it is a spell, which will have repercussions. How on earth can curses ever be accepted? 

You will notice deep in this text the mention of spiritual sovereignty, keep that in mind because it is important. These days the media is saying the sovereignty thing is communist. That depends on what sort of sovereignty you are talking about. Having said that. Reading between the lines Jesus comes across as a militant communist. It has been mentioned in this article that he was trained in military strategy. Why on earth would he be trained in military strategy unless he was a  proto-communist and out to destabilise the status quo? 

Right down at the bottom of the text the subject of the soul trap is mentioned again. I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding this matter. 

Now I highly recommend that people do their own research, you will only get one chance to get this right to exit the matrix. Learn at your own pace and do not be fearful. Fear drags you down to a lower frequency; you do not want to go there! Everything in our world and in spirit works on a vibrational frequency; the universe is made up of frequencies. 

Wes has videos that you can listen to or download in pdf format to read, however you won't fully understand everything unless you take the time to actually read the Wes Penre Papers; of which there are 5 levels to read.


You may want to read works by John Lamb Lash and Cameron Day. But there are many good researchers out there, so Google is the place to start learning the names of these researchers. Keep notes and print information off to use as resource tools. Like I said this incarnation is your last chance at spiritual freedom. Otherwise you are going to keep doing the groundhog day scenario over and over.

This does a lot of damage to the soul and causes a deep trauma. Thus feeding Loosh to these evil creatures. Notice the word evil is live backwards. As they say everything is inverted in our reality.

As for exiting this reality, there are holes in the grid that we just think our way through, but you need to understand how this works is by firm intention at the point of physical death, and do not speak to or acknowledge anything around you because they are decoys. Stick to you firm intention and beliefs. Let nothing distract you; as in the old saying, he who hesitates is lost. I personally would not be heading to Orion as some writers recommend. You however need to work out what is right for you and listen to your heart. Yes you will have several changes in opinion between now and the end of your life, just be honest and listen to your heart as that is your guide. Listen to your higher self by going deep within and absolutely not going external;  to what are mistakenly trusted as ascended masters, guides , angelic beings. These are projections of the Archonic matrix and your doom if you are foolish enough to accept them.



This is an important article too for further understanding of this reality, I also recommend reading books by Raph Ellis, you will find information on him on this blog. If you can buy the paper books that’s great but you can buy the eBooks via Amazon. Google his name and you will see his website too with relevant links. 

18 May, 2021

WHO: Working more than 55 hours a week could kill you via heart disease or stroke


Not sure if I should laugh, roll my eyes or be offended by this. Stating the flaming obvious in this garbage article. Since when did we need some self important bureaucrats telling us what we already know. Yet doctors and nurses are often pushed to breaking point, hypocrisy much!

Yes, people are being pushed because employers get away with the abuse; and it boils down to money over lives. Depending on your line of work and position; you do not always have a choice in the real world, not just that; interrupting our home life  at night, this most definitely affects other family members. Think about on call workers that are contacted during the night; other family members are also disrupted. It is just a fact of life and we are often not in a position to object.

Work has no right to impact the families of the employees. Try and get a good nights sleep when the phone rings at 3.00am. People with children are very much affected and the trying to get children back to sleep or up on time for school and work. Those employees that are on call over night are more often than not are back at the office the next morning. So obviously Health is impacted and the risk goes up with age and the individuals health status.

Trainee nurse suffers three blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine


This really angers me, fobbed off without proper testing because she is very young.  How many times will this happen? I would think she knows the sign of a blood clot, not to forget the media reporting the side effects. This is bloody insulting and demeaning. The arrogance is astounding fobbing her off without proper testing. I do hope a proper investigation is done as to why she was treated like this. This could and can happen to anyone; and all the more reason to insist on full testing. Young people are easily intimidated by authority and that’s just wrong. 

Hell I had been fobbed off in my 50's; complaining of menopause and was in the extreme category for menopause symptoms. But this poor woman could have died. 

I wonder what story they will tell the public next, when they keep back flipping on who should and should not have this drug. This drug is an experimental vaccine and some will get a placebo while others get the real vaccine. 

17 May, 2021

DW: How the rich get richer

This is from 2017, things are worse now. “The rich are getting richer, the poor get the picture. The bombs nervier hit you when you’re down so low”. 

https://youtube.com/watch?v=9QzH4KOf9Bs&feature=share Midnight Oil song, Read About it. 
That’s where the above quote comes from. 

Heads up: This is a new duplicated blog

 Reminder, this is a new and duplicated blog to replace my old one 


That blog will stay up but new posts and duplicated posts are on this blog with an index.

16 May, 2021

Wes Penre: Video 256 Q and A # 74


Below is the written format 


This came in last night, but only have the time now to share. 

Please pay attention to the answer in question one. That is vital information, karma is an artificial construction, and manipulation is used , also; the person is also taking responsibility for other beings actions unwittingly. If you actually read metaphysics and Gnostic teachings it is laid out for you.

With question 5, what is not mentioned is the fact that archons are infer his creation and control. They are etherically implanted into every human at birth, or prior to the incarceration. They are locked in without us being aware of it. However once a person is on the path to awakening and studying metaphysics, then they become aware of archonic attachments and seek to remove them. 

SNP in crisis as Billy Connolly’s rant during Scottish independence row


Row, as in argument, not row like a row of houses, omg. The quality of journalists and reporters these days is diabolical, and from this we can deduce he is reading from a script, very poorly.  But what takes the cake is the man has clearly not done his homework; if you’re going to use Scottish words; then for Christ sake learn how to pronounce the words properly rather than look like an idiot. For a start it is YIN as in one. The big one, pronounced the same as yin and yang. 

How hard is it for a British journalist not to know this? Everyone in Britain has known who the big yin is since the 1970’s.  As for independence from the United Kingdom; that is a recipe for disaster. Scotland just like the rest of the United Kingdom has never really benefited from membership of that Marxist EU.

Yet they have shelled out billions to this crooked organisation and had little in return. The propaganda by the SNP has blinded most people to the reality of what will happen if separation from the United Kingdom happens. Membership of the EU will result in the destruction of Scotland. 

But those that vote for this will have to live with the results of their actions. Loss of Scottish sovereignty for a start.  But hey, go right ahead and see what happens, you can’t point the finger of blame on anyone but yourselves if you screw it up. How will you hold your heads up after that? 

As for Billy’s change of opinion, I would say someone has had influence over him. Billy has always been a down to earth and practical man, and well respected. Given his health problems, I don’t think it is right for the media to get on his back. This will not be very good for his health leave him be, he doesn’t need any stress in his life.

14 May, 2021

Absolute History: The reason why Victorian clothes randomly caught fire


This is a very interesting video on Victorian times use of celluloid. Absolute History have some great videos on YouTube. I also find interesting information in the comments section too. So many smart cookies out there 😀

Past life flashback,from a new chest rig!!

 Well This is an interesting one. Back on the 5th April I went into a local military shop with my son. He is a regular visitor to this shop, as he is a collector of military memorabilia. he was in his element rummaging around, me on the other hand I was bored,( I am a gardener and bookworm) . That was until he set his eyes on this new chest rig that is in current service. He called out to me to look at it, and can he buy it.

As I walked over to it, I had a sudden shudder come over me. I could see a world war 1 image in my head. A man in full uniform and in the background I could see murky looking countryside and what seemed to be a battle. It was only in the blink of and eye. It upset me quite a bit. I moved away from it very quickly. How on Earth could a brand new piece of equipment make me feel like that, and see that image. It had nothing at all to do with world war 1.  My son did lay by this item by the way.

Today I went into that shop to pick up his lay by. I drove straight home with it in the back of the car, no problem. I carried it into the house, but as soon as I closed our front door, I got a very depressing feeling come over me. I became very teary. I could see this man again. I thought there must be something about that chest rig that is similar  to the styles of WW 1. It  really took me by surprise.

I do know that my last life was in that war and my legs were blown off. I have had many flashes back to that time over the past year or two. I get very emotional with anything to do with world war 1.

In this lifetime, I do have problems with both of my legs and feet. I have had problems all of my life with them.  Mostly to do with poor circulation in my legs and feet. In cool weather below 18 degrees centigrade, my toes are agony. Doctors don't know what causes it. Been checked out by chiropractors and doctors, lol.

This is not unusual for a person to have a health issue related to the cause of death from the past life. It is a well documented fact. But back to this story. I told my son to keep it in his room, I don't want to see it. I did tell him what happened, so he understands.

 Current digital multicam chest rig, used in Afghanistan 2012.

I feel very strongly about war and special events like Anzac Day (25th April) and Remembrance Day (11th November). Many spirits are around on these days and on the lead up to them. We also have our current wars going on. Now this all does have an effect on the human psyche, including those on the other side of life. Spirit beings are always around us, but at these special times of the year they try even harder too make contact with the living. Some of them just want to say hello to loved ones, others are not at rest for various reasons. The image that I keep seeing, however, is myself, my higher self is sending a signal to my conscious self. Looks like I need to address something within myself in relation to war/conflict.
 World War 1 webbing.

Copyright by Alex Fulford,20th April 2012.

NOTE: I only just realised that this had not been transferred to this new blog today, D'oh! May 14th 2021. 

13 May, 2021

Mouse plague support package will be the 'equivalent of napalming mice', NSW agriculture minister says


Some idiot dropped the ball on this one! For people that don’t live in Australia, the state of NEW SOUTH WALES (NSW) is massive. Europe fits into Australia two and a half times, so that gives you an idea of how big NSW is. 

How long did it take these idiots in government to work out this is serious before helping? This is a disgrace and someone needs to be held accountable for inaction. As if pandemic is not bad enough, add this to the list of incompetence in public health and safety.

NSW was ravaged by bushfire in 2019/20; and then straight into the pandemic and the mouse plague due to a long drought. So it has been heartache after heartache for many.

Sarcasm Thursday


12 May, 2021

Federal budget 2021 how first home buyers policy will impact on the property market


Right out of agenda 30, you will have nothing but you will be happy! This is a rotten thing to do. The rich will snap these properties up and the workers will be unable to afford these houses. But that’s the idea! Look at the prices in Sydney, what twenty somethings can afford this? Work yourself into the grave for a house or you lose your job through no fault of your own and bam, you lose the house. I have known people this has happened to in the 80’s. 

When I got married interest rates were 18.5% ( that was my mortgage payment) and house and land prices were going through the roof overnight. I had to buy out in a rural area with an hour drive each way to work and then with two babies every day. My husband was very ill then too so we sold our brand new, small house; to be near a hospital. Eventually leaving Sydney as it is hardly a suitable place to bring up children.

Now young people today are struggling even more than thirty years ago because the prices are over inflated and they can’t raise the deposits for a house. So guess who buys these retirees houses? Yup property developers, banks and very rich people, not the average working class young couples.

But hey it’s all about business not human beings. If the government actually cared they would have rained this in years ago. But politicians always have their noses in the trough or is that the sewer, like the rats they are.

09 May, 2021

Wes Penre: video 255 Q and A session 73


Click on the download link to read if you prefer that to the video and read the comments too as they come in. No the vaccine doesn’t make you lose your spiritual connection, but it is an experimental vaccine.

I don’t think it is possible to stop a person connecting to spirit. This rumour has been used for vaccines (including the SARS vax) and antidepressants over the years. As a person on antidepressants for over 20 years, I can tell you that in no way prevents me connecting to spirit or I would not be able to function. It is bloody irresponsible of anyone to promote either vaccines or antidepressants as blocking connecting to psychic abilities and spirit.

I came across an article several years ago by a woman that claimed antidepressants caused a psychic block. Utter garbage and very dangerous to anyone that read her article and stopped talking medication.

07 May, 2021



I have issues going on with my website, so please contact me via phone or email directly only. I will notify everyone when the issue is resolved. Do not make any purchases via my website until further notice please.

As from tonight, Friday May 7th 2021 Do not pay via my website! Watch this space for updates.


Update 10 May 2021: I have removed PayPal from my website, so to make a payment you will need to contact me directly. 

More rare blood clots have been linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, but should you be concerned?


 Can you believe this BS? First they tell you, don’t give it to over 50’s then about face and insist we have it. Remember they do not guarantee that you still won’t get covid. Also this is an experimental, drug, it has not been found to be safe.  How many deaths or medical injury is acceptable to you personally? If it isn’t your loved one, it’s someone else’s.

What if other people are totally dependent on that person that gets ill or dies from this? Are you going to step up and look after the ones that are left behind? 


6 vaccinated travellers test positive to covid. So how long ago was each vaccine done; especially the last one for each of the 6 people? 


13th May 2021,  I guess people fall for propaganda, rather than listening to the warnings from scientists.

Note there is a man in his 50’s in this group. Now the government is still telling us to get vaccinated.

We can’t sue for medical injuries either, what does that tell you?

Watch this video and think about what this scientist is saying. There are many scientists and doctors saying this. 

Energetic implants, Etheridge implants, archonic implants, attachments


Interesting reading, use your discernment when reading metaphysics, some advice is good while some is not so good. I personally don’t believe in angels; from what I have read and learned over the past twenty years I am more than wary with anything non physical as much as I am with physical beings. Just because someone in times past put their trust in something, doesn’t make it right or safe. 

06 May, 2021

Scotland's election is today, and a Nicola Sturgeon win could lead to an independence vote


This will be interesting 🧐 If she gets back in the Scotland is stuffed. The blame for the damage done should the SNP’s be re elected; will be the public’s fault. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Freedom of speech under this lot will be diminished for a start. If  SNP  are in power  where does Scotland stand for military power and self defence if they separate from the United Kingdom? United we stand, divided we fall! 

There has been too much nationalist propaganda clouding the realities in the public’s minds. It is a bad move to separate from the UK as many idiots want, but if that happens then the masses will suffer. The EU doesn’t give a damn about Scotland. We are a small nation in the big scheme of things and gullible pawns in dangerous hands. 

Scotland has always had it’s own legal system separate from England too. So that has no real bearing on this issue. Kiss goodbye to being a sovereign nation too as you vote these communists back in.


Let the circus act begin. Let’s hope that the independence vote gets trashed because it will be the death of a great nation; as per design. 

05 May, 2021

04 May, 2021

Social media is the devil’s playground

 Social media is the devil’s playground; designed to enslave the mind, body and spirit. The more you use it the more that you live it, virtually. What you are doing is putting your consciousness into a cloud and it resides there. Your consciousness is energy, the interaction or interface with technology thus creates that conscious thought in an electronic cloud or data base, itself not physical. 

Think of how one connects with spirit; as an energetic and living being and spirit, which is also a living sentient form that is also energy. When you actively meditate you are working with pure spiritual energy.  That energy is alive and sentient, so are your thoughts on social media alive and conscious.  

However the lure of social media is highly addictive and designed to keep us addicted to the need to know what every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing, saying and thinking. So we are in fact transferring our living consciousness on to a cloud. Hence the beginning of transhumanism. A gradual shift that most people will not pick up on; however they are in the process of that "shift in consciousness" right now.

One must not just be mindful or careful with their thoughts, but where those thoughts are going and to what. We already by thought; open up new realities with our careless thoughts on a metaphysical level.

Mindful individuals know how to cancel those thoughts and intentions, lest they be given unintended life form. So think about when using social media and especially not being mindful of what one says. One still creates a thought form that artificial intelligence is learning and studying constantly to mimic.

No longer just the metaphysical meaning of "what you think is', as in it becomes reality; your thoughts are in the cloud too for ever. These thoughts; as I said educate the artificial intelligence and the intention is to be like humans and mimic everything and anticipate our thoughts and actions/intentions.

The implications there need to be closely examined for the safety of humanity or we cease to be spiritual beings. Mimicking spirituality is a dangerous and very misleading path to go down and our deathknell physically and most definitely spiritually.

What chance do our children have to prevent this if parents are not aware of this? The implications as I point out are destructive and permanent.   

Mary Magdalene document



Mary Magdalene lived in Narbonne, France after the crucifiction: of course she would have known about the ley lines otherwise she would not have been there. Also there is a major ley line at Roslyn Chapple is Scotland that connects to Narbonne.   Nothing is ever what it looks like in this world. 

One thing to watch out for in art and religious images is blue grapes, they are a code alluding to the cult of Mary Magdalene and Isis.


More interesting images here, take a look at the paintings of Pandora. Click on them to enlarge them and you will see the skull and and she is also wearing red. Don’t you think there is an other esoteric message in these paintings? The cult of Isis. Perhaps the artists were members of the same secret society that worship Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist. Art often has multiple messages to convey to people that are “ in the know “.

02 May, 2021

Laundry time

 Surely I am not the only one that fills up the washing machine and forget to add the clothes.

Then the damn thing goes through the whole cycle before I remember 🤣🤣🤣 More often than I care to remember too! Being just over five foot I also fall in 🤪🤪🤪

01 May, 2021



This is a very interesting article here and it talks about humanity and demons (etheric light  bodies, etheric  attachments including archons), then it brings up posthumanism. That is the elephant in the room. People need to pay attention to this, dangerous agenda. People simply can’t comprehend what this article implies, I have been talking about this for years to anyone that is showing interest. 

This transhumanism / post humanism is in the media these days; as are the evil intentions. Your opinion doesn’t matter to the powers that be. We are a commodity to the powers that be; they make the rules and we jump through the hoops for them like a trained ape.


Read this too. I have already mentioned transhumanism in other blog posts, it is up to the readers to take the steps they feel are appropriate for themselves and loved ones;  to avoid going down this dangerous path of which there is absolutely no return. Wes Penre actually discusses Ray Kurzweil in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP). 

Just as I am reading these two web links, Wes popped into my mind. I had the intention of emailing him the top link. Then Lo and behold Wes coincidentally just posted his latest article, which I have just shared for you to read. 😀 Every time Wes pops into my mind, he is actually posting one of his updates. Now that is just freaky. 

Note: on page 96 it says god binds 90% of the demons, and leaves 10% to tempt humans. Real big of the guy, lol. Why would he leave some here to interfere with humanity? That is not a very loving or decent thing to do. 

Wes Penre: Video 254: The Antediluvian Aryan Race and the World Beneath Part 7 (Fake Alien Invasion and Subterranean Beings)


Just posted by Wes 

Scott Morrison calls out “cancel culture”, identity politics and misuse of social media, in speech


You are the prime minister, have the guts to call it out as it is; communism! Indoctrinating and intimidating the masses, especially children. It is abuse full stop. If parents allow this they they too are guilty of allowing the abuse of their children to happen, no if’s or but’s.

Respect our children’s rights and innocence; not to be used for political indoctrination abuse. It is way past time for parents to take a stand and stop this or pay the price for the psychological damage done.

Wes Penre: Q and A Session 3 July 2024

  https://wespenrevideos.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/07/QA-Session-3-July-2024.pdf Q1: That‘s a Yeah, Nah with me. I don’t agree with the pe...